Morgoth’s Review – Britain – A Land Without Truth – Oct 22, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth discusses the media reaction to the murder of the Conservative MP David Amos by a Somalian invader. Rather than deal with the event honestly, the system directs the conversation towards the agenda of the need for more control over the population through removing internet anonymity. This is just part and parcel of living in modern Britain where the system’s lies and deceit rule.





Morgoth’s Review




A Land Without Truth


Oct 22, 2021



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Published on Oct 22, 2021

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Morgoth’s Review

Britain: A Land Without Truth

October 22nd, 2021


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Morgoth’s Review




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A Conservative MP called David Amos was recently murdered by somebody the media called an “Islamist”. This kind of thing isn’t new to British people. And because we’re people who’ve been artificially divided against ourselves, the various factions created by the artificial divides all went silent when news of the murder broke. What passed through the minds of everyone engaged in the politics and discourse was the recognition that a terrible event had happened. That it was a tragedy. But also that their political and cultural faction would be affected by it.



The question and the reason for the hesitancy, was that few hours which passed before they knew the identity and the motives of the killer, a politician has been murdered in a church. This is going to have consequences. The priority then is finding out which faction is about to take the hit. All sides hoping that it isn’t theirs.



Thousands of social media influencers on the edge of their seats, like the time King Joffrey died in Game of Thrones, when he was poisoned. Who did it and why? Whoever did it is going to be hunted. And we have to hope it isn’t us.



When we eventually did get the big reveal, the identity of the killer meant it was the liberal, or establishment side of the divide, which would seem to be expected to take the blame. And the more right-leaning populists who could breathe a sigh of relief, that to a certain degree they had been vindicated in their opinions. And the politically correct types who call them “gammon”, would have to take the loss.


But this isn’t actually what happened. Instead the politicians, and then the liberal social media influencers, decided that the real issue wasn’t what, let’s say the angle that the populists wanted to take at all! The real problem was the general hatred being dished out to politicians online. And that issue quickly shed its skin and became about online abuse in general, especially against women.



And given that the populist side of the equation are more prone to using anonymous accounts, this means that they are now set to take the loss, and not the liberals, or the establishment in general.


The system elites themselves also seem very keen on digital IDs. And so presumably this is what will be required to access the internet in a post-anonymous era.


But what actually was the reason for David Amos’s murder? What does that reveal about our country? These questions are in the language of think tanks and apply psychology wonks being “de-prioritized”. The wider aims of the establishment and the media, both social and the old school variety, simply steamrollered over whatever is convenient and created their own “truth” to reinforce their own agendas and long-term aims.



On the face of it, the slaughtering of a politician should have at least revealed something about our country, how it functions, something that would need an answer. Or to put it slightly differently, it raises questions about our country and the direction it’s going in.


In a healthy society those questions would at least lead to some degree [?] and other common discourse. So they could be worked through. Not just with the hope of some sort of political solution, but as an act of catharsis for the population. There would be debates and discussion based on the events and what led to those events. People would get angry. Some people would be shocked. But it would at least in some way reflect a reality based on something that actually happened.


What we get instead are lies! And then narratives founded on those lies. As if they were the most obvious truths, that you’d have to be an idiot not to understand it!


People don’t like being lied to. The British feel every day that what they’re being told by their masters is our best a half truth, and at worst just downright complete fabrication! But soon you’ll have to be careful if you complain about it, because they’re coming up with yet another lie, which will result in you being worried. Because they’ll have you! They’ll know who the dissenters are, after they scrap online anonymity. And what makes you vulnerable.



It’s a lie to cover lies! And they hope [this] will prevent lies in the future being a problem for them, because people will be intimidated, and nervous about calling them liars!


In his extended essay “Live Not by Lies”, Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote, quote:


“Yes, at first it will not be fair. Someone will have to temporarily lose his job. For the young who seek to live by truth this will at first severely complicate life, for their tests and quizzes too are stuffed with lies. And so choices will have to be made. But there is no loophole left for anyone who seeks to be honest. Not even for a day. Not even in the safest technical occupations can he avoid even a single one of the listed choices – to be made in favour of either truth, or lies, in favour of spiritual independence, or spiritual servility. And as for him who lacks the courage to defend even his own soul, let him not brag of his progressive views, boast of his status as an academic, or a recognized artist, a distinguished citizen, or general. Let him say to himself plainly: I am cattle! I am a coward! I seek only warmth and to eat my fill!” [February 12, 1974]


End quote. It goes without saying that Solzhenitsyn knew a lot about living in a system built almost entirely on lies I’m coming to the conclusion that Britain is objectively not that far away from the level of lies told within the USSR. Lies don’t need gulags and firing squads. But he’s pointing out something profound here. Actually a couple of things.


A system of lies will gradually close off all the exits that lead the truth. It will create a list of options, of choices that the individual can adhere to.


The problem is that they’ll all be creations of the system, and therefore all lies. The corruption and deceit then spreads through the organs of the system like a fungus into its media, and eventually engulfs the individual who dwells within it.


How can the individual remain honest and truthful when they no longer even have access to the truth! Everything they cleave to simply feeds back into the system’s narrative complex, reinforcing it.


