Andrew Hitchcock with Dr Peter Hammond – “Remembering the Late Great Stephen Mitford Goodson!” — TRANSCRIPT

[In this interview Andrew Hitchcock talks with Dr Peter Hammond about the life and work of Stephen Mitford Goodson a White South African writer, former Director of the South African Reserve Bank, who exposed the corruption and agenda of the jewish led New World Order and their enslavement of mankind through Central Banking. among other means.


Stephen Goodson, aged 70, in previous good health, passed away unexpectedly at 7 am, this 4th of August, in a hospital, while declaring the night before that he was being poisoned!

RIP Stephen Mitford Goodson






Andrew Hitchcock




Dr Peter Hammond


“Remembering the Late Great


Stephen Mitford Goodson!”




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The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (765)


Dr. Peter Hammond – Remembering The Late Great Stephen Mitford Goodson




In today’s show originally broadcast on August 30 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Dr. Peter Hammond, for a show entitled, “Remembering The Late Great Stephen Mitford Goodson.”


We discussed: the circumstances of Stephen’s passing on Saturday August 4, including his claim that he was being poisoned the night before; Stephen’s amazing insights into central banking via his role in the South African Reserve Bank; how one could never question Stephen’s integrity; Stephen’s book, “The Genocide Of The Boers,”; how in the so-called Dark Ages, the people didn’t have to work as long because they were not living under the Jewish usury banking system as we are today; the Anti-Christian agenda of the mainstream media; the circumstances of Stephen’s funeral service; Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If,” which Peter read in its entirety; why Christians should choose a burial over a cremation; and many other topics.


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Fetcho: You are listening to EuroFolkRadio network at EuroFolkRadio dot com. And now it’s the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show with your host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock!



Andrew: Hello everybody! And today’s guest will be familiar to all of you. One of my most popular guests, a good friend as well. And we had a show lined up today, and I got a message yesterday, to ask if I could record the guest an hour later, because he had to conduct a funeral service! And just when I phoned him a few minutes ago, I said:


How did this funeral service go?


And I found out it was a funeral service for Steven Mitford Goodson, who the long time listeners will know. I think I did three shows with him. He did the “go to” show about the two Boer Wars. It was absolutely fantastic! Which was the lead article of a Barnes Review issue, when I recorded it. And I’m very saddened to hear of his passing. And so what we’re going to do today is a program entitled: “Remembering the Late Great Stephen Mitford Goodson!


And I can’t think of anyone better to discuss this, than the man who was chosen to take the service for Peter [Stephen] earlier today. And that is August the 14th when we’re recording it. And of course, it’s the great Dr Peter Hammond! Peter are you with me?


Peter: Yes, I am. Thank you so much Andrew!


Andrew: Well thank you Peter.


Well, I don’t know where to start. I only got the news a few minutes ago, and I had spoken to Peter obviously before and after recording shows. And as, you know, when we do shows together it’s like a conversation, anyway. So you get to know different people and he was someone that, you know, was always welcome to come back on. And it is a shock!


Can you tell us the circumstances? Because I forget when I last communicated with him. But I think it was only less than a year ago the recorded my last show with him. You never know if it’s going to be your last. So, what can you tell us about what happened?


{Image Source: Stephen Mitford Goodson — Memorial Service]




Peter: Indeed! We don’t know. I only learnt a week ago, Sunday night, that Stephen had died early on Saturday morning, seven am, on Saturday the fourth of August. And it was a tremendous shock, because he’s seventy years old, he was in good health. He had some health issues in the past, but when we’d seen him recently he was very healthy, well, very energetic and working on all kinds of new writings and other projects.



He was a very popular guest at our Reformation Society meetings. And I must say, I learnt more about economics and how the business world works, and how the financial system works from Stephen Goodson, than all other sources combined. And what a great, remarkable, economist! And an economic reformer, and a researcher! An original thinker and an author!


And Steven Mitford Goodson produced seven books, excellent books! I’ve got them all. I’ve got them all in front of me right now. And Steven Goodson did a tremendous service for future freedom and prosperity, by lifting the veil of secrecy on so many facts and facets of the history of Central Banks and the enslavement of mankind! His expose of inside the South African Reserve Bank, it’s origins and secrets exposed, placed him in the forefront of courageous resistance to the banksters and the internationalist globalist’s agenda!



He really believed that truth conquers! And that’s the first weapon in spiritual warfare, is the belt of truth! So, Stephen Goodson was really a heroic, courageous resister against the New World Order, and the banksters, and their whole “Synagogue of Satan” agenda.


So, you can imagine my shock and concern, when our good friend, Renarker [sp] Keller, who was the last friend to see him alive. She was at his hospital bedside, and he said to her on the Friday night, the third of August:


Get me out of here! They’re poisoning me to death!


And she understood him well. She was a long time family friend. And she’s not the kind of person to joke about these things, anyway. And she was convinced that he was being poisoned. And she came back the next morning prepared to book him out of the hospital and get him out. And she was informed that he had already died, early that morning, at seven am!


Now the closest friends and family around Steven, are convinced that he was poisoned. That he was effectively assassinated. Taken out of the equation. Because he’s got a lot of enemies, real enemies!




