Mark Collett – Patriotic Weekly Review – with Piers Corbyn – Oct 28, 2021 — Transcript

[Mark Collett, leader of the pro-White British movement, Patriotic Alternative, discusses Covid-19, lockdowns, vaccinations, etc., with Piers Corbyn. Piers is the older brother of former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.




Mark Collett


Patriotic Weekly Review


with Piers Corbyn



Oct 28, 2021



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Published on Oct 28, 2021


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Patriotic Weekly Review – with Piers Corbyn

October 28th, 2021


Mark Collett




Episode 129 of Patriotic Weekly Review with special guest Piers Corbyn as well as regular contributor No White Guilt.

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Mark’s Introduction of Piers Corbyn

Piers Corbyn Self Introduction

Who’s Pulling the Strings?

Is There a Virus out There?

Vaccine Passports

Share Your Conversations with the Inner Circles

A Younger Boris on Climate Change

The Russians on the Kyoto Protocol

Has Piers Been Threatened About Appearing with Mark Collett?

Political Abuse of Medicine

No White Guilt Fills in for Mark

The Effectiveness of and Negative Reactions to the Vaccine

Ivermectin and Other Drugs

Natural Immunity

Do the Native British People Have the Same Rights as Palestinians?

Is Boris Johnson Aware of Globalist Plans?

MPs Being Bamboozled, Blackmailed & Bribed

Bill Gates and Africans

Are Human Rights for the British People Under Threat?

Where is Society Headed with Covid Passports?

Possible Meetup with Piers Corbyn

Mark’s Self Introduction for Newcomers

Is Piers Aware of the Jewish Question?

Piers Interview Comes to an End

Mark’s Appreciation of Piers

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Building a Two-Tier Society

Superchat – Are Africans Being Used as Biological Weapons?

Depopulation Drive Aimed at People of European Descent

Mass Immigration and Terrorism – Statistics

No White Guilt on the Anti-White Agenda

Superchat – Which European Country Will Be the First to Overthrow the Globalist System?

Superchat – There Should Be an Immigration Moratorium

The Covid Jab and Infertility

Big Pharma Ceos Not Taking the Covid Jab?

Superchat – Dealing with Anti-White Hate

Using the Third World as Guinea Pigs

Multi-Millionaire, Joanna Lumley and Wartime Style Rationing?

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The Anti-White Governments of the West

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Superchat – British & American Counter-Culture?

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Wrapping up – Jason’s After Party

New Video – “Prevent: the Government’s Anti-White Terror Strategy”

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Mark’s Introduction of Piers Corbyn



Mark Collett: Hello everybody. And welcome to Patriotic Weekly Review, episode 129. And we are very, very privileged tonight to be joined by the legendary Piers Corbyn.


Now Piers Corbyn is a freedom campaigner. He is a man who has fought relentlessly against these tyrannical lockdowns. He is a man who has bravely defied the police and the State to fight for our freedoms against forced vaccination, against vaccine passports, and against the lockdowns that have ruined so many lives.


Now Piers can unfortunately only be here for an hour, this evening. So we are going to hand everything straight over to him. If you want to donate tonight. If you want to send a Superchat, please send donations via Entropy. You can also ask non-paid questions. And we’ll ask Piers questions as we go through the night.


And we are live in all the usual places. We’re live on Radio Albion. We are live on Dlive. We are live on Odysee and we are live on Wake Up UK.


So Piers. How are you doing? Tell our audience a little bit about yourself and about your important work.



Piers Corbyn Self Introduction



Piers Corbyn: Well I’m very good today. I was in Birmingham yesterday at a big rally. And I’ve just been to the Julian Assange rally outside the Law Courts of Justice in London. And also outside India House, on a numbers of issues. But they’re all related. I am from Let the UK Live website, at the UK live dot com, and also associated website, Stop New Normal dot net.


And we are fighting to stop the impositions of the new normal and New World Order. Meaning that we want to build, or our building, or a part of, a united campaign to stop all the, well, any lockdowns, all the Covid rules, the passporting, and the jabbing program, especially for children.


Mark Collett: Excellent! Well, can I ask start with a big question? Obviously you and I, we agree on a lot of things, …


Piers Corbyn: Hello? Hello?


Mark Collett: Can you hear me?


Piers Corbyn: Yeah!



