Laura Towler – Are We The Bad Guys? Featuring Mark Collett, The Ayatollah and Horus – Aug 24, 2020 — Transcript


[Laura Towler, Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative, has a lively, humorous, and informative chat with Mark Collett, Leader of PA, the Ayatollah (of TASOB — The Absolute State of Britain podcast), and Horus (videographer) about the current state of nationalist politics and tactics in Britain today, and PA’s progress as a movement to unite patriots.

The subject, “Are We the Bad Guys?” dealt with how hate organizations, such as Hope Not Hate, and the hostile “elite” and its (((media))), attempt to portray nationalists as “evil” for wanting to stand up for the British people and fight to keep Britain from being turned further into the Third World in coming years and decades.

It was also a special occasion for Laura as she celebrated her birthday during the week, making ever quicker progress towards her 40th year, according to rumour!






Laura Towler

Are We the Bad Guys?

Mark Collett, the Ayatollah

and Horus


Aug 24, 2020




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Published on Aug 24, 2020

Are We The Bad Guys? Feat. Mark Collett, The Ayatollah and Horus
•Streamed live on Aug 23, 2020
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Laura: Okay. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We should be live welcome to the stream. I hope everybody’s doing well it’s Sunday evening at seven o’clock in the United Kingdom. And anybody who’s listened to the last couple of streams that I’ve done you might remember that I said I was going to do a stream every month.


So this is my August stream. And I thought I’d do it this week, because this week is my birthday. So, I thought it might be fun to do a bit of a birthday stream. It’s not actually today but it is this week. So it’s like my birthday week stream, I guess.


So I’ve had a really good weekend. Yesterday we went away and stayed overnight in like a converted barn kind of thing. It was really cozy went out for some food for my birthday and then today we had a Yorkshire regional group, you know, the Patriotic Alternative regional group meet up. And we went for a hike and we walked about I think about six and a half miles.


And Mark we actually broke the record for the youngest ever hiker. The previous record was a young girl of 10 years old who comes with a dad. But today we had a six-year-old boy who walked with us and he walked about six and a half miles. I mean, to be fair he did spend most of that on his dad’s shoulders, but he gave it a shot.


So let’s just jump straight in. We’ve got until about half past eight. So we’ve got an hour and a half.


But let me introduce my three guests. So first of all I’m joined by Mark Collett who needs no introduction but I’ll give him a quick introduction anyway. He was described by Hope Not Hate last week as being one of the UK’s most notorious fascist figures! [chuckling] Mark and how are you?



Mark: I’m very well I’m just slightly disappointed that I wasn’t the most, just one of the most, which means I have more work to do. Very happy birthday to you Laura! How does it feel to reach the big 4-0 [laughter]?


Laura: There’s gonna be another rumor going round!


Mark: That’s just a little troll for all the people who have spent the last month trying to work out your age. And after all of their big brain takes they still got it wrong. We know you are not over 40! Thank you for such a lovely introduction. And also well done on the event today. That is fantastic news that we’ve got a new youngest PA hiker! That is absolutely brilliant! That is what I like to hear!


I really look forward to the eventual time when we get a proper family event up and running, so we actually get whole families turning up. And I think that would be a really positive development for us.


Laura: Yeah the hikes if anyone’s not been to a PA event before, do get involved, because they are very family focused. We also had a girl who came to our group today and she’s never been to any event before. So it was her first event. She had a really nice time we went for the hike. She actually threw it down as well.


I got home and my socks were wet! There’s nothing worse than wet socks! But afterwards we went for some food in the pub and yeah, it was just really nice.



You know, if women are turning up by themselves, then it must be quite a comfortable safe environment. So yeah, it was really good!


So I’ll move on to the Ayatollah who is back by popular demand. My audience absolutely loved the Ayatollah. I’m not sure what to say to be honest, but I’m joking. But so he is one third of the TASOB podcast, The Absolute State Of Britain podcast, and I hear you’ve actually started your own YouTube channel as well. Is that right the Ayatollah?



Ayatollah: Yeah I have, although I’m starting to feel a little bit guilty, because I’ve been plugging it for a good month, or more now, I’ve not actually done anything yet. But the plan is, once I’ve figured out things like, you know, Entropy and Superchats to start doing a sort of a light-hearted stream on a Friday night. Now D-Day at the moment, if you forgive the inclement analogy, given all the things we understand, is going to be Friday the 4th of September. So I’ll get something sorted out for them. But it should be a good laugh.


But yeah, happy birthday Laura! I logged into Twitter to promote, sort of retweet, and let everyone know that I was on your channel. And then like my mentions were deluged with like birthday wishes for you. I suppose, you know, when I’m in the 80s, I hope people care about me as much as they do about you! [chuckling].


Because, you know, I was leafing through my bible earlier on and I forgot that you do actually get a couple of mentions in the last stages of the Old Testament when they’re talking about, you know, rising nativism, over in northwestern Europe!


So it sounds like you spent your birthday on the set of Emmerdale Farm, and then like you went to see the wolf pack. And then you like the next day you went for a ramble with the Dingle family, or something. Am I sort missing any details, I’m missing there?


Laura: It was exactly like that, yeah!


Ayatollah: Yeah, yeah very, Yorkshire!




Laura: Yeah proper Yorkshire. Yeah, it was in North Yorkshire that we went to. It was dead good.


So yeah, so my third and final guest, sorry for making you wait so long, but it’s Horus! Who is a video maker and he makes really informative videos about, usually about historical topics, but all sorts of stuff. I think everybody who’s watching will be familiar with who Horus is. But hello Horus how are you?



Horus: I’m good thanks, yeah. Happy birthday! And did you have Yorkshire pudding yesterday, or?


Laura: No, I didn’t actually I’m kind of addicted to Hunter’s Chicken at the moment. Every time I go out, I just have Hunter’s Chicken. So it’s like chicken, bacon, cheese, and barbecue sauce. And I’ll just have that with salad. But yeah, I had Hunter’s Chicken. I’m actually going to start doing keto tomorrow. And yeah, we’ve decided, me and my fiancee, that we’re going to start doing keto tomorrow


Ayatollah: Tomorrow!


Laura: yeah [chuckling] because I’ve been eating really healthy for about six months now. But I just want to kind of speed things up a little bit. Obviously getting married in November. So yeah, high fat, low carbs, I think it is. But I need to research it a bit more. But yeah.


So we’ve got some good topics to talk about today. And I mentioned earlier that Mark was described by Hope Not Hate as one of the UK’s most notorious fascist figures. I’m not sure who the other ones are. But I thought we’d talk about the report from Hope Not Hate, because I’ve titled this video “Are We the Bad Guys?”.


And obviously according to Hope Not Hate we are the bad guys. Just one moment let me share my screen. Entire screen. So the screen should be sharing now. And this is the tweet that Hope Not Hate put out when they announced their incredibly scary report.



Look how over-dramatic it is. It’s like:



Read our report on Patriotic Alternative, a fascist, anti-semitic, White nationalist organization trying to unite the British far-right.



It’s just so over emotional and effeminate. And they always use this photograph of me and Mark, where I think we just look incredible and nice! [chuckling] And it just doesn’t make sense to have those crazy emojis and capital letters and stuff next to that photo.


But let’s take a look at the report, because it’s just so over emotional and, so over the top! So it’s Patriotic Alternative let’s see if I can, … Can you guys see that on the screen all right?


Horus: Love that picture!



Laura: Yeah. So that’s the banner that we did at the top of Mam Tor*, White Lives Matter. There’s obviously me and Mark stood at the side. Yes, so it’s like:


“It’s founder is Mark Collett, formerly Director of Publicity for the British National Party, one of the UK’s most notorious fascist figures.”


It talks about who we are:


“What is Patriotic Alternative?”


That’s our excellent banner as well, that we did outside York Minster, for Indigenous Peoples Day. The speakers from the last conference. And then it talks about our “extremism”. So it’s things like “fascism, racism ‘Holocaust’ denial”.



There’s a bit about the Hundred Handers there. Mark Collett. I’ve got my bit. It’s now Laura Tyrie, aka, Laura Towler. I think it’s going to be Laura Axley Lennon [laughter]! One of those things now, where they always feel the need to say that. And there’s some quotes from Mark.



I was laughing my head off at these quotes, [chuckling] because they’re from like 20 years ago! And they just seem like so out of place, and mental!


I hate that photograph that they use of me as well. I feel like I look bug eyed. But I think I chose that one, because I wasn’t smiling on it. Some more photos from Indigenous People’s Day.


It’s just a really kind of rushed, over emotional, report. And I thought it might be good this evening to kind of explore what it means to be “good” and “bad”. Because we get told all the time that we’re really bad people, that we’re extreme! That we want to like murder everyone, and stuff like that. And we don’t! We just love the British! And we love Britain, and we want to keep it safe.


And I think the difference between nationalism and globalism, is that nationalists care about their people and understand that they can’t save the whole world, whereas globalists want to save the whole world, but they’ll do that to a detriment of their own people. And it puts our own people at risk. So I don’t understand why, well I do understand why, but, you know, playing devil’s advocate, we have to be the bad guys all the time.


But if we go around the panel. Mark do you want to talk about it first? You’ve put up with this for 20 years haven’t you? You’ve been like the most evil person in the world!


[* Mam Tor — is a 517 m hill near Castleton in the High Peak of Derbyshire, England. Its name means “mother hill”, so called because frequent landslips on its eastern face have resulted in a multitude of “mini-hills” beneath it.]




Mark: Official? Is that now my official title? Officially, de facto, the most evil person in the whole world! Yeah, I have! And it’s kind of one of those crosses that you have to bear. And it’s very interesting really, because really we’re trying to simply create a future for our children. We’re trying to secure the existence of our people. And what really could be more noble, or more natural than making your life’s work to ensure that your kind survive, that you prosper? And doing so in your own nation. We’re not talking about setting up empire 2.0! We’re not talking about colonizing other people’s nations. We’re not saying:


“Well our nation is going to be destroyed by natural disasters, so we need to invade another country and take it over.”


We’re just saying:


“We want the land our ancestors lived on, we want it for us! And we want to survive! And we want to take our destiny into our own hands!”


Now, none of that is really, particularly, outrageous. It’s not outrageous at all in fact! And it is something that’s afforded to every other group.


Yet when we try to do it we are the bad guys. And often one of the difficult things is, you’re treated as bad guys for trying to warn people that such terror is coming their way.


And for two decades I’ve been saying this is going to get worse! We’re going to become a minority! And as we become a minority, we will become victims of racial attacks, of grooming, we will be treated worse than second-class citizens, and will become an absolute underclass!


And obviously, as those two decades went by, my position has become more and more vindicated.


But even so, even in today’s climate. When you see so many problems in the West. When you see “Black Lives Matter”. When you see the problem with the promotion of pedophilia by the mainstream media, by Netflix. When you see who controls the media. When you see the messages they’re pushing on school children. When you see mass immigration. When you see the number of people coming in illegally. You see all of these problems, we’re still treated as the bad guys for pointing it out. And I think that is a cross we have to bear, we have to bear it, and we have to smile.


