Black Pilled — Manhattan on 911 in Real-Time — TRANSCRIPT – Oct 5, 2018 — Transcript


[Devon Stack, aka Black Pilled, gives a blow by blow series of video clips of the false flag attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11, 2001, by the State, aka, Israel, aka Orgjew.




Black Pilled


Manhattan on 911 in Real-Time


Oct 5, 2018





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Published on Oct 5, 2018

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Black Pilled

Manhattan on 911 in Real-Time
Black Pilled
Published on Oct 5, 2018
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Black Pilled


Every shot and sound bite is synced up to the time that they happened. Nothing has been edited for dramatic effect (I left out footage I couldn’t match up exactly). I wanted to make this video so that people that may have been too young to know what it was like would get a feel for what happened that day. I honestly had no idea that so many people jumped from the burning buildings until I went through the hours of footage. I know it’s long, but I hope you watch it all the way through to the end.
I just want to put a note here that some people have asked why I didn’t include the “dancing Israelis” / Urban Moving Systems etc. – I didn’t have footage of this being reported during the time frame I’m covering here that I could sync up and it’s not really the point of this video to go into who was behind 9/11 so much as it is to recreate the experience of that day the way it was seen and broadcast at the moment the events were happening. I definitely encourage you to take a look at other videos that cover this, there are several well sourced videos out there (if you sift through all the disinfo). There are many people that have been studying this event far longer than I have, which is why I didn’t want to add to the noise. I also encourage you to research the engineering studies that have discredited NIST’s disgusting cover-up of the “collapse” of the buildings.











Rumfeld: According to some estimates we cannot track 2.3 trillion dollars in transactions.




Speaker 1 (male): It began as 16 singles on a cruise ship headed for Aruba. But only one couple remains at the end.




Speaker 1 (female): Anthology once again is called The Long Road to Freedom.


Speaker 2 (male): Thank you Kattie.


Speaker 1 (female): Wonderful.




Speaker 1 (female): Up next a new look at billionaire Howard Hughes.




Speaker 1 (female): See me. But it’s no cream added. A little cheese at the end and wonderful porcini mushrooms.


Speaker 2 (male): And the 90




Speaker 1 (male): You don’t have a defined idea of who the enemy is?


Speaker 2 (female): From the world’s best storytellers.


Speaker 3 (female): From toka to the [word unclear]




Speaker 1 (male): Really feel that way?


Speaker 2 (female): Oh absolutely! , yeah rock bottom.


Speaker 1 (male): And the weight lost then brought back the self esteem and was a critical way to reverse, ….


Speaker 2 (female): Taking charge of my life


[New York City]


[08:46:40] [First plane strikes World Trade Center Tower]




Speaker 1 (male): Holy shit! Holy shit!





Speaker 1 (male): The World Trade Center is on fire! The whole outside of the building is [word unclear]


Speaker 2 (male): Send every available ambulance, everything you’ve got!


Speaker 2 (male): The World Trade Center now!




Speaker 1 (male): Ten four.






Speaker 1 (male): It looks like it was intentional [words unclear] could be a terrorist attack






Speaker 1 (male): Roll every ambulance you have got!






Speaker 1 (female): This just in. You were looking at obviously a very disturbing live shot there. That is the World Trade Center, and we have unconfirmed reports this morning that a plane has crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center. The CNN Center right now is just beginning to work on this story.


Obviously calling our sources and trying to figure out exactly what happened. But clearly, something relatively devastating happening this morning there, in the south end of the island of Manhattan. That is, once again, a picture of one of the towers of the World Trade Center.








Speaker 1 (male): Division One, ten four, that’s confirmed. We have fire on several floors. The upper floors of the World Trade Center.




Speaker 1 (female): We want to tell you what we know, as we know it. We just got a report in that there has been some sort of explosion at the World Trade Center in New York City. One report said that, and we can’t confirm any of this that a plane may have hit one of the two towers of the World Trade Center, but again you are seeing live pictures here. We have no further details than that.


We don’t know anything about what they have concluded happened there this morning. But we’re going to find out. And, of course, make sure that everybody knows on the air.




Speaker 2 (male): These are, of course, the two twin Trade Center buildings that are down at the foot of Manhattan, that they really are the beacons of New York. It was there that there was the explosion a couple of years ago, brought about by terrorists.






Speaker 1 (male): It’s 8:52 here in New York. I’m Briant Gumbel. We understand that there has been a plane crash on the southern tip of Manhattan. You’re looking at the World Trade Center. We understand that a plane has crashed into the World Trade Center.




