Patrick Little – Interview with Dennis Fetcho, May 31, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT


[Patrick Little, a 33-year-old married White, a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, and an experienced IT engineer, is running for US Senate in California. He’s been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and its government.


Here, Little is interviewed by Dennis Fetcho, an American living in Jordan, who hosts a long running live radio show “Inside the Eye — Live!”



Topics discussed include: {TO BE CONTINUED}







Patrick Little


Interview with Dennis Fetcho


May 31, 2018







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Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time 2018.05.31



Dennis Fetcho, aka “The Fetch“, is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom. The Fetch also has a second site called “Inside The Eye – Live! 


Hour 1 – Guest, Patrick Little, GOP Candidate for US Senate


Hour 2 – Free Speech Issues and Factually Correct Rant regarding “Anti-Semitism”






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Good afternoon everybody! It is Thursday afternoon, and it is time for Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time!

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Fetcho: All right everybody! From Amman, Jordan. This is the Fetch, and you are listening to Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! Today’s date is Thursday, … whoa! The computer’s acting up real quick for some reason, all of a sudden here. Hang tight everybody! Where the heck did that go and why did it just do that? Tell you, sometimes these computers! I got all this set, … Don’t worry everybody!


Amman, Jordan. (Click on image to enlarge)


Hold on one second. There it is. Okay, Today’s date is May 31st, 2018, and a good Thursday afternoon to early evening to all of you listening in the United States, and Canada. And a good late evening to, … wow that’s like, my thing has gotten hacked here. It’s just buzzing all over. Alright, let me turn this mouse off. Okay. Anyway, a good late evening to early Friday morning to all of you listening in European and Asian time zones! And, of course, wherever your listening out there on the worldwide web, or our FM and micro FM broadcasting outlets. May all be well with you and yours!


The weather here in Amman is absolutely fantastic! With daytime highs reaching only about eighty-one degrees. Actually it’s about seventy-six degrees. It wasn’t that hot. And daytime, .. Were hitting right about sixty degrees right now. We are actually going to be going up! To about sixty-one degrees over the next couple hours. And it really looks like somebody has taken over my laptop, because it is just bouncing all over the place. I’ll tell you, it’s strange! I bet you’ve had that over there, the guest standing there in the studio. Anyways, joining us here, I got to, … this is LIVE everybody, but somebody is like taking my laptop. So we’re going to try to just ad-lib this thing. It’s okay, hold on everybody.




Joining us from, I believe California, Patrick Little! Patrick Little is GOP candidate coming up in the June 5th primaries in the state of California. And Patrick, I had actually a lot of things set up for you, but unfortunately everything has gone haywire on my laptop over here. So welcome to Inside the Eye – Live!



Little: OK. Can you hear me now?


Fetcho: Well there you are my friend. I thought it was me, because my laptop is like, going crazy! I’ve got two laptops operating here. We don’t need your video, just so you know. It’s live radio. But now you sound great again.


Everybody this is Patrick Little, he’s got the Little Revolution. Again, it’s coming from the state of California, my home state, Patrick! So it’s kind of nice to hear some of your message. We’ve been saying, what you’ve been saying for probably over a decade now. Out there, doing live radio, here, across the world. So it’s really great to hear some of what you’re saying, because you’re mirroring what we’ve been saying for years, and years. So we’d like to welcome you to Inside the Eye – Live!


Little: Thank you. So you didn’t hear anything I said before?


Fetcho: Absolutely nothing! I bet you, … it was the best stuff you’ve delivered all week, and we missed it!


Little: While I was saying that I’m running for US Senate against Dianne Feinstein, a dual citizen of Israel, who voted for the Iraq war!



And I come from a long line of proud veterans. My father was a Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War, and he fought on Hill 881 during the Tet Offensive in 1967. In one 1968 he was in that Khe Sanh air base area, during this attack. He was a presidential card [?] for Johnson and Nixon.



I grew up in a house decorated with things that were honoring our troops, and different programs, like the space program, and such. My grandfather was a captain in the Navy. He ran the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. He was the commander of that shipyard. So we have a long history in national security in my family.


Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (Click image to enlarge).



And when I woke up to the Zionist lobby, and the terrorist attacks they’ve committed against this country, including the nuclear weapons grade uranium they stole from my country, polluting Pennsylvania with a new Superfund site, because they did it so sloppily. They obtained a nuclear rogue, weapons program for a state [Israel] that had repeatedly committed terrorist attacks against United States, both civilian, and military targets.


Israel stole weapon-grade uranium from US. (Click image to enlarge.)


And I don’t know about you, but it’s not the American tradition to give nuclear weapons to terrorist countries that have committed false flag terrorist attacks against this country! And so in the proud tradition of my ancestors, I’m standing up for America, and putting America first, and I’m running for Senate so that I can shame all of the other politicians, once I get there, into ditching their affiliations with the terrorist state of Israel.


Fetcho: Well Patrick, we’ve been, of course, I’m native Californian. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, long history there. I moved out of Los Angeles to the Middle East, about twelve years ago. Nineteen, what is it, 2016, or 17 [2006 or 2007], or so. As you know, there’s been a lot of White flight from California but a lot of us understand the politics there. It’s a very liberalized state. There’s still your conservative pockets in the middle part of the state, towards the northern parts of the state, really the eastern parts of the state also.


Basically with San Francisco and Los Angeles being highly liberal nowadays. How are you trying to reach out, I guess, to the people of California, to get this message out you have out? And really some of what your message is, is highly critical of jews. We support you on that. We are deeply offended by people calling you anti-semitic all the time. We are not bound by what jews feel all the time! We’re tired of listening to their crap, basically!


