Jacktion – Think of the Children – Jan 1, 2020 — Transcript

[Jacktion discusses how Whites are being demonized, propagandized with self-hate, invaded by non-Whites, bludgeoned to accept transgender perversions, all the while being encouraged to indulge in every form of degeneracy, by an (((enemy))) that is out to destroy us.

As a way to fight back Jacktion suggests getting away from consumerism and all the latest technological baubles like smartphones, etc., and to focus on protecting our children through sound education and morals.







Think of the Children


Jan 1, 2020



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Published on Jan 1, 2020


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Think of the Children
Jan 1, 2020
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Don’t let them make the same mistakes we did.







We’re in quite a predicament, such is the state of things nowadays of we as White people are actively discouraged from breeding. From passing on our genes to future generations for a multitude of reasons, such as women refusing to have children, because of climate change, and the nihilistic myth of an overpopulated planet. And, because of the access to safe, legal and “rare” abortion. Which now means one in four pregnancies in the UK end in murder, perpetrated by evil doctors who sacrifice the unborn on the altar of freedom and female empowerment, to whatever dark gods their cabal overlords worship.


Or maybe you have swallowed enough anti-White propaganda that you prefer not to perpetuate systemic racism by bringing yet another “evil White oppressor” into the world. Or perhaps you have broken through this conditioning just enough to decide the proliferating your genetic line is not, in fact, the most evil thing you could possibly do. Well, what better way to virtue signal then, by having a baby with someone who isn’t White? Because after all, having a mixed-race kid means you get to breed out all of that inherent racism! And that your adorable little chimera can grow up having no concept of racial identity, because that would be terrible! And it can’t be bad right? Because everyone, fucking everyone, on the telly is doing it! And they all look so happy! Much happier than those White couples.


You know, the statistics like the increased risk of domestic violence and absentee fathers. It’s just the stuff of racist fever dreams! Because who needs statistics? And, of course, what better way to get back at your racist, disapproving, parents!


But, of course, you need a career first. Oh, you need to go out and sow your oats, experience sex of every degenerate stripe, in the seedy alleyway of a nightclub, before you settle down, aged 35, and then manage to squeeze out one incredibly expensive IVF baby before your body clock removes that decision for you. And children are expensive! You need a six-figure income and a paid off mortgage, before you even consider it. And then what about work? Your corporate slave drivers won’t be happy that you have the clock off work at three to pick up your kids.


And you won’t get the same help from the state that Mrs. Begum down the road gets. They get by on their husbands 22K a year income. But it’s worth it for the diversity they bring, right and when you do have a child — if that is even possible after years of birth control having permanently altered your brain chemistry to the point where the ability to pair bond is all were destroyed by years of promiscuity and a permanently shrunken hypothalamus — what then, when your child goes off to school and decides that he is now a she, or vice versa? On the one hand, hormone suppressants will stunt their growth to the point where there isn’t even enough penis to turn inside out. When they are old enough for the butcher surgeons to practice their dark crafts with.


Such was the case of David Raymer, the little boy who was raised as a girl by the Frankensteiness scientist John Manni [sp] after a botched circumcision. Or perhaps more recently, Jass Jennings, a mentally ill little boy thrust into the limelight by a corrupt degenerate media, staffed and funded by people who hate you! And want to see you reduced to cattle in their vast, genderless, raceless, capitalist, machine!


And it’s also easy to look at these cases as aberrations, mere deviations from the norm. But this has slithered its way into the mainstream media to the point now where Marvel’s latest superhero is a transgender 12 year old. And a school in Brighton — because, of course, fucking Brighton, has over 40 children who are gender questioning, encouraged and spurred on by academia designed to indoctrinate, not educate. It will all be worth it, though, to show how tolerant you are to the other parents. When your little boy puts on a dress, it can’t, of course, be that children are impressionable, you know, not like they can see other children getting special treatment and decide they want a bit of that as well. Because children are apparently now our equals. We are to listen to them when they tell us about climate change, or gun violence. And you are their friend, you’re not their parents!


