Patrick Little – Duels with Nick Fuentes, Jun 9, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT


[Patrick Little, a 33-year-old married White, a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, and an experienced IT engineer, ran for US Senate in California. He’s been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and its government.


Here, Little finds himself being ambushed by the teenager Nick Fuentes and his two juvenile sidekicks. In a  half hour chutzpahrian display of insolence and disrespect, Fuentes attacks Little about his recent Senate run in California, relentlessly calling him names, such as being a Fed agent, a dumb ass, stupid, a character out of the film Taxi Driver, a loser, mentally unstable, and his favorite, “a little girl“.

Although they succeeded in riling Little up, with their constant name-calling and mocking, the lasting impression is that Fuentes comes across as a complete jerk, deserving of a good ass kicking, before being sent to his room.


More importantly, what was the purpose of this ambush and ridicule? Patrick Little named the jew!






Patrick Little


Duels with Nick Fuentes


Jun 9, 2018



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Host: Beardson Beardly
Co-host: ShawnPatrick Little dismantles coward wannabe e-Celeb and ZOG cuck Nick Fuentes FULL DEBATEimpartjewishPublished on Jun 9, 2018LATEST NEWS: High schooler Nick Fuentes crashed an interview with Patrick Little and started calling him “mentally ill” and “a Fed” because he quit his $150k per year start-up company to redpill people on the jews and run a Senate campaign. Fuentes told the married, 33 year old marine corp veteran and network engineer that “I don’t take advice from losers”. When Patrick prompted him to “say that to my face”, Fuentes refused, saying “I will not say that to your face.”Notice how Spic Fuentus message was literally “YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE NOTHING AND JUST WAITED SOME MORE, THEN RAN ON A KEKSERVATIVE PLATFORM”Complete interview and source:…






(34 minutes)






Little: You know, about the dozens of thousands of JDIF* trolls that are online. At any time on the Breitbart pages, anything like that, they’re constantly gaslighting** everyone:


“Hey guys! Don’t talk about jews! It’s bad optics!”


Like, I ran my campaign, like I managed to get three, or three and a half thousand dollars worth of content out. And I got more than almost every candidate. According to the polls, I got more than twenty out of the thirty-two candidates, with zero budget!


I don’t think there was a single candidate running on less money than me! So naming the jew pays. It’s just a shame that I didn’t get volunteers in like until the last three weeks before the election.


[* JDIF — acronym for “Jewish Defense Internet Force”, (alternatively “Jewish Internet Defense Force”) an organization, whose job is to spread positive propaganda on forums, etc., about Israel and jew causes generally.

** Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual, or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target’s belief.]


Shawn: No I’ve seen it pay. Nehlen did very well with naming the jew. He came out way ahead.


Beardson: He has wasted a lot of good vacations, I hear [both hosts smirking].


Little: My net receipts just crossed five grand, so I mean, I did not do this for the money. I’ve had to sell one of my cars. I walked away from like a $150K a year, if you count the equity, and the tax-free income stream, I have. So, I mean, it’s not like I did this for the money! And I certainly didn’t do it for the bureau! [all laughing (not sure if this is a reference to the FBI, or what?)]




Beardson: Yeah I mean, I guess my big, my biggest critique of it, isn’t necessarily that you’re naming the jews, it’s just that I think you’re really like overestimating the global populace, as far as like their willingness to come around to this stuff. I mean, I’m, and I know you have a lot of like, …



Little: Thirty two percent of Armenians [?] are openly anti-semitic, like 20 something percent of Ukraine, 55% of Whites in this country admit to a left-wing pollster that they feel systematically discriminated against.


It’s time to just present the plus sign to the “two, and the two, and the equals four” to the American people. I mean, you don’t have to be White to understand jewish supremacism!


Imagine if I had $500,000 and a full volunteer team from the get-go, imagine what I could have done! And remember I’m not the only candidate challenging these outcomes.




And as I said, I’ve already got one affidavit in one precinct that says that they voted for me. And they said they know several dozen other people that voted for me. So, if one other person signs an affidavit that they voted for me, we already have 100% on the discrepancy for rigging in that district. But I’m not going to talk too much about the specifics there, because I don’t want the jews to say suddenly:


“Oh! We found some ballots from that precinct!”


Shawn: Thing can be summed up as “Hey jews! The goyim know! [Beardson and co-host laugh] I want to introduce Nick. Nick, thank you for coming on, quietly joined.


Fuentes: Yeah thanks for having me. I didn’t think I’d be doing this, but, you know, I thought it would be fun! I thought it would be fun! [Hosts start giggling] I’m not on my stream because, you know, Patrick Little, the unfortunate thing is that just about every channel you touch gets banned! So I don’t want to do it on my channel, because I like having a channel!




Little: [laughing] I said “Hey jews!” No, not you. Yeah, I’m a fan of what you did at CPAC. You know, around this time last year I was in Roseville, California, and it was my first public appearance other than trying to red-pill people, other than in my Uber and Lyft [two ride-sharing companies] that I started doing my test sampling,as to who would respond best to the red-pill.


So I took a fold-out wagon that I used to bring stuff to my boat when I used to live on it. And I built a, … It looks like, um, have you ever seen those cartoons where the guy’s got like a sign on the front and the back like a sandwich sign, that says, like “Eat hamburgers at Phil’s”, or something? And I put one of those on, like a homemade easel, made out of wood.