Speaker 2 (female): We do have some breaking news that we want to bring you. We’re going to go to a picture, a live picture from New York City. Apparently a plane has crashed into the World Trade Center New York! 08:52 with limited information, at this point, we don’t know about injuries in the building, or of people on the ground. But obviously.


Speaker 1 (male): Sure.


Speaker 2 (female): This has being a major disaster here. Look at that!


Speaker 1 (male): Remember there’s two World Trade Centers. What we’re seeing there is the apparent impact of the plane he would look to be on the upper ten, or so, stories of this I believe it’s 110 storey building of the south. It looks like the South of the two towers there in the Wall Street area of New York City. It’s incredible pictures right there.






Speaker 1 (male): All units responding [word unclear] 8087 [word unclear] at West Street [words unclear]


Speaker 2 (male): Do we have any report on a fire condition yet from on scene personnel? One report [word unclear]




Speaker 1 (female): As Matt just mentioned we have a breaking news story to tell you about. Apparently a plane has just crashed into the World Trade Center here in New York City. It happened just a few moments ago, apparently. We have very little information available, at this point, in time. But on the phone we do have Jennifer Oversteen who apparently witnessed this event. Jennifer, can you hear me?


Speaker 2 (female): Hello?


Speaker 1 (female): Hi, Jennifer.


Speaker 2 (female): Hi Katie.


Speaker 1 (female): Hi can you please tell me what you saw, and give me any information about what’s going on there?


Speaker 2 (female): Yes. I have to tell, it’s quite terrifying! I’m in shock right now! I came out of the subway at Bowling Green. I was heading to work in Battery Park at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. And I come out and it’s I thought I heard a boom, looked up and there was a big ball of fire.






Speaker 1 (male): The World Trade Center.


Speaker 2 (female): Can you tell us what kind of an airplane is it?


Speaker 1 (male): It had to be a 737 that hit the World Trade Center. It was a big, big plane.


Speaker 2 (female): Okay. And what do you see at this point? xx1n oh smoke and screaming and, I mean screaming engines and all the fire engines, police department are all travelling down that way. Oh my god, almighty! The black smoke all over the place! There’s got to be somebody killed in there! The poor people who went to work!






Speaker 1 (female): And we’re getting reports of a plane crash in the World Trade Center in New York! You can see the pictures there. It’s one of New York’s tallest buildings. That’s all the information we know at the moment. But as you can see it is a considerable collision. And there is a large fire. That’s all the information we have at the moment. But we’ll be back with more details in just a short while at the top of the hour.






Speaker 2 (female): You can see what else that is going on there. You can imagine the entire building, all of the World Trade Center being evacuated immediately [word unclear] area around there, so, …




Speaker 2 (female): It was not a bomb. We understand a plane, an actual airplane crashed into the World Trade Center. Tower number one, building number one. An eerie shot there of the Empire Sate Building to your right, and the World Trade Center with the black smoke billowing out of the top stories of the World Trade Center tower number one.






Speaker 1 (male): Unable as this point to see any pieces of the plane or anything, ….






Speaker 1 (female): Our camera into the top of the World Trade Center and we can see that there appears to be some fairly significant damage, ….




Speaker 1 (male): There’s got to be at least 15 floors that were hit by the plane!






Speaker 1 (female): Ah Tony, …






Speaker 1 (male): In a few seconds it was “Boom![words unclear] the World Trade Center, …






Ww1f the World Trade Center. The building has been damaged by this collision. Unbelievable scene folks! I’m sure it’s bringing back memories as well, you know, …






Speaker 1 (male): By 8087 transmitted by 8087 at number one World Trade Center, …






Speaker 1 (female): You how close we were just to being killed? I mean, part of that fuselage just could of come this way!






Speaker 1 (female): Above tower one, we’re trying to [word unclear] information folks. This just happened. Again as Michael just mentioned CNN is quoting a witness who says that he, or she, saw a twin-engine plane flying right into the Trade Center.






Speaker 1 (male): A fucking plane, or something, hit the World Trade Center!


Speaker 2 (female): I’m sorry, do you know?


Speaker 1 (male): [word unclear] at the World Trade Center and it’s not good! Mike and I am here, yeah, we were both standing here we are looking right at it. Unfucking believable! Did you try to call? Mike! Mike! There’s debris falling down from the [word unclear]! See it? See it falling?