Who’s Pulling the Strings?



Mark Collett: Good. Obviously you and I agree on a lot of things. We probably don’t agree on everything. But we are very interested to hear what your take is on who and what is behind this Covid scamdemic? What’s behind all this? And who are the people pulling the strings? And what is their big agenda?


Piers Corbyn: Well, there’s numbers of very large interest groups who are working together, at this point, in time. But they may, of course, fall out at some point in time, as well. The main force now is the big tech, and the big pharmaceutical industries. The tech one is all about data harvesting, and selling and control. The big pharma are about promoting jabbing. And, of course, more jabbing! First jab! Second jab! Third jab! And so it goes on. Booster jabs!


People like Bill Gates are, of course, crucial. But they’re not necessarily the immediate direct beneficiaries of everything. Although he’s making a tidy few billion, but behind all that there are shadowy forces, I would say, who all stand again but have a view of the a future world, which is a mega corporation dominated.


Set up where democracy is eroded and taken away and destroyed completely. And our freedoms are severely limited, and people are, a lot of people will be turned into genetically modified people. Which is a pretty scary thought!


But they are promoting genetically modified food and plants, therefore all their same idea applies to humans, unfortunately.


Mark Collett: Okay. Thank you. Can I ask you another one, …


Piers Corbyn: And they’re not only [word unclear]. But, I can’t say who, you know, names. I don’t know. But there are very big interest groups. Some of which, of course, people discuss on the internet. I mean, in terms of public face, of course, we have the World Economic Forum, and Klaus Schwab. Their main public ideologue.




Mark Collett: So can I ask you another question Piers, if that’s okay?


Piers Corbyn: Yep.



Is There a Virus out There?



Mark Collett: Do you believe that there is actually a virus out there? In your opinion is Covid an actual virus? Are they just overblowing something that does exist, or do you think Covid itself doesn’t exist?


Piers Corbyn: Well, there are of course, … First of all two questions there. One is what is a virus? And do they exist in the sense that they are things which become living when they’re attached to something and then cause illness, or disease? Now that view of viruses is questioned by some, who basically say that isn’t true. However, you know, there is a model around that. So do viruses fit into, or does Covid fit into this model? And I would say:


“Well no, it doesn’t.”


Because the, two problems with the Covid thing. One is that it looks like it was some genetic modification, or a creation. And specifically, numbers of us including me, for example, with supporters, wrote to Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, and Bill Gates. And asked them to show us under the standard Koch Test, the existence of a Covid-19 causing virus, which they were causing SARS -2, etc. And they did not even respond to the letters.


So they don’t have [sound cut out] evidence on the standard test to this virus.


Now smallpox, although people argue about, talking about in terms of this campaign, we’re saying that whatever there is around, whether it’s a real or manufactured thing, or not, it doesn’t justify any lockdowns.


But okay your question:


“Is it a virus?”


Well, one, not in the proper sense, it’s not a virus. And two, what is it, then? It’s some manufactured genetic modifier.


Mark Collett: Well thank you very much. Now obviously, myself, I believe these lockdowns are unconstitutional.


Piers Corbyn: Yeah.


Mark Collett: I believe they’re tyrannical.


Piers Corbyn: Of course.


Mark Collett: I believe that what is happening now is the greatest power grab in the history of the UK! I am completely against that.


Piers Corbyn: Yep! You’re right! History of the world even, …



Vaccine Passports



Mark Collett: Yeah! And I’m also completely against the vaccine passports.


Piers Corbyn: Yeah.


Mark Collett: What is your reaction to what’s going on in nations like Lithuania, and Austria, and New Zealand? Where they are creating, what are essentially two-tier systems. Where if you take the jabs, as they roll them out, you have rights. And if you do not take the jabs, you essentially have no rights, and aren’t even allowed to go into supermarkets.


Piers Corbyn: Yeah. Well, it’s utterly unacceptable! You see what they’re doing is saying:


“If you agree to be part of an experiment., …”


But let’s be precise:


“If you agree to physical assault on your body and health, …”


Because we know these jabs cause illness and death! Actually cause illness and death:


“Then, you have a certain rights, that you otherwise wouldn’t have, restored.”


You know, right to travel, or have jobs, or whatever.