So, how are you reaching out to the state of California? And why did you pick California? That is a difficult state, it’s a huge state. So, you know, you’re from Maine, you’ve lived elsewhere out there in the States. Why did you pick California to run?


Little: Well, I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps here, and I wanted to take my wife to a good climate. The Bay area is beautiful. I’m in the East Bay, near the University of Berkeley. And I decided to move up here, and use up my financial background I had built up in the Marine Corps. And I bought myself a nice sloop, a twelve ton sail boat. And we lived on that for a year and a half, while I earned a good salary at a start-up, as a network engineer.


Fetcho: Cool! I lived in Hayward, up there in the Bay for a summer. It’s kind of nice.


Little: The climate is wonderful, and so was the landscape.


Fetcho: It is.


Little: And, you know, a lot of Californians are conservative, most of them are liberal. But I tell you one thing, nobody that I know in California is okay with Israeli snipers shooting Christian, and Muslim, and indigenous people in Palestine, in the stomach while they’re pregnant.



And wearing a shirt while doing so, with a picture of a native woman in that region wearing, you know, wearing a sniper target over her belly. And in Hebrew the shirt says:


One shot, two kills



So I don’t know how many people in the state of California, are a fans of the slaughter of innocent women, civilians who are pregnant with unborn children. I do not know if that’s going to fly anymore with the conservatives, than it will with the people that consider themselves liberal.


And I can tell you one thing, California is an anti-war state! We are not supporting another war be expansion for Israel, so they can permanently annex the Golan Heights, by destabilizing the secular, popular, Assad government. Which won 88.7% of the vote in an internationally verified and monitored election in 2014!


Let me tell you something else, Assad won over ninety percent of the Christian vote, meaning the ethnic and religious minorities of Syria agree, that this is a good man, a good leader, who is running a very popular secular government where religious parties are outlawed! Now I’m not going to criticize any, or praise any of the governmental policies of a foreign state, when I don’t need to, but I am going to say, that he protects the religious and ethnic minorities of his country from Israeli backed terrorist groups like all-Qaeda, al-Nusra Which has been, … I can prove you with videos, in Hebrew, at the Israeli Knesset, their parliament, that Israel supports ISIS! Israel supports all-Qaeda, and al-Nusra!


The IDF, their military as well, not just their politicians, support these terrorist groups. That have been used to slaughter ancient religious, and ethnic, minorities, throughout the Middle East, including some of the oldest Christians in the Middle East, the Assyrians! They’ve been used to slaughter secular Muslims! They’ve been used to slaughter the troops in terrorist attacks that were defending these religious and ethnic minorities from these proxy terrorist groups of Israel!


And I’ll be darned if I let the zionists, jewish supremacists, drag my country and our precious troops into another zionist war of aggression! Where we’re being used as mercenaries for the terrorist state of Israel, which has a history of attacking us, and stealing nuclear weapons, and threatening us with terrorist acts.


Fetcho: Well, you know, when you went into the GOP, down in San Diego, you’ve come up really, out of nowhere, people have been saying:


Fetch! You’ve got to get Patrick on your show!


You got in. Of course, I didn’t know anything about you, so it’s good that you’re getting the word out. And we’re going to obviously try to magnify that as much as we can here. But you went into the GOP, one of the first things I heard is they kicked you out for this lame charge of you being something like an anti-semite, or something. What happened down in San Diego?




Little: So a poll had just come out the previous week showing me to be the leading challenger to Dianne Feinstein.


Fetcho: Okay.


Little: The thirty-two candidates in the race, the most recent poll of top candidates had shown me to be the leading candidate challenging Feinstein. I had eighteen percent of the vote. My closest rival, including the Republicans and Democrats, at eight percent. And I had a platform where I was utilizing 4chan’s poll, and 8chan, and a bunch of other imaging and message boards, because I had no money. I was a one man campaign, who pulled off all sorts of activism against Jewish supremacy.


I protested outside of AIPAC and the last Wednesday of it. I was the only person protesting there that day. I had done two pro-zionist rallies that were brainwashing young conservative Americans to support Israel. And I stood up and I talked about the USS Liberty, and caused the dual Israeli citizen that was on the talking panel there, at that event at U.C. Berkeley, to lose her mind! And then she was tweeting out that I was threatening her and stuff. I was challenging her to an online debate. I was trying to schedule with her. She ran away and said I was outside waiting to get her afterwards! Which is bullcrap. [laughing]


Yeah, they’re always trying to make us out, anyone who is critical of Israel.


Fetcho: We call it “whine” society, and we’re not talking about the Northern California wines.


Little: [Little laughs] There’s a some excellent wines, by the way, and I have a history of doing agriculture in the Mojave Desert with a drip irrigation system, if you’re a farmer out there.


See: Patrick Little — Twitter Protest, Dec 19, 2017 — TRANSCRIPT



I also went in front of the Twitter building when the zionist ADL was censoring anyone that said anything critical of Israel, or anything where you said that Whites were anything other than monsters, off from Twitter. And we now have a large community of Twitter exiles on Gab. And we are now a politically organized force on Gab! Get on Gab! Gab dot ai. I am Patrick underscore little. My website is “a little revolution dot us” if you like to donate make sure you’re a US citizen, or a legal permanent resident. Go to “Little Revolution dot us forward slash donate”.


And I’m using money to set up robo calls about the USS Liberty, including audiotape of the radio communications between the Israeli terrorist fighter jets that attack the Liberty, and the base where they confirm that the target was indeed American. I have the tapes in Hebrew! That I’m going to be sending out a robo call, as part of my campaign message.


