Daughter of Albion – SEIG FAIL – Feb 18, 2020 — Transcript

[Daughter of Albion gets stuck into a pair of gate-keeping grifters operating under the name “Triggernometry”, who have bounced onto the scene pretending to be for free speech and open discussion (not).

She then discusses why Whites, the native British, European people have the absolute right to remain the vast majority in their own lands and that people against this are promoting genocide.





Daughter of Albion


Seig Fail


Feb 18, 2020


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Published on Feb 18, 2020








DoAlbion: Thoughts and prayers to the boys at Triggernometry who this weekend really stuck it to the bosch, with their tactical banning campaign! It seems they finally been confronted with the question of ethno-nationalism!



Well what did you expect lads? Your channel sets itself up as being a space for dissident voices. And right now the dissidents are all about those demographics.



Pakistani Guy: We did the census in 2011 and that was when there was a lot of stuff. And my greatest achievement in that job was, getting a Conservative MP to defect to UKIP, Suzanne Evans!


Francis Foster: Oh really!


Pakistani Guy: At the time we were at Merton Council and she was upset about the number of White people being reduced at Merton, and she thought this was like some sort of conspiracy by ethnic minority people to get rid of White people.


DoAlbion: The problem is boys, you have made yourselves known for regularly rubbing shoulders with those who have predicted the forthcoming cataclysm of ethnic and civil war! Your content has encouraged and depended on these feelings of dissatisfaction. In fact, it’s your marketing of these grievances which has allowed Triggernometry to prosper.

Former guests on your show include, Douglas Murray. Douglas Murray is the author of the book “The Strange Death of Europe”. The opening paragraph of which asserts, quote:



By the end of the life spans of most people currently alive, Europe will not be Europe, and the peoples of Europe will have lost the only place in the world we had to call home.


And what of Melanie Phillips? Who herself has acknowledged that quote:

European culture is in danger of going down the tubes as the result of uncontrolled migration.



Emphasizing that this harsh reality is quote:

About to get a whole lot harsher for them.


Them, meaning us White Europeans! Am I not right in thinking that you yourself Konstantin, appeared on breakfast television where you openly admitted that London is no longer an English city, owing to the vast and rapid change over of demographics.



Konstantin Kisin: Look at London. 42% of people who live in London are like me, foreign-born, right? So there’s a very significant immigrant population in London. Obviously, if you have half of a city, essentially, that people who are first-generation immigrants that is going to make it less of the local culture, just a fact of life.


DoAlbion: You seem to believe that there is something nefarious and conspiratorial about having nationalists flock to your channel.



The truth is that they have done so in response to your own self advertisement that you quote:

Believe in open, fact-based, discussion of important and controversial issues. That you offer your guests a chance to say what they think and explain why.


It appears you are both startled and surprised to discover that British patriots were tempted by this proposition. You are perfectly willing to flaunt the crisis! Proclamations of “Western collapse” have been a staple on your channel. You cuck-teased your viewers with talking points, you know, deeply concern them!



In fact, the bulk of your content is crafted around these Stasi style muzzling of the citizenry! You were happy to use the ethnocide of London as a lucrative material for your comedic CV.


This to me says you have done everything in your power to exploit the concerns of the public! Only to somehow be incensed and appalled to truly discover that they are having absolute kitten’s about what’s going on in their country! How telling that you are willing to turn on a sizeable proportion of your subscribers, from whom you have enjoyed taking superchats, furnishing your lifestyle off their misery. Only to turn on them as “trolls”.



If they are trolling you, it is, because they have discovered that you don’t even have the courage, or common courtesy, to conduct yourselves in the manner in which you routinely and smugly advocate! With firm but respectful discourse. With free and open debate and inquiry.



Do you consider forced demographic replacement to be a trivial matter? Do you believe that the forced Islamization of the land formerly known as Christendom, will remain a periphery concern? As Douglas Murray — someone you have warmly welcomed onto your show — writes:


Europe is committing suicide, or at least it’s leaders have decided to commit suicide. Whether the European people choose to go along with this is naturally another matter.

What you are now discovering is that there are Europeans, many of us, who have decided we will not go along with it!


And we will be making our concerns front and foremost in the mainstream, with, or without you!



