Simon Harris – EF 22 – Gavin Boby on Mosque-busting and the Breakdown of Society – Apr 28, 2020 — Transcript

[Simon Harris and Horus talk with Gavin Boby, who has been using his legal skills to oppose the building of mosques in England. Boby subscribes  to the Counter Jihadist, philo-semitic  ideology that sees jews as a positive force in Western society, while seeing Muslims and other non-Whites as a negative.

Needless to say Boby’s views on organized jewry are considered downright wrong, subversive,  among many White nationalists!

Simon and Horus, attempt to find common ground in regard to how to deal with the invaders, especially the Muslim invaders, that have been allowed into Britain by the traitor political class (that governs on behalf of orgjew).




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European Freedom #22

Gavin Boby


On Mosque-busting and the

Breakdown of Society


Apr 28, 2020



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Published on Apr 28, 2020


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Simon: Okay, hello everyone. We’re live once again this evening with European Freedom livestream 22. I didn’t know whether to call it 21b, or 22. I’ll call it 22.


And we’ve got Gavin Boby here. And it’s really great to have Gavin back. Gavin, you and I spoke for the first time in September, October, 2017, I think it was. And then we had another stream a little while after. And in many respects what we could do today is we could run over some of that background.


But I think, as I was saying to Chris Dangerfield just a few minutes ago, what interests us particularly at the moment is not just the mosque-busting, it’s really the strategy for facing the future we’ve got at the moment. Anyway.


Gavin Boby: Yeah.


Simon: How are you my friend?


Gavin Boby: Very well, thank you! Very well. What’s great is suddenly I don’t know if when I was on your stream last I was complaining and moaning in you about how I wasn’t getting much, people weren’t being as supportive as they should be about what I was doing. That has changed! People suddenly have an interest and they’re keen to do something. They came to support it. And that it’s just fantastic! It’s so much better, makes everything so much easier, morale, and just the ability to take on the cases. To go after these places and yeah it’s not just about moss busting it’s not just about disliking Muslims, Muslims are bad, it’s we are good. We want to survive.


Simon: Yeah I mean, Chris said that as a result of your stream with him and then later the one with Jake’s and I hope this continues, that you’ve heard an increase in the very necessary funding. Unfortunately folks Gavin I have put this together, or partly mainly through a fault of mine. I’ve just got to switch that stream off. So I haven’t had a chance to put the links in. Obviously when we finish this stream I’ll put all the necessary links to Gavin’s contact in the description box, and spread around social media. You really ought to be contributing to the stellar work that Gavin does. Can you give us a little bit of an outline of what you do in case people don’t already know?


Gavin Boby: Well yes. And I’m very flattered that people refer to me as the “mosque buster”! That’s a very flattering nickname that people give me. I stopped, I help local neighborhoods stop planning permissions for mosques getting planning permission. So if there’s a planning application for a mosque in your area and you want to resist it then I’ll help you resist it. And it’s probably necessary probably going to suffer if you don’t. Even if you resisting you lose, you’ll get up better if you’ve put up a bit of a fight. That’s what I do. So that’s, I think, how you knew me initially. I have views about what’s going to happen to Western society. How we reverse the problems that we’re in. We’re in pretty deep problems, and they’ve got to be reversed! And that’s not going to be easy. But. I think it will be easy, but it could go wrong.


Simon: Okay. Before we continue I know we’ve talked about this on email. There’s a slight elephant in the room that we need to discuss. So I’m completely willing to, I’m happy to discuss. I think that I have great respect for you. I think the feeling is mutual and yeah, so if we can have a gentlemen disagreements, or meeting of minds, I don’t know. But can you can you introduce the slight disagreement that we had a couple of years ago?


Gavin Boby: Yes. The disagreement is over the perception of the influence that jewish people have. In general. I don’t think, my view, if I set up my view and we can talk to and fro about it. And my view is that I think it is, at best, a blind alley for us. At worst actually a dead rabbit hole! I think you’ve referred to as being a bit of a rabbit hole. I think that’s probably a good a good image for it.


But also think it’s some unjust, again at best unjust, and potentially very cruel! I think it can be jew hating and jew bashing as I’ll call it, ends up, it has a very low flash point. It quickly ends up in a pile of dead jewish bodies. And. I don’t think there is any upside to it. I think it is in general a way to avoid looking at where the problems come from, which is from ourselves.




That’s where our current problems, our current problems don’t come from jews, don’t come from jewish influence! They come from ourselves! But I think it’s possible to pick this apart in detail at the things that jews, jewish people are blamed for.z Things like either the Frankfurt School and such. I just don’t think it is the influence that the people say is. Personally I think the jewish people are a beneficial influence. A good influence. If anything a slightly reinforcing influence on Western civilization. Which I realize might provoke some people to hear.


Simon: I mean, I do have a slightly different view, as we were saying before the stream. And as I’ve said to many other people. When you’ve been on the receiving end of an attack it’s very, very difficult. And when my relationship was Brian of London broke down, this did happen. And I also said on the previous stream that I suffered briefly from what I often refused it refer to as the “JQ derangement syndrome”!


Because what tends to happen, is that you, because you’ve often when you come to what appears to be a great revelation then all of a sudden for a very short period of time until you’ve integrated it into your general worldview it seems to be the explanation for everything. I want to state very clearly and I think probably we do have a difference of opinion.


I do think that jewish people are over represented in positions of power, both on the Left and right, and they do tend to be have an ethnocentric view of jewish people. They tend to stick together in a way to a much greater extent than we Gentiles do. And this is why I think you’re right to say in part the problem is with us. What I would like us to do is to develop a sense of community, of collectivization, quite similar to what the jewish people are capable of doing. I also think that communism, historical events that occurred at the start of the century such as the Bolshevik Revolution and the Frankfurt School they did have an over-representation of jews. But the current problems we’re facing, I also concur with you that primarily our own decadence, our own degradation, to a certain extent. What we need to do is recuperate our own moral values and our sense of ourselves. I think we probably do differ on to a certain extent in certain aspects.


Gavin Boby: Yes. Yes. I think I would agree with you. I would say the jewish people are disproportionately represented in senior positions. I would say that’s, because jewish people I would say are, in general, disproportionately successful, or able. I would go along with the view that European jews, Ashkenazi jews have in general higher IQs. The figure that I’ve heard is about one standard deviation higher than a Western European. A Western European would have an IQ of about a 100 and the European jew, an Ashkenazi jewish guy, would have an IQ of about 114, 115. And on top of that I would see a tendency towards things like stable family structures, and education effort, work ethic, probably a self-confident morality. Not a moral tradition, I’m not jewish, it’s not my moral tradition, but it’s a self-confident, an ethical base.


All of those things I think are very useful if you want to achieve something, if you want to accomplish something. Now I think that probably I would say, in general, that probably means that those things, I mean, the jewish people will be successful at what they do. So for instance if I had to have an operation I found out I had a jewish surgeon operating on me, I’d be really relieved, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief.


But maybe that’s a racist prejudice, or pro-semitic prejudice. And I think that is, if I’m right on that, I think that explains how people can get a crossed-wire about jewish people and jewish influence. Because if people are successful and accomplish things, you notice them, they become noticeable. And that then makes it very easy for people to do what I think some people in Patriotic Alternative will do, which is to make the mistake, a historic mistake that is made in respect of jews. And that is to say:


“This person is jewish! Look at that person! That person that person jewish! They’re prominent in this and this, therefore there is something jewish about this. Because jewish individuals get noticed.




And is that people fall for, I think the two mistakes that people make which are first of all. what I call the:


“Is he? Isn’t he?”


Game. That is, is this person jewish, isn’t he? Therefore he’s representative of other jews, which is not the case.


And secondly, singling out jewish people for criticism for doing what non-jews do just as much of so if I give two examples. The first example I’d give of this happening of that process. In World War One, in think in 2016 [1916] German politicians, they were convinced, because they saw jewish businessman perhaps running munitions factories, or uniform factories, or supply companies, not going to the front. And they were convinced jewish men we’re not pulling their weight at the battlefront.


And to prove it they said we’re gonna get a jewish census done to prove this. When that census came back it showed that jewish people were volunteering, or going to war at about twice the rate of non-jewish Germans. And eighty percent were in battlefront roles with bullets flying past. Which I think was nearly twice as much as was true for the German army in general. And these German politicians, they were so convinced that the survey must be wrong, they suppressed it, but allowed some massage, or false data to get leaked to the press.


And that was, you could say that these were raging anti-semites. My guess is they probably saw well this “he’s a jew! He’s a jew! He’s a jew!” and said that means jews are doing this. And not take into account that maybe jewish people will tend to be disproportionately successful, clearly is that a problem? I don’t think that’s a problem.


That’s the first example. It was wrong, it was just flat wrong then. And the tragedy of it was that is often seen as the source of this the split between Germany and German jews. It sort of started, some historians say, that’s where when it started.


