Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021 – Paul Stevenson – Oct 30, 2021 — Transcript


[Broadcaster and radio host at Republic Broadcasting Network; Paul spoke about the nature of power and who wields it.




Patriotic Alternative


Conference 2021


Paul Stevenson



Oct 30, 2021




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Published on Nov 1, 2021


Radio Albion Description


Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Paul Stevenson – PA 11022105


Mark Collett introduces Paul Stephenson the RBN radio host to talk about European solidarity.

Paul talks about the unity there is between European Nationalists all over the world, as we are all facing the same threats to our culture and our way of life.

There is a conflict of interests between the different people groups living in countries that have become multicultural.

This conflict becomes more apparent by the day and will have to be addressed by this generation, who despite being brought up in the middle of it, know instinctively that something isn’t right.

The existence of this conference shows that people do see what is going on, they do care about it and they do want to do something about it.

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Speech by Paul Stephenson

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Paul Stevenson – PA 11022105


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(35:03 mins)




[Intro music]




Mark Collett: We have a another of our speakers about to take the podium. Now this gentleman is someone that I’ve had the pleasure of working with several times in the past. He’s actually more famous in America than he is in the UK. He has a daily radio show in America, which I believe is on the Republic Broadcasting Network. That’s correct isn’t it? His radio show is really rather good. And, as I said, I’ve had the privilege of being on it several times.


So, I introduced him to the PWR audience a couple of months ago. And he really did an exceptional job. Because people were so impressed and wanted to hear more, we thought why not invite him here today to tell everyone a bit about himself and to give a speech here? Because for us to have this wonderful homegrown talent, and only the Americans knowing about him, it’s a little bit of a disservice to him.


So if you please put your hands together for Paul Edward Stevenson!




Paul Stevenson: Well, thank you everyone. And thank you for that great intro there Mark. Nothing to live up to then! But as Mark said, I did a show on a network called RBN in America. And there is tremendous solidarity in the United States as well. All the guys on RBN that I do shows with. I’ve got my own show. I do another show on Monday with a guy called Richard Kerry. I’m on the evenings.


I also do a show, … Some of you may have heard of, Patrick Slattery. And Patrick’s amazing! I told him I’d give him a plug. So there’s your plug Patrick! I love doing Patrick’s show with him.



And there is that solidarity, because all the White European nations are facing the same threat. And we are uniting against the demographic threats, the morality and the degeneracy that we’re experiencing, and the corruption of governments, and essentially doing the bidding largely of judaism and jewish interests.




Which are two very distinct interests, and eventually this has to come to a head. And I think us here tonight represents the beginning of this starting to come to a head.


Now, I’m not blaming jews for everything, because it’s our governments, our perfidious, corrupt, political elites who have sold out our peoples and sold out the country! But yet they are a formidable foe. And I think it is reaching a head, because there is so much tension. Because the two sets of interests simply cannot coexist for any length of time. They are so opposed to each other!




So I think we’re at a stage where it’s almost, … The tension is there. And it’s in all the White countries who have had this imposed on them. It was always imposed, as I say, by perfidious political elites!


And I think we’re reaching a point now where it’s almost like, on both sides, because there is such vast differences. On the political left there’s such little cohesion. There’s such little difference between your average Trump supporter, for example, and Nancy Pelosi, or AOC. There is no reconciliation here! It’s the same here!


What has any of us in this room got in common with James O’Brien, or the average James O’Brien listener? Nothing! So I think we’re reaching a point where it’s a certain attitude on both sides of them, imminentizing the “eschaton”! To get it on! To try and resolve, … I’m not talking about violence. But there is this attitude that it is this generation, it is this time where things need to be changing, because it needs to come to a head! And it is coming to a head, I believe.




Now, I must say, I’m blown away by the amount of people here today! I really am!




I mean, in the big scheme of things this is a relatively small number, if you like. But when you consider what we face, the hostility we face. And it’s difficult enough to organize something like this, if it was a wedding reception, or something. But when you throw in the stuff that’s happened today. And all of that, it is so difficult to actually organize this. And this group of people, you here today, are a microcosm of the country itself! This is the community! This is what’s left!