Speaker 1 (female): And I saw the debris. I saw I thought I saw explosion and debris. The fiery debris was coming right down in front of our window. I was afraid that part of it was going to come into our actual hotel room. There are people trapped up there.






Speaker 1 (female): To get information. We are efforting information. We’re trying to reach witnesses who may be there live at the scene and able to give us a first-hand account. Witnesses we do understand from the Associated Press reported hearing a huge explosion!






Speaker 1 (female): On her way. Talk to her by cellphone. Unfortunately, the cellphone got disconnected.


Speaker 2 (male): We’re just saying that we’re now getting reports from The Associated Press that witnesses reported hearing, seeing that huge explosion, heavy smoke, as you see there billowing from the top.






Speaker 1 (male): Oh shit! Somebody falling!


Speaker 2 (male): Oh my god! Somebody just fell!






Speaker 1 (male): Mike! Get away from tower!






Speaker 1 (male): Oh my god! [screaming as person seen falling from tower]


Speaker 2 (female): My god!






Speaker 1 (female): That was a person!






Speaker 1 (female): , … At the World Trade Center bombing happened in so many years ago, but everybody clearly remembers. How about flight rules?






Speaker 1 (male): Oh no! There’s a person Tammy. Oh my god!






Speaker 1 (male): Oh my god!






Speaker 1 (male): Oh! Oh!


Speaker 2 (female): Oh my god! [people falling]






Speaker 1 (female): Definitely affected by this crash. Black smoke continuing to, …


[09:02:56] [second plane approaching south tower]


[09:03:00] [second plane hits south tower — massive fire ball]






Speaker 1 (male): This morning we’ve got an explosion inside the, …


Speaker 2 (male): You’ve got people running up the street. I’ll tell you what’s going on.


Speaker 1 (male): Put things on pause there for just a moment.


Speaker 2 (male): Another building just exploded [word unclear] the whole [word unclear]


Speaker 1 (male): Okay.


Speaker 2 (male): People are running up the street.






Speaker 1 (male): [words unclear] green aircraft that hit the second tower, …


Speaker 2 (male): , … Another plane hit the second tower Jay.






Speaker 1 (male): Joe, yes just moments ago as, you know, another vehicle, some kind of an aircraft crashed into the World Trade Center. This is no accident. This is no bomb on the inside. This is, as you put it, a terrorist attack. There’s no two ways about it.






Speaker 1 (female): , … One. Be advised we have a report of a second plane that crashed into the second tower about two thirds the way up, … Recommends you transmit along [word unclear] as well.


Speaker 2 (male): Ten four, … Proceed with xxm3m ten four.






Speaker 1 (male): From everything I can see it was the same tower that was hit the first time, right?


Speaker 2 (male): No. It’s the second tower!


Speaker 1 (male): It’s the other tower?


Speaker 2 (male): It is the other tower that was hit.


Speaker 1 (male): My mistake.


Speaker 2 (male): They targeted, … From your, from what I’m seeing on the television, from your view, they are, see they, the two towers are in, one is in front of the other one. But it was definitely the second tower that was hit.






Speaker 1 (male): The people would be just sitting down for a day’s work in those building.


Speaker 2 (male): I did not see the plane go in, but it is horrendous damage!






Speaker 1 (male): Oh my god!






Speaker 1 (male): Thousands of people gathered where I am here at City Hall Park, in front of City Hall just watching what’s going on.






Speaker 1 (male): We’ve been watching live coverage from our affiliate in New York City, WNYW New York, of this unimaginably horrible situation! Now apparently a terrorist attack against both of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in Wall Street area of New York City.






Speaker 1 (female): Shall I answer this, ….


Speaker 2 (male): Two explosions however. There was the first explosion that was louder and been a second explosion and but I did not, I could not see that. And when I looked up I saw debris falling and the fire, as I said a very large fire.


Speaker 3 (female): Well, of course, this is, as we’ve said, completely shocking video! And a shocking turn of events. And we’ve been talking here that the first incident, one might surmise, that it was some kind of accident. And then to have a second, what appeared to be 727 [word unclear], of course, the question of terrorist activity has to surface. And the question of whether this was an intentional terrorist act?






Speaker 1 (female): Oh, shit! That is unbelievable! Anybody know what kind of plane it was?






Speaker 1 (female): Every unit coming to this scene be arriving on West Street, or Liberty Street. We have ambulances, … We have debris falling from the buildings. They have to stop short of the building, north of south.






