Patrick Little — Interview with Radcapradio, May 13, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

[Patrick Little, a 33-year-old married White, a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, and an experienced IT engineer, is running for US Senate in California. He’s been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and its government.


Here, Little is interviewed by a Radcapradio host, Jimmy Wood, on his Senate run and how he came to hold his views, and his desire to liberate America from the Zionist Occupational Government!


Topics discussed include:

— His former political views as a “Constitutional conservative”, Ayn Rand fan and how he was awakened around the time of Trump’s election.— His patriotic, pro-White background.
— His awakening to the “jewish Problem” through reading “Culture of Critique”.
— How jews have been expelled in the past, 100 and more times, in European history because of their behavior.
— How jews are engaged in genocidal behavior against Christians in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, etc.
— How jews have controlled the slave trade, including the Atlantic slave trade, throughout history
— Jewish control of our media and their brainwashing using “Talmudvision”, through their control of all the broadcast media, and now through their control of social media. The role of the “jewish lying media”.
— How jews, as Bolsheviks, committed mass genocide of tens of millions of people, including the Holodomor in Ukraine.
— This whole “Holocaust” narrative beginning in the 70s when the mini series came out on TV, “The Holocaust”.
— The various ridiculous and debunked methods that the jews claimed were used by the Germans to kill them.
— How jews “project” their crimes onto other people.
— How he has been censored off of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
— How the jews are committing “suicide by cop” by their failure to stop their over-reach in destroying everything.
— The evil, mentally ill nature of these jews in promoting all their degenerate subversion of sexual roles.
— The need to remove jews from US government positions so that they only there in proportion to their percentage of the population.
— Jewish over-representation in crucial centers of power, through nepotism.
— Jewish extreme over-representation in elite universities through nepotism and how this harms not only Whites, but other ethnic groups like Asians.
— His rejection of the “Holocaust” myth.
— How George Lincoln Rockwell inspired him to do IRL activism.
— His views on succession for California.
— The jewish terror attack on the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, and jewish involvement in 9/11.
— The source of his vigor and courage to run his Senate campaign.
— His reaction to Trump’s attacks on Syria.
— His views on Libertarianism, the jewess Ayn Rand.
— The need to solve the “jewish Problem” before anything else.


This interview is a fairly laid back affair by the host, allowing Patrick to have a good old rant on the central role of organized jewry in harming White society, and the need to rid them from power, as a number one priority, regardless of any of our own ideological differences.






Patrick Little


Interview with Radcapradio


May 13, 2018







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Published on May 13, 2018…


Join your host Jimmy Wood & the front running republican challenging Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat, Patrick Little. We cover his basic philosophical journey to where he is today, the JQ, the holocaust, Stateless societies, secession and much much more! Don’t miss this Interview with the next guy to shake the leftist establishment to its core by promoting the truth and having a plan for peace and prosperity. We’d like to thank Patrick for joining us for this show and you can help his campaign by going to and donating or being an anon campaign aid. Enjoy this awesome interview and share it with your friends!


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Wood: Welcome back to Radcapradio! This is your host Jimmy Wood, and this is the Austria Libertarian podcast. And we are a radical deviation from the status quo, and a beacon of hope for those who seek to preserve private property rights, and a future for their children. And today I have one hell of an exclusive interview for you. Welcome Patrick Little to Radcapradio!


Little: Glad to be here.


Wood: Thank you for coming on the show. And I like to start. We’re big fans here we just talked about you on the show Thursday. We talked about how grateful we are that you, and some other people like you are, you know, going headfirst into the spearheaded army of Marxist, you know, what. And opening a hole for people like you and I, to get into politics in the future.


Little: You’re talking about jews, right?


Wood: Yes! [laughing]


Little: Okay.


Wood: But, anyway I like to kind of know a general overview of your basic story. Like how you came to be where you are in your philosophy.


Little: I’ve done that a million times, so what I’m just going to tell you, is I was a very patriotic American. I was pro-White. I didn’t understand the jewish role in all the things that I was concerned about the were happening in my country and to my people. And I woke up around the time of the Trump election to the jewish Question.


Spent about nine months researching the hell out of it! And I am now filled to the brim with “Red pills” and I’m dispensing to the public through the bomb-bay doors of the equivalent of a B52 bomber with my Senate campaign!


Wood: Absolutely! And your platform very much represents this. I think one of your points on your platform is to pretty much remove jewry from America. Am I right?





Little: No! Personally, I can see why they’ve been expelled in the past. I want them removed from our government. Anything above two percent jewish representation the government is just going to lead to the type of shit they do every time, before they get expelled! And so, I would have to say I am one of the last hopes that the jewish community has in this country of not being expelled.