The other example I give you is the Frankfurt School. From what I’ve researched, that the little research that I’ve done on Wikipedia and tooled around on Google. I would say there were lots of jewish academics and thinkers in the Frankfurt School. But the Frankfurt School was one of many slow-motion socialists organizations it was trivial! It was pathetic, if you compare it to the Fabian’s.


The Fabian’s are massively successful, very English. It appears pretty much, from what I can tell, to have been a “jew free zone”! I think the only guy who appears of any correspondence with them was a fellow called Harold Laski. I suspect, I speculate he might have just got frozen out. Really, the Fabians were incredibly English! I think, I probably would have loved it, would have fit right in! I would have loved to gone to one of their country house weekends, with all these tough, clipped, sort of humorous, slightly Bohemian individuals. It would have been great! I’d have loved it! But there were no jews involved!


And just you know, that the Fabian School, … Fabian was a [Roman] general. He said:


“I achieve victory through slow motion methods. Slow marches. That’s how I achieve victory.”


Fabians saw revolution hadn’t come, we will achieve socialism slowly. Their logo was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Every leader of the Labour Party has been a member of the Fabian Society. Tory cabinet ministers have been members of the Fabian society. There are probably not many Labour MPs are not members of the Fabian Society. It there ever were an organization that whispers in Prime Minister’s ears, it is the Fabian Society.


Now, if that was made up of jewish people, it would, I can just hear what people would say. But it’s not! It’s so English, incredibly English!




You know, the Italian Marxist again they sought revolution come we want to go for cultural Marxism cultural Marxism that phrase came from grounding the Italian Marx’s appear to have consisted of Italians from the provinces and, rather than from very Catholic backgrounds from what I can tell again no jewish people involved in them, or you look at that phrase the long march through the institutions that came from the German students movement in the late sixties. The German students movement is pretty much defined as being made up of German students who were born between 1940 and 1945. Now there weren’t many German students born in nineteen between 40 and 45 for obvious reasons and in rudi dutschke the leader he came up with that phrase the long march through the institution’s you look at the postmodernist there were jewish post modernist I think Derrida was one of the leading lights but most of them appear to have been French perhaps Rhenish, or Eastern Germans again it took on its own ethnic characteristics Fabian the Fabian Society was very English the ground is the Italian Marx is from Italian and the postmodern is very French Precog feel very elegant looking at culture sticking ray-ban sunglasses on the Statue of David as a that is cultural Marxism undermining again much more influential than the Frankfurt School I would guess if you stop people in the streets and said who are the post modernists they’ll know if you say who are the Franklin school probably as an economics called something to do with Frankfurt banks, or you might assume if something to do with sausages okay they were if you say whose grandsheikh people will know, or the Fabian’s people might know the Frankfurt school I had to look it up I’m not aware of having ever been influenced in any way by the Frankfurt School. And I think that is again that’s an example I’m not trying to say the Frankfurt School didn’t contain a lot of it seems to me that it did contain hot jewish thinkers in it what I’m saying is it is unfair it is unjust and potentially really cruel to single out jews for doing what non jews do moral and in those times in terms of culture and slow motion Marxism non-jews do far more of it and far more effectively it’s just unfair it’s a blind alley to say okay you get rid of the Frankfurt School you won’t stop all those other schools you won’t stop the fading society dominating the Labour party the Labour politicians so know what those are the examples are given figure me I’m not getting air rated at you I dislike the I find it unfair I find unjust that’s why I’m if I’m getting a bit Sun I under the collar about.


Simon: Yes I take the points the frankly. And I think it’s an important point to make that it’s not only jews the Frankfurt School definitely what and some of the big names of the Frankfurt School is its definitely jewish thinking Adorno hoc I’m mark Uzi Eric from Reich Villa is it vill hammerite Reich and it’s the combination of two jewish ideologies Marxism and you we can argue tweet with Chris we just argued a little bit about the jewishness of Marxism I don’t really want to go there and Freudianism. But I think you are correct in pointing out and as I said, earlier once you get out of the JQ derangement syndrome you begin to look at the world and see it see it a little bit more broadly as we are talking about before the stream increasingly coming to think that some of the important roles in society are a result of the system often they’re often I think four out of the last five presidents the Federal Reserve have been jews. But the current one isn’t it is a Gentile and well any person that occupies that role has to occupy that role irrespective of their ethnicity.


Gavin Boby: Yes what you could sell the other side is named the head of any central bank right now it was jewish Jerome Powell in the States I began his Carney still head of the Bank of England, I think he’s just about to leave you have the guard head of the IMF it was and the Pollack walk the policies have got worse I mean, all of the mmm massive money printing has happened you haven’t needed jews too to get that going it just it strikes me as a little unfair I think [20:01] the one the other one this were the other two arrays Dharam the Bolshevik Revolution from again from my reading of history they were quite a few jewish people revolutionaries.


Simon: Four out of seven of the original the first Politburo.


Gavin Boby: Yeah involved originally, but they quickly seem to have got really sick of it so by the end of Lenin’s rule a lot of them were drawing back and by the time styling got into power very few but by the end of starlings rule Starling was saying the reverse he was saying to himself he was very really outright anti-semitic I think Golda Meir visited Moscow and fifty thousand jewish people turned out to welcome her and he said these damn jews I can’t swallow them I can’t spit them out and he created what looks suspiciously like a southern Siberian ghetto to ship all the jews to and killed off and killed off all his jewish doctors and his issue seems to be these jews will not fit in with Bolshevism they will not fit in. So I’m gonna give it to them and luckily he died just before you got on with her so it’s I think I can understand I think I can I think Trotsky was a nasty real nasty son of a bitch probably the only guy I think you could have been worse than Starling, which is a bit like saying there’s a temperature worth lower than absolute zero ri why can I think it’s forgivable that a lot of jewish thinkers a lot of jewish activists coming out of the pogroms and the discrimination of Czarist Russia we use just as a rather big for the right to breathe some of the time but they would be attracted to Marxism and see. This is a way of solving anti-semitism and it’s also where the way of solving through that lens we can see so that will benefit the whole of humankind by getting rid of the class war and create creating a utopia for everyone I can see how people would think that I can see how intelligent people would have the means to dismiss contrary evidence so, or maybe we’ll be able to say as a meta crap no rubbish but smart intelligent educated thinkers could rationalize away all the country evidence so I think there’s. I don’t think it’s quite the way say I think Mark Collett I think he talks about that quite a bit and I think that’s unfair given the way history panned out there, the thing with Freud and why when I could talk about the supposed jewish influence on Freudianism we’re queer either jewish Freud was conscious of that which is why he took on young as a prototype partly, because you young wasn’t jewish but how much harm has been done by that I remember when my mum died I went he spoke to someone and we were when I was talking to this person wasn’t jewish, or not jewish but the model was the psychotherapeutic model where you go you said Danny you talk to someone in and you talk to some that apparently was the psychotherapeutic model established by Freud I’m not aware I was undermining Western civilization by doing that quite the reverse.


Simon: I mean, and I mean, my degrees I’m not a fan of I think the Oedipus complex and that there are various things about Freud that I find very, very subversive. But to a certain extent I’ll be honest with you I accept many of your points I think the standard version of what is known as the JQ is over simplistic I agree with you that the Fabian’s many, many non-jews, or non jews are as involved in the destruction of the West as jews Oh I think we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on certain aspects I kind of really don’t want to get back there was 13th century, because. I don’t think it. I don’t think it’s gonna gonna lead the conversation was it positively I-Iing I accept that that people tend to over simplify the jewish Question but one of the reasons why it’s interesting to talk about is, because it is a question I would prefer to consider it a question, rather than a problem there was a jewish that there’s a German Texas there’s often translated as the jewish [25:00] problem if you actually look at the original translation in German it should be the jewish Question. I think the question is its acceptable to ask the question tarring people with the same brush always is probably an over simplistic idea.


Gavin Boby: Well that will let will that is that acceptable together yeah you don’t have to agree with me but the reason the reason I’m raising I think as, you know, and some of your viewers listeners, you know, I think we’re heading for some pretty tough chaotic violent times in tough chaotic violent times very often the first people yet I’m done over in personal persecuted, or caught in the crossfire are jews and that’s why I want to be mindful of it in what’s coming which might be a nice way for us to lead into what’s coming it’s.


Simon: Okay that’s great. But let’s introduce Horus who’s just had his tea, because we had a short break between this stream of the last stream you’re right Horus how’s it going mate?


Horus: Oh yeah good to me given and thanks for comin off bit of confusion that.


Gavin Boby: No thank you for embody your chat.


