The Greatest War in History, Now On! — International Jewish System Against National Patriotism – 1937


 [In this 1937 pamphlet, three speakers, Captain Henry Hamilton Beamish, Adrien Arcand, and Robert Edward Edmondson outline the threat posed to humanity by Organized jewry, and their methods of operation.


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The Greatest War in


History, Now On!


International Jewish System


Against National Patriotism















International Jewish System Against National Patriotism.



Captain Henry Hamilton Beamish of Great Britain
Nationalist Leader Adrien Arcand of Canada
Robert Edward Edmondson of the U. S. A.

(New York City, Oct.-Nov., 1937)






Below are extracts from the three speeches of:


(1) Captain Henry Hamilton Beamish, Founder of the Anti- jewish racial movement in Great Britain, head of “The Britons,” member of a prominent, old English family (Oct. 30, Oct. 31, Nov. 1);


(2) Adrien Arcand, Leader of the National Social Christian Party of Canada (Oct. 30, Oct. 31, Nov. 1);


(3) Robert Edward Edmondson of New York City (Oct. 31. Nov. 1).


The addresses were delivered in New York City as follows: October 30, at the N. Y. Hippodrome before a public meeting of the patriotic German American Bund; October 31 at a private banquet in the Harvard Club; November 1, 1937, to a private assembly in a prominent club house.





By Captain Beamish.


We are engaged in the greatest war history has ever known. The last war was a picnic compared to the one we are now fighting. The question is, whether the jew shall rule the world, or we White men.


The chairman has said that I was the originator of the racial movement in England. After taking part in three wars, I was tired seeing millions of people wiped out for this race of Asiatics. I started the movement after the Kosher Peace of 1918.


Communism is Judaism. The jewish Revolution in Russia was in 1918. I found it out pretty quickly and I put it in writing. Jews are a race and not a religion.


Jews, being aliens in our midst, they must be segregated. They have debased art, music, architecture, etc. I am glad to say that the Germans have collected together all their pictures left in various parts of the world. If you really like filth, go and inspect some of them. It is so-called jewish Leaders like Epstein who have ruined art, music, press, architecture, ethics, morals.


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If not I am a lunatic, a criminal lunatic, something is radically wrong in the world today.



The Boer War occurred 37 years ago. Boer means Farmer. Many criticized a great power like Great Britain for trying to wipe out the Boers. Upon making inquiry, I found all the gold and diamond mines were owned by jews; that Rothstein controlled gold; Samuels controlled silver, Samuels controlled oil; Baum controlled other minerals, and Moses controlled base metals. Anything those people touch they inevitably pollute.




The world condition up to 1933 was perfect for the jews. The position in England was perfect for them. At the Kosher Peace [Versailles Treaty] there were so many jews that they had to have Kosher food.


Up to 1933, Russia, France and other nations were politically Kosherized; England was going perfectly — all on complete Bolshevick architecture. Spain, with Prima Rivera, was really Judaized.


Conditions were the same in Germany until the Great Leader came through. It may interest you to know that I met the Fuehrer in 1922. Hitler had named a name in three letters —‘J-E-W’. When I got there I learned that the whole movement in Germany was for labor. Jews are not laborers. The movement in Germany was and is for the working class, the one great asset to Germany and the entire world.


What we have to realize today is that the jews are working overtime to bring on another war. The position is serious. They tried their utmost in Spain. The movement having failed there, they have shifted to Shanghai, where there are 7,000 jews—refugees, lawyers, doctors and dentists now working day and night to bring trouble to the far east.


There are very few newspapers not owned, or controlled by jews except in the countries that have named the Bolshevists as the enemies of mankind. The newspapers never attack Kosher France, Belgium and England.


I was in Rome when Mussolini saved Italy. In Germany war really began in 1918. I was there during inflation, before and after. Germany has been re-born. It is a new country. I have never seen such a remarkable difference.


In discussing the jew question, we must be race conscious of the fact that we are White people. We must not mix race with religion.


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The answer to the problem is to be found only in one of three ways.


(1) Kill them, which is out of the question.

(2) Sterilize them, which is out of the question.

(3) Segregate them — and there is only one place, Madagascar.




I have only been here a few days, but a few points strike me. I spent some time in your East side having a look at the ghettos of this country. I have been in many countries, but must say that conditions in New York are perfectly appalling to me.


The whole essense of this fight is moral courage. Edmondson is a great fighter. Large numbers of people will die for their country, but few will live for it. It is infinitely better to live than to die, as the leaders have done in Germany.



