Morgoth’s Review – How Piers Morgan Shapes the Discourse – Mar 3, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth discusses how the host of Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan acts as a establishment gatekeeper and shaper of public opinion in Britain.





Morgoth’s Review


How Piers Morgan


Shapes the Discourse


Mar 3, 2021



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Published on Mar 3, 2021


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Morgoth’s Review

How Piers Morgan Shapes The Discourse


Mar 3, 2021

Morgoth’s Review

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Hello again there folks. So I thought I might do a little more lighthearted video a bit of a back to basics kind of video that I used to do. And this time on the subject of Piers Morgan.



Now the funny thing about Piers Morgan is that over the last year, or so, I’ve heard so many people ask like:


“Who really runs this country? Does Boris Johnson and the Tory party run Britain, or is it actually Piers Morgan?”


Even my dad said this. Like is it that we live now under a Piers Morgan dictatorship where he sets the discourse? And how everybody has to think from his sofa on Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid, and the weather girl.

And I’ve recently been binge watching all of the debates. And all of the kind of drama that Piers Morgan gets into on his Good Morning Britain, on his pulpit. And people will say:


“Well I don’t watch mainstream TV. So I don’t care. I don’t give a shit!”



But the fact is a lot of people do. [chuckling] And so people on the one hand people say like:


“I don’t watch television. And there’s no point in talking about it.”


And then, on the other hand, they’ll say like:


“Why are the normies not waking up?”


Well, we’re going to take a look at what Piers Morgan’s approach is. I think he is very influential. He’s a bit of a dick. And he’s been around for a long time. He was involved in the tabloid press. He popped up on other like trashy TV shows. But for a few years now his sort of platform is Good Morning Britain.



And I can’t kind of sort of fault some of the charged energy that he has going on sometimes. I mean, if you have a look where he sits there, that’s him on the left, if you don’t know who he is. And he sits there with Susanna Reid. I don’t know who it is, the weather girl, or whatever. But I mean, in the way that television is now mainstream television, you’re not going to see a setup like that anymore, where the White man is like boss! And he’s sitting there with his two girls, like his entourage. And he’s got nearly half the desk to himself.


And then on the right hand side there, it’s like Labour party activists and Guardian columnists. And I just thought it was quite funny how they’re all kind of huddled around the edge of the edge of the desk, as if they’ve been dragged to the court of King Piers, to get their verbal drubbing, and to be owned! That’s pretty much the format of the show. Is that it’s really like unbelievably dumb, and low brow!


And it’s that there’s been there’s a story going on, and Piers Morgan drags them up onto his show so he can speak common sense! He’s speaking up on behalf of middle England, on behalf of John Bull out there in the shires and across the country. The normal English guy who’s got common sense.


So the framing of it is that who Pierce Morgan is speaking on behalf of and so what I thought I’d do, there is a set format. And there’s a set sort of different ideological cliques which go on. And I thought I would take a look at a few of the different ones and how Piers Morgan approaches this.


So the first one that I’d like to look at would be the not so lovely Afua Hirsch, who is a, she’s a “skintelectual”, she’s a race grifter.



It’s all about “Black Lives Matter” White privilege, Critical Race Theory. And so this is one kind of person that goes on there quite often. There’s other ones, there’s like that Kehinde Andrews*. And there’s a Dr Shular [sp] something, or other. Ash Sakur’s another one. So you get these intellectuals going on, who make a good living off going on mainstream television, and just moaning about White people and White culture. And Piers Morgan is then left to deal with this.


[*Kehinde Nkosi Andrews is a British academic specialising in Black Studies. Andrews is a Professor of Black Studies in the School of Social Sciences at Birmingham City University]


Now the first thing, just looking at this, taking a step back, is that the first thing that’s happening here is that all of these people, … So here’s Afua Hirsch and she wants to bring down Nelson’s Column, because of racism, or slavery, or whatever it is. But the thing is, like she is being given a platform here.




So you have to keep that in mind when we’re trying to figure out like the whole set up here. She’s also got a column in the Guardian. But all of these like outlandish, anti-White, social justice, talking points, the only reason we even know that they exist is, because they’re going on mainstream television. But once they’re on mainstream television they’ll be confronted with various different opinions.


And so Piers Morgan is the guy who is speaking common sense. [chuckling] And so in this debate that happened – I’m not going to play the rolling footage, because I’ll get hit with copyright – so in this particular debate here Piers Morgan said it was ridiculous, it was a stupid idea, let’s just have some common sense. And then he also claimed that Afua Hirsch was anti-White, which I was quite impressed with. But then he also then said:


“Well, do you want to bring down Winston Churchill’s statue?”


And Afua Hirsch replied by saying:


“Well yeah, actually! Yeah, I do want to bring, … There’s a discussion to be had around that.”


