Blindlight Takes Lauren Rose to the “Woodshed” over Patrick Little Comments, Jun 20, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT


[Blindlight, aka, Joseph Sigur, is a no-nonsense blogger dedicated to:


“Specializing in outing jews pretending to be goy and their ‘rich race’ sidekicks.”


Here he takes “Lauren Rose”, the young, pretty, co-host of JF’s Youtube channel, to the woodshed, for a well-deserved spanking, for dissing Patrick Little’s recent run for the Californian Senate seat.


She has called Patrick Little a “loser” for failing to win against the jew, Dianne Fienstein, the Democrat incumbent. Besides misusing English, whereby, in her mind, losing in a race makes you a failure in life, she also comes out in favor of not naming the jew, all because it will frighten normies away.


As Sigur rightly points out, her position can be likened to being content to just re-arrange the deck chairs on a ship that is sinking, rather than alerting people about the need to plug the leaks, while also finding the culprits that are making those leaks, aka, organized jewry.


Her coming out so strongly against Patrick Little, just like Nick Fuentes, raises suspicions about her real motives, since her stated reasons smell of “concern trolling” and are wrong, if you are serious about solving the ongoing, deliberate, destruction of the West by organized jewry, and its goy helpers.


Is it simply attention whoring, youthful bravado mixed with ignorance, or has she been put up to it? Whatever it is, it effectively causes her to be “working for the jews” and against our interests.


It also damages JF’s credibility, in that his choice of “eye candy” as his co-host, has turned out not so sweet, after all, especially when you consider her sway over her male, beta orbiting audience.











Lauren Rose to the “Woodshed”


Over Patrick Little Comments


Jun 20, 2018






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Published on Jun 20, 2018

This is the excerpt I critiqued concerning Lauren:






(15 minutes)






Sigur: Okay, back after a couple of days off.


I’ve seen the GF live stream, that’s the French guy. JB, or whatever his name is. I’m not real sure. I’ve always had trouble remembering his initials.


He has taken on a woman named “Lauren Rose“. Which interestingly, somebody came on to one of my videos and said, “Lauren likes me”. And he must have been facetious. I never saw the source of why he said that. And I really haven’t paid much attention to Lauren Rose. I looked at her, and I saw her as one of the typical women that came out during the Trump campaign, that don’t ever talk about jews.


And most of you will remember, I say:


If you don’t talk about jews, you can only move deck chairs [like that saying goes about the Titanic]. You can’t find the leak!


And so, when anybody says that it’s impractical to talk about jews, we understand that educating the public about jews is going to be a tough battle! But it has to be done! If you don’t you just want to move deck chairs on the intentionally sinking ship, that the jews have all of us on.



So Lauren addressed the Patrick Little issue, and when she came back on JB’s [JF’s] after a few days off, apparently. And that caught my eye, I just stumbled into it. I’ve not seen her individual channel, nor seen any other comments she’s made about this issue. But she did say some things that seemed, … Well number one, it reminded me a little bit of Nick Fuentes, just a little bit more deftly put. She said:


Patrick Little is a loser!



See: Patrick Little – Duels with Nick Fuentes, Jun 9, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT



And I’m going to let you hear her say it herself, and I’m going to possibly stop it when I feel when I need to comment. It’s not a long excerpt. But she puts to bed any idea that Patrick Little can be a useful tool for our movement.


See video: Lauren Returns, DOJ Report, Twitter Court Loss | TPS #50





JF: [reading someone’s comment] Says:


I will defend Lauren’s honor until the day I die!


That is some devotion! Eric White says:


Rose called a Marine a loser! The man got 50,000 votes!


Sigur: He’s talking about Patrick Little.



I think [unclear] would get 5 votes. Lauren is quick to block on Twitter. Means she can dish it out, but can’t take it!

What do you make of that?


Rose: Well, if, I mean, the man is objectively a “loser*”! He lost! So, I got, …


[* She’s being deliberately insulting and sneaky (or stupid) here, by taking one particular meaning of the word “loser”, as in someone who has lost something, like a game, or in this case an election campaign, and misapplying it to mean someone who is a failure at life, in general. By Patrick Little’s account, he has been the opposite of a “loser” compared to your average person.]


Sigur: So this is a, … What I’ve noticed, is that all of a sudden, a lot of people that secretly didn’t like Patrick Little, are using the results in the mainstream media, which many people have contested [whether they] are honest results.