When Lord Kitchener was asked to go to Russia to reorganize the Russian army, his boat, the S. S. Hampshire was torpedoed, and a meeting was held in London on the question of how Lord Kitchener met his death. No one dared speak. Not one speaker would tell the audience how Lord Kitchener met his death. Had he lived the whole war would have changed.



At the Kitchener meeting in London three speakers spoke, but not one dared name the enemy. The first two rows of the audience were filled with brass hats. The speakers merely spoke of some mysterious thing. This is what I had to say: That I was a private; that it was against regulations to talk on political matters; that I noticed in the first two rows all were soldiers. I challenged the war office to court-martial me for what I had to say. Anyone would know why Kitchener met his death, if he could spell JEW. Lord Kitchener was murdered by jews and jew Finance. I told them that if they wanted to know more they should ask Lord Rufus Isaacs, Chief Justice of England — and then said good night.




First know your subject, and then have the moral courage to say so. In my nine libel actions that was the whole point. I have arrived at the age of 64, and am still living. You must get at the truth.


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I regret that I cannot be here for the Edmondson trial on November 15th. Whether Mahoney on one side, or La Guardia on the other side, wins the election, the telegraphic address for both will be ‘Kosher.’ Please do not think you have a monopoly on jew control. England, Belgium, France, etc., are now run by jews. If you have never read the Protocols, you know nothing about the jew question.


Every man should be fined for saying ‘anti Semitic.’ The Arabs are Semites and they have been standing up against the jews. In 1848 the word ‘anti-semitic’ was invented by the jews to prevent the use of the word ‘Jew.’ The right word for them is ‘Jew.’ We are not against the Syrians, Armenians and Arabs, all of them Semites let down by the ‘kosher’ power behind England.


The real war began in Germany in 1918 when they had the ‘kosher’ peace terms. It is the power behind. The jews make the wars. The jews manufactured Bolshevism and inflation. The question of money is only the question of the jews manipulating it. The jew will inflate it, or deflate it at will. Why is it done? To wipe out the upper and middle classes. It is the jews who preach Communism for us, and who spread socialism, bolshevism and anarchy. Then the jew is supreme.




I met Emma Goldman at a Red meeting in New York. I asked her who organized the revolution in 1917, and to tell me whether jews are behind the Spanish revolution. She. answered that the jews have been persecuted in Spain and are behind the revolution there today. I asked ‘Are you a Bolshevist?’ She answered: ‘I am an Anarchist.’ Those are the steps, socialism, bolshevism and anarchism.


Do not allow any religion to cross the trail. In the fifteenth century the King of Spain, Ferdinand said to the jews: ‘You must all leave Spain unless you become Christians.’ All doors soon had crosses put on them, but after four hundred years they have not become proper nationals in that country, any more than they have in France, or any other country. Therefore, do not let any religious question cross this trail.


I implore all of you to be accurate — call them jews. There is no need to be delicate on this jewish question. You must face them in this country. The jew should be satisfied here. I was here forty-seven years ago; your doors were thrown open and you were then free. Now he has got you absolutely by the throat — that is your reward.


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You people must be alive to the race question. I have nothing against negroes, but I don’t believe in crossing blood. The Arabs don’t want to cross blood. In Nuremberg the laws say‘don’t join the jew.’ I once visited a concentration camp near Munich. I tackled a jew. Do you belong to a pure race? He answered: ‘Yes’. Then I asked ‘Why then do you object to the Germans keeping their race pure?’ If you ask that question in England they say you are a Communist.


Who rules Russia? How do you account for the fact that out of 550 commissars in Russia only 17 are Russians? The White man’s country should be run by White people.


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You must have leadership — not dictatorship. In England there is not a soul we would follow. You must get a leader and define definitely what you stand for.


If jews are 6% of the population, they must be allowed only that percentage of lawyers, doctors, etc. There must be no false persecution charge, because of religion — that is an absolute lie. I went to church after church in Germany, and to the Salvation Army in Hanover, and found no persecution.”


The first time I met Hitler I asked ‘In the event you come into power what will you do with the jews in Germany?’ He replied ‘I will send them all to the allies.’ That will not cure it, nothing but segregation will.
The jew is the same today as in the days of Pharoah, a microbe in the body politic of any nation. He must be handled accordingly. When people begin to suffer they will collect and ask: ‘What are we going to do?’ How many countries are not tired of Judaism? The whole world is dissatisfied today.


I have discovered the spot for the segregation of the jews. It is the only place in the world — Madagascar. The map of the island shows it to be 1,000 miles long, and it will hold 100,000,000 people. Segregation is the solution of our problem, and there is the place for segregation of the jews.