Peter Hitchens: An awful lot of Labor voters who are socially conservative, who don’t like the effects for instance of mass immigration, who don’t like the way in which their areas have been pretty much allowed to become victim areas, where crime and disorder flourish unchecked by the police, or the courts, …


DoAlbion: Nationalists have not flocked to your channel to ostracize you for being jewish! Talk about flattering yourself!



They flock to your channel, because you offered them an opportunity, they long for. To be listened to, uninterrupted, with sincerity, and even sympathy, if you can believe it! I won’t be told to “zip it” by a Russian immigrant!



I don’t say that to be arrogant, or rude [05:00], I say it to remind you that the English are a real people! And since it is our home that you have freely chosen to move to, it seems reasonable enough to ask, at the very least, a little bit of acknowledgement!



I can’t imagine voluntarily moving to Russia, nominating myself as a “free speech” warrior of the citizenry, making a living profiting of their obvious distress, then being vain enough to denigrate them as “under-bridge dwelling goblins”!



I thought you actually had our backs in this interview. I thought that you liked us. And that the country you moved to, you did so, because you liked the people that made Britain the island that it is. Why don’t you also wish to preserve that? Why did you move here only to watch it all torn asunder and say nothing? Do you not also like the lifestyle that you have had in Britain, which the British were good enough to share with you?


All that we ask, and all that we have ever asked, is that the numbers are kept proportionate, and manageable. But these requests fell on total deaf ears! And I’m afraid that that time has now passed!


We do not want to become Africa, or Pakistan! And frankly, there is no reason that non-White immigrants who have moved here, would not share this opinion. Since they either moved here, because they like what we’re about, or they moved here to conquer us, and replace us!


As asserting the right to stay the majority in our own homeland affects absolutely nobody, unless they have imperial designs on our territory. If they do not then they will be joining the chorus with us.


They would have really no reason not to, because the only reason you uproot your entire life, and transfer your whole family to the UK, is you love the British people! And wish to be their neighbors, and their friends, right?


Or is it that there is another motive? One of economic parasitism! You saw that our lifestyle could furnish your lifestyle better. What a shame that you were left ungratified by what your grandfather’s worked to give you, and that instead of building upon this and leaving better for your children, creating your own destiny, that you had to come and take from mine! It’s quite emasculating, when you really think about it. Though, of course, highly complementary to my own grandfather’s, who you tacitly admit are the master builders of desirable civilizations, just by virtue of your being here.

In which case have the courage to admit that your relationship with Europe is one of “pump-and-dump” profiteering! If you were really here for anything other than profit, and your own self-gratification, then you would be fighting tooth and nail to listen to native anxieties! All you are doing is proving that it was a mistake to allow the world to share, in what were once our precious and treasured communities, when you came knocking at the door!

Thank you for proving what we already know. That Europeans are unparalleled in their charity and trust. And whilst you are happy to live off the fat of our land, and build your own lifestyle, atop the ancient shires of England, upon the blood, sweat, and labor of a real and ancient people, you’re visibly repulsed by having to admit we exist!


And we exist as a race of people! And you can either like it, or Foxtrot Oscar! [F*ck Off!].


Neo-Nazis, even if I were, I have all the rights that a communist Bolshevik has to speak my mind! Do you plan to use this tactic also against the German people? Who are rapidly experiencing their own demographic ethnocide!


Are you going to bully and harass them as neo-Nazis? Because, you know, it confuses, and humiliates them, into quiet submission. Because, you know how it hurts them and mortifies them! Because, you know, an entire industry of “grief-grifting” depends on it! Well, that is the work of a psychopath!


If you were to actively demonstrate the advice you prescribed, you might find that our concerns are legitimate, and urgent. That you are dealing with the people who are concerned about being genocided, culturally and ethnically! And that, that matters!


Do you believe the industrial-scale gang-banging of White children, systemic, continent-wide, and endless, do you believe this to be a talking point of trolls? Maybe it is a talking point of flesh and blood victims, real people! And we won’t be spoken about as some sort of bog dwelling life-form!