Now this is completely unacceptable! It’s a segregationist society they’re building. It’s a bit like a notice on a door, or a workplace, saying, “No blacks allowed”. You see, or “No blacks may apply here”. It’s the same segregationism, to create division. And, of course, weaken certain groups. In this case the unjabbed.


Now the justification for this, of course, is something like:


“Unjabbed people spread disease!”


But this is a complete lie! And if anything, it’s the jabbed people who spread disease, because their immune systems are damaged. And therefore they can pick things up, more than others people, and spread them. And that is quite apart from the issue of what you might call “shedding”, whereby whatever modifier is in these bodies, can be shed to other people. So a bit like an illness gets spread. Now I don’t, … That has been suggested. But crucially the all the evidence is that people who are jabbed are spreaders of disease, more so than those who haven’t been jabbed.


And if you have been jabbed, you’re much more likely, … I think the figure now is about ten times more likely, to get a Covid type illness, as they would call it, rather than the probability of the unjabbed getting it. Because the jab itself causes the symptoms, … [sound cut off] hello? You still there?




Mark Collett: We certainly are. I think Jason has a question for you Piers.


Piers Corbyn: Good. Yeah. No, there’s some messages coming up on the screen about my phone in general, “Experia isn’t responding”. I don’t know if that matters, or not. Okay. Anyway, press on!


No White Guilt: Very, very good Piers. It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Jason.


Piers Corbyn: Thank you, … [sound garbled]


No White Guilt: Thank you for being with us. I actually have a question for you.


Piers Corbyn: Excellent.



Share Your Conversations with the Inner Circles



No White Guilt: You are much closer to circles, and you have moved in circles that the rest of us are we can only speculate about. You’ve spoken with people that we can only imagine what it would be like to be in those kinds of conversations. Relative to Covid, or any of these, …


Piers Corbyn: Oh, sure! I’ve spoken to a number of, … Well, at least one Prime Minister, and a number of, … [sound breaking up]


No White Guilt: Could you possibly share with us?


Piers Corbyn: Sorry. Say that again?


No White Guilt: Could you possibly share with us, what it’s like to be in those conversations? And how do they try to sell these ideas to people in those circles?



A Younger Boris on Climate Change



Piers Corbyn: In any of these deep conversations? So, all I can say is that I met Tony Blair once, and unsuccessful ones too, … Get rid of Mrs Thatcher and bring him into power in 1997. Whether it made much difference to anything as a question [sound cuts out], … One nice chap, you know, blah, blah. But then went off doing bombing! So, but I wasn’t involved in any such discussions.


I’ve also had conversations with Boris Johnson at quite a great length, actually, on the phone about climate change. This was when he was a journalist on The Spectator, and other newspapers. And it was quite an interesting conversation.


And he appeared to believe what we were saying, namely that man-made climate changes doesn’t exist. And this is not to control climate. The proposition is not to control climate, but really to control you! Now, he basically went along with that. And was quite a friendly sort of fellow. It was interesting stuff he was talking about.


Namely that he’d been told certain things from the Intergovernmental Planning on Climate Change, and what did I think about it? I told him.


But the shenanigans going on behind the scenes, I wasn’t connected with there. Although just those conversations.



The Russians on the Kyoto Protocol



A third one worth mentioning is, I was invited to the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2004, by Andre Ileanov, who was Putin’s chief scientific advisor. And I was there along with four, or five others from around the world. And we were going to have a debate with the British Met Office, who were coming there to basically try and tell the Russians to sign the Kyoto Protocol. Very interesting meeting! But, it was basically about science.


However afterwards some quite interesting things happened. Because the Russian Academy of Sciences agreed with us, that the Kyoto Protocol should not be signed, because there was no such thing as man-made climate change, or insufficient evidence for it.


But two months later, or one month later, Putin signed the Kyoto Protocol. So I phoned up the Russians and said:


“Well, what’s going on guys? You said, we said, everybody said, that it’s a nonsense! So why is Putin signing it?”


Oh. And they were clearly a bit sort of guarded, in fact, extremely guarded. What they said was:


“Beslan! Beslan! Beslan!”


And I said:


“Well. What do you mean?”


And he said:


“Beslan! That’s all I can say. I’ll have to go!”