Andrew: Yes! And I mean, folks, if you go to Andrew Carrington Hitchcock dot com and type in “Stephen Mitford Goodson” into the search box, which is in the top right hand corner of the website, you will see three shows come up. And I think three coming up on the show post. Obviously avoid those and go directly to the shows. And I will include links to those shows actually in the post for the show. So you can hear how knowledgeable he was.


And he actually served with the South African Reserve Bank and as a result he was able to give a complete insight into how central banking, or rather the scam of central banking works. And he wasn’t afraid to come out and say that publicly. He would get on mainstream media in South Africa and they give him as much line as they could tolerate. But he was out there at the forefront. Of course, as Peter has said, he’s written many different books about this. Also he had a great understanding of South African history and Boer Wars and other things. So there’s a wealth of information still available, and I urge you to get hold of these books.


Another place to go to will probably be Barnes Review dot org, and they will certainly carry some of his work for those of you in America. So go there and just try and get some of these things, because we don’t know how long they will remain in print. If there’ll be a little lull before they get back into print.



I know that Dr Hammond has a printing, publishing service, so hopefully we can get them up through that. But at the moment, get the information, listen to Stephen speak, and you will learn a great deal! And he’s one of these people I could have had on so regularly, but as, you know, when you speak to so many different people, you can’t fit everyone in, and people get forgotten. And then something like this happens and you think,“I just wish on of sent him an e-mail recently, or given him a call recently.” and then you don’t get the opportunity.


I remember one time I was speaking to him Peter, and he said to me, … I think this was when we recorded the show. But he taken some powder for a headache. I don’t know if it was paracetamol, or ibuprofen, or something. And it had laid him up in bed for a week! And I haven’t actually taken any tablets like that, for headaches now, for years! And so it just goes to show us that something basic like that can affect you.


But he was very, very honest and very open about anything in his life. He was one of those people that when you speak to — like when Peter and I talk — it’s just like speaking to an old friend. We do this every couple of weeks generally, and it’s just a shame that he has gone, because he was such a great truth teller! And such a great mind! But fortunately he immortalized his work in his books and other work that he did. So back to you Peter.




Peter: Indeed! In fact, I read this morning one of the eulogies is from a very famous African freedom fighter, in a real sense, a Dr. Mangosuthu Buthelezi. A prince in the Zulu Kingdom.


Mangosuthu Buthelezi is quite famous for his outspoken opposition to the Communists. And he always opposed the armed struggle of the ANC. And his “Inkatha Freedom Party” took the brunt of the war against the ANC in the People’s War of 1990 to 1994, when so many people, something like 14,000 were killed in faction fighting. Most of that was between Buthelezi’s “Inkatha Freedom Party” and the ANC’s “Umkhonto we Sizwe”, “Spear of the Nation”, Marxist revolutionaries.


So Mangosuthu Buthelezi, is a real, courageous, black leader of the Zulu’s, who speaks out, and has always spoken out very courageously against communism.


Well in his “History of Central Banking & The Enslavement of Mankind” book, Steve Goodson had the forward written by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. Dr. Buthelezi wrote this about Stephen Goodson:


Stephen Mitford Goodson has the credentials and the track-record to make a credible presentation of a subject matter which he has researched for decades. And which he has lived personally as a Director of the South African Reserve Bank.


For this reason, …”, Dr Buthelezi says:


… my Party and I have argued that South Africa should reform it’s central banking and it’s monetary system, even if that means placing our country out of step with iniquitous world standards.


And then Buthelezi notes that:


Stephen Goodson’s books of economics are a refreshing exception. The general tendency is that books on economics and banking, are dry and boring academia!


But he says:


Not Stephen’s. His books are refreshing, there are accessible, as they hit the nail on the head!


And he praises:


… the broad sweep of the history economics that Stephen could give us almost three millennia, and insights into how the problem of usury has been enslaving mankind since civilized existence first began.


So again, quoting from Dr. Buthelezi’s forward, he says:


If we are to achieve real freedom, it is imperative that our monetary system be pursued with the same vigor and intensity, but that requires understanding the complex issues of how money is created, who money belongs to, and who’s interest it is serving.


And he recommends Stephen Mitford Goodson’s books:


… are essential for all thinking South Africans.


That’s his term:


… essential for all thinking South Africans. We should read them as an inspiration for political action.


And he concludes:


It is a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy!


And, well that is something Steven could ever be accused of! He never shrank from controversy!





You may not always agree with his conclusions, I mean, in fact, I personally vehemently disagreed with Stephen over the biography of Rhodesian Prime Minister, Ian Smith.



However, you could never question the integrity of Stephen, or his painstaking attention to detail. His extensive research made his books and lectures, head and shoulders over of all others! His biographies on General Jan Smuts, and Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd are some of the very finest biographies I’ve ever read on these extremely influential men. Not just on South African history, but world history.


So, Stephen was, without a doubt, he was an independent thinker! He was a man of immense personal courage! He dared to think outside the box! He dared to go against the globalist New World Order! He did independent research, and he stood up, and he spoke out against the iniquitous banking system and the globalist agenda of the New World Order!