Horus: Yeah I’ll try it was hard to I’ve tried to represent you but I couldn’t fully, you know, I for my part demand that we spend the next hour resolving fully and finally the jewish Question and the basically the entire relationship between jews and Western civilization he’s blowing the last two thousand years no I’m sorry I know that there’s the topic of many days of conversation even then you’re probably still wouldn’t resolve it. But yeah, are we moving on, or they do you don’t me together a take on that yeah, sorry cut out Margaret Kevin sir tell.


Gavin Boby: You a few consignment on the home comfortable giving you one if you wanted.


Simon: I think we can let’s move on to the question in hand and what has brought Gavin here really.


Horus: Well just one thing Gavin just them until last summer I was sort broadly in the Counter Jihad what sympathetic to the Counter Jihad movement. But there was a video that that well I won’t go through all the history of it but basically I started making videos last summer and this with one called against Brian avi at some point maybe if you want to watch that and let me know what you think just I’d be interested to know your thoughts that’s all. But I saw what I’ll say.


Gavin Boby: Yes yeah that’s Brian of London and I don’t know a V an O’Brien in London. I think Brian and I would say we’re just not friends in any in any sense of what the horus: Simon’s not friends of you mean for anymore the video is not the video is not actually about them except for a few minutes at the star in the end there were just sort of a title to give it. But it’s about other things related to Islam and the relationship between jews and Islam in Britain. Sorry if you’re interested but no worries if you’re not.


Gavin Boby: Yeah I’ll watch T


Simon: Okay okay as this isn’t a completely prepared stream but fortunately we know each other so it’s oh I know what you want to talk about. Um okay we were gonna move on to the question of the troubled times ahead. I know you and I have spoken this about this in the past about how society is likely to break down. Can you give us a quick overview of your thinking on this? It’s a long in.


Gavin Boby: Hmm yeah big cavity I think that our society is likely to break down. I think that people will think that means we’ve lost I think that’s the point at which we will have won if we want to win. Which is just a question it’s in ourselves do we want to deal with these problems I’ve got the motivation to do so if we do we can do and we can do it easily. What I would say is if we look at the current problems the problems are, because the politicians are doing it and we are letting the politicians do it. I think the politicians are doing it, because it creates it gives them more power by making us more manageable, easy to rule, grinding us down, denying us a sense of identity. I think we let the politicians do that, because we think they’re going to take care of us. Think of the manage the economy, manage the welfare state. Actually, you’ve seen Simon you’ve commented on them I’m perfectly people out in the streets clapping like seals for the NHS! Yes banging this I think it is embarrassing it and people that is what I think that [30:01] is born of anxiety people can feel it slipping away. Now I think that the economics are likely to break down go into quite some depression. I thought that for I don’t decade 15 years and as a result of that the welfare state will cease to function you won’t get the freebies. Suddenly the dole check won’t land on your mat, the housing office won’t send you the rent checks you’ll go into the council to give them out full of abuse to the housing officer and you’ll find there are no employees in the council offices. And they’re not going to tell you that I’m going to tell you it’s broken that we can’t pay you a welfare check, or you’ll find you can’t get on an operating table in the NHS. Again they won’t tell you about that you just turn up where your operation will be cancelled. And at that point I think people will get angry! People will riot. They will say the deal’s off we’ve put up with you politician for you’d be able to give us food for your promise to look after us you’ve stopped looking after us the deal’s off you just get a chaotic society that will break down! In those circumstances I think this has already happening I can go through thatism in those circumstances I think Society will settle out along ethnic lines. As it did very briefly during the rites the London riots of 2011. And you will see de facto Muslim immigrant third-world ghettos in our country becoming official Islamic immigrants further world enclaves. Declaring independence. Basically saying we’re no longer part of England anymore we got our own door get out you need our permission to come in. And those places will become wretched fast. I don’t mean a simply a question of them being denied welfare I needs a question of being high every service under the Sun the question I pose is how long do you live in an area like that that produces nothing! And once it’s drainage is cut off and vaster. I don’t think it will work simply to walk up to a Muslim Enclave and offer 15,000 pounds to go. I think that will fail I’d like to talk about that, but that that already that does fail there’s abundant evidence for that. I think it is not working it is not going to work. But I think when societies separated out and you have a loss of the what i’ma call invaders invaders in self segregated in on the unsurvivable helble’s of their own making. And when they have to stew in their own juice they will be amenable to taking an airplane ticket. And that is not genocide that is not ethnic cleansing that is not the Warsaw Ghetto. The jews of the Warsaw Ghetto didn’t wall themselves up in it. If you’d offer the jews of the Warsaw Ghetto and had plane ticket up they would have taken it! It was not that was not self segregation. That was not jews stewing in their own juice! That was mass murder this is people self segregating and then they will be amenable I think we would accomplish it and it would be quite easy to accomplish it. I think this is likely to happen whatever I do. If I got run of like bus tomorrow I think this scenario is like likely to play out. The reason I do what I did the ultimate motivation is I want to preserve our moral authority! I want us to do this without massacre! Without the kind of eye watering massacre that I would expect to see in France, or the multicultural heaven of Belgium and Brussels. So where you just need to wear wellies to wade through it. And I want us to achieve it so that the towering moral authority that we possess and having had inherited and continued to have, higher than any other country in the world, that that continues that that goes down to future generations. And it’s difficult to do that if you’ve got a lot of massacre on your hands. So that’s why I think it’s going to.


Simon: Do you think there’s a difference between the Muslim community, obviously there’s a difference in the communities and their ethics, but the Muslim communities and the black communities, do you think they’ll they will break down in similar ways, or, … There are other ethnic communities that do tend to separate to a certain certain extent already. Are we just talking about Muslims, or are we talking about immigrants in a broader sense?


Gavin Boby: I think it will work out in a broader sense. And I think for two reasons I think people want and will want the [35:01] sense of belonging that comes from having people around you who look and think and speak like you do. I think there’s a very strong evolved an ethnic element to that. So I suspect quite a lot of this would apply to sub-saharan Africa as well. Whatever indeed so what I think is likely to happen what I would predict on here it could be wrong. I suspect that the state systems are going to break down I don’t see how that can be avoided. I think it’s probably just starting now in those circumstances the question is how do people then satisfy their fundamental need for law and order, or insecurity. I think people will say to themselves the states no longer here to provide for, nor for me so I will provide for it. People will provide for it to privately. It’s almost like a club. You join a club where you each agree to observe laws in your dealings with each other. So that you can live safely with each other so you can continue to trade. Now if I’m right on that the question that I had asked perhaps the question I think it’s an interesting little sort of conundrum off and after-dinner gain but in those situations would you join a system and an area that allowed Islam and the followers of Islam in it I think you’re I think most English people will say no, of course, not no way there’s no reason there’s no incentive so what Islam me. And people know everything they need to know about Islam and people with young children would record in horror. No wait no wait I don’t want any Islam, or the practition of the followers of Islam anywhere in this area why would there is it the right games the parasitism the hatred what is it and then okay. And then the next question. What about some sub-saharan Africans you look at the stab fest in London you look at the crime rates tendency for lower economic achievement. What will people say then I suspect what people’s what English in English people like a little bit of a little bit of difference almost like spice in the society where the Scandinavians don’t. So an English people might say well maybe, you know, a few maybe a few like many Henry that kind of I’m trivializing. But in journal I think people will say you look at the massive numbers of sub-saharan Africans arriving starting to right now I suspect was the authorities to started to rotate out of Islam into sub-saharan Africa this is recruit recruiting ground. What will people say they I wonder I suspect is well you can tell me what are people going to same what is I suspect given it is simply when eventually start saying to themselves I don’t hate you don’t had any one but we have the right to continue we have the right to our own sense of home and a right to a sense of belonging that’s what we want, you know, don’t take offense of this but we want our land we wanna have no it’s the only one we’ve got you have one in Afghanistan you have one in Gambia, or Nigeria Oman, or Iraq we want out here and I think people have every right to do that and I suspect that will apply to a lot of different groups. Again the interesting question is, if you apply that to jewish people I suspect most people would say not uncomfortable with having an English jewish guy as a next-door neighbor into Deer Island I would say that. I said so I suspect that practically speaking when the divine will come.


Simon: Like in many respect going I think it’s probably simpler than that I think if this scenario scenario that you’re suggesting plays out the world would become the society would become a lot more hostile place. And a White guy walking in what would quickly develop into a mainly black area, or a mainly Muslim area is going to be a target. Simple as that. And what will happen there will be and there are nice Muslims in the Muslims at area areas your friendly Larry Henry for your to repeat your example your the nice black guy that we go further down the pub with. But when at once things break down on ethnic lines the only key you’ve got is color. And quite simply a White guy won’t want to be in a mainly black area. And equally once this sense of hostility Rises once that once [40:00] though tension increases black guys and Muslims well what’s it going into why stick White areas, because there might be a number. And this to a certain extent is that would be the way to nullify the effect of the Left there may be plenty of lefties within the White areas who would want to be sympathetic but they won’t be allowed to be simply, because they’re the same color of skin as everyone else and they won’t anybody who stubbornly insists on multiculturalism will be wiped out pretty damn quickly I think. So people will run away and escape to these homogeneous areas. That’s what occurs to me immediately. Have you got any thoughts on this Horus?