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By Adrien Arcand.


I think that all of us here are fighting Communism. I do it politically, by Fascism. For I am a Fascist and am proud to be and to say it. I am a leader of Fascists and am proud of them.


(Editorial Note: Webster’s New International Dictionary defines origins as follows: “FASCISM — FASC1STI: An Italian organization, STRONGLY LOYAL AND PATRIOTIC, formed for opposing ALL RADICAL elements in the country, as BOLSHEVISTS, COMMUNISTS and the like. Elsewhere, as in Great Britain, Bavaria, Mexico, etc., a similar organization, usually STRONGLY NATIONALISTIC and ANTI-SOCIALISTIC.”)


Many times I have read in the press of this country and of my own, in all manners of titles, that I am a Nazi and in the pay of Chancellor Hitler. So was it said of my good friend Beamish. Well, Mr. Beamish began his work 40 years ago, and since Chancellor Hitler is 44 years old, Mr. Beamish must have begun to receive Hitler’s money when the latter was only 4 years old! It shows the stupidity of the people who can find just that answer to the broadcasting of truth.


Being not a German, nor in Germany, I cannot be a Nazi. And I am no more in Hitler’s pay than the great Edouard Drumont of France who fought the same fight for 50 years; no more in Hitler’s pay than dozens of general and local councils of the Church that had to legislate in Christian self defense against the jews; no more in Hitler’s pay than the great Edward the First of England who expelled the jews from his country in order to save it; no more in Hitler’s pay than the great French kings Philip the Bold, Philip the Handsome, Charles VI, Saint Louis and Louis the XIV, who had to defend their people in the same way; no more in Hitler’s pay than the great Pharaohs, Caesars and other princes of history, namely Saint Stephen of Hungary, Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain. Like them and like many of you, my friends and I are only patriots defending their homelands and traditions.


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We are all fighting communism and striving to save our countries from its terrible menace. Have you remarked that, the more Communism has been fought in the last ten years, the more progress it has made in our midst? There is a reason for it. It is, because Communism has not been fought as to what it really is.


Communism has been fought as an intangible whilst it is the most material thing in this world. People have done Communism the honor of treating it as a doctrine, a set of principles, or ideas, whilst it is only the brutal destruction of all that we accept and acknowledge as doctrines, or principles.


And we have been riding on clouds, far up in the air, whilst the enemy was carrying on his destruction on the ground. That is what he wanted — that we lose our time in intangibles and clouds, in philosophical discussions, so that he could be less disturbed while doing his devilish work.


Communism is no doctrine, no set of principles. It is but a criminal plan, a vulgar scheme. Communism is a crime against God and mankind, and as in all other crimes, we must ask: Whom does the crime profit?


Did Russia, or the Russians profit by the destruction of Russian religion, Russian traditions, Russian property, Russian intelligentsia, Russian treasures and property, Russian family life? The same questions for Spain and the Spaniards.


No, those countries and peoples could not profit by such destruction, and by the annihilation of what their fathers and forefathers had built for hundreds of centuries. Who did profit by it all? THE JEW!


It is not by hazard that only jews can be found as inventors of Marxism with its great prophets: Karl Marx, Engels, Ferdinand Lasalle, Liebnecht, etc. It is not by hazard that wherever Marxism comes to power, jews also immediately come to power. In Soviet Russia, out of 550 higher officials, 88 per cent are jewish.


When it came to Mexico, we saw enthroned the jews Calles, Hubermann and Aaron Saenz; in Spain we saw Azana and Rosenberg; in Hungary we saw Bela-Kun, Szamuelly, Agoston and a dozen other jews; in Bavaria, we saw Kurt Eisner and a host of other jews; in Belgium, Marxian Socialism brought to power Vandervelde alias Epstein, and Paul Hymans, two jews; in France, Marxian Socialism brought forth the jews Leon Blum (who showed so well his jewish instincts in his filthy book ‘DuMarige’, Mandel, Zyromsky, Denain and a whole tribe around them; in Italy we had seen the jews Nathan and Claudio Treves. Everywhere, Marxism brings jews on the top AND THIS IS NO MERE HAZARD.


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Jews, in all their sacred and profane books, fanaticize themselves with the idea that they are ‘The Chosen People’; that the whole world belongs to them by birthright; that all Gentile races were made to be servants of Israel; that jews must and will some day own the whole wealth of this planet.


How are they to get that wealth? If they use force, they know well that they will be repelled by force.