Wood: That is a good point, because they are pushing White people into a corner, that we aren’t going to come out of happily! We’re going come out with some “Aryan rage”, wouldn’t you say?


Little: It’s not just the White people that are being cornered by the jews. Look at what they’re going to Palestine, the Assyrians, the Maronite Christians of Lebanon. Look at what they’re doing the Syrian Christians. They commit genocide wherever they go against, when they think they need to go, you know, they are the most genocidal race of people in history!


And if you read your history this is quite obvious. They’ve also historically controlled the slave trade. As a whole the jews, as a people, are the most evil plague to ever set foot on this planet! And it is some sort of test of the god in nature that we have been given this challenge of defeating this evil monstrous, genocidal enemy!


And, you know, my heart goes out to the Palestinian Christians. To the Assyrian Christians. To the ethnic minorities that the jews have targeted for destruction all over the globe!


But we’re going to stop this evil monster! And we’re going to do it in the most humane way possible. And right now. I’m second in the polls to Dianne Feinstein. And I’ve been outspoken about my views since day one, because of the truth!


Wood: And that is an absolutely good thing to say. I’ve heard you criticize? ? ? , which is a very important thing to criticize, that’s he’s a dual citizen. And that creates an obvious bias that even the most, you know, low IQ person should be able to recognize.


Little: Well, you have to remember, the arguments that the jews present to us through the “Talmudvision”, through their control all the broadcast media, and now through their control of social media. These are emotional arguments. They are not logical arguments. And there’s no way to beat them with words.



You have to show the world pictures of the jews committing genocide! The twenty million that the jews killed in eastern Europe, that caused World War Two when the people “freaked out!” about jewish Bolshevism, and the genocidal intent of the jews behind those Trotskyite style regimes.




You have to remember these jews have been expelled from anywhere between 110 and 400 countries, depending on what level of polity you’re looking at, in terms of size. This is long overdue! The reaction to Jewish supremacy! The only reason the jews have gotten away with what they’ve gotten away with, the last hundred plus years, it’s because of their control of broadcast media. Whether it’s television, movies, content distribution networks, now with YouTube.


But with the Internet now, more people are waking up, despite all the jews trying to censor everything. This is an exponential curve of people waking up! And whether, or not they’re “black pilled”, or “white pilled”, right now they’re still awake! And all we need is someone like me, to come along with a spark, and you see in the polls. [laughing] According to my estimates, a third of California’s woke to the jews! At least!


Wood: Wow! That’s actually really a surprising number.


Little: Well you don’t have to be White to be awoke to the JQ. You have to remember the jews commit genocide against anyone they think needs to go, whoever they see as a competitor for resources, wherever they go! You have to remember we’re dealing with the most evil, deceptive beast in history!


Wood: Yeah!


Little: They’re deceptive, they’re blood thirsty, they’re ruthless, and they know how to emotionally manipulate you! So they’ll have you feeling bad for them as they stab you through the heart! I mean, this is it, … You know, I think of the Odyssey and the sirens. You know, the jews are like the Sirens. They’ll use their emotional manipulation of you to drive your boat right under the rocks!





Wood: Yeah that’s a great way to put it honestly. A good analogy. And this one leads us into a good place to start with a fan question from one of our friends, Jordan Peterson, … Oh not Jordan Peterson, Jordan Robertson! [both laughing]


He runs a social media page called? ? ? . And he wanted to ask, and you’re taking on Feinstein seat. Given the demographics of California, especially her district, do you think the tide has turned enough for this run to be viable, or is this a symbolic candidacy?


Little: I’m not going to answer the question, because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. My district is the entire state of California.


Wood: I accept that answer. He doesn’t know he’s talking about. [chuckling]


Would you like to respond to any of these like recent articles that have come out in the media, or would you just like to ignore them?


Little: Jewish lies! That’s fine. Any time they claim to have interviewed me, I have a copy of the tape. Go to my website you’ll find it. I’m banned from YouTube. I cannot, they blocked my account. I can’t upload, or stream, and I can’t even modify videos, or change the titles! Completely locked out of my YouTube. I’m on my six Twitter account. [chuckling] My Facebook got deleted within the hour of me making one.


Right now, my only hope is with 4chan! [laughing]




Wood: Yeah. And I saw that you’ve been having some success with that, right?


Little: Oh yeah! I think there are a few different, few dozen places in the state where we’re reaching out to. I’m going to answer part of the guy’s question, even though he didn’t research it before he asked. First, I’m not running for Congress, I’m running for Senate. So I’m not running in a district. The whole state is the district, if you want to think that way. And he said especially in Feinstein’s district. It’s not a district, it’s a state. But I’ll respond.


