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[Adam Green from “Know More News” interviews (Sept, 2017) Christopher Bollyn the investigative reporter who has been studying 9-11 from day one, and is the author of “Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World” and his newest book, “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”.


Christopher Bollyn’s work proves beyond any doubt that 9-11 was carried out by organized jewry through Israel and zionists within the US, to create their “War on Terror“, aka, “War OF Terror“, in order to justify the smashing of Arab countries, and others, to pieces, as part of  a larger New World Order agenda.









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Published on Sep 27, 2017


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Christopher Bollyn: The Man Who Solved 9/11

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Published on Sep 22, 2017


Investigative journalist, 9/11 researcher, and author Christopher Bollyn sits down with Adam Green and Know More News for an exclusive interview.

We discuss:
His Books and Tour
Israeli Role in 9/11
Predictive Programming
Alex Jones controlled opposiiton
and much more!

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Current Tour

About the People Who Attend Your Talks

ADL and the SPLC Attempts to Disrupt

Netanyahu and Terrorism

Rupert Murdoch, Jewish Ownership of the Media

The Current State of the 9/11 Movement?

What We Want!

The Oded Yinon Plan to Fragment Arab Countries

Bollyn’s Views on Trump and 9/11

Do You Ever Think of Giving Up?

When Do You Debate People on 9/11?

What are the Demographics of the 9/11 Truth Movement?

The 2006 CNN Hit Job on You

How Many Americans Question the Official Conspiracy?

What About the Muslim World?

What’s the Evidence that Jews did 9/11?

Give Us a List of the Evidence of Israeli Involvemnet

The 1979 Netanyahu “Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism”

Michael Chertoff and other Top Connections

The Cover-up and Destruction of Evidence

Philip Zelikow and the “9/11 Commission Report”

The Need for a Real Investigation of 9/11 and Cover-up

The 4,000 Israelis Who Didn’t Show Up on 9/11?

CNN with Michael Gross Saying Jews are being Scapegoated

Criticism of Israel and Jews involved in 9/11 is “Anti-semitic”!

Solving a Crime Means Going where the Evidence Leads

Did You Ever Think You Might Be Wrong?

9/11 And the “War on terror” an Israeli, Zionist Operation

What About Jesuits, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers?

Predictive Programming, Arnon Milchan, and Rupert Murdoch

Alternative Media, Controlled Opposition, and Alex Jones

What About the Bible, and the “Synagogue of Satan”?

Your Letter to the Pope, Did He Respond?

What is Hindering People from Speaking Out?

Shimon Perez Wanting to Frighten the West into Supporting Israel’s Aims

Who Were the Top Three People Involved in Planning 9/11?

Menachem Begin, the Father of Terrorism

Your Place in History When the Truth of 9/11 is Known?

Do You Ever Fear for Your Life for Exposing the People Behind 9/11?

Everyone Needs to Read Bollyn’s Books!




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You’re watching No More News.


Green: I’m Adam Green with No More News. Today I’m joined by author and 9/11 researcher, Christopher Bollyn. Christopher Bollyn dot com. He’s got two books. His new book, “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”, and his previous book, from, …  What year did “Solving 9/11”, come out?


Bollyn: 2012.



Green: 2012. “Solving 9/11 — The Deception that Changed the World”. Two books that are the best books on 9/11, in my opinion. They point out the who, why, and how!



So Chris, thanks for coming in and talking with me today.



Bollyn: You’re welcome!



Current Tour



Green: So, tell me about the tour. How many stops have you made so far, and how many more do you have?


Bollyn: Well the tour just started in the first week of September. I’ve been, about, to half a dozen places, and I’ve got about, a dozen, or so, more.


Green: And this isn’t your first tour. You did two tours for “Solving 9-11”?



Bollyn: No. This is the sixth tour. First tour was in the fall of 2014, and there’s been five since then.


Green: Five. And these are mostly in the US, or you’ve gone around the world as well?


Bollyn: These are the US tours, I’m talking about. I’ve also done some tours in Europe.


Green: Yeah, and how are you received in America, compared to other countries?


Bollyn: Well, I’m received everywhere pretty well, with the exception of places where there’s a kind of orchestrated protest, like in Brooklyn, or Tucson. But generally, you know, if somebody invites me to a place, like a public library, then usually the event goes ahead with no problem. Public libraries are in fact, you know, a bastion of free speech in this country.



About the People Who Attend Your Talks



Green: On your book tour you give the your presentations, and they’re available online. There’s several of them on YouTube. Really good, lots of information. What are the type of people that come out to protest the events? Talk to me about the protesters.





Bollyn: Well, there was a small protest in Tucson, and they were an organized group. But there was a bigger protest in Brooklyn.



And that was done by a group, a jewish group, for “Racial and Economic Equality”, something of that nature. And when you go to their website and look at who funds them, you see that Larry Silverstein and Clara Silverstein are two of the main funders, and their organizations.



Green: Well, there’s no conflict of interest there!


Bollyn: No! [smiling]


Green: So well, how other protesters behave when they’re there? Are they violent?


Bollyn: Well! In Brooklyn they were quite out of line. They would come into the event, they would start shouting. They did everything they could to disrupt it, to intimidate people. It was really quite obnoxious!



They were shouting and they had some burly guy, who was pushing people around. And they were just being really obnoxious. And so, the Brooklyn police had to come out to, you know, escort me out from the premises safely.




Green: Good. I’m glad that they were there to protect you.


Bollyn: They were very good.



ADL and the SPLC Attempts to Disrupt



Green: So, I read a few of the articles on the ADL and SPLC. You’re like one of their enemy number ones. And they had like a organized campaign to try to have people cancel your events. And they try to pressure the venues.


Bollyn: Yeah. I don’t know who’s behind that, but there’s a fellow in Canada and some other people, who take it upon themselves to contact venues and to threaten them, threaten the venue’s in order that they will pull the event. And that has happened, that’s happened before in Massachusetts and New York.


Green: How does that make you feel when they cancel your event and stop your free speech? Even though it’s so fact-based. Like they can’t even stop and have a dialogue and a discourse, and listen to you.


Bollyn: Well, yeah! It’s like what I tell the protesters. I tell the protesters, you know:


Come inside and listen to the presentation, and you can ask your questions afterwards. We can talk about this.


But they’re not willing to do that. They’re not wanting to have a discussion.


And it’s the same thing with these other detractors. They don’t want to discuss the evidence! They don’t want to discuss 9/11 facts. They simply want to attack me, calling me an “anti-semite“, or a “Nazi“, or something like that. It’s the end of the discussion.


Green: There’s a picture of you online on one of these sites and it says, I think the headline was like:


“Oh! You didn’t know the Nazi speaking at your event?”


And they have a picture of you, like behind some like German lettering. Have you seen that picture?




Bollyn: Oh, they have a picture of me, and I think you’re talking about the picture from, in Germany? I was at the train station and Mannsee. And it has the old gothic text, “Mannsee Station“. I lived in Mannsee. What’s the big deal?


Green: Yeah! It’s not like you’re wearing a swastika or anything.


Bollyn: Yes, right. Thank you.


Green: Anybody that’s been to Germany is apparently a Nazi! So, how about the people that are in support, that come out to the event? Are there other people that like are on the fence, or is everybody mostly supporters?





Bollyn: Well, that’s hard to say, It depends where I’m speaking. I’ve spoken in places like Spokane, Washington, where when I asked the people about their feelings on Israel, about half the audience was Christian zionists.


So, it depends where I’m speaking.


But most people are interested, obviously. And I would say most of them are actually supportive of my position. There they’re familiar with it, because it’s a group of people who are quite awake. And they’re very much aware of 9/11 research, that come to my presentations, generally.


It’s not people that don’t know anything about it. The average person who doesn’t know anything about 9/11, is not interested in 9/11 for a reason. They’re in denial, they don’t want to talk about. It scares them!


So the people come to my event, I often say, are some of the most extraordinary people in America. Because they have moral courage and they have the intelligence to understand that they’ve been lied to!





Netanyahu and Terrorism



Green: Speaking of moral courage, that’s a good segue to go to one of the quotes in your book, which is from Netanyahu in his book, … What is his book called?


Bollyn:Fighting Terrorism“, I think.




Green:Fighting Terrorism“. And the quote is on page 50.


“But in many cases, of course, it is perfectly possible to determine who the terrorists are and who stands behind them. If governments have failed to do this it is more often not for lack of knowledge but for lack of courage and moral clarity.”


So, and that’s Netanyahu in “How the West Can Win“, 1986



Bollyn:Terrorism — How the West Can Win“. Yeah, right.


