Morgoth’s Review – ”Cracka” Is Anti-White Filth – Jun 29, 2020 — Transcript

[Morgoth reviews the trailer for the upcoming Amazon movie “Cracka”, portraying an alternative American history where blacks enslave Whites and where a White man, a “neo-Nazi”, is shown all the love and kindness that blacks are capable of when they have the whip hand.

As Morgoth points out, this is black torture porn, and will undoubtedly prompt some ferals to kill and maim Whites. Another point raised is how this movie coincides with the current BLM anarchy that is being promoted by the (((media))) to create conflict and stoke the anti-White narrative.




Morgoth’s Review


“Cracka” is Anti-White Filth


June 29, 2020



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Published on Jun 29, 2020


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First published at 15:27 UTC on June 29th, 2020.

Morgoth’s Review

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Hello there again there folks. Quite a few people have asked if I would take a look at this new trailer for this new Amazon Prime movie called “Cracka”, which is related to that slur for White Americans, especially the South, I think. And I don’t like this, but I kind of know where people are coming from. And this is the latest in a new genre that with see emerging in the mainstream media, which is basically “torture porn”. We get to see White people racially humiliated, raped, and enslaved. And just generally trashed!


And in this one the gist of it is that a supposed White supremacist goes back, gets magically transported back, to an alternative universe, and an alternative history where White people are enslaved, where black people enslave White people. So it’s the other way around, and you get to see them enact all this sadistic, … Think of it as a sadistic revenge story.


And I just want to go through the trailer a little bit. I’m not going to use rolling footage because they will probably come after us for copyright. But you can see, like it says:


“You took our breath away.”


This is what comes up at the start. And so there is a clear reference to what’s going on with George Floyd, and with all of the trouble in America right now.


So they are tuned in, it’s got a clear political conscious. So this isn’t just a fantasy. It isn’t just “let’s have this tongue in cheek crazy comedy”. They are clearly linked in what’s going on. They have probably just cobbled that together before they threw the trailer up, because it relates directly to what is happening in the real world. So they can’t say:


“Well, it’s all just fun and games. It’s just a crazy movie!”


It’s got a clear political conscious.


So then it goes on and it says:


“What if we took yours?”


In other words:


“You killed us! What if we kill you?”


This is where we are. It beggars belief, but we’ll get onto that in a little bit.


And in the background there’s a mugging or something. There’s White people being terrible to black people in the trailer. It just says:


“You raped our daughters.”


When did that happen? What are you talking about? What is this? We don’t know. But it’s just to demonize White people:


“What if we raped yours?”


So now we get the threat. Mainstream media folks. This is the mainstream media now.


And what you find they do, so this is the main character being introduced. That, when previously may have seemed a little bit on the nose, a little bit too much and it might get a lot of White people, … In all fairness this did get trashed, but it’s not good enough for me. I think it should be banned! I’m not a liberal.


So what they have done here is that they have introduced the main character, and because it may be a little bit too much for a lot of White people they are going to have him plastered in the “demon symbol” itself, the symbol of satan! The swastika.


In popular culture they know that when you do that, it’s like a stamp that says that anything goes for this person now. This person is evil, this person deserves absolutely everything that is coming 3 him. He then gets transported back to where he is the slave, and he gets treated like dirt and a lot worse off the African-American masters, slave masters in the past. So it’s switched upside down.


But really they have to put the symbol on there because if it was just the case of a White guy, then it would be a bit too much. They are not going to risk doing that yet. So what they are doing here is dirtying the well. But only just a little bit, because you will see in the trailer they make it clear that he’s actually a Donald Trump voter. So this is just the avatar of White America. It’s just White America. The “Nazis” are there to poison the well.


What they are saying is that if you vote for Trump, if you are a Whiteman and you are not guilt ridden and suicidal, like all these loony tunes we are seeing now, then you are a White supremacist and you deserve to go back in our alternative history and be enslaved and be degraded.


And the reason that I know that they have put the swastika as kind of symbol, just to sort of demonize and make it acceptable, because just a little while later you’ll find that there’s White women being raped by the black slave masters. And this is the trailer by the way. This is what the audience is actually going to see, rather than someone sieg heiling, and all of the rest of it.


So what it comes down to is just humiliation, dehumanization and like a genocidal hateful wrath against not what they are pretending, that is bullshit! This is against European people! And this is the media. This is what is now going up in the mainstream media.