On each side I had a Photoshop [Photoshopped composed images], I did myself. One said “Israeli terror” with that big blown-up photo of the USS Liberty, dragging blood behind it. And the other side was a placard with Liberty, and Benjamin Netanyahu ripping off a mask [revealing ISIS]. I believe some allusions to the NUMEC* incident and some other stuff. SPLC reported it on their site.


[* The Apollo Affair was a 1965 incident in which a US company, Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC), in the Pittsburgh suburbs of Apollo and Parks Township, Pennsylvania was investigated for losing 200–600 pounds (91–272 kg) of highly enriched uranium, with suspicions that it had gone to Israel’s nuclear weapons program — Wikipedia]





So yeah, the USS Liberty is a great red-pill, and that’s the perfect thing that you use at a conservative event, like CPAC. So, I don’t, …




Fuentes: This doesn’t help when you say that you, … Here’s the thing though, Patrick, which I think is, this is the problem! If you tell me “I like what you did”, that creates problems for me! You know, now, for the rest of my life, I’ll get:


Well Patrick Little’s a big fan of you. What do you have to say about that?


Well, it’ll be a problem. And it comes down to, …


Little: That is an ad hominem! So are you going to talk about something of substance, …?


Fuentes: That is not an ad hominem. An ad hominem would be a personal attack. If I said like:


“You vape, and you look stupid when you vape*!”


An ad hominem is not that. I’m saying that the problem with your whole idea, your whole premise, is that it is supremely ineffective, for people that want to actually make a difference! And, …

[* Vape: (v) inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.]


Little: Who’s your target audience?


Fuentes: What’s that?


Little: Who’s the target audience?


Fuentes: The target audience? Well your target audience should have been the electorate in California. My target audience is the right-wing Americans in general. And I don’t think you’re going to reach them. Well and it’s not even, … it’s fundamentally, …




Little: Look at where I went. I went to Oakland and I went for lefties, I went to all sorts of places, and they fucking loved it!


Fuentes: How did that work, though? I mean, how did that work out? You got what, one and a half percent of the vote?


Little: Well, every Islamic Center in the state, just about, sent me the flyer I was holding up earlier. I’ve got people citing affidavits proving that there are far more votes than were counted, for me.


Fuentes: Mmm, …


Little: I’ve got Duterte [Republican, US House of Representatives candidate — Edwin P. Duterte] saying there was massive election rigging, with people being left off the voter rolls in Southern California. We’ve got Erin Cruz, who got zero support, who openly went around saying:


“Goyim, go and die for Israel!”


As a campaign slogan. Supposedly getting three times as many votes, flying around on a Learjet, with one, or two people, that RSVPed to all this stuff.



Fuentes: Well yeah, I mean, let me know how it goes, bud! The, you know, we know that the ballot, the ballot count as it stands had you at 54,000, which is a high number. [currently 71,973] But then, when you consider that to the state of California, with millions, and millions, and millions of people, it’s, … [Has about 19 million registered to vote]



Little: Hey Nick! [garbled]


Fuentes: And it just didn’t work! It didn’t work!


Little: Nick, so let’s assume those two numbers are correct, what place did I come in?


Fuentes: What did you come in, twelfth, or tenth?


Little: Twelfth. Okay, and that’s without postal ballots which is where a lot of my support was. How many people were running Nick?


Fuentes: It was like 30 people.


Little: Thirty-two.


Fuentes: Okay, there you go. Twelfth out of thirty-second! Tell me Pat, what do you get for twelfth? Do you get, …


Little: Hey Nick, how much did I spend?


Fuentes: I don’t know! How much?


Little: Compare dollars for dollars. So [Erin] Cruz spent how much running around in a Learjet, ..?


Fuentes: I think it doesn’t really matter! So long as, so long as you don’t get first place! I think everybody, I think everybody, … understands that, …


Little: Mr. Armchair General, what have you achieved in your life?


Fuentes: Armchair General?


Little: What have you achieved?


Fuentes: Well now, see now that’s an ad hominem attack! [Shawn chuckles] See, we’re not talking about me, we’re talking about somebody who ran for Senate, …




Little: But it’s so easy [garbled] leaning back and being an online personality, … It’s the hardest thing in the world to make fun of people! I know it. But going outside and naming the jew, exposing yourself to loss of life and liberty, yeah let’s go ahead and be coy here!


Fuentes: I mean it, …


Little: What do you mean?


Fuentes: I know, I mean, it. You’re brave for that. Well here, I want to ask you a question. Can I ask you a question?


Little: Yeah sure.



Fuentes: One detail, you were recounting your red-pilling story, and I don’t know, did I get this right? You said that somebody told you to read “Culture of Critique”, you asked for time off of work to read the book, and they didn’t give it to you …?


Little: After I had already started reading it, yeah.


Fuentes: So you quit your job?


Little: Yes.


Fuentes: So you quit your job, to read “Culture of Critique?


Little: Well, I didn’t quit it before I started reading it. I quit it, once I started, because I wasn’t able to disprove a single thing wrong in it. It was turning my world on its head!


Fuentes: Now, [chuckling] so you quit your job, because you read a couple of chapters of “Culture of Critique” and said:


“This is so life changing?”


Little: Yes! And I dedicated my life to naming the jew after that!