Green: Yeah. So he’s presumably talking about, like Western governments, and then the terrorists being al-Qaeda, in this quote, right?


Bollyn: Yeah. He said it in nineteen, it’s from 1986, and so he’s talking about, yeah, you know, he’s probably referring generally to Palestinian, and what he called “Arab terrorism“, or “Islamic terrorism“.




Green: But you think that like the underlying read between the lines here, is he’s really talking about that they’re the ones that are behind the terrorism?


Bollyn: Yeah, well, he’s not saying that, but the quotes of Netanyahu, are good for this purpose, because they’re applicable to any terrorist operation. Any terrorist thing. And so, you know, whether it’s a false flag terror operation that’s been done by the Israelis, perhaps, or something that’s a genuine act of terrorism. It goes both ways. It’s true!


And so it’s like Netanyahu has had this, Netanyahu Institute’s been working on terrorism since like 1979. So there’s a lot of Israeli analysis and study of terrorism that goes into his comments. It’s the same thing he said about the media. He said:


“That the terrorists need to control the mass media!”


Well, that works just as well for the Israelis, that they need to control the mass media, to get their way.




Green: Read us that quote, too. Talk about that.


Bollyn: Yeah, yeah. But this is Netanyahu from the same book “Terrorism — How the West Can Win“.



He says:


“But how do we form our opinions of the present? The West depends in large measure on its media. This is why terrorists, in their war against the West, devote so much of their strategy, and their effort, to capturing the Western press, and using it for their own purposes.”



Rupert Murdoch, Jewish Ownership of the Media



Yeah. Well if you look at the Western press and who owns, it’s a primarily owned by companies, or individuals, who are strongly zionist. Like in the case of CBS News. The President and CEO of CBS News, is a man named Leslie Moonves, who is the grand nephew of the founding Prime Minister of the state of Israel, Ben-Gurion. So it’s like, it’s not like, …



Green: Rupert Murdoch?


Bollyn: Rupert Murdoch, is, yeah, …


Green: Sumner Redstone?




Bollyn: Yeah. There’s many. It’s been the case all along.


And in a case of people like Mr Murdoch, he was created to be the media mogul he is, with deep pocket funding from the Rothschilds. You don’t become the owner of 160 newspapers across the United States and Britain with chump change.



Green: Isn’t he involved with investments in drilling with the Kushner’s in the Golan Heights, too? Have you heard of that?


Bollyn: Yes.Murdoch is a partner with the Rothschilds in the drilling on the Golan Heights, which is illegal. And the Rothschilds are also primary owners of the oil of Kurdistan, in the north of Iraq. Which will be voting for independence within a fortnight.



The Current State of the 9/11 Movement?



Green: Okay. All right, back to the tour. What would you say, you traveled all around the US, and all over the world. What is the state of the 9/11 truth movement? And how has it evolved over the years?





Bollyn: Well! How has it evolved? it’s gotten more, at this point, sixteen years later, it’s gotten more real. I mean, that people now understand more about 9/11, who did it and why they did it, because we’re sixteen years into the “War on Terror”. And my current tour is primarily focused on the “War on Terror”, because this is the ongoing crime! 9/11 was the atrocity that happened 16 years ago. 3,000 people were killed in broad daylight.


But ever since then, more and more people have been killed every day, because of the “War on Terror”. And the “War on Terror” and 9/11 are like two sides of a counterfeit coin. It’s a fraud! And once people understand the 9/11 fraud, they will understand the fraud of the “War on Terror”. But in actual reality the “War on Terror” is older, much older!


Green: Yeah. And your book gets into that via the origins, 1979, “The Jerusalem Conference”.


Bollyn: Right.


Green: What do you think the new 9/11 movement needs to like really get over hump, and like reach a critical mass?




Bollyn: Well, that’s a good question, because the mainstream media is not ever going to address 9/11 truth, because they’re complicit in the crime. So, what needs to happen is that we’re having a revolution of awareness in this country. People are waking up and realizing that they’ve been lied to by the media and the government, for the last 16 years, and longer.


And in the case, you know, it’s still a situation that the John F Kennedy murder is still covered up by the mainstream media and the government. So this is a, … What we hope to achieve, is that we hope that people of people of well-known reputations and means, you know, deal with 9/11 truth, come to terms with it, and embrace it! And when more and more people understand that the deception of 9/11, we hope that we can end the “War on Terror”.






What We Want!



And what we really want to do is, you know, we want a proper investigation of 9/11, because it’s never been investigated at all, as a crime. The evidence was destroyed. We want to bring the guilty to account, the people who were involved in the crime and the deception, and the covering up of the crime. And we want to end the war.


We want to end the “War on Terror” and again prosecute those people who have been part of the war crimes that have been committed. Because the “War on Terror” is primarily a war of conquest and aggression that’s being waged under the pretext of fighting terrorism. But it’s not! it’s a crime!


And so the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, these are wars of aggression! And that’s what the British inquiry the “Chilcott Inquiry” made very clear. But we haven’t had anything like the “Chilcott Inquiry” in this country. But we need to do that! We need to clean house! Because we can’t go forward into a into a future of peace and prosperity based on the lies that we’ve accepted for the last 16 years is true!




Green: Do you think we need to like, mobilize around a political candidate that talks about 9/11 truth? Like somebody needs to break into politics, like maybe Tulsi Gabbard? She talks about ISIS, and funding ISIS. Have you spoken to her.


Bollyn: Well, I haven’t spoken to her, but I know she had the bill to stop funding terrorists, ISIS, and what have you, in Syria.


But I think that for us to, you know, put all our chips into a political candidate, would be a mistake, because the political landscape is so tilted against us. We don’t have any Congress person calling for 9/11 truth, yet, after 16 years! Some people are calling, like Barbara Lee and Tulsi Gabbard, are calling for an end to certain aspects of the “War on Terror”. Or, you know, renegotiating the authority to use military force, which is the funding and the authorization for the “War on Terror”.



But we need a popular resistance to this. We need, … You know, it’s like , I grew up during the Vietnam time, and there was a popular resistance to the war in Vietnam. We don’t see anything like that in this country today. 16 years! You have to remember that the “War on Terror” is the longest war in US history at this point! The oldest war in US history! And also the most expensive war in US history!


And it like this doesn’t make any sense. You know, originally it started out to go after the terrorists who committed 9/11, you know, many of whom supposedly died on 9/11. So going after a ragtag group of students and Taliban in Afghanistan, that shouldn’t take more than a couple weeks!


But, from the very beginning they said:


“This is going to take decades!”



Well, why? Because they knew that the real underlying strategy for the “War on Terror” was to redraw the map of the Middle East, to conquer territories, and to cut the Arab countries into pieces. And that would take some time.





The Oded Yinon Plan to Fragment Arab Countries



Green: So yeah, you talk about “sectarian enclaves”. They want to have a Kurdistan. How does that benefit Israel, to break up their surrounding Muslim countries into smaller sectarian groups? Is it just, because they’re fighting with one another and that if there are smaller countries, that Israel is more powerful?


Bollyn: Well, yeah. First of all, if they can break up, … The “Yinon Plan”, the “Oded Yinon Plan” of 1982, made very clear that on the eastern front, Israel’s primary targets were Iraq, and Syria, in that order. And the first thing they wanted to do was to destroy the military of Iraq, and Syria. And then to fragment the country along it’s ethnic lines, or religious lines. It’s called “balkanization”, because it’s exactly what was done to Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was a large country, a socialist country. They broke it up into six, or seven statelets.




And for Israel that would mean that the other countries in the neighborhood would be similar ethnic States. And Israel is just another ethnic state. So they would have some moral justification in a neighborhood where everybody is similar, you know, ethnic States.


And then also, they obviously weakened the big Bath states, the big Arab states, like Iraq, and Syria. Saudi Arabia is on the chopping block too. So it’s like nobody, … It’s happened to Libya, it’s happened to Lebanon, and Yemen, and Sudan. It’s the game plan.


Green: Do you think that Saudi Arabia is going to give up some of their land to Israel? Because if you look at the “Greater Israel” project, the “Eratz promised land”, that goes into Saudi Arabia.



Because it seems like they’re working together with ISIS, and they’re not exposing them for 9/11. They worked together on 9/11, and arming the Mujahideen. So is there a deal worked out, where they’re gonna give them the promised land at one point?




Bollyn: I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know how it’s gonna shake out. But I have seen that the maps of this balkanization of the Middle East, do affect Saudi Arabia.


