Morgoth’s Review – The Last of Us – Feb 24, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth discusses how YouTube has become a wasteland for dissident Right viewpoints, with sites such as Way of the World, Millennial Woes, etc., finally being banned. Yet there is optimism, with alternatives such as BitChute, and now Odysee.





Morgoth’s Review


The Last of Us


Feb 24, 2021



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Published on Feb 24, 2021


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Morgoth’s Review

The Last of Us


•Feb 24, 2021

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Hello again there folks. So I thought I would just switch on the microphone and have a bit of a talk about some things that’s been going on recently. And what I think is going to be happening in the future. So as most people know Millennial Woes’ channel was deleted. It’s seven years old. It’s been around through right from the beginning before the Alt-Right sort of surge and then all the way through. And then it sort of quietened down the last few years.



The Way of the World’s channel has also being deleted. And he’s been around for quite a long time. I think he was around from 2016..


But, of course, this is just the latest in a just an endless purge of any kind of dissident Right-wing content from YouTube, from this platform. Though I’m also going to be posting this video on other platforms as well, which I’ll come to later.

And it’s funny to be left in that situation, in my situation. Because there’s a couple of other channels left out there, all waiting for the chop! But by and large, … I mean, even some of those are more recent ones. And I was thinking about this, that I’m kind of like The Last of the Mohicans! There’s very, very few of us left.



There was once upon a time on YouTube existed an energetic, creative, dissident, socio-political, cultural movement. And it’s been so thoroughly purged and destroyed. It once stretched across hundreds of channels on YouTube. And now that the censorship has been so relentless and so long enduring that you get to it where I’m like kind of like the last one. I’m the last sabre-tooth tiger waiting to go! Well me and a few others who I can’t name, because it’ll be like blowing their cover, or something. But I’m sure people know who I’m talking about.


So you just see that it’s like it really is the end of an era. People are saying it’s the end of an era particularly, because Millennial Woes’ channel was sort of like the stalwart. And the first of its kind that gets popular.



But I mean, it’s an interesting thing for me that they say Way of the World and Millennial Woes’ YouTube channels, they were old. And it’s like, were the more recent channels, the people who came after that? Millennial Woes’ channel was seven years old. Way of the World’s was four, or five. And you think, where is the Way of the World, or the Millennial Woes which came along in, I don’t know, 2018, or 2019? Like where are those channels that have all of these subs?


And the fact is they just don’t really exist, with some very notable exceptions. What came in after that was the Neo-reactionary stuff made a comeback. Mainly, because it’s a little bit more nuanced and that they don’t get into the really inflammatory stuff that used to be popular on YouTube. So they, in a way, I think, they have benefited from that. I don’t hold it against them, there’s a lot of interesting ideas going on there. And I get on well with them. I talk to them a lot.


But it remains a fact that what was an entire scene, an entire movement, has been completely purged off this platform. And you get down to the situation where like you’re the last of the eagles that needs to be shot by some toothless goon! That’s kind [chuckling] of like where we are. And when you say:


“Well why did nobody come in? Why is there been a bit of a dirth of new content creators over the last few years!”


Now you can get into the political philosophy of it all. And you can talk about how it went out of fashion, or all of this. But the core sort of messages of the Alt-Right, let’s say, are still more important than ever. It’s just what happened is YouTube, this is about YouTube, it became so, … Creativity became impossible on this. And I think this is something which doesn’t get discussed enough. Where if you’re a young lad and you’ve got some ideas, you’ve got some skill making videos, and things like that, like are you gonna bother invest in your time and energy in a site like YouTube, where, you know, they hate your guts and they know you want you gone. And the fact is no!




And I think there’s a lot of reasons for this. And I also argue it definitely is a thing that there hasn’t been as many people signing up and being creative, and expressing themselves on this platform, in the way that they were before 2016, 2015. When it just seemed you couldn’t keep up with all of the content. So that’s all being purged!



And then afterwards people, others, have seen what’s been going on and they thought:


“Well there’s no point! I’m just not going to get involved!”


And in a way that was the whole point of the censorship in the first place. It was to deter people from getting involved.