And he ran off. Now if you recall “Beslan” was that place in Chechnya where Beslan rebels had occupied a school. And there was a shootout between them and the Russian security forces. And they’ve got a lot of people [333] killed. What has that got to do with signing the Kyoto Protocol? Well, I think the answer came another month later, when the Russians went into Chechnya and were killing, killing, and killing! And the West did nothing! Didn’t raise an eyebrow.


So all I can conclude is that it was a deal.:


“We’ll sign Kyoto. Now if you shut up, when we do things in our backyard, next month!”


That’s what happened. So. It’s just an example of murky things that go on behind the scenes. So I can’t be specific about other stuff, really. Except to say, often things happen not for the reasons claimed. And in this case, the Russian signing the Kyoto Protocol was not anything to do with believing in it, but a deal, to their advantage.


And that, of course, applies to all governments, will do things in that way. Things are not what they seem! I think that’s a fair lesson.




Mark Collett: Thank you for that very, very in-depth answer. We do have a question from the audience, from a lady called Cat Hugger, who said:


“Good evening Mr Corbyn. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us tonight, …”


Piers Corbyn: I like cats! Very good!



Has Piers Been Threatened About Appearing with Mark Collett?



Mark Collett: She certainly does as well. She’s a very good friend of ours. And she asked you:


“What was the worst you’ve been threatened with to hinder you from appearing on tonight’s stream?”


Did anyone threaten you and try and stop you appearing?


Piers Corbyn: No! Well sorting out this phone was a few problems, but it might just be the connection of where I’m sitting. So, no. No one has threatened me with anything.


Mark Collett: Excellent! Well that is reassuring, …


Piers Corbyn: I mean, maybe they will later. I don’t know what they could play me with, because I ignore all threats anyway! So, you know.


Mark Collett: Well, that is very reassuring. We have got a question here from Reed Johnson, who gave five US dollars. Thank you so much Reed. And this is a question for Mr Corbyn. He said:


“Aside from the political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union against dissidents, most unfamiliar with politics playing medicine, in your opinion, what’s the best way to defeat this particular dangerous dynamic?”


Piers Corbyn: Oh well, the dynamic being the use of medicine? Is what the question means?



Political Abuse of Medicine



Mark Collett: Yeah. I think he’s asking the use of medicine as a means of political power.


Piers Corbyn: Oh, okay. I understand. Well, it’s very, very evil. And, of course, Hitler used these things, in experiments on people. Which is why, after the war, there should be no medical operations, medical things, that are performed on people without their informed consent!


Now the greatest punishment for that, breaking that, was death! That was agreed by the Allied Powers, after the war. Included in most, probably in all countries. But in the case of Britain, it’s in the 1984 Public Health Act, Section 45e. Which refers to essentially to coercion. Now, … [sound cut out]


Mark Collett: It appears his stream has dropped out. We appear to have lost him. He’s obviously doing this off his phone. That’s very, very unfortunate. I hope he rejoins ASAP.


We have a lot of people watching as well, but we will try and fill the hour. Read some of the Superchats that are just donations. Aunt Sally gave three pounds. Thank you so much and Aunt Sally said:


“Thank you.”


Serena JB gave five pounds. Thank you so much. And said:


“Thank you for all you do for the native British people who do not want to be replaced, ‘We Were Never Asked’.”


Thank you so much Serena.


Max Anderson gave five pounds. Thank you so much. And said:


“I’ll be watching later on replay, but just wanted to donate. Thanks Mark and Jason for you do. I’m excited to hear Mr Corbyn’s views.”


We certainly were. But he seems to have dropped out. I could give him a call. I could give him a call. Do you want to take the reigns here Jason?





No White Guilt Fills in for Mark



No White Guilt: Yeah, absolutely! Well, go ahead and give him a call. It’s been interesting so far, hasn’t it folks?


I was really interested in these informations that, because of his propinquity, this relation this nearness of relationship, kinship, the kinds of conversations that they would end up having within the family. Of course, they’re going to be things that are going to be kept away from certain family members, or all family members, even, depending upon who the government elected official is, or a member of the bureaucracy.


Nonetheless, you’re going to get an inside view relative to what the rest of us get. And it’s akin to what I used to be able to see when I worked on the Hill in Washington, DC..