They’re trying to achieve this plan. And in Syria, right now, they’re breaking the country up into three pieces, or four pieces. And Iraq has already been broken up into three pieces. As I said, on the 25th of September, there’ll be a referendum in Kurdistan to become independent of Iraq. That’s what they want to do, but, you know, there are obstacles along the way. In the case of Syria there’s been some obstacles in the form of, you know, Iran and the Russian military.




Bollyn’s Views on Trump and 9/11



Green: In the foreword to your book, Alan Sabrosky writes that you’re optimistic that Trump might disclose 9/11 truth. I’m not sure when he wrote that, if he had already bombed Syria and revamped the war in Afghanistan. But do you still have that sentiment about Trump?




Bollyn: Well, I mean, I hope that Trump will do something about 9/11 truth, and ending the war. You know, he spoke about these things when he was, … He didn’t speak about 9/11 truth specifically, but he did talk about having better relations with Russia, ending the conflict in Syria.



And he has done some good things. He’s pulled out from the CIA funding of the Syrian rebels. The war in Syria is now coming to a conclusion, largely, because the United States has pulled back support. So that’s a good thing! The sooner the war in Syria is over, the sooner we get some balance, the better. I would have, of course, preferred that Donald Trump, from the very beginning, took a more muscular policy on ending the wars in Iraq, and Syria, and Afghanistan. But, he didn’t do that.




Green: What do you think about his relationship with Silverstein, and Netanyahu, and the Kushner’s? Do you really think that’s possible, that there’s any chance that he will do that?


Bollyn: Well, he has had very close relations with Israelis, and Americans zionists for a long time. That doesn’t mean that he’s in cahoots with the 9/11 cover-up. I would hope that as a New Yorker, and as American, he would not cover up the truth of 9/11! Which is, you know, the fundamental thing that I’m talking about here. And as a political leader, and when he ran for office, he told his policy guy that he wants to be the most pro-Israeli candidate out there. He was saying that, because he wanted to win the election.


But, I would hope that even though he has these relations with these zionists, that he is not party to the 9/11 crime, or the cover-up.


Green: I think he’s a part of the cover-up, because on 9/11, he said the buildings were so strong, and he thought there was more than planes, and bombs. And then a few days later he changed his tune completely, and said that:


“Oh! It’s kamikazes, and they’re terrorists, and there’s nothing that would have stopped the buildings from coming down!”


Bollyn: Right. That’s right! He said on 11th of September, he said that:


“There had been, most likely, bombs that went off simultaneously with the plane impacts.”


Which is pretty true, pretty correct! I mean, a good observation. And as you said, two days later he changed his tune. So, whether somebody called him up and told him to change his tune, is most likely the case.


But that’s happened all across the US! You know, I saw a professor from New Mexico Tech, he did the same thing. On day one, he spoke truth about 9/11, ten days later he changed his tune.




And, you know, this is the politic thing to do, for these people. They want to either keep their position, they want to keep their funding, they want to stay on the right side of the tracks. And so, they go along with the cover-up.



Do You Ever Think of Giving Up?



Green: Can you talk about your frustration, or do you ever think about giving up the fight for 9/11?



Bollyn: That’s a good question, because, no I haven’t. I’ve never thought about giving up! And I can tell you that it’s been very difficult! It’s been very difficult at times. But, you know, it would be worse to give up, especially knowing what I know. And having done the research that I’ve done over a period of years, it would be just stupid to give up!


But more than that, it’s like, to give up and to let the lie go on, for even one more day, it would be a sin! It’s wrong! You know, this whole thing is so wrong the way these people have hijacked our reality!



The first chapter of this book “The War on Terror”, it’s like living with, … Here it is, “coping with artificial reality”, because in the 16 years since 9/11 that’s where this country has been! The United States has been in this artificial reality!



We’ve been given a lie about what happened on a 9/11, and based on that live we have gone to war! We’re waged war against, you know, half a dozen Islamic nations. We’ve done terrible devastation to places like Syria, and Iraq, and Afghanistan!


And we’ve done great damage to this country! The cost of the “War on Terror” is at least two and a half trillion dollars, right now! That’s not counting future costs down the road, which will double that. I mean, this is suicidal!





And I love this country, and I want to see this country restore some of it’s integrity, and get back on track! It’s like the country’s been hijacked! There’s no better way to say it, the country’s been hijacked! And, you know, when the country’s been hijacked, you can’t just sit back in your first-class seat, drinking champagne, and not worry where the plane’s going! You got to turn it around! And that’s what I think, that’s my obligation, and that’s the obligation of people in the country who understand 9/11 truth!



When Do You Debate People on 9/11?



Green: Do you ever debate people on 9/11, like academics, or people in media? Like, does anybody step up and actually want to debate with you?




Bollyn: No. No, not like that. But occasionally I will take on somebody who’s critical. People who are quite critical. For example, I don’t usually get into debate with other people, or journalists, pundits, scholars, what-have-you, unless they attack 9/11 truth. I mean, one example was, I think, a man named “Greg Palast”. He turned against Stephen Jones. And in an interview on TV, he said:


“Come at me Jones! Come at me! You’re a fraud!”


And I thought:


“Gee this is outrageous! Why is the attacking Professor Jones?”


Professor Jones did great research on finding the nano-thermite in the destruction of towers. And with a little investigation I found that Mr Palast has connections to Israeli intelligence. One of his uncle’s, or great uncle’s, or something like that, was no less than David Kimche, the man who was the Israeli Mossad architect of Iran-contra.


So I mean, you see, that’s kind of like where my debate goes. When people attack 9/11 truth, when they attack me as an individual, when they attack Professor Jones, or other 9/11 truth people, quite unjustly! Then I will debate them, or look into what they’re saying.




Because I want to find out why they’re doing it. Because there’s no logical, or moral, justification for attacking 9/11 truth. Anyone who attacks 9/11 truth, or 9/11 truthers, is basically working for the other side.



What are the Demographics of the 9/11 Truth Movement?




Green: What would you say the demographics of 9/11 movement are? You’ve been around the country, what is the 9/11, … How could you summarize and describe the 9/11 movement?


Bollyn: Well, I can’t speak for the whole movement, but the people that come to my events, generally tend to be older people, and people who understand the betrayal that 9/11 represents to America.


Green: Why do you think it’s older people that come to your events?


Bollyn: Well I think there’s a couple reasons. Older people know, they know very well what we’ve lost there. And 9/11 happened when they were mature, when they were able to grasp it. And they know what’s being lost in this country!




Whereas young people who were, you know, just a couple years old when 9/11 happened, the “War on Terror” has been like the wallpaper in the room for them. It’s been, it is accepted. And they don’t realize what this country has lost, and what this country is losing! So, it tends to be older people.



The 2006 CNN Hit Job on You



Green: Now we’re gonna get into your famous CNN appearance! And do, you know what year this was?


Bollyn: This was done in 2006.


Green: And you had to know you’re going, you’re being interviewed by CNN, and this is gonna be a total hit piece!


Bollyn: Yeah!


Green: They play you like 10 seconds, …



Bollyn: Yeah it was done before the trial. It aired on TV the night before my trial was supposed to begin.


Green: Wow! So it was totally, …


Bollyn: Yeah, it was a hit piece!


Green: Okay, so we’re gonna start it, and let me know when you want to, whenever you want to interject, and I’ll pause it.





CNN: We’ve all heard some absolutely incredible 9/11 conspiracy theories. The web, of course, is full of them! But tonight, we’re bringing one out, that feeds on racism, out in the open. We were, …


Green: So the introduction, what do you feel about that? They’re introducing it as “this is racism” right away! Not like:


“This is what some people think.”


It’s just:


“Racist! Let us introduce you to the racist!”


Bollyn: Right! Right. Well, at the time this lady Paula Zahn. She was married to a man named Cohen, and that marriage ended a few years later. But she was put up to this. She was told that you’re gonna make this piece and we’re gonna do a piece about 9/11 and racism.


Green: When you talked to her and you were interviewed, how long did she actually talk to you, for?


Bollyn: I didn’t talk to Paula Zahn. She’s the hostess of the show. I spoke to Deborah Feyerick, who was the person that came out to Chicago.


Green: And how long did they talk to you?




Bollyn: Well they talked for several hours. They came to the public library. We met them there. They filmed the whole thing. And we took the precaution of recording the entire audio for ourselves. Because they, as you see, they tried to make a hit piece out of it.


Media (CNN): We’re absolutely shocked by one recent poll that found out that one in every three Americans believed the terror attacks were not the work of America’s enemies, but some sort of inside job! And Deborah Feyerick found a smaller percentage who believed in an even uglier theory.