I’ve raised less than four thousand dollars. DeLeone is lagging behind me in terms of online metrics of people searching for him, and looking for information of his insights. I’m the head of him! And he has spent over a million dollars in the last few weeks! I have spent less than three thousand dollars, so far. I’m about to spend the last of what I’ve got, so please send me money, so I can keep up this movement for liberation from the Zionists. And, I’m kicking his butt!




The zionists saw what I was doing, and how successful I was being with no budget, with my own time driving myself all over the place. I was a one man campaign. And so they decided to prop up a jewish woman, by the name of Cruz. And she said she was an online activist and podcaster, and that we, quote, unquote, “needed to wake people up to leftism” and stuff like that. Which is funny, because she was trying to use some of the terminology, and popular stuff, I was doing with the Internet and the terms I was saying, waking people up.


And what she did before she was running for Senate, was run a podcast that had two hundred subscribers! So this woman is nobody! But she’s pro-Israeli in she’s going around saying that Israel is for the chosen people and we need to send our troops off to die for Israel! And she’s getting flown around on a Lear jet! We’ve got pictures of her landing in Palm Springs in a Lear jet, even though she hasn’t shown up at more than, like one percent in any of the polls. And they’re parading her around like she’s God’s gift to the world!


And, you know, she’s trying to claim that she’s going to get the right-wing youth vote, when she’s an Israeli firster, and I’m the only American first candidate out there! Because I’m the only one will talk about the foreign terrorist influence that is dominant in Washington DC!


I’m doing this with virtually no budget. I’ve had death threats to myself and my family! They’re trying to destroy my personal life! They’re trying to drive my family away from me.


And I’ve had it full up, and God help them if my family gets hurt! God help them! Because I will only double down and re-dedicate my life to liberating this country, from this terrorist, Zionist, jewish supremacist influence!


Fetcho: Well, I mean, obviously it’s a good line. But as we all know, this is a very entrenched power base. They’ve been able to bring America to war, going back to World War one, World War Two, the Vietnam War, obviously the Iraq War. 9/11 was one of their operations, and nobody’s ever been held to account on that.


How are you going to go about really getting, … I mean, we support everything you’re saying, but how do you go about getting the allies you need, in a major type aircraft carrier like the United States, to get some of these things to happen? I mean, where do you start to chip away at the armor that jews have built up over the last century?


Little: I had a meeting a few nights ago with some secular Muslim leaders, in the Muslim community here. I’ve met with Greek Orthodox Palestinians is I’ve met with the Syrians. They support me, and they’re spreading the word at their churches, and at their mosques. They’ve made known that I am a friend to all people that seek liberation from Zionist influence.


in the Middle East for America. I’m going to put America first, which means stopping the fundamental ng of Israeli terrorism in the Middle East. And that is music to everyone’s ears, that has been a victim is of Israeli terrorism, including the Lebanese, the Syrian community here in California, the Armenian community here in California, and a lot of other ethnic and religious minorities! I’ve even got a lot of Asian supporters!


In that one poll, I got close to forty percent of the Asian vote, with thirty-two candidates in the running, mind you. Close to forty percent! Because I talk about jewish discrimination against Asians in university admissions. I’ve created one flyer that’s very popular in Asian communities. It’s having a big impact!


And one of my tactics is to just ask random, anonymous, people from the internet to print out my flyers, and go flyer areas where they think there are people that are fed up with this jewish supremacism! And the Asian community is responding! They are waking up! They launched a lawsuit against Harvard University for discriminating against Asians in 2016, 2017.



And I made it known to them, that according to Hillel, the jewish supremacy student organization, sixty-seven percent of the graduate student body at Harvard, is made up of ethnic jews! Now jews are one point seven, or one point eight percent of the population of the United States according to jewish organizations, and their less than three percent of top performing high school students. How can they possibly reserve sixty-seven percent of the seats at the Harvard Graduate School, an elite institution for people, based on racial membership? And the whole time after people started pointing this out, they tried to confuse the Asians by saying:


Oh no! It’s White supremacism! That’s why there are not enough Asians getting into Harvard!“


They say it’s White supremacist! Because they lump in jews with Whites in response to these types of criticisms, and say:


Oh yeah! Harvard grad school is eighty, or eighty something percent White!


When really, it’s almost entirely jewish. And so they do the “fellow White people” thing any time someone brings out jewish over-representation, or nepotism, or discrimination against other races.


So, the Asian community here doesn’t have this White guilt, that the jewish-zionist media has programmed in a White Americans. And I’m waking them up in droves! They don’t [?] want to put America first, they want their children to have a good shot at a top quality education, if they put in the leg work and have the brains to do it. And I’m going to empower them to live up to their full potential, and stop this jewish supremacy. This discrimination in institutions, and exclusion of non jews from the halls of power, and from the halls of our elite institutions!




Fetcho: Okay, you look at the media, of course, now when we look at your, …
When we go basically do a web search on you, you’re going to find the top ten, twenty, thirty, forty, is nothing but “anti-semite”, “neo-Nazi”, all this crap that Jews use like to use. Obviously, we find it highly offensive that they would stoop to this level, but you and I both know that they do.


What do you have in mind for basically rolling back jewish domination, like with the FCC. Would you favor something like rolling back jewish control the media, splitting up, and breaking up, these media empires, so that we have much more diversity literally within basically our American country?