Fuentes: Now, do you mind me asking what you were working as before? Is that too personal, or, can you say?


Little: No, no, I was a network engineer, at a Y-Combinator startup.. My combined income with my tax-free was about 120 to 150, depending on how the equity gets valued.


Fuentes: See, I don’t trust anybody who does this kind of a thing. I mean, you see this a lot in like mentally unstable people., or they read a self-help, …


Little: Dude! I just got out of fucking Marine Corps as a sergeant! You don’t make E5 in the Marine Corps in less than four years, unless you are together, my friend. [garbled — all talking and shouting at the same time] What’s the hardest thing you ever done? Nick! Hey, come on down from your imaginary pedestal! What have you ever done? You’re what, 19?


Fuentes: Yeah I’m 19! I graduated high school! But here I am with you! But here I am with you! I mean, you understand you’re insulting? Like, where I am in life, but you’re on here with me! And how many years older are you?


Little: What have you ever done Nick? What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?


Fuentes: What’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done? That’s a metaphysical question! Probably come around to God, possibly, … But no, look!




Little: Hold on! I’m walking around with death threats, …


Fuentes: How old are you? How old are you?


Little: Thirty-four.


Fuentes: What have you accomplished? Are you a senator? [Shawn sniggers]


Little: For my first run, I don’t think I did too bad.


Fuentes: You did horrible.


Shawn: I got to agree with you here.


Fuentes: One and a half percent and twelfth place! It’s not a terrible. What would be bad, would be, …


Little: How much money did I spend? How many volunteers did I have on my side?


Fuentes: Nobody cares how much money you spent! You lost! That’s what matters! And you didn’t even come close to winning! You didn’t even get more than two percent of the vote! [all in a mocking tone of voice] who cares how much money you spent? That’s not what it’s about!


Little: We’re working on getting that percentage up. But the signed affidavits are coming in, …


Fuentes: Well, I wish you luck!


Little: And I’m sure that’s in good faith, considering that you were gloating about me, thinking I came in, …


Fuentes: It’s not in good faith! I’m being sarcastic!


Little: Well, no kidding!


Fuentes: You are going nowhere fast.


Little: And sarcasm is a tool of a coward, and a weakling! Passive-aggressiveness is a, …




Fuentes: Okay, I’ll be very straightforward! I think you’re stupid! I think you’re not very intelligent! And I think you make people like me look bad!


Little: Have you been tested for intelligence, Nick? Okay, so by what criticism [criteria], what have you been tested for intelligence, there Fuentes? You think I’m dumb, right?


Fuentes: Yeah! I do think you’re dumb! I don’t really believe in intelligence tests. I believe in actions speak louder than words!


Little: Let’s just randomly pick who gets to go to our STEM* classes, and stuff, at the elite universities. Right?


[* Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics]



Fuentes: I just believe that if you are telling me you quit your job, because you read a couple of chapters of “Culture of Critique”, you’re telling people that you probably won four hundred thousand votes in California! It doesn’t take a test to say, you’re not a very smart person. And maybe if you are, you have no place in politics! You have no place doing this kind of thing. You’re doing far more harm!


Little: Hold on. I said I was interested in running for the Presidency. Hours later, I got the top maximum contribution someone can give!




Fuentes: Wow! [in a sarcastic tone] There you have it folks! President Little, 2020! Don’t hold your breath!


Little: Hold on! Are you gonna make fun of Ron Paul, too?


Fuentes: Yup!


Little: How many people did he wake up?


Fuentes: Did he win?


Little: You don’t need to win!


Fuentes: Yes you do! [laughing, mockingly]


Little: Have you ever heard of an “educational” candidate? So you Ron Paul was worthless?


Fuentes: Oh, where did you hear about that? In Richard Spencer’s YouTube video? I know you did! I know, I know exactly where you got that from! You dumb ass! You have to admit!


Little: I’m not the only one.


Fuentes: Richard, I personally like, has no power! Okay! And we wish that, …


Little: Well you’re just tearing everyone down, who goes out and exposes himself, …


Fuentes: I’m not tearing him down! I’m saying, for all we can talk about, …


Little: Who else don’t you like?


Fuentes: It doesn’t mean anything!


Little: Why don’t you attack Nehlen now? Why don’t you attack Nehlen now? Go ahead.


Fuentes: You don’t have power! I did attack Nehlen!


Little: Okay I’m sure you attack everyone. You’re a dirty little cock sucker coward! Sit there in your fucking elevated position, you’ve got yourself up, … “Oh, I’m a critic! I’m a critic!




Fuentes: No dumbo, no dumbo [?].


Little:I’m a critic!” Do, you know how many e-mails I’ve had from little insects, like you? Saying:


“This is what you’re doing wrong!”


Fuentes: This is a great look for you! [laughing loudly] Wow! The senator! It doesn’t take much to make the senator Little, completely meltdown! You’re gonna have to work a little harder on your grip, if you want to make it in politics, my friend! If [?] makes you meltdown, …


Little: I think I got more votes [garbled] than anyone else, …


Fuentes: Getting bounced a little bit by a teenager makes you melt down! It’s pathetic! It’s sad!


Little: I’m trying to point out that you are a teenager, and all you do is criticize. So you’re ultimately the problem.



Fuentes: This is the real “Culture of Critique” right here! This is the real “Culture of Critique” right here!


