TOO – Andrew Joyce’s Podcast – Talmud and Taboo — Part 01 – Jun 30, 2020 — Transcript

[This is the first (the next podcasts restarts as number 1 as it moved to BitChute) of hopefully many podcasts from The Occidental Observer contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, titled “Talmud and Taboo“.

The problem is that Orgjew engages in activities that are deeply hostile to the West while at the same time constantly attempting to hide and deny that fact, as part of its strategy of long-term White genocide and the creation of a Jew World Order.


[Cover image — The bottom image is the painting: “The Conjurer,” painted by Hieronymus Bosch. The painting accurately displays a performer doing the cups and balls routine, which has been practiced since Egyptian times. The shell game does have some origins in this old trick. The real trick of this painting is the pickpocket who is working for the conjurer. The pickpocket is robbing the spectator who is bent over.

The top painting: Talmud Readers by Adolf Behrman.

Overlaid on the painting is the jewish star.]


The Occidental Observer


Andrew Joyce’s Podcast


Talmud and Taboo

Part 1


June 29, 2020




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Andrew Joyce – Talmud and Taboo – 01 – 20200630


Published on Jun 29, 2020


TOO Description


First published at 15:27 UTC on June 29th, 2020.

Editor’s note: Andrew Joyce has undertaken to do a podcast series, Talmud and Taboo. Enjoy!






Barbara Lerner SPECTRE:


“I think there’s a resurgence of anti-semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we’re gonna be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place!

Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that.

[She continues: It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.]”


[Image] Jewish activist Barbara Lerner Spectre, second from left.






Hello and welcome to “Talmud and Taboo”! The podcast voted most likely to be banned, destroyed, censored, and eliminated within the next 24 hours!


I am your host, Andrew Joyce. Podcast host voted most likely to be arrested within the next 24 hours! Thank you for joining me.


It’s been interesting 24 hours. I looked on with horror at the banning of Richard Spencer’s NPI/Radix podcast channel. And in a way it has prompted me to move into the area of audio-visual presentation of my material.


For those of you familiar with my work this is quite a big departure from what you are used to. I’ve written over 200 essays or articles now for the Occidental Observer dot net, where I have worked closely with Dr Kevin MacDonald, who I am sure everyone is familiar with. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with my work I tend to focus on the “jewish question“. I would suppose 90%, if not more, of my essays concern that topic.


I look to build upon, expand, and maybe in some areas, to take a new direction to the jewish Question as Dr Kevin MacDonald. And I’ve done a couple of podcasts over the years, but it’s not something that I’ve done consistently. To be honest it is not something that I really enjoy doing. I’m much more of a text based activist. I enjoy reading and digging deep in a sort of analytical way. I don’t really get as much enjoyment out of discussing these things verbally, but I understand the importance of doing. So, this is something that I’m now going to devote a little bit more time to.



The last 24 hours have been interesting, as I say, it has prompted this move. The censorship which probably began actually before Charlottesville, just before Charlottesville, has just steadily accelerated over time to the point where it’s almost like every time it looks like this movement, whether you want to call it the dissident right, the Third Position, whatever, every time it starts to build up a little bit of momentum again, something comes in to destroy it. It can be disheartening, it can be frustrating, it can be morale sapping.


So, in this particular instance I’ve decided to throw another voice out there. I’ve decided to create another podcast. It maybe in this giant game of left-wing wack-a-mole, this podcast is destroyed relatively quickly. I will save the podcast that I record for posterity. I will attempt to put them up on different platforms as required.


I don’t know what Spreaker is like in terms of censorship. I’m going to give this a go and see how long the podcast can stay up for. I’m just testing the waters. I’m going to test the waters for a section of the podcasts to see if it fulfills any role within the movement at all. To see how it is received by people out there, whether you are a non-shit poster on Twitter, or whether you are Richard Spencer, or whether you are Kevin MacDonald. I want to see how people react to the podcast to see if it’s useful, and we will take it from there.