His “Genocide of the Boers” book, documents the insidious role of Lord Nathan Meyer Rothschild, Alfred Charles Rothschild, and Leopold Rothschild, in planning the Anglo-Boer Wars of 1898 to 1902. And planning the genocidal concentration camp policies, which killed, effectively, seventeen percent of the total Boer population in the Trannsvaal and the Orange Free State. The death toll in the British concentration camps, as documented by Emily Hobhouse, was much, much, worse than the deaths of any concentration camps, or prison camps, in the whole of the Second World War!



And basically, the British camps had a higher percentage of death rate, than even Auschwitz in its worst times of the typhoid epidemics! And so, the death toll of the British — and they couldn’t say:


Well, you know, we were being bombed, and we didn’t have access to food. Or a breakdown of services, …


Because they controlled the seas, they controlled the railways, they controlled the bridges. So, the British forces in South Africa during the Anglo-Boer Wars had no reason, other than actual planned genocide, for the fact that two hundred fifty for every thousand Boers died in the camps, every year! That’s a quarter! In other words, in four years there wouldn’t has been one survivor, by that rate of attrition.




And for anyone wanting to understand South African history, Stephen’s books are absolutely essential! They cover ground completely ignored by most history books. And they introduce us to the economic dimensions of conflicts, not only of the twentieth century, but for the last three centuries, actually.


So, for those of us who were convinced that wars are caused only by geopolitical and perhaps ideological forces, Stephen Mitford Goodson convinced us, by conclusive documentation of the insidious role of international banksters!


As he said:


Most of the war in the twentieth century have been ‘banker wars’!


As Stephen reminds us:


Without the knowledge of the past, we lose the future!


And the trouble is many of our people today are forgetting our past! So his history books are absolutely essential! So, in Steven’s “The Genocide of the Boers”, he puts in a magnificent pictorial history of the role of the Rothschild dynasty in this hideous crime. He writes:


The second-Boer War remains unique in the annals of modern history. For the first time in the modern era, war was deliberately waged by a supposedly civilized nation, against innocent women and children! Not only were Dutch Boer settlers, and children, having their homes destroyed by the British forces by means of a scorched earth policy.


But the Boer women and children were being herded into concentration camps. Deplorable concentration camps! And women and children, whose men-folk were still in the field, were deliberately subjected to starvation rations, which results in wide-spread disease and death.


At the heart of this conflict was the desire of the Rothschild banking dynasty to control the mineral wealth of the regions inhabited by the Dutch pioneers, who had tamed the wild lands of South Africa.


And to fund the unending British atrocities, the Rothschilds dug deep. So although the British, …


And I’m still quoting from Stephen in his book:


… although the British had signed the Hague Convention on the 29th of July, 1899, just months before the [Second] Anglo-Boer War [Oct 11, 1899 – May 31, 1902], the Hague Convention strictly forbade the mistreatment of civilians in combat areas. Yet, the British were egged on by rapacious Rothschilds to contravene every one of the Convention articles in their maniacal pursuit for complete control of the gold mines of the Transvaal.




So all of that is just a quote from the introduction. The first page actually of it “Genocide of the Boers” book, which is absolutely mind numbingly enlightening, as to what we are facing.


In his “History of Central Banking & The Enslavement of Mankind” book, Stephen throws a fascinating light on the quality of life. For example, of commoners in the late Middle Ages in medieval Europe, in which many aspects of their quality of life was superior to the quality of our lives, in most of our modern societies. Because in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, he points out, European commoners worked less than fourteen weeks per year! And if you were to judge happiness and the quality of life only by the number of electrical appliances you have, you wouldn’t be able to understand the real meaning of happiness.


But the so-called “Dark Ages” of Europe, he said:


Were much brighter than our own times.


And you can see evidence of this in the spectacular church architecture seen in the magnificent cathedrals of Europe, which was a direct expression of popular joy, and the abundance of free time, about one hundred and seventy to a hundred eighty holidays, in a given year, that Middle Ages people had. They could donate much of their time to building these architectural masterpieces.


And you can just see in these phenomenal soaring cathedrals, this quest for spiritual transcendence, which is testified to, the greatest achievements in architecture history! The cathedrals were built in what the Enlightenment people called the “Dark Ages”! Well it’s not very dark when you look at the libraries, and the universities that they founded. And these phenomenal stained glass window masterpieces, dating back, like in Wells Cathedral, to the eleventh century. Just phenomenal!


So, as Stephen Goodson points out, because they didn’t have the banksters wrecking their lives with usury, the people didn’t need to work as long, and they were able to donate so much of their time to building these phenomenal architectural masterpieces in these cathedrals.




So there are so many things that he brings out. And he exposes the role of the banks, and usury, in enslaving most of mankind in a never ending cycle of debt and interest repayments! Which has even forced most of the mothers to work outside the home to pay their outrageous, extortionist taxes, and bond repayments.


And this has also led to the demographic suicide of most of the nations in Europe, as most European families have had less and less children, and Christian Europe is now in danger of becoming Islamic Eurabia! And you can see that it wasn’t just promoting of abortion, and euthanasia, and sterilization, and the world wars, and the genocidal saturation bombing of cities like Dresden, and Hamburg. It wasn’t just that! It was also over taxation to force the women out of their homes, into the workplace, because women in the workplace are going to have less children, than mothers who are full-time at home.