Speaker 1 (male): In the meantime I could tell you that flames are shooting out of both towers now! The heaviest being on the South Tower, the northeast corner of the South Tower, of the World Trade Center. But there’s a considerable blaze going on in the North Tower, as well.






Speaker 1 (female): We are as close as we can to it. They will not allow us directly over it. They have banned us from the area. Police are asking that we stay back so they can do what they need to do. The initial guess out of the different air towers is that it was a 727, or 737. It may even have possibly been two planes. We are not sure.






Speaker 1 (male): Both planes were using the trade center as a target! They weren’t in trouble. They weren’t in distress. They weren’t falling from the sky. They aimed for it! And they did a very good job! The trade center is torn open. There’s a hole in the south side of the Trade Center. Torn open from the impact of the plane, which fell into the street below.






Speaker 1 (male): Because obviously, because of the nature of this with two incidents, there is the potential that this is a double act of terrorism. And they are worried about other targets.


Speaker 2 (female): And we could hear it very low, and walking down the street a couple of us looked at each other thinking, “what’s happening?”. Then, it appeared drastically on its side through the buildings and then went into the upper floors of the World Trade Center Tower.






Speaker 1 (female): Okay, what we can tell you right now from up here in chopper for. We cannot get any closer than about five miles to the scene, because we need to keep this far back. But you can see the black smoke as far as we are away. We zoom in here for you. First we saw the smoke with one tower, then we witnessed an explosion on the other tower.






Speaker 1 (female): From the air, so I can’t see anything. Are we gonna do a break? Do you want me to do a pause or just take visuals?






Speaker 1 (male): You may have heard it already this morning, regarded as a prime target for this particular act of terrorism. As, you know, there was terrorism at the World Trade Center before 1993. Where there was a huge bombing attack on the Trade Centers. These are the two at the southwestern corner of the island, ….


Speaker 2 (female): Yes I understand. How long do you want me to talk?


Speaker 1 (male): Prime pieces of real estate of interest to anyone who wishes to hit either New York City, or the United States in a very, very visible and vulnerable way.






Speaker 1 (female): The American Embassy bombers were sentenced here. And one is due still to be sentenced this week, that there could be some kind of revenge involvement, of course, because of this 1993 attack.


Speaker 2 (female): Of course, at this stage it is speculation as to who, or what might be behind this attack.






Speaker 1 (female): Good morning. You’re looking at live pictures of the World Trade Center Tower One from Manhattan lower district. As you can see we have a very serious fire in the World Trade Center.


What we understand, the information is still early in coming. But what we understand is that two separate planes have hit Tower One, which is the tower that you’re seeing on your picture right now. As you can see there are flames. There is a massive fire here at this Tower One of the World Trade Center. It’s in the upper portion of the building probably the [30:01] upper quarter of the tower.


Now, of course, the problem was finding something like this is that it is, you can’t do an external attack. Firefighters are going to have to go on the inside of this building to actually fight this particular fire. They’re gonna have to be using things like high-rise packs, and standpipe packs. They’re going to be setting up a command center here. And they’ll be using a cascade system to refill, ….






Speaker 1 (male): Right now they are trying to determine whether, in fact, it was deliberate. They have no information they can share at the moment. And I get the sense that they’re in the same mode that we are. Simply their mouths are agape trying to figure out what’s going on!


Speaker 2 (male): Jim. Let me interrupt for just one second.


Speaker 1 (male): Sure.


Speaker 2 (male): I’m looking at a report that the FBI is investigating reports of a plane hijacking! Did you have any news of that?


Speaker 1 (male): No, we don’t.


Speaker 2 (male): No confirmation of that what so ever?


Speaker 1 (male): We have no confirmation.


Speaker 2 (male): Is anybody in there discussing that?


Speaker 1 (male): No. The only a discussion that’s been going on here Briant is that the World Trade Center has obvious symbolic value. It’s been a target before of terrorism. And frankly it would not surprise the FBI, or anyone in national security that was a target again.


Speaker 2 (male): Sometimes the obvious leads you to it to a conclusion. We’re looking at two crashes 18 minutes apart go into an obvious target a building that has never been hit with a plane before on a clear day. What are the intelligence people there say about that?






Speaker 1 (female): We want to also report that remind people that the World Trade Center bombing that took place on February 26, back in 1993, the product of a terrorist attack, the result of a terrorist attack that killed six people and injured more than a thousand. Of course, that happened on a Friday afternoon. I think Matt, you and Al were working that day.