How Many Americans Question the Official Conspiracy?



Green: One-in-three! I’ve seen stats that low, but also like 50%. So it’s like, I feel like so many people question it.




I go out and do interviews, people everywhere question 9/11, but I feel like the “conspiracy stigma” makes everybody not want to speak out about it, and not talk about it.


Bollyn: Hmm, well the year this video was made, 2006, was the last poll that the CBS, New York Times, did on 9/11 truth. And they asked the public, they did a poll and they found that only 18 [16] percent of the American people believed the government was being honest about 9/11. Eighty-four percent of the public thought that the government was either hiding something, or outright lying about 9/11! Eighty-four percent! So that’s the year that video was made.



What About the Muslim World?



Green: And the majority of the Muslim world, and you’ve gone and spoke to Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. The majority the Muslim world, what do they think?


Bollyn: Well I don’t know. You know, the Muslim world is a very big place.


Green: From your experience.


Bollyn: Yeah, the Nation of Islam is special, because they have a very intelligent leader, and a brave man, in Minister Farrakhan, who is not afraid to address 9/11 truth. He’s the only religious leader that I know of that has national stature that takes on 9/11 truth.





Farrakhan: This is something that took tremendous sophistication to do! And that sophistication was not with Osama bin Laden, or his followers! But if it was not Muslims, then who? Thanks to the exemplary work of scholars, like Victor Thorn, and Christopher Bollyn, it is now becoming apparent that there were many Israelis and zionist jews in key roles in the 9/11 attack! Now look, if they can prove me wrong, like I said, I’ll pay with my life, since they want to kill me anyway. Prove me wrong!



Bollyn: And in the Muslim world, you know, outside the United States, I really don’t know what their opinion is, but I do know that in the very beginning, in a global poll that was done, seven percent of the people believed that the Israelis were behind 9/11.[Note the qualifier “at the very beginning” — k]


Green: Seven percent?




Bollyn: Yes.


Green: Cass Sunstein writes in his paper that the majority of countries, Muslim countries, believe it, and that’s why it’s so dangerous.



Bollyn: They believe?


Green: That 9/11 is a conspiracy.


Bollyn: Oh yeah.


Green: And most of them think, believe, it was the jews.


Bollyn: Right!



CNN media (male): This 9/11 attack was not by 19 Arabs! It was not by Muslims!

CNN media (female): They talk about a jewish plot!

CNN media (male): Everywhere here you look you find a zionist agent.

CNN media (female): A conspiracy by Israeli intelligence.

CNN media (male): In those exact moments, a group of Mossad agents, …

CNN media (female): Where there were zionist moles in the Bush administration allegedly calling the shots in the Middle East. Websites, magazines, documentaries, radio programs, dozens of them disputing the facts that al-Qaeda was behind the 9/11 attacks.

CNN media (male): It was done by a group of zionists.



Paula Zahn: Are you suggesting that al-Qaeda had nothing to do with it? That this was all part of a large conspiracy, zionist, or otherwise?





Bollyn: Al-Qaeda, is in my opinion, has been exploited. I question whether such a group even exists!


Paula Zahn: Chicago writer, Christopher Bollyn, is one of the conspiracy theorists.


Bollyn: I believe that there are Israeli elements, that are connected to the Mossad, that are involved in this attack.


Paula Zahn: There’s no physical evidence to support claims that jews were behind 9/11, but the, …


Green: Some of that, “no physical evidence”!


Bollyn: Hmm.



What’s the Evidence that Jews did 9/11?



Green: It’s funny that they just say, this is what they believe. They don’t say any of our arguments and just claim there’s no evidence!




Bollyn: Hmm hmm. Well, she says no “physical evidence”. You know, there is abundant evidence that the Israeli military intelligence was involved in the creation of the “War on Terror”!


You see, when you understand that the “War on Terror” construct, is a construct of Israeli military intelligence, then the Israeli involvement in 9/11 makes a lot more sense.


Because what you find in my 9/11 research, in “Solving 9/11” books, shows that at every critical point, there’s an Israeli agent involved! Or an American zionist who’s working with them.



Green: Indisputable! Everywhere you look! You documented in your books, like, in a second, I’m gonna have you bullet point, go through all the evidence of Israeli involvement. We’ll see how many you can get in. I’ll time you for like two minutes. Can you get 50, you think?



Bollyn: I don’t know. [chuckling]


Green: I bet you can!


CNN media (female): Speculation and rumors mostly discounted here in the US, had gained momentum in Muslim countries, where they’re discussed and believed.

Iman: These are zionist hands, …

CNN media (female): Deborah Lauter is with the jewish-run Anti-Defamation League.



Deborah Lauter: What’s most troubling is when it reaches the internet and goes into the Muslim Arab world. We have this cross-fertilization of hate. And this is something we’ve never seen before.

Paula Zahn: A whole web of, …


Green: Doesn’t it seem like that the ADL is trying to associate 9/11 truthers with the terrorists, like we’re terrorist sympathizers?




Bollyn: Yeah!


Green: We’re like, we’re terrorists too, essentially, is what they’re trying to say.


Bollyn: Well she’s saying that 9/11 truth that looks at Israeli involvement in 9/11 is hateful!


Green: Ahh hmm.


Bollyn: And the thing is, first of all, we’re not talking about jews as a group, or Israelis as a nationality. We’re talking about a very small subset!


Obviously this was a cell that was created back in the 1970s, that took the 9/11 operation further through time. And it was a very compartmentalized group of people, and we know who some of these people are. They are all primarily, at the highest level, zionists that are part of the Likud party, military intelligence people, and people that belong to this Israeli criminal network.



Paula Zahn: You hear this stuff, and it just makes you sick to your stomach! There is absolutely no evidence! That anybody other than al-Qaeda was involved with this attack!




Green: Absolutely no evidence!


Bollyn: Right!


Green: So your challenge now.



Bollyn: Right.



Give Us a List of the Evidence of Israeli Involvement



Green: Israeli involvement in 9/11. Give me, let’s just do the top ten. You don’t have to get into all the details. People can watch your presentations and read your books, which they absolutely should! They should know, everybody should know this information. But, let’s go, ten bullet points of undisputed evidence.


Bollyn: Okay. Well, let’s go chronologically, then. In 1978 the senior Israeli intelligence agent in Hollywood, Arnon Milchan made a film, his first film. He made it in Europe, in which a Boeing 747 crashes into a high-rise building, like the Pan Am building in New York. So that’s like “ideation”. Putting the idea out there.



Green: Was that movie, … did they already have the idea to put the plane into the tower?


Bollyn: Yeah.


Green: Was it predictive programming, they put it out?


Bollyn: Oh yeah.


Green: Or did they get the idea of 9/11 from the movie?


Bollyn: No. They, that’s a good question. Because what you see is in the late 1970s, Menachem Begin from the Likud, created the Likud Party in 73. Came to power in 77. And that’s when the ball started rolling. The dual ball of the “War on Terror” and 9/11.


So that in 1978, for example, one year after Menachem Begin becomes prime minister, Arnon Milchan makes his film, “The Medusa Touch”, in which a Boeing, a large Boeing, crashes into a big building. The same year, one year later, the former head of the Mossad, Isser Harel, the founding father of the Mossad, predicts to an American zionist, that Arabs will attack the tallest buildings in New York City. And 20 years later it happens.




Green: Okay, so there’s two.


Bollyn: Yeah.


Green: We’re doing the [unclear] prediction to the zionists.


Bollyn: Yeah.


Green: Okay.



The 1979 Netanyahu “Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism”



Bollyn: Then in 1979, the Netanyahu Institute in Jerusalem, hosts a conference called “The Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism”, in which they roll out this new doctrine that the United States and the Western democracies have to come and fight Islamic terrorism in the Middle East. Basically to protect Israel. It’s not put that way, it’s described a little bit differently. They say that terrorists attack Israel, because it’s a Western state, therefore the West has an obligation to come and protect it.


Green: I remember hearing that on 9/11.


Bollyn: Yeah.


Green: That an attack on them, is really an attack on us but just closer.


Bollyn: Right! Exactly!


Green: Okay. So that was three, then. The conference where they rolled out the propaganda for the “War on Terror”.


Bollyn: Yeah. And then Isser Harel, a couple years later, two of his senior lieutenants, you know, Zvi Malkin [Malkin, Peter “Zvi”] and Shalom Bendor [Bendor, Avraham (a.k.a. Avram Shalom) ], or Avraham Shalom Bendor. These names are a little bit dodgy. But these two men are senior lieutenants under Isser Harel in the Mossad. They were involved in the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann, for example, from Argentina. They were involved in the smuggling of plutonium from Pennsylvania to Israel.