This is our home! This is OUR home! And Europe was a pre-established world of customs, rituals, conduct, long before you arrived! And that this simple and obvious assertion could so offend you, is only testament to what nationalists already believe! That we are being mocked, abstracted, and scorned, out of our own cultural and ethnic inheritance!


What right do you have to tell people that you reject identity politics, whilst making comedic content out of London’s erasure of identity? England is not an abstract idea, and all the nations of Europe belong to a unique membership, formed over centuries of long acquaintance. We do not want this disturbed by the mass immigration that [10:00] you openly acknowledge is destroying our continent, but haven’t the guts to say:


Enough and no more!


Expecting us to dispense of identity, means asking us to sever the ancient loyalties that many of us consider treasured and precious. These observations can only be a threat to those who would see them disappear.


England is first and foremost a place, and that place has been consecrated over centuries by custom, forged by those who are native to its land. These customs are not up for debate! Nor will they be sent to the landfill!


The disquiet over immigration, and demographics, is not the result of “right-wing degeneracy”! It’s the result of seeing our churches go up in flames, our children being systematically defiled, our secret icons pissed on, and broken! You better believe it’s about identity, when the targets are Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Rialto Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Notre-Dame!


You can afford to dispense of identity politics, when the cultural heritage means nothing to you. Well, now you are going to meet the people to whom it does matter! It matters very much!


Don’t you understand that they try to burn Christ’s Crown of Thorns! The Crown of Thorns are in there! That’s what they tried to burn! What’s wrong with you? We are no longer dealing with SJW’s, and Jamie Oliver’s cultural appropriation of Caribbean chicken rice, all right? The Battle of Helm’s Deep is over!


We are dealing with population replacement, and that is genocide! And whilst that may sound a radical and absurd to you, it should be a fairly easy task to debunk, shouldn’t it? Especially for two clever, open-minded, free speech Titans, like yourselves.


Again, there is no reason that you should be against what I am saying, unless it’s thwarts other designs that you have in mind?


I believe it unhelpful, insulting, and very unkind, to engage you with this sort of language. And I am not surprised that you would not take interest in investing what must be a great deal of time, industry, and energy, that you commit to making your podcasts. These are hurtful and unpleasant words! Which are more importantly, unhelpful, and contribute to no lasting, or meaningful purpose.


Whoever it is that has Anders Breivik as their avatar, you’re a cunt! All right? The guy murdered children! And it’s a really fucking selfish of you to give our critics this easy leverage with which to wave us away, as a bunch of violent crackpots!


And I’ll also say this. If you’re English and you have a German avatar, that is cucked! We’re a maritime nation and you’re coming at me with your Karl Dönitz! Get it together! Because you’re letting the team down.


Those of us who are at least half kind and decent people, but have increasingly urgent concerns about what is happening to our home, surely we are also candidates for your free and open debate? Surely we are not so beyond the pale as you would have us? Perhaps in reality, you will discover that White Europeans, like all peoples of the world in their respective nations, have the right to total ownership of their own domain! That they are both lord and master of their own domicile. And that the magnitude of African and Islamization of their continent is completely unacceptable!


You might discover that they just as G’s [jews] in Israel, just as Indians in India, Africans in Africa, and all the other formerly colonized people of this world, have been right to demand for themselves.


You might then be forced to explain why you object to this premise. The position of the ethno-nationalists, is no different to the legacies of Gandhi, or Mandela, whose memories as, you know, are immortalized in Parliament Square. These men are taken as exemplars of social justice. So much so that their icons are cast in bronze and stand right outside Westminster!


These men were ethno-nationalism, and unlike them, who fought aggressively for the total removal of all foreign peoples in their lands, what those of us who consider ourselves European nationalists ask is that we remain the majority in our own land! This is hardly a hateful, or even novel, view of the world. It is the view of all peoples, in all lands, across all time! And we won’t be insulted, or dehumanized, for resisting changes that we never asked for!


Never wanted! And have openly protested in spite of!


What is it Stefan Varg wrote in 1942?:


I felt that Europe in its state of derangement had passed its own death sentence.


Our secret home of Europe, both the cradle and the Parthenon of Western civilization, these are the sentiments I think that loosely summarize the feeling of ethno-nationalists. We are neither violent nor cruel people, and we are not going anywhere!














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