Speaker 2 (male): We were.


Speaker 1 (female): I know I was at home in Virginia watching it in disbelief! And now it feels a bit like deja vu! But, of course, this is so much more bizarre!


Speaker 2 (male): Yeah no question. And you keep in mind that that killed six people, injured a thousand, and the explosion happened in a garage in the basement. This was a direct hit on the mid section, or upper section of the tower, so the potential for injuries and death much larger. Of course, also some people on the planes!


Speaker 1 (female): Yeah, exactly! If there were hijacked and they were on route to a different destiny.


Speaker 2 (female): Right.


Speaker 1 (female): Of course, this continues. This story continues to unfold.






Speaker 1 (male): Ten four. They are on their way. Standby. Two World Trade Center. Respond to West Street and Liberty. Responding to two World Trade Center. Respond to West Street and Liberty [word unclear] at that location.


Speaker 2 (male): [words unclear]


Speaker 1 (male): Four guys.


Speaker 2 (male): We are stuck in [words unclear] we can’t get up to 31st and Madison.


Speaker 1 (male): [words unclear]


Speaker 2 (male): Turning to the World Trade Center. We are down there.


Speaker 3 (male): You need the company’s identification that are coming to the World Trade Center. Just read them down


Speaker 4 (male): Engine two one one, ladder one one, engine two two, engine five three, engine four oh, engine three, battalion one oh, battalion one, two, ladder one six, ladder two, ladder one three, engine two two one, engine two, three, engine two oh nine, engine two one, two, engine two seven nine, engine two, three oh, engine two two nine, engine two, three five, engine two two oh, engine two one six, engine two one seven, engine two, three eight, engine two one four, ladder twelve, ladder one one eight, ladder seven, ladder two four, highrise one, [words unclear], engine seven four, engine seven six, engine four seven, engine five eight, engine nine one, ladder two two, ladder two five, ladder three five, four trucks and ladder two one.


Speaker 1 (male): Okay. Thank you Manhattan.


Speaker 4 (male): Ten four.






Speaker 1 (male): [word unclear] Manhattan calling the mobile command vehicle [word unclear] Manhattan calling the mobile command vehicle.






Speaker 1 (male): You are responding to Two World Trade Center. Bring all your [words unclear] on the building with you, ….






Speaker 1 (female): We are showing you live pictures of the World Trade Center. As you can see they are on fire, both towers. On the left is Tower One. The tower on your right is Tower Two. We understand that two separate planes have [35:00] hit the World Trade Centers. We are not sure if they. If there was some kind of technical malfunction.






Speaker 1 (male): What happens is there is a particular counter terrorism cell, within the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that goes into an emergency basis, at this point, they’re investigating all aspects of air traffic in the area, all intelligence that as they sift through it, may have given them some indication that something was happening. At this point, though there were no warning, they say.


This morning as they go back through this information they may comb through it and find some clue. But, at this point, they believe there was no warning.






Speaker 1 (female): For those of you who are not in the World Trade Center and watching this down in lower Manhattan, please turn off your water! Do not use any water you do not need! They will need all the water pressure they can possibly garner, at this point. This is a tough place to battle, obviously.






Speaker 1 (male): I think I heard it.


Speaker 2 (male): They think it’s to [word unclear] from what we can tell. They are talking about hijacks.






Speaker 1 (male): What their primary concern right now is protecting the American public in the New York area right now against any possible further attacks by the air! They have no indications there will be. But there is some concern that since this appeared to be such a highly coordinated attack, that there may be other terrorist attacks that could be planned, either in New York, or elsewhere.


This is absolutely the worst-case scenario for the counter-terrorist planners! Because apparently, according to intelligence officials, there were no firm indications prior to this that anything like this could have happened! But in terms of scrambling the US military, it would be for protection for the time being, and not necessarily even thinking right now about any kind of retaliation.






Speaker 1 (male): Dispatch! Urgent! People trapped on World Trade on the eight oh floor. Three world trade, that’s the 101 for the 102 floor. Manhattan received?


Speaker 2 (male): That’s a ten four. Received and acknowledged. Ten four. [words unclear]






Speaker 1 (male): Division one one coming in.




Speaker 2 (male): Division one.




Speaker 1 (male): Yeah, do you have a message to field comm?


Speaker 2 (male): That’s ten four. I was going to report people trapped, number five World Trade Center on the eight oh floor. Number three World Trade Center trapped on one oh two, and one oh one floor. This is [word unclear] case.