Little: So every time someone steps forward and risks life and liberty, you cut them down. You want to take some hits at Cantwell now, too? [The two hosts and Fuentes laugh]


Fuentes: No, …


Shawn: Yes we do actually! [more laughing]


Little: Unbelievable! Unbelievable!


Fuentes: Now Pat, Pat, listen! I criticize people who lose! If you do well, if you win, if you succeed, I like people like that! If you don’t, I don’t like that. You should be critical of people that don’t win, …


Little: So, you’re one of those people that waits until a battle is decided. And, because I didn’t come in first, once, so I’ll never, my political career is over, right?


Fuentes: No, I followed your campaign. Listen, …




“I reserve the right to just make fun of everyone!”


And ultimately, why did you delete my comment, where I challenged you to a stream*?


[* an online discussion]


Fuentes: Because I’m not gonna let YOU! Use MY platform! I’m not gonna let you use my platform!


Little: So Nick!


“I’m not gonna let you talk, because this is my platform, and I was on first!”


No! Fuck that! Somebody made a comment and it became the most popular comment, and your pussy ass deleted it! Because you can’t handle criticism!


Fuentes: No, I can handle criticism, but I have built up this platform, over a couple of years, and I’m not gonna let it, [garbled]


Little: I built this campaign from scratch! And it was a full-time [garbled] months ago, and you fucking insect! You’re nobody!


Fuentes: You have so much to show for it! Right? What do you have to show for it, Little?




Little: I have a loyal following and a donor base!


Shawn: He has a donor base! He has a bunch of based, anti-semitic, minorities, Nick.


Fuentes: Do you have a Patreon*, Patrick? Do you have a Patreon, that I could donate to?


[* Patreon is a membership platform where people receive donations or payment for their work, or projects.]


Little: I don’t need one. I’m not in this for money! Unlike you, I’m not out there trying to get lashes [?] of money.


Fuentes: You think I’m in it for money?


Little: No, I’m not in it for money, … this is, … {garbled]


Fuentes: I see, you think I’m in it for money!


Little: How much are you making?


Fuentes: Umm, not a lot, my friend! And I was never making a hundred and twenty grand, so I can tell you that much.


Little: Well then, you’re obviously someone that needs to go out there and try and establish something in life.


Shawn: Gotta pull yourself up by the bootstraps Nick! Look, go fight for ZOG for four years!


Little: When did you start working Nick?

Fuentes: I started, well, on what? When did I start working generally?


Little: Yeah.


Fuentes: Like when I was 17.


Little: Okay, great. What did you do?


Fuentes: I worked in a warehouse.


Little: Okay. I started washing dishes when I was 14. I was enlisted in the Marine Corps. You start small! I was promoted to sergeant within four years, which most Marines don’t achieve.




Fuentes: That’s great! That’s great!


Little: Right.


Fuentes: So you have a great record of service, but you mean you had something, well here, if I could spend an hour, …


Little: I had nothing! I started with nothing Nick. I started with, … Hold on. When you got kicked off from Twitter, … Have you been kicked off from twitter, yet?


Fuentes: No!


Little: Okay. When I got kicked off from Twitter, I didn’t just sit around bitching about it on Discord* I got in front of the Twitter building, denied the “Holocaust”, and dared the jews to arrest me when I landed in Vienna! [some laughter]


[* Discord is a proprietary freeware voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) application designed for gaming communities, that specializes in text and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers. As of May 2018, there are 130 million unique users of the software. — Wikipedia]


Hold on! 4chan fucking loved it!


See: Patrick Little — Twitter Protest, Dec 19, 2017 — TRANSCRIPT


And then I started naming the jew, everywhere! And, you know what? They couldn’t shut it down! They couldn’t shut it down! I’ve had jews attack me. I don’t wear a vest. I don’t carry any fucking weapons! I just go out there, and I name the jew! And I created a movement out of thin air! I was a full-time student! I was doing this in my spare time. I don’t know, …


Fuentes: Are you done? I’d like to extend an olive branch.




Little: I’ve had volunteers for a month, and I’ve caused the jews to completely shit themselves!


Fuentes: Yeah! They’re terrified of you! [mockingly] They’re terrified of you! I’m sure, when they control 95% of media, social media, which you allege. I’m sure they’re just terrified of a guy that got one and a half percent.


Little: Do you deny that they completely control the media? Do you deny that?


Fuentes: I think that if you look at, if you look at the six corporations which control 95% of media, five of them are owned by jews! I don’t deny that at all.



Little: Okay.


Fuentes: I did a whole show actually with Laura Loomer about it. She’s jewish, who is more than willing to admit it. But here, I was trying to extend an olive branch, which is to say this.



You’re a hard-working guy, you say you started washing dishes when you’re 14, you have a great record of service, you had a job where you were making money and all that. And this is my problem. This is what I see so often in this movement. You had resources! You were in the Marines, so you had respectability, legitimacy. If you came forward to somebody who was America First, but you were “optical“. And you say that’s for cucks, but if you were optical, …




Little: Oh you fucking cuck! Yeah! That is cucking!


Fuentes: You would be able to go much further! But now, you’ve got no resources.


Little: Look at the people that are most susceptible.


Fuentes: That following on Gab? You’re not gonna be able to do anything with that! And it’s sad!


Little: You’re talking horse shit! You know what? If I ask for someone to make a meme, I get a million of them!