And to be able to hear these conversations, because what you’re hearing is you’re not going to be hearing. And you notice he was off on the races there, with that question. It really stimulated a lot of thought. And I think he could have talked probably for another two, or so, hours just on that alone. You’re not going to be hearing, …


And this is the crucial thing that you need to appreciate. You’re not going to be hearing like some sort of inside baseball, if you will. But you’re going to be hearing how those in power sell their agenda to those who are next in line down the rung of ladder, or next in line down from that rung. Because that is just as important.


And it’s just as fascinating as what they then end up sharing with the population. They’re not always the exact same two things! And by knowing what is being shared there, you are empowered with more information and able to make, to come to better deductions, about what’s really going on in the world, as a consequence.


But I don’t know if we have if Mark was able to place the call, or not. We’re gonna have him back soon. Hopefully we will, because he’s obviously a very interesting fellow. And he’s really affable, as well. I had never spoken with him before. So this is a great treat, even with some, …


Mark Collett: Give me another couple of seconds, mate!


No White Guilt: All right, no worries. Even with some technical difficulties. But this is, of course, why, when folks are interviewed by the regime’s media, they send out teams and they make sure that everything’s working right. So we can just get a peer into the lives of the interviewee. And what they have to share with us. But it was, … Thank you Arab Social Nationalist. It was an excellent question. And the answer was highly Illuminating.


Yeah, I think he could have told us a lot more. And often when interviewing people, you find that if you ask these sort of, I don’t know, I guess ordinary questions, that they might hear at a coffee shop, they might hear over dinner somewhere. An interviewee feels more comfortable, and they’re willing to share more in a more human way. Rather than that guarded way that people normally, when they’re asked questions, they feel almost like they’re being interrogated by law enforcement.


And they have to be careful about every single thing that they say. But nonetheless, …


Back to what I was just saying. It’s the kind of thing that you can end up catching little tidbits. And I have no doubt that when we go back and listen to what he had to say again, about the kind of information he was receiving, you’ll be able to tease out that he was in circles, he was privy to conversations, that reveal much more than the laity, the rest of us normally are able to acquire. It looks like we might have Piers back, or coming, …


Mark Collett: We have Piers’s back!


No White Guilt: Okay.


Mark Collett: Hello Piers. Can you hear us?


No White Guilt: I am back. Sorry! I’ve moved to another part of this building where the reception is slightly better, I think.


Mark Collett: Well, that is much better.


Piers Corbyn: Okay?



The Effectiveness of and Negative Reactions to the Vaccine



Mark Collett: It’s much better. So, I’ve got another question, another comment that you might like to answer. This is from Glenn the Chinaman who gave three dollars and he said:


“In this part of the world, it appears that the vaccines aren’t working. Singapore South Korea and Cambodia have 80% plus of the population vaccinated, but Covid cases are getting worse, not better.”


What’s your take on that? In these very vaccinated countries things are actually getting worse, and worse, rather than better.


Piers Corbyn: Well this is happening in all countries where they’ve had lots of jabs. Well, what it actually shows is that the jab itself is causing the illnesses, or the symptoms, which it is meant to be ending. And the undertakers in Milton Keynes, which is just a town in England, for example, described the situation, as he said:


“The jab itself is the Delta variant!”


The Delta variant being the one that they’re talking about here, as being a new danger. You see the whole thing is hocus pocus! They create extra cases just by doing more testing! And the testing produces false positives.


So they can do all the testing, then they do more jabbing, because of the testing. And then they declare there’s even more cases! Now the jab thing itself, causes the cases. So they have a runaway thing of hysteria. The consequence of which is more, and more, people get jabbed! Which is their aim.




Mark Collett: And this is a big worry for me! Because I’ve got a little girl. She’s only two years old. We’re hearing that ultimately they want to jab everyone! They’re trying to get those jabs even into the youngest of children. What do you think will be the long-term effects for people who have had, maybe multiple, two, three, four, of these jabs?


Piers Corbyn: Well, the figures I’ve seen, show that after one jab your immune system, … This is, if you accept the kind of germ theory of human body, but your immune system, or your health system, if you like. Gets damaged by 15% of its strength. Two jabs 30%. Three jabs, I suppose 45%, or something like that. So people with lots of jabs then become open to getting all sorts of illness, or disease, because their health system, their own personal health system, is damaged!


So a mass population jabbing program will result in, often sick populations, who then become dependent on more jabs! Because the Big Pharma will come up with something to say:


“Oh you need this jab to help problems that you’ve now got!”