Speaker 1 (male): One oh one ten four. Five World Trade Center at the eight oh floor. Two World Trade Center at the one oh two and one oh one floor.


Speaker 2 (male): That’s a ten four case.


Speaker 1 (male): Confirmation?


Speaker 2 (male): Ten four.




Speaker 1 (male): One oh one, one oh five to Manhattan.


Speaker 2 (male): One oh one, one oh five, ….






Speaker 1 (female): It’s one of the tallest buildings in the world! Both of these buildings are. And, of course, what we have here is the very top portion of Tower One is on fire. You can see the sign of Tower one is also, it’s now, the fire starting to vent out to the side here. There is falling building. There’s a lot of glass in this building. There’s a lot of other fuel. As you can imagine, if a plane hits a building like this there is a lot of fuel! In both possibly in the plane, as well as the building, there is a lot, ….






Speaker 1 (male): Chief Barbara, have all of the units responding to Number Two World Trade Center report in front of the Number One World Financial Center, which is on the corner of West and Liberty. All units coming in to Number [40:01] Two World Trade Service.


Speaker 1 (male): That ten four.


Speaker 3 (male): Attention all units! Responding into [word unclear] Number Two World Trade Center you are to respond to Number One World Financial Center, West street and Liberty Street. Repeating all units going into Number Two World Trade Center for the [words unclear] you are to respond to West Street and Liberty Street in front of Number One Financial Center. All units going into the fifth [word unclear] World Trade Center respond to West Street and Liberty Street. All units going into fifth [word unclear] another Two World Trade Center, you respond to West Street and Liberty street.


Speaker 4 (male): One oh one nine.


Speaker 1 (male): One oh one nine?


Speaker 4 (male): [words unclear]


Speaker 1 (male): Standby, one oh one nine, your message?


Speaker 4 (male): One oh nine one [word unclear]


Speaker 1 (male): One oh one nine, you go. One oh one nine, your message?


Speaker 4 (male): [words unclear] frequency.


Speaker 1 (male): Ten four.


Speaker 5 (male): Due to traffic we’re stuck by [word unclear] Street, the World Trade Center.


Speaker 1 (male): Ten four.




Speaker 6 (male): Have MSU activate all their spares, bring all their spares and all their bottles [words unclear] Number One World Trade Center.






Speaker 1 (female): I’ve just spoken to top US officials with the access to latest intelligence. And they said quote:


“That this was clearly terrorist related! No question about it!”


They said that they couldn’t give any further details now. Not, because they didn’t want to share it, but, because they just don’t know yet. They’re at the earliest stages.


Speaker 2 (female): So do they know Jamie, a plane was in fact hijacked?


Speaker 1 (female): They would not answer that. And I think that it’s, because I think that they just are getting the earliest details that and they’re afraid of putting out misinformation. But they said, you know, that it was clearly terrorist related.






Speaker 1 (male): Wow! Oh my god!


Speaker 2 (male): It looks like the smoke is thinning a little. It looks like it is thinning a little. I can only hope that means that there are firefighters in the building, and somehow able to put some of this fire out. But it’s definitely, …






Speaker 1 (female): That’s why we’re not doing cut ins, because we can’t get a receive, a signal.




Speaker 1 (female): Oh my god! Those poor people! No. It’s Melinda. Okay, I did not know that all the airports are closed in the New York area.






Speaker 1 (male): Given the attacks on the US embassies a couple of summers ago. But a reminder again, that as far as international terrorism is concerned, and people’s anger, and even desperation, on occasion with the United States is going to find itself manifest here on US soil. John is the, … Here’s the President now, in Florida. I wonder if everybody knows there what’s going on. We’ll listen to him. [applause]




President Bush: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a difficult moment for America. I unfortunately will be going back to Washington after my remarks. Secretary [word unclear] Paige, lieutenant governor, will take the podium and discuss education. I do want to thank the folks here at the Booker Elementary School for their hospitality. Today we’ve had a national tragedy. Two airplanes have [45:02] crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country. I have spoken to the Vice President, to the governor of New York, to the director of the FBI. And have ordered that the full resources of the federal government go to help the victims and their families. And to conduct a full-scale investigation to hunt down, and to find those folks who committed this act!


Terrorism against our nation will not stand! And now if you join me in a moment of silence.


May God bless the victims, their families, and America.


Thank you very much. [applause]














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