Nearly forty percent of Asians in the last poll are supporting me, because I talk about your supremacism. Sixty seven percent of Harvard grad students are jews, even though they’re less than three percent of the top performing students in the country. There are far more top performing Asian students in the country and students in high school in this country than there are jews, yet the jews take up all the damn spots in the elite! It hurts Whites! It hurts Asians! It hurts blacks! It hurts Hispanics, it hurts all of us! All the merit based ones.


So our elite institutions allow in only jews, and non jews who do whatever the hell the jews want. So they look at your social clubs and stuff. If you’re like LGBTQN, XQN, and whatever! If you’re into pushing their insane social norms, you know, with homeless, you know, with people that have sex with each others’ butt holes, being allowed to marry, … I still think that’s insane!




You know, you want to allow people that cross-dress in uniform into the Marine Corps, and you want to let guys that chop their dicks off and have a doctor make a hole in their pelvis and let them go around calling themselves ladies? And teach children, … you’re either jewish, or you believe in that crazy shit I was just rattling off, right there, and those are the only two types of people that get to come into the institutions like Harvard and stuff, now.


If you’re Asian, or you’re White, or even black, and you have your head screwed on right, you’re not allowed anywhere near the levers of power, or the entry points to the room where those levers are. You don’t have to be White to get one hundred percent behind what I’m trying to do! I’m trying to liberate everyone from the jew! And they just so happened to be shooting most of their ammo at Whites right now, because they see us as the biggest threat.


They’re coming for everyone else next! Until we’re all these atomized brain-dead, you know, green haired, multi-racial, whatever! They’re coming to destroy every group, every ethnicity! These are jews! They’re the great destroyers! Jesus wasn’t lying when he described in the Bible these things are pure fucking evil as a group.


There are a few exceptions, but I mean, you can’t fight wars based on looking for the enemy that’s always the exception. If we come across an exception, that’s great! Pat them on the back, and you tell them:


“Wake up the rest of your group!”


They are pretty much “committing suicide by cop” right now! And that’s the greatest metaphor for what the jews are doing in this country and in Europe. I call it “suicide by cop”! You ever seen one of those videos where somebody charges at a cop.




Wood: Yeah. Something completely ridiculous and it’s, you know, it’s obvious that why the person got shot, you know. It happens a lot.


Little: Literally, they’re begging us to overreact and do something. I think a lot of them believe in this end times thing, where they are going to trick the Messiah into coming, or something like that, by starting a World War all over the world. Literally, they’re intentionally setting the world on fire!


Wood: Oh yeah! And their religion is just right to where they get to pretend that their first, because their Messiah hasn’t come yet, right? And when, supposedly, their Messiah comes, the Bible kind of talks about how that’s probably the anti-Christ, or the first one. The actual coming won’t be until after the anti-Christ comes, right?


Little: One moment! One moment!




I call the jews evil, because everything they do, is so unnatural! They push the subversion of the gender roles, this surgery to chop your dick off and make a fake vagina, or trying to turn your vagina into a penis!


Their literally, … They chop their baby’s, tip of their penis off! I mean, these are some sick puppies!


Wood: Yeah, and it’s ingrained in their traditions.


Little: Yeah! They’re sick! They’re disgusting! They’re mentally ill! On average, they have the highest rate of insanity, the highest rate of schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia, to be specific. They are, … they should not be in charge of anyone! Putting them in charge of a government is like putting a serial killer in charge of a nursery! I mean, this is some, … it’s insane!


I mean, let’s say that there were aliens that came from another planet, and they were just looking down from space with telescopes at the surface, and looked at what was going on, they would think that this is some type of hell! That we’ve got going on this earth! I mean, shit is, so backwards, and upside down! The people with the most merit, like the Asians and the Whites, and other top performing students that are even not Asian, or White, are kept out of the schools. Anyone that’s allowed to think straight, isn’t allowed near power!


And the only people that are allowed to run anything, are people that do the bidding of the sick perverted race of child rapists, and penis choppers, that try and push these depraved crazy acts as normal.


Through their control of television! And this would not be possible what the jews and done, if it weren’t for Edward Bernays, and the types of mind control techniques that the jews learned after Pavlov, finished his work. The jews then took that, and turned it into the most sick program of brain control and self-destruction the world has ever seen!




Wood: And it’s been, unfortunately, successful for them.


Little: Well yeah! And they get to rule over the chaos. I mean, most White people hate their jobs, hate their lives, their spouses are set against each other by these gender wars that the jews programmed into our heads! Hate your man if he treats you like you’re a woman, and the man is supposed to treat every woman like a whore, and you’re not supposed to have kids, and, you know, if you’re White don’t have kids till you’re thirty five! It’s just so sick!


And if I just wish that I could have been born somewhere, where everything was not subverted by jews and their media, and just view this world with fresh eyes!