The only thing we must always be careful not to do is when we present ourselves, we must always be smiley and nice.



And I think in the past one of the problems that nationalism’s had is, because we’ve always been called the bad guys people have played up to that stereotype. And I think that’s a bad thing. And one of the great things about PA, is the pictures they’ve got from us at all PA events absolutely fantastic! And anyone looking at the pictures of us and the kind of events we hold and the people who attend it and then looking at the bad guy narrative, are going to be very confused, because there’s a huge disconnect there between their narrative and reality.


Laura: Yeah, that’s absolutely spot on! And I remember when I gave my speech at the last Patriotic Alternative conference and I finished by saying the words:


“If we have to bear the burden of being villains, then so be it.”


And I think in a way you kind of you do end up embracing it and just thinking:


“Call me whatever you want, I do not care!”


And it’s like water off of a ducks back. You get called every single name so many times you just you stop caring. Like you literally do not care. But that doesn’t mean that we should start acting like bad people. I think you should embrace it in a way where you don’t allow it to get to you.


I think the thing that I really love about PA is how it’s so family focused, and it’s not people wanting to go out and have a scrap. I mean, sometimes you get really angry and you do just kind of want to punch someone. But we always have to remember why we’re involved in this.


And Ayatollah, if I could come to you, you’re probably, if I had to name one person who responds the best to being called names, [chuckling] it’s probably you. You really do embrace it, don’t you, on Twitter?


Ayatollah: Yeah, with a little help from the late, great, Derrick Day. Yeah, you know, to be honest, the older I get the less, and less, patience I have with these people. So what I did was I set a little time aside, took some video clips from things like Father Ted, and other sorts of things like that. And I tend to just respond to these people with those.


These people, look. There are certain ways in which they got power over you if they’re able to dox you, you know, try and get you sacked, or whatever, threaten you with violence.


In a lot of context though if you’re upset, like the most they can do is wield their anti-White false morality. And if you show them, if you just give that the finger, all they can do is be outraged at you for being a transgressor against the occupier’s morality.


I mean, just to pick up pick up on something Mark was saying about, you know, his position’s always been the same, and he’s been vindicated. I mean, just to attest to that, if you look back at the old Russell Brand thing featuring Mark from years ago. There’s clips of it on YouTube. You go in the comments on those YouTube clips and it’s full of people saying:


“Yeah, well Collett was right wasn’t he Russell? He was right, wasn’t he?”


I mean, look at us now! Look at the ‘new normal’ Russell, 15 years on, or however long ago it is. It’s maybe longer ago than that now, 18? I don’t know.


But yeah, you know, on the idea of us being the bad guys, I’m going to sound like a broken record, obviously I’ve appeared on a couple of streams on your channel before Laura. I’m mindful that you’ve got a much larger and sort of broader, you know, ideologically broader audience than I usually speak to on The Absolute State Of Britain. [15:07] But we’ll have some regular listeners, listening. And they’ll be familiar with me saying like the same things every week. But it bears repeating, this only makes sense if you understand, and again I say this mindful of the fact that you’ve got some people who are basically nationalist in their instinct, but don’t fully understand maybe all the issues yet, and they’re getting there. As are a lot of the people that sort of come to our podcast and they, you know, things start sort of falling into place, if I’m not giving us too much credit.


But all of this only makes sense, the idea that people that want to preserve, the people that want to defend their own collective interests, and just basically want to be left alone, and want to have a normal functional society which is going to be largely homogenous. And to the extent that it’s not homogeneous it’s going to be understood that the indigenous group are the politically, and culturally, and institutionally, dominant group, no questions asked. And that is preserved, and that is respected, doesn’t need to be any animosity in with that. It’s just something that’s understood.


Same as if you’re a guest in somebody’s house. You might very well feel at home, however, you don’t get to start saying what color they paint the bathroom. Now that’s a crude analogy. However, I think it probably makes sense to people. But none of this makes sense again without understanding that we are under the occupation of — we’re about to be hostages, at this point, really — of (((people))) who bitterly resent us, they have a historic sense of vengeance against us! They’ve got a pathological sadism, and vindictiveness! And they wish to dispossess us, to humiliate us, and ultimately, … Yeah, they want to blend us out!


You know, they control media, they’ve subverted the institutions, they’ve subverted all the apparatus of power. And they had to do it that way. And to be able to do what they’re doing, they’ve had to cultivate, and a lot of work has gone into this, they had to cultivate a false consciousness, and a false sort of morality and moral code, within the collective consciousness of our people, through sort of making being territorial and defensive of your own people, sort of presenting it as low status, and like unintelligent, and boorish. And many other things obviously.


The harder deterrences as well, of penalizing speech law and what have you. And efforts to sort of break up any of our efforts to organize, historically. That they had to do all of that, at great effort, through controlling media, and entertainment, and academia, and the education system.



They had to sort of cultivate this false consciousness, and this false morality, through indoctrinating people through all those means. Which has engendered this sense of guilt, and timidity, among White people for standing up for their own interests and saying:


“Well, this isn’t very good for us!”


However, reasonably. So, you know, they have to invert reality. And basically they have to pathologize, and they have, all that is normal and that is healthy and is self-preserving. If they couldn’t do that, they wouldn’t be able to do any of this.


And the problem they’re coming up against is, you’re never going to be totally, you’re never going to be able to totally stamp that out. There’s always going to be some people who’ve got enough about them to say:




Essentially. And the problem they’ve got is that’s happening more and more, because it’s getting worse for people as the demographics get worse, as the propaganda gets worse.


You’ve only got a look at the past couple of months. You’ve only got to look at what Hope Not Hate said themselves in their report, or what the Independent said in their analysis of it, where they said like, you know, “Black Lives Matter” and things like that, they’re making the Right more racially conscious. They said:


“Oh they’re making them more racist!”


No! They’re making us more racially conscious, and they’re increasing our numbers. And I can tell you this from our listeners that people come to us. And from anecdotes from our listeners, and my own personal life.


Image: Black Lives Lies Matter


Yeah, things like the “Black Lives Matter” riots and the propaganda and everything else. Yeah, it can only go one way. This is an inevitable consequence of what they want to do. And they are sort of talking about it like, you know:


“How did this happen? It seems as though it’s radicalized people! It seems as though it’s polarized opinion! And it seems as though it’s cultivating a greater sense of racial consciousness, and racial awareness among White people.”


Well, what do you expect? You know, you cannot do what you’re doing without people pushing back and without people thinking:


“Well, I keep getting attacked for being White! I keep being brow beaten for it on the television, and on the internet, and in the media, and I keep seeing these riots and people pulling down statues and burning our flag.”


Well, yeah, it’s gonna wake people up. So it can only go one way. Yeah.


Laura: It’s interesting that they say that we’re the ones reviving “race supremacy”. I mean, obviously “supremacy” is not the right word to use. But racial politics. Yes. Absolutely! We do advocate for racial politics, because we recognize that race is real, and we want a homeland for our own ethnic group.


Image: Black Lives Lies Matter


But I don’t think it’s us that’s reviving it. I think the reason why the majority of people are noticing race now is because of all the other races, especially the BLM riots. Even people like my sister, who’s not into politics at all. The riots woke her up. And she’s been texting me about all sorts of stuff saying:


“What does ‘MSM’ mean? What does ‘mainstream media’ mean and what’s ‘virtue signaling’ Laura?”


And she’s now interested in politics, because the people have been pulling down statues in London, and stuff.


But Horus, if I can come to you, because I know you’ve been following all of this on Twitter as well. Do you think that they’re panicking? Do you think that Hope Not Hate are panicking? Because they do this thing where they kind of try and play down how serious of a threat we are. But then at the same time they’ll be like:


“Oh but they’re going to unite the fascist Right, and we need to keep an eye on them, because they’re dangerous!”


Do you think they see us as a threat? Do you think it’s like a coping mechanism that they pretend that we’re not? What are your thoughts on that?




Horus: I think they definitely see us as a threat. And they are right to some extent. But yeah, my impression is that they’re in disarray, because obviously we had Indigenous, … Well, White Lives Matter Day, what was it about a week before this report came out? Maybe even less than a week. And the media, I think, they have like coordinated Whatsap, or Slack groups where, you know, they’re saying:


“No. Let’s all agree not to report on this.”


And The Star broke from that for a moment, and then withdrew their story. Yeah, within a couple of hours, wasn’t it?


And I think the media did their job that day, but they and the political class, and the sort of range of organizations like Hope Not Hate, are not fully coordinated across all of them. I’d say all these people sort of constitute the ruling class. But it is not a thing that can easily be managed although all in one, you know, all to one purpose.


My impression is that people like Hope Not Hate, yeah they’re what’s the word? Sort of flailing around a bit, somewhat disorderly. I mean, yeah, so that they coordinated non-reporting of White Lives Matter, and all the amazing banners that people did. Hundreds and hundreds of them in the end, right?


But then a few days later Hope Not Hate putting out this Report, which to me, looks like publicity! I mean, accidentally on their part. But it, you know, those pictures are amazing! They look brilliant! [chuckling] And they’re sending that out to people. And they’re saying:


“You need to hate this!”


Right? Because. I mean, let’s not be, you know, I don’t need to point this out to you. But let’s not be confused by their name. Hope Not Hate is a hate organization! That’s what it exists for, right?


But yeah, my impression is they don’t really know what they’re doing. And they don’t have any clear idea of what to do with this. I mean, they’re used to having the State on their side. And the State and the Government are on their side, but the government doesn’t know exactly what it’s doing either.



I mean, this thing, maybe I’m straying from the point a little bit. But this thing in Calais, I mean, I believe the Tories want to make us a minority. They want as much immigration as possible to finish us off, as soon as possible. That’s roughly how they see it. I’m sure they’re not united on that, but the leadership of the party, I think that’s what they want.


But this stuff in Calais even though it’s small numbers right so it’s not actually benefiting that aim very much. It’s still happening, right? And it’s terrible for the Tory’s reputation! It’s really making them look bad! So my impression is that the whole ruling class is struggling to sort of hold itself together. And this, you know, seeing basically missteps like this, is a sign of that. I mean, the subtitle of the report was “Uniting the Far Right”, or whatever, and a question mark. I mean, ..


Ayatollah: That’s right, yeah.


Horus: I get the impression, in a way, they sort of fancy us, you know what I mean? [chuckling] Like they want, well actually, they kind of admire us. They kind of want to be us, in a way, because, you know,


Laura: Well they always used to use that photo with Mark, where he was like, … What were you doing Mark? Like in the forest on your bike, or something?


Mark: Yeah on my mountain bike. They used to love the one of me.


Ayatollah: An action shot, yeah! Like mud on his face!