Horus: Yeah quite a few. It’s no wish to mention first just what my I would like to believe this, because it suggests that the problems will essentially sort themselves out right I mean, albeit with some pain and some, you know, some losses on all sides. But what my big doubt is that the state, or the ruling class will allow this to happen. Say if it’s, you know, the loss of welfare and others notice a sewerage provisions, and so on, that would ultimately make these different enclaves or, you know, not get those but your enclaves say begin to re migrate themselves away from Britain and away from the West. And if that’s what it will take for them to leave of their own accord I suspect that our rulers will prioritize keeping those things going, because I see it I guess in a more conspiratorial, or malevolent at least a malevolent sense that our rulers have done this quite deliberately. Have brought these people here oh well you’ve said that yourself actually haven’t you, you know, that it helps them to control us — yeah — divided and fractures in terms against each other, and so on, yeah and so make us and so alienate us from other parts of our land, and so on, and I was putting on my words there. But I think I doubt that they’re gonna lose control to that extent. And I think that they’ll exactly, because they want these people here they will put keeping those services going so they’re almost the highest priority other than their own personal security. What do you think about that?


Gavin Boby: I think you’re exactly right, except for one point. Well the question I asked why do you think the politicians can’t lose control?


Horus: And well I mean, I’m all right in thinking that you’re saying that the currency that this will ultimately the debt problems will be what drives this?


Gavin Boby: I think the Western society will break down either, because of the debt problems if the debt problems don’t do it then the growth of mass immigration particularly Islamic immigration will break down the system. That breakdown of the system is unavoidable. My view is that it will be the debt burden that does it. And I think at the moment that is being borne out by events happening at the moment. The reason the reason I think politicians won’t be able to continue to enforce it is, because politicians are I think will be hightailing in hightailing it out on the last pokin out of the airport [to Tel Aviv?]


Horus: But as long as we mention it’s genes I hope that’s true. But I expected in 2008 I had a half it, because I was already into Austrian economics and the idea that the ultimately monetary reality will reassert itself. I was very disappointed 2009, 2010 to find out that there appeared to be almost no price at all for the people who’d caused that crisis. And I came to think it’s more that they will basically go to any length and they may be capable of just in one way, or another just keeping this off candyfloss of money just whipping up more and more in some way. Like it might be that in the next great credit panic they all which could be this year goodness language but they might just sort of force us all into a new currency. Like, because that did happen in with the rentenmark in 1924 I think in Germany. They just but the currency bra got so bad they just created a new currency and everyone did lose their savings but they still did it. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. And then it might just be sustainable for so many more decades to say that by that point we are actually destroy it as a people. That’s sort of my [45:02] expectation at the moment. I’d like to be persuaded otherwise.


Gavin Boby: Do you mind if I jump.


Horus: Yeah of course.


Gavin Boby: Well if you look at the moment the theme what governments are on do you look at thee I’ve done a couple of videos on this if you look at the economic problems particularly in the States I think last week 26 million Americans have been made unemployed in the last four, five weeks. The amounts it’s I find it impossible to keep track of the trillions that are getting printed and just spent. I think in America it’s 5.2 I think in the EU is three from three that’s trillion I don’t know how much money that is actually three one three trillion now it sounds a lot to me. And from 5.2 in the States. That’s different from 2008 2008 you printed money you made it available to banks to lend to business people and it was leant against an asset so there was a corresponding asset. This time most of that money is just getting printed handed out to businesses just given away you’re a business you’ve got a debt you can’t meet your bills here’s some money spend it. This is some what this does is to undermine Ida and that lining that’s happened just over the process of about three weeks I mean, the lines incredibly steep if you look at the grass those graphs look like you’re dad’s viagra chart! I mean, it’s just going right up to the ceiling huh it’s absurd he said like something out of carry on me Karen carry on printing ridicule. But if that goes on people will these confidence in the Gaussian in the government. What I think is different from Vermont Germany 1923 Germany today is where we have what is different today from any time since we crawled out of a puddle is we have this belief and this expectation and you see it’s right when people are clapping the NHS people believe that the state can should and will take care of them. People believe it’s like oxygen. I mean, that is denied to people are going to go nuts people are gonna get really quite angry and violent. I think I don’t see how society fails to break down at that point. But I suspect we are living at the beginning of the end of the age of the state. That’s a different conversation but uh. I don’t think I’d be open to politicians to say don’t worry that’s alright we’re gonna institute a new currency now and everything we find will wipe the slate clean people will say well great where’s my operation where’s my doll check man oh no we haven’t got that we’re only printing have a new currency, or print up some more of it and you get the same problems. I don’t see getting revolt resolved as easily as that, but nothing is news as they could turn 23 1923 Germany whether the state has collapsed anyway it’s really Germany wasn’t providing things.


Simon: I suspect that what’s happening with coronavirus at the moment is I’m not optimistic, or let me give you a different take anyway but possibly what they’re doing with coronavirus is transit transitioning into a new crypto credit card the abolition of physical money. So we’re moving into a new system that probably will mean everybody getting poorer. I’m not all whether I agree with you that the system will break down completely, because it’s happening globally I think that the powers that be the elites for want of a better word are interns is enough to realize that things can’t get fall apart completely. So there’s got to be basic education there’s got to be a basic health service it might be much worse than it was before. But there’s got to be basic a basic very, very basic basic welfare state people will get increasingly impoverished and just where we’re moving into a neo feudalism, rather than the complete breakdown Society. And I’m not hard and fast on this that this is going to happen, but I’m just putting it forward as an alternative view.


Gavin Boby: Well perhaps if I give accounts of you that there appears that the rule the law from the rule from history case from the Soviet Union the collapse of the Soviet Union I would say if what you were saying applied to us would have applied to the Soviet Union in 1991. The rule varies for the Soviet Union and for the dictatorships and military codes of Latin America during the 1980s. Also from the hyperinflations of central and eastern Germany the Eastern Europe in the middle of the 20th century the rule is when a state’s annual deficit so the annual credit card debt is 20% of GDP that the rule is that’s when society just becomes uncover noble. And the way I put it you might have seen me say is that’s when the window cleaner he won’t clean the government offices windows without money up front. And then govern his living hand-to-mouth. And then it can’t you just can’t afford to pay for services that people think people today you think the purpose of government is not the maintenance of order they think it’s the provision of welfare. And I don’t see I think that will reinforce that law of history about annual deficits collapsing Society III don’t see how we are going to escape what appears to be a law of history, because politicians are ruthless but, of course, that ruthless they have no scruples whatever I mean, the semi psychopaths that’s how you succeed as a politician sorry okay.


Horus: That we definitely agree on they are undoubtedly undoubtedly attracts almost inhuman people in some in some cases. I’ll just come say oh we go we nearly at that debt to GDP ratio already for 20 percent you mention? In well I don’t know how much has been I can’t find out how much has been printed in the UK. Where I inferred the stains they would be that debt 2gb GDP level except they haven’t taken it on as debt they’ve simply printed the money and handed it out, or so they gonna print the money and having dinner I serve American GDP and what is it that 22 trillion. And I think 5.2 that’s more than 20% they’ve said they’re going to print up that much currency if I point to so it’s about a quarter but the thing is they’re not take most of that I think only 700 billion which is not very much money 700 billion US a tiny’mon only 700 billion he’s being taken on his government debt. The read the rest is just printing and giving it out so my guess is they but they must know you must know well if we take this on as debt always if we sell this as bonds out in the market will collapse there’s no way we can be painted so we just got a pretty tough they have no option. That’s their completely their favorite athlete but like most Psychopaths completely without strategy.


Simon: But this is my questions as you said, they must know. This the response to the coronavirus I’m not going completely down the conspiracy rabbit hole! Yes the I think some kind of disease does exist but it’s pretty clear that the response to it has been completely exaggerated. And it looks like I suspect that this some kind of controlled demolition! Perhaps perhaps they know what they’re doing. And if they do know what they’re doing that the aim is to make us all a lot poorer and, you know, turn everything into Brazil. Where the politicians the psychopathic politicians and the leaders of society would live in gated communities and the rest of us would be rioting and killing each other outside the gated communities plebs like us! I don’t know what you think about that getting.


Gavin Boby: I think there’s a lot of evidence to add color and credulity to that. Particular bathing house of businesses that have no right to expect a bailer that’s not bailing up the businesses the employees giving the employees employed that’s just bailing out the shareholders he might take a loss.


Simon: Yes.