Sometimes, since I woke up, just going out there and looking at what’s going on, … these freaks that are being toted as the leaders. I mean, look at who’s the top of the Republican Party now! Like, the Kadashians are the new fucking spokespeople for the Republican Party! Give me a fucking break!


Wood: Yeah! [chuckling] And while we’re on the subject of jewish propaganda, let’s kind of jump into the biggest propaganda piece in jewish history. How are you with, were you on the “Holocaust”?


Little: Oh come on dude! You know, where I’m at!


Wood: I honestly, actually, I’ve only listened to one interview of yours, and it was the guy who had the really strong British accent.


Little: Oh no, look at my Twitter protest. I’ve done the subject to death! I mean, I’d rather talk about the Holodomor with the jews committed twenty million. A genocide of over twenty million against ethnic Europeans, mostly women and children, in Ukraine and Russia. They killed all the priests! I’d like to talk about the jewish role in the White genocide happening in South Africa, now. Where the ANC was formed by Lithuanian jews.


Wood: Yeah.


Little: The head of the jewish police, the head of the police in South Africa is jewish. The owners of all the diamond and gold mines, all jewish. They own everything, but they then they tell the Bantu there, to pass laws appropriating any land from Whites, writ, non jews.




And they give them fucking radio jammer battery packs, to go into the farms with, and then they were they jam every, you know, short wave, long wave radio, cell phone. They jam every means of communication that the farmers can use to call for help, and then kill the farmers!


I mean Jews are literally genocidal maniacs! And historically they have controlled the slave trade, and blame it all on us! Everything they do, they blame on Whites! And it’s horrible! Before the Civil War, less than one percent of Whites in the country owned slaves, black slaves, but forty percent of jews did! And they completely control the slave trade. They owned the ships. They controlled the slave trade of blacks in South America too, Brazil with the jew, Lopez.


They completely controlled the slave trade in the Balkans, in the Middle East, in North Africa, in the Near East. We’re talking, … and they blame Whites for all of it! I’m just! It’s hard campaigning, because I want to go full throttle the whole time with this truth! And they can verify it! The jews brag about this stuff in their World Encyclopedias, the jewish World Encyclopedia, the jewish Telegraph Agency, Haaretz. All these different jewish publications, they openly admit this stuff! But people are so goddamn programmed with this “Holocaust” propaganda stuff, that they eternally see these monsters as a victim!


Wood: Yeah!


Little: And, you know, it can be aggravating at times. I’m polling well, because I talk about how jewish supremacism affects people in the Middle East. I mention the non-Whites that the jews are committing genocide against, and that is resonating well with California voters.


But they also need to understand historically, all of the things that are more taboo to talk about. Like the jewish role in the White slave trade. Of the capture of White Irish women that were traded in North Africa, the Middle East! I mean, I don’t I don’t touch on this stuff as much on the campaign trail, because people aren’t sympathetic to it. Because they’re emotionally programmed not to care about the group interest, or sufferings of White people! And being on the campaign trail, and traveling [?] back talking about these vital, vital, topics for White people, it’s frustrating!


Wood: You know, what’s your strategy for that? How do you kind of say it, without saying it?




Little: It’s simple! Well I don’t use dog whistles! It’s just, if I talk about people that the jews are committing genocide against, I err on the side of talking about the non-White groups that the jews are committing genocide against. And that resonates better with the public. Once I win the Senate seat, I will then start working, eroding the programming.


I mean, Donald Trump already called them the “lying media”. I’ll close the gap and say that they are the “jewish lying media”.


And, by the way, Otto von Bismarck, who called them out for being jewish, when he dismantled his jewish media, also called them the “lying press” the “fake news”. So, I mean, this is what Trump’s dog whistle actually means. So what I’m going to do, is fill in the gaps for the Americans. And you don’t have to be White to wake up to Jewish supremacism and jewish genocide!


These terrible, terrible, sick and twisted programs that the jews have implemented here. I mean, once people wake up, the jews will be thanking me, that I’ve had an olive branch out this whole time! I told a jewish reporter the other night the things on my website interview with him I said:


“The only people who can save the jews, at this point, are the jews! If you think that Pandora can be put in the box, that Pandora’s box can be closed, and the Genie can be put back in the bottle, your out of your minds! Too many people are awake and you’re trying to shut it down only pisses them off more!”


When the masses are freshly awakened, they’re not just going to chat on-line, and they need to understand this! Ultimately I don’t want to see the things that they claim happened in World War Two actually happen! Because then we have to live with the [our] conscience that [that] happened to them.


So ultimately they need to be removed from power, and protected from themselves. Because right now, I see I see them as suicidal! I see no other way of looking at this, other than they as a group are completely suicidal. And it’s like trying to take the knife out of a suicidal kid’s hands without getting sliced. In the process him trying to offer himself.