And there are other people out there like us. Some of who have not been able to make it today simply, because of basic reasons, the things they’ve had to attend to, but would have come here. Others have sadly been intimidated out of it, probably. But they think what we think! And they suffer what we suffer!


And one of the themes that you can glean from talking to people here today in the brief conversations that we have, is it isn’t it a comfort to be here!




What a comfort it is! I’ve lived in London for 25 years. I lived in Harrow. I cut it short, because it was starting to very negatively affect me. And I lived in Harrow in 2017..


And I remember that area when I first came to London in the 90s. It was a nice area. There was quite a lot of Irish there. But they were good Irish people. And there were some Irish pubs there! And none of those Irish pubs are there, the White middle class is virtually non-existent there. And it was just people from India, the Middle East, Muslims. When you come out there’s a massive mosque that dominates the skyline! And as a Christian, this type of symbolism causes me pain! It’s indicative of the replacement!


This is what would happen if you were invaded. If you went back a hundred years, if you could time travel – I quite fascinated by time travel and the mind-bending paradoxes of it. But if you could go back, say, a century ago, and bring someone, anyone, from that period who lived in Leicester, or Bradford, or London the capital of England, … Which is now, in the last consensus, people who describe themselves as White British, are a minority. I remember when I first heard that, it ruined my day for about eight years! [chuckling].


But if you could go back and bring someone to the future. I mean, they would be deeply traumatized! This would be the equivalent of taking that frog at zero and putting them in at 95, if we’ve even got five degrees left to go, I don’t know. He would immediately jump out! He would be in deep trauma! He would think that somehow the Third World managed to get itself together and invade Europe!


Because when you look at that, that’s what an invasion force would do! Your peoples are replaced! The culture’s replaced! The churches are no longer churches, they’re mosques!


And for decades, … I mean, there was no appetite, it was always imposed! Enoch Powell, a brilliant man, a man of great charm, a great man of great wit and intellect, was hounded out of politics, because he warned about it! And even his warnings were understated. He would be shocked if he could see it today.


And at the time there were chance of Enoch here, Enoch there, Enoch everywhere! There was no appetite! It was always imposed! And it was bullied into existence. And in subsequent decades it has been normalized!


And through a series of, a campaign, an aggressive, relentless campaign of intimidation, and brainwashing, and shaming, and a certain mass “mentalcide” to get people, the native population to deny that which is so obvious! And so intuitive. And so obvious, and so instinctual, so obvious, and so natural and normal! That the Irish, that the English, that the Welsh, that the French, that the Germans, that the White European exclusively has a right to these lands, and to have a genuine unique claim to these lands! That has been lost!




We have a whole generation are used to multiculturalism. They have friends and family have intermarried with different peoples, which causes a complexity, which is like a difficult knot to untie. And it’s very messy!


But that is what we’re dealing with and, as I said, this conference itself is so encouraging, because why are we here well we’re here because we care about those things. And we’re not only here, because we care. But, because we have the testicular fortitude let’s say to do something about it’s amazing how creative you get with English language when you’re a Christian you have to find nice ways of saying things.


And that’s what we’re, you know, that’s why we’re here, because we care, because there’s a lot of people that do care. But they don’t really they sort of submit and throw their hands up and say. Well, it is what it is, the types of people I’m talking about.


So in typical radio show fashion I have completely digressed from I mean. And I’ve got to try and cut this short so I as is normally the case with my radio show I never get through anything of anywhere near what I intend to get through.


But just to highlight both how this was imposed and the jewish angle of immigration. This really hits the nail on the head this and you’ll this is a familiar name well the surname. A gentleman called Err Rabb. And he said:


“In 1993, …”


And bear in mind that was almost 40 years after the creation of the state of Israel. And he said:


“Writing long, …”


This is someone who was commented now, said:


“Writing long after the 1965 law prominent jewish social scientist and ethnic activist Err Rabb,[sp] …”


As I say remember that name:


“Remarked very positively on the success of American immigration policy in altering the ethnic composition of the United States. Writing for a jewish publication Rabb noted that the jewish community had taken a leadership role, …”


I’ll pause it there, because if I say jews are responsible for bringing immigration into the West, they will call me an anti-semite! But here he says it. And he’s patting himself in the back for it!:


“They have taken a leadership role in changing the northwestern European bias of American immigration policy. And also maintained that one factor inhibiting anti-semitism is the contemporary unite and the contemporary United States is that an increasing ethnic heterogeneity as a result of immigration has made it even more difficult for a political party, or mass movement of bigotry to develop!”