Mark: That was a perfect, fantastic day.


Horus: And yeah, I mean, it really seemed like [words unclear] the gentile ones involved anyway. And of the others we’re talking about people who have such a strange psychology anyway. And just my impression is they, even among themselves, you know, even if they have a meeting that all the, however many people are, the same a dozen people work for Hope Not Hate, whatever. When they have a meeting, I bet their meetings are all over the place. And they don’t really have a point. They don’t really come to any conclusion, because they don’t know what to do!


All they’ve really know is how to use their sort of terror and intimidation tactics, which are just working less, and less.


And the last thing I’ll say is that another sign of this is you look under their tweets and it’s pretty much unified rejection of what they’re doing! Nobody likes them! You don’t even see a bunch of their supporters trying to combat us, it’s just rejection! It’s just people not even, you know, not even people who are wide awake, red pill nationalists. Just everyone who’s heard of Hope Not Hate, hates them!


Ayatollah: Telling them to get on their bike, basically.


Horus: Yeah, I think they’re flailing around! They still have some effect they still have the power to really cause some people some problems, but as a movement they don’t know how to deal with this. And I think it’s very encouraging.




Ayatollah: I had a quick scan, if I can make a quick point, I had a quick scan some months back through Hope Not Hate’s YouTube channel, right? [chuckling] And I can tell you now over a period of like nine years of it, they had like three, or four, videos that have had more views than a weekly TASOB podcast gets. Now we’ve not got a massive audience, right?


And the best part was almost every video, if I can recall correctly, or a lot of them, had the likes and dislikes disabled. And obviously the comments disabled. But of the ones that didn’t have the like to dislike ratio disabled the best ratio I saw was four dislikes to one like! So look, that doesn’t accord as any power. But it does tell you, as if any of us needed it, the extent to which these people are astro turf stooges.


And I mean, it goes back again to the sort of, I mean, this isn’t just true of Hope Not Hate, it’s true of the sort of the anti-White Left in general. It’s a bit of an old meme now, but it still rings true, the bio-Leninism thing. The idea of like a hostile elite weaponizing the absolute, you know, the dysfunctional dregs of a society, and according them power as a sort of, in various ways, to terrorize the functional middle, or to sort of even in some cases to sort of police them to act as like moral arbiters and moral police. They give them a little bit of power to act. It’s like sort of a supervisory class.


And these people are a lot of them, you know, they’ve either got hostile ethnic interests — I’ll let you read between the lines as to what I mean, on that because there are very powerless, very oppressed people, who’ve got, very powerless, disenfranchised lobbying societies, that will come after Laura’s YouTube channel if I speak a little bit too freely! As powerless and as oppressed as they are, that might happen, by a sheer fluke!


See: Patriotic Weekly Review – with Edward Dutton


But a lot of these people are freaks. They’re just dysgenic freaks who wield, you know, they’re Dutton’s spiteful mutants! Yeah! But, you know, they wield the power. The little power they’re given by the occupiers, incredibly vindictively. And I mean, sadistically! Because they resent the functionality and just the normality, and the wholesomeness, of the people they wield it against. Because they understand that they’ve only got that power, because we’re not in a normal situation.


They understand that the normal functional people are disempowered, they want to punish them, and they understand that if those normal functional people were, as ought to be the case, the people that had the cultural and institutional power, these people would be not vindictively, but just sort of quietly shunned and not really given any say in society. That’s basically it.


Laura: Do you do a Dutton impression, too?


Ayatollah: Yeah, well actually I can actually do a passable impression of all three of the former panelists of the expansive group channel, in three seconds, just by saying “yes” in their respective voices.


So it’d be sort of like, you know, obviously you’ve got Dr Dutton, you’ve got Spencer, then you’ve got Keith Woods. So it’d be something like “yaah”, “yeaar”, “heheyair”.


Horus: [laughing] Dutton’s a little bit more posh, though. I think you need to posh it up.


Ayatollah: Yeah I’m being lazy mate, yeah.


Horus: I would just say one more thing. Like, anyone who wants to know more about Hope Not Hate, just look into their funding as well, because it comes from just billionaires and mega millionaires, and stuff.


See: Against Brian and Avi


And I did a video last year called “Against Brian Avi”, which is on my BitChute channel. It tells you some more about them. Or just go on their website. That’s what I did. So, I think it says a lot about them.


Laura: Yeah did, you know, they actually blocked Patriotic Alternative on Twitter? Hope Not Hate did, because.


Ayatollah: Yeah. I saw that.


Laura: And they said something like:


“We’re not sorry! And we’re not gonna change our view, so keep it coming.”


And they got a big pile on from our followers. And they ended up blocking us on Twitter. Which was pretty funny!


Horus: They fancy PA, and they’re trying to “negative” you., you know what I mean? They’re trying to like act like they hate you, but actually they really fancy PA! Because PA is kind of like really good looking as well. It’s got a lovely logo and everything. But it’s not like the old days. Like old times fascism where the design wasn’t that good.



Ayatollah: Like [word unclear] climbing out of his front room window, yeah. [laughter]


Horus: Yeah, PA actually looks really swish! They’re trying to act like they hate you, but really they’re fancy you.


Ayatollah: That that sort of thing always terrifies them as well. And again it tells you again the psychology of these people. They’re like curtain switching voyeurs! And they love to sort of morally place us:


“No you can’t say that!”


And then the problem they have when people just sort of do the:


“Yeah and what? Yeah sharp nerd.”


When people do that to them, it’s like it becomes apparent they’re like calling somebody racist is like to start trying to give the Terminator a “Chinese burn”. Yeah, it’s not really going to work.


Horus: [chuckling] They’re really put down by just unapologeticness, you know.


Ayatollah: Yeah. There’s no answer to it, other than doxing and everything else, you know.


Laura: Ayatollah, since it’s my birthday will you do your impression of me?


Ayatollah: Well I just have to talk about David Lammy now, I can’t really get my voice quite high enough! [laughter] If I just say that, that’ll have to do. So I’ll just say, like the thing about David Lammy, is one moment he’ll say he’s British, because like he wants to sort of play civic nationalism, and then the next moment, he’ll say he’s Ghanaian, or Guyana, or wherever his parents are from. And then the next moment he’ll say he’s African, [laughter], because he wants to campaign for reparations for slavery. This really winds me up!



But I don’t know what that says about your psychology that your idea of a birthday gift from me is that, I have the mick taken out of you, but, ..


Horus: The accent is good, but you just sound like a gay man, it’s just.


Ayatollah: Yeah, well I keep saying I sound like a gay hairdresser from Luton, that’s the problem. [laughter] But yeah, I can’t get my voice high enough, you know.


Laura: Mark. I wanted to ask you about the media attention that we got, because when we did Indigenous People’s Day it was picked up by the local media. But I think the only sort of like major news outlet that wrote an article about was the Daily Star. And then all the comments underneath the article were really positive about us. They ended up deleting the article! And then Hope Not Hate did their report, and then obviously the entire mainstream media picked it up and we had articles in the Independent, the Daily Mirror, The Jewish Times, 44 million Facebook followers, Unilad published a post about it. And most of the comments, like 99 percent of the comments were in support of us.


But what do you think? Why do you think that was Mark? Because they were silent until Hope Not Hate did the report and then the Daily Star deleted their article. It’s a bit weird. Do you think they have like a coordinated news cycle, or something?


Mark: I think they’re very scared about talking about us. And they’re scared about talking about us for two reasons. The first is that we’re totally unapologetic! We don’t apologize for anything! We say how it is. And really if they call us “fascists”, if they call us “racist”, if they call “Nazi”, we don’t start groveling. Now that scares them a lot, because if you look at any of the other nationalist parties, especially the ones that are civic nationalist parties that openly advocate that anyone can be “British”, or that once you come here, if you say that you love the English flag, if you say you love the cross of Saint George, then England’s in your heart, and you’re just as England, English as anyone else!


The parties that say that, they don’t really fear them, because they know as soon as they get them in any form of debate, or they get them on the television, or they start speaking to them, they will crumble! And they’ll start dancing to the media’s tune!


And then there’s another thing that they are afraid of as well, that they really hate about us, is that when we do things, we do things very professionally! Everything we do looks professional, it looks slick. All of our events have been in very classy venues. They’ve all been carried off. So that anyone coming to them would be absolutely impressed by what was going on!


And something else that they love about the old style of nationalism is that it’s always a tatty old Union Jack that’s being badly folded, … You know, the sort that I mean, unfolded over a place table with four speakers sat behind the place table. The flag looks like it could do with a good iron. Three of the speakers look absolutely bored! And are sat there drinking their beers! And the audience is sat in the back room of some old-fashioned pub. And it looks like a scene out of a, … What was that film called? The one where, ..


Ayatollah:This is England”.


Mark: Exactly! It looks like a scene out of “This is England”!


Laura: How did you get that?


Ayatollah: I can remember like there’s a particular scene where they go to some sort of rally, or whatever, and they’re in the back room in a pub. Having said that Jonathan Bowden did most of his speeches in the back room of a pub, didn’t they? You know, sort of:


“Liberalism is moral syphilis!”


And whatever! But, you know. Yeah, I don’t know.


Mark: Well, we all did at one point. But those times have passed! And it’s very interesting that we’re different to that. And I think they’re scared of us for those two reasons.


First thing we’re not gonna apologize, and secondly we look really professional.


And if you think of a group, or a group that tried to become a party. A few months ago, just after we launched PA, in fact, or, it might have been just before we launched PA. But either way, it was a good few months ago now. A group of people tried to start a party that were called “Integrity”. And it was meant to get Tommy Robinson on board. It was meant to get Sargon on board. Loads of people were meant to be joining up. And they held this inaugural meeting in a pub. Can any of you remember the footage of that meeting? It was really awful!


Laura: Yeah.


Mark: And there was guys sat at the front on those old-fashioned, you know, pub chairs, and they were cradling their beers, slowly making their way through the beers, as people stood at the front, not behind a lectern, or anything like that. It was all filmed from an awkward angle. You could tell there was only about 20 people in the room, because there was a, … You know, people were applauding. But there was a notable lack of applause. And it did look like such a throwback to the 1970s!



And that little group, I think they disappeared already, they were going to sweep PA away, they were going to be a fresh future for the Right in Britain.




But that group had everything wrong with it! Was one of those groups that apologizes for everything! Denies that the English, and the Scottish, the Welsh, and the Irish are distinct ethnic groups.


And on top of that, they were doing their meetings in a way that has been so overdone, and it just puts people off! Because it’s a negative stereotype that nationalism often plays up to. And I think that, because we do everything so differently, they’re kind of in love with us, but they’re terrified of us at the same time!


Laura: Do you know, they were saying that we were:


“Playing fake clapping sounds over our speeches?”


So like your audience was actually really small and you were playing fake clapping sounds of, ..


