Andrew Joyce’s Podcast – T & T No. 1 – The Skype Directory — Jul 15, 2020 — Transcript


[This is the 2nd podcast (although labelled as No. 1) in a series from The Occidental Observer contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, with the series re-titled as “T & T” (“Talmud and Taboo“), and available at his newly created BitChute channel.

In this podcast he discusses his Twitter based “Skype Directory” project that catalogued jewish activists with brief bios and descriptions of their work. This was eventually taken down by jews as it shone a light on their negative activities as jews and as a group.

He then goes on to discuss the long-term efforts of leading jewish activists, such as billionaire Moshe Kantor, to criminalize worldwide of all and any criticism of jews and their agenda  of multiculturalism, under the pretext of “tolerance“.  A jewish tyranny, imposing total censorship as their goal, in other words.




Andrew Joyce’s Podcast


T & T No: 1

The Skype Directory


July 15, 2020



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Published on Jul 15, 2020


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Well, well well! I had predicted 24 hours on Spreaker, we actually managed 48! Which I’m going to chalk up as a small victory!



And in any case here we are now at BitChute. This is I hope going to the permanent home for the podcasts, which I’m going to rename “T & T”, an abbreviation of “Talmud and Taboo”. And hopefully this will be dynamite!


So here we go.


With all the recent internet censorship and different things going on around that, it took me back to a little project of mine from late 2015, early 2016, on Twitter. Some of you might have heard about it. It was the “Skype Directory”. Now at the time, late 2015, early 2016 this was the heyday of the alt-Right. Every thing was high energy, every thing was funny! It was a great time to be alive. It was a great time to be part of the whole alt-Right scene. It looked like every thing that we touched turned to gold. It was fantastic!


And one of the humorous memes that took off at that time was this business of “Skype” and “Google”. For some context, while the banning of people and groups had not yet started there were some censorship of words, what was perceived as coded words. So some big-brained person on 4chan, or something like that, decided that it would be a good idea if we started using Skype and Google as code words for jews and blacks. And if they wanted to censor this references, “Google” and “Skype” and so on, would basically be censoring references to themselves.


So I don’t think that tactic actually worked in the end but it was funny for a while to start referring to jews as “Skypes” and blacks as “Googles”.


So the “Skype Directory” was basically a list of Skypes! It was a list of jews, jewish activists who at some point in their careers had tweeted, written, or otherwise broadcast a view that was absolutely anti-White. So it was promoting mass immigration, pornography, something along those lines. Censorship, whatever it would be.


And the idea was really simple. I would post an image of the Jewish person. I would post a screenshot of whatever they had written, or a reference to whatever they had written. And in the little text section that Twitter allows I would just write their name and the briefest of bios. So if they were affiliated to a university I would write which university they were attached to. And that was it! There were no pejoratives, no racial slurs, no additional commentary. Nothing inciteful, nothing that could be construed as hate, … Just nothing, absolutely no additional commentary what so ever. People were left to make up their own minds.


And at the top of the account I had a header image which said:


“Jews Rock.”


It was a screencap from the “Million Dollar Extreme” music video, “Jews Rock”, if you remember that. Also the whole page was non-offensive. It was just a collection of jews who had undertaken activities which they themselves had been promoting as positives. So you could have construed as a catalogue of jewish achievements on behalf of Western Civilization. Or at least this is how they have been portraying their activities.


But very very quickly it was flagged up as anti-semitic! Why was it flagged up as anti-semitic? It was flagged up as anti-semitic because although there’s not really a guilty conscience at play in Jewish activism, there is an awareness, there’s a keen self-awareness of the fact that what they are doing is wrong! Is that it definitely carries negative implications for Whites.


So while jews are very, very comfortable when they are diffuse through the culture. For example acting simply as an academic at a particular university, or as a journalist at this newspaper, or as a politician with this party. When their activism is diffuse and they don’t have to bear the burden of their ethnic affiliations, they are absolutely rabid in the promotion of this stuff. And they are really gung-ho, and they are really, this is what Western Civilization needs, this is absolutely positive, this is progress, and so on, and so on.


But when someone like me comes along, and I see what is going on and what I chose to do is I want to distill all this activism and concentrate it and bring in under one umbrella and look at it for what it is, that sends alarm bells going! Because, then you’re pulling back the curtain of the fierce nature of this activity. And you are looking at it for what it actually is, ethnic activism. And that scares the life out of jews who crave anonymity, or semi-anonymity.


You know, I think he’s dead now, but there was a Polish sociologist called Zygmunt Bauman, a Polish jew, who was an academic, I think, at Leeds university in England. And he coined the term “allosemitism”.



What’s allosemitism? Allosemitism is any view that jews are special. Bauman was quite suspicious of Christian Zionism, for example. He was suspicious of any perception, even if they are positive perceptions, really overtly, ridiculously exaggerated perceptions of jews, even in a positive light, because he viewed any perception of jews as being out of the ordinary, as being something worthy of jewish concern.


So allosemitism is the view that jews somehow stand apart in any way. And the importance of allosemitism as a concept is that it is deeply ingrained in terms of a fear response within jews. And it’s the fear of being seen as a jew, and for ones actions as being seen as jewish actions.


Jews, of course, the one exception to this rule is when jews can appeal to a certain concept of jewish victim-hood. But that concept even in itself has to be really extreme.


And one finds that jews rarely claim to be sort of moderate victims of society, in any way. It is to go to the extreme!


So when you, this jewish privilege hash tag which recently trended on Twitter, where initially it was from our movement, and it was a provocation to examine the reality of jewish privilege. When jews co-opted the hash tag and started to use it to promote victim-hood narratives, it wasn’t:


“Oh we have suffered in the past.”