A mass movement of bigotry? I mean, these people are obviously impervious to irony! And oblivious, or they’re very like the Left who you’ve been affected by their think in the far Left they’re oblivious often to their odious incessant double standards, or rather willfully blind to them to the point of absurdity, in fact.


But here’s a guy, you know, writing about how we are bigoted and what he’s got Israel to say I mean, I’ve got to move on.


I wanted to cover I’m a big fan of Henry Ford.




Henry Ford single-handedly red pilled me on the JQ and he did it in about three years I took some time doing it his book is to me I mean, I’ve read Hillary block as well. But I love Henry Ford! I just the style of it.


And Henry Henry Ford also was hounded after he wrote the book it was first published in the Dearborn Independent newspaper that he had in Dearborn Michigan and eventually became the “The International Jew”. And I thought it would be great to give the great mind I mentioned exactly a century after that book was published.




And he was hounded. And there was threats to him and his team and his family and everything for exposing the truth about jewish power. Because he’d noticed problems already at that time after there was a massive influx of jews from Russia and Eastern Europe.


And it’s very interesting isn’t it that today Dearborn in Michigan has one of the highest Muslim populations in the world! These people never forget! They never forget anything! And as much as I am loathe to blame jews alone for the immigration policy, because they have their interests. And it’s just in their nature. There is a sinister side to them which is not in, you know, which is not necessary! Because they have Israel now. And they don’t need to be here to wrecking our country and wrecking our peoples and our culture!


They hate Christianity! They hate White people! And these people are operating out of revenge they have an ancient grudge they didn’t forget Henry Ford and Dearborn they made sure that time was destroyed in terms of its demographic anatomy. And they have done a very good job of it to this point here as well.


So there is this darker side of them as much as I’m loath to give them even too much focus. It’s a challenge not to. But we there was fear spoken about earlier, because these people are very, very frightening. I mean. These are the same people who chased Paul the whole way around the Roman Empire when he was trying to spread the gospel they killed all the early Christians.


And they had a grudge against Russia in the last century as well for perceived anti-semitism and history. Of course, this anti-semitism is completely devoid of any of their responsibility on their part about their destruction and misery they bring to the culture they conveniently forget these things.


But Alexander Sultan Nelson said you must understand that the leading Bolsheviks were not Russians they hated Russians and they hated Christians they said driven by ethnic hatred they committed the greatest slaughter in human history I’m paraphrasing. But it’s pretty close and he said:


“The fact that the whole world is either unaware, or uncaring of this tremendous crime it’s proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”




Now as you can imagine this great man who was held in tremendous esteem up to this point in the literature fraternity and won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1972 his stock kind of dropped. After that he wasn’t really seen the same way anymore. And, of course, he was deemed an anti-semite sometimes they reveal themselves if you could.


I remember a couple of years ago I forget where I saw but someone was criticizing the international banking system didn’t mention Julian the jews all came out and said he was an anti-semite. And if you didn’t know before!




You know how much time have I got? What am I like time wise?


All right the one other thing I want to cover, because this is really important this is a trend I’m from Northern Ireland rose is from Northern Ireland too we’ve got I got another one in here Jack White’s down there as well all right oh we got a few of them all right so I remember. It’s like superman they’re like superman goes to kryptonite they’re all like that if people from England when you meet someone from Northern Ireland he’s very opinionated isn’t he you go to Northern Ireland we’re all like that.


One of the trends that I see develop and there’s two. But I haven’t got time to cover them. But there’s two main trends. One of them is the transformation of the First World into the Third World. It’s happening demographically it’s happening socially it’s happening economically it’s going to get worse. Because the money printing and the Keynesian economics which are running our economics there’s a massive debt bubble that’s creating that’s been created from artificially low interest rates and money print.




And, by the way, money printing is a tax! The price rises that come as a result of money after, or they come as a result of money printing. Rising prices are not inflation. The word inflation comes from an expansion of the money supply from Central Banks. And they’ve created this massive global debt which is going to collapse! They are caught between a rock and a hard place, whether they meant it, or not. If they raise interest rates people are so leveraged in debt, that it’s going to be a disaster, the economy’s going to implode.