So these are very high-level Mossad agents. And they come to the United States like in their 50s, or 60s, I could guess, in early 1980s, and they try to get the security contract for the World Trade Center. They get a contract in 1987 for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for the World Trade Center, in some sort of anti-terrorism protection, for the World Trade Center.


And when it’s discovered that Avram Shalom Bendor is using a fake name, and that he’s been convicted of murder, as the head of Shin Bet in Israel, the contract is torn up. So you see, it went from being a fantasy, or a prediction of Isser Harel, to two of his main men coming to the United States and getting the contract for the World Trade Center. So, …




Green: So, 9/11 would have happened back in the late 80s, …


Bollyn: Well, yes!


Green: If he wouldn’t have got the contract cancelled?


Bollyn: Yes! If they had, … if that contract had gone through, then they would have been prepared for the operation in the late 80s.


Green: So that’s four things. Three, or four things. She said there’s no evidence, but those are all undisputed, very hard, compelling evidence.


Bollyn: Ahh-hmm.



Michael Chertoff and other Top Connections



Green: What would you say is some more top connections?


Bollyn: Well, then you have the role of Michael Chertoff. In 1993 there was the first bombing of the World Trade Center, where a car bomb went off, in which the FBI was very much involved in the operation. That was like a sting operation. The FBI paid this Egyptian Colonel, Salem, a million dollars to testify against the, you know, motley crew he had collected around him, including the “blind Sheikh”. These people went to jail for like, five thousand years!




Michael Chertoff was a key person in the prosecution, from New Jersey. And, because the case had it’s roots, … The conspiracy apparently had it’s roots in New Jersey, according to the operation. Michael Chertoff, then, fast forward few years, is then the Assistant Attorney General of the United States, responsible for, … he was given the portfolio for investigating 9/11, the 9/11 crime. But rather than investigate it, he allowed the evidence to be destroyed!


Now Michael Chertoff, you have to understand, is a son of the Mossad. He’s an Israeli-American. His mother was an Israeli citizen, which makes him an Israeli citizen. His mother was one of the first Mossad agents in Israel.


Green: You write about that in your book. She worked for the airlines that brought all the people from, …


Bollyn: Right! From Yemen. “Operation Magic Carpet”, I think it was called. So, …


Green: And isn’t his dad a Talmudic scholar?




Bollyn: Was. Yes, yes, that’s right. Rabbi Chertoff. And so, Michael Chertoff plays a key role in the prosecution that didn’t happen! The investigation that was a non-investigation! That’s really important to understand, because if 9/11 had been investigated by any competent law enforcement in this country, the game would have been up!


So they had to make sure that there was no proper investigation! So what did they do? Instead of calling it a “crime”, they called it an “act of war”, already on September 11th! By calling it an act of war, it meant that the military would be the instrument used to deliver justice. So that there would be no investigation. So then, Michael Chertoff basically facilitated the cover-up by confiscating evidence in the form of video tapes, and steel, and engine parts, whatever.


Green: Detainees. Israeli spies, …




Bollyn: All that! And then facilitating the cover-up. So, and he’s a key person. The operation could not have gone ahead had they not made sure that they had absolute 100% security in the form of control of US law enforcement.


Green: And Michael Chertoff’s cousin was at “Popular Mechanics” working on “debunking” 9/11.


Bollyn: Right.


Green: And you were the one that called his mom and found that they were related, and she said, “Yes”. And it’s so funny, because you go to the debunking articles and they say:


“Well, Michael Chertoff wasn’t even at the Homeland Security until several years after that!”


So yeah, he wasn’t the head of Homeland Security, but what position was he on 9/11? Number two at the FBI?


Bollyn: Michael Chertoff?


Green: Yeah.


Bollyn: He was Assistant Attorney General, and he was in charge of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice. And he was the one that was given — John Ashcroft, who was Attorney General, gave the portfolio to Chertoff. Chertoff had the final say in all decisions regarding 9/11 investigation.


Then later, he became head of Homeland Security. The second one I think, and in that position he maintained his control over the evidence of 9/11.





The Cover-up and Destruction of Evidence



That’s very important, because the 9/11 crime, you have to look at the cover-up and the destruction of evidence. And there again you find that the network that destroyed the evidence, and the junkyards that were responsible for the destruction of evidence are, were, under control of Israeli zionists.


Green: Okay, so Michael Chertoff, all his connections, the junkyards, also Ptech, who’s Ptech?


Bollyn: Ptech was the little enterprise software company in Quincy, Massachusetts, who had their software running on all of the Federal computers on 9/11, military computers. And they had spent two years in the basement of the FAA with Mitre corporation. Checking to see the interoperability between the FAA and military, in the event of a catastrophe, just like this one. And the computer network and the computer system failed on 9/11, obviously.


Green: And the security company at the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and at the airports.


Bollyn: Yeah. There’s two different security companies. At the airports it was Huntley USA, which is an Israeli owned company, owned by ICTS in Holland. And that’s a Mossad LL security company from the beginning. And they controlled airport security, and passenger screening operations, at the airports involved in 9/11.



Then at the World Trade Center, the company that was responsible for security procedures was a company called “Kroll Associates”. Which is, again, owned by Jules Kroll, and involved Maurice Greenberg. These are again, high-level zionists. And the Israeli guys that tried to get the security contract for the World Trade Center, Avram Shalom Bendor, had gone to work for Kroll associates after 1993.




Green: So they still got it, even though they had it cancelled in ‘87?


Bollyn: Yeah, they got it through using an American trojan horse.


Green: And they finally got it and then pulled it off, shortly after.



Philip Zelikow and the “9/11 Commission Report”



Bollyn: It looks that way. Philip Zelikow is a very zionist guy, he had a lot of power in creating George Bush in the beginning, creating George Bush’s Presidency. But when they wanted to do 9/11, … you know, a year later, more than a year later, when they wanted to set up as 9/11 Commission to basically write the myth, they first went to Kissinger. But Kissinger didn’t want to reveal his client list, so then the second choice was Philip Zelikow.


And so Philip Zelikow became the executive director of the 9/11 Commission Report. And he came to the table, with a fully detailed outline of what the Commission report would say in the end, before the Commission even began meeting!


And Mr Philip Zelikow, he’s a jewish fellow from Texas, or from Southern California — both places he’s lived and studied. When he got his degree, I think his PhD. His PhD was on the “creation and maintenance of the public myth”. And that’s what he created with the 9/11 Commission Report.


So it’s like, when I wrapped up, when I concluded my “Solving 9/11” book, finally in 2011, I wanted to investigate the, how the deception was contained by the destruction of evidence, and the cover-up. And that’s really important. Like Nixon said:


“It’s not the crime you catch, it’s the cover-up!”


Because in the cover-up you see all of the key players. They have to reveal themselves. It’s the same thing with the media in this country. You know, the media has been complicit in the 9/11 cover-up! They can never come back, they can never redeem themselves to the American people! They have been part of the betrayal!


Green: That’s how I know 9/11 is a conspiracy, because you do the research, like we’re talking about zionists fingerprints all over it! Everywhere you look, from top to bottom, going back thirty years. And then you hear the media at CNN say:


“There’s absolutely no evidence!”


They’re obviously lying and not even being objective, even 1% objective!




Bollyn: Right.


Green: So you’re right. The cover-up is the biggest evidence of 9/11. Even more in your face than the buildings blowing up and coming down free fall, I believe.


Bollyn: Yes. Because you see, it’ll take some real investigation to find out who put the nano-thermite in the World Trade Center, where the nano-thermite was made, etc. You know, finding the fingerprints of the actual criminals involved in the crime, that’s harder to do! But the people who are involved in the cover-up, in the deception, and taking the country to war, based on the lie, that’s all very clear!



The Need for a Real Investigation of 9/11 and Cover-up



So what we really need is a huge investigation in this country, in which all of the people who are involved in the 9/11 crime and cover-up, are arrested, and charged, and investigated thoroughly!




Like Chertoff! To find out who was calling the shots, and connecting the network. And that requires something no less than a political revolution in this country. Because it would stand the entire power structure on it’s head!


That’s why I’m saying that, you know, we don’t have a lot of hope that within, … it’s like, we live in an occupied government right now, we live in a government that’s occupied! Our nation’s occupied! And trying to work within this occupied government for 9/11 truth, when the whole deck is stacked against you, is very difficult!


That’s why it’s going to take a real revolution of awareness, a popular revolution!