So, they have invented a devilish scheme, perfidious and hypocritical, in the very jewish spirit.


And when that scheme is well absorbed by the naive peoples who don’t see through it, those peoples will BY THEMSELVES, of their own free will, renounce all their property and inheritance, their instruments of production and distribution, industries and commerce, lands and buildings — and they will keep just their trousers until that day when the jews have turned them all into nudists.


And when we have done away with our riches into the hands of jews reigning supreme over us, we will easily do away with our moral wealth: hierarchies, classes, family life, morals and ethics; and when we have no more moral wealth, we will do away with our spiritual wealth, religious and national faiths.



So that in the end, we will all be just a herd of Goyish cattle without any material, moral, or spiritual wealth, with no other laws than Terror to lead the herd — with the Chosen People ruling the Gentile servants of Judah.


There is nothing else in Communism — a jewish conspiracy to grab the whole world in their clutches; and no intelligent man in the world can find anything else, except the jews, who rightly call it for themselves a ‘paradise on earth.’


Jews are eager to bring Communism, because they know what it is and what it means. And when a Gentile happens to figure prominently in the scheme, as Stalin, for instance, he is all mixed up; for the pure essence of jewish scheming cannot pervade a White man’s brain perfectly. This explains why Stalin has to shoot so many people in Russia, the ‘paradise’ of confusion and blood. This explains why, as soon as a man starting from below has become a marshal, he betrays his own army; when a man has become an admiral, he betrays his own fleet; when a man has become a President, or prime minister, or commissar, he betrays immediately the State that has given him the highest honor, influence, prestige and salary.


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It is, because Communism has not been fought for what it really is — a jewish scheme invented by jews, propagated by jews, financed by jews, led by jews, profitable only to the jews — that it has progressed against all opposition to it. We have fought the smoke-screen presented by jewish dialecticians and publicists, refusing to fight the inventor, profiteer and string-puller. Because Christians and Gentiles have come to FEAR the jews, FEAR THE TRUTH, and they are paralyzed by the paradoxical slogans shouted by the jews.


One of these slogans is ‘TOLERANCE’, which is the basis of the other slogan ‘No race, color, or creed discrimination.’ The jew has only to yell ‘TOLERANCE’, and the whole of Gentility immediately becomes paralyzed.


But what is Tolerance? It is a word used only for evil. Can you tolerate Virtue, Good, Justice, Beauty? No, because they have rights by and in themselves. They exist by right and not by tolerance.


On the other hand, things that have no rights, as an epidemic of vice, a fault, a defect, we tolerate. We usually say: ‘The man is again late at his work, we tolerate’: ‘He still is drunk, we tolerate’; but we never should say it of bad things.


So, when jews come along yelling ‘TOLERANCE’, we must take into account that it is, because they cannot say: ‘My rights.’ For, the anti Christian jew has no lights in the body Christian; the anti-national jew has no right in the body national.


And to make us forget those things, the jew puts us asleep with his second slogan imposed by him everywhere; ‘No race, color, or creed discrimination.’


Did you ever ponder over what that means? It means: do not discriminate for your own race and faith. Don’t affirm it; forget it; so that at the same time you will have to forget that the jew is of another race and faith, both inimical to yours.


In consequence of it all, we have seen a handful of anti-Christian Orientals conquer political, economic and social power in Occidental Christian countries.


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It is about time that we all awake, before we are completely enslaved, that we cease to tolerate evil; to forget what we are through non-discrimination. And in this most dangerous epoch, our duty is to rise and shout without fear in our own countries: ‘WE ARE WHITE MEN; WE ARE CHRISTIANS!’ And act accordingly!


Otherwise, we are doomed, ripe for enslavement. This we Canadian Fascists shout in our country; and if the jew is not satisfied, he has but one thing to do — go back where he came from.


I have seen perversion and immorality sold on your very side-walks. If you dare complain, some one will shout: ‘Tolerance!’ and it will be enough to have the complainant called ‘an intolerant obscurantist of the middle-ages.’


That is what in Canada they say we Fascists are. I admit that the middle-ages were dark, but for the jews only, who were parked in the Ghettos for the self-preservation of nations. There it was dark for the jews, who could not circulate as toxic microbes in the body national of countries.


But it was, outside the Ghetto, the most enlightened epoch of mankind. The middle-ages were the ground on which was prepared the highest world efflorescence in philosophy, literature, painting, sculpture with its gorgeous Gothic style; an orderly social world where in employers were human, employees happy, wherein no revolts, nor strikes were known.