Gavin Boby: That’s transferring money from the poor to the rich which has been a debt as a decade so what’s been going on for a long time. Loosen loose monetary policy feminism mass immigration it transfers money from the poor to the rich. It’s a war on the poor. And I come I don’t know enough to say if there’s a conspiracy if they’re not they’re giving you a good impression of it.


Simon: Yeah can I can I just do some Superchats, because there was some super chance at the end of the last show and we’ve got a superchat now which is a question directly for Gavin. I felt a bit guilty when I switched off the last stream and saw that people had given us some very generous donations and I had not mention their names. So a big thanks to Joe are who it for that seems stream sent three [55:02] US dollars and said:


“Great stream guys I think Chris and Horus are right about what could happen vision might appear in a less extreme form perhaps.”


Yeah we were talking a little bit about the breakdown of society and kind water loss vision of what was going to happen in the future.


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And finally a question for you Gavin which comes from White is the new green who sends five pounds and he says:


“Assuming Gavin is a barrister he mentioned his pupil master a few days ago. Why is he allowed to still practice with his anti-Muslim stance, while Ian Millard was expelled from the bar in 2016 for a pro-Hitler tweet?”


Gavin Boby: I don’t practice as a pastor. I secure planning permissions for people. That’s what I do. I don’t practice I don’t work as a barrister. I don’t wanna sell houses I mean, it’s a little bit it goes around people saying I’m a barrister. Would be shy about it, because he sounds like I’m holding myself out. I don’t work as a barrister. I just assume people just drop that one. But I mean, it’s a qualification I’m a little bit proud of that I don’t work as a barrister when I’m taking down moss what most applications I’m not doing it as a barrister. I’m doing it as a private citizen. Doing a job that you could do.


Horus: You’re not a Queen’s Counsel then?


Gavin Boby: No no!


Horus: I was just joking! But I’ve noticed quite a lot of the scumbags I’ve noticed over the last few years have been Queen’s Counsel! A lot of people who were most vehemently in favor of keeping us in the EU regardless of what people wanted so many of them were Queen’s Counsel! It was horrible! Like Joanna cherry and loads of terrible it seems like a lot I meet sorry but our culture not only clearing out but I’m sure not as a class though, you know, not as a whole category of people. I’ll just go mention to everyone watching as well if you’re not aware that Gavin has a Patreon where you can donate to help him his prevention of mosques activities. Which is like saving thousands of people from the scourge of having a mosque built near their home. So check out Kevin on Patreon.


Simon: This was the subject I wanted to move on. And move on to I know that people are quite familiar with your musk busking busting work but it’s important to remind people that apart from our predictions of what’s going to happen in the future you are you’re practically engaged in stopping mosques from being built in small towns and in particular areas. I remember when we spoke a while ago giving a graphic description you giving your graphic description of what happens when people get a mosque. So perhaps you could go through that again in order to remind people. And anyone who’s feeling slightly multicultural and thinking Oh husbands shouldn’t they have a right to religious freedom and have their nice place to pray um it’s not really about that is it going?


Gavin Boby: No I love the lefty liberal people who say just that they’re my best customers, because when there’s a mosque proposed in their neighborhood they know exactly how to write strongly worded letters to their local authority. They do extremely courtesy impolitely as if they’re writing to the guard. It’s fantastic more of them please! And then afterwards they go back to their multicultural PC drivel! It’s is this it’s very funny it’s very amusing I mean, forms of themselves but they work hard for me unbidden unpaid fuel by the power of one of their own self-image meet Amy. But what goes on if there’s a mosque in your area what I talk about is the four the four stages, or visit okay that the first stage is refer to as the parking jihad you will notice oh my goodness there’s a lot of parking here very inconsiderate parking these people I thought they were religious so I thought they park a bit more considerately than this that means people parking across your driveway parking inside your driveway and I’m just not. And when you’re gonna say can you move your car please no not on me what should I move my car No not going and that leads onto the second stage which is what I call the of off this is our area now stage, because Housewives guys excuse me I’m going to collect the children in a minute I’m going to do some [60:00] shopping could you please if you’ll come out of my driveway please F what missus this is our area now we usually it’ll be it’s only for a couple of hours in our air for and it’s the women who get gifts Warner it is not they’re not many White nice within Islam I think we can say the third stage is the plastic particle the plastic bag stage which is where you go to knock on the door and you get a couple of nice nice Muslim gentlemen saying wouldn’t you like to sell your house we have a plastic bag with some money in it, or a briefcase with some money and from what people have told me the figure is usually about a third of its market value, or maybe a bit less and that’s what you’ll get offered and when you say this it’s just not for so can you stop coming around doing this you will get to the reply you will get is no White person is going to buy this place off you’re going to have to sell some time and the impression I have is that’s done as it is a subtle, or not so subtle intimidation campaign you’ll get it and one of the tactic is the taxi driver takes you back from the airport will if this has started he’ll start doing it as well maybe you can’t afford to buy a house but he’s just a way of saying we’re gonna be taking over this so you’d better move and the fourth stage is that when it’s really advanced is the we have no reason to believe there’s any racial element to this crime Madame stage, because again when say they’ll have a housewife, or someone goes to the police saying I’ve had something nasty come through my letterbox, or my front windows been broken, or my gate post has been smashed into reversed into that’s all the police will say they’ll say oh I was a lot more trouble going on around here these days madam we have no reason to believe there’s any racial element this crime and your life will be miserable the value of your property will go down simply, because the BC multicultural person you even the PC multicultural person that we were talking about will not buy your house from you, or if he does he’ll say I’m not going to offer so much money, because I won’t be able to sell it on to so many people support them on will reduce the value of it and you will have to move I get people saying emailing me constantly saying this has happened it’s a problem for me I can’t go shopping I get sworn in my life is unpleasant what do I do and all I can say is move that’s all I can say until we are able to go back and retake those areas in future years future decades it’s not nice I’m having a mosque in your area which is why the people who advocate for it they’re very keen to have enough money to live away from the mosques and to leave it to them but lucky poor people to sit and celebrate.


Horus: You have any experience in olden Govan?


Gavin Boby: Little I have one for Tomas me I musta fought and lost in all around all them I’ve done 62 may be 63 and it, or Mulvaney Oldham his son is just sad that’s really he’s horrible horrible people that people are ground down they’re bitter, or in depressed and demotivated this depression I had.


Simon: Going going back to the topic of the breakdown of society, because it is relevant to the mosque I think um don’t the mosques again aren’t we under estimating the power of the Muslims and the organizational power of the Muslims. Mosques I don’t know if I spoke to you before, or after I’d been back to London I think there’s possibly after um but I, because I’ve got into the Counter Jihad and I didn’t really know have very much first-hand experience, because there are still relatively few mosques here in Spain there are four small prayer rooms and the Left are trying to push for them for more mosques to be opened people will start campaigning here if this starts to happen well I’ve had very little direct experience of a mosque in my area. So I went back to finish early part where it’s spent for three, or four years in the 80s and it had just that the state of what had once been a beautiful neighborhood a happy neighborhood with great pubs music have great memories of my time in frensley Park, you know, it’s an. Hole it’s the only it’s turned into a dreadful place. And walking past them the mosque I felt pretty intimidated. I began walking past on the same side of the [65:00] road and felt our hands across the road, because I didn’t feel comfortable and then I went to another one mine I was staying with a friend in Chizik and I was just taking some photos outside the mosque and all of a sudden a car came up with four heavies inside it and told me to quite simply told me to get out of the area. It was very, very clear that they felt that they owned the area around the mosque. So the point I’m getting to is that the mosque don’t serve a religious purpose there, the Muslims are obviously organized wouldn’t they have weapons wouldn’t they have provisions with which to stage a battle against the White community communities around them aren’t they a little bit more dangerous than your weight you’re giving them credit for.


Gavin Boby: So dangerous only very hostile very, very violent but bad a war not competent organizing I think probably well there are two things first if you just Google why Arabs, or why Muslims use Wars half a million hits will come back I mean, that and it’s generally put-downs the fact that there are all these jealousies and hey within the Islamic community paragraphs you don’t get coordination you don’t get discipline military formation, the other thing the second thing is, if you imagine an Islamic law yeah an Islamic self ghettoized and clave to walk around one of those places walk around there is no wealth production in there’s no self starting infrastructure no civil infrastructure legal system on government system no financial structure there’s no way of growing food there’s no way of developing getting the material to make way, because there’s no way to train in those weapons it’s youth I just don’t think. I don’t think that had the slightest hope even if we have no army if suddenly the British Army just disbanded then there would be no way they could take us on their beard a huge massive disadvantage probably made worse by their own viciousness that they would provoke the United opposition of the rest of the English people. I don’t see I certainly see they have the will and the hive mind to gather together but not the competence and ability. It’s a one I was surprised to find one of the basic and elements have gained theory one of the basic conclusions appears to be that the good has in people who can go tell the truth and keep to their word and I’ll not malevolent will tend to drive out the bat and it’s, because the good can trust each other but the bad come and that I think applies to apply to Muslim arizim as we get it I seen no way I think the wounded seal are taking on a killer whale on some tropical beach has more of a chance of killing that killer whale than some Muslim ghetto would we have of overtaking us. How many soldiers with not even the sniper rifles wouldn’t would be needed to contain an Islamic enclaves how many probably not many I don’t 50 maybe just perched on rooftops? Don’t based and then how do you train when you don’t have drainage how do you train me you’ve got no food coming in you’ve got no your electricity mobile phone is switched off it’s I know I just can’t see it happening.