Green: When you Google 9/11 conspiracies, one of the first things that’s gonna come up is “Snopes”. And it’s gonna be an article saying that:



The 4,000 Israelis Who Didn’t Show Up on 9/11?



“It’s debunked. That conspiracy theorists believe that 4,000 Israelis didn’t show up to work that day.”


I’m sure you’ve heard about this. Where did that originate? Do you know?


Bollyn: Yeah, the story about the 4,000 Israelis who were thought to be at the World Trade Center, or at the Pentagon on 9/11, came from the Israeli Foreign Ministry itself. And it was reported by “Jerusalem Post” online. And the editor of the newspaper said later, that this has been, they were completely accurate in the reporting.


So 4,000 families in Israel contacted the foreign ministry asking about their loved ones, and that’s the source of that. It’s nothing Arabic about it! It comes straight from the Israeli government itself. And combine that with the Odigo instant messaging service, that had a warning that went out several hours before 9/11, that warned of an attack at the World Trade Center, and was precise to the minute! Those two facts together indicate that, that warning went out, was received, and many people escaped injury that day.


Green: So there is some truth to the 4,000 claim, or was that purposely put out to be disinfo, a red herring?


Bollyn: No! That’s completely true about the 4,000. I mean, as reported in the “Jerusalem Post”. It came from the, … the source is the Israeli Foreign Ministry itself.


Green: Okay. And it came from family members in Israel calling, …


Bollyn: Yeah!


Green: And finding out that:


“Oh! They didn’t go that day!”


Like they’re all like Silverstein?




Bollyn: Well, they were wondering, they were calling the Foreign Ministry to find out what was the status, if they had information about that person, one of those 4,000 people. And the instant messaging seems to have worked, in that many Israelis seem to have gotten a message to stay away from the World Trade Center that day.


Green: Only two people came forward as reported and, …


Bollyn: Two people in Israel got the message. The vice-president of the company said the warning was precise, to the minute. This was only reported in a few, Haaretz newspaper, and maybe in the New York Times once, or The Washington Post once, and never reported again. The whole story about the prior warning from Odigo, and the indication, the evidence, that Israelis were warned ahead of time, was never discussed again.


Green: But there’s no evidence!




Bollyn: No evidence, yeah! [being sarcastic]



CNN with Michael Gross Saying Jews are being Scapegoated



Paula Zahn: How upsetting is this to you?



Michael Gross: Look, we’ve been kicked around for 2,000 years! The face you’re looking at, it’s got a lot of anger in it, because of that! That’s not a way to live, wandering around the globe, never having a home! It’s pretty difficult, because every time there’s trouble, we’re scapegoated! We’re not the only ones that are scapegoated, but we’re scapegoated!

By people who are frightened! They don’t care! They are paranoid! You cannot debunk this theory! It is madness, as well as idiocy, to think that the jews brought down the World Trade Center on 9/11! But you cannot argue logic to someone who is mentally ill! What frightens me is that the whole nation is frightened, and that fear is being fueled by this administration, and by the media, …


Green: Who is this guy?


Bollyn: Michael Gross, a constitutional lawyer, it says.


Green: I’ve never seen him any other time, besides this.


Bollyn: No, I haven’t either.




Green: But it’s weird that he comes on and just, … first of all they’re on a panel with CNN. Everybody is against the conspiracy. Why don’t they have you in the studio to actually have a rebuttal to his arguments?


Bollyn: Right. Well if you look at this CNN piece, you see how they try to set me up. They asked me if I was anti-semitic. I said:


“No. This is what they say when you criticize Israeli policy.”


Then they cut and go to that woman from the ADL, who says:


“That’s what they all say!”



Paula Zahn: When you imply that somehow Israelis were involved in the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, people are gonna look at you, critics will say:

You are an anti-semite!

Are you?



Bollyn: No, I’m not an anti-semite! This is the main charge that’s leveled against me, and has been for years, even before 9/11, because I am a critic of zionist policies.


Deborah Lauter: That’s a very common technique among anti-semites, they will twist things.

I’m not an anti-semite, I just believe XYZ!




Bollyn: So it’s with video editing, that’s been done by CNN, this is a hit piece! And this piece aired on TV the night before I was supposed to go on trial.



Criticism of Israel and Jews involved in 9/11 is “Anti-semitic”!



Green: Elaborating on the whole “anti-semitic” thing. It’s like literally any criticism of Israel to them, or criticism of people behind 9/11, is anti-semitic. So according to them, they can’t do anything wrong, and there’s nothing, no legitimate criticisms. That’s literally what they, …


Bollyn: That’s not quite what they’re saying. What they’re saying though, is that you cannot criticize Israel, you cannot criticize Israeli crimes. You cannot criticize jewish crimes, or you cannot identify them as being Israeli, or jewish crimes. They’re protected! That’s what they’re saying.


They’re not saying that jews, or Israel doesn’t commit crimes. In my “Solving 9/11” book I have a quote from the former chief of staff of the Israeli military, who says:


“That if the truth ever comes out, …” he says “… you will see that Israel has been involved in crimes a thousand times worse than anything going on in Colombia!”




He’s talking about the Colombia drug trade. So it’s not like Israel doesn’t commit crimes. It’s that they want to make it so that it’s a crime to report them! It’s a crime to identify them as Israeli crimes. You know, I don’t write anything about jewish crimes, I’m writing about a crime that was committed by very evil people, who may happen to be Israeli nationals, like Netanyahu, or Michael Chertoff, but that’s as far as it goes.



Solving a Crime Means Going where the Evidence Leads



You know, when you investigate a crime, … the reason why I call my book “Solving 9/11”, is, because 9/11, I could see from the very beginning, was not going to be solved! There was no interest in solving 9/11 at all! They gave us a prepared false narrative to go to war, and that’s what we’re supposed to live with.


So when I approach this as an investigative journalist, I looked at it as we’re trying to solve this thing. We’re trying to solve it as a crime. And you look, when you’re solving the crime, you go where the evidence takes you.





Did You Ever Think You Might Be Wrong?



Green: Did you think that you might be wrong?



Bollyn: In the beginning, when I first started, I approached it very cautiously. So for the first couple years I was very, very, cautious about what I said, and how I said it.


But as I, as my investigation went on, you know, year after year, and I found that at every single point in the matrix, in every single point where a decision had to be made to protect the 9/11 story, to advance the war agenda, and to cover up the truth, I found either an Israeli national, you know, tied to the Israeli government, or an American who was working as a zionist agent.


People like Larry Silverstein, for example, who was the former national chairman of the “United jewish Appeal”. Michael Chertoff.


Green: Ehud Barak.


Bollyn: Yeah. Or, you know,


Green: Weekly phone calls.


Bollyn: Weekly phone calls, yes. Silverstein had weekly phone calls with Netanyahu. So, then the consistency was a hundred percent! So the question was:


“Okay, so are these Israelis all involved in the crime, covering up the crime, promoting the deception to protect some third party, like the Saudis, or the ‘German Death Cult’, or Jesuits?”



9/11 And the “War on terror” an Israeli, Zionist Operation



Unlikely! So that consistency is compelling. That the nature of the crime we’re dealing with here in 9/11, and the “War on Terror”, is that it’s an Israeli slash zionist operation!


Now “zionist”, of course, means much more than the State of Israel. When you talk about the “zionist establishment” you’re talking about the Rothschilds as well, you’re talking about the zionist international, that is located around the world.


Green: You mentioned the Jesuits. I hear a lot that the Jesuits control the zionists, or the zionists created the Jesuits to take out the Catholic Church. Where do the Jesuits fit into the whole zionist 9/11 scenario, if at all?





What About Jesuits, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers?



Bollyn: I don’t know. I don’t see any hallmarks of a Jesuit operation here. It’s an Israeli thing. But there are other players, you know, like Mr Mueller from the FBI. He came on the scene seven days before, but he was the junior man on the totem pole. Above him, he had Michael Chertoff telling him what to do. Or Rudy Giuliani, or, you know, Governor Pataki.


But in every case you find that these people were not the masterminds, but there was a another person who had very clear ties to Israel who was the person making the decisions.


Green: How about the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers? I’ve got a friend who’s a big-time 9/11 guy. He thinks that Rockefellers planned 9/11 when they built the towers in the 50s, I believe, it was. What part do you believe the Rockefellers played?




Bollyn: Well I don’t think that they planned to destroy the towers as they did, because the towers were destroyed using a form of nano-thermite that was only invented in the 1990s. Whether they had this idea down the road that they would destroy these towers, I don’t know.