And, of course, Piers Morgan, like one of the things you’ll discover about him is that he absolutely loves Winston Churchill! Like Winston Churchill is just the greatest guy ever! He saved us from the racists. And he pointed that out to Afua Hirsch.



So he’s kind of like King of the Bulldog Nationalists. And that’s where his opinions are. Very much like the guy in the room who’s speaking common sense, simple. As all of that kind of thing. Like a much more sophisticated version of the north meme. And so in this particular case Afua Hirsch said:


“Yeah I would want to tear down Winston Churchill’s statue.”


And Piers Morgan just kind of said:


“It was all ridiculous, it was all stupid! And the country’s going to hell!”


Which you can’t fault it. But the problem is Winston Churchill was actually “racist”, and they’ve got all of this evidence. And this leaves Piers Morgan in a bit of a funny pickle. And he has to then kind of sort of disavow Winston Churchill, while at the same time saying he was the greatest man ever, and he saved us from the real racists over on the continent.


And so you begin to see this kind of incoherent, like sort of centrist liberalism. It’s just that he says it very loud. But then in this particular case remember that what’s actually happened here is that Afua Hirsch’s idea that we have to topple Nelson’s Column that has been now normalized. It’s been on national television, that that as a talking point is now, in the discourse. It’s in the national conversation.


So then the next one that I’d look at is where the tone shifted completely! Like this was a fiery one! This was quite a famous debate. So this time around Tommy Robinson goes on, and he’s waving around the Quran and he’s talking about how it’s got all of these violent passages in. And it’s an existential threat to the country and everything like that. And I was surprised at how far Piers Morgan went.


Piers Morgan basically just called him scum! He really went to town! This wasn’t like with Afua Hirsch, where it was a bit playful, and a bit knock around. And he also takes the same tone with all of the sort of race grifters. He shakes his head and he says:


“They’re anti-White. And this is all getting out of hand.”


But in the case of Tommy Robinson he actually called him a lunatic! He said he was a disgrace! And he did everything but threw him off the set.


And the reason why I use Tommy Robinson in this particular case, is, because when I was going through, when I was sort of binge watching Piers Morgan’s debates on YouTube, Tommy Robinson was like the only person I could actually find who was – I know people will moan. But let’s just say like populist Right-wing, in that camp, in the camp of political incorrectness. The only one that could really find there was Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farage. But Nigel Farage. I mean, it’s as far as like sort of challenging Piers from, let’s say the Right, in a more politically incorrect manner, Tommy Robinson was almost the only one I could find. And Piers Morgan’s tone was completely different to all of the other interviews, debates, that I’ve seen him get into. Except for one which I’ll come to later.


So it was really to viciously attack Tommy Robinson’s character in a way that he didn’t do with any of the others! Even though, when you think of it, what the people like Afua Hirsch, what they’re actually proposing is just relentless White guilt and the erasing of our history, which is actually more extreme from a purely objective position. It’s more extreme! Yet Morgan goes lighter on them, than what he does on Tommy Robinson. Tommy Robinson gets the full knockdown, vicious, sort of personal attacks.




And then the other one that you’ll see which is, like he’s goes on about this all of the time, is all of this crazy sexual identity kind of stuff that’s coming in.



Now again Piers Morgan will heavily criticize say male to identify as female in female sports. He’ll really go on about that, but he’ll say it’s, because he wants to protect female sports, because they’re going to destroy female sports. And then in this particular case he’s right! That that is what’s happening. It’s quite ridiculous.


But then, as far as all of these different identities are concerned, … Like this is also his most, he gets people like this on every day. And he’s always coming on it from a point of view where it’s all just nonsense! None of it makes any sense! He can’t understand it. Like on this particular issue I agree with Morgan the most.


And one of my particular favorites was when he identified himself as a “two-spirited penguin”! Now I didn’t even know [chuckling] what that meant, but apparently the spirit, that having two spirits, is when somebody who’s transitioned, or somebody in LGBT, they can then also identify that they’ve got some sort of ancient ethnic spirit. So maybe they can be kind of like “bi” and “trans”, he, her.


But then they’re also bringing this new one in where their inner spirit is that of an Aztec, or an Inuit, or something like that. [chuckling] And so there was like a hundred different ones! And Piers Morgan said that he was going to identify as a “two-spirited penguin”! And I thought:


“Well, this is kind of good. This is like a good laugh!”


But there’s an absolute ton of these things.


But it’s what’s important to remember that when he approaches this, he’s approaching it as a liberal. So he doesn’t actually mind that much. He does walk a line, but he it’s basically he doesn’t want it imposed on other people. Which is he cannot exactly make a moral stance against it, because he is a liberal. But so, once again he’s trying to frame these things. He’s trying to use what a classic liberal has in his intellectual toolbox to fight against this stuff. And there’s almost nothing there! Isn’t really any kind of deep morality, or anything to it.



