White Lives Matter Banner Man Jake Hepple Stands Tall!

[Jake Hepple, with the help of others organized an aerial banner with “White Lives Matter Burnley” to be flown over a Burnley soccer match at Etihad Stadium, Manchester, UK,  a few days ago. Following the predictable anti-White media outrage at doing so, he was sacked from his job as a welder at “Paridigm Cuckcision” and was investigated by police for a committing a crime, as part of the official harassment campaign against him.

This wonderful publicity act of standing up for Whites was then followed by something equally wonderful! He refused to cuck or grovel and defiantly tweeted:

“I’d like to take this time to apologise …TO ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOBODY!”

May Jake Hepple continue to stand tall!



To be continued, …




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2 Responses to White Lives Matter Banner Man Jake Hepple Stands Tall!

  1. E.B. Sabash says:

    Its great to see authentic reports with alternative viewpoints that reflect the modern concerns of the individualist who creates his own autonomy of self-directed thinking. We now live in a created world of media corporate domination. Where any truth becomes almost impossible to extract if your even lucky to find some consider yourself rare among the general population. I love your work as you inspire more people to find an alternative to our mainstream lives with important investigations that merit our attention with the facts in a world of crisis and social calamity your work is much needed by all who seek resolution from fake news and half-truths that are so common today.

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