Fuentes: Wow! That is power! [in a mocking tone]


Little: Don’t make fun of 4chan!* 4chan is very powerful, dude!


[* 4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest. … 4chan users have been responsible for the formation or popularization of Internet memes such as lolcats, Rickrolling, “Chocolate Rain”, Pedobear and many others. — Wikipedia]


Fuentes: 4chan is a cesspool now! It used to be good in 2016. But, you know as well as I do, that it’s been just completely infiltrated! You know this, everybody knows this.


Little: Yeah, and, you know what, you have to counter signal the JDIF trolls! Guess why it’s bad? 4chan has gotten worse, because there are so many, … The moment you have an article about me, it’s a million jews saying:


“Fed! Fed! Fed! Fed! Fed! Fed!”


Fuentes: Or it’s just regular people who think, … Have you ever stopped and thought, you were a marine, so you served the government. And now you come out so strongly! You say that you read a couple of chapters, your book. So you quit your job. None of this sounds fishy to you? None of this sounds? Well, you would have to be jewish to imagine this?




Little: What did you feel when you woke up to the jewish Question?


Fuentes: Well it wasn’t so much waking up, somewhat. I was a young guy, so I was relatively, relatively uninformed about politics, compared to most people.


Little: Okay! Here’s the other thing, so I’m a White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant right?


Fuentes: Hmm.


Little: Join the Marine Corps thinking that Israel’s our greatest ally. I was a hardcore constitutional conservative. I go, I joined the military, I think Israel’s the greatest thing. I go to Afghanistan. People die! I wake up to the JQ when I get back, and I’m fucking livid! What don’t you get about that?


Fuentes: I understand, …


Little: People need to wake up to this shit! Paul Ryan, yep, all right, when Paul Nehlen woke up, he couldn’t contain himself! He burst like a flare! [others start laughing]


See: The Realist Report Interviews Paul Nehlen – Mar 2018 — TRANSCRIPT



Fuentes: Exactly! Exactly, that’s my point!




Little: That’s what it is to have been lied to! To have been tricked! To have been used and abused! Do you understand the level of rage that a prior service guy that is deployed in wars? I mean, that’s why I’m saying, dude you don’t get it! People have fucking died for these fuckers!


Fuentes: Sure!


Little: They control our government to get us into war after war! And if you want to belittle that? Man!



Fuentes: I don’t belittle them!


Little: When we wake up the southeast, when we wake up the Protestant Christians in the Bible Belt, they’re going to be ten times as pissed as I am!


Fuentes: Patrick! I understand that. I understand that completely. I do shows all the time about Israel, the Israel lobby, the “Clean Break” memo* I know full well. I didn’t serve, so I don’t have that much of an emotional reaction as you, because I’m just looking at the facts. But here’s the problem. You can have an emotional reaction. I mean, you’re entitled to it.


[* “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” — aka, the “Clean Break” report — is a policy document that was prepared in 1996 by a study group led by Richard Perle for Benjamin Netanyahu, the then Prime Minister of Israel.]


“A Clean Break” (click image to enlarge)


Little: … passion! This is how you fucking lead!


Fuentes: No, no, you, …


Little: If you don’t feel rage at what’s being done to your, … [garbled]


Fuentes: You have to be calculated, you have to be, …


Little: No fuck that!


Fuentes: You’re like a little girl, who can’t control your emotions! There’s passion, … [garbled]




Little: Hold on! You want to call me a little girl again?


Fuentes: You’re acting like a little girl.


Little: You want to call me a little girl again?


Fuentes: I will! You’re acting like a little girl, …


Little: Will you say it to my fucking face? [hosts and Fuentes erupt in loud laughter]


Fuentes: No! I don’t want to get punched! No! But you’re acting like a little girl? Whether you hit me, or not, is irrelevant!


Little: No! You insult me! As a little bitch, who’s achieved nothing in your life!


Fuentes: I said your acting like a little girl, ..


Little: You say that to my fucking face!


Fuentes: You are!


Little: You call me a little girl again!


Fuentes: You’re acting like a little girl! You are!


Little: You want to step into a ring with me, you little fuck?


Fuentes: I don’t actually! I don’t! You’re twice my size, probably. Right? Um well, I don’t know, how big are you?


Little: I’m twice the man you are. I don’t know what the fuck you are!


Fuentes: You’re a real hero.


Little: You’re never proven yourself.


Fuentes: You’re a real hero.


Little: You sit back and criticize people.


Fuentes: You’re a real hero! Yeah.


Little: You should sit down and look, … [garbled]


Fuentes: Tell everybody about it on Gab. Tell everyone about it! I’m sure you get a lot of up-votes!


Little: What, you’re making fun of everyone that’s been kicked off from Twitter, you little shit?


Fuentes: I am! Everyone on Gab, yeah! A lot of real winners on there. Uh no. Patrick, I didn’t mean for it to get this bad! But, I’m trying to explain to you very calmly, …




Little: Then stop being a passive-aggressive bitch!


Fuentes: I’m being, I think I’m being, pretty straightforward with you. You can’t let your emotions get control of you! You can’t, you can have emotions, you can use them to motivate you, but to say, well I was just mad, …


Little: Have you seen me with the main stream media? I fucking tear them apart! And they don’t know what to do! I made an interviewer meltdown in front of the fucking Bay Bridge!


