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[If you care about your country skip past all the Main Sewer Media brainwashing and become a nationalist!






Are You a Skipnat?


Jul 21, 2020





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Published on Jul 21, 2020


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Are you A Skipnat?
•Jul 21, 2020
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Quick skit about how your true political standpoint may not be what you think it is.




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(2:30 mins)





Have you noticed these days that everybody seems to give themselves a label according to their political views? [Communist, Socialist, Classical Liberal, Civic Nationalist, Neoconservative] So what about you? Are you any of those?


Maybe not! Maybe you’re none of those. Maybe you’re an ethno-nationalist! [female screaming].


No! Wait! Don’t run away please! Just hear me out! Come on, listen to this. Come on.

Are you White British? Did you go to a British school were you taught to be nice to people, respect everybody? Do you see yourself as kind and caring? Do you work hard? I’m sure you do.


I’m sure you were told at school to be nice to little Zeka, or little Ahmad. Of course, you were! You were fine having those guys around, because you knew you had to be nice to minorities. Because that’s what they were! Minorities! The poor things!


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but fast forward to 2020, and people like Zeka and Ahmad are far more numerous than they used to be. In fact, did, you know, that there are actually more of them in cities like London, Birmingham, Slough, and Leicester, than there are of people like you, a White British person?


And by the 2060s there will be more of them than you in the entire country! And yes, it is your country, not theirs! They already have an ancestral homeland. Meaning that eventually after a few more decades the White British will cease to exist!


Were they in the books when you studied the Saxons at school? Were they there during the Norman conquest? Were they present in the Canterbury Tales? Were they there during the English Civil War? Were they there in Augustan times, or Victorian times? No they weren’t! That’s over a thousand years of history I’ve just mentioned, without a Zeka, or an Ahmed in sight!


Our country, despite it’s struggles over the centuries, didn’t need any newcomers from outside of Europe, and still doesn’t.


In fact, Zeka and Ahmad’s friends and relatives are now pouring misery on the White British people! Stealing their possessions, defacing their monuments, assaulting them, and raping thousands of their girls!


Did we manage okay without them? It would appear so.


If you agree with me on all of this, then that makes you an ethno-nationalist, pure and simple! And it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!


Before you start thinking that this means that you are now associated with people like these, [skinheads, etc] these, and these, think again!


I went straight from being a wishy-washy liberal just like you, all the way over to becoming a calm, peaceful, thoughtful, ethno-nationalist, without getting involved in all that ugly, unsavory, counterproductive, nonsense!


I’ve skipped all of that and find myself signed up to Patriotic Alternative! The only nationalists that will look after you, fellow White Brit, without any of that nasty stuff people keep telling you about! I skipped all of that!


So that makes me a “skippy nationalist”, if you will. A “Skipnat”!


Are you a Skipnat?













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