Horus: What about the threat of a lot of British leftists joining them?


Gavin Boby: This is what I find so delicious is one of fun funny when let’s suppose half the British public are convinced liberal lefty Bourbons okay just community multiculturalism diversity diversity is our strength I’m good and I will live, or die by that okay it’s certainly, rather than half of the population are singing that then well let’s suppose behalf of the population like us with any brain half the population it’ll be more than half the population, because there’s no incentive to have anything to do with Islam. But let’s suppose only half the population can see them half of operations say we want nothing to do with Islam and Muslims and let’s say the other half the population these liberal lefties say no no lovely is what I want to go I want to live Oh Muslims are [70:01] welcome here immigrants welcome here and then what you find is suddenly in that area the concentration of Muslims has doubled. So you no longer living in an area that’s 10, or 20 percent Muslim in a living it’s 20, or 40 percent Muslim and as we know Muslim of confidence and aggression increases exponentially with numbers and so I think what you probably find is a few of those liberal lefty baboons would start to say well I was okay when it was 10, or 20 percent now it’s 20, or 40 percent I think I’m going to change the White area from with its young I’m decamp into the White area I’m still a multicultural baboon but I’m going to be a multi ultra-beam amongst any White people, because that’s where I can do the most good and the votive and then what you might find so half of them decamp then that that area goes from 20 to 40 percent so forty to eighty percent Islamic good luck to you if you’re living in an 80 percent of Islamic area you’ll be lucky to get up with your skin intact! So third well I think what you’d see what I think we’re what we will see is these historic feedback loops and this idea of segregating out will it will go into an accelerating feedback loop even if you don’t even if you discount the reality which I think is coming of European people in general including White English people saying we want this sense of belonging we like a sense of belonging we like a sense of neighborhood a sense of home and discovering that basic human need that the modern Puritans have tried to burn out of the Western culture and psychology this is something people babies need this babies need to know leave it on they die if they don’t adults contemplate suicide if they don’t have that feeling of a sense of belonging it’s a basic human II and but even if people don’t discover that I don’t know how you stop people discovering even if people don’t you’ll still get that that net that feedback to me hardening the separation I think the separation will be every bit as hard as an assignment is saying it will be and then these people are going to have to steer in their own juice and good luck to you if you do that you do not.


Simon: Do you really think I mean, you said we were gonna you wanted to talk about the plans that we’ve been discussing about of repatriation you really think yeah I mean, I think it’s an interesting topic in that and one of the things we like to do here is that the reason why these conversations are good is you’ve got a knock that knock around the ideas um I think that the main stumbling block at the moment is as we all agree we have completely disloyal traitorous politicians so the initial problem and when we were speaking to Nick Griffin to a certain extent he’s right about the difficulty of gaining power how many barriers would be put in the way of any kind of party that was proposing repatriation we’re kind of all aware of those difficulties but do you really think that the policies that we’ve been discussing are a non-starter?


Gavin Boby: Yeah. I don’t think there’s any chance of a sensible policy gaining power point for the reasons I’ve said if it did I think it. I don’t think it will benefit from the kind of feedback loop I’ve talked about in that supposing it managed to deport a number of people I think Apollo the more people it Deportes the less strongly people are going to feel about it whereas I’m if you don’t think it was just play out the way I think they’ve got to play out more people separates out the more they will separate out you get increasing separation but I’d like to talk specifically about the proposal whose Patriotic Alternative and have put forward a repatriation proposal which I think will fail I think it had already fails and maybe I should talk to their face about this maybe I’ll talk to him what might one day but they’re a political movement so I feel comfortable discussing them even though they’re not here to defend themselves and what I look at is well there are two things firstly there’s the platform that the Donora towner has outlined 15k per person to go and also the chart that Horus and you salmon and found and put up if I deal with your Atanas Rotel is 15,000 to go dent Denmark already has [75:02] that Denmark in 1997 I’ve put together a policy that says we’ll give you 1, 200 quid to go I know in the 12 year is until 2009 about 200 people per year let’s turn off our left over that 12 year period in 2009 they said we’ve got to get more to go more people to leave and so they increased in tenfold to 12,000 pounds okay not dollars not euros path toward the equivalent of 12,000 pounds and then I think in 2000 I think it’s 2011 they put it up to 15,000 nots and 16,000 pounds and in addition you get help buying a home you get health insurance I don’t if you get the full panoply of deli initial offer benefits in the foreign country then you offered payments but I understand you get health insurance and you get help buying a house I only get 16 grand now in I think in 2011 I think my little hazy I think the number was a hundred and no 260 and the last figures that I’ve read will lower 150 in 2015 what appears to be happening again similar to the table of all is posted the more it goes on and the more you pay the less they leave now this is done lock system I think it’s mainly oguns people around over 55, or over 60 I would say those are the people more light it, because I don’t have a life they’re not selling a life of welfare ahead of them like 50 years of welfare receipts please lovely it’s just a few years and you’re getting those the health care benefits abroad and they just it has felt though I’m not taking it up I mean, you’d have to work God know like I could work a hundred thousand years you had after two hundred thousand years to defer for that to work the so that is feigning that is not working I wonder if, nor at our Mark Collett know that it won’t work I’d like to put that question to them they must have done their homework on this, because they’ve put this forward in on a public platform I’d like to know I wonder if it’s a soft introduction to harder policies I don’t know the other one is the table I think you’re at the town are tweeted announcing repatriation voluntary repatriation is already working and you might want to bring up some table that table I looked at it took me 30 seconds to Google voluntary repatriation scheme UK okay and toppling I found it couple of minutes to read the first few paragraphs what that is for that is for people who are illegal immigrants and they’ve come to the end of the road you come in as an illegal immigrant you apply for asylum you apply for a passport I’m gonna leave it to remain you’re told them though your appeal against its hold now every Avenue is closed and eventually the immigration photo comes to you and says listen we’re now going to forcibly deport you if we do you will go into detention 91% going to detention will put you into detention why don’t you leave under your own steam save yourself the humiliation just go, because you are you’ve come to the end of the line and then sometimes you get someone will say oh well you can’t do that to me I can’t afford to go so you’re stuck with me I can’t afford to buy a ticket and then the government will say we’ll buy you a ticket and then they’ll stay oh. But if you do that I’ll be homeless on the streets of Karachi, or Kabul and then I’ll die and that’ll be on your conscience when that beat oh so nice Mr immigration is able to say we have a grant for that it’s called reintegration support and that is its one and a half grand for an individual to act for a family I think but it’s this is not what is being portrayed with this table what has been pierced immediately being put forward is this is some Home Office guy walking up to a an immigrant with a passport someone who might be third generation and saying here’s to Germar why don’t you go and he says all, you know, okay okay no no it’s not this is simply people who have come to the end of the road and are agreeing to go quietly I think and the numbers there are going down and a thank you I don’t Oris a keeper though thank you and you see the numbers there since 2015 going down and down and down I think in I read that in 2018 the numbers were for compulsory forced repatriation and volunteer in corner repatriation a quarter turn the forced and volunteer appreciation zone I think was ten thousand forced 15,000 voluntary. And this is not evidence of our being able to take our country back [80:00] simply by paying people to go it’s.z I don’t think there’s no evidence I think that is not going to work there’s no evident with the evidence from other schemes is that it 1-1 why would it if you’ve got a life of the wealth of the English welfare state a house English rates pay even if you’re not on welfare state health care systems education of your children rose policing UK rates of pay compared to Afghan intensive pay what is an Afghan rate of $1 a day I don’t there’s don’t know where you’re gonna do it for 15 grand I don’t I see it I only see evidence that that will fail I saw adjusted. I don’t think that will work I think what will happen is it’ll fail and then the people putting that in place we’ll see right no we’re gonna get serious we’re going to use we are going with that the hard measures now and then what you will get is the on is war that’s when you get massacred coming I think that approach will be taken in places like France and I think you learned a lot of blood now that’s again why I’m getting a sigh from getting a rate of my getting a bit aerated about it is I don’t want to see us the English having that blood on our hands the blood of Massacre on our hands I think European countries will have that are going to have them on their hands Brussels Paris parts of maybe parts of Spain parts of Italy maybe parts of Germany as well I don’t want us to do that and I think if we go down this note that status route is likely to lead to that and besides I just don’t think the government system will be there for a political party to gain control so.