Wood: Yeah. They’re really like working towards their own demise, and you put it just right.




Little: And the thing is I’m just trying to minimize how much damage they do in their suicidal fit of rage.


Wood: Yeah, it’s a good way to put it, because I mean, just like World War Two, they pushed a group of people into a corner, and kept them down, and bankrupted their neighbors, and all that happened, and the inflated their currency. All those things that happened and they revolted, and possibly, allegedly did the nasty horrors of WWII.


Little: Well yeah. And the thing is, even if the claims of the jews about this “Holocaust” thing, which they keep on downplaying the claims, you know, and then they talk about, well you deny the Germans committed a “Holocaust” by getting a bunch of Europeans killed in World War Two. And that is just like, that isn’t what you were saying in the 70s, you motherfucker! And, by the way, they weren’t they weren’t pushing this whole “Holocaust” narrative thing until the 70s when the mini series came out on TV, “The Holocaust”.


After the Six Day War the Zionist lobby realized that Americans had to see jews as faultless, and so they came out with this mini series called “The Holocaust”. Before that, nobody knew the term “Holocaust”. If you looked it up in 1948, in the 1948, I think Encyclopedia Britannica, there in the dictionary.


Back up until the 70s “Holocaust” just meant “burnt offering”. It wasn’t until that mini-series came out that the jewish publications all revised the word, in all the dictionaries, to mean “six million jews got gassed and then burned in ovens”!


And in the seventies and eighties, the propaganda was off the charts! They were talking about roller coasters designed to break the Jews necks, and then dump them into ovens while they were still breathing! I mean, they actually taught this shit in the eighty’s, ninety’s, in schools!


Wood: Yeah I got another one. There is there’s another one, where they took him into a big room that was shaped like a big plate. And the big plate would sink into the ground and water would fill the room, and then the Nazis would electrocute them to death. Then electrocute them with an even more intense shock that would turn them to ashes, was an alleged method of execution! [chuckling]


Little: And they stopped teaching that one in the eighty’s. But when I was taught in the nineties, when I was indoctrinated in an elementary school, I was taught six million jews, gas chambers, four million at Auschwitz. That’s what I was taught. And I believed it! I believed it until a year and a half ago!




Wood: Yeah. I mean, in 2011, or whenever I was in high school, they were teaching six million jews, one million at Auschwitz, and the rest are scattered throughout the other six death camps.


Little: And now they’re teaching thirty thousand jews at Auschwitz, and they died of typhus, but there were other gas chambers! So even the jews aren’t claiming that there were gas chambers now. But you go to jail if you say that in Austria, or Germany!


Wood: Yeah that’s completely baffling! And I don’t know how any men in Germany are standing by while that happens.


Little: If you just repeat after what the jews say about what the narrative is on the “Holocaust” now, which they keep on having to change it and back step the whole thing, and roll it back. If you say what the jews are saying now about the “Holocaust” in terms of what the jewish historians claim happened to jews in the “Holocaust”, you go to jail! Because you literally have to say six million. You cannot say any less than six million died! Any less than six million jews died. That you cannot say that it was anything other than that all the six million were in an industrial killing campaign.


And you cannot say that there are any less than four million died of being gassed at Auschwitz, … like if you say anything less than this in Germany, you go to fucking prison! Even though the jews are claiming, okay, no one was gassed at Auschwitz, but, as many as thirty thousand jews died at Auschwitz, but, it’s still illegal to say less than four million were gassed there!


I mean, this is why we’re not dealing with rational arguments. We’re dealing with emotional programming! You said something bad about jews, they’re historical victims! “Holocaust” bad! I saw Schindler’s List, you’re bad! You’re a Nazi! You’re bad! And you ask people what a “Nazi” is, and they can’t even define what it is!




Wood: They can’t even tell you that it means National Socialist, or National Socialist German Workers’ Party.


Little: Well, they won’t give you a definition for what the “Holocaust” is, they won’t give you a definition for what a Nazi is, but they call everyone they disagree with a Nazi!


If you read from like a jewish historian, like their account of what the “Holocaust” is now revised down to being, if you just read aloud what a jewish historian says now, in Germany, you go to fuckin prison! Because you literally, it’s the mantra “six million gassed”, “four million at Auschwitz”. Anything less than that you go to fuckin prison! It’s insane! And the people are cucking! Their just like:


“Okay, Mr jew, we won’t say nothing bad about you Mr jew! You just please don’t throw me in prison for fucking ninety ears!”


It’s insane that people are still asleep! But California is awakening, and you don’t have to be White to wake up. If you’re a black man, or a black woman. Hear this, jews were in charge of the slave trade! A jew was forty times more likely to own a black slave before the Civil war than a White person!