Remember, The Young Turks came out, as well as a major candidate in the Senatorial race in California, to say, two days before the election, that Patrick Little was going up, and going up fast! And this was something to panic over. Two days before the election! So when the election comes it has Little doing very badly, it’s frankly very hard to believe!


See video: RED ALERT: Nazi Candidate Doing Much Better Than Expected in California

And anyone in our movement that wants to just use the MSM as an uncontested source, is being disingenuous, and simply has got a pre-determined agenda they want to push, and using any information that can make their case for that. In this case, MSM results, which we have just basically have to trust, the zionists..


And like I said with false flags pretending to be real events, that look really weird. We have to trust people that these are all real victims. That these crazy car attacks, that never used to happen a couple of years ago, that are happening several times a month, now. Are totally spontaneous and occurring, because our society is going to hell, uncaused by our government, of course. And probably, because we all own guns! Right?


So let’s listen to Lauren talk a little bit more. She is now calling Patrick a “loser” by using the results offered by the mainstream media, and the government of the election, in an uncontested acceptance of that. When some much talk was already occurring weeks ago about the likelihood of someone such as Patrick Little, having the vote stolen from him.


Now it’s unlikely that they’re going to let Patrick challenge this. I’m assuming he’s going to try, and I’m assuming that whatever challenge does occur is not going to be open to the public to be able to determine if it’s a fair accounting.




Rose: By that definition that would make him a loser. And I knew that word would, …


Sigur: Now Nick Fuentes did the same thing.


“You lost the election!”


Even if Patrick Little did lose the election, and only got 50,000 votes, Patrick Little had the balls to stand up to the plate! And no one else ran that has positions as similar. But we’re going to find out that Lauren Rose doesn’t think talking about the jew openly is a wise move.


Rose: … make a lot of people mad. But I mean, I don’t really care! I don’t even know Patrick Little, about his Marine history, but, …


Sigur: One reason why I rejected Lauren, is I determined quickly upon looking over her channel, when I first noticed her, that she was not one to talk about the jewish issue. She would dance around the jewish issue.


In this segment she’s going to claim she’s aware of the jew.


Well Lauren, if you’re aware of the jew, why don’t you ever tie anything to the jew? Except, at best, with really vague dog whistling. How is that going to do us any good to solve the problems, if you, like, “freak out” about Islamophobia, but not tying jewish, internal, intentional, subversion there to bring in these Islamists, often of young age and poor backgrounds, with evil intent on their minds?


If you’re not going to talk about the people letting these people in, intentionally, how are you going to actually solve the leap?


Rose: …, again, I’m not judging him as an individual, as someone who’s campaigning. And I never attacked him on being a veteran, or a Marine. So, I see that, sort of irrelevant, …


Sigur: I actually agree with her, the “Marine” is something that impresses normies, so I see why he accentuates it. If it did have a huge influence on his life and made him, like tougher, than a normie. Like he seemed to be able to take a lot of fire from when he’d go out in public. He did things I’ve never seen anybody do. And he seems to be quite comfortable doing it. That may be part of his Marine training. Yes, I agree. But, it is ultimately irrelevant, but I can understand why Patrick might use it in his resume.




Rose: I just think, I try to think pragmatically, and we can have different opinions on how to move forward. But I think a lot of people on the Right are stagnating, and I don’t think it’s a practical, ….


Sigur: The fact is, when you’re referring to stagnating people, no argument there Lauren! But Patrick Little did anything but stagnate! He did something nobody else did! And you kept silent, until you were able to use the mainstream media results, as a:


“I’m declaring victory!”


For yourself, that you never liked Patrick Little, much like Nicholas Fuentes.


Rose: … route to take. This Patrick Little method.


Sigur: And see! She just talks about the Patrick Little “method“! Why can’t you go into detail about that?


Rose: I don’t even agree with, like, a lot of, what he campaigned on, …


Sigur: So she doesn’t agree with outing the jew!


Now, I understand many normies will run away from the jewish question, but unfortunately, the idea is to make talking about the jew, such a common event that normies don’t feel like they have to run away from it!


And there’s not an easy way to do that. Some people got to break eggs, and then some people maybe like you, do it very delicately. I understand that! But you shouldn’t be putting down Patrick Little for talking the bold honest truth! And for having the balls to go there, and look to be, having many mainstream people scared, who didn’t know if the election was going to be fixed, that Patrick Little was actually going to be in the two finalists, for November.