Little: Well, I can tell you, you’re addressing a symptom. The biased media is a result of jewish supremacist control of our government. So step one! We go ahead and take advantage of the fact that close to eighty percent of Americans, according to the Edelman report, which is what politicians go by when evaluating Americans faith in institutions. Eighty percent of Americans think that the media is full of crap! And, you know, what? When they print all this stuff about me, what were they calling Donald Trump when he was running?


What were they calling him?


Fetcho: I have no idea. I was not there.


Little: They were calling him a “neo-Nazi”, they were calling him a “White supremacist”, they were throwing all of these labels at him, they’re throwing at me. I can show you the organizational charts of these media companies. They are all completely controlled by Zionist-jews, be that the New York Times, Fox News, or, …


Who Controls Your Mind? 2013 Chart. (Click image to enlarge.)


Fetcho: Are they zionist jews or just jews, at the end of the day?


Little: Oh! You had better believe, Zucker who has said in the past, something equivalent to, “my allegiance is first to Israel!” And the Murdoch’s, … you try to find stuff critical of Israel on Murdoch’s news network, those are Zionist jews, the Murdoch children, that are now running Fox News. The Ochs Sulzberger family that runs the New York Times, they are openly Israeli firsters! These are jewish supremacists! And I can show you the organizational charts to prove this to you. People were kicked off Twitter for sharing these charts.


Now the way to defeat the lying, jewish, fake press media, is to take control of our government back! And at that point I will do what I can working with other candidates, that will be elected, to open up a Senate House Joint Committee on Un-American activity. I’m bringing back McCarthy’s tool.



McCarthy, behind closed doors, just like President Nixon, talked about jewish control of our media and how dangerous it was. Since nowadays, instead of only twenty percent of people disbelieving the media, we’re up to eighty percent of Americans, across all races, and all creeds. Think the media is nothing but lies! If you don’t believe me, go to the 2015 through 2017 Edelman reports. These are what the governmental officials look at. This is basically the report that the Zionist look at every year to say how well are we doing to control the institutions that can influence public opinion, and how much of those institutions are still believed by the public. And the answer is a giant goose egg! They’ve lost control!



That’s why they’re trying to shut down the Internet, because people go to the Internet for their news now. Which is where I am dominating! And we’re going to win this election, if we can have people up. If we can stop being so pessimistic, if we can stop being so black pilled. I mean, there’s no way that I went from eighteen percent support to, three weeks later, to being at zero percent support, like the media saying I am now. They’re trying to create an expectation.


Fetcho: Yeah, I think they gave Trump two percent equally, so, …


Little: One percent! I posted the article to my Gab account. There were some outlets saying one percent.




Fetcho: How many people, … obviously you seems fairly fresh at this message, you know, based on your language, and such. And it is refreshing for a lot of people who have been doing this a long time, to hear that it’s finally reaching into America’s body politic. How many other people, candidates, are there like you, even just say, to a lesser degree? How much is your style of message starting to reach out to other states?


Little: There are close to ten people that I know of running right now that believe what I know. Some of them are open about it, like Art Jones and Paul Nehlen. However, I’ve got close to three dozen people that have already agreed to run for their senate or congressional seat in their district in 2020. My goal is to get that number, including gubernatorial candidates, up to around six hundred, or seven hundred.


And I’d like every governor’s seat that’s open in 2020, every one of the Congressional Representative seats, and every one of the Senate seats that are open for reelection 2020, to have someone saying the things I’m saying, running. Because they’re spending millions of dollars and tons of man hours trying to shut down my message! And it’s not working! And can you imagine if there were six hundred of me? xxx Would be overwhelmed!


Fetcho: It would be good if we had six hundred people like you that actually understand the game, and can start to take this on, of course.


Little: They’re out there, they just need to be encouraged to run. And I’m dedicated to reaching out to these people who are supporting me. A lot of people just sent me fan mail. I wound up getting back to them, and doing a little research into their background and stuff, they volunteered. And I told them:


You either run for Congress, or Senate, or governor seat, in 2020, or we’re done talking!


And a lot of people are responding in the affirmative.


Fetcho: How about at the local level? Are you working at all on any local groups? Any local groups endorsed? Any endorsements at all?


Little: Most of my supporters are behind closed doors, and have instructed people to say undecided if they’re going to vote for me, or to say that they’re voting for Feinstein, so. I do not want people doing anything other than at the anonymous ballot booth, to vote for me.


Fetcho: OK. Going to a break everybody. Patrick Little of “a little revolution”. Against Dianne Feinstein in the GOP, are you in the GOP or, …?




Little: Jewish genocide being committed against the Palestinians. Some people might get onboard because they’re sick of the jews inciting all the other races against us, and the systems of culture making that they control in this country. Some might get on board, because they’re sick of Zionists being behind the holding of the borders open in Europe, by zionists. Some might get on board, because they don’t like the fact that Jews control the media and fill it with nothing but pornography, smut and violence!


See: Patrick Grimm – How the Jewish Supremacists Wrecked America


There are a million reasons for you to oppose jewish supremacism! And I think that you need to be open to supporters from every one of those camps! Because ultimately, if you want to have White communities, if you want to be pro-White, if you want to end the systematic anti-White discrimination, you’re not going to be able to do any of that, until Jewish supremacists are removed from power! So step one, remove these tyrants from power! Step two, all of your other goals!


Fetcho: And that everybody, is a voice of Patrick Little, and he is joining us here at Inside the Eye — Live! Prime Time. This Thursday again, May the 31st. He’s going to be running in the primaries coming up on June 5th. You know, a new interesting article came out on Newsweek:


The California Republican Party has disavowed [oh my goodness!] it’s top polling candidate to take on Democratic Senator, Dianne Feinstein, this November, after it emerged that he has espoused a range of White nationalist views, including calling for a country free from jews!