And so he kind of just shakes his head!


So the reason why we’re interested – to get back with the original thing – is that Piers Morgan, is he then the voice of England? Is he saying what everybody’s thinking across the country? Well, I actually think he isn’t. I actually think it’s more of a case that he’s telling people what to think, rather than voicing their concerns that they have to begin with. And this especially became the case when we got the Covid panic.



Now, when the Covid came in, if we think that Piers Morgan is the guy with common sense, and he is the one who’s going to say it as it is, he’s saying what everybody else is thinking. Then, in actual fact, when Covid came in, everybody didn’t really know what was going on, he went berserk! And he has criticized the government for not doing enough, relentlessly! And he’s carrying on doing it to this day.


Nobody with any kind of large platform in this country has been as pro vaccination, as pro lockdown, as calling people Covid idiots, as hauling people up to lambast them, because they’re not doing enough!



And again the “Bulldog Nationalism” became “NHS Nationalism”! So he loves the NHS workers. It’s all invoking this World War II spirit, and everybody has to make their sacrifices. Except for him, of course. He spent Christmas in the Caribbean, when everybody was locked in their homes. But, you know, never mind!


So the idea is that middle England will then start and attack the government for not doing enough, for not locking them up enough! When there was actually a different narrative out there. The one from say, Peter Hitchens, which is much more skeptical.


So in a way, Piers Morgan, the narrative that he went with was one to attack the government, but attacked the government for not doing enough.




And we can see that in a way, it’s the only other time that he’s done that on this particular video. It’s similar to the Tommy Robinson thing. He broke ranks and then went rogue, if you like, and started to, not exactly have the centrist position, he went much further than that! But what he ends up with, the same as the Tommy Robinson issue, is that what he’s doing is drawing a “ring fence”. He’s making a line and saying:


“This is where we have to go!”


He isn’t encapsulating the voice of middle England and then bringing it on the television. He is actually dictating how things will go! He is dictating the narrative! He is dictating the discourse! This is how we have to think about it.


So it’s fine to be somewhat friendly to Afua Hirsch and disagree with her anti-White politics. And you can even call it that, as long as you’re respectful, and you have a decent discussion about it. When it comes to Tommy Robinson he has to be completely stamped out, because he’s scum! When it comes to the gender issues, you can once again have that knock around discussion. And you can shake your head at how crazy it all is. But you can give them a platform, and it’s all part of civilized debate. Then when you see what happened with the Covid issue, you see once again that it’s outside of it! He’s outside of the ring fence and saying:


“No! There’s no two ways about this! Is the narrative that you have to have. And if you don’t believe it you’re an idiot!”


Exactly the kind of thing that he did with Tommy Robinson.



And so what you see, instead of voicing the opinions of middle England, it’s actually that he’s nudging people and cajoling people to think, and frame ideas, frame discussions, around current events in a certain way. So, it isn’t that he is this kind of the mouthpiece of middle England. It’s more that he’s shouting! He’s not voicing up on their behalf, he’s kind of shouting at them in a very clever way! And saying:


“This is how you have to think about this particular issue!”


And they go along with it, because they think:


“Well, he’s the guy speaking common sense.”


In actual fact, it isn’t. It’s like one of those bait balls that you see with the whales blowing bubbles around it, gently nudging them in the Right direction before getting all of the fish into that bait ball. So they’re all on page. And then in the case of the Covid crisis, they turned on.


So many people across Britain would have been expecting Piers Morgan to come out and say things like:


“It’s all exaggerated! It’s not that much of an offense.”




“You can’t just lock us in our homes, this is blah, blah, blah!”


And no, he did the exact opposite.


And so in the end, what we can see now, in my opinion, is that what it amounts to is where he appears to be counter-signaling the government but, in actual fact, he’s doing the government a favor. Because what he’s doing is getting more, and more, people to put pressure on the government to do something that they wanted to do anyway! In the same way that he’s giving Afua Hirsch a platform.


The only time when he really steps out of bounds, is when there’s a larger agenda here. When the fish, the bait ball, is in danger of sort of scattering and getting out of control, as is the case with some of the things that Tommy Robinson brings up – I personally don’t quite agree with that kind of line of thought. But nevertheless, what we see with Tommy Robinson, that has to be handled a certain way. It can’t be allowed to get any further, it has to be stamped out, because there’s a danger all the little fishes are going to go off in the wrong direction!


The exact same thing happened with the Covid. They have to be told to think this way. And it appears that he’s putting pressure on the government, he’s attacking the government. But it’s actually what the elites want!


In the same way giving a platform to Afua Hirsch is what the elites want. And for whatever reason Tommy Robinson seems to have served whatever purpose he had, and it’s okay to completely savage him on television.


So this is how Piers Morgan sets the discourse. It’s very interesting.


So thanks for listening folks. And I’ll catch you later.





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