Mark: Oh no, this is brilliant! You see, because you see, this is such wonderful projection! Because they can only get 20, or so, people at their meetings, they have to assume that we’ve only got 20, or so, people at our meetings! So they’re thinking how could we get such good applause at our next meeting? Well PA must be playing an applause track!


No! No! You could just times your meeting attendance by 10 and have the same number of people at your meetings that PA does. [chuckling] But that, to them, they don’t understand that! Because they can’t imagine why we’re popular! They think we’re unpopular. They think we’re the bad guys! They think by standing up there and saying that the English don’t exist, that all of a sudden all these blacks, all these minorities, they’ll be rushing through the door to join “Integrity Purple”, you know, it’s just not gonna happen! Because no one wants that.


The fact is everyone is becoming racinated, and White people are looking for any group that’s big enough and strong enough to stand up and say:


“Hey! We stand up for the White people!”


And the best thing is, people will call us a “bad guy”, but the fact is, sometimes you need somebody who’s gonna stand up, take the abuse, and say:


“So what? We’re not backing down!”


And ultimately I think at a time like this, people are going to respect that.


Horus: Damn right! Integrity, I think in a way, they asked it around, because haven’t they just basically become Hearts of Oak? I think it’s the same guys. It’s Peter McElveen and Alan Craig, they’re certainly the two who run Hearts of Oak. I think they were the founders of Integrity, as well.


Mark: And they just, so basically [chuckling] they lasted about three months! [laughter] There was also this guy who calls himself “Steve Speaker’s Corner”, who thinks he’s a real big deal. He’s one of those, I’ve never, this is gonna sound really bad, and I [chuckling] probably shouldn’t say this. But do you understand, I don’t understand those Speaker’s Corner people. I don’t understand those people who go and stand at Speaker’s Corner and just shout at other people, who have diametrically opposed ideas! And they just screech each other all day and go home, and think that’s going to change the discourse.


But they had a guy at the Integrity [word unclear] meeting called Steve Speaker’s Corner. And he’s one of these people who just thinks that if everyone who comes there, is given a little plastic flag and waves it with all their might, that makes them absolutely British! And they should all be integrated and then we’ll all be one big happy, multi-coloured, family! What a joke organization they are!


Horus: He’s the sort of person who shows that civic nationalism is really just a leftist thing, right? He seems to have his main mission as just defeating ethnic nationalism. And it’s just ridiculous! It’s a joke! Complete joke! He’s really effeminate as well.


Laura: I think he’s always asking me to debate him on YouTube. And I just muted him, because I don’t know who he is. But Mark I want to to ask you, did you see that that Wikipedia early life guy that you’ve debated, was photographed with antifa?


Mark: I did. Joseph Cohen. Yes, indeed. And that doesn’t surprise me either and that’s another thing that I absolutely love about the civic nationalists! The civic nationalists, they can never ever say it’s anybody’s fault if it’s a person of color. So they’re very much like the Left.


[NOTE: I haven’t put this transcript up yet.]


And I saw all of this during the “Black Lives Matter” events, riots, looting. All of the civic nationalists were saying that it was White antifa that caused the problems, that whipped the blacks up, that made them do the crazy things. And if only the White antifa weren’t there, the blacks would all be waving flags and would be good patriots, and would be fitting in and integrating.


And it’s so funny, because these civic nationalists don’t realize just how close they are, to their liberal foes in terms of their narrative. They, just as much as the liberals, like to blame White people for all the failings of blacks! And it’s the same when you look at people like Joseph Cohen. If you said to all these civnats:


“Oh! There’s a group called the Israel Advocacy Movement.”


They’d all be falling over themselves to join up, and make a donation. And here you have the leader, or the organizer, of this group, and he’s there with the antifa, opposing the very people who would fall over themselves to donate to them. It’s hilarious!


These people are so blinkered, but blinkered by choice, for some of them, because they actually choose to ignore the facts we’re talking about.


Horus: I mean, Laura’s debate with Rikki Doolan, spoke volumes, because I mean, he fits in with civic nationalism. And he really, in most ways, he fits in with antifa. Like, because I think we’d all agree that antifa functions as an arm of the State, in a lot of ways. I mean, they wouldn’t admit that themselves, but, ..


Ayatollah: Definitely. Yeah.


Horus: Yeah, they serve the purposes of the State. They act as sort of an auxiliary terrorist organization against people, you know, against anyone who tries to organize as patriots, or nationalists. And I would say some civic nationalists are so stupid that they’re like an arm of antifa, also without realizing it. And they’ll convince themselves that they’re enemies of them, but they serve almost exactly the same purpose. It’s like suppressing racial consciousness.


And then in the case of people like Rikki Doolan especially, they do it really cack-handedly as well! [chuckling] I mean, that was beautiful! So, well done again Laura.


Ayatollah: Yeah, this is the thing as well, just to add to that really quickly is, … I made this point when we were on PWR, and I also made it on the episode of TASOB the week before last. Where we had Mark and Laura on.


The more these people have got to answer us and the more they’ve got to engage with us, the more we can expose them. And what gets exposed is the fact that again, as you’ve all said, that their founding assumptions, their principles, are those of the Left. Because ultimately all they are, is impotent hostages to the Left. They’re hostages!


In a lot of cases they’ve got Stockholm syndrome, they believe in blank slateism, egalitarianism. And the really important one, Mark pointed out of course the example of how if a statue gets pulled down, they’ll say:


“Well it wasn’t the based blacks, it was White antifa, and whatever.”


Yeah, again it’s like:


“Shall not speak ill of the non-Whites under any circumstances!”


You know, there are no circumstances under which they can ever attribute blame to a non-Whites. Unless they’re blaming the non-White for being insufficiently liberal. So they can be critical of Muslims on those grounds, for example, to give you an example of one group, but on no other grounds. And the other sort of trait they’ll again, recourse to, is the “tactical nihilism”:


“Well, what even is English? What even is British? What is White?”


And again, the they really are just hostages! Because I mean, I think back to an article on the For Britain website, in which somebody sort of did a hit piece on Patriotic Alternative and then he was saying, he wasn’t actually called Graham surprisingly.


I think he might have been the one person involved other than, you know, Anne-Marie Whiskey, [Mark laughing] sorry Anne Marie Waters, who isn’t called “Graham”. I thought you had to change your name by deed poll, you know, Golden Grahams at the For Britain conference for like, you know, start a main course, for dessert.


But yeah, like he said:


“These people are the real racists, maybe we should report them to Hope Not Hate?”


And it’s like you’re threatening to grass on somebody to your own abusers! Because again these people get pilloried and attacked by Hope Not Hate, the likes themselves. It’s also interesting, like another one of these lower tier things, I don’t know, like “Resisting Hate”, or something like that?


One of these things, some months ago published this blog post saying like, :


“Well we’ve battled with the counter.”


Well they didn’t call them Counter-Jihad, …:


“We battled with the Islamophobes and the EDL types, and whatever, for years!”


And they’re almost sort of openly hearkening back on it, as like the good old days! Like, :


“Because we’ve got a bigger problem now! We’ve got racinated White people, collectivising as White people!”


And now, you know, it’s the end of level boss forum! Like:


“Those are the good old days, because those people they did our heads in, but they weren’t that bad! Now we’ve really got a problem, because look at it now, we’ve got this situation!”


Where they’re sort of, they’re having to deal with the real thing. And it’s like well I wish we could deal with people that would just backpedal all the time have and try and tell us how they weren’t racist after all and try and be on the back foot and defend themselves. And only put their guard up, rather than punch back.


And that’s why all these things like Hearts of Oak, and whatever else have and Integrity, or whatever. I’ve forgotten that even existed to be honest. It only rang a distant bell. They’re always dead ends! Because ultimately they can’t be honest! They can’t be honest, and there’s no sort of visceral appeal to it really, to anybody that’s got any sort of agency, and any will to really do anything. And so it’s all a bit, I wouldn’t even go as far as to say it’s a lot. But yeah, above all they’re hostages to principles which are by design anti-White and designed to work against our people! That’s it!




Horus: I would just mention, at this point, Gerard Batten as well, is kind of in the middle of a tug of war between us and the sort of committed civic nationalists. Because Batten, I don’t know if people have been following this, like he’s spent most of the last week on Twitter kind of counter-signaling us. But also he’s got a history of tweeting things that are very much consistent with proper nationalism, and even racial thinking. I mean, he’s spoken about replacement, you know, :


“Gerard, if that’s not about race, what on earth are you referring to?”


But he’s got this poll, I think it’s still open for another day, or so, and we’re winning it. And it’s:


“Do we want to, …?”


I can’t remember the question, but it’s basically civic versus ethnic nationalism. And we are winning 60 – 40 when I last looked. And there’s been loads of votes! Like 12,000 votes, or more. That was this morning as well.


But he, I mean, we all know that he’s married to an Asian lady, and I think he’s maybe got mixed-race children and stuff. So for him obviously you can see why he’s got a motive for trying to buttress the civic nationalist narrative.


On the other hand he does know, I think he does acknowledge the truth. It’s like that this country is not going to still be Britain if it becomes 70, 80 percent African-Asian, right? He knows, because he said — this is one of the things that people have sort of leapt on him — for he said that:


“Race is hard to pin down.”


I don’t disagree with him there. Race is not an easy thing to define. But it still is there, you know, orange is not an easy thing to define, but we still don’t say that orange doesn’t exist. And so I think he’s, in a way, he’s kind of sparring with us. He’s kind of saying:


“Sharpen up your arguments and I will move more in your direction.”


Whether we care, or not, is it is another debate, you know, whether we need Batten.


But I mean, I suppose, I don’t know if you’re about to change the topic Laura, but just maybe I could just mention this thing I had on Friday evening. I went on.


Laura: Yeah, go ahead, yeah.


Horus: I went on Unity News Network, which I think it’s David Vance’s thing, I think he set that that, but it was David Klues who hosts their Friday night show. And it’s open to call-ins, like phone calls. And I phoned in, intending to groyp him really. I mean, I’ve never groyped before, and I was sort of thinking I’ll do a sort of practice groyp.


But, the guy took it in such good faith, and, in fact, picked it up and ran with it and asked me all sorts of questions. Nothing like calling into the big radio stations. But I ended up talking to him for an hour! And he knew all our talking points! [chuckling] And he, without me saying it, mentioned PA. He mentioned “White racial consciousness”, he used that phrase I think. And all these things, right? So him and I assume most of his audience are really talking the same language.


And that just makes me think, like we are in such a good position for reaching out to people at the moment. Loads of people are thinking along the same lines as we are. A lot of them don’t feel like they’re allowed to go as far as we do.


But that’s how I see that as our job, in meta-political terms, is making people feel like they can say exactly what they think! And I think we’re doing quite a good job with that at the moment. So everyone just needs to carry on.


I mean, White Lives Matter Day was just was brilliant for that! It let’s people all over the country know you have friends! You have a network and a community that you can join! So it was such a great initiative, and carried out so well!