Fuentes: No, no, no, they made sure everybody saw that clip of you, because it made you look bad! To normal people.


Little: You know, how many different sentences they had to chop up to make that clip?


Fuentes: It didn’t matter! They did it! And they showed it! They were not hiding that clip, Patrick! I saw it all over my, … [garbled] … a White nationalist, …


Little: What do you think, what do you think people will think when they go and look at the actual interview? And see, …


Fuentes: They’re not going do that! They’re not going to do that!


Little: They are doing that. And especially the, … [garbled]


Fuentes: You’re so wrong about that! You’re so wrong about that! And it’s sad, because, …




Little: You have to make sure the jewish media doesn’t frame you as bad, right? [being sarcastic]


Fuentes: No, no, you should just give them exactly what they want! You should give them exactly what they want Patrick, keep on, giving them exactly what they want!


Shawn: Nick, they’re gonna call you Nazis anyways.


Fuentes: Yeah. So you might as well, … [garbled — all speaking over each other]


Little: [garbled] … if they call you a “Nazi”. You need to drop this fucking optic shit! Or hold back from criticizing people! Do you think what I’m doing right here, …


Fuentes: I don’t take advice from losers, sorry. [Shawn starts sniggering, covering his mouth]


Little: Oh!


Fuentes: I don’t take, I don’t take advice from people that, … [garbled]


Little: All right. And I don’t take criticism from little bitches that have never achieved anything in their life!


Fuentes: You don’t have to take it, but I mean, it doesn’t change, … [garbled]


Little: No, I’m not going to take it! That’s why if you want to fucking say this shit, I say, say it to my fucking face!


Fuentes: No, I’m not gonna do that. I’m not gonna do, … You are obviously an unstable person, …


Little: I go out into hostile territory, I go out into antifa Central, I go into Oakland. I go wherever! I don’t wear a weapon, I don’t have security, I don’t wear a vest! , you know how many people have told me I need to start wearing a vest? You know what? Sometimes you just need to fucking man up!




Fuentes: You’re an asset for the Federal government! They’ll protect you! [laughing] They’ll protect you at all costs!


Little: You choose to believe that? …


Fuentes: Listen! Listen. Patrick, as Ben Carson said:


“You have a brain, you’ve got to use it!”


You can’t just let your emotions get the best of you! I know it’s frustrating! It makes you angry to see what’s happening to our country, but we have to be tactical, we have to be smart about how we approach the problems! And not just go out, … Look! When I went to the Leadership Institute, this was like the belly of the beast for the conservative establishment. People pay millions of dollars for these kinds of trainings, for these kind of, …


Little: Hold on. Is that the thing outside Las Vegas?


Fuentes: No. This was in Washington DC.


Little: There are a bunch of those. I know, they’re a bunch of corporate executive, …


Fuentes: They are millions of dollars, …


Little: I went to one of those too, and that’s just something to fluff you up, and get you, …


Fuentes: No, no, no. There’s a lesson here, there’s a lesson there. The first thing that they taught everybody was that, just, because you are right, doesn’t mean that you will succeed! I think it was called the “Sir Galahad theory” of politics.




Just, because you’re telling the truth, just, because you’re right, doesn’t mean you’re going to win! You actually have to have strategy. You actually have to think about your approach. And so what happened with you, would happen with Nehlen, is you got some kernels of truth that weren’t heard before, or weren’t popular, and rather than digesting them and integrating them into a comprehensive worldview and a strategy, it was just, … I mean, literally, running up to people on the street with the microphone:


“Did, you know, that 60% of Harvard graduates are, … [jews]


Shawn: To be fair, he also entrapped them in a car, via Uber, .. [co-host starts laughing]


Fuentes: He’s literally Travis Bickle from “Taxi Driver”! * [hardly containing his laughter] Home from the war, start getting, you know, a great rains gonna come and wash the filth off the street!


[* Taxi Driver is a 1976 American neo-noir psychological thriller film. Set in New York City following the Vietnam War, the film tells the story of a lonely veteran Travis Bickle (De Niro) working as a taxi driver, who falls for a presidential campaign worker and befriends an underage prostitute (Foster). Driven insane by the corruption that surrounds him, he plots to assassinate the former’s candidate (Harris) and the latter’s pimp (Keitel) in the hope of becoming a savior to them and the city.]



Little: Yep. Here’s the thing Nick. I’m openly pro-White, and I’m well-received by the ethnic and religious minorities of this state. And I’m openly pro-White. You go out with your conservative approach and try and win these people over.




You’ve got a different audience. And your market is saturated, mine is not!


Fuentes: That’s simply not true! That’s just, … Obviously your audience is saturated, because we can look at the ballot. But there are a lot of, there are more people out there, … Here’s an example, you brought up that study, which I saw, …


Little: Hillel study, …


Fuentes: What’s that?


Little: The Hillel study with the 67%, not 60%, …


Fuentes: No, no, no. The one that said that more than 50% of White people feel they’re discriminated against, right?


Little: 55%, yeah.


Fuentes: Right. There you go! 55 percent. So 55 percent of White people say they feel discriminated against. After Charlottesville, nine percent of people said they supported Alt-Right ideas. So here you have a gulf of, what is that, 46 percent of people, that say that they are discriminated against, but they don’t support the Alt-Right.



Little: I get it.


Fuentes: This is the chief problem!