And so, I’m actually looking at the general scene and thinking, it’s easy to get pessimistic about that. But I’m looking at some of these things popping up, like BitChute and Odysee which a lot of people are talking about Odysee.



And I’m actually strangely optimistic, because I feel that if you are going to want to be creative, and actually get people involved, and create new things, and create fresh new cultural forms, you choose the worst place in the world to do it! Because all it does is incentivize conformity, and brain dead, dumb, neo-liberal, left thinking! Not even really interesting left thinking, where they’re looking at the money power and dismantling it, and all this.


Like it’s all just this, like retardation, where you’ve got to conform to the guidelines of whatever the oligarchs want. And so what you can see is whereas, let’s say, me and a couple of others are like The Last of the Mohicans on this website, the flip side of that is all these grifters like Vaush and ContraPoints, who make a killing now. They’re not clinging on by the fingernails, they’re not getting purged. The Left is not in any way subversive, whatsoever!



I mean, Distributist has done a good video on this recently. And to be fair there’s even criticism going on from within the Left about the fact that it’s the Right that’s being purged by the money power, by the neoliberal oligarchs, by the NGOs, by all of the groups we aren’t even allowed to talk about on YouTube.


But then you have to ask yourself:


“Is that good for them? Has that been good for them to conform to a certain set of guidelines, to the letter, because they’re making two grand a week in Superchats, or they’ve got 10,000 people on Patreon, or whatever it happens to be?”


And the fact is, no! I think they are being completely contained on this platform! And it may well be painful for like nationalists, and Right-wingers, dissident Right-wingers to be purged in this manner.



But when you look at the possibilities which are now showing up on other platforms, among other sites, then you can begin to get a little bit more optimistic I think. Because YouTube does, is like the rest of the system, is kill creativity! It kills anybody with an aesthetic sense, or an artistic sense. And it reduces everybody to just being some slave of the oligarchs.


And so when you look at the bulk of the Left-wing content it falls into just a few different modes. One of them is that they can larp and pretend that there’s going to be some grand anarchco Bidenism on the horizon, that they got rid of the “Orange Man[Trump], because it does seem to be a bit of an American thing. They got rid of the Orange Man.


And now they are going to pressure Biden and the system in whatever it is, and enact all of these different social policies. Well, some things they may adopt, and some things they won’t. And you can already see that on many of these issues. The student debt forgiveness. Biden just tells them to go fuck themselves. And they’re gonna have to answer for this.



In the same way they’re going to have to adopt all of these like sad, coping mechanisms, when the “forever wars” start up again in the Middle East, which they will.


So they are now in hock to the system. And you can think, well, at the end of the day. Yeah, it’s like this dead, zombified, movement and they’ve inherited this wasteland of conformity! But it isn’t even like any kind of true Leftism which is flourishing on YouTube. It’s just this conformist, neoliberal, politically correct, rubbish! Which bores everybody to death! Which they can then do crap streams for thousands and thousands of dollars! Like that’s it!



Which they eventually are going to have to answer for. Like, aren’t they supposed to be against all of these people making lots of money? Are they going to share it out? Are they actually going to create a real world organization? No! None of that! None of this.




As Distributist pointed out in his video, which was a conversation that went on. Whatever you say about Nick Fuentes, he does a real world organization. It seems like everybody on the Right complains that there’s nothing emerging. There’s no new organizations. That’s not actually true. It’s just that the organizations get attacked in the real world.



But the point that I’m trying to make here is that you also have these lefties on YouTube who are still going to be around when all of us are gone. You know, when the last of the saber tooth tigers [chuckling] of the Right is shot and then hung up on a wall as a trophy on, like somebody’s tweet, because the video of the channel went down. Yeah, there’s still not going to be any kind of socialist movement in the real world, because they’re all just too fucking lazy and stupid to do anything about it!


Meanwhile in terms of like our scene where you’re in this difficult position where you’re used to having, it’s in your sort of habits to go to a certain set of channels, because you belong to a certain circle on the internet, and you’re seeing it disappear in front of your eyes. Well the thing is, I’ve been looking at Odysee quite a bit lately, and I’m quite optimistic about it. And I’m thinking to myself:


“Well I can do this again on here.”