I mean, I think Laura, or Mark, one of you guys, said you had no idea how many pictures would come in. And it’s just so encouraging, right? So I think we’re doing well.


Laura: Yeah we had over 300 pictures in total and and then, we weren’t sure how many we’d get in. I think we knew we had maybe at least five groups that were going to go out and do something. But for us to get over 300 pictures!


And obviously some of those pictures, like some people might have sent us three different pictures. But some people might have only sent us one picture. It was just mental, wasn’t it Mark! We just we had people all over Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England. And then we had people in like America, I think was it Denmark, we had people as well. Yeah it was just such a show of force, and such a show of optimism and enthusiasm it was brilliant!


Mark: Canada, America, Denmark, Spain, Ibiza, Greece, and as far afield as New Zealand! It was amazing!


And whenever you do something like that you obviously want people to get on board. And to a degree, you are nervous. You’re thinking:


“Well we’ve asked everyone to go out and do this. We’re still quite a nebulous organization. We don’t have a head office. We don’t have branches in every city, and town, in the UK. And we’re not funding this centrally.”


We’re saying to people:


“Well you can either buy a banner, or you can print off a poster, or a sticker, or you can go and write White Lives Matter’ in the sand on a local beach.


And, you know, people are going to do it. You know, some people get it, but you never know how many. And you never know if it’s going to fall flat on its face.


But I can honestly say, I was not expecting as many people to get involved. I was blown away by the support! I’m so thankful that everyone pulled together! And to see people online saying:


“This was one of the biggest White pills they’ve ever seen. This made them feel part of an international community.”


That fills me with absolute happiness! Because that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. We’re not doing this to say:


“Ha! Ha! You know, isn’t PA the biggest and the best!”


We’re doing this so that people walk away from the day and go:


“Wow! I’m part of a massive international community! And I’m part of something! I’m not on my own anymore. I feel as if I’m part of this big group that everyone around me is looking out for me and doing the same thing as me! And I’m not isolated anymore! I’m not alone!”


And that’s what this is all about. And I think the feedback, and the feeling of kinship, and friendship, and being part of something bigger, really raised everyone’s spirits.


And as far as I’m concerned there isn’t any other group, especially not in Britain, doing anything like that! If you look at what other groups in Britain are doing it’s either the same tired and worn activities, or it’s quite simply just grifting. No one’s doing the kind of activities we are! And we’ve got plenty more things planned. And I hope that we can keep raising everyone’s morale. I hope that we can keep bringing people together.


And the fact that this weekend there are a number of different activities — which I’ve only just been told of today, that I didn’t know about — happening all over the country. That just shows how big we are getting. People are now feeling empowered just to hold their own events just to meet with other people. Just to do some little or some big activities.


But that’s what we need! And I’m filled with happiness, because I know that there’s so many people out there who before we started PA, they felt so alone and so isolated. And they don’t feel that way anymore.


When we started this we said primarily this was about community building. And we’re not only community building, but we really are dragging the Overton Window in our direction.


And I’ve just got to add this one last thing. None of these other shill parties were talking about race! None of them would even use the word “White” until we popped up. And it’s so funny how groups like For Britain attack me constantly, and say that I’m never gonna get anywhere, that I’ll never have any influence, that I’m wasting everyone’s time! Well if I was never going to get anywhere, if I was never going to influence anyone, then why on earth are they now talking about demographics?



And why is Anne Marie Waters talking about writing a book called “The War on White”? She’s using the word “White”, because we made her! And don’t let her ever forget that!


Laura: Well, she openly said in her video that she did about demographics that she was taking control of that issue now to stop extremists from picking it up and running with it! Because that’s our topic isn’t it, demographics? But yeah, I’m gonna read through some superchats if that’s okay.


So yeah. So there’s a few superchats. So let’s go through them. So there’s one from Gamergames for five pounds and it says:


“I am sorry you have to deal with this anti-woman rhetoric Laura. They are an embarrassment to us, it’s a shame feminism has totally soured them on women.”


Well, thank you very, very much for the superchat and like seriously don’t worry about it. I don’t pay any attention to anything that they say. There’s also a ten pounds from Lord Ian in Houston and it says:


“Many, many happy returns Laura!”


Thank you very much. 20 pounds from Me in It and it says:


“Happy birthday! Lovely lady!”


Thank you very much. Angelo Scott has superchatted five pounds and it says:


“Come on tell it in capital letters!”


I’m not sure what we were talking about. And then there’s 10 pounds from Lord Ian in Houston again. And it says:


“There is only one movement to be part of, Patriotic Alternative. It’s time for change!”


Indeed there is. And if anybody who’s listening who hasn’t registered on the Patriotic Alternative website yet, do go and do that, because you’ll be added to our mailing list and you’ll get emails about all of our events and everything that we’re getting up to. And also thank you for the superchat.


There’s one from Theolac for 20 CHF. I’m not sure what that is. Hmm, I’m not sure what currency that is. And there’s no message. But thank you very much for the superchat.




Damien Demento nine pound 99 pence. And it said:


“Happy birthday Laura! Enjoy it’s well deserved!”


Thank you so much that’s very sweet. Michael Stoddard superchatted five US dollars and said:


“My challenge. I have five Anglo-Saxon kids, highly educated and accomplished. Go do likewise!”


I will do my best. [chuckling] But thank you for the superchat. Kevin Savage superchatted five pounds and said:


“The next time I vote it will be for PA. I hope it’s soon.”


That would be amazing I would love to vote for Peter as well myself, hopefully one day. And thank you for the superchat. There’s a few more to go through. DB Cooper superchatted five US dollars and said:


“Much love from the states! Keep up the good work. Let’s all go free from the anti-White narrative.”


Thank you very much for the superchat. Color Sergeant Bourne superchatted five pounds and said:


“Ethno nationalism is the only antidote to this chaos. Looking forward to Mark Collett and Laura Towler ruling GB! Anglos are rising!”


Thank you very much. And Theolac has superchatted another 10 CHF. I’m not sure what that is. Do you guys know what currency?


Ayatollah: Might be, it’s not Swiss francs is it? Yeah, I think it is Swiss francs. Yeah.


Laura: So it says:


“This is a high class high intelligence stream today congrats! Hope Not Hate have promoted PA despite their efforts.”


Thank you very much. And there’s a superchat from Belligerent Governor for five pounds. It says:


“Any thoughts on the March for Children and Veterans on Saturday? Active Patriot had a live stream on the event.”


I have actually followed this, but Active Patriot and I are mutuals on Twitter, although we’ve never spoken. Have you guys seen what they March for Children and Veterans thing is?


Horus: I haven’t seen that. No.


Ayatollah: Is it Nottingham? I’m not sure.


Laura: No I’m not 100 percent sure what it is. We’ll have to look into that. But, you know, anything that brings attention to the issues that matters we support it.


Lord Ian Houston superchatted ten pounds and says:


“If PA require funding for projects just ask.”


Well, thank you that’s very sweet. We do actually have a donation button on the website now. And for the last 11 months Mark and I have paid for everything ourself. And there is a way to donate to PA now if you do support our work. We don’t send out begging emails, or anything like that.


But if people do like the work that we do, then there is that option. But thank you for the superchat. I think that’s four superchats from this person.


Ayatollah: He’s giving all his money to you, hasn’t he? In one stream!


Laura: There’s nothing left for PA it’s all going on my birthday stream! [chuckling] And then there’s Daryl who’s superchatted five pounds. And it says:


“The “something” like let’s do a “blankety blank”. The “blank” forced multiculturalism on Europe! Say no to genocide!”


Does anyone know what the (((blank))) might be? We probably shouldn’t answer it.


Ayatollah: Yeah, no idea [chuckling]


Laura: Thank you for the superchat. And then there’s Daniel Archer for five pounds. And it says:


“Thank you all for your hard work with PA. You guys are doing great!”


Thank you so much. Bugleby superchatted ten pounds:


“Happy birthday Laura! Have a break.”


Thank you very much. And the Lovely Irish Rose, nine pounds 99 pence:


“Happy birthday Laura! Hope you’ve had a good one.”


Thank you very much. Johanna’s Day five pounds. As much as, yeah, what’s that, sorry?


Ayatollah: I just said:


“Oh not him.”


Laura: Sorry do you know, who it is?


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Laura: But it’s I’m not sure what this is its a quote:


“As winter approaches the animals go into hibernation, and the ridiculousness of the 999 calls.”


I don’t know. [chuckling]


Ayatollah: I do, I do! I should explain it. It’s not that bad. Alex McNabb from TDS was like a paramedic and then he got hauled out after like Huffington Post did an expose on him. And he got hauled up in front of his like local like EMT paramedic sort of administration. And he was getting railed against by the bloke running it, who was quite a funny character, and now deceased unfortunately. Her name was like Boyce, god rest him. But he was then reading out excerpts from this satirical thing that Alex McNabb did on the TDS podcast. And that was one of the things you read out. But yeah, I’ll put a link on my Twitter account to a video of the hearings. But yeah, I’ll digress.


Laura: Yeah, well thanks for explaining that and also Johannes thanks for the superchat.


Sally Annette superchatted five pounds and said:


“Happy birthday Laura!”


Thank you very much. Jt Smith 101 five pounds:


“Please help promote Patriotic Alternative, all our good folks.”


Thank you very much. Julian Martin four US dollars and 99 cents.:


“What do you guys think of the National Party in Ireland?”


I actually know nothing at all about the National Party. Do either of you three know anything about it?


Horus: Yeah. Keith Woods is pretty positive about them. Yeah and they’re proper nationalists, I think. They did a good action I mean, I think they’re pretty small. I think they’re polling something like one, or two percent, or something.


But I think they did a good action recently [60:00] against like, pedophiles sort of ingratiating themselves into the Irish government in the form of Peter Tatchell. He’s not pedophile, but he’s a pedophile condoner, I think. Yeah, National Party seem quite solid, I think. Yeah.


Laura: All right, okay. I’ve never heard of them, but we’ll have to check them out then. So thank you Julian for the superchat. And there’s just a few more to get through. Roger Richard for 20 US dollars:


“Love you guys! Keep up the good work.”


Thank you very much. Tilak, 410 CHF:


“I would love to drop some more shekels, but YouTube is taking too much. You should run Entropy in parallel.”


I actually should get Entropy. I will try and get Entropy for next time. And thank you for the superchat.


David Marcus, 10 pounds:


“Thoughts on mandatory vaccinations coming our way?”


I’m not taking a mandatory vaccination. What do you three think?


Mark: Absolutely not!


Horus: Yeah, I’m in favor of like organized action to prevent that’s evil!


Laura: Yeah we need to actually explore in more depth, I think. Mark I think you and I spoke about it quite briefly once. But the stuff that they’re allowed to do you know, taking your way into isolation and all that stuff, it’s mental! So we should actually produce some content on it I think.