Now quite frankly, Patrick, I am for one, as an American, I’m pissed off at the way jewish media, and jewish organizations, and our institutions, seem to think the litmus test is “jews first”. And that seems to be your message isn’t it?


Little: Absolutely! And just a reminder here, I have massive support among many different races of men, and many different creeds, in this state. Now, I was speaking in that message to people that were saying:


Well, you can’t support other Americans who aren’t White, if you’re running, and you’re pro-White!


That’s absolutely false! This country was founded on the principle that all peoples have the right to seek out life, liberty, and prosperity, for themselves and their progeny! And that is not limited to just people from England, or just people from Germany, or whatever, that have come here.


Whites are a small minority in California now. We’re less than half of the state. I think we’re down to less than forty percent of the state now. And in terms of people under the age of thirty, we are a drop in the bucket!



You know, what? I’m getting people who wish to breathe free of jewish supremacist tyranny, across all races, across all creeds. And ultimately, we’re dealing with a global force for terrorism, the Zionist lobby! We’re dealing with a global network of people who control the news in almost every country! They control the banks in almost every country! People that drive students of all races and creeds into this debt slavery in order to pay for their own education. People, these supremacists, these Jewish supremacists cause foreign wars of aggression in the backyards of countless peoples around the world!


And you don’t have to be White to recognize the fact, that these jewish supremacists are running our countries into the ground, for the benefit of a group of small jews, not even all jews. A group of small jews benefiting from this at the expense of everybody else! And it’s not hard to wake people up to this message. As a matter of fact I did some AB testing, driving ride-share, just to have captive audiences — and if you go to my Gab, you can see some of the interesting feedback I got in my driver’s panel.


The easiest people to wake up are Asians. The hardest people to wake up are White Protestant Christians.



I went ahead and put in a few months of legwork before I decided to start doing “in real life” activism, and I can tell you one thing. The Whites are the most brainwashed in this country! And we’ve got to wake them up, but we’ve got to wake everyone up! And if you’re pro-White, or if you’re pro Asian, or you’re pro — whatever your group is — that’s a right guaranteed to you by the US Constitution. You have the right to advocate the interests of your children, of your community, and to put America first in your community interests, at heart, in the public forum.





And there’s nothing in the Constitution that stops us from doing this. And the Bill of Rights, right now, is so far under attack from these jewish supremacists, they are trying to take away our right to bear arms — which is not just for hunting — it’s for civil defense, and for keeping the government in check. The trying to take away our free speech! They have gotten rid of it on social media for the most part, unless you go to, or a platform like that!


They’ve taken away our right to privacy with the Patriot Act, which was written in Israel by people like Michael Chertoff, who were the most powerful men in the government. They were more powerful than Bush. Jr. Michael Chertoff, the head of the newly formed homeland security, at the time. We’re talking about people who rely on cloak and dagger tactics and terrorism!


See: Erasing the Liberty Movie website.


The USS Liberty (AGTR-5) has been called the most decorated United States Naval ship for a single action.

But if this is true, why have so few Americans ever heard of the Liberty?

The reasons are many, but have everything to do with who attacked the Liberty and who covered up the attack, an ongoing and disgraceful coverup for nearly 50 years.

Though attempts have been, and continue to be made, to bring the truth about the attack on the Liberty to a wider audience, those responsible for the attack and the coverup have many resources available to keep this national tragedy buried.

And the most shocking part of this story, is that the country who attempted to sink the Liberty with all those aboard, Israel, on that beautiful, sunny day in the Eastern Mediterranean in June, 1967, not only continues to erase the true history of what happened, but our own country, the United States of America, and those public officials sworn to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution, initiated the coverup and continue, to this very second, to dishonor those 34 men viciously slaughtered and the 174 wounded, who are forced to live knowing their own country abandoned them on the altar of political expediency.

The coverup has been so thorough that this is the only maritime attack in U.S. history not afforded a Congressional investigation, as required by the U.S. Constitution.

Based on the new book by Liberty survivor Phillip F. Tourney, Erasing the Liberty: My Battle to Keep Alive the Memory of Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty, some of the ship’s survivors and supporters decided the most effective way to bring the story of the Liberty to the widest possible audience was through a full-length feature film.

Liberty survivors are dying off and need to have their story told. They and the American people deserve no less.

Help us make this dream a reality.

Donate to the USS Liberty film project today.


The people making the USS Liberty movie now, have had two rather suspicious deaths among the top people that are helping to produce that movie, to get that off the ground. We are dealing with a group that deals by deception, and backroom deals, and bribery, and threats of violence! This is international terrorism!


See: Trailer for funding a full length feature film of the June 8 1967 Israeli attack of the USS Liberty


And I’m asking you, regardless of race, or creed, or even citizenship, to stand up with me against Jewish supremacy! In this country, in the United States, I’m asking United States citizens to stand up with a unified booming voice, and say:


We will not capitulate to terrorism! We will not allow our government to be taken hostage by a foreign terrorist nation, that has a rogue nuclear program and commits terrorist attacks regularly against us and our NATO allies!


Stand up in your country wherever you’re from, and join me in overthrowing these terrorists!


Fetcho: You know, Patrick this all very simple too, as a state of Israel, because it has not signed on to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, but one hundred percent of the aid that does go to Israel, is against American law. So we already have the laws in place to cut off this rogue nation, Israel. But as you can see, nothing is happening. So obviously a stronger voice in the Senate would certainly be helpful.