And at the beginning of the twentieth century, the average Boer woman was having twelve to fourteen children! And in Europe, it was something like, seven to eight children, each. And today the average European woman has a few abortions, adopts a dog, and maybe somebody from Africa! But they’re not having their own children in general. So, basically, you can see a lot of this has been done not just by propaganda and by paganization, but also by the ruinous taxation debt industry!


And so, as a previous board member of the South Africa Reserve Bank, with long experience in the banking industry, Stephen was a first hand observer, an insider, who could tell us the secrets of insider trading business. And as I remember Stephen so excellently putting it:


The South Africa Reserve Bank is not South African, it has no reserves, and it’s not a bank!


In the same way the Bank of England, is not English, and it’s not a bank! And the Federal Reserve Bank of America, is not Federal, it’s got no reserves, and it’s not a bank!




And he just shone the light on the dark dealings of these back stabbing characters. And in his books and lectures Stephen demonstrates remarkable knowledge of social and political realities. And the pivotal role played by the banksters in fomenting so many of the ruinous wars, especially of the twentieth century.




His academic research comes not just like a breath of fresh air, but like a southeaster, which is major wind in our country. It blows from the Antarctic pole, so it’s very, very refreshing cold, bitingly so, the southeaster.


So, Stephen Goodson’s writings are considered “thought crimes” by the politically correct self-censored, academic environment, and the thought police of the New World Order. In his books Stephen not only exposes evil, but he lays out practical, political, and economic principles that would provide effective, workable solutions to the multifaceted crises which confront us.


So, we’re very grateful for the life of Stephen Goodson! He has a real hero of the resistance! He is one of the most courageous truth tellers, and very prolific! We praise God for his books, all of which are in our book shop and on my personal bookshelf as well, in our library.


And if anyone has not read Stephen’s books, his two books on Central Banking is absolutely vital to understanding what actually is behind most of the wars of the last century, to three centuries. Which is the banksters!


So, he’s done a phenomenally important service for all of us. And it is so important that we need to know that his life, and his sacrifices, and his research is not in vain. That we learn these lessons! And it’s just extraordinary what he’s exposed. As he’s pointed out what was behind so many of the wars of the last century, have been bankster wars waged against those who didn’t want a Rothschild controlled bank, that didn’t want to live in the cycle of debt and usury!


And, in fact, as you can see from the cover of his “History of Central Bank & The Enslavement of Mankind”, you see why the Tsar of Russia was targeted in the First World War. You can see why Japan, Germany and Italy were targeted in the Second World War. You can see also, why Gaddafi and Syria have been targeted in recent times. They all have something common! They didn’t have a Rothschild bank.






Andrew: Yes. I mean, I remember from just the article on his book, “The Genocide of the Boers” in the Barnes Review, that I interviewed him on. And there was even images there of hampers that were sent to British soldiers in South Africa, that were, that actually had from these three Rothschilds that you talked about. And so, you’ve actually got these bankers sending hampers to British soldiers at Christmas, to basically, you know:


Thank you for genociding these people, so we can take their gold and diamonds!


I mean, it’s absolutely amazing! And all the sort of history he was able to stumble upon, and bring out. And, of course, the “powers that should not be” have been working feverish behind the scenes, because these academics that you get in these universities, the majority of them that I’ve experienced, and the stories that I’ve heard, … they are essentially told:


Right. We want you to prove, say Global warming exists, and we’re going to give you so many tens of thousands of dollars if you do a paper to prove that.


So what they do, is they go to them with the result that they want. So then the the academic goes and puts it together. Because they’re just the prostitute for these people! And anyone that will come out against these people, say like a David Irving, who will go to the archives, and he will point out that this mainstream version of history is simply incorrect, and he’s got the evidence, these people are completely disenfranchised, they’re sued, they’re jailed. So the people that try and tell the truth against the jewish manipulation that is carried out on every level of all lives now, are the people that are eventually destroyed! And it’s so sad that we live in such a disgusting society, where someone that goes out to become an academic, and essentially probably started off thinking:


Well I enjoy reading. I enjoy history and that is what I want to do for a living, ..


And then they are suddenly told:


Well, you have to tell lies, otherwise you are not going to have a living.


And they say:


Okay, we will.


And that’s the state of the world that we live in today. And being that we are both Christians, Peter, I imagine that you share my disgust that the way that is what we’re having to suffer today?




Peter: It is outrageous! I remember a time when newspapers boldly put on their banner:


Without fear, or favor! All the news that’s fit to print!


Well, if only that were true, “without fear, or favor”. We’ve seen all too many examples of the anti-Christian agenda, of all too many newspapers. I’ve spoken to some of the journalists about this personally, and asked them. And some of them, literally, their head hangs down and they say:


Well, you know, I’ve tried writing articles like that, but they just get spiked!


Which means, they don’t get published. They end up in the bin basically. And they get warned off if they keep trying to offer, on these untouchable subjects. And if they persisted, they would lose the job, at the very least.


So, yes, we’ve got a tremendous amount of bullying, and yet truth doesn’t fear investigation!