Ayatollah: Yeah. If you believe your establishment is under hostile control, and is basically engaged in dispossessing and destroying you, and you believe they’re profoundly evil, then like why would you have unquestioning trust in them to have the right intentions when it comes to vaccinations and so on, and so forth. I can’t really say a lot more on it than that.


But yeah, I mean, that potentially if that really sort of happens and there’s enough resistance to it, it could actually be a good way of conveying nationalist thinking to people really, and getting them on board with it.


Laura: Yeah. I can’t imagine many people accepting that.


Ayatollah: No. There’s a lot of skepticism.


Laura: Yeah, definitely. It’s intrusive. But thank you David for the superchat. And Lord Ian Houston superchatted two pounds and said:


“1, 200 likes equals 50 pounds for the Laura Tea Fund. Easy ask!”


Ah thank you. I don’t think I’m anywhere near that, 800 likes, so if I get another 400 likes. But thank you for the superchat.


Carlos Tasty Wiener superchatted three Australian dollars, and just a little picture of a dancing pair. Thank you for that. And I’ll do two more.


Eddie from Glasgow five pounds and it says:


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Thank you very much.


And then there’s one from Mark Mullett and it says, five pounds:


“All you are brilliant! Mark Collett for PM within the next 10 years. We can do it!”


I would love to see Mark as the Prime Minister within the next 10 years. Mark, if you’re the Prime Minister can I be the Minister of Repatriation?


Mark: Umm, no! [laughter]


Laura: Why not?


Mark: You are supposed to be Deputy Leader, so that is your role! You would be Deputy! You can’t then run off and have your own other Department, as well as being Deputy! You’ve got to be Deputy.


Horus: The Prime Minister hogs the best.


Mark: But then I’d have to find a new Deputy, and that would be time consuming and annoying! It’s job that everyone wants to do, the deportations.


Horus: Obviously it’s not only the Minister of Repatriation that’s the plum job. Also the person who actually gets to physically do the action. It’s also really going to be really enjoyable! Like I actually dream, .


Mark: Repatriation gets to sort of go around in like an armored car literally, .


Ayatollah: With 15 grand!


Mark: [laughter] Loading illegal migrants onto carriers, or anything. I’m not sure it works like that guys.


Horus: I want to have a boat ready. And I want to have like a gang plank leading up to it. And I push David Lammy up to the door of the boat. And I put like a muddy boot print on his bum as he goes in! I really want to do that! [chuckling]


Laura: Yeah, I legitimately have fantasies about doing things like that [chuckling]


Mark: I can tell you this, if this stream had been on my YouTube channel, my YouTube channel would not exist anymore! [chuckling] this is such a miracle we are still live!


Horus: We’ll rein it in, I’m sorry.


Laura: We’re obviously talking about in Minecraft, because in real life, obviously we’re just talking about in Minecraft. And do you guys want to talk about the second topic, because I’m actually really impressed with this. Horus, of course, I think you should lead on this, because. Was It’s to do with Operation Broken Fence. Do you want to introduce that?


Horus: Yeah, all right. So I suppose if you put it in one sentence it would be, like a lot of us spend a lot of time online anyway on social media, Twitter especially. I’m calling for everyone who pays any attention to me [65:00], or to others around me, and to just make the most of that time online. And by that, I generally refer to [chuckling] I don’t want to single them out, but, you know, Friendly Spurg on, … I don’t know if he’s listening, but he’s a good fellow. He’s a bright fella. I assume he’s quite young, as well.


But he’s on Adam’s Friday Night Britain podcast, which is pretty good. Everyone should check it out. He spends his time arguing with people online, who are just not only never going to be swayed, or like persuaded of that position, but are also likely to report him! I’m saying, let’s do the exact opposite of that. And it’s look out for people quite focusedly, find people who are already frustrated patriots but who feel like they’ve got no one looking out for them and tell them about PA.


And so it consists mainly in identifying threads where there’s a lot of replies, you know, a few dozen, or more, sometimes obviously hundreds. And there’s two main things. One is just look at who’s retweeted these things. Say there’s a thread saying:


“How can we let these people have hotels when there’s veterans on the streets?”


Absolutely, right? Just look at who’s retweeting that, follow all of them right. And then 24 hours later all the ones who haven’t followed you back, unfollow them. That gets your follower account up with highly active people, and people of similar mind, right?


So you’re blending your following with new people. You’re widening your circle with people who want to hear what you want to say, and who want representation.


And the second thing, which is probably I don’t know, more maybe more time consuming. But I think it is quite fruitful, is go in the reply, never ever waste any time replying to the actual main tweet, because by and large, you know, a huge timeline full of replies. Don’t bother replying to them, pointless, waste of time!


Go through and look at all the people replying. You will find especially now with this illegal immigrant invasion going on across the channel, loads of people going:


“I can’t believe I voted Tory!”


Right. Tell them about PA! They’re crying out for it! Send them the plan, or just send them the home page. And say:


“Look there’s a mailing list on here. You can stay in the loop.”


I hope this, you know, you guys who run the website you can tell me if this is actually a good tactic from your end. I mean, I don’t know, maybe you’ve got a limit on the mailing list, or whatever. But if not, I’m basically just trying to tell people:


“Get in the loop, right! You don’t have to join. Doesn’t cost you any money. You’re not committed to anything. But you can just hear from an organization that wants to stand up for you!”


So it’s just, because it’s kind of like evangelizing right? And I tell, you know, there’s other tips that go along with this. Don’t be rude. Don’t be obnoxious in any way. Don’t tell people that they’re sheep. You know, [chuckling] anything like that. Also don’t be really blunt and extreme. Don’t obviously post pictures of the Austrian painter! Don’t lead in with, don’t just go:


“Watch ‘Europa the Last Battle’!”




It’s too, it’s like going in dry, you know what I mean! You’ve gotta have some sense of where they are, right? And who wants to hear what, you know, who wants slogans? Who wants essays? Who wants, … But by and large, posting the plan, people love it! Honestly! You get people every day going:


“Wow! This plan is amazing!”


Right. So I’ve already got a few people doing this. And yeah it works. Especially as you work in a team. I see say Steve Stream Fellow, he’s one guy on Twitter who does it. I’ll see he’s talking to someone, it comes up in my feed. And I’ll then reply to that person who showed some interest. I’ll say to them:


“Oh yeah just if you look on the main page of this website, there’s a mailing list you can join.”


Or others will reply, and just:


“Go follow the Twitter account.”


That’s taking the Twitter account. So we just, you know, working as a team. And we’re just getting more and more people into the sort of the wide circle, getting informed about what PA is doing. And so it really all it is, is just organized and, you know, coordinated Twitter activity.


Also there’s people doing it on Facebook. Facebook’s somewhat different, because you’re using your real name and, you know, it works differently. The site works differently. But Twitter’s great for it! Because it’s just so open! And the other thing I would say about it is just I did a stream on this a couple of months ago. So you can see that on my BitChute channel is just called “Operation Broken Fence”.


But I keep banging on about it all the time. And my main aim with it is just to get dozens of us doing it. And together we’ll have a far stronger effect than one person doing it. And it’s just, you know, every day another few dozen, or even a few hundred more people who haven’t heard of PA, who want a group like PA, are hearing about it. And I really think it’s working.


So anyone listening, you know, all you need is a Twitter account. And I’ve told you how to get your follower account up again. I mean, I’ve got nearly 7000 followers now. At the start of 2019, I had, I think, less than 1000. And I got it up by the method I said, just following and unfollowing. And I did it by looking out for popular tweets by Gerard Batten, typically.


But there’s others, like Farage, and so on. Batten’s a good one, because he [70:00] straddles civinat and ethno-nationalist. You know, he says some ethnat things. So you you’ll just see exactly the kind of people who are ready to hear our message are following him and retweeting his stuff.


So I hope that gives some explanation of it. It’s just being trying to be efficient with your time online, and on social media. Trying to get as much out of it as you can.


Laura: Yeah. So there’s the hashtag Operation Broken Fence. If you go check that out on Twitter you can see all of our guys doing this. And I actually manage the Patriotic Alternative Twitter account, and I see our guys sending the plan to people and then comments from those people saying:


“Thanks. I’ll check it out.”


And then they follow us. And it happens quite a lot, every single day. And our followers are going up quite fast, because I think when it’s one-on-one and, rather than you just reading somebody else’s comment, you’re actually getting a message saying “check out this”, you do click on it. And you do have a look. So it might take you, you know, 20, 30 seconds, or something to write our tweet and send it to somebody. But it does seem to have a big impact.


And our followers are going up, and lots of new people are checking up PA. So it’s a really good tactic! If you are on Twitter and you’re just messing about, you’re scrolling through, you’ve got a spare half an hour, or something, just send people our plan, or just the website, or there’s a guy called Steve that usually sends my videos and says:


“Laura’s the deputy of PA. What do you think about this?”


He actually finds specific topics that people are talking about. So if somebody’s complaining about indoctrination in the education system, he’ll send them one of my videos about that.


Or if somebody’s complaining about the environment being damaged, because of mass immigration, he’ll send them my video about that. It’s just really good! Yeah, it’s just helping people discover PA.


So Horus I need to say thank you for doing this, and also everybody else who’s been helping out. Mark. What do you think?


Mark: I think this is an incredible idea! And Horus said something that’s so important. And it’s something that we’ve said as well in the past. Don’t waste your time arguing with people who are diametrically opposed to you! Don’t waste your time talking to people who are never, ever, going to come over to the other side! Or to our side, should I say.


Now the issue you’ve got here is highlighted by Rikki Doolan. He spent the, I think this Saturday, down in Nottingham. And there’s some really cringe-worthy footage of that guy, where he’s arguing with antifa. And he’s desperately saying to them:


“But don’t all lives matter? You’ve got to agree that everyone’s lives matter, don’t they?”


And he’s trying to win these people over! He’s trying to beg them! He’s trying to prove to them that he’s not racist! He’s trying to out debate them. They’re not joining his movement! He’s wasting his time!


What you need to do, is speak to people who are just about to join our movement. Who are sick of UKIP, who have probably been through several political parties. Are looking for real answers, real solutions. Talk to them! Don’t waste your time!


And I see loads of nationalists doing this. They’re in all these public debate groups on Facebook, and they spend hours in these back and forths with people having the same arguments, day in, day out, being led round by the nose by the same group of trolls! Don’t! Absolute complete waste of time! Do what Horus is saying. It works, it’s a really good use of your time. That is what you want to be doing.


Horus: And with antifa type people as well, they just want to get you booted off. They just want to de-platform you. So, I just block anyone who looks anything like antifa, whatsoever. And another tip is like vary your tweets a little bit. Like don’t just post exactly the same tweet partly also, because Twitter will maybe treat you as a spam bot if you do that. But also just, because it looks robotic if someone, you know, thinks what you’re saying is interesting but they look on your feed and they see that you’ve spammed it to everyone else. Don’t do that right, because it just looks robotic to them. So vary it about, which does take a little bit more time. But it’s worth it.