Predictive Programming, Arnon Milchan, and Rupert Murdoch



Green: What do you think about all the predictive programming? Are they coincidences, or is it the Israeli controlled media putting it out there in the public consciousness? Like, they did with the “Medusa Touch”. If the “Medusa Touch” is predictive programming, then you have to think “Lone Gunmen” and all these other things that we’ve seen.


Bollyn: Yeah, I don’t know why they do that. But like you said, the “Lone Gunmen” episode that was done by, again, Arnon Milchan’s business partner, Rupert Murdoch, made that film. It aired on Fox TV six months before 9/11. It depicted a passenger aircraft being remotely hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center. You know, this is pretty uncanny prediction.




So it’s like, why they did that? Why do they do things like that? I don’t know. Some people say that it’s, because they want to lower their “karmic debt”. I don’t know how that lowers your karmic debt, but, …


Green: Like black magic, or something?


Bollyn: Yeah.


Green: A law that they have to, …. You write in your book, you speculate that the filming of “The Lone Gunman” may have been part of the final planning for 9/11.


Bollyn: Yeah, well, I mean, in the sense that they used helicopters and they flew at night across Manhattan, across in the flight path. When they filmed the plane coming into the World Trade Center, that footage they needed, they did it at night, they flew a helicopter. And that, you know, they’re flying the path that the planes took that hit the World Trade Center so, you know, why was that done? I don’t know. But what they’re doing is that they were visualizing, they were manifesting, filming an attack very similar to what happened six months later, or a year later.




So, you can see that there’s certainly the potential for getting some information that they would need for the actual attack.



Alternative Media, Controlled Opposition, and Alex Jones



Green: So we know that mainstream media is zionist controlled, or zionist sympathizers, and they’re not going to cover 9/11. How about the alternative media and controlled opposition in the alternative media? In particular Alex Jones — tell me about Alex Jones.


Bollyn: Well I don’t know Alex Jones that well. I don’t watch him, but I’ve been on his show years ago, and I’ve been in touch with him by phone. I think the last time was about 2006, or 2005. And he, I guess, he doesn’t go to 9/11 truth regarding the Israelis. But I’ve seen some things, you know, some of the videos you’ve brought out, where he talks about being visited by the Mossad. And he says something like:


Israel wasn’t the only country behind 9/11.


Well, that’s interesting that he says that. But, …




Green: He’s spreading the blame and pointing fingers elsewhere. All he talks about is 28 pages, Saudia Arabia, …


Bollyn: But he admits in that video where he talked about the Mossad visiting, that Israel had a role. He does say that.


But the alternative media can be just as controlled as the mainstream media, because media requires money. Alex Jones has quite an operation. I don’t know how his operation is funded, but I can tell you that 9/11 truth, like I do, it’s not a lucrative thing at all! You pay a big price for it. And when the mainstream media requires funding to produce their product, the people who fund the operation will call the tune.


Green: A few years ago you were on your book tour and you stopped in Austin Texas and you reached out to, I think you said four people that worked for Infowars, so for sure they got the message, you were there.




You’re the leading 9/11 researcher, you’ve broken the whole story, travel around the world. You’re essentially like the leader of the 9/11 truth movement! I don’t want to put that on you, but you essentially are. You’ve got the best books, you pointed out who did it, you’re traveling the country. And Alex Jones made his name on 9/11, but he won’t even have you on as a guest anymore!


Bollyn: Right.


Green: Even when people call in and say you got to read this book, you got to, … How serious can he be about 9/11, if he ignores you?


Bollyn: Well, yeah that’s very good point. You know, it seems that he’s been created to be this voice of the opposition, but only goes so far. That he doesn’t want to, you know, he doesn’t want to give me any air time to discuss 9/11 truth as it is.


Green: Have you thought about calling in the show?


Bollyn: Well I’ve been to Austin twice. No, I never thought about calling in. I’ve been to Austin twice. He’s been invited both times, and he has never responded.


Green: He’s completely abandoned 9/11 truth. He doesn’t talk about it anymore at all!



What About the Bible, and the “Synagogue of Satan”?



What do you think about, like the Bible, and talking about the “Synagogue of Satan”?




Bollyn: Oh well, that’s from book of Revelation. Yeah they talk about these imposters in the jewish faith who, you know, are not jews, but are the “Synagogue of Satan”. And, you know, Christ said the same thing when he talked about the Pharisees, and the Scribes, and said they were the “spawn of Satan”. You know, it’s very, very harsh words, but there’s a lot of truth in that. Because when you understand that the Talmud, the Rabbinical interpretation of the Torah, stands the Torah on it’s head, and negates the teachings of the Moses, Mosaic law, you know, that you’re dealing with the corruption of the religion! The corruption of the scripture!



As we see with the Scofield Bible for Christians. It’s like, when people change the scripture to suit their agenda, that’s pretty, it can be very evil.


And when they say that in the end times — I hope we’re not in the end times! But there are times of great deception and there will be false prophets, etc. We see this around us all the time, this is reality today. We live in a very, a very strange and uncomfortable reality where this is primarily, this is a religious, this is a spiritual war! But any war between truth and falsehood, and light and dark, is a spiritual battle. And when your country and your fellow citizens are so deceived, when your nation is deceived, that is a very evil thing!




And when you consider the evilness of 9/11, then the evilness of the deception, is just as bad as the crime of mass murder. So it’s a spiritual battle.



Your Letter to the Pope, Did He Respond?



Green: Speaking of spiritual battle, you wrote a letter to the Pope about 9/11 truth, and did they respond to that at all?



Bollyn: No! No, I wrote an open letter to the Pope and I sent him a hard copy of the letter. And I thought that the head of the Catholic Church should speak out about the deception that we’ve been under about 9/11! Because this deception has been used to take the nation, and the world, to war against another religion, against another faith, against Islam!


And so this is a very, very big thing! And it requires leadership from our religious leaders to quell the fire! To explain to people, to the faithful, that we’ve been deceived, and that these wars are not justified! That’s not a hard thing to do, but apparently there’s no interest in the religious community, in the academic community, or in our political establishment, to do any of that.


That gives you an idea of how deeply entrenched this deception is!





What is Hindering People from Speaking Out?



Green: It’s so easy for you and me, and so many people we know, to see the deception and want to be passionate and speak out about it. What do you think is hindering so many other people, blocking them from doing it?


Bollyn: Well, it’s a hard thing to do! I mean, just intellectually grappling with 9/11 truth and embracing it, means that you have to come to the conclusion that your government has been lying to you for 16 years! In the greatest democracy in the world? And that our media is hardly free, but our media is complicit in the 9/11 cover-up! These are very hard pills to swallow for an American. We grew up thinking that we live in a free country, and that we have a free media, and that the truth prevails!




And to see that none of that is true, and that we’re living in a very strange place where the government, the media, the institutions, that we believe in, can no longer be trusted. That shows that we’re on the verge of something new! We’re on the cusp of a new beginning! But it also means that it’s very hard for the average person to cope with, to accept!


Green: I hear the debunkers all the time say that:


“It’s more comforting for 9/11 conspiracy theorists to think that there’s a conspiracy behind everything, and that world view is more comforting to us.”


What do you say to that? Are you more comforted to know that 9/11 was it was an inside job, or would you wish, would it be better if you believed the official story?


Bollyn: Well, the official story is a conspiracy theory as well! So let’s put that to rest. It’s like what the government has said has never been proven, regarding Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a investigator, an investigative journalist who has found, you know, leads and conclusions as to who’s behind the 9/11 crime.




It’s not a theory! It’s an investigation!


And it’s my attempt to solve the crime that changed our country.


But there’s nothing comfortable about, … There can be no comfort at all in believing a false narrative which we’ve been given. I think that it’s much more comforting to know the truth! To understand who is really behind 9/11! To understand who’s behind the “War on Terror”, because then you’ll realize that things aren’t nearly as bad as they make them out to be.


You know, we are not on the verge of a religious war with Islam. Islam is not trying to break down the doors and to destroy us as a civilization, or a nation. This has all been, this is all fear that’s been imposed on us.




And so, to be in deception, to be in fear, to be deceived, is a much worse place to be, than to have some truth. The truth is, like it says in the Bible:


“The truth will set you free!”


But to be deceived and to accept the deception, knowing that it’s a deception, is a very unenviable place to be.


Green: I got three more questions. Two of them are, … I’m just gonna kind of lead you into two of the things. These are two of the things from your book that were new to me, that I thought were very powerful pieces of information.