Rose: … and the sort of things he was saying. I would never say those things, and I don’t, …


Sigur: I know Lauren, you would never talk about the jew!


Rose: … believe them, so, …


Sigur: And you don’t ever get actually believe that jews are responsible!


Rose: … a lot of people are saying:


“Oh! You’re attacking an ally!”


I do not consider him an ally, …


Sigur: [paraphrasing what he thinks is Lauren’s position]


“Because he talks about the jew! And I am protecting the jew, even though I know about the jewish question! I never mentioned the jew, therefore I’m protecting the jew!”


Rose: … at all. I think he’s someone who is going to hurt other people, …


Sigur:It’s bad to talk about the jew!”, who is the leak on the ship!


Rose: … and send them down an unproductive path!


Sigur:It’s not productive to fix the leak!


Rose: I want to reach as many people as possible!


Sigur:I want to move as many deck chairs as possible, with as many normies who will help me move the deck chairs!


Rose: Including the White working class. And normal people, you have to, and I’m not making judgments about what was said in the Superchats, but you have to go outside and talk to real normal people!


Sigur: And Patrick little was talking to Real Normal People!


Rose: And see what resonates with them. And try to reach out to them, and spread your ideas and make, …


Sigur: And no! You have to tell them what they don’t know, in their stereoscope! I’m not saying that only Patrick Little types should do this. You’re welcome to do your thing, but you shouldn’t undermine a person who knows! If, you know, about the JQ, you need to explain your position on the JQ!


Because you have done nothing but DEFILE Patrick Little, for talking about the JQ!


So we know, Lauren Rose, your position on the JQ!




Rose: … everything makes sense to them. I think Patrick Little types are the opposite of that! They turn people off, and makes them run away screaming!


Sigur: He made a lot of people quite happy!


And you don’t know, … He did a lot of his campaigning off-screen, and he seems to have moved a lot of people in the pre-campaign. The fact that you’re using election results, that are doubtful, as far as accuracy, undermines your case, as far as unbiased, credible witness, here, Lauren.


Rose: Even someone who knows about topics that he likes to talk about, like for example, the JQ, …


Sigur: See! She just admitted it! She knows about the JQ! But that means she hasn’t explained her position on the JQ. And why? Because she never talks about the JQ, because “it might turn off normies“.


Rose: … like myself, I know a lot more about that than the average person, …


Sigur: Yeah, but we don’t know what you mean. You just said Patrick Little is all wrong, and he talks about the JQ! So what does Patrick Little get wrong when he talks about the JQ, Lauren?


Rose: … and I still want to run away screaming from people like Patrick Little!


Sigur: Well, why do you want to run away screaming? Why does he do, that you don’t agree with? What is false about what he’s saying, Lauren?


Rose: So, I can imagine the average person! And this isn’t so much me attacking him, because I don’t like him, it’s more just like, it could be Patrick Little, it could be Paul Nehlen, it could be the next one.


Sigur: It could mean the next person being honest about who’s causing the problems!


“We don’t talk about them, because the Jews don’t like it!”


And if you do what the jews want you do, you’re actually working for them, Lauren!


And I will leave a link to this. Well, let’s just see if she’s got anything else. I think we can move on pretty quickly.


Rose: … it doesn’t matter who it is. It’s just that I think this route, this way of going about support, is super destructive! And it makes people look unserious!


Sigur: Ah no! She doesn’t worry about the NBC reporter, who interviewed Patrick Little for an hour, and doesn’t carry hardly any of his statements, but one fairly extreme one. He made a lot of good comments, and this is where I disagree with Patrick Little.


You need to get an agreement that the interview is going to be agreed upon, what’s aired on the TV. So where you’re not taken out of context, you can combat lies. Otherwise, you really need to not do these interviews. Because, they are only interviewing you, my friend, to sell the message they want to sell about you. So if they don’t give you fair representation, it actually does hurt our cause to try to use these people to get the message out.


Rose: And I don’t want to be involved in it, at all! I want something, …


Sigur: She does not want to talk about Jews! She has proven, over and over, on her own channel! She does not talk about the JQ! She knows about the JQ. And I’ve told you, over and over again, if you’re not fighting the jews, you’re working for the jews!


There is no middle ground!


And with that, we shall see you guys soon.













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