PewDiePie Meets The Mafia – Analysis by E. Michael Jones – Sep 13, 2019 — TRANSCRIPT

[In this 7 minute video, E. Michael Jones — an American writer, an ardent old-school Catholic, former professor at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana and the current editor of Culture Wars magazine — gives his take on PewDiePie’s “Indian giver” action of promising to donate $50,000 to the notorious jewish hate organization with the Orwellian name of “Anti-Defamation League“, only to withdraw the offer after widespread criticism.

What remains to be clarified is whether PewDiePie’s offer of the donation was simply an honest mistake on his part, or whether there’s something more Machiavellian going on.







PewDiePie Meets The Mafia


Analysis by


 E. Michael Jones


Sep 13, 2019




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Published on Sep 13, 2019

E. Michael Jones

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On September 10th, the largest individual YouTuber, PewDiePie, released a video where he stated that he would be donating $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League. Following 24 hours of backlash on the internet from his fans and cultural commentators like Dr. E. Michael Jones, PewDiePie retracted his offer to donate to this criminal organization.

In this video, Dr. Jones breaks down how this happened, what this organization REALLY does, provides historical context. Whether PewDiePie intended this or not, he has brought the crimes of this organization to the attention of his 100+ million YouTube Subscribers and Red-Pilled them on the truth about this anti-American hate organization.

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Jones: Over the past 24 hours we have seen a revolution in consciousness. Although it didn’t seem that way. Just yesterday PewDiePie, who has the largest single individual YouTube internet audience in the world, announced he was going to give $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League, or the ADL, because, … And then he went on to say how the ADL fights hate speech.

PewDiePie: I’m donating $50,000 to Anti-Defamation League, which is an organization that fights bigotry and prejudice in all its forms.

Jones: What happened over the 24 hours must have come as a surprise to PewDiePie, and the ADL, and everyone else involved in this scenario.

Henrik (Red Ice): That’s a lie! They’re extremely vicious organization when it comes to targeting individuals that they do not agree with.


Jones:24 hours later PewDiePie went on, made an announcement, that he is not going to give any money to the ADL

PewDiePie: And I need to make an announcement. We thought it would be nice to donate to a charity as a way to celebrate. I made the mistake of picking a charity that I was advised, instead of picking a charity that I’m personally passionate about. The whole internet just didn’t believe it, like:


Why is he donating to this charity? Look at his face!


To be fair, I saw it as an opportunity to put an end to the Alt-Right claims that has been thrown against me. I knew it wasn’t perfect, but I also didn’t know a lot of things that surfaced throughout this whole thing about the charity that doesn’t fit at all!

So I understand why people had concerns about it. And these are things that I would have known myself if I have just taken my time. It really doesn’t feel genuine for me to proceed with a donation, at this point. And I instead, wanted to actually do take my time. I’m sorry for all the confusion and I’m sorry for messing this up!

Jones: What happened — during this period of time — is that PewDiePie ran into consciousness! The consciousness that exists out there among the people that he’s supposed to be leading.


Those people now understand that the ADL is not some disinterested philanthropical organization that fights for their rights! The ADL is the main author of the “hate speech” censorship campaign that has swept through places like YouTube on the Internet. The ADL is involved in thought control! The ADL is the commissar that enforces psychological warfare on the population at large!


Psychological warfare is the disruption of prohibited speech among subject peoples. Anyone who disagrees with the ADL will be demonized! The ADL has the power to ruin their careers! Ruin their livelihood with total impunity! In the Soviet Union this was done by state organizations, in the United States it’s done by privatized entities like the ADL..


This brings us to the understanding that PewDiePie bumped into! What is the ADL? Somebody knew, even if he didn’t. The ADL is a money-laundering operation! It is a domestic espionage organization that spies on you, keeps files on you, and will use this material to destroy you if you do anything that they do not like! That is what they’ve been from the beginning! In exchange for contributions the ADL will do its best to keep jewish criminals out of jail! This has been their history from the beginning. I’ve already written a book about it. It’s called “How Meyer Lansky Took Over the Cincinnati Ballet”. It’s available on Amazon Kindle.


Now, Meyer Lansky — notorious criminal — made significant contributions to the ADL. It didn’t work, because the ADL at that time didn’t have the clout that it has now. But Meyer Lansky’s granddaughter did end up working for the ADL. Moe Dalitz! Moe Dallas, another notorious jewish criminal — who was involved in rum running during Prohibition — was head of the jewish “Navy” in Cleveland that brought illegal booze into the United States from Canada. He was involved in gambling, in prostitution, in places like Newport Kentucky. And he got run out of town by a Catholic prosecutor in Newport Kentucky. That story is also in “How Meyer Lansky Took Over the Cincinnati Ballet”..


In 1984 we reached a crucial turning point here. 1984, Moe Dalitz had given enough money to the ADL so that they then gave him their “Torch of Liberty” award! At this point, Moe Dalitz was “no longer” a gangster! He was legit, and anybody who said he was a gangster would be accused of being an anti-semite! 1984 is also a crucial year, because this is the year that the ADL got in bed with the FBI. Collaborating on what they said were “hate crimes”, which basically diverted the FBI from going after real criminals, like Meyer Lansky and Moe Dalitz, and getting them to apprehend, or harass, the people the ADL didn’t like — which were then known as hate groups.


It didn’t stop there, the ADL was the bagman in the operation that got Mark Rich pardoned by President Clinton. The ADL gave an award to a certain Mr Kirscher in Florida, and he was the one who arranged the sweetheart deal that got the late Jeffrey Epstein off the hook!


So we have a consistent pattern here. The consistent pattern all of a sudden reached a tipping point, okay! There was probably a moment in time where PewDiePie could have said:


ADL? Money — $50,000!


And everybody would have cheered, or no one would have objected. But those days are over! The consciousness is rising! Logos is rising now! We all know what a “false flag” operation is, and we didn’t know that before. We now know what the ADL is! And PewDiePie had to find that out the hard way.


We will continue to use our YouTube channel, but in a different way than we did before. I will be releasing short topical videos like this as we move forward. And I will continue doing longer interview style podcasts, but they will only be posted on our BitChute Channel.













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