Which, of course, if cures caused by the previous jab. So that’s one thing, a sick population.


People will die sooner. A lot of people, … Well numbers of people, one in 300 young men, get myocarditis. That is just statistically [word unclear] already admitting. This means they have a heart problem, athleticism, and it means they’ll die younger.


Another common thing is that women who are pregnant get miscarriages. They’ll probably find it difficult, if they haven’t got pregnant. And may become infertile. Now that is a long-term effect you can’t prove right now. But that has been put forward as a likely outcome. So some doctors have said.


So the whole thing is bad! And there’s no justification in any intelligent medical terms for jabbing! [word unclear] said:


“Don’t do it!”


Because they could see there are dangers, which is just the numbers. And any supposed gain is outweighed by the dangers. However the government’s gone ahead with it, or is trying to go ahead with it. But it’s meeting massive resistance, now, … [breaking up] is very bad.



Ivermectin and Other Drugs



No White Guilt: Just have a quick question about Ivermectin, the drug Ivermectin. Early on Australia had done some testing in vitro with Ivermectin that showed 24 hours ahead, and completely killed Covid — 19. Do you think that this is a viable drug to combat whatever it is?


Piers Corbyn: Yeah, I do. Now, I’m not a doctor. But I know the list of things which have shown to be effective in dealing with Covid symptoms. And could also, it is argued by them, help people who’ve got ill, followed by the jab.


Because essentially the jab appears to be having the same effect as the so-called illness itself, or illness, or experimental thing, whatever it is. So yes, Ivermectin appears to work. But it mustn’t be overdosed.


The NHS did a fake, or an unfair, test of Ivermectin. Gave a five, or ten times dose to people, without adding, … No it wasn’t Ivermectin actually, they tested. Sorry, no. Ivermectin does appear to work.


Also, there’s another thing, a mixture of Hydrochloroquine and zinc. And the NHS did a test whereby they overdosed Hydrochloroquine, and left out the zinc, and declared it didn’t work. Oh well! It wouldn’t work, because they were doing it wrong. Pine needle tea, has been also recommended. And in general terms, if people have got a slight blood clotting, aspirin, for example, thins the blood to an extent.


But that doesn’t mean really that would work with the spike proteins, which appear to be the source of blood clotting in the case of these jabs. So although aspirin has been suggested. I don’t know if that is recommended by these doctors, or not.


But I think the issue of the jab here is very important. And we have to work to find cures, or get groups going to people who found their own cures, obviously involving general health living vitamins C and D, for example. But it’s a big issue! And we have to work to support [?] the jab deal, because whether, or not, they did it willingly, they are ill. And it’s not a nice thing. And a lot of them were just coerced into it.





Natural Immunity



Mark Collett: I was also going to ask, because I think this is quite important. Obviously natural immunity has always in the past, has been seen to be the gold standard of immunity!


Now, when it comes to these vaccinations, they are saying that natural immunity does not count. So if you’ve had Covid and you’ve developed natural immunity, they are saying that doesn’t count. Is that just a monetary thing? Or do you think there is – because obviously they want to sell as many jabs as possible. But do you think there’s also the chance that these people have [word unclear] reason for pushing the jabs upon healthy people, who already have natural immunity?


Piers Corbyn: Yeah, that’s a very good question, obviously, for the jab companies, and well, making more money, that can justify any thing. But I think they do have a hidden agenda here. Which is a world depopulation. I mean, Bill Gates has been quite open about it. Boris Johnson has been open about it. His father’s been open about it.


And there are various websites associated with them which have predictions of world population, which are just below them now. And they don’t explain how this reduction was appeared. But one is some people dying from the jab. And a bigger general effect, … And then, they won’t. So those who haven’t been jabbed, or have somehow overcome these difficulties will would be the only ones able to [word unclear]. There will be a significant drop in world population within 20 years.


Mark Collett: We have a question here that, …


Piers Corbyn: It’s pretty grim.



Do the Native British People Have the Same Rights as Palestinians?



Mark Collett: It is grim. We do have a slightly, a question on a slightly different topic here. This is from Beer Hall Pooch. Who says:


“Piers rightly and honourably stands with the native Palestinians fighting for their homeland against occupation, does he afford the same right to the native people of the UK?”