Little: When did I ever say I was Alt-Right?


Fuentes: What was that?


Little: I’m not Alt-Right!


Fuentes: Okay, not Alt-Right, but broadly White nationalist. They disapprove of that message! [garbled] You don’t have to.




Little: Do, you know what my ballot designation was?


Fuentes: What was it?


Little: Civil rights advocate!


Fuentes: Ohhhh! Maybe that explains why he got as many votes as you did, actually.


Little: After every jewish media outlet called me the worst thing since fucking Hitler! And a Nazi, and all this shit! No dude! It’s, because I was able to reach, I was able to reach out to people regardless of race, and creed, …


Fuentes: But you didn’t though you! You didn’t reach anybody on the scale that you would have needed to, to actually win the election!


Little: I started off this with nothing! I was just a guy in front of Twitter, naming the jew, daring to, ..


Fuentes: And what you have now?


Little: I have more votes than, …


Shawn: He has anonymous memesters, Nick. I’d be careful, they’re going to Photoshop you!


Beardson: Look! “Anonymous are legion”, okay! [Little laughs]


Little: Well hold on here, just a second. How many people did I beat and how much money did they spend?


Fuentes: That’s not important! If you lose, you lose!


Little: Why is it not important? If someone has five dollars in their campaign and they come in fourth, that’s still nothing, right?


Fuentes: They still lost! Are they a Senator, Pat?


Little: What the hell have you ever done? You’re calling Ron Paul a loser, …


Fuentes: I’m not running for Senate! [shouting] You are! That’s the difference! And look, I understand where you’re coming from, because I was there too, as a teenager, when I started hearing these ideas and I wanted to tell everybody all the facts and all the things I knew! And then I saw what happened! I saw the human cost. I came back to reality, essentially.


And you’re far from it man! I really hope that after you digest all this information, and you see, or maybe you’ll never see it, but maybe you’ll see what’s actually going on here. I hope that you’ll come back and say:


“You know what, Nick was right! Optics are important!”


But this is not the way my friend! I don’t know what you see happening in the country where your course will lead us to victory, or lead us to a better country. I just simply don’t see it.




Little: I’ve never seen your approach work! They tried this with, …


Fuentes: Donald Trump! Donald Trump! There’s your approach.


Little: How many campaign promises has he kept that weren’t to Israel? Any material ones? Have we got the wall?


Fuentes: Well he got elected. [garbled responses as Beardson, Fuentes and Little all talk across each other briefly]


Little: Hold on. I talk for one second. I’m talking to, .., one second, ..


Fuentes: Go ahead.


Shawn: What was your campaign promise? [smiling] Like to expel jews?


Little: No!


Shawn: Like, just to expose them, like that’s, …


Little: Have you read my fucking platform dude? [angrily] Have you read my platform?


Fuentes: No! No! [Fuentes giggling and Shawn laughing] We’re not going to lie!


Shawn: Once I found out that you’re just naming the jews, I was like, yeah! Like, that’s retarded! Like, what do you, like, I get it. But, …


Little: You know what? Every Islamic Center in the state, just about, sent to me? A copy of my platform, which is proof, … [garbed]


Shawn: If you’re trying to win, don’t appeal to minorities [being condescending], that’s a little tip! You can take that.




Little: Hey fucktard! Do, you know what percentage of the population under age thirty in California, Whites are?


Shawn: Hmm, no.


Little: Less than thirty, dumbass! So yes, don’t includes the minorities in your, …


Fuentes: That is quite the way to talk Senator Little! [sarcasm]


Little: No, no, no! I’m dealing with smug little fucks! You guys are nothing!


Shawn: I mean, you’re on my show? [laughter from the hosts and Fuentes]


Little: And I’m on your show, and I’m saying, fuck you!


Shawn: Okay, that’s great! I mean, like any, …


Fuentes: You don’t have to take any shit from anyone, Shawn! [laughetr]


Shawn: I could tell! I’m waiting for the “duel challenge”!


Little: You realize that’s how fucking the jews got stopped from setting up the Federal Reserve, the first fucking time! You realize it was a duel that fixed that shit! So don’t make fun of our traditions, …


Fuentes: This is literally LARPing*, dude!


[* A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically portray their characters. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other in character.]


Shawn: Okay.


Fuentes: Are we going to LARP up in our colonial outfits and duel each other, now?


Little: No, no. You want to call this LARPing? What happened the last time someone fucking attacked me? I put them into a fucking hot dog cart! This isn’t LARPing! I’ll be a god damn man, …




Fuentes: Yeah! Yeah! Smashing people! That’s what people want to see in their senator! They want to see them getting into street brawls!


Little: Hold on! You know what the Founding Fathers used to do when someone fucking insulted them?


Fuentes: 240 years ago! Tell me! [chuckles]


Little: Hold on, you don’t believe me? You don’t think Thomas Jefferson was a good guy? You don’t, …


Fuentes: Yeah, let’s go dump a bunch of tea into the harbor, after we’re done dueling [chuckling]. We’re not LARPing!


Little: Hold on! Men settled their issues, it’s only in a jew controlled society where options like this are precluded.


Fuentes: What? So wait a minute! [laughter] You are saying that prior to “jewish domination” of America, there was not debate, there was not, …


Little: Men were able to fight back then. Back that, if you insulted a politician, and you were another politician, if you’ve slandered someone’s wife, they challenge you to a fucking duel! And you’re making fun of that!