Are you, again, let’s go back to this issue, because we want to drive it home, not just for you and I, because we get it, and a lot of the audience here actually does get it. But, the way that the media frames everything, aren’t they really telling the audience, and the voters out there, that the litmus test is putting jews first? And it’s about time we stop that. Is that how you’re reading this equally?


Little: Absolutely! And I’m going to be that voice in the US Senate for you and other American citizens who wish to see this Israel first and jewish supremacists first policy, put to an end! They’ve had a stranglehold on our key institutions for about one hundred years now.


They’ve dragged us into foreign wars of aggression, and they make it so that everyone feels the stranglehold of jewish supremacism when they’re trying to get their children into institutions like the Harvard. You know, Whites, for example, are 70% of top performing high school students, but we were only twelve percent of the incoming class to Harvard in 2017!


This does not just affect Whites. And I’m will be a voice for all Americans that wish to have our sovereignty restored. To wish to clean these traitors out of the government. The people that want the Israel Firsters removed from the State Department, I’m going to help them. I’m going to set up that Joint Committee on Un-American Activities. And I will give you that voice that, …


Fetcho: Thank you Patrick. I’m an international guy, I work with a lot of people overseas at very senior levels. I can tell you the State Department has a lot of LGBT jewish influence, that is very harmful to US interests. And quite frankly, they’re imposing their agenda on multiple nations, just to advance their agenda, and it’s not helping the United States for one bit, as an American nation!


Another issue Patrick, that you might consider and would you support, and that would be, the end of all dual citizenship in government. The Israelis do not allow it. The Jordanians do not allow it. There’s no such thing of it here in Saudi, where I am at, often. Now the Chinese certainly do not allow it.


In fact, is not allowed virtually anywhere in the world, except where jews have power, as well as their own state of Israel. Would you back, and do you support, ending dual citizenship in the United States government, and key national security positions?


Little: I have repeatedly said exactly that, and more. So absolutely yes! I support the end to dual citizenship for anyone in this country, most especially government officials! There’s no way you can be a citizen of Israel, in which case you put the state of Israel first, and also a representative that gets to vote on whether, or not, we go to war for Israel, in the US Senate, or Congress! We have to end dual citizenship!


Fetcho: Would you cut the subsidies for the Israelis, or jews in America, to fight for the IDF and then come back and be a citizen of America, when it’s denied to every single ethnic group in the United States?




Little: I absolutely would! And I tell you one thing that violates a law that was passed in the twentieth century. I forget the name of the law. There’s a law that forbids you from going and fighting for a foreign nation. I will end these double standards!


Fetcho: Yeah, they’re so clever they gave themselves a waiver which I’m getting tired of reading about all the time. Jews get waiver on everything! Obviously jews did 9/11. Nobody’s been held accountable for it. Here we are, sixteen years later, seventeen years later, still nothing has happened. George Bush [Donald trump] is obviously a Lukudnick on his foreign policy side, so he’s never going to do anything about it. Even though he knows that there’s a problem there.


See: 911 – The Jews Had Me Fooled: A Jewish Engineered Pearl Harbor


What do you feel are some strategies American Patriots need to do, obviously get control of the government is a good one! But what do you think are some strategies that people need to do? Over half of Americans don’t believe the Jewish story. So what are some strategies you hold to get in this 9/11 really brought back into the fore, and the perpetrators brought to justice?


Little: Simple! You make light of the facts that are already publicly available, and then use your power in the Congress and the Senate to open up investigations, and the declassification of the information that proves that Israel played a key role in organizing and publicizing 9/11 in the way they wanted.



They had the Patriot Act on the table, ready to strip us of our Bill of Rights, before those planes even took off! So, this is easy stuff! What I’m doing right now, me and Paul Nehlen, and a few other candidates alone, are already overwhelming the systems. If we charge the trenches in 2020, with hundreds of candidates, we win! They cannot survive that!



They are depending on individuals with fan bases to stand up in limited numbers against this terrorist enemy. And that’s not the way forward. You want to be my fan, you go out and you run for office in 2020! I don’t want a fan club! I don’t want to be seen as some sort of visionary guy. I’m just an ordinary American Marine Corps veteran, enlisted, honorably discharged, rank of sergeant. I wasn’t even an officer. I’m just your average American that woke up to the truth and said:


No more! I’ve had it up to here!


This is nearly identical to 1775. We’ve got taxation without representation, we’re ruled over by a foreign tyrannical government, doing horrible things to US citizens and military personnel. And it’s time to stop it!


So don’t be a closet supporter! If you have a clean record, if you were honorably discharged from the military, if you’re a police officer, if you’re firefighter, if you serve your community already in some capacity, you need to step up! If there’s no one that talks about zionist control of our government running in your district for Congress, or for that Senate seat that’s open, if it’s open in 2020, you have to stand up and run!


You have to put yourself up to that crucible, and withstand the threats, and such, as I’m withstanding now! Because, ultimately if they can’t keep you out of the public eye, they respond with terrorism and threats! That’s their nature. You have to stop being a closet supporter of politicians like me, and stand up and run! I’m doing this with almost no money.


If you do want to donate it’s “little revolution dot us forward slash donate []. But ultimately it’s, you, awakened American, who must stand up and run! If you’re running and someone you think is your better, who talks about these issues, running, then support them! But if you can’t convince that person you consider to be better, to run, then you have to run yourself! I myself, considered myself a stand in candidate, until a lot of the most vocal people who are anonymous in this state, refused to run! And I said:


You know what? If you won’t do it, I will!


And I considered myself a placeholder for people I thought might be my better, right up until the nomination process. And here I am!





