Cassius – Marine Le Pen Calls for Referendum on Immigration – Oct 7, 2019 — Transcript

[Marine Le Pen gives a short yet powerful accusatory speech in the French Parliament against the traitorous elites and political puppets that have constantly pushed for the mass invasion of France and Europe by non-Whites.

She ends by urging for a referendum on immigration, to give a voice to ordinary French people who oppose the madness that is being imposed on them, the ongoing destruction of France and its people.



Marine Le Pen Calls for


Referendum on Immigration



Oct 7, 2019


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Published on Mar 2, 2020







Chairman: The next speaker is Madame Marine Le Pen, for five minutes.


Please, … We are listening to Madame Le Pen. Bonjour, Madame.


Marine Le Pen: Monsieur Prime Minister, ministers, dear colleagues.


We are meeting here in this hemicycle [1] to talk about immigration, once again about immigration. The numerous laws on immigration over the last 30 years were not intended to be effective, their purpose was to buy time, to make it look like something was being done.


Those debates were false debates, they resulted in nothing more than political grandstanding, boastful posturing and laws that were only cosmetic.


We are meeting today because public opinion, confronted with the absolute scandal that is immigration, demands it.


Those who do not have the choice of fleeing live in distress, and they bring to us their cry of suffering. They recognize that uncontrolled immigration is a threat, a threat to their daily lives, to their way of life, and even, at times, a threat to their lives.


This debate, and the wider debate in society has been forced upon us by the “nationals”, [2] by the strength of their patriotism and by the strength of their votes.

So much time has been wasted, and in the meantime our country is experiencing a veritable submersion.


Yes, a submersion. I dare use that term, because it describes the reality of the unbroken wave that is crashing upon our cities, our towns, and now, because of your irresponsible policy of placing migrants in rural areas, even the smallest villages.


The topic of immigration was for a long time taboo. What an absurdity.


As if it was illegitimate, at a time when the world is witnessing a gigantic displacements of people, to be interested in these demographic flows.


What treason also, because it is the primary role and the honour of politicians to defend their people.


This is not what our leaders have done. Not only have they allowed this to happen, they have organized the denials and repressed the voices that dissented.


But above all, without ever consulting the people, they organized the streams of legal migration and tolerated illegal immigration.


From 1976 to today, every family [3] of the French political class, except ours, bears responsibility for the current situation: Family reunification [4], immigration of labour transformed into immigration of settlement, mass legalizations, loosening of the criteria required for residence permits, the opening of the borders with Schengen [5], incentives to abuse the asylum system, the list goes on and on.


Behind these cover-ups, dereliction of duty, deceptions and treasons is the incompetence of our leaders, French and European, and often their cowardice too, but above all the globalist ideology that guides them inexorably.


They reduce man to his economic dimension as a producer and consumer, an interchangeable man, with no identity or cultural reference points, nothing but a cog in the wheel of global commerce.


History will record that at the start of the 21st century, you, with your NGOs, the accomplices of smugglers, reintroduced, departing from the shores of the Mediterranean, a new traffic in human being, with all its associated tragedies and uprootings.


But you have also exposed the countries of Europe to the prospect of an increasingly probable demographic cultural and even politico-religious destabilization.


The torrent of migration is destroying our welfare system, is making the entire penal system explode and is undermining the unity of the nation.


This is why people do not believe the official statements, those attempts to mislead, that all your actions show to be invalid.


We have before our eyes the perversity of “at the same time”, Monsieur Macron says he is concerned about immigration and at the same time he threatens to impose sanctions on the countries the resist the migration wave.



How can he lament the number of new arrivals, when, in the seven years [6] that he has influenced power, and the two years in which he has exercised it, the number of arrivals has grown exponentially and family reunification has been expanded as it was a few months ago, for underage migrants.


This platonic [7] debate today is an example of this double language [8]; a debate with no vote, no decision, as if it was a rehearsal for a High School play, a shadow play, where the only lucid speakers are given five miserable minutes to express themselves.


We have nothing in common with those politicians.


Rassemblement National [9] has a plan of action that is drafted and ready to be implemented, to end this destructive process of mass immigration and the no less destructive process of communtarianism [10] which is fragmenting our country and is the consequence (of mass immigration).


I do not have, Monsieur Prime Minister, [11] any confidence in you, and even less, if it is possible, in your Interior Minister, to fix the dramatic problem of immigration that is making our compatriots suffer so much.


In this assembly a majority want this migration madness to continue!


In France, a majority want this migration madness to stop!


So Monsieur Prime Minister, on this major subject of immigration, have the courage, instead of organizing a small debate without a vote, to finally organize is great referendum!




(Please see video description/comment section for notes on the topics mentioned by Le Pen.)






Notes with time stamps:


This is quite an old speech, it took place in the French National Assembly (the lower house of the French parliament) on October 7th, 2019.


1. [00:22] Hemicycle —The semi-circular horseshoe-shaped chamber that is common in European legislatures.


2. [00:22] Nationals — Le Pen and her party use this term almost as a synonym for “nationalists”, often in contrast to “globalists


3. [02:17] Family — I think Le Pen is referring to her party here, not literally the Le Pen family.


4. [02:17] 1976 was when France first introduced “family reunification” for immigrants. (If an immigrant was already legally in France, they were allowed to bring over family members too.)


5. [02:33] The Schengen area — the area of the EU where there are no border controls. Consists of nearly all the EU and EFTA. Ireland and (formerly) the UK the only countries with permanent opt-outs.


6. [04:00] Seven years — Le Pen is referring here to Macron’s time as a minister in the government of François Hollande before becoming president himself.


7. [04:12] Platonic here means “academic”, i.e., with no tangible consequences.


8. [04:15] Double language — contradictory rhetoric. This is not the same as doublespeak (use of euphemisms) or doublethink (accepting contradictory ideas as both being true) which have different translations in French.


9. [04:28] Rassemblement National (National Rally) — Le Pen’s party (formerly called the Front National)


10. [04:41] Communitarianism — in French political discourse, communitarianism usually refers to Muslims becoming “a community apart”, living in different geographical areas (i.e., different parts of the city) with separate cultural and social spaces etc.


11. [04:59] The man front left with glasses is Édouard Philippe, the prime minister. The interior minister Christophe Castaner does not appear to be in the chamber during Le Pen’s speech (though he did give a speech earlier in the debate). Philippe is an independent (formerly a member of the mainstream centre-right Les Républicains), Castaner is a member of Macron’s centrist LREM.








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