Don’t let jews tell you that jews are White! Jews are not White. They are from the Middle East, they’re Semites. And I don’t have anything, there’s nothing wrong with other semites, but the jews went and became their own special fucking breed of monster, over the last two thousand years! They are responsible for almost everything they accuse Whites of being! That whole anti-White indoctrination, you’re getting in the school?


Wood: Yeah that’s really, …


Little: That is projecting what the jews have done under Whites, it’s terrible.


Wood: Yeah, it’s rebranding of the JQ and applying it to Whites in an aggressive way.




Little: So in the 1920s and 30s the jews commit a “Holocaust”, a genocide against twenty million Europeans Christians. Killed all the priests. Even murdered children that were like part of the aristocracy. And then in the 1970s they rebranded what they actually did in the 20s and 30s into some myth about what the Germans, magically, thirty years after the fact, the jews start talking about this mythical “Holocaust” thing.


You know, they’re rebranding what the jews actually did in the 20s and 30s. When the Soviet Union stopped being controlled by jews Russians started talking about jewish “Holocaust” against Christians, at least twenty million. And then at that point the jews were like:


Oh shit! We need to rebrand this and project! [it onto non-jews]


And they did exactly that! What the jews accuse the Germans of is complete bullshit, but it is a rebranding of what the jews actually did in the 20s and 30s,


Wood: Didn’t they also, for some reason, have a bunch of articles and books that were published that talked about six million jews being in danger before even, …


Little: It has something to do with one of their prophets, because they’ve been saying it since the nineteenth century, six million jews this, six million jews that. They said six million jews in danger of dying when Tsar Nicholas was doing the limitation of jewish power in Russia.


Wood: Netanyahu just did it.


Little: Yeah. They say it all the time. There are videos on this, of all the newspaper clippings about six million jews going back to the nineteenth century. They said six million jews in danger during World War One, they said six million jews in danger in the 1920s and 30s. And then magically, lo and behold anything less than six million jews dying, being gassed in Germany by Germans in World War Two, then you go to prison! I mean, it’s a weird fucking fetish!


Wood: Yeah. Let’s change gears here. I wanted to ask you about this. It’s been a big topic in California, almost a bigger topic there than anywhere else. Where you on succession?




Little: Why the hell? Dude, I’m trying to remove jews from the country. The jews thrive on division and stuff. I mean, what the hell? Why would I start talking about secession? California is like the least White state in the country, and I’m doing better here than I wouldn’t any other state, because these other people that aren’t White, aren’t afraid to talk about jews! They don’t have the same “Holocaust” emotional programming associated with their identity.


So, right now, California is the place to name the jew! I mean, I’m not going to talk about secession! That’s crazy! Keep going.


Wood: All right. I’ve got another fan question. Have you ever heard of George Lincoln Rockwell [GRL], and if so, has he been an inspiration to you?


Little: Yeah! He’s the guy who inspired me to start going out and doing IRL [In Real Life] activism in June and July of 2017. I read up on the JQ for a while, and then I read GLR history books, and I realized you can’t be Senator McCarthy, you can’t use dog whistles, you have to come out and name the jew! Yeah, I’ve read his book. I’ve read both of his books, at least twice.


Wood: Wonderful! Where did you find the vigor in the courage to be able to stand up and do something like this! Running for office so openly against the system! Not many people would have the means, nor the bravery to do what you do.


Little: Well, my means are quickly evaporating, but I mean, Marine Corps. Marines don’t really fear death that much.


In boot camp they do something to you, where you just stop caring about hurt, and pain, and suffering, as much. I’m not saying that you’re immune to pain and suffering, but I mean, people that have made it through Marine Corps training, it changes them. They break you down and rebuild you. Although they are letting in trannies and shit now, so I don’t even know if that’s still true. But I mean, I assume it’s still true, to some extent.


But yeah, I mean, you go like three months without sleep, any belief you have in your abilities and all that gets challenged. And ultimately you become willing to lay down your life for the greater good.


I mean, they instill a spirit of sacrifice. And you can get this from stuff like the Boy Scouts and stuff, too. I unfortunately did not have the pleasure of being in the Boy Scouts when I was a kid. But yeah, military training, at some point you just say fuck it! Somebody’s got to charge that machine gun nest!




Wood: How did it make you feel whenever, we out of nowhere, attacked Syria?


Little: I was fucking pissed! I mean, you are inviting me on the show, didn’t you see my reaction? I put on a giant nose mask and a Trump hat and started dancing with the jews on a green screen in the background! Doing I mean, a big “fuck you” party!


Wood: [laughing out] No! I haven’t seen it! I really only heard about you recently, early this week. And then I only got to talking about you on the show.