Now, the funny thing is, like I said I would have this banned. And they would say:


“What the hell is it? It’s just content, you know! It’s just entertainment! It’s just a joke, bro!”


But the fact is, “stochastic terrorism” is a thing. And this is what they want. So let’s say that you have a YouTube channel and you are complaining about certain groups, certain groups of migrants, or somebody because of their religious background, or what have you, then even if you don’t say it directly, even if you are being vague about it, they can say that you are a “stochastic terrorist”!


The Christchurch killer, he is said to be brainwashed and stirred up because of what he saw on the internet. And the actual definition is:


“That stochastic terrorism model is a stochastic process, a random model of those terror attacks intended by the random nature of their timing and targets to excite a generalized fear.”


So the attacks are random. And what I’m getting at here is that because of this garbage, I can say with certainty that White people are going to die because of this propaganda, because of this product. Because this is going on, this is going to have the effect on certain demographics — being careful, of course — who are going to watch this and they going to go out and kill White people because of this product.


And they can say:


“Well this is just crazy talk, you know? We are all free individuals.”


But they don’t use that argument when it’s somebody on YouTube whose complaining about various issues related to multiculturalism. Then that is “Stochastic Terrorism”! So how’s the fuck is this not “Stochastic Terrorism” against White people?


And this is not somebody on YouTube with a Yeti microphone practicing his editing and he gets a few thousand views.


This is the mainstream media! This is going in the cinemas, this is going on the TV shows. This particular one is going on Amazon. So what do you do when, … Because I do believe that stochastic terrorism is a thing, because I don’t actually grant individuals with that much agency. I’m not liberal. So yeah, I think there’s some soft minded people who will go out and do crazy shit! I’ll say that happens in the Right as well.


But what do you do when that is coming from the mainstream media? What happens when this is the actual mainstream media content of your civilization is stirring up, directing people to dehumanize and murder White people! What can you do? Can you write a petition?


And this is not even to mention how this product ties in with pulling down all of the statues, with White privilege theory. With how everything is institutional racism, how we have to bend the knee.


It’s very strange why this has come out. Because this must have been in production for a year, or so. Very strange that this is coming out like in a few days time. And that the trailer dropped about a month ago. So, it basically reflects what’s going to happen on the streets, as if the two are feeding into each other.


I mean, all I can suggest is that you get out of the cities, because the double standards here just leave you gobsmacked!


And we are finding our now what’s its like to be genuinely powerless. And that is what they are telling us as well, by the way. That is what this is all about. They constantly talk about when White power, institutional power.


So what happens when you lose your grip? I mean these particular institutions have never actually been in our hands for a long, long time, if ever. But at least the people who controlled it had to be a little bit careful. They couldn’t get too carried away.


This isn’t what we used to get when the, … And it’s why I detest this exploitation torture porn stuff! It’s because it’s brain dead! It’s because it’s being targetted at very low IQ kind of people. It isn’t clever in its messaging. I don’t mind the movie where I have to make my brain work to get the anti-White messaging, to figure it out, to sort of twist it around a bit like a rubik’s cube, so that you see what they are getting at.


With this, it’s just like how do you make a deep analysis of a punch in the face? It is what it is. It’s telling you straight away what it is. And it’s just hate propaganda against White people. And it is allowed. And I know that it is low-hanging fruit as well.


But you want to be kind of sophisticated, you want to raise the bar on what you talk about and what you get into. But you just have to stop for a second and say that this mainstream outlets are promoting propaganda which seems to want White people to be dead, and raped, and enslaved!


That is what coming out in the mainstream media! And it’s coming out by people who, if this was some lad on YouTube complaining about mass immigration, they would call him a “stochastic terrorist”! Even though, what they would produce, someone like the Iconoclast who got banned, it would be nowhere near the level of this! Nowhere near as explicitly hateful!


So, it’s just pure filth!


So, all we can do here, … I mean I’m going to try and wrap it up on a more happy note. It’s really the old judo technique, where you can say to your family and your friends:


“Look at what’s actually coming out in the media. There’s something not right here! This isn’t normal anymore.”


And it’s not going to stop. This is the new genre that is been coming out since Django Unchained.


So when the propaganda is this in your face, you can begin to tell people and say:


“Look, I know you want to be gentle and I know you want to love the world and everything, but you are going to have to get fucking real! Because this is getting really bad!”


So I’ll try and do a happier one next time folks. I’ll catch you later.






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