And when the ideas of Tolerance broke down the walls of the Ghetto, the jew could circulate in the body nationals, and his influence was felt immediately. Classicism immediately fell down to Romanticism, a sentimentality born on the Wailing Wall; sciences were polluted; and, as an instance, we saw base and vile pornography become an ‘academic science of sexology’ with a Freud; philosophy became a science of doubt and negation, with the jewish sceptics; art became naturalism, modernism, futurism, Picassoism, savagism, abstractism with a herd of degenerate jews.


And do you see the average effect of it today? Listen to your own children, the heirs of those who have brought music, the most human art, to such heights of splendor and beauty. They have not gone on higher up they have been dragged to the lowest levels.


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And everywhere we hear our beautiful White Christian youth sing such stupid and savage music that no intelligent words can be written for it; they go on for whole half-hours murmuring: ‘Dadada-da—dada-da-da,’, or ‘Boop-a-boop-a-boop-a-boop.’ They are Judaized, as the whole world has been Judaized, in nearly everything materialized. And the jews call it ‘the century of progress,’ ‘the age of advancement!’ Out of the Ghetto, they have ghettoized the whole world.


The world is not brought to Communism ‘just like that’; and people won’t renounce their property from night today. There were long preparations for that stage.


It began with the so-called democracy — which has never been democracy — brought by the jews through the Illuminati one hundred and fifty years ago.


With the party system, nations and national power and authority were split into two vast bodies which insulted each other, fought each other, tore each other. It was the beginning of national division, disunion, dismemberment.


The treasure of the nation became just a butter-plate, or pork barrel, preyed upon by alternating politicians. And the more politicians got out rich of politics, the more nations got poor and indebted. Alternating parties in power unceasingly fought among themselves and the jews got in between and caught the best of other peoples’ divisions and of the politicians’ self-interest.


Thanks to that system, jews got control of the gold, with which they controlled the value and exchange of national currencies, making economic crashes and upheavals at will, ruining whole classes.


They coordinated the First Internationale with Marx and Engels in Europe, Samuel Gompers in America. (I have known personally the latter) Then they launched the Second Internationale, into which John L. Lewis is now bringing all he can of the First. They organized the Third Internationale, with Trotsky and his gang of jews; and then the Fourth, or Anarchist Internationale, again with Trotsky, who now manages from Mexico the Red Revolution of this continent.


Having a hold of the upper Internationale, the GOLD one, they got a hold of the lower one, the proletarian; and they squeeze the bourgeoisie between the two, so as to eliminate the only remaining national forces of resistance.


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Through their international news agencies, they mould your minds and have you see the world not as it is, but as they want you to see it. Through their cinema, they are the educators of our youth — and with just one film, in two hours, can wipe out of a child’s brain what he has learned in six months in the home, the church, or the school.


Since 1929, with the artificial crisis they provoked, they have ruined more than one third of all owners — a willfully organized plan to propagate poverty, misery, despair, the very ground where to sow Communism. They force Gentiles to suffer from the state through exaggerated taxation; to suffer from the family when a man can feed it no more; from property when an honest man is deprived of it — so that the Gentile will be better convinced to renounce patriotism, family, property.


On the first morning I was here, I wanted to know if Anarchism was strong in your city; for, when Anarchism has arrived, it means that the three other Internationales are ready to reach for their final goal. I found out that Anarchism is much more powerful than anyone would suspect. So, if you may save your country, I fear that you have but little chances of saving your city.


It seems that no country, blinded by jewish lies, will profit by the experience of others. The fate of Russia did not prevent Hungary, Italy, Germany, Spain from being torn asunder by the same plague; and if they were saved, it was in blood and ruins.


In America, we have the same microbes in the national bodies of our countries. Let me give you an example: We inject ten men with typhoid fever bacilli; the first man on the first day, the second man on the second day, and so on. On the tenth day, we come back to see the first one. He is in agony, fighting miserably to save his life. Is he worse than the one who was injected only five minutes ago? No, they are in the same condition, save that with one the incubation has been fully completed. There is but a difference of time.


The same is true of this continent compared to Europe: there is but a difference of time. The same microbes, the same poisons circulate in all the arteries of our national bodies; and when the incubation has taken place, we will have to face the same results.


Are you prepared for them? If one part of your people is being organized for destruction, is the other part being organized to repel it and win? That is your question to answer. I only wish that you may multiply the good microbes, so that they are in sufficient numbers to save the body national when the great fever comes in.