Little: All right. Well, you know, …


Wood: I think I’ve got a lot more studying to do. I just really wanted to have you on.


Little: Look at my website, “little revolution dot us”, it’s all on there, dude.


Wood: I will definitely do that. I have another question and like, …


Little: This is the last one, because it’s been thirty minutes. You wouldn’t believe how fucking busy I am, but I try not to ignore any requests from our guys.


Wood: All right, all right. Well let me ask you a philosophical question. Does your end goal involve a state, … Like in the future would you like your children to live in a stateless society?


Little: Ahh, have you been reading Ayn Rand? What’s going on here?


Wood: No, no. I’ve read “Atlas Shrugged” and stuff, but here at Radcapradio, …


Little: I mean, it’s never a question of whether, or not there will be a group in power, or whether, or not, there will be an elite that’s in control. It’s a question of whether, or not, you want your own good people, and there’s a good process for selecting who’s in charge.


But all this stuff about there being a chance at ultimate Libertarianism, and no government, I mean, this non-Aggression principle. I mean, that’s a fantasy! You don’t get to decide whether, or not someone is in charge, you get to decide who is in charge.


Wood: Well, yeah.




Little: Libertarianism says we get to decide that no one’s in charge. It’s a complete fallacy, and it’s a weapon that the jews use against us. Why do you think that Ayn Rand, whatever the fuck her real name was, “Rosenberg”, or some shit. 


Wood: Laughs]


Little: Why do you think she wrote that propaganda? It was supposed to be so that conservative Americans retreating from their multicultural areas, started saying:


“Okay, I don’t want to pay into the government, because it’s helping people outside my group. So let’s latch on to this libertarian thing, that the jews are offering us, because it says that, yeah, you don’t have to help people if you don’t want to and stuff.”


That’s bullshit! Because then it creates a vacuum, because people then say:


“All right! I want to move to New Hampshire.”


Or ask your something to go hide in the woods and have my own little society. But ultimately if someone wants to rule over you they will. You have to pick who is in charge of you, whether it’s yourself, or someone else! Most people would rather have someone else in charge of them. And at that point it’s your duty to inform yourself and vote for good politicians. Because ultimately politicians will rule over you, whether you like it, or not! There’s no such thing as doing away with politicians. They will always exist!




Wood: You have a point. And we would we would call those people who are just straight up and think that if everyone just abided by the non-Aggression principle, everything would be fine. We call them “low birds” or “fakaterians”. They don’t know, ..


Little: That might be what their heaven looks like. I mean, I saw this one show, even though I try not to watch television, I saw this one should TV show going on in the background, where everyone’s heaven was different, depending on what your highest wants had been in life. And yeah, if you’re a libertarian your heaven will be whatever the hell you think you’re going to be able to impose here through non-Aggression principle.


Because literally, the only place where there could be non-Aggression would be in the afterlife! Ultimately government is the use of force, and you have to decide whether that force is being used to defend you as a people, or destroy you as a people! And right now we’re allowing jews to wield that force to destroy Whites, and other targeted populations for destruction, all over the planet!


Shlomo is a control freak! Joe Shlomo is a genocidal psychopath! And if you think you can just retreat from having the government rule over you, the jews will just remain in charge. And they’re coming to you in your cabin eventually.


Wood: Yeah. Well thank you for coming on man! Is it all right if I clarify something for you, real quick so you don’t think we’re Ayn Randian Logars [?]


Little: Okay, go ahead,


Wood: We view a difference of Radcap people, the people who join the podcast with me and Hoppian people who read Hans Hermann Hopper and follow his theory. We kind of differentiate between the state and government like, …


Little: I’m more of a Hobbian!


Wood: [chuckles] That name doesn’t ring a bell, …


Little: He wrote “The Leviathan” Hobbes, …


Wood: Oh! Okay, yeah. But we see a difference between government and state. The state is a territorial monopolist on ultimate decision-making and taxation. And we would pretty much we want everything to be privatized. We want all of the services to be privatized, so that, …


Little: Dude do you realize the jews control the printing presses for money, they control the banks. They print whatever money they need, or they did borrow it. If you privatized everything right now, the way things are right now, the jews would own everything important.




Wood: I get that, …


Little: After deregulation the Jews bought everything important. I mean, deregulation, and privatization, and the presence of jews, is giving control of your country over to the jews. Look what happened when they privatized every industry after the fall of the Soviet Union. The jew oligarchs completely controlled everything. And then bought it for pennies on the dollar. So yeah, I aint privatizing shit, until the jews are out of power!


Wood: That’s actually, that’s a great point, a good idea. And I also wanted to say that we believe that rights aren’t inalienable, that they reciprocal and normative. So that, if you’re not willing to extend private property rights to your neighbor, whoever it is in question, then they don’t have to, you know, extend private property rights to you or non-Aggression.