In terms of a broader picture of what this podcast is meant to do, we all have some baseline knowledge of the jewish Question. This isn’t going to be harping on familiar talking points. I want to get back to intellectual basics, but I also want to take things in a deeper level. I want to get into the philosophy, get into the economics, into the social and political aspects of jewish Question in a really challenging way. To look at the most complex aspects of this issue.


And also, if I can introduce a little bit of entertainment value! It’s not my forte as you can tell from my essays – we tend to be deadly serious and sincere. But I’ll make it as entertaining as possible. I do think that helps to get some messages across.


In terms of the current movement as I see it, there’s a lot of content out there that is philosophical. There’s a lot of content out there with heavy critiques of neo-liberalism, capitalism, communism, woke leftism. All of that is fantastic! I appreciate all of that content. I agree with so much of it.


But what I have noticed is a definite drift away from discussions of the jewish Question, in and of itself. Perhaps this is fatigue, perhaps we don’t know how to transition from a [word unclear] where we have looked at it predominately through the lens of a kind of humour. There has been a lot of shit-posting about Jews, concerning Jews, over the last four or five years in particular. But I have noticed a fatigue set in.


The Daily Stormer – A Normie’s Guide to the Alt-Right


I did notice – and I find it very interesting that Andrew Anglin deleted the jewish problems section from the Daily Stormer – I think that is symptomatic of the drift away from the discussing this topic again. And it is something in a later podcast I am going to dissect and discuss, because I do think this is an interesting development, in and of itself – I have some ideas about it. And I think we need to look into as to why that has happened.


But, for the time being I think we should come right back to basics and we should look into the problems we are facing right now, and then we kind of just move from there, and we do look back at history and engage in as much comparative work as possible.


It can be difficult right now, at the present moment, to actually see where the jewish influence is coming from, where it’s going, what are its motivations, what are its techniques and methods.


With the banning of NPI/Radix from YouTube I see a lot of commentary online:


“Oh! It’s the CEO of YouTube. And what’s going on with the board there. And who are these anonymous people making these banning decisions and what have you within YouTube.”


YouTube, just like Twitter, Google, whatever it might be, the problems don’t end there. These people are acting on legislative proposals, policy recommendations, and really dubious, and in many cases false reports. Developed [?] organizations like the Anti-Defamation League, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which probably since 2013, 2014, have been working on restricting free speech. This is a policy development, this is a form of activism that is probably, in a real and immediate sense, about six, or seven years old.


But really the tradition of jewish efforts to restrict free speech probably goes back almost a century, at least! And that is if you want to discount efforts in the Middle Ages, or the early modern period. And the early modern early period in terms of limiting the freedoms of non-jews just by working closely with elites in order to stymie conversation and smother dissent about Jewish activism.



So this is a part of a longer trajectory, and we really need to look at the bigger picture. I think in one of the early podcasts we do we will actually look at some of the policy movers and shakers. They are normally jewish. Some of them are actually Israeli, even. And they tend to have an academic, some media, background. And we will look into some of the proposals that were made, when they were made.


And we will try and track how these initial jewish moves have resulted in the fact that most of these big tech companies have more or less just rolled over and shown their belly. They are completely submissive. The trend and trajectory of culture right now is to just submit to the full force of censorship demands in the name of “woke” leftism, defending supposedly oppressed minorities. And in many cases this is going to get a lot worse. It’s going to go really widespread.


So I want to pick up on that with one of the earlier podcasts. And then we’ll move from that to the issue of jewish influence as a whole.


Right now I think as we set off in this first short, brief podcast, is just to say:


“Well what is the jewish Question?”


I’m assuming if most of you have tuned in to this in the first place that you already know my work, which means you already know a great deal about the jewish Question. But if you are completely new to this issue, the only thing to say at this point is:


“What is the jewish Question?”


Well, it’s two questions. The first question is:


“Are jews a cohesive group?”