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One of the greatest dangers is with those people who are sincerely anti-Communists, but who are Communists in their minds without their knowing it. They are against the deadly peril, but when you question them on their outlook on Power, Authority, Property, etc., they give you pure Marxian answers. Those are the people who, as in France and Spain, will vote for the apparently inoffensive slogans of a hypocrite ‘People’s Front.’ If they are not taught the real truth that Communism is nothing else than a jewish Conspiracy — THEY ARE LOST.


Jews brandish everywhere the flag of ‘liberty,’ which ignorant crowds follow with ecstasy. Everybody is for liberty. But what and where is liberty to-day? It could be defined thus: a racketeer, or a thief not being in jail, if we want to be logical with facts.


It is no liberty for an honest man to work chained by a jewish organization; no liberty for a merchant, or a tradesman to earn a living without paying a fee to racketeers of some sort; no liberty for parents to let their children play on the streets subject to the danger of quick contamination; no security for anyone uncertain as to whether he may be ruined in three months — if he will still have his job in a month — if his business won’t be ruined by a ‘tolerated’ cut-throat competition.


There is only liberty to be polluted, demoralized. taxed to a point of spoliation and confiscation, deceived by propaganda, ruined by organized crashes and crises, preyed upon, exploited, robbed, mired — under the aegis of the Golden Calf.


One of your great patriots once said: ‘Give me liberty or give me death.’ I believe in more than that, for liberty is not a thing to be demanded, but to be worked for, fought for, WON.


When a patriot can no more mention the enemies of his nation and faith without being arrested — as has happened in this city — it is time that people think of recovering their lost liberty. And if you don’t work and fight for your liberty, as your forefathers did. with all the lawful means at your disposal, you will get death, without having to ask for it.


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Jews control 90 per cent of the world and national powers. They have but one item more to get: POLITICAL POWER. They have the economic, that of propaganda, that of International controls. AND COMMUNISM IS THE INSTRUMENT FOR GIVING THEM THAT POLITICAL POWER.




Never forget that Communism is a political movement aiming at political power; that it is dangerous only when it has attained that power; that it must be defeated in the political field by another political movement ready to never abdicate, compromise, or capitulate.


The old so-called democratic parties could not prevent the coming of Communism and could not prevent its rapid growth; they could not prevent its triumph. A NEW MOVEMENT ONLY CAN DO IT.


Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Salazar could never have saved their countries with the old system. Contemporary experience is so clear on that point that ignorance of it is equal to treason by its consequences. Make it a political fight, for it is nothing else in the enemy’s conspiracy.


The political power will be used by him for the ultimate destruction; but he must first have the political power.


Get a new political movement, new political ideas, a new political organization.


Provoke the coming of a political leader, defend him, follow him, fight with him. Out of your work, he will certainly come. Destroy ‘politicianism’ which has done such great harm and given away so much of our heritage to the jews — and be men political at last.


None else than the great thinker, the man political, senses, feels and perceives the New Times. At the Clock of Destiny, he hears the Hour calling for him, stronger than yesterday, weaker than to-morrow. And in the very moment that God has marked for him, he rises and announces to his fellow-beings the premonitory signs of his epoch. And, being not only a talker, he sets to work. On the anvil of his faith, with the hammer of his blood, in the genius of his traditions, he forges the great Future that he has dreamt for his children, for the generations to come, for his people, for the land of his birth and his death.


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I want to express my gratitude and profound admiration for my friend Beamish who, with his personal experience, has been my master in the mission upon which I am engaged. He has schooled me for the past seven years. I admire Beamish the more, because he has been brought up in one of the greatest English families on the steps of the English throne. He could have had one of the finest careers in the higher ranks of England; but preferred to forget about himself and to look only for the release of civilization from the hands of jews. Every place he has been received as Warrior No. 1, for the last forty years, in this great international movement.


You will have presently in your country the greatest opportunity ever presented to you — a trial. I have had sixty lawsuits in the last seven years. Our movement has spent more than $540,000 up to date to arrive at the starting point of a political movement. I have had many trials with jews. I had to flee twice from machine guns in Montreal. I have suffered in my printing plant three fires and complete destruction of linotypes — lost $75,000. I understand perfectly what will be and can be the fight of Mr. Edmondson. I followed closely the international trial of Berne and the famous case in Cairo where jewry tried to get judgment against a German club there. I won all my own trials.


In the history of the anti-jewish movement there has been no such important law suit as this Edmondson Case, brought by Mayor La Guardia. You would spend thousands and thousands of dollars to have the jewish question known. There is nothing like a law suit to bring the question before the people. That is my own experience. It causes people to take sides, even from pro-Jewish papers, and even if they give it small space. People form judgments. When they take sides in a trial they are ready to take sides in politics.