It wasn’t anodyne bland stuff. People were talking about relatives being tortured, or castrated by Joseph Mengele, and so on, at Auschwitz. They went for the most extreme anecdotes! And it always has to be the most extreme, in order to justify any departure from the concept of allosemitism, in order to make Jews feel comfortable in that sense.


[Image] Joseph Mengele (center) in happier times.



So the instinct is always to dissolve to the background. To act with the greatest ferocity and intensity, but always where possible to fade into the background and hope not to be noticed.


So that is the tipping point here, that is the axis upon which much of the Jewish Question pivots. And Skype Directory disrupted all of this, and it concentrated Jewish bios in one place. And while there was no additional commentary to these profiles there was no need for additional commentary. It spoke for itself. Which again, was extremely terrifying to jews.


So the account was shutdown with very little fanfare and it was hoped that I would disappear. A few days after the account was deactivated, or whatever it was, suspended. Whenever that happened, unbeknownst to me, but a follower of the account had actually been extracting all of the profiles and he created a website, just a basic WordPress website called “Jews in Western Society” or something or other. “Jews in 20th Century Western Society”. And he just re-posted screenshots of all of the profiles.



Well, The Forward, about two days after that tried to find out who had created this account — I don’t think they were successful — but they were successful in having WordPress [Yola, actually] remove the website altogether. And they published an article in The Forward which, the headline was something like “Neo-Nazis Create Hitler-List of Jews”!



And it wasn’t a hit-list. It was never intended as a hit-list. It clearly wasn’t a hit-list. But the fact it was perceived as such by jews in shear terror at the simple fact the someone had just collected all of these supposedly beneficial pieces of activism and writings, and different things, brought all into one place, that was terrifying to them! Absolutely terrifying!



And to this day I’m really glad that I operated that project, because I learned a lot. And I think a lot of people who were involved in following the account and seeing how it came to an end and afterwards. And I hope this applies to some normies at the time also. That if there were any doubt how jews actually view their activism, this should have removed all doubt.



It should have revealed, as I said, that while there isn’t necessarily a guilty conscience here, there is most definitely a self awareness that what they are doing is negative. That it can be perceived as negative because it is negative!


And when Jews engage in this kind of stuff, they don’t care that it’s negative! All they care about is the it’s effective, and that they don’t get noticed for doing it.


So, with all the banning and every thing going on at the minute, it stirred up a lot of that stuff in my mind. And of course my most recent articles at The Occidental Observer concerns the process that is ongoing, and has been ongoing in immediate terms since 2011, to get control over the internet. Which is the only thing really at the minute within culture that has the potential to bring widespread attention to the ethnic nature of this activism.


[Image] “Secure Tolerance”: The Jewish Plan to Permanently Silence the West, Part 1 


And to disrupt the hidden nature of all of this diffuse activism which is here, and it’s there, it’s in journalism, and it’s in politics, it’s in academia, it’s in the media! And it’s everywhere, yet somehow it’s nowhere because it can’t be seen, because it’s not being dragged kicking and screaming into the light.


And when you have Twitter accounts like the guy Cursed Salad [@cursedsalad], or you’ve got Twitter accounts like Keith Woods, or others, who are posting regularly on this topic and are posting information, again without much additional commentary, without pejoratives and racial slurs, this stuff has to be shut down!


Any excess of allosemitism, of looking at jews as jews, needs to be shut off! It needs to be closed down. It’s too dangerous! We don’t want attention to be drawn to these wonderful things supposedly that are being done by Jews.


This is where we are in the culture right now. And this process that really started in 2011 with Moshe Kantor’s “Manifesto for Secure Tolerance”, this process of step by step, incremental steps towards what really is total censorship! Because this doesn’t end, as I explore in the article, it doesn’t end with just being kicked off a social media platform.


It’s not going to end when your internet service provider, or your web host, shuts down your website, that is not where this ends! That isn’t the end goal here! The end goal is the kind of opinions and views that you have will be declared illegal! The end goal is that when you want to point out:


“Hey wait a minute! I’ve noticed that this group of people who are protesting and pushing for all of these different measures to be introduced, which are harming my ethnic interests, and those of my children, and their children, I’ve noticed that all these people are jews!”


Well, under the current process of incremental steps toward is total censorship the goal there is that you are going to prison for saying that!


The end goal here is that you are going to do serious prison time!


Because it’s going to be treated as an aggravated offense! It’s going to be treated as a matter of the grossest criminal conduct, along with molesting children, or terrorism!


Those opinions that you have, that ability that you have to actually look behind the curtain and see these things, that is going to be criminalized!


And if you think that because you are in the United States and you have got your Constitution, and you have got your Bill of Rights, that your freedom of speech is going to be there forever, you need to wake up! You need to wake up because it’s there in black and white that these proposals are meant to go throughout the West. There will be no exceptions! They will be imposed throughout the West!


It’s going to start in the EU for obvious reasons. There are what, 27 countries in the EU? 27 countries. They start at the top with the EU bureaucracy, with these measures. And they are at an advanced stage. Once they are imposed that is 27 countries in one go! That will have signed up for this legislation to be imposed.


What is the legislation? Criminalization of denial of the “Holocaust”. The legal protection of multiculturalism, and the compulsory promotion of “tolerance” and “diversity”.


So your country’s schools will have to teach “tolerance”, so-called and “diversity”, “multiculturalism”. And if they don’t they will be fined, and their governments will be fined.


And if you refuse to send your kids for tolerance education you are going to be arrested and you are going to do prison time!


That is where all of this ends! That is where “secure tolerance” is going to end up.


So the Skype Directory was a kind of canary in the coal mine. It showed which way the wind was blowing. And I can tell you now a storm is coming.


Tune in next time, we will talk a little bit more about this subject. Thanks.












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