If they keep it going they’re going to keep printing the way out of it. And they’re going to destroy the currencies.


And out of the ashes of that, will arise, I believe, a digital currency. And this will be what they talk about as the “Great Reset” that the World Economic Forum talks about. out of the ashes of this economic collapse, whether it’s by design, or not, they’re using these vaccine passports as a precursor to a digital ID.


And there will be a digital currency, I believe. Unless this is halted, this whole plan.


And with the digital ID and the digital currencies, we will essentially enter into a global, it will be global, Marxist, dystopian, Orwellian, hellhole system of total control! And White people will be at the top of the list of pariahs, in all of this, because it is a Marxist system. But it will affect everybody! Some people, they try to say this is a conspiracy theory.


There’s a company called Thales. Check them out. It’s called t-h-a-l-e-s. And they have already got this thing up and running. And this will dictate things like basic goods and services that you can get access to. Passports, international travel, a driver’s license. And it’ll be a biometric system.


So they’re not going to need people at Tesco manning the doors, because this whole Covid thing, these vaccine passports, have been an unmitigated disaster in Scotland! But this is just the first roll out of it. But it’s been a disaster up there. It’s really hard to get it together logistically. It’s costing a fortune! And the extra staff that’s needed for it, and stuff.


But when they get this tweaked, what they want is it’ll be a biometric system. So everything will be in your phone and it’ll introduce Social Credit scores, which will monitor all your behaviours, and your attitudes, including your political views.


And if you’ve happen to be part of this, … And the reality is, it’s going to be very difficult not to be part of it. Because it’s going to make life so inconvenient! I mean, the video the promo video that Thales did, they’ve got this little creepy sort of narrator over this character called “Lucy”. And Lucy’s going about her daily business. And there’s this narrator, and it’s like:


“The Thales digital ID helps Lucy. Today it’s going to help her to get her mandate vaccine, her second booster shot, ..”


I joked! I think it was these, … That’s the other thing, these vaccines, you know, they go on, and on! When’s the penny going to drop?


I joked with someone on a live stream not that long ago. That maybe when there’s more vaccines and lockdowns than Rocky movies, the penny might drop! But I think we’re going beyond that. And I think we’re going into like Police Academy territory, or something.


But this thing is already in the works. And it was in the works from 2018! Long before Covid. And it’s a very creepy situation. Because, as I say, this sort of nice, friendly, music and has this back narrator, and Lucy’s going through her whole life. And is completely controlled by this app! She can’t do anything without this app on her phone! And it is going to be very, very inconvenient! But this is already just continuing a trend.




The other trend, which is the redeployment of state powers and their counter insurgency resources to domestic terrorists. This has already happened. The so-called “insurrection” in America. I’ve got a quote here, … But we’ve already seen this with Amber Rudd, she brought in legislation to where you can receive 15 years in jail – this is in 2017, or 18 – for watching online, watching jihadi videos, bomb making instructions, and far-Right extremism!


I mean, that’s like a question that should be on like, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, or something! Like, one of the easy ones at the start:


“Which one of these doesn’t belong here?”



Just an easy starter:


“Bomb making facilities? Jihadi websites? And far-Right extremism?”


So it’s very vague, and it’s deliberately vague. So they can use it with expediency. But you can do 15 years in prisons for it.


And they are redeploying their, … The language is changing. They’re using the type of language which is typically used for terrorists. And I’m from Northern Ireland. And I don’t think you have to be from Northern Ireland, you know what terrorism is.


But, I kind of know what terrorism is, and what it isn’t! It’s not people in this room! It’s not me doing a live stream with Mark Collett! It’s not somebody reading an article on The Occidental Observer!


And, by the way, it doesn’t even have to be The Occidental Observer, you even get sort of that edgy now. The libertarians are getting censored and their videos are being pulled down!


The FBI are declaring war on mums in America, because they’re going in there and they’re pushing back on the mental abuse of White children with Critical Race Theory! And they are now, …




They too now are on those list of targets of “domestic terrorism”. And this whole “insurrection” thing was complete nonsense! It was completely over amplified! It was just a bunch of pissed off Trump supporters at the election been stolen! Which it was.