Piers Corbyn: Ha, hah, ha! Well, absolutely! We’re fighting for our freedoms too! Against the New World Order! I mean, I thought you’d lead into a bigger question. Do we have the UK independent, … Sorry English people, independent of the UK? Well I think you’d have to look into the Constitution. But as it is technically, of course, Wales and Scotland are separate countries, whereas England is not. Does it need to be? Well, that is worth a discussion. But I wouldn’t, … It’s not fundamental to the campaigning we’re doing, which is just to build a united action across the United Kingdom, against all the Covid restrictions. Jabbing and lockdowns.





Is Boris Johnson Aware of Globalist Plans?



Mark Collett: Thank you. We’ve got another question for you here from Henry Walker, who gave five US dollars. Thank you very much Henry. Who said:


“To what extent are world leaders like Boris Johnson aware of the globalists plans? Are they told when they get into office not really in charge? And who gives them their orders?”


Piers Corbyn: Ha, ha, ha! Well, that’s a very good question! Which, … Yeah. I mean, there’s various conversations I’ve had with my brother, right? You know, quite interesting. Some of which are probably off the record. But you see, for people like him, they deemed him not part of the club. So he would be excluded from conversation [word unclear], which is the adviser to the Queen. But I’m sure they would have other discussions elsewhere, where he wouldn’t see her.


Now okay. So the question is:


“Do people like him know there’s something else driving agenda?”


So I would say:


“Yes, they do.”


Now, how is Boris Johnson told to do things, which he otherwise [word unclear] But I can just say, I was a Councillor for a while, which is not a big deal, compared with being in Parliament. But, you know, sometimes you’d be putting forward some policy and some official would come up to you and say:


“Well, Mr Corbyn this isn’t possible, because, …”


And they, you know, quote all sorts of rules about fiduciary, or i.e., financial duties, and this and that, legalities. And the same happens in Parliament. So, they get coerced and diverted, or pushed down certain directions, which they otherwise wouldn’t have gone down.


But they probably don’t realize that they are being pushed. It all looks like reasonable advice. And when it comes to things like man-made climate change, which is complete nonsense, because it’s CO2 levels follow temperatures, not the other way around. But cohorts of liars, fake scientists, or well, or scientists who have a degree in the stuff, but who paid loads of money by Bill Gates and others to propagate nonsense.



MPs Being Bamboozled, Blackmailed & Bribed



So, you know, MPs will get bamboozled by these people. So the difficulty is, of course, that these people who are making decisions on our behalf have no real independent advice. They’re offered advice which is purported to be independent. But it is clearly not. I suppose that answers part of the question.


Are there other things going on like bribery and blackmail? I would say completely, yes! Can I prove this? Well, basically, most, if not all of them, have made huge amounts of money from being involved in either vaccine, or masking. That’s just a fact! Now I would say that nobody with a conflict of interest should be allowed in the cabinet, well in Parliament! Let alone in cabinet.


Other things? You don’t know what these MPs have done in the past. Whether they’ve done things wrong, whether they’ve been blackmailed. I mean, Boris Johnson could be told:


“Well, about that 25th girl that you met on, blah, blah, blah, you know, she’s gonna raise something unless, you know, blah, blah, blah.”


And people can have threats made by implication.


I mean, as an example, you can get quite direct threats. It was a long time ago this one. I was in Imperial College, and got very involved in squatting campaigns. And somebody came to me and said:


“Oh Piers, I know somebody in Whitehall who has told me, or asked me to tell you, that if you carry on in this campaigning, you may be guilty of conspiracy to trespass.”


Right? Now “conspiracy to trespass” is obviously things like scheming with others to organize a squad. But anything with conspiracy on it, can suffer a life sentence. So, you know, this was a serious threat, if you like. But I just ignored it completely. I thanked the guy who told me. And he wasn’t going to divulge any source, or anything. He just said he was asked to pass this on.


So it was a threat at a distance. I ignored it completely, believing that, … Well, if they try such a thing there would be a outcry and would produce numbers outside any court case, so that it wouldn’t happen. Now indeed it didn’t happen! And I carried on with the campaigning.


But there will be threats like that. And often people do buckle under.





Bill Gates and Africans



Mark Collett: Well, thank you. We’ve got another question here for you for twenty dollars. Thank you very much Glenn the Chinaman. Very generous of you! And he says:


“Where does the accusation that Bill Gