Andrew Joyce – Trumpism, Bidenism, and the System – Nov 9, 2020 — Transcript

[This is the 9th video in the Talmud & Taboo series from The Occidental Observer (TOO) contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, available at his BitChute channel.

Here Joyce discusses the US elections between Trump and Biden and how the outcome is just more of the same in either case as both are entwined within the jewish power structure, aka, the Deep State, aka ZOG.




Andrew Joyce


Trumpism, Bidenism,


and the System


Nov 9, 2020





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Published on Nov 9, 2020


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First published at 18:04 UTC on November 9th, 2020.

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Hello everyone. And welcome back to Talmud and Taboo. I am your host Andrew Joyce. And I think it’s as good a time as any to return to podcasting given the drama, the recriminations and shenanigans that have accompanied the recent putative election of Joe Biden to the presidency of the United States.


I have very mixed feelings about the events of the last few days, very mixed feelings, indeed!


I think I should begin by saying that I was never “MAGA”, on the Trump Train. I always had my reservations and doubts about Donald Trump.



Way back in 2015, I wrote an article titled “Jewish Intermarriage with Native Elites”, in which I attempted to take the marriage of Ivanka Trump to Jared Kushner, to highlight as a warning and to contextualize it and provide some historical background for the way in which it seem to be an almost conscious strategy of Jews to marry the children of their elites with the children of native European elites.



And I dug into the history of this. In Prussia in the 1800s, especially the Junker families. And the way in which certain salons were established in which the young men from the Junger families would be encouraged to socialize, especially with these jewish daughters. And in which these marriages would be more or less set up, or a context laid, in which the pairing up of these individuals would be more or less inevitable.

And I made the argument that these marriages provided a kind of concrete biological entwining of interests. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that when your daughter, when your family, or your grandchildren, are for all intents and purposes Jewish, that basically you are going to have an additional concern, or certain perspective, on things like zionism, or the State of Israel, or the history of the Jewish people, that will lend you certainly more amenable to jewish arguments, and I believe Jewish influence.


So, the Kushner influence was something that concerned me very, very, early on in the drive for a Trump Presidency. And I must say that my feelings are no different when it comes to Joe Biden, who has no less than three children who have married Jews. Everyone has been talking about the certain statistical unlikelihood of Joe Biden‘s recent election results. And I would simply say, well here is another statistical improbability. The improbability that all three of one’s children would end up marrying Jews! I think that’s something worth thinking about again.



And if you haven’t read my essay “Jewish Intermarriage with Native Elites”, then I think you certainly should do so in the next few days. I think it will help contextualize some of the things that surely will unfold over the next four years.


So there is an ambivalence there, a certain ambivalence, a certain trepidation about Trump. And I think over the four years of Trumpism that we have thus far witnessed that there were concerns more or less confirmed. Certainly I don’t feel any radical need to revise any of my initial concerns. I felt right at the outset that was what we would see would be more or less a continuation of the non-negotiables of what you might call “The Deep State” or ZOG, or whatever label you wish to place on the fact that this system, as we know it, would more or less continue.



So we have seen the ongoing expansion of GloboHomo, for example. We’ve seen the fixation on GDP, as the axis upon which global happiness is supposed to turn. We’ve seen the relentless and flamboyant “Village People” promotion by Donald Trump of homosexuality in remote African States.



And we’ve had this bizarre spectacle, this bizarre sight of evangelical Christians in the Red States cheering on a President who is actively pushing sodomy in African backwaters. So it takes on a kind of surreal perspective whenever you look at it in the cold light of day.



So there’s been a continuance of these things, and certainly there’s been a continuance of the American-Israel symbiotic relationship.



This habit of unquestionably donating to Israeli military ambitions, and providing Israel with all of the diplomatic and institutional support that it so desperately seeks from the United States. This has all continued unchallenged, unabated, and unscathed.



So when the first turn in the votes, shall I say, in favor of Joe Biden occurred, a quote came to mind from the book “Anarchy and Christianity” by the French philosopher Jacques Ellul.



Ellul will be familiar to some of you, because he wrote a book called “The Technological Society”, which I think he floats his disgust, on at least one occasion, and which is certainly complementary, or certainly supplementary, to Ted Kaczynski’s* writings. It’s basically decrying the influence of technique, and technology on society. And I believe that Jacques Ellul is a philosopher worth paying some attention to.


[*Theodore John Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, is an American domestic terrorist, anarchist, and former mathematics professor. He was a mathematics prodigy, but he abandoned his academic career in 1969 to pursue a more primitive lifestyle. Source: Wikipedia]


Now in “Anarchy and Christianity” Ellul basically makes the argument for Christian anarchism. He claims that anarchism is something that can never be genuinely politically fulfilled. But he makes a case that Christianity itself is an anarchist doctrine. Now I don’t agree with the central premise of the book. And overall, actually, it’s not that interesting of a book. But there are some interesting quotes and arguments made within it. And one of those quotes which stuck in my mind and which was resurgent in that initial turn of the votes towards the election of Joe Biden, was the following, quote:


“All our political forms are exhausted and practically nonexistent. Our parliamentary and electoral system, and political parties, are just as futile as dictatorships are intolerable. Nothing is left! And this this nothing is increasingly aggressive, totalitarian, and omnipresent. This nothing!”


When I sat back and I started thinking about the transition which is surely to play out between Trump and Biden, I listened to all of the media uproar and the discussion of how America is so partisan now, and all of the differences between Biden and Trump, and how this was going to change, and that was going to change.



And certainly on some level there are going to be some superficial, and I suppose not so superficial changes taking place. There are certainly going to be a radical change in the mood of American government.


There’s no question that even though we can doubt the sincerity of Donald Trump‘s political beliefs. And certainly have our suspicions about some of the influences coming to bear on him, that Trump was a force of an amorphous, reactionary, conservatism, which picked it’s battles and was kind of symbolically Republican, conservative.





There’s no real coherence to Trumpism. So when I read recent news articles talking about how Trumpism may, or may not, or could, or should survive the downfall of Trump, whether it might be a resurgence, for example, in the young politician Cotton, the young senator, I have my misgivings about that. I’m not sure that we would want Trumpism to survive.



I’m not sure that it can survive without Trump because it’s so dependent on his own personality. I think that once you subtract Trump from Trumpism, what are you left with?



You are left with a kind of vague neoconservative, bland GDP worshiping, kind of a glorification of capitalism. That’s me thinking off the top of my head.



But what is Trumpism? Where does it go, beyond memes and owning the Libs with statements that don’t leave anywhere? What is Trumpism other than consecutively, and unceasingly, giving serious consideration to doing something. I’m not sure that we can encapsulate Trumpism in such a way that it can survive the downfall of Trump.




So anyway, with all of these debates and discussions about what might happen next and how things might change and all of this, I was focused on what will stay the same. I was focused on “the nothing” that Ellul was alluding to, and discussing there.



This “nothing”, this kind of inert, but slowly moving progress towards decline! This gradual slip into an abyss! An abyss dominated by the non-negotiables of the system global Globohomo, zionism, and the worship of GDP, and the subservience of the common man to the system, and his depressing inability to overcome it, or overturn it, in anyway.




I think it’s foolish of liberals, and leftists, of a sincere ideological bent, to celebrate the victory of Joe Biden. Joe Biden ultimately is as meaningless, and as incoherent, and as amorphous, as Trumpism was.



Biden will be nothing more, and has been elected as nothing more, than a symbol. He’s a symbol of being not Trump. Just as Trump was elected as a symbol of not establishment.



Both of these symbols are surface level. Both of these symbols are ultimately meaningless, and result in the ongoing frustration of an electorate that cannot seem to achieve anything, no matter how many times it votes. No matter how many times it goes to the polling booth. No matter how many shit posts they put on social media. No matter how much outrage they can manage to stoke over very superficial things. And I suppose some not so superficial things. That we just end up repeating the same pattern over, and over, and over again.



So I’m not mourning the downfall of Trump and Trumpism. And I’m not terrified of the rise of Joe Biden. I think that the challenge for people like us, is more or less the same. It is to challenge the non-negotiables of the system. It is to challenge Globohomo. To challenge the ceaseless worship of GDP the axis upon which our happiness is supposed to turn, but really under which our happiness is ruthlessly crushed and oppressed.


And above all we must, of course, work hard to bring down this emphasis on support for Israel as a kind of prerequisite to any meaningful and just participation in our political systems.


So the point I’m trying to make, I suppose, is that your task hasn’t changed, nothing has changed! There may be some differences, if anything though, in the tactical realm.



I see with the downfall of Trump, the end of the kind of meme wars, humor-based activism that marked the period, perhaps, 2015. But really it was dying by 2018. The meme wars, this idea of owning the Libs. You’re not owning the Libs! And to be fair the Libs aren’t really owning us. We are all just participating in this endless wheel, this endless cycle, which spirals ever downwards.



And we push them, they push us, in all of these superficial ways, and nothing gets achieved, nothing is accomplished, and we just simply decline.



I think that broader perspectives on the nature of the system are what are required today. And I view it as a positive that a lot of the activism in the movement in terms of producing content at the minute is system based. It’s looking at some of the philosophical, first principles, of the issues that we are facing. And it’s giving serious discussion and serious critique to things like GDP worship. And as always, criticism of Jewish influence at the highest levels.



If I want you to take away any message from this podcast, it’s that we need to challenge “the nothing”. We need to challenge “the nothing” which is increasingly aggressive, totalitarian, and omnipresent. And the best way of doing that is by creating something. We will have to create institutions that will perhaps at first be powerless. But they will be there. And they will be something that is not “the nothing”.


And I think that now is the time for us to refine ourselves ideologically, and to present a vision to well-meaning, well-intentioned people that is quite a part from Trumpism and Bidenism, which ultimately on the grand scale, are both indistinguishable from the other.


Thank you for listening. Goodbye.








NOTE: Andrew Joyce has subsequently posted an article at The Occidental Observer expanding on this podcast topic:

Four More Years Of …




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