They also give incentives for you to go on there. And I’m thinking to myself:


“Yeah, well I can go on there and say whatever I want. And it isn’t not to be.”


And I think this was a mistake that was made with BitChute, was that just, because you can say all of these edgy things, then you feel as if you have to. And I think it has to be more natural in the future. Where yeah, you may some say something, which is a little bit spicy, but not just for the sake of it. I think that was the lesson that we learned after the 2017 period.



I mean, and then for BitChute I’m still gonna upload to BitChute. I know that people been criticizing it. But look, at the end of the day, the BitChuters are now under pressure from the system. Because it allows free speech.


Odysee is pretty much free of the system. But YouTube is the worst of everything, because it is the system! It is just tentacle of the system! It isn’t that it’s being pressured by the system, it’s that it is the system. So I’ve got a bit of sympathy for the long-suffering bloke who runs BitChute, because I don’t think he knew what he got into.



But I do feel like this problem has been solved. I think BitChute was like a lifeboat and everybody piled into it. But more, and more, Odysee’s looking pretty good. It looks like it works well. So what we could see is like this is like a new energy, and an energized scene, which we just can’t and hasn’t happened on YouTube. It’s been kind of lifeless! Because, at the end of the day, you always feel that you’re going to get banned! It’s not something you want to invest in. And they don’t want you to invest in it.


I mean, imagine if you got Charles Dickens to rewrite, or write a book. But they gave him a list of words he wasn’t allowed to use. Imagine somebody like Rembrandt, and you tell him to make a painting but he’s not allowed to use the color brown. This is what it’s like. And it’s not just about the politics of it. It’s not just about the kind of saying, mentioning a certain group, or saying this particular slur, or being explicitly offensive, and politically incorrect, and all that. I actually think it has a, I think this kind of censorship has a deadening effect!


Now some people will say it makes you more creative to get around the rules. Well yeah that’s true. But that too is like a bit of a coping mechanism. It’s better just to be able to express yourself and say what you want. Because I think it does have this deadening effect on absolutely everything on the platform!



That’s why I was kind of mentioning the Left before, as well, because they were always closer to the system, even though they hate to admit, it’s a fact! And it’s not because they’ve had this influencing on the system. It’s, because they are creations of the system itself. And they can pretend that they are doing something on YouTube, and the system’s quite happy for them to live in that fantasy.




But even then you can see that they’re fooling themselves and they’re thinking they’re doing something. At least the Right aren’t under those kind of illusions, to that degree. I mean, they’ve really got problems if you think sitting on your Patreon account of like $25,000 a month, like ContraPoints, or whatever that Vaush is getting, or whatever. Like yeah, they’re allowed to do that, because they don’t threaten the system. It’s as simple as that. They’re not a worry. And they’ve learned to conform to the value set, and they’re okay with it. We can’t do that! And we’re actively being purged.


So these things that it could be that once we get this move done. And this is all over, this deadening effect, this feeling that you’re under constant scrutiny, it may well be quite a liberating thing. And we could see this new wave of interesting stuff happening over on somewhere like Odysee. So it is the end of an era.


But the thing about an end of an era is that something else always begins. And I’m actually, I mean, I’m not well known for being like a bundle of joy! [chuckling] But yeah. I think it’s gonna be okay. I think we’re gonna make it! I think it’s gonna be okay as far as this whole censorship is going.


The challenge in the future is going to be real world. So if they can’t censor us on the internet anymore, because you’ve got blockchain, next generation things, like Odysee, or Telegram, or now Gab, like what are they going to do? Well [chuckling] it’s probably going to be just coming to your door! But we’re not there yet! We’re not there yet.



So yeah, I’m mildly optimistic. But yeah, this channel will go as well. So people who support me financially, subscribes on Patreon, if I do something off platform I always post it on there so they always get to see it. Because I’m forever grateful for that, for them, for that support. Or you can follow my Telegram and I’m also on Gab. So you can see what I’m up to there, I always post. And everything always gets posted to my old blog, as well.


So yeah. I think it’s the end of one particular long stretch, and it’s the beginning of something new.


So I’ll see you later folks.





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