In the Edmondson trial I fear the Kings of Israel who have been subpoenaed will not want to be questioned on Communism, finance, race, etc., regarding statements they have made in the past, and may be ‘sick’, or on a trip. But if you can find a judge who respects the law, they will have to come. That is the great fear.


[Page 17]




I have read all that was printed about it; I have lead all that Mr. Edmondson has published about it. Never, even in the Canadian cases. The Cairo trial, or the political case in Berne, was a law suit so soundly based, or in greater detail, than is the Edmondson case herein this city. The foundation is perfect.


Whether he wins, or loses the people must know it, as the daily papers will report it. When they have taken cognizance of the question, they will take sides.


Profit by your experience. Go right away into politics and take power by legal means before the Reds do it. In France patriots had leagues, but no political party. When election came, they had no candidates. They had to vote for a radical socialist who had already compromised himself with the jews. When Blum came to power he said those leagues were illegal, and when they tried to carry the tri-color, patriots had their faces smashed.


That is what incited me to found a political party in Canada. We are not strong, and King and Bennett shout that we should keep to the old parties. But they can do nothing but — promise we are willing to act.


That will be your problem also. Believe me, to create a new party with just three, or four faces, is a hell of a job — but IT CAN BE DONE. It can be done everywhere. Hitler began with six men, with the organized forces against him, yet he beat them all. Are the other White races so degenerate as not to produce the same results?





[Page 18]




By Robert Edward Edmondson



The high honor of welcoming to the U. S., Veterans Beamish and Arcand in the national patriotic movement against the International jewish System, was alloted to Robert Edward Edmondson at the October 31 meeting of American leaders. Part of his address is given below:


This is more than a happy event. The NEW HISTORY that is in the making will not fail to record it.


Captain Beamish, Veteran and Dean of this historic movement of Liberation, REAL representative of the jew-oppressed people of Great Britain, brings a world-message of TRUTH.


You will have the priceless privilege of listening to Nestorian words of wisdom from a great hearted Soldier-Statesman who KNOWS whereof he speaks by the unimpeachable authority of two score years of SELFLESS PERSONAL SERVICE to a world-cause.


Ponder WELL his warning!


Down from the North has come Adrien Arcand, Leader of the National Social Christian Party of Canada, a gifted young ‘White Knight without reproach, or shame,’ a flame of youthful ardor, bearing his ‘Key to the Mystery’ and a clarion call to arms from the embattled patriots of historic Quebec, organized and ready to defend God, Home and Country.


WEIGH his words!


[Page 19]





In this great crisis, can we doubt that were the Immortal Lincoln alive today he would reiterate: ‘Let the people KNOW THE TRUTH — and the WORLD is safe?’


Our distinguished guests and your speaker are in complete fundamental accord on defense — action against World Enemy No. 1. WE NAME THE NAME! J-E-W!


We stand uncompromisingly FOR the basic constructive principles that make for human welfare and REAL progress. We also stand unalterably and ACTIVELY ‘ANTI’ jewish idealogies and their subversive practices.


‘“Not to be ANTI is to SURRENDER the FIGHTING Spirit,’ warns Nesta II. Webster, celebrated author of ‘World Revolution’. To win this war, you must not only have knowledge and courage, but a selfless ‘last ditch determination.’ Without it, you are LICKED before you start.


Fellow Patriots Beamish and Arcand, as an American Patriot I warmly welcome you to my Country and to ‘Kosher’ New York. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you and all White Men in this militant defense against that jewish System which is destroying Nationalism and Western Civilization.


We have not been idle here in these United States. Your speaker got himself indicted and is to be tried Nov. 15 on a charge of libeling ‘all persons of the jewish Religion’— millions of them, everywhere, dead and alive.


This feat was accomplished, not by attacking the so-called jewish Religion, but by exposing the COMMUNISTIC POLITICO-ECONOMIC SUBVERSIONS OF THE JEWISH SYSTEM.





Many people have insisted that this case would never come to trial. That dangerous premise has heavily handicapped us financially. Who wants to help where apparently none is needed?


Knowing that this enemy NEVER gives up, I personally have not shared that opinion, and have gone steadily ahead with exhaustive preparations. If there IS a dismissal, it will be due to that THOROUGH preparation at heavy expense, combined with frequent costly legal broadcasts exposing the LAW-weakness of the persecutors.


Above all else, the false leaders of the jewish System fear adverse publicity, personal initiative, forceful courage and calculated audacity.