Little: I get that. Now ultimately when the founding fathers put in the Bill of Rights so the states, the sovereign states would sign the Constitution and give us a federal government, they meant “inalienable” as in the social contract with the government is void if they try to eliminate these rights. So basically the moment that the government infringes these rights, the government’s null and void, and it’s your duty to replace it with a constitutional government. That’s why they mean by “inalienable”! If the government tries to take these rights from you, they’re no longer your government. You get what I’m saying?


Wood: Yeah. That goes along what I, …


Little: I swore an oath to the Constitution. I believe in the Bill of Rights, one hundred and fifty percent!


Private property, the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly. Everything not explicitly forbidden by any laws not explicitly mentioned by the federal government and then reserved to the states! And the fucking Supreme Court cannot tell a state that the Tenth Amendment no longer applies! I mean, we no longer have a legitimate government, we have a Zionist occupied Government!


And while I’m all about, you know, having that nation we had before the jews controlled it, there’s no recreating it. And the Founding Fathers are pretty much right on page with you, according to the way I understand your belief system.




Wood: Yeah, we are not that far off, …


Little: You would have loved Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson! I mean, you’re pretty much saying exactly what was in the Federalist and anti-federal US papers, mostly anti Federalist Papers. But what I’m saying is, in the presence of jews, we can’t have any of these things! Because Shlomo’s a fucking control freak!


Wood: You’re right on point, just to let, you know, that is where I started my philosophical and political journey. I had a clinging to the Constitution, ..


Little: Me too! That’s where I was before I woke up to the JQ. And then I realized the Constitution’s already gone, because Shlomo burnt it!


Wood: [laughing] Yeah, it took me a good while to find out about the JQ, really, …


Little: Dude! I was a huge Ayn Rand fan, I used to quote from the anti-Federalist and Federalist Papers, I thought that any problem could be solved just by trying to restore the Constitution, like Mark Levin talks about. I didn’t even know that Mark Levin was a fucking jew!


Wood: Yeah you sound exactly like me. I even knee-deep in all the archives of their letters and such. Reading over the phone.


Little: I used to quote Adams, I used to quote Franklin, the anti federalist from New York, I used to quote him all the time about how he believed the Supreme Court would eventually be used to completely destroy the other branches of government, which did happen!


But yeah, I got to go. Over my time here.




Wood: Thank you coming on, so much.


Little: Yeah, I was pretty much in your camp, a belief system, before I woke to the JQ and I realized in the presence of tyrants, you can’t have any of those things that you want. So, what shape the government going to take after we remove these jewish supremacists from power and restore human rights to all people? I mean, that’s where you guys need to be at the table, but in the meantime you need to put all of your energy into helping anyone, any politician that’s openly naming who controls this country, openly names of people committing genocide, openly talks about Israel’s crimes against this country, and talks about the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, the Jewish role 9/11!


See: Andrew Hitchcock – Erasing the Liberty – The 50th Anniversary Of Israel’s Attack On America — TRANSCRIPT


Wood: Absolutely! And before you go can you can you tell the listeners how they can help you?


Little: Yeah. Go to Little Revolution dot us, look at my website. On Gab I’m, “patrick_little”.


I have a new Twitter account which will probably be gone in a day or two. I’m like on my six one, so just look at my Gab. I have a link to my Twitter account on there, because it keeps on changing. Yeah, ultimately just vote for me! If you’re in California and you’ve got an early voting ballot, vote for me, then, or show up in person to the polls, make sure registered to vote for June 5th, that’s when the primary is, if you want to vote in person.


And support anyone, even if they’re like a socialist, even if they’re like a monarchist, even if they’re, anyone that wants to remove the jews from power, because then we can have this discussion about returning the country to more free enterprise, and freedom, and individual rights, and states rights, and stuff! That discussion cannot happen until the Jews are removed from power.




Wood: Yeah, absolutely! And you have Radcapradio behind you. Just so, you know.


Little: Thank you!


Wood: Radcapradio is behind you.


Little: Anyone that names the jew, I’m friends with, unless you’re doing something crazy. So I am asking you to vote for Nehlen [Paul Nehlen] in Wisconsin. Vote for me in California. Vote for Jones [Art Jones] in Illinois, and there are some other guys running, and I’m sorry if I forgot to mention them. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter what their ideology is, if they’re helping to remove the jews from power! And then these all these discussions can be had after that. But I’ve got to go. Thanks for having me on Mr Wood. Have a great day!


Wood: Thank you for coming.


Little: Your welcome, bye.


Wood: And thank you listeners for listening to Radcapradio, and this exclusive interview with Patrick Little.












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