Shimon Perez Wanting to Frighten the West into Supporting Israel’s Aims



Number one is Shimon Perez and Moshe Shalit. There’s a quote in there about that Perez wants to frighten the West into supporting Israel’s aims! That is so incriminating! And to follow your whole thesis of what happened in the 70s, and right in the 80s, …


Bollyn: Right.


Green: Can you, …?


Bollyn: Yeah that was a quote by the Prime Minister of Israel at the time, Moshe Sharett. And Shimon Peres had had been one of the masterminds of a terrorist operation in Egypt against American and British targets, libraries, cultural institutions, in which they had put nitroglycerin bombs into these places. You know, in order to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, and to drive a wedge between the United States, and Britain, and the Egyptian government at the time.


Shimon Peres was one of the masterminds, along with Pinhas Lavon and Moshe Dayan. And when the Prime Minister discovered this, he wrote in his journal what he said about about Shimon Peres wanting to frighten the West, just like Pinhas Lavon.


So this is in the early 1950s. So Israel was carrying out false flag terror operations in Egypt, in the early 1950s, in order to drive a wedge between the United States and the leading Arab country, Egypt. They haven’t changed that, you know, and Shimon Peres was the President and a high-ranking Israeli politician when 9/11 happened.




I think when 9/11 happened he was actually Foreign Minister. But in any case, that is his modus operandi, that’s how he has always functioned. That’s been the Israeli method ever since the creation of the State of Israel, to scare the West into supporting Israel’s aims. And that’s where we are today!


That’s where all this terrorism, fear of terrorism, fear of Islam, comes at us from the media, and the zionists. Because they want us to be afraid, and paralyzed, so that we will be willing to wage war against the Islamic world, and the Arab states, that they target.



Green: Yeah. Watch any clip of Netanyahu at the United Nations, or addressing Congress, and that’s all he talks about, is the fear of Iran, and the fear of al-Qaeda, the fear of Iraq, and how we need to act, because they’re all building bombs to kill us!




Bollyn: Right! Because the whole “War on Terror” construct only works if the public is afraid. And it’s like, that’s the point of my work, is to undeceive people, and to show them that this terrible monster that’s in the darkness, isn’t really there at all! It’s all an artificial construct! And when people realize that it’s like a Wizard of Oz play, it’s like somebody, you know, trying to scare you by waving something scary in front of your face. It’s not real! The reality is much less scary than the deception!


And that’s why my book “Solving 9/11”, I have the light coming over, because in the darkness, when people are in the darkness, you know, their fears manifest and scare them out of their wits! But when you’re dealing with reality, you know, it’s something that’s much easier for a person to cope with.



Who Were the Top Three People Involved in Planning 9/11?



Green: Can you name me like the top three people you think we’re involved with planning 9/11?




Bollyn: Well, the people at the top who planned 9/11, these would be people in Israeli military intelligence, whose names would not mean much to anybody. But at a political level, I would say that it would be Shimon Peres. I would think Benjamin Netanyahu, because he’s been the promoter of the “War on Terror” agenda since 1979. I would think Shaul Eisenberg, Mr. Big in China for the Israeli Mossad. I think Ehud Barak, not a Likudnik, but I think Ehud Barak played a key role. And I would say also Areil Sharon.



And then going back one generation, men who were still alive when 9/11 happened, or just recently deceased. Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir. These would be the political players that, you know, except for Shaul Eisenberg, he’s not very well known, but the rest of them are people who Americans understand who these people were.


You know, these people were terrorists, absolute terrorists! They always use terrorism!


Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, they murdered the UN envoy to Palestine, Folke Bernadotte in 1948! They bombed the King David hotel in 1946! They massacred Palestinians in Deir Yassin and other villages. I mean, these are bonafide real terrorist leaders! In fact, Menachem Begin took the mantle of being the father of terrorism in the whole world!



So, when terrorism then happens, when their agenda goes through and their people commit terrorism, what’s the problem? Yeah! Why is it anti-semitic?


You know, I lived in Israel when Menachem Begin came to power. And it was a very sad day for people from the Labour Party, because they realized that the terrorists had taken power!





Menachem Begin, the Father of Terrorism



Green: There’s a quote in your book about, I think, it’s Ben Gurion, they say he’s the “king of terrorism”! And he goes “the king of terrorism in the world!” He corrected him, like they brag about their terrorism! It’s no secret, right?


Bollyn: Yeah!


Green: Of the history of terrorism, of the Mossad and the Irgun.


Bollyn: Yeah. That was Menachem Begin who said that, when he was asked. And he said:


“What is it like to be the father of terrorism in Middle East?”


And he said:


“In the Middle East?”


He said:


“In all the world!”


So, that’s the reason why zionist history is not taught in American schools! Because if American universities taught the history of zionism, you would know! You would understand the evilness, and the terrorist nature, of the zionist project! Because it, the State of Israel, was born in terrorism, and has survived with terrorism ever since!


Green: You touch in your book, the last chapter, a Muslim guy was writing it, right? Who wrote the last chapter?


Bollyn: It was the Nation of Islam research group.



Your Place in History When the Truth of 9/11 is Known?



Green: Research group. They talked about the significance of your work in history. And I’d like to ask you how often do you think about your place in history, and what will people write about you hundreds of years from now, if the truth is known about 9/11?




Bollyn: Well I don’t know. I don’t think about that, that often. It’s been 16 years I’ve been working on this, and it’s been a very, a very big effort, you know, it took a lot of time, and a lot of energy. And it’s cost, it’s had a lot of costs for me and my family.


So, I just hope that people will waken up and realize what’s happened to this country. And if my work contributes to that, to that awakening, if my work contributes to shortening the “War on Terror” by one day, if my work contributes to the prosecution and indictment of the people who carried out 9/11, that will be the best reward!





Do You Ever Fear for Your Life for Exposing the People Behind 9/11?



Green: A Pulitzer for a hundred years! So, there’s very bad guys who you’re exposing here. You’ve literally solved, you’ve uncovered the motive, the people behind it. Do you fear for your life when you go out in public and people are protesting? There very well could be somebody violent that wants to shut you up for exposing these crimes.


Bollyn: Yeah. Well I’m cautious and everything like that. I try to be as careful as possible. But to think that this, that the criminal network behind 9/11 is all powerful and able to reach anywhere, … yeah, they are criminal network, but they’re men like you and I, and their life goes on. Many of them have died. Many of them have moved on to other things. They have accomplished, they have gotten what they wanted!




They got the “War on Terror”! They got it all! The “War on Terror” in spades! They’ve got terrorism going on in Europe, and America! They’ve got the wars going on in half a dozen countries! They’ve destroyed Syria! They’ve destroyed Iraq! They’ve destroyed Afghanistan! They’ve destroyed Libya! They got what they wanted!


So, for me to be explaining, my side of this and explaining what the war on terrorism is all about, I guess they have nothing, no problem, with that. It’s like they’ve achieved their goal. They’ve achieved billions and billions of dollars. They’ve disrupted the Middle East! They’re redrawing the map of the Middle East! You know, nothing has stopped them!


And they’re destroying this country! That’s really important!


And anybody who has any patriotic feeling for the United States of America, should engage in 9/11 truth and demand an end of the “War on Terror”! And demand accountability from the people in the media and the government who have covered up this crime for 16 years. It’s just outrageous!






Everyone Needs to Read Bollyn’s Books!



Green: It is outrageous! I agree. Every 9/11 truther needs to read these books. If you haven’t you’re completely uninformed! These are the best books about 9/11. I’ve read both of them several times. “Solving 9/11 the Deception that Changed the World” and the “War on Terror — the Plot to Rule the Middle East”. The “War on Terror” and “9/11” go hand in hand. They’re essentially the same crime.


Bollyn: Yeah.


Green: Chris has sacrificed a lot for this information. He’s a man of courage and integrity! I appreciate you so much for sitting down and taking the time with me.


Bollyn: Thank you very much.



Green: Thank you. And everybody needs to read these books and share the information with everybody you know. Any last words Chris?


Bollyn: Well thank you very much, and I couldn’t agree more on the need to understand that we’ve been deceived about 9/11. And we’ve been deceived for a reason. And the reason is to take us into this long open-ended criminal war in the Middle East, and elsewhere. And in order to end the deception, we need to increase awareness. And the more people who become aware of 9/11, and the lies of 9/11, will understand the lies of the “War on Terror”. That we’ve been deceived into war.


The war agenda will destroy this nation! It will impoverish this nation! It will destroy this nation! And it’s incumbent, it’s imperative that any patriotic American do their utmost to expose the deception and end the war!


Thank you very much.


Green: Thank you.









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