Fetcho: Fill us in on the technicalities of this run, for all the listeners out there in California. How do they find you? Where you’re going to be on the ballot? And, you know, these types of issues to actually come out and vote for you. What how is it working for you? Are you GOP, independent? How is it going to work and how do they basically find you on the ballot?


Little: Look for me “Patrick Little”. My ballot designation is “civil rights activist”, because right now, we don’t have civil rights for anyone except for these jewish supremacists. So instead of civil rights for all, we have “privilege for jewish supremacists”! And so you can find me in the polls, on June fifth, go to your poll. If you are registered to vote in 2016 and you haven’t moved, you can go in on June fifth and find “Patrick Little for US Senate”. Be sure to vote for me!



And there might be doing, … I’ve been talking to Jim Corbett who’s talking about the Israelis controlling the three major companies that do the electronic voting machines here. So ask for a paper ballot! And take a picture of it, if that’s legal. Verify that it’s legal, and take a picture of your postal ballot, if you did a postal a ballot, or your paper ballot. Do not use electronic voting machines! Check to see your local district election laws if you’re allowed to request a paper ballot. If you can get, look up the laws and find out whether, or not, your district allows you to demand a paper ballot. If they do, demand that paper ballot! That’s a lot harder than just wiping the machines.



And you have to remember, these electronic voting machines, look at what happened to a woman named Presley, who won the congressional race around Houston. She was robbed! And they violated US federal election law by destroying the ballot images, that they pretty much could make printouts of the electronic images to make paper ballots to be counted up later. These images must be held by federal law for twenty-two months after an election. They, within six hours of her saying that she wanted to view these ballot images and challenge the results, they were at the Texas Supreme Court, fast tracked, and the judge approved against federal law, the destruction of these ballot images. So, demand that paper ballot!




I can prove to you, if you listen to me and Jim Corbett who is also a congressional candidate, that the voting machine companies which change their names once every two, or three years, including dominion, they are controlled by Israeli investors. And the different congressional districts and states do not have the ability to sign a contract where they’re not allowed to look at the software in these machines, which is written in Israel.


So this is not a “conspiracy theory”, this can be confirmed. This Jim Corbett gentleman exposed voter fraud against Patrick Buchanan, a little over a decade ago. And two other times he has exposed and won exposing voter fraud. They tried to steal a primary from some people. He exposed it. So that they’re going to try and make it look like I didn’t get any votes. You have to request a paper ballot. And you have to vote on June fifth in California.


If your employer says “no you can’t go vote”, so long as you give them prior warning that you are going to exercise your constitutional right to go vote on June fifth, they can be fined massively by the state and federal governments if they don’t let you go vote. So they have to let you go vote. Let your employer know that you are going to vote on June fifth in California, and there’s nothing they can do to stop you. This is an anonymous ballot, they have no way of proving that you voted for me. If you can, if it’s legal, take a picture of your completed ballot, and if you really want to drive the point home, don’t vote for anyone except for me, and vote against every ballot measure.


Fetcho: Just to make it clean?


Little: Just to make it clean. That’s what I did. The only thing I voted for was Trump in 2016, and against a lot of the ballot measures that would have been expanded the Trotskyite power they’ve got here over the state of California.


Fetcho: Yeah, how is California? I haven’t been there in twelve years, man. Still as loony as ever?


Little: Oh yeah! They keep on passing all these new restrictions on the Second Amendment, which are unconstitutional! And I’ll do what I can, in the Senate, to put the Supreme Court and the State Supreme Court in check! , because right now, the reason the zionists have gotten away with what they want to get away with, whether it be the dual citizenship being a Representative in our government, and having dual citizenship, or whether it has to do with taking away our First, Second, Fourth and Tenth Amendments. They’re doing it through the courts. Right now, the courts have almost all the power! And the way to stop this, is by standing up in the legislature and saying:


This is not the original intent of the Constitution! Being just a Supreme Court justice, or a State justice in the State Supreme Court does not give you the right to violate the United States Constitution!


So one of my talking points is Proposition Eight, which said that California defines marriage as between a man and a woman, as is traditional, and as according to all the different faiths here. They overturned that with the court, even though close to eighty percent of the state voted for that traditional marriage ballot! They use the courts to push their Trotskyite, Bolshevik, counter traditional, anti-man, legislation!




Fetcho: Marriage was to secure the well-being of children. That was the whole purpose to it. And obviously idiots, having two males getting together now, there’s aren’t going to be any children involved. So there’s no such thing as marriage! The whole thing is a linguistic fraud that they keep perpetrating, every step of the way!


Little: They all want to destroy all traditional structures in society to atomize people and make them easier to control.


Fetcho: That is so true. Another interesting point that I’ve heard you raise a lot and it’s something that we would support equally, and that is called “diversity”. But we mean it quite literally. And if you are two percent of the population you better not have more than two percent representation in any given business! And you kind of support that, limit Jews to no more than two percent in any given field, and that might even be too much, wouldn’t it?


Little: I agree absolutely! I can understand people seeking to have jews removed from power for a cool-off period, and from all offices in this country. I would understand that. However, what I’m pushing for, and it’s part of my platform, is to immediately dismiss all Supreme Court Justices that are jewish, and all judges and legislators that are jewish until arbitrarily selected jews are represented by no more than two percent of the population! Their percentage of the population is one point eight, I say cap it two percent, for all offices in the government.



Fetcho: Shouldn’t we also just extend that to across the board? We should make diversity the law of the land. Jews can have only two percent, pretty much everywhere, unless we find that there’s a national security imperative. At that point in time to keep it, until we can replace them?