Now Stephen Mitford Goodson was willing to let the truth lead him wherever it may be, even if the conclusions were unpleasant, and against his previous prejudices. He let the chips fall where they may. And he let the facts lead him. So, he really was a truth teller!


You know, I can’t help but think of a very popular British film series that’s come up in the last few years. The “Downton Abbey” series. And Lord Grantham and one of his, what do we call them, personal valets, fought in the South African War. And they never say anything about what they did in South Africa!


In fact, my wife made this comment — because she’s a very adamant follower of Downton Abbey — and she said:


Why don’t they talk about what they did in South Africa?


And I said:


Well what could they say? We burned thirty two thousand Boer farmsteads, we dynamited their wells, we slaughtered all their cattle, and sheep, and horses. And we herded the women and children into concentration camps! What on earth would anyone think, if you heard that Lord Grantham had been involved in something like that?


So, yes, the less said about the Anglo-Boer War the better from the British side.


Now the Australians produced a film, called “Breaker Morant[1980], which I doubt is very popular in Britain, although it’s been seen by almost everybody in Australia. Which is about the only dramatic film on the Anglo-Boer War that’s made the rounds, the cinemas.



And “Breaker Morant”, while it’s got a core of truth to it, it basically glosses over the atrocities of a war criminal! Because Breaker Morant was actually, he was a war criminal. He not only shot Boer prisoners of war, but he murdered a missionary, and he killed civilians. So he was an atrocious person!


Now, there’s no question, as the Australians based their film on the book “Scapegoats of the Empire”, that Breaker Morant and his adjutants, who were shot with him, were scapegoats of the empire. Because, as Australians like to point out, there were only obeying orders, they were doing what everyone was doing. And that’s true! But it doesn’t make Breaker Morant a hero. It doesn’t make him a martyr. He was a war criminal! But he was being tried for other war criminals who were being total hypocrites. Because the policy was to kill prisoners. And when this German missionary witnessed the killing of civilians and POW’s, they decided to get rid of him too, because he would have been able to testify and expose the atrocities on the go.





So the film Breaker Morant, it goes part of the way in showing they were all, doing it, and what right the British have to be able to execute our men for this. And Australians still feel very sore about this. But the fact is, this was policy from Lord Kitchener, down! This is what Lord Milner had instructed! This is what the Rothschilds had instructed Milner and Kitchener to do. And they had passed it on.


And so the entire Commonwealth forces of the Empire, from the Canadians through to the Australians, were involved in scorched earth and genocidal war against civilian farmers, and even women and children! And that’s what they were doing for that three year war!


And it’s an extraordinary thing that in 1902, Britain was the most despised country in the world! All of Europe despised Britain! And loathed them for their low standards, and their barbarism, methods of barbarism, as it was called at the time.


And the South Africans, the Boers, were the most respected honored people in all of Europe, and possibly the world at that time! How extraordinary, that as the Rothschilds and their “Synagogue of Satan” gained control the media, that they managed to turn the British Empire into the heroes, and they managed to turn the Boers, the South Africans, into the “skunk’s” of the war, the “polecats” of the war! The most despised and hated people in the world, within just sixty years!




And isn’t that an extraordinary thing, that now most media in the world doesn’t pay attention, as you got another genocide of the Boers being planned, as they are murdering farmers, and trying to steal, to confiscate, expropriate, all of the farms from White people in the country. And we have been betrayed in this country several times over. But at least when the British were ravaging our land, most of Europe, and even America, was speaking up for us. And many British people, like Emily Hobhouse, was speaking up for South Africa.


But, you know, it’s extraordinary. What’s changed? Well the media! The media is now more monopolized, and therefore their are able to suppress so much of the news, although desk-top publishing, independent community radio stations, podcasts, and the Internet are changing that. And we’re very grateful for programs like yours, which give people a chance to get the uncensored news.


Andrew: Thank you Peter. What can you tell us about the events of today? Because I understand you took the service. Is there any details that you would like to go into about how that all went?


Peter: Yes. Well, first of all let me point out that Stephen Mitford Goodson is survived by his wife, Lillia [sp]. Who he met in Russia — she’s Russian — when he was in Russia in the year 2000, to meet Vladimir Putin, he met Lillia, who is now his wife, so that’s an interesting point.


They live not far from Cape Town, out on the coast in a very remote area. He’s a very private type of person. And they were home schooling their young child Tobyold [sp] Alexander. Alexander is actually very intelligent for his age. He had the courage to stand up at the service this morning and play on the violin, a Bach piece, in B minor.


I was quite impressed, not just by his skill, but his courage to be willing to do this. But he wanted to honor his father. So, he’s left a son behind. I’ve met two of his sisters, Phillipa and Mandy. And, of course, his mother is ninety five years old!




I met several of his relations. There were some uncles, and some nephews, and others who attended. Many friends, from a wide variety of places. There was even someone from the South African Reserve Bank that came along. He said:


He was the best, and he was the most honest, and straightforward.


Interestingly enough, we had the traffic police in Cape Town, Metropolitan Police, provide seven escort vehicles for the funeral procession from the Dutch Reformed Church in Rondebosch [unclear], which was the church President P.W. Botha was a member. That is very close on our Mission. And from there to the Comstead [sp] cemetery, where we did the committal and the graveside service, and literally physically buried the coffin.