Simon: We were talking earlier about I mean, making, you know, with Wells remaining as moderate as possible making the environments in Britain as hostile as possible, or as non conducive as possible so making it less stiff it difficult to get benefits to once you make a the plank field more level at the moment immigrants and Muslims in particular are upsetting favourable treatments but once they’re not getting favorable treatment for housing for welfare for jobs once you can a Muslim man can only have one wife kosher food is illegal any kind of mutilation gentlemen means like is illegal Sharyl Sharia law is illegal it’s a question of reimposing the English system once that is imposed and the environment is left less comfortable for them surely there would be more inclined to accept a an offer your muta that Gavin.


Gavin Boby: Forgive me. I don’t think that is likely to be. I don’t think that I need to be anywhere near enough if I go through that in a second the other issue of kosher and genital mutilation I think brings us back to the issue the question we were having about jews and jewish people. Personally I think I would allow kosher slaughter it might seem illogical I think I would I’d allow I’m jewish circumcision I’ve never met a jewish guy who regrets having been servant sized although non-jews I’ve read accounts of them regretting it I think it probably is in some ways beneficial for jewish people circumcision, because it’s a way to create that sense of belonging which for a persecuted people is probably necessary so I wouldn’t I just wanted to sort of flag up my that if we’re talking about if we talk about some immigration here mass immigration in general let’s say I think you’re taught you might be talking about here is let’s say a Muslim man who has four wives and a lot of children he gets welfare for all of his wives and that’s a disgrace we can agree that it’s so it’s dismal watching civil servants and politicians pander to that it’s just disgusting but let me put it this way supposing that was in man has one wife one recognized wife then suppose he thinks he has three others but they’re not registered as his wives they’re just single mums who as far as the state is concerned they’re single moms who he has impregnated and so they claim single mothers benefit and honey he goes around and hits around the head [85:02] until they give him the money every week I mean, how does how does that decrease it probably isn’t going to decrease the money that is available to them by very much might increase I thought it would increase it actually, but I remember. And if you ban halal slaughter my guess is Muslims, or would how about that I don’t even cause them to go I think they’d say we’re on a jihad here where we’re taking over probably you’d you would probably get a lot of from halal slaughter in people’s back gardens too much for the police to deal with is my guess how would you stamp it out but I suppose you could start the stamp it out it would take a lot of police resource I don’t. I can’t see it being enough to get them to go III don’t think Muslims are that principled I think they would say world KarenT will take up they’ll give gifts some dispensation from the earmark from some bloke with it’s, or no Santa hat, you know, from Cairo University to say that’s okay you can disobey Islamic law whilst you’re at war, or she’s taking over and then they’ll say well star Islamic sorcerer as we’ve taken over and I just don’t see that being enough when you can serve with a slew of money and the religious command to take over through war and genocide a bit of cheering on non-compliant meat isn’t I think that’s gonna be enough.


Horus: Do you think any scenario that leads to deportations on a scale of tens, or hundreds of thousands of years like forcible, you know, using force if necessary so you think that any scenario that leads to that is a bad idea should be avoided?


Gavin Boby: Well let’s play it out let’s say we go to let’s say half of his Birmingham is we want to deport half the population of Birmingham say half a million people and you go up and you say you’ve got to go now what if those Muslims say no we’re not going this is our area we’re not going. What do you do so presumably your and snatch rates, or you move the army in and you circle off a part of that area that contains enough people to fit on a budget okay so let’s say you can get [10,000 people on a cruise liner, or a destroyer belowdecks want to destroy it so you cordon off an area of Birmingham that has well it, or Bradford let’s say that has, or less than that has 10,000 people in it. And then you go house to house dragging people out now just how are you gonna and how you gonna do that supposing that they say no we’re not going out of our house and the women are weeping and wailing and the men are fighting and throwing god knows what improvised item that is going to be a situation of war people are going to you’re gonna get a lot of III see that breaking down I don’t know how you do that first a house and then supposing where does that go to do you take Iraqis and Moroccans to Bangladesh do you shoot them there okay what if Bangladesh, or if you’re taking them to a port in Karachi what if the Pakistani government says no you can’t dock your shoot here no way when allowing you, or do you can’t do it by open an aeroplane is too delicate a mechanism too many ways to bring you time and again Karachi Islamabad Airport could simply say you’re not allowed to land how do you do it how do you get ten thousand people out of their houses onto a boat how do you get ten thousand people out of their houses into a holding camp next to the harbour particularly with a suicidal religion that doesn’t have the same concept of the value of its own life I would see it as a religious duty to perish resisting that I don’t know how that works without what I would call massacre well am I wrong and we explained it me.


Horus: Know I’ve always assumed that if you did that I mean, if I was seeing government this yeah this would be one of the hardest considerations, because I both acknowledge two difficulties that you sped up by also literally can’t stand the thought of not deporting. But yeah, I mean, it’s gotta be done in such a way that it obviously improves things, rather than causes, you know, an even worse situation one way you might find huge numbers of your own [90:01] people trying to overthrow your [90:02] government, because it’s causing such, you know, evils so yeah, I don’t necessarily have a clear idea of how that work but I always assumed that you could section off you could use sufficient force and inducements to the foreign governments like, you know, by either by leveraging them with the foreign aid that’s given to them and stuff, or deportations in combination with payments to those governments in some way I always assumed it can be done if piece by piece I always thought suppose. This is a bit off topic but the first most difficult like pressing task every government wants to deport hundreds of thousands of people is for us to fight as for us to defeat your internal enemies to defeat much of a civil service and to replace many, or most of the chief constables of police parts of the intelligence services close the BBC, or suspended various things are that and a defeat massive Left-Right oddity you get to government by the time you’ve got into government they know that you’re what they call Nazi is right they’re determined to what bring you down and hang you if you can if I can but so by, you know, after having been in government for six months he wouldn’t even have stayed on a program people say she probably spent that whole time fighting your internal enemies but by the time you’ve done that you may have demonstrated such will and frankly terror to the at least for some external you may have begun to reverse the process that’s likely, you know, just a the show of will that you’d have to show anyway in order to get that far might actually I mean, you have to consider the geopolitical situation there, because you put out the US like threatening you with God knows what as well and the UN and other countries so it’s really hard to map out.


Gavin Boby: It is its important to do this and have this kind of conversation, because of the biggest one of the biggest inhibitors we have is that enemies can say you can’t do this without unthinkable methods there for you can’t think about it’s unthinkable don’t think about it and I saw a an interview, or Nigel Farage getting asked about the Prophet of Islam there’s immediate response was well then you have to kill any you’ll have to kill everyone when you so you can’t dig like no now what’re you gonna do kill everyone that’s it and walked away now and that is the card they’re going to play that is what it’s necessary to think this through to think this through realistically and to see are there ways that we can take back our own home without having to dirty our hands and to commit Massacre atrocity yeah that is worth thinking true I think I was I found myself thinking about this 15 years ago how is this how does this going to happen and moralism I think actually this is it seems to me will play itself out just a human nature that the main problem is our governments once they’ve gone Society segregate us out Islamic areas become hard form in Islamic areas unlivable and they might come to us saying please give us an airplane ticket at least the weather’s nice back there and there’s a people like us though and I think it’d be a lot easier those regards the BBC enemies like the BBC tell me if the politicians are clinging on by their craws how important priority is the BBC licence fee games it’d be like the porgy DC’s hi I’m your BBC’s panicking the BBC is not reporting any what hardly at all the current economic problems become an economic situation, the money printing you won’t find it anyone the BBC I suspect they want to report on people clapping the NHS that’s wonderful the reason for the reason for that they can see that the gravy train where they have a nice front row one of the stiffs and the front carriage the gravy train is going to hit the buffers and they don’t know what to do about since I think a lot of the enemies will just melt away I like it I look forward to the delicious excuses that the lefty liberal the beings are going to come up with when they think I’m.


Simon: Okay one of the expressions odd from our previous conversations that I’ve always has always stayed in my mind I’ve said [95:01] I’ve already told you about this previously Gavin was well it slowed the tide stop the tide turn the tide now it seems to me that. This is a lot more consistent with the repatriation product policy then I mean, we’re all talking about the same thing all of us want to avoid bloodshed and atrocities so all of us are knocking around the suit all of us want our countries back but we don’t want to do it violently so wait so all it was a thinking of a way thinking of ways in which this can possibly come about I’m very, very uncomfortable about reaching this kind of Mad Max post-apocalyptic world where, you know, society is completely broke broken down and we’ve kind of laughed about this, because yep I also think that the indigenous population will tend to have an advantage, because if you’re in rural areas at least you’ve got a chance to sustain yourself you’ve got farmlands you’ve got, you know, you can produce your own food food what on earth can you do in hansworth not a great deal what on earth can you do in the East End of London not a great deal but at the same time the idea of society completely breaking down I’m sure you understand that I’m not very happy about it about this.