It’s like immigration. you’re not allowed to get fed up with these things! I mean, they call you an “extremist”! Like, listen! You’ve changed the demographics of Europe in about 40 years!




I mean, we had 50,000 French Huguenots in the 12th century, was a standout event!


So I mean, it really is extreme! In my lifetime essentially, that they have changed the demographics of Europe to that extent.


But yeah, this domestic terrorism thing. And it will tie in with this whole Social Credit Score. Because if you’re not part of this system and playing ball, I believe you’re gonna feel the might of these counter-insurgency elements of the government.


This is in the Washington Post. It says:


“The White House on Tuesday, released the first National Strategy devoted solely to fighting domestic terrorism after more than two decades of successive administrations focusing almost exclusively on the militant Islamist threat. The strategy comes after a deadly assault, …”


[chuckling]A deadly assault” on the US Capitol, a completely unarmed bunch of, …:


“… and a resurgence in far-Right violent extremism, that the Trump Administration, with rare exceptions, was loath to acknowledge.”


So there we have this “great threat of White supremacy!”, is always there, isn’t it? It’s always, … You know:


“We must we just be careful! We mustn’t like attack these White people, because they’re starting to realize that they’re actually White! If you keep like telling them they’re “White”, you know, this could put in jeopardy our multicultural, Democratic utopia! Because we’re doing so well with that!”


And so there’s always this bogeyman of White supremacy. Which is extremely ironic. Because, if you go to say, if you went to Bradford, or Leicester, or pretty much anywhere now. Most of London as I say, in the capital of England. Where we’ve got a Muslim Mayor! Is he a Muslim? I don’t know. He’s just a scumbag!






Is it not hard to swallow being ruled by these people who arrived in this country last Tuesday? I mean, it really is difficult to swallow! But that is where the trend is going with domestic terrorism, with the Amber Rudd legislation. This type of talk about how they’re going to be treating Trump supporters, and everything else.


I know we’re short of time. So I’ll just wrap it up.


I wrote this the other day. For everything that we face and all their power. And all the might that they have, and their intimidation. We actually have advantages. I’m actually, as I said, I’m blown away by the amount of people here. Because there’s more of us!


And we need to make sure that they come here. And we need to get the truth out there, because as Mark said, it is true. We have reduced our identity now for anybody who wants to come here, to like a piece of paper! You get citizenship.


So, for this to work in my mind, I think what has to happen there’s a, … I haven’t heard mainstream media talk about this. But what must happen, I think, is there’s a miraculous transformation, just as you start your descent into Heathrow, or Gatwick, where you suddenly become English, [Applause] or Irish! You start getting freckles as you sort of head into Dublin! [Laughter] But that is the way identity’s been reduced now!


And it’s so obviously nonsense! And it is part of this mentalcide that people have been brainwashed, and our children have been brainwashed! And we need to bring them here and tell them the truth. Tell them it’s okay to be White! It’s okay to affirm what’s normal, and what’s the reality.


So in a way, as much as it’s inconvenient, some of the shenanigans that go on with these groups and their threats, I think we’ve got the best of both worlds today. Because we still did the conference. But! They let us know that we’re a threat to them!




I’d be insulted if they didn’t try!




So for all their power, we have numbers. And we have the truth. And I’m a Christian too. And I believe we have the Lord. And the reason we are a threat is, because we have survived the onslaught, as well! We’ve survived the mental onslaught! And they cannot suppress a people who refuse to be suppressed!




Yeah, they can’t control that! You see they can’t buy that! And they can’t intimidate, because people can be scared, but to be intimidated is to submit to the fear! It’s a choice you make! It’s ultimately in the final equation, an act of the will, or not, as to whether you’re intimidated, or not.


And those of us in here, have at least today, exercised our will and chosen not to be intimidated! And they can’t control that.


And they can’t control a people who refuse to relinquish their identity. It doesn’t matter, they can’t control it! They can’t do it! They can’t control a people who refuse to succumb to the indoctrination and the mentalcide, like I said! And they simply cannot refuse us to say, … It’s probably the most important thing. People who refuse to be, and who will not be intimidated! Ever!


And that’s about all I’ve got to say. I’ll leave it there!


[Loud applause]




[Outro music]

















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