And it’s easy to look at these with a sense of schadenfreude, or perhaps even be thankful that these people are essentially ending their lines in the misguided pursuit of the ultimate virtue of tolerance of the most evil things imaginable.


But in your contempt don’t be complacent. Don’t think you’re immune to this. The shift in the Overton Window has well and truly warped our sense of what conservative values should be. And many of these changes in the UK beginning with gay marriage, and NHS funding for transgender children, has come about under a so-called “conservative” government. The government’s still considered far right by our left-wing, and some of our more enlightened centrist.


In Weimar Germany, Berlin was a center of pioneering transgender therapies and surgery. We know what their answer to that was. Whereas, ours is to reelect the Conservatives!


And what if I told you this was all by design? An agenda pushed from the very earliest days of education and in children’s media to implant that insidious little worm in your children’s brains. To create a new future where “tolerance is a virtue” above all others. To the point where your children can be murdered by the terrorists they helped free from prison. And you still lambaste the right, who think that maybe, just maybe, they should have never have been here in the fucking first place!


To accept the end of your genetic line, the proliferation of your faith, and the joy of grandchildren in your autumn years with quiet grace, because your children can make their own mistakes, like you did. Except now the stakes are so much higher, and the price of those mistakes is a 42% suicide rate, or a greatly increased risk of being beaten to death by their partner! We are in a world where it is rightly understood that if you were to give the children the choice of what they would want to eat for dinner, they would likely choose Smarties and ice cream! And this is, of course, bad for them! But if they wish to artificially change their gender through the dark ministrations of an amoral medical professions, this is to be respected and celebrated! We are well down the slippery slope, beyond the point of slowing. And once again, this is all by design.


But I don’t want this to be a complete black bill, so unplug your toaster and step out the bath. There are things you can do as parents, or future parents. The ultimate “fuck you” to these people is to be happy, and to be moral in the face of everything they throw at you! To be resolute as they launch this war of attrition against the morals on which we founded the West, not with the intent to destroy them, because that would be too easy, too obvious, but to warp them beyond recognition.


Well, if I told you that this is not beyond your control, remembering that you can do without the latest piece of useless tech, that you don’t have to become a slave to consumerism. And that small sacrifice that you make, can be the difference between spending enough time with your kids to import your own faith and your own morality on them, rather than that of a corrupt system. Because if Mr Abdul can drag his children to mosque every Friday, why can’t you take yours to mass on a Sunday? And the fucking state of social media these days, is it really the worst deprivation you can think of? Not to be able to afford a smartphone, or an iPad for your children?


When your grandparents had to go without food on certain days to feed their kids, yet still managed to have five, or six, is it that much to ask that you only have one holiday a year? And politically we have reached the stage of inertia where I don’t see it changing. It’s tough, and it’s somewhat depressing. So you teach your boys to fight and your daughters to be mothers, to raise children as immune as they can possibly be to the filth around them. And then to raise their children like they were raised. And God willing, they will be the change that they and we want to see. Because the sacrifice is so small for a reward so great.


And this is what they fear the most. Not the [word unclear] death squads, or the 20, or so remaining black shirts in England. They fear the futures much as we do, but for very, very different reasons. The ultimate right-wing extremist dream is a happy White family in a happy, moral, White community, where we are left the fuck alone. And the absolute reaction to that should tell you what they think of us, as if you didn’t already know. And it is easy when I say “think of the children” to dismiss it as Catholic hysteria, in much the same way as Helen Lovejoy from my favourite anime, “The Simpsons”. And particularly when some fiery evangelical decides to blame GTA for the latest school shooting.


But actually think of the children, not only yours, but what they have managed to do to the others. And know as well that they will try the same of yours. And who are they? Who are they who hate you so much?


Well, if I told you that, you’d call me a Nazi.














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