Gavin Boby: Well there’s another side to which it could it could lead to something better quite quickly I actually wrote a little it’s on my website a little book a little guide to this what to do when the state the state breaks down the key thing is people need law so I wrote a legal code that people can use just take it away and use if they want just so people can have laws and agree to abide by the laws I suspect what you will get is the breakdown of the state that doesn’t mean the loss, or law I think you’ll move from state imposed law to self-government state and post government to self government I think that will be a lot freer and a lot nicer a lot more prosperous and a lot more run a lot more humane a lot more communal, because people will be achieved choose legal systems for themselves and so you get a greater sense of pride it’s not something that’s just forced on you I suspect I think people will do that pretty quickly what people will need to acclimatize themselves to is the loss of the welfare state that’s the thing that I think is unthinkable to people but my I would guess if this if this happens although it’s without the state imposing mass immigration feminism which declined dumps wage rates and the loose monetary policy which again increases the cost of living by enriching your already rich I would expect your average workers only raped pay rate to treble probably quadrupling massively increase and I think people rather support themselves they’ll have to accept freebies from the man with the upper-class accent so yeah the difficult thing for be able to contemplate with people are not going to contemplate and in essence porcelain it’s a lot of the welfare state. But I think the idea of a form of self-government would actually be create a much nicer society I actually think it would create probably a new form of British Empire where in those circumstances I can see let’s say you live in Nigeria who and you’re just a trader who do you want administering your private legal code do you want Nigerians administering it, or do you want English people administering it you’ll probably go the way of the Hong Kong Chinese they love the fact that the English their laws they were quite happy with they’re very comfortable with it and they did a fabulously wealthy I think you’re probably in those circumstances getting a lot of other countries saying we want you to come in and basically governor will form create and run the forms of law and security in place, because you did a better job than us so. I don’t think it’s necessarily a horrible prospect I think the transition, the dislocation will be absolutely eye-watering the example I gave is let’s suppose you’re a single mum on the seventh floor for each doing you don’t know who the fathers were different three fathers you don’t know who they [100:00] were the lifts don’t work it starts working in the stairway fills up with rubbish you’re me might be a bit it’s too old to prostitute yourself in any way if, you know, you’ve got three children what would you live on how do you I presume you try to find it a man you can be nice to, I don’t know, matter so I mean, it will be I think they’ll be appalling an appalling transition as a result of the way society has been so damaged by blood first order our politicians making rougher promises for power in order to get gather more and more power and control I think it rude will be for the best.


Simon: That’s good anything more to add horrors before I do we’ve got one super Chet and we’ve got a few questions that seemed quite interesting so any points to make?


Horus: Well that scenario has occurred to me as well that at some point in the future you might find Third World countries kind of contracting rulership from the West from countries like Britain who they’ve just found through experience they don’t want to be colonized as such, or ruled by force but they will like contract our rulership to some extent that occurred smooth for as well that you may actually find a sword will re not recolonization some sort of new westernization in term year in terms of life yeah look, or codes and legal administrations though. But yeah, I’m just sort of adding my agreements there, but by us I only plan to be on till nine some. So I’m gonna drop off in five minutes of us alright bulb I don’t is with questions.


Simon: Alright yeah the first question is I knew this is gonna come back and bite you Gavin but Joe are says since five pounds and says Gavin he’s given you a some information here Gavin the reason the USSR killed religious jews is, because the Soviet jews were savety and Franky’s they believed and practiced the Torah in Reverse basically Satanism you should research saboteurs every quick guides on those, or not at all.


Gavin Boby: I will like I knew nothing about this I will yes.


Simon: Yes a besides every is quite an interesting character 1666 okay questions do Matthias asks how does Gavin individually NPC armed forces and their silently mega-wealthy globalist Empress acting in a time of collapse?


Gavin Boby: What are the NPC armed forces.


Simon: Okay the NPC NPC was and what was MPC Horus?


Horus: Non-player non-American answering.


Simon: The non-player character and, nor the, nor me the pro-pro globalist armed forces how will they react.


Gavin Boby: I would expect normies once if the world fair driven fee is torn out of people’s arms I mean, people are going to wake up in a bad mood and suddenly take responsibility and my experience is when people have to make individual decisions for themselves they make very, very sensible decisions I would expect suddenly the question will be like appeasement in nineteen forty who wasn’t at peace who was a multiculturalist I would expect that to happen then what will happen with the armed forces I friend of mine told me that he was at a demo where the there were some what some semi why they were some armed forces there, but he walked up to him and said if you were ordered to shoot us to maintain order would you shoot us the soldier said no no way no way ice what would the army do I would have thought they’ll side with people, rather than with the man with the upper-class accent.


Simon: Yeah, I think so too if once the command structure is removed to a certain extent pega Mead asks do you agree that the real enemy is the traitor White liberal happily ignoring mosque building, because they live far away, rather than a visible mental case jihad Warriors destroying our culture?


Gavin Boby: Yeah that’s right.


Simon: I think we I think we all agree on that don’t we it’s that it’s not so much the well we don’t like the people being here, but the people that open the gates for them they’re definitely the traitors and we’ve got this one from Marty morosely there’s I’m gonna skip this Angela, because I think it’s a bit too incendiary sorry Marty morosely would go and consider working with Patrick pashyati alternative, or at least maintaining friendly relations [105:00] despite his take on the JQ and not aligning with Mark Collett.


Gavin Boby: Yes I don’t know about not aligned with Mark Collett, because I haven’t done the courtesy of talking to him face to face that’s I haven’t had the opportunity I would certainly maintain friendly relationships despite any we can differ like a couple of gentlemen seems to me.


Simon: Okay well we’ve gone on foodon to — is it two hours and 20 minutes I think.


Horus: Nearly an hour and fifty.


Simon: An hour I know okay yeah now I’m 50 so we got 10 minutes to go any summing up to do, or 10 minutes maximum to go.


Horus: I’m gonna have I’m gonna have to drop off if you don’t want so long as you’ve got a bit of work to do.


Simon: Okay all right see you Horus thing thanks for being here.


Horus: Good to meet you having welcome.


Gavin Boby: Nice to meet you thank you.


Simon: Okay I think clothed that closing and we don’t have to do a whole ten minutes if we run out I think the important thinks of stress is can you give us information about the current work that you’re doing current and future mas busking projects if you’ve got any and how people are speaking to think in particular how people can help you and support your Patreon and give us some contact details?


Gavin Boby: That’s very nicely thank you yes what if I deal with that last one first and people can help me by going to these Patreon if you go Gavin going to be patron owners Patreon the/up junk on four slash Gavin Toby and that’s the one thing I need I’m afraid is money it’s not money for me none of that money goes to me it goes on most goes on the costs of fighting individual mosque campaigns it costs money you have to pay for publicity just to let people know that it’s happening that cost money not tends to need to be come in hard copy form so and I’ve heard a little bit of money to power who does the horrible job of researching council website to find these applications so I can get onto the burning so I don’t find out about them after they’ve been granted planning permission that’s basically the, or the horrible awful truth is, if you want to help it’s about funding supplying the funding so I can go after these places as regards since I went on Dangerfield’s stream he was so good about it people what as followers is scrubs so these subscribers given me enough to go after one mosque a month so it’s great suddenly I can I get previously people were just expecting me to pay for it they wouldn’t contribute themselves it was really bizarre you’ve got a mosque to know two doors down ah can’t be bothered no it’s not worth it to me and well your house will go down by ten percent overnight and but now people are people feeling engage and I can go after one I’ve to campaign I don’t like to name the campaigns and doing at the time so I’d like refer to name them in retrospect after they’ve been dealt with preferably after they fit once it.


Simon: Makes perfect sense.


Gavin Boby: Brag but I am going through I’ve had about a list of four pin three to me yesterday and another two comes I think the two I saw today I’m gonna try to go after both of those and they’re not expecting this.


Simon: Okay well that’s I mean, that’s great music it’s been a real pleasure seeing you again after all these years Gavin I think all of us think and believe as, you know how Horus is a massive fan of yours we’ve been we’ve been speaking highly of you this is I want to stress to everybody this is important work this is practical work me and Horus do history and we have our ideas and we’re entertainers really what Gavin’s doing is he’s down on the ground fighting the battle and, you know, fighting to stop Islam gaining more power in this country so please please support him I will put out our gets his Patreon link and I’ll put it in the district description of the video once it’s finished I also tweet it out and do a little bit of publicity for him but it’s been fantastic having him on and a pleasure to see you thanks very much for coming.


Gavin Boby: Likewise thank you very much Simon has been a great pleasure and thank you to all US as well.


Simon: Yeah so look after yourself Gavin and we’ll speak soon good eye everybody bit bit a long night tonight.













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