The second question is:


“Does that group have out-sized or disproportionate influence, and is that influence harmful to the majority population, the host population?”


In terms of the first question we look at parallel narratives here, parallel realities in some sense. On the one hand jews are most definitely a group! They self describe as a group, they organize as a group. Every thing they do demonstrates group behaviour. The diaspora and Israel are symbiotically linked. This is disavowed and denied by jews the world over, but we know that it is linked!


We know that support flows from the diaspora, political, financial, even in terms of morale. There are different forms of support that flow from the diaspora to Israel. And in a way, we could argue that Israel simply couldn’t survive without the diaspora. That is why the Jewish state was never going to be a solution to the jewish problem. That is why more than half a decade, approaching a century, I suppose, in a couple of decades from the founding of the state of Israel we still have a major jewish problem around the world.


The nexus of that problem may have shifted slightly from Europe to the United States, but it remains a very, very, powerful Western problem. The problem of jewish influence in Western society has persisted, and it will persist until we reach absolutely coherent and satisfactory conclusions!


The second question is this influence that they have out-sized? Is it out-sized? Does this group have out-sized influence? Well we can track influence numerically. We can look at the number of jewish politicians there are in our parliaments, and congresses. We can look at the number of jews that there are in really influential aspects of society, like the media, like the government, like finance, like education, like academia. We can track all of this.


And it’s quite obvious that there is an over-representation there. And we can look at it qualitatively. We can say that these members of these various spheres of society, these jewish members, most definitely advocate for jewish interests. In many cases they’re quite explicit about that.


So what’s the problem then? What’s the confusion?


Well, the confusion about the jewish problem, the reason why jewish influence is everywhere, and yet somehow nowhere, is that it is simultaneously denied. Jews will organize as a group to deny that they are a group! They will use the fact that they have organized. They will pool their resources, they will act as a group! And in doing so, use all of those group resources to deny that they are a group!


So they will disseminate an article, for example, that jews are as individualistic as anyone else, that jewish financial criminals were acting completely on their own. It has no broader ramifications with the jewish population as a whole. And so we get a kind of vicious cycle where jews repeatedly engage in group behaviour and deny it, engage in it, deny it, engage in it, deny it!


[Image] Cartoon — Son asks jewish dad for $50. (click image to enlarge)


And these tactics — which we will break down and analyze in the course of these podcast series — have been honed over the course of centuries. It’s why they are so efficient. It’s why in many cases our population is so numbed to it, and somehow so well accustomed to it. But it is everywhere in our education, it’s everywhere in our culture. And that is why so many people are blind to what’s going on in front of them.


One of the goals of these podcasts is to present bite-sized chunks of material, perhaps with each episode focusing on a case study which kind of opens up a much broader aspect of the problem. We can kind of zoom in, we can put something under the microscope and we can say:


“Right, here is an example of jewish influence.”


So, this is the goal of the podcast. Thank you for listening.


As we get under way I look forward to journeying this project together. I don’t know how long it’s going to last. It might last a day, it might last a week. Those of you that followed my stuff on Twitter will see that it was kind of “blaze of glory” type stuff! We ran with it, we got a lot done! Someone flagged it up and I was never able to come back. I saw a Twitter post the other day, someone said:


“When is Joyce coming back? He bestrode the Twittersphere like a giant!”


Those days are over. I’m not coming back. I can’t get into Twitter. I have tried. They are looking out for me. They are keeping an eye on me. It’s not going to happen.


But this is something new and, look, if they have to chase me all over the internet, trying to ban these podcasts, at least it consumes a little bit of energy, on their part. So, I’m happy to do this. I hope everyone enjoys it.


And thank you for tuning in.








[Readers: If you see any errors (however minor), or ways to improve things, in the transcript, please let me know in the Comment section. Also please share the link to this transcript, so others can benefit. Thanks.]





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Barbara Lerner Spectre









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