Little: I’m looking into stuff like that right now. I’m looking to do it with the government first, and at that point my Joint Committee on Un-American Activity, will address those other issues, like Senator McCarthy tried to with dog whistles. Except I’m not just going to call them communists, I’m going to call them jews! As Senator McCarthy and President Nixon did privately.


Fetcho: Exactly. And Mr Ford, behind the Ford Motor Company, equally. Another issue is, and obviously we’ve got ninety million Americans out of work, essentially. Trump can talk a big game, but as you know, in California tent cities everywhere now.


Part of the problem I feel is that the income disparity has gotten out of hand., in other words, the CEOs and the chairman of the boards, making four hundred fifty, two thousand times see what the lowest person on the factory floor, in the janitors room, is making. Should we have something like a luxury tax, where we’re saying:


Look, you can pay your guys up to one hundred eighty times at the lowest paid person, but after that you guys are going to be hit by a luxury tax and that money is going to go back into the federal government for redistribution.


Would you support something like this idea?


Little: I’m curious about that. Right now, I deal with the primary issue, at which point, we can deal with all of these issues. What I can tell you, is this income disparity in this country is out of control, and it’s intentional. And you have to remember it’s not just income. I prefer to look at “income left over after expenses”. So your purchasing power, the purchasing power of the American household has gone down consistently for everyone, except for the top one percent, over the last hundred years. And that’s by design!


Jews control the regulatory agencies that eliminate new small businesses from entering into things like broadcasting, pharmaceuticals, you name it, there are jewish barriers to entry, were jews are running those regulatory agencies to prevent competition. And so then they’re allowed to set up these giant conglomerate corporate structures that are international in nature, not loyal to America, and at that point you have the equity holders making all the money.


And we know, over the past hundred years, there have been special tax holidays for jews to cash out their windfall profits and capital gains, at next to zero marginal tax rate. And this is designed to enrich the one percent, which is majority jewish. I believe most of the billionaires are ethnically jewish. And you better believe, if you’re not jewish, I believe Bezos [Jef Bezos — Amazon founder] is not jewish, you have to play ball. And do things like pour money into the failing New York Times, and Washington Post, if you want to be able to sit at the table, in terms of having out of monopoly, like online shopping.


Fetcho: Some quick issues, because we are running out of time here. I know you have to move on.


NGOs, call them nonprofits in America, but the reality is that the NGOs, the George Soros’, are completely out of whack. Jews raise probably, twenty to twenty-nine billion dollars a year from the American people, and send that over to Israel. All done under the guise of nonprofits, which essentially means the US taxpayer is footing the bill. Are these issues that you are looking to address, or that something that you haven’t quite addressed yet?


Little: Absolutely! Among my things, I would address powerful lobbies, and organizations like this, would be my campaign promise to outlaw lobbyists for foreign governments. And also lobbies for corporations. There’s no reason why corporations should be able to lobby and buy congressmen and senators. And that will help improve some of the legislation that would lead to a more equitable tax solution, where working class people and farmers wouldn’t be taxed to death.


Where people who make windfall profits from speculation, where they profit from insider information, would no longer be able to make this money, and pour this money that they make, these windfall, pretty much untaxed profits into these NGOs. You have to remember, the primary organizations behind the opening of America’s borders, and the circumvention of our immigration law, are funded by jewish supremacist, zionist donors!



You have to remember the caravan that arrived in San Diego, that was a bunch of jewish lawyers at the border handing them forms pointing out loopholes, how to get them in this country. “IsraAID”, a NGO that is allowed to do tax exempt stuff internationally, was behind a lot of the human smuggling of these invaders into Europe! Where people who were of military age, with the aid of this Israeli backed NGOs, were allowed to be smuggled into the European Union. Where they claimed that they were fourteen years old and were attending schools in northern Western Europe, claiming they were fourteen years old, while they were raping the schoolgirls on their way home!


Adopt a refugee Infant Today! (Click image to enlarge)


Fetcho: [invaders] in their thirtys.


Little: These are Israelis zionist, jewish supremacist, malicious intent organizations, and NGOs, such as IsraAID. I can post you a video showing Israid on the beaches, helping to signal and welcome the invaders that received three thousand dollars apiece in Israel, to move to Europe.


So the “asylum seekers”, if you want to call that, go to Israel, they’re rejected and they know, they’ll get a one time payout of three thousand dollars, which is about exactly how much it cost to go from the north coast of Africa to Europe. So the Israelis are funding this illegal invasion of the European Union! And ensuring that the governments they control in the European Union, put up no fight!


They control elections, not just in the United States, but in Austria, where Hoffer who is going to stop this massive wave of immigration, won his presidential race in May of 2016. However they flooded the postal ballots, with fake ballots, so that in Lower Austria one hundred forty seven percent was the amount of voter participation. Which there’s no such thing above one hundred percent voter participation.



These are Israeli NGOs, these are funded by the speculators, that have insider information about what central banks are going to do to make windfall profits off of military contractors, and from also currency speculation. George Soros uses this jewish Rothschild’s control the central banks and insider information to make his billions, upon billions. And he funnels these into anti-Western organizations, and NGOs, that ensures that the borders remain open. And he makes sure that our government supports Israeli wars of aggression, that ensures a regular flow of refugees into United States of America.


Fetcho: You know Patrick, that is a quick hour my friend! Thank you so much! Good luck again. Everybody get out there June the fifth, in California.


Patrick, get in the last word.


Little: Thank you for having me on. June fifth, remember to request that paper ballot. Vote for Patrick Little!


Fetcho: Thanks a lot Patrick! Good luck today. Thanks so much!





[End of Little Interview and transcript]












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