So it was on the request of this family — remember his wife comes from an Orthodox background — open casket at the beginning of the service, and then, of course, burial.


[Image Source: Stephen Mitford Goodson — Memorial Service]


Now, there were quite a few battles! Interesting enough there were some members of the family who were trying to push for a quick cremation on Wednesday, last week. And we stood with his wife insisting that his request was burial. And, of course, that was honored in the end, even though there were elements of his family who were trying to agitate for cremation. And we were very suspicious about that, especially considering the suspicion about the fact that he was poisoned. Why were they going for a very quick cremation?


There was a lot of spiritual warfare. Myself and good friends of Stephen’s, the Kellers, [sp] intervened and gave support to his wife, his widow Lillia, to demand that the funeral home that had taken custody of the body, hand it over immediately, to cease and desist all plans for cremation. And we actually had to intervene to prevent that happening, so that he could could get a Christian burial and not a State cremation. Extraordinary amounts of fighting over that!




Then the next thing was, also in is will, he had requested to have the memorial service and the funeral service conducted in the chapel of Bishops School. The Diocesan School for Boys, which is called “Bishops”. He was an old boy at Bishops, a Church of England school. So I went with his sisters to meet the chaplain of Bishops chapel and the Bishops School, which is a very prestigious school in Cape Town, could be akin to Eton in Britain.


And so, at the most prestigious school that you could get in Cape Town, and Stephen was an “old boy” there, the chaplain had done his research. He knew immediately who I was, who Stephen was an “old boy”. And that, … do you know they flat out refused to allow us to have the memorial service in accordance with the wishes of the deceased in his will, at Bishops Chapel! Even though he was an “old boy” and had every right! So the position of the chaplain was:


Well, you’re a controversial person.


That’s speaking about me. And therefore he should take the service, because:


… after all, this is an Anglican school.


I said, well:


Well, I’m also an ordained minister of the Episcopal Churches of Sudan.


And then, interestingly enough, the chaplain said:


I know that.


And he said:


But what is your relationship with the church in South Africa?


And I said:


My relationship with the Church of England in South Africa is excellent!


And he said:


I’m not talking about the Church of England in South Africa, I mean the Church of the [unclear] of South Africa?


In South Africa, we’ve got a split between the evangelical bible faithful Church of England of South Africa, in no way affiliated with the World Council of Churches. And then we’ve got a very ecumenical Liberal Church of the Provence of South Africa, which is termed “Anglican”. Now in most countries of the world “Anglican” and “The Church of England” is the same thing. But in modern South Africa, legally, they are two separate groups. And the Church of England of South Africa is the evangelical wing, not affiliated with the World Council of Churches, in any way. And the Church of Provence is the ecumenical Tuttu [sp] branch.


So, he asked what’s my relationship with the Church of Provence? So I said:


Well I would trust the Church of the Provence would honor the credentials of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, with whom you’re in fellowship!


Well, he wasn’t happy with it either. And so we went on this extraordinary battle! Wait a minute! What is the chapel exists for? And I said:


Its for the boys from the school! It’s not part of the denomination, as much as the school chapel.


And I said:


And you also exist for the ex-scholars, the old boys.


And he said:


That’s correct.


I said:


Here we’ve got one, who was an ex-Bishops student, who has requested that the chapel be made available for us.


And, by the way, they don’t do it for free, you know. You’ve got to pay quite a heavy amount for it! Which we were willing to do. But they just flat refused to, … because they didn’t want to be associated with what Stephen was associated with. You think, this is like meeting George Orwell’s 1984 thought police!



Where, because of what Stephen believed, and because of his research and his writings, they didn’t want to be associated with him in having his last wishes of having a memorial service conducted by his friend, myself, in the chapel at Bishops where he studied! So that was disappointing. But it just showed you some of the battles that we deal with.


Well, interestingly enough, the traffic service of Cape Town, gave a seven vehicle police escort for the convoy going from the church through to the cemetery. And we thought at least he was honored to that extent. And that, by the way, is not, because of any municipal, or government authority. That’s only because we serve the chaplains and the police, providing them with bibles. And so, our [unclear] of African ministry, a person, made a phone call and suddenly the traffic police were there! The first experience I’ve had of having blue lights escorting you through every traffic light! There was no, we didn’t stop for any traffic light or stop sign, because they, at each place just stopped the traffic on each side and had us going through with blue lights, in front, and on the side, and behind. Quite an experience!




And Lillia said that Stephen would have really been tickled and impressed with that! That he was given such an honor, which I have not actually seen before at a funeral. So, we praised God that there were good people there. His family showed a lot of courage.


From what the people said, Stephen had a huge impact on people. Especially his courage in standing up to the bankers! Standing up to the governments! Standing up to the New World Order! Speaking truth to power is not easy, and praise God for someone who had the courage of a Daniel! To stand up even with the massive powers out there, and to be able to tell them what the facts were! And to let the chips fall where they may!


And so, as part of the eulogy and my sermon today, I said:


His courageous life and principled life is well encapsulated in Rudyard Kipling’s immortal poem, ‘If’.