Also, anyone who wants to contribute who hasn’t got much time, if you see something in your timeline that just looks like a thread that’s going to be full of people replying who are, you know, fertile ground for our message, just retweet it with the hashtag operationbrokenfence. And me, or one of the other accounts will see it and retweet it and get it going. So it just becomes a team effort.


And I just, yeah, I’ll echo again what Mark said. I’m so glad that we agree on this. Like it’s just, do not bother talking to people who are just committed enemies of us! It’s going nowhere! And just the mention of Rikki Doolan, just makes me laugh as well. [chuckling]


Laura: Yeah! Ayatolla, did you want to jump in?


Ayatollah: Yeah. This sort of thing does work, but as both Mark and Horus have said, the key is look we’ve only got so much time. The key is to know who’s likely to be receptive and who can be brought around. And obviously that sort of common sense. You can gauge that by the sort of things they’re saying [75:01]. And it’s a matter of knowing how to talk to people.


I mean, I sort of think, you know, I probably wouldn’t be the best for this really, because I tend to sort of favor the aggressive Socratic question. But then that’s usually when I’m dealing with people that I’ve got utter contempt for, rather than people I’m trying to bring round.


Again, you know, you’ve got to be sort of friendly with people. And in some ways you can sort of present maybe the Socratic question in a way that is just making it clear that it’s favorable to their interests. It’s like:


“Well why do you think?”


You know in fact, a lot of times you don’t want to talk about “you”, because don’t make them feel like they’re an idiot, like they’ve been hoodwinked, you know. Don’t say:


“This is what they’re trying to do to you! This is how they’re trying to make you think!”




“This is how they make us think.”


So you’re making it an “us and them”. You know, your language and the subtleties are important. But don’t think this sort of thing in general doesn’t make a difference. I mean, I can tell you now, I talk to a lot of our listeners, and in the time I’ve been doing that, it’s immensely encouraging, because you hear about people who’ve had their views changed radically in a short space of time by listening to a couple of podcasts and whatever. Just through things they’ve learned, and just through certain little rhetorical questions that they’ve had put to them while they’re listening. It can come in many forms.


Obviously a lot of people are sort of racially awakened by things like the “Black Lives Matter” situation, and so on, and so forth.


I’ve also had people tell me that that their knowledge was expanded and their views change dramatically by reading comments on YouTube videos. Reading, not watching the videos, you know, obviously they’ve watched the videos, but reading the comments. And so everybody can contribute to this.


Again as we said you don’t need a YouTube channel, you don’t need a sort of a major profile, like that. You don’t need a podcast. You just need the knowledge and you need the will to contribute.


But again, it does need to be sort of organized, and people need to sort of share their knowledge of what works, and sort of do it in a concerted way. Which is what’s so good about what Horus has been doing, and what he’s been leading.


And another thing that’s important in this, and this sort of goes back to something we were talking about earlier with regard to making people know they’re not alone, and they’ve got friends, and they’ve got people who think the same way, and have the same questions about the situation in which we find ourselves, and about where the power lies, is, … Volume is important as well, because a majority of people, they’re decent people, but they’re not going to be renegades. They’re going to be led.


They’re going to think there’s something wrong with them if they have the impression they’re in a minority thinking the way they do. They’re going to need validation by numbers. So if they see a lot of people saying the same sort of thing it’s like:


“Well, I’m not morally flawed. I’m not a bad person. I’m not losing my mind! I am right!”


You know, we’re a social species, so that’s natural. So we need a lot of people doing it sometimes, because obviously, you know, engaging with people one-on-one is obviously one thing, but in the sort of the gamut of these sort of tactics more broadly, yeah, the reason we talked with such glee about people like, was it Unilad getting ratioed when they did the thing on Indigenous People’s Day? Is, because it’s one thing that you’ve got a load of people saying:


“Well I totally agree with what they’re doing.”


That’s great! And that’s a great sign of where we already are. But how many more people would have read that and thought:


“Yeah there’s nothing wrong with me thinking the world I think, because I agree with these people. But I was in denial about it and I would have been afraid to say it. But actually now I can see there’s loads of other people that agree.”


So how many more people now have come out about it? That’s what’s so important about having volume! That’s also why the enemy tries so hard to sort of atomize us and to shut us up, because god almighty! If people had the impression that, yeah, most people agree with this!




That’s why they were so annoyed about “We Were Never Asked” and coming out 70 percent of people don’t want to be a minority in their own country! If people, if they have the sense they’re not alone and that everyone agrees with them, well they’ve got a massive problem on their hands!


Horus: And the enemy are so good at making themselves look big as well.


Ayatollah: Yes.


Horus: The other thing I was going to say is that you touched on YouTube. Yeah, and I think John Smithy in the chat put the same thing. We can do exactly the same thing on YouTube as well. I mean, it’s a little harder, obviously you can’t use hashtags on YouTube, but organized YouTube comment domination is also very effective! Some people have found the Right through YouTube comments.


So by all means if anyone wants to organize the equivalent, I mean, Telegram can be good for this. Some equivalent for dominating YouTube. And as I said before, Facebook as well. We’re totally not making the most of Facebook, yet. I’ve gone for Twitter, because it’s the easiest so far. But other ideas on how to dominate YouTube comments and Facebook, like what we did with Unilad, was very, very encouraging! By all means throw that forward as well. We can call that all Operation Broken Fence. I mean, it’s great.


The reason it’s called “Operation Broken Fence” is, because it’s an operation to get people off the fence! And that works so well for us, because hardly anyone wants to get off the fence and move further Leftward! All the people who want to go Left have already gone, I think. [chuckling] So breaking the fence just sways everyone our way instead. Sorry, what did you say?


Ayatollah: No, I’m saying that they’re encouraged to. Like I remember I was on a normie Facebook account I had a while ago. I saw somebody in a group called his Facebook name, he was some middle aged bloke, with a middle class job, or whatever. And his Facebook name was “Left Wing Dave”, or something like that. [80:01] We were in the same apolitical group for something. I just thought:


“Well that’s nice isn’t it?”


Because there’s virtue points in that for you isn’t there? For sort of banging on about austerity and how wonderful the NHS is, and how Boris is a slightly better than average, you know, artist from a village in, you know, Austria, or whatever! [chuckling].


So yeah, I mean, I’m getting quite convoluted with these dog whistles now. [chuckling] Yeah, it’s obviously that’s the prestige position in this sort of inverted morality we’re subjected to. So yeah, like they’ll be quite happy to sort of say:


“Oh yeah, I’m Left-wing!”


It’s only the same as what? Even Sargon has done this before, I’m sure. And it’s only the same as what these idiots, these Rikki Doolan types would say:


“Oh! I’m a liberal!”


You know, they’re so keen, again they’re hostages of a sort of a hostile, they don’t know, yeah they’re hostages essentially. And they’re sort of trying to show fealty to people who are basically abusers!


Horus: And the Left is gradually becoming the “uncool” thing to be, because nobody can ignore the fact that BLM, however much it claims to be a rebellion against institutions, you know, the establishment, institutional racism, it had the backing of almost every major corporation in the whole world! And most governments!


So it’s not cool to be on the same side as Nike, and Amazon, and stuff! It’s never it’s never cool to be on the same side as corporate bosses. So they are losing the cachet, of, I don’t know, just they’re not the thing to be anymore. And we’re trying to upset that and overthrow that. It’s becoming more vogue-ish to be on the Right.


Ayatollah: They’re not Che Guevara anymore, they’re the Che Guevara T-shirt. But yeah, I’m gonna say, actually, yeah credit to John Smithy actually. I forgot to mention it. It was rude of me. But I was scanning the chat and I saw John Smith. He mentioned the YouTube comments, and it reminded me of a particular listener of ours I talked to. He was describing his trajectory into nationalism. And he was like saying:


“Well I watched this. And I watched that. And I was watching, I don’t know, Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, and I saw people talking about things to the Right of that in the comments. And that really brought me along.”


It does work! It really does work! So everybody can contribute to that. It’s just a matter of knowing how to do it without wasting your time. And again the more we can organize it and the greater volume we can get the more effective it will be.


Horus: And there’s no shame in blocking people! Anyone who’s just wasting your time, or wants to get you suspended, or whatever, just block them! It’s fine. You’re not doing anything wrong.


Laura: Yeah, so just to clarify, this does work. I run the PA Twitter account and there’s like a pattern. I’ll see one of our guys sort of like saying:


“Have you thought about this?”


And send in the plan from the PA website. And then someone will go:


“I’ll check it out.”


And then all of a sudden the follower does. And it’s like those three stages that people seem to go through. So yeah, if you’re on Twitter and you’re messing about, if you’ve got a spare 30 minutes, try that tactic to bring some people over to our side.


And just to remind everybody who’s on this panel tonight, the links for their social media accounts are in the description below this video. So if you want to check out Horus’s Twitter account, he has lots of hashtag operationbrokenfence tweets on his Twitter.


So I’m just gonna read through the final Superchats if that’s okay. One moment, it’s just refreshing. Which was the last one I read out? There’s so many Superchats! I can’t believe people have done this!


Okay so Sam Gray superchatted five pounds and there’s no message. But thank you very much for that.


Rodney Falberg superchatted five US dollars and it says:


“Civic nationalism is not flawed. The Persian and Roman empire lasted for centuries and defined history. Ethno-nationalism is violent, evil, and unsustainable.”


Well ethno-nationalism is the norm in pretty much every country, and always has been, apart from European countries. Japan, for example, is an ethno-nationalist country. It’s 98.5 percent ethnically Japanese. It’s just the natural state of things, you know, we’ve never had multiculturalism.


Ayatollah: Somebody paid to say that, did they?


Laura: Yeah! I mean, pretty much every country apart from White country, with a few exceptions, is an ethno-nationalist country, because they have a homeland for their people. So it’s not violent, it’s not evil, it’s natural. Do you guys have any thoughts on that?


Ayatollah: Yeah, if I could just sort of say quickly — and I was saying this to somebody fairly recently, and I’ve said it time and again, and I’ve never really had good answers to it. The question to ask people is always like, well okay, so you’ve got homogeneous society, and in the case of the vast majority of White countries, they’re pretty, in terms of like standards of living, and human development, and all these other things, they’re pretty advanced. And they’re nice places. They’re fairly high trust I mean, some, you know, some countries more than others, within our race. But you get the point. You just gotta ask them like:


“Okay so give me some examples of things that group A, or group B, outside of our race that have come into our countries against our will. Reel off for me, if you can, some of the things they can do that we can’t, that we actually need that we can’t do for ourselves?”


Because there’s never anything! Like if people want to say like:


“Oh well, you know what about, …”


You know, they usually they resort to the most frivolous sort of ridiculous things. It’s the food, isn’t it? It’s the wonderful range of restaurants and all that! It’s like, well look, if you want it that bad, buy a bloody cookbook first of all!