We have sound legal counsel, UNACQUAINTED WITH FEAR. Mr. John S. Wise, Jr., veteran in fundamental law, has induced Judge Frederick J. Groehl, expert in criminal procedure, to join the defense.


[Page 20]





Our only problem is financial. There should be behind this Americanism movement now hundreds of thousands of dollars to make effective the work of thousands of patriots.


This momentous matter rests on an exceptionally broad foundation. For the first time in history, International jewry has been publicly exposed as a predatory SYSTEM — an ECONOMIC system. What happened?


A FALSE camouflage RELIGIOUS indictment was brought. Ponder this: Are ECONOMICS and the jewish RELIGION the same thing? The economic exposure remains unchallenged. It cannot be refuted. The logic of ‘Golden Calf’ events proves it.


The jewish System of these ‘Perpetual Aliens’ —a term Captain Beamish tells me was applied to them by Lord Chief Justice Coke of England has broken down our Economic System by deliberately and malevolently promoting Greed, Debt and Monopoly.


It has rotted our politics by Bribery, Blackmail and False Propaganda; it has corrupted our Judiciary by ballyhoo subterfuges, with complicated rules of procedure that prostitute our constitutions, and through appeal-blockades that surely subvert justice; it has converted into ‘kept men of the press’ our Journalists and Publishers through sinister advertising control, overthrowing the Free Speech First Line of Defense; it has publicly ridiculed our National Patriotism and pacified us into international cowards and poltroons; it has caused a Revolt Against Beauty in Art. Music and Literature by ceaselessly propagandizing the Cult of the Ugly and Obscene; it has propagated filthy sects and sham philosophies, bemusing our youth and communizing our Educational System; it has sapped our Morality and defiled our Christian Religion; and it has projected us into ‘CIO’ Communistic CIVIL WAR.


With whose resources has this ‘Plan of Hell’ carried on?




[Page 21]


’Why sit we here idle?’


’How DEEP are the sources of your indignation?’


’When will the IRON in America’s soul be touched?’


No, Gentiles are not all angels — NEITHER ARE THEY ‘SONS OF THE DEVIL!


The Edmondson Defense goes into Court with clean hands, unafraid, and armed with the Might of Truth.


But we do so under the shadow of a colossal economic power, and with a pitiful financial inadequacy.


If convicted, we shall appeal — to the United States Supreme Court — IF IT RUINS US; for we are in a life and death struggle for EXISTENCE.







[Signed: Robert Edward Edmondson]


New York, Nov. 3, 1937.


(Defense Series)


[Page 22]





UPON APPLICATION OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY, trial of the case of “The People of the State of New York against Robert Edward Edmondson,” which was postponed from Sept. 13 to Nov. 15, 1937, has again been put off to Monday, Feb. 7, 1938.


THE PEOPLE ARE UNPREPARED FOR TRIAL NOW was the astounding statement made by the District Attorney as the reason for his request, notwithstanding the fact that the defendant has been held for seventeen months under heavy bail, large expense and in restricted conditions.


Is this equivalent to a confession that there IS no case against the defendant?


By the force of the circumstances involved, the defendant was obliged reluctantly to assent to further delay, despite his preparedness as implied by his having already subpoenaed FOR THE DEFENSE, for trial as of Nov. 15, the following partial list of witnesses— which the New York newspapers significantly called an “All Star Cast”:


Mayor F. H. La Guardia, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Bernard M. Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, James P. Warburg, Henry Morgenthau Sr., Rabbi Sidney E. Goldstein, Congressman Samuel Dickstein, Columnist Walter Lippmann, U. S. Supreme Court Justice Brandeis’ daughter Susan; Former “American Hebrew” President David A. Brown, Editor Samuel Margoshes of “The jewish Day”; Communist M. J. Olgin; N. Y. Supreme Court Justice Samuel I. Rosenman, called “Founder” of Roosevelt’s “Brain Trust” and Roosevelt’s “Right Arm”; George E. Sokolsky, B. Charney Vladeck, James Waterman Wise, Rabbi Israel Goldstein, Col. Edward Mandel House; Rabbi Louis D. Gross, Editor of the Brooklyn “Jewish Examiner”; Prof. John Dewey; A. A. Berle Jr., N. Y. City Chamberlain; Lewis L. Straus, of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.; James W. Gerard, Former Ambassador to Germany; Prof. Raymond Moley; Roger N. Baldwin, Director of the American Civil Liberties Union; Dorothy Thompson (Mrs. Sinclair Lewis).



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