I learnt this off by heart in school in Rhodesia. It was actually designed Rudyard Kipling to describe the first administrator of Rhodesia, Leander Starr Jameson. And when you read it, it could so easily explain the kind of moral courage that Stephen possessed.


If you can keep your head when all about you.
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster.
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken.
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings.
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings.
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew.
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you.
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute.
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!


That is Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If”.




Andrew: It is a fantastic poem, and of course the “powers that be” today would tell us that Rudyard Kipling was Indian! Because he was born in India, wouldn’t they, Peter?



Peter: Oh my! Yes, like you’re some kind of geographical accident! And yet the Bible tells us, that the Hebrews were still Hebrew even after four hundred years in Egypt. They never became Egyptians, they were Hebrews. And it was the desire of Joseph that his body be taken back into his land to be buried amongst his people. And you see this throughout the Scriptures, that you’re not a geographic accident, and you’re an ethno-linguistic people group. You’re part of a cultural family and group, which includes your race, your language, your culture, your faith! And in Missions in mythology we were taught a nation is an ethno-linguistic people who are of a shared faith.


So the world doesn’t consist of 221 nations. There’s something like 16,000 nations, according to mythology. Because a nation is an ethno-linguistic people group of a shared faith! The United Nations confuses people, but they’ll need more [unclear] United More Nations. In fact, they are the largest group of unelected, mass murdering dictators, human traffickers, and drug dealers in the world!


So, there’s nothing “united” or “nations” about the United Nations! And that’s something the confuses people. The fact is, United States is not a nation. It’s many nations! When you’ve got multiple languages, … America’s more like an empire actually, and it’s the most multicultural one on earth, in fact, right now. So when our Lord Jesus Christ used the word “ethni” in the “Great Commission”, he said make the [unclear] nations. And used to it “ethni”, in Greek, out of which we get the word “ethnic”. And he was telling us when he says “make the [unclear] all nations” he was not talking about sending a missionary to every country, or state registered in the UN! He’s talking about every single ethno-linguistic people, all the families of the nations of the earth. All the races, and tribes, and languages, of the earth.


This is what we read about in “Revelations”. So, for people today to suggest that:


Oh, you know, there is this Pakistani who’s born in London, therefore he’s an Englishman!


He’s not English! He might be a Londoner, but he’s not English. The fact that I’m born Africa, yes I’m an African in the sense of being born in Africa, that’s what “Afrikaner” means — you’re a White African. But, my father’s English, and that’s my culture, that’s my heritage, that’s my history! And therefore even though I’m all the way over here in the southernmost tip of Africa, I look to the Queen, as my Queen. And I look to the British Royal Family as representing our people, and our nation, and heritage. So, to us, we are much more than a geographic accident of where we are. If we’re born in an aircraft, or the middle of the ocean, we would still be the nation, the race, of our parents.




Andrew: Yes we would. And the other question I’ve got. You talked about a Christian burial as opposed to a cremation. Is there something cremation that Christians should avoid? Should they opt for burial, rather than cremation, Peter?


Peter: I definitely believe so. In fact you read in the minor prophets, the condemnation of the pagan king who burned the bones of his enemies. And that was considered a great curse. And that was given as one of the reasons for the wrath of God coming upon him in judgment.


You see how in the Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church, the papacy, chose through the Inquisition to burn their enemies, not just the enemies while they were alive, but in the case of Professor John Wycliffe [1320s – 1384] of Oxford University, to dig up his bones from the grave and burn them! Because burning of a person’s bones was considered a curse. So you can see how Abraham buried Sara, how Abraham was buried, how Joseph was buried, and how he even wanted his bones brought back to be buried in the promised land. You can see how the Lord Jesus was very buried. Burial is very Christian! This is what Noah did.


Cremation is what the pagans did. The pagan Greeks, the pagan Vikings, the pagan Romans. And when they got converted they stopped doing the burnings and they started doing burials. So burial is a very Christian [unclear] in sure and certain hope of the resurrection of the body from the dead. So, for us, burial is thoroughly Christian, and cremation is actually Hindu, new age, and pagan.


Andrew: I was just trying to find Stephen’s website, to see if that was up. I have an idea that he had one, and then it taken down, and what have you. So, I’m not sure that he actually maintained a website, recently.


Peter: We will try to, … we are going to try to set up a website in the name of Stephen Mitford Goodson, and put all of the articles that we can and links to others, like yours, that contains shows of his. So we are going to try our very best to see that there is a website up for Stephen Goodson. So, if it exists, we’ll improve it, if it doesn’t exist we’ll get it up again.




Andrew: Thank you so much Peter, that’s wonderful! Because, as you say, this work can’t be allowed to be forgotten. And that’s really the purpose of this show, to get all these great voices on, so that the work stays alive. And even going through, we found some so much archive material that we’ve done shows on, that’s been discovered on the internet. People that I hadn’t heard of, like Adrien Arcand in Canada, who was a spokesman for nationalism. I found a great speech that he had given though, and hadn’t even heard of the guy! And that led me to doing a show with Paul Fromm in Canada, about Adrien Arcand.