Fuentes: I am making fun of that.



Little: It’s part of tradition. If there are arguments in courts in medieval Europe, people fucking dueled with a sword, to the death!




Beardson: I mean, we used to be able to fuck 14 year olds too, [giggling] so, I mean, if you really want to bring in the whole tradition argument, I don’t think that you can admit, either.



Fuentes: All right, on that note, let’s hear him out! [the peanut gallery bursts out in laughter]


Well yeah! Tell me, tell me how the jews outlawed dueling, tell me! Can you, … do you have any, …


Little: Have you ever read the goddamn “Authoritarian Personality”? Have you heard of Marcuse?



Fuentes: No!



Little: Have you heard of the Frankfurt School?


Fuentes: I’ve heard of the Frankfurt School, sure.


Frankfurt School and its aims (click on image to enlarge)


Little: Okay. Get back to me after you read “Culture of Critique”.


Fuentes: Well, no. You tell me! You made a claim, that jews, …


Little: Okay. Any type of belief in a strong father figure, has been systematically demonized in our schools and culture making institutions, since the Frankfurt School slowly did it’s march through our institutions. If you don’t believe me, …


Fuentes: That’s an interesting extrapolation.


Little: No! It’s pretty much, it’s pretty much a paraphrasing of the sense of, the intent of an entire chapter of Kevin MacDonald’s book. I mean, if you haven’t read this book, what the hell are you doing?




Fuentes: Of course I’ve read that book! But it’s, I think it’s kind of a stretch to say that, …


Little: But have you absorbed any of it? The [garbled] of masculinity. Yeah. Have you read “The Authoritarian Personality”?


Fuentes: I haven’t, no.


Little: How the hell! You don’t understand how the jews deconstructed the patrilineal society that we have! And you want to make fun of me looking back to a society before this, … [garbled]


Fuentes: I’m asking a pretty simple question and you’re saying:


“You haven’t read this!”


Little: Yes, I’m saying that.


Fuentes: You don’t have an answer. I mean, …


Little: I’m not only am I answering it, I want to give, … I gave you an answer. And when you didn’t understand it, I gave you the context to, …


Fuentes: No, no, no. I asked you, like:


“How did jews outlaw dueling?”


And for what purpose? And you said:


“Have you even read “Culture of Critique” bro? There was a whole chapter!”


Little: That wasn’t the first, that wasn’t the last question. That was a string of questions.


Fuentes: Oh, my god!


Little: So, how did jews outlaw White men being men? Simple! They demonized them! They said anyone, they made it so that rebelling against your parents, instead of mimicking your father was cool!




Fuentes: I don’t doubt that, that’s true! I mean, that happens in the media. But to say that we don’t have duels anymore, because of the jewish media, …


Little: What you’re saying is absurd! If you can’t say things like being masculine and dealing with issues  like men, …


Fuentes: I could see that! I could see that! But you’re not, you’re saying something entirely different!


Little: It’s the ultimate fucking form of that! There’s nothing more masculine, than that!


Fuentes: So we don’t have, well we don’t have boxing? We don’t have, …


Little: The reason why people couldn’t just do character assassinations, and snide comments, and passive aggressiveness, back in the day, because they get socked in the fucking face, or challenged to a duel!


Fuentes: Interesting. [in a sarcastic tone]


Little: It’s true.


Fuentes: Well, there you go! There you go! Well, hey, you know, … You’re, …


Little: That’s how things worked when this country was founded. And it took the Frankfurt School, it took Critical Theory, to deconstruct that ideal manhood!


Fuentes: You’re a real hero! You’re a real hero! You’re just like who is that other one, Augustus Invictus? It’s all these adult men, who are complete failures!




I give a pretty straightforward, honest criticism, and they all want to beat the shit out of a teenager! It’s just very telling! I mean, look, …



Little: You call me a bitch!


Fuentes: Yeah! I didn’t call you a bitch. I didn’t call you a bitch. I said you were acting like a little girl!


Little: Because you just insult someone’s honor like that and think you can get away way it!


Fuentes: I said you were acting like a little girl, because you are though! I mean, you yourself said I’m motivated by, …


Little: Oh! Hold on you little bitch! You don’t get to say this shit to me!


Fuentes: I actually did! I do! Watch me! Watch me!


Little: Okay! Will you agree to step into a ring with me?


Fuentes: No! I don’t want to, …


Little: You are a fucking bitch!


Fuentes: [screwing his face up in joyous victory at provoking Little] Okay! I don’t want to fight a mentally unstable person like yourself.


Little: I’m a fucking veteran of Afghanistan! I’m not unstable! Someone, fucks, …! You go fuck with a Marine! You go call a Marine names! You see how that fucking ends up!


Beardson: Okay! The Marines are gay, or what!


Shawn: The Marines are fags! Fuck the troops! So you not only lost an election, you lost the Afghan war!


Little: If you say:


“Fuck the troops!”


I say fuck you!


Shawn: Cool! [the two hosts and Fuentes, burst out in uproarious laughter]


Fuentes: Rage queen!



Shawn: Ohh nooo! Nick! What I wanted to do, what I wanna say, real quick, if you haven’t noticed, I think the Marines might be a little kooky in the head! [laughter from the hosts and Fuentes]










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