As Solzhenitsyn puts it though, there will be those who benefit, who will go along with the lies for personal gain. And they will then lie to themselves as a way to justify their decisions.



While sifting through the garbage on Twitter, looking to see how the as we’re reacting to the day of the David Amos killing, I saw a tweet from Ash Sarkar. A made for TV Left-wing firebrand.


In August she was invited onto the BBC to talk about the government’s carbon reduction scheme, or some such. She couldn’t make it for some reason and the BBC replaced her with Stanley Johnson, Boris Johnson’s father. Sarkar acted indignant, and then framed it as the Beeb simply giving TV slots to the establishment. But she missed, or tried to conceal a truth here – as they always do. And that 20-something TV Leftists are entirely interchangeable with millionaire Tories in their 70s.


From the perspective of the system, it didn’t make a blind bit of difference which one of them sat in that seat, because they both agreed on the fundamentals. The truth and the scenario is one of manufacturing consent, of offering up what looks like a choice. But isn’t really.


The lie is to pretend that there is a choice. And then Ash Sarkar had to engage in yet more dishonesty by conjuring up a narrative that she was a radical being replaced by an establishment figure. Once again the lies spread and replicate like a fungus!


And in Britain, we’re choking to death on the fungus of lies! Modern Britain, as it exists now, is a lie, because it was a top-down agenda being forced on the people. It keeps itself in place with more lies, and the ideology it spreads through the media and academia is just another layer of lies!


Is it that everybody is evil? Well, no, not really. It’s that institutions are corrupt. And because these institutions create “truth”, which is to say, the narratives and stories which inform politics and how we think about politics, they formulate their views on that. And in many cases they are given incentives to protect the narratives from scrutiny.



But what this has resulted in after years, and years, is essentially a country which calls itself “liberal democracy” and adopts the airs of a civilizational force in the world, but which in reality is politically and intellectually barren!


Owen “Squealer” Jones is a mainstream political commentator in this country. He gets invited under all the top shows, newspaper columns in the Guardian, Question Time, the whole shebang! Yet his verified YouTube channel, with 180,000 subscribers, gets fewer views than my YouTube channel does! Owen Jones is a millionaire, and I’m as poor as a church mouse!


But more importantly what does this tell us? It tells us that very few people actually choose to watch Owen Jones. Instead they have him foistered upon them by the mainstream. In other words, our pundits are selected, because they won’t challenge anything, not because they will! It’s astroturf [fake] all the way down.


But more importantly for the subject of this video have what’s being produced here by the system is its own “truth”. A synthetic bastardized version of the public will, which has been passed through a multitude of filters and safety control mechanisms, and Nudge Units, and data crunches, and strategists! Which in the end, is just the way to say “liars”!


And yet despite all of this, everything is at the same time politicized. In Britain we exist in this weird purgatory, where you can’t escape politics. But you can’t change it either. It’s true enough that Britain has always been corrupt. We’ve always been ruled over by shits who don’t care about us!


But in the past, and not that long ago, we were at least allowed to live in peace and let them get on with it. Now politics infests every single aspect of our lives, from the Critical Race Theory propaganda in the local supermarket, to the Netflix banners on the side of buses! These are the truths that we have to live by. Like a cuckoo in the nest that pushes our own authentic and lived truth out, to die on the ground below.


And so a new reality is constructed. And this new reality is contingent on what the regime of lies and corruption finds useful, or not. The net result of all of this is a population who wanders around either in a hysterical fit of induced frenzy, or a complete apathy, or frustration. And it’s the apathy that I see in the real world, among friends, family, and neighbors.


In an age in which truth seems to change daily people become exhausted trying to keep up with what it is they’re supposed to believe, or which side they’re supposed to take. Nobody even seems to know, or care who the main politicians are who run the country. Because we all know it doesn’t really matter! There seems to be a pulling back going on at the moment. A pulling back from the political arena by normal people. And who can blame them?


I’m less political now than what I was a few years ago, because, what’s the point? In the face of a culture which is saturated in political slogans and messaging coming in at you through every medium and form, every advert, and every algorithm. It seems like people start to look for ways to just shut it all out!



People like to talk about “waking up the normies”. But maybe the normies were woken up? And now they just want to go back to sleep again? Or in other words, to return to living in an authentic way.


There’s an interesting theory emerging called “Dead Internet Theory”, which is becoming a popular talking point among thoughtful Leftists. Dead Internet Theory is the idea the internet will become so warped by AI, and automated bot accounts, that nobody will have any idea whether, or not, they’re engaging with another human being.


Think of all those blank Twitter accounts with lots of numbers after the names. Somebody, somewhere, is right now engaged in a heated debate with an AI robot that has 200 phrases at its disposal to regurgitate and pump out, to replicate human activity.



But fundamentally the reason why they call it “Dead Internet Theory”, is because people search for authenticity, the truth. And living in a world which makes sense is so strong it’ll break the internet.


It seems to me that in Britain we have a dead politics. And people seem to be switching that off as well. And to be honest I don’t see it as a bad thing.


I’ll catch you later folks.





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