So, we’re finding things all the time. But it’s important that the work of those of us who have gone before is properly archived, and it’s available, so some people might want to read it, some people want to hear a show on it. Just so these people aren’t forgotten, and their sacrifices aren’t forgotten.


And we’ve got about six, seven minutes left, so I’m just going to give you a statement to the fact that we talked earlier in the show about these so-called academics that will literally pander to the will of the elite! And they won’t tell the truth! You went through Steven’s background, that basically, he went to the equivalent of Eton in South Africa. And on top of that, you think of the money he could’ve made, if he had chose to go with the system, rather than buck the system! So any comments on that, and anything that you would like to add that you haven’t mentioned, in the last six minutes of the show, Peter?


Peter: Yes. Well, I must say there is so much that I’ve learnt! You know, some people write books where they drag things out, you find a good point here and there. Stephen Goodson’s books are packed full! Every page has got so many gems, and so many nuggets, and phenomenal insights! I must say he doesn’t waste paper, and he doesn’t waste ink! He was a real academic. He studied both in Stellenbosch University and in Ghent in Belgium. He was a tremendous intellect! But he could reach the common people, he was very down to earth, even when he was dealing with some of the most complicated issues.




And he didn’t make me feel that I really didn’t understand much about economics, or something like that, as he answered my questions, and the questions of others like Hampson [sp] courses [unclear].


And I must say, I really recommend his books; “Inside the South African Reserve Bank— Its Origins and Secrets Exposed”, “History of Central Banking & The Enslavement of Mankind”, “Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd — South Africa’s Greatest Prime Minister”. And what he’s got to expose about the assassination of Verwoerd, and the communist New World Order, bankster agenda[unclear]are very, very powerful!



There’s no doubt, Stephen proves that Hendrik Verwoerd, our prime minister who got South Africa totally out of debt, where we owed nobody anything! Besides having a six percent growth rate per annum, and a phenomenal achievement, and then the man gets assassinated! And the hands of the Rothschilds were all over that one, too!



And then, General Jan Christian Smuts, who was, in fact, quite an ambivalent character and a real tool in the hands of New World Order. Had a major hand in both the First and the Second World Wars, and the League of Nations, and the United Nations, for which he wrote that the Charters for, on both occasions. So “Jan Smuts” a real expose! It’s really important to understand that. “The Genocide of the Boers”, absolutely essential reading for anyone who wants to understand twentieth century history.



So, Stephen Goodson’s left behind some phenomenally good books, great interviews that we need to listen to. His messages, his interviews that you have archived, that you’ve got available. Get hold of his books, it’s absolutely vital!


Our Mission stocks his books and promotes him, and that’s one way we can help his wife. Lillia has been left actually destitute, because he was cheated on a number of occasions. When I read that “If” poem I really thought, time and again, he knows what it is to see the truths he’s spoken twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools. The things he spent his life building, broken, and yet stooping down to rebuild them with worn-out tools.




He ran for Parliament back in 2014, and there was no doubt there was massive rigging, tremendous dishonesty! And he lost his deposit, even though there is no doubt that he had vastly more votes than was ever acknowledged! And when they were able to investigate that, they found lots of evidence of vote rigging. But the system was stacked against him! And he basically lost everything, so his family, the only sustenance for his wife and children is by selling his books. And his books are great, that’s one good thing that he’s left behind. He did good print runs, not just prints on demand, so we actually have these books in hand. And we, of course, will do our best support his widow through that, and help his son be home schooled. And we sent them back with a a whole lot of great resources, for him. He’s going into grade seven right now, and so on.


So, Christian Liberty Books dot co dot za, if you want to get his books. Visit “”. Our Mission, you can contact us “”. If you want to get hold of Stephen’s books it will be”.


The sermon I preached today and the eulogies that people gave is going to be put up on a sermon audio, in the next day, or so. And I’ll put a text message out. Also well get a “In Memoriam” page set for him with pictures we’ve got. If anyone has any other pictures of him, or anecdotes, or tributes, or eulogies, you would like to give him, please send it to us and well be very glad to add it to that page.


And well try to set up a website dedicated Stephen Goodson to make sure that his message keeps getting out, and that those people who hated him, and his courage, and the truth that he spoke, that they will be frustrated, and that God’s people will be encouraged!




Andrew: Thank you so much Peter. Fantastic again today, under very trying circumstances! But this show is, of course, dedicated to the “Late Great Stephen Mitford Goodson”! And I would like to ask all the audience as well, to go to Christian Liberty Books dot co dot za and look to purchase some of Stephen’s book so we can support his family, his widow, and his young son.


I want to thank Peter for sending the family away with some more home schooling materials. You know, that’s something else that Peter offers through his ministry.


And folks please remember Stephen, his widow, his son, his family, his friends in your prayers, at this time. I want to thank Peter so much for joining me again today. I want to thank all of you for listening. I will, of course, be back with you all tomorrow, and until then, bye for now!


Fetcho: You have been listening to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show! A new show every day of the year on the Euro Folk Radio Network. If you’d like to support Andrew’s work please go to his website, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock dot com, where his book, “The Synagogue of Satan” is available in an updated, expanded, and uncensored edition!






[Outro music]








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