And secondly, like I’ve been to towns in this country, small towns where they’ve got Thai restaurants. They’ve got a population of about 7,000 people. If you want it that badly you can find it, if it matters that much to you.


But then you’ve got to set that against the other consequences of shattering a society’s homogeneity, and bringing in groups who quite often are frankly hostile, and absolutely detrimental to things like trust, and law, and order, and the general character of a place. But also it’s a matter of like, okay, if food’s that important to you, do you know, the Japanese population of Britain is? It’s about 50,000, and most of them are students. It’s not that hard to find sushi here if that’s what you want. Right?


So again as you said, Laura, ethnic homogeneity is the norm. And where it’s not the norm what you can see is, there tends to be a lot of strife in those places, because it’s just another thing to disagree about, and to come into conflict over. So yeah, what did we need it for?


We had the industrial revolution, so I think we’ve got enough work ethic and, you know, enough ingenuity in this country specifically. And you could apply the same to any other White country. We do all right, okay? It’s as simple as that! These people will never have an answer. If you simply ask them, right:


“Give me examples of some of the things that these people do that we can’t do ourselves, that we absolutely need?”


Because do we need *balti? You know, there you go! There’s never an answer to it.


Horus: We know the recipes anyway. As history Bro just said in the chat.


[* A balti or bāltī gosht is a type of lamb meat or goat meat curry served in a thin, pressed-steel wok called a “balti bowl”. It is served in restaurants throughout the United Kingdom. The name may have come from the metal dish in which the curry is cooked, rather than from any specific ingredient or cooking technique. Wikipedia]


Ayatollah: Look, we can use a grill, all right? We can cook with spices, it’s fine!


Laura: Yeah and also we need to point out that we were actually a nationalist country ourself, up until 1948.


Ayatollah: Yeah, what happened there? Yeah, and then some people are a bit further along you can get into the specifics of how that changed.


Laura: Yes. But thank you for the superchat and the comment as well. So there’s one from Stella J Atkins for nine US dollars and 99 cents. It says:


“Cheers from the dying American empire. Love you all. May the future be bright for us all!”


Thank you so much and best wishes to you guys in America, as well. And there’s one from Kate for 500, … I think that’s Norway, NOK? And it says:


“Happy birthday Laura! Support to PA, from Norway.”


Yes! I got it right! Well, thank you very much for that. And then there’s Mort Goldberg ADL Hate Speech superchatted two pounds and just wrote:




Thank you very much.


Horus: From Mort Goldberg? I used to know him. What a great guy! Hello Mort. How are you doing?


Laura: Yeah, I can’t say the full name. I think it says Mort Goldberg.


Horus: No, I’m joking [chuckling] sorry.


Ayatollah: From Mark Goldberg? Is that like a sort of a like a Levantine form of Morgoth, or something? [chuckling]


Laura: Thank you for the superchat. And then there’s Viking Dude for four pounds 99 pence, and no message. But thank you for the superchat. Tristan von Brickenstein for five Australian dollars. And it says:


“Some shekels from the future king of Neo Prussia.”


Thank you very much.


Pep superchatted two pounds and said:


“Bayern Munich for the win! Deutschland uber alles!”


Thank you very much. Dale jones superchatted two UK pounds. No message. But thank you very much. Thieleks superchatted 25 CHF, I think we said that was Swiss, didn’t we? And it says:


“Happy birthday Laura! You are a diamond! Have some more Swiss francs for your efforts.”


Thank you very much.


And then there’s S Grim for 100 Norway currency. I’m not sure what you call it.:


“Cheers Laura! PA’s policy is directly applicable to Norway. Good work!”


Thank you very much.


Mort Goldberg again [chuckling] and it says:


“Oh god! I thought this was an ADL fundraiser!”


Thank you very much for the superchat!


Horus: I’m a big fan of Mort Goldberg! What a great guy [chuckling]


Laura: And then there’s Infinite Thoughts for 1 pound 99. And it’s just a little sticker of a yellow person blowing a kiss. [chuckling] thank you very much!


Bob Carlin, five pounds:


“Hello! Bob Carlin here, for the birthday bird!”


Thank you very much!


And considering, how do you say that? Velvets, 20 pounds. It says:


“Happy birthday Laura!”


And a smiley face. Thank you very much.


Frank Slater for five pounds:


“We should work on cultural, social clubs which are non-political, but implicitly White, and traditionalist, a party without foundations is vulnerable.”


Well this is pretty much exactly what we do at Patriotic Alternative. We have regional groups [90:01] across the country. We have groups in Yorkshire, the East Mid to West Mids, London, the Southeast. And Mark and I might have another one to announce pretty soon.


But we have all these cultural and social clubs where we do things like hiking, paint-balling, all sorts of stuff. And we find that the conversation isn’t usually about politics. It’s just community building. So thank you for the superchat.


And then there’s Ale Robot Two for 139 Canadian dollars and 99 cents. I think that’s Canadian dollars? Wow! Thank you very much! And it says:


“Trust the plan! Happy birthday Laura!”


Thank you so much, that’s so sweet!


And then there’s DW for five pounds:


“Have a great birthday! Is there such a thing as keto birthday cake?”


I’m not sure. And I haven’t actually had any birthday cake, this birthday. I’m trying to be healthy. But thank you for the superchat.


And then there’s one from James L for five pounds. And it says:


“Please correct those in the chat misrepresenting PA’s repatriation policy. My Filipino wife would not be forcibly removed. Explain in full yeah.”


Yeah. So PA’s repatriation policy is voluntary. So for people who aren’t ethnically British, if they want to take voluntary repatriation, they can. But nobody’s going to be forcibly removed. So nobody needs to have any concern there. Apart from people who are in the country illegally, and apart from foreign citizens who commit crime. But yeah, we don’t believe in forcibly removing good people.


So I think that’s it. And it’s half past eight now. I’m just, oh there’s some more, some more came in while I was doing that. I’ll just finish them, sorry.


So there’s Bill Bays for 20 US dollars and it says:


“Greetings from Seattle. Laura did absolutely wonderful in the debate!”


Thank you very much.


And there’s one from Sick for two pounds. And it says:


“Multi-ethnic society is an exoticism fetish!”


I think people do fetishize multiculturalism, to be honest. Thank you for the superchat.


And then there’s also The Thin Red Line, for 10 US dollars. And it says:


“Birthday girl!”


Thank you very much.


And then there’s one from Count Dooblover, for five US dollars. And it just says:




So that worked! And thank you very much for the superchat.


Well I’m so touched from all the Superchats that everybody’s giving me for my birthday. Thank you! I never expect any. But I always get them. But thank you!


And so you guys ready to finish now is there anything that anybody wants to add about any other thing? Anything you’ve got coming up that you want to plug?


Horus: I’d just like to give a thanks to all the moderators. I’ve got some of the same ones as you Laura. And this Beer Hall Pooch, Jewel Citizen, St Harrison, and also on my channel you got Lynx, In the Shadows, and Adam. They’re not just really helpful, they’re also like essential at the moment because, you know, we’ve had some saboteurs and stuff.


So I really appreciate their efforts. And they just make it more fun as well. So yeah.


And I’m probably gonna start doing a weekly show. I’m not quite sure it might be this week, or next week, or something. I’m gonna start using DLive more, as well. So if anyone wants to follow me on DLive, I’m on there.


But thanks very much from me Laura. It’s really good to talk to you on your birthday. I’m looking forward to seeing all you guys in real life soon, as well.


Laura: Thanks for coming on. And Horus’s social media links are in the description below the video, so do check them out and go show him some support. And Ayatollah, I hear you’re maybe starting your own show. Do you want to plug that? Your YouTube channel is linked in the description below this, so people can go in support you before you’ve even begun. But you’re going to be doing that on YouTube, BitChute, or DLive?


Ayatollah: Yeah it’ll be YouTube. I’ll try and think out with DLive, if I can sort of figure out all the technical stuff. So if anybody wants to offer me any sort of instruction on that, you can message me on Telegram, at Ayatollah underscore TASOB.


I do intend to start streaming on a Friday. Probably like, light-hearted, largely off-topic sort of stuff. I mean, I forget whether it was yourself Mark, or whether it was you Laura, saying that a lot of the conversation, you know, like PA events ends up not being political. And you sort of want those conversations at first, because you’re sort of starved of being able to talk about that sort of thing with people. And it’s like you can’t really be yourself in any other place among nationalists.


But you get to a certain point there, where it’s nice to actually just talk about normal and apolitical things with people who you understand of basically, they’re fundamentally sound in the things they believe, in like wanting their own people to sort of survive and act in their own interests.


But yeah, so Friday the 4th of September I intend to do my first stream on a Friday night. I’ve got to figure out the time at the moment, because I know Horus mentioned Adam’s Britain, Out show on a Friday night. I don’t want to clash with that if I can avoid it. I don’t want to sort of clashing with each other. I want us to sort of compliment each other. But I’ll figure something out for that.


I’ve got some format ideas I’ll have a bit of a think about it this coming weekend and I’ll get something together.


But yeah, thanks for having me on. Delighted to be asked as ever. And yeah, obviously Absolute State of Britain we’re at the right That’s also in the description. So is my Twitter, and I’ll sort of shut up with the shameless self promotion there! [chuckling]


Laura: Well thanks for coming on. It’s always lovely to talk to you. And Mark I think everybody knows who you are and where to find you. But your links are in the description below, as well. And I think me and you are going to do a stream soon, is that right?




Mark: I think we will be doing a stream soon, yes. So yeah, that’s something to look forward to. And obviously people know that we’ve got some upcoming activism in a few weeks time! So there’s plenty of things to look forward to. I hope you had a lovely birthday. And thank you for inviting me on the stream.


Mark: Well thanks for being here and giving up your Sunday evening. And yeah anybody who’s listening who doesn’t know this, Mark and I work together at Patriotic Alternative. So if you check out our website you can register on there and you’ll get emails about all of our events.


And just before we close I’m just going to answer a couple of quick Superchats really fast. So there’s Darren McKinney for two pounds. And it says:


“Just home from the synagogue. What did I miss?”


Thank you for the superchat. You missed quite a lot, because we’re finished now. But you can go back and watch it [chuckling]. And then this that that Foley for two pounds:


“Happy birthday!”


Thank you very much.


And Jeff Stewart for 20 pounds. No message. But thank you very much!


So I think we’ll call it a day now. But I just want to say thank you to everybody for being here. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your Sunday evening. Thank you to the people who moderated the chat. I think it was Jewel Citizen, Postman, Patriot and Saint Harrison, who did that. Thank you all for being there.


Thank you to the Ayatollah, and Horus, and Mark, for giving up their Sunday night and coming on my birthday stream.


But yeah, we’re going to call it a night now. So yeah, just subscribe to everybody on the links below the video. And we’ve got lots more content coming up, so stay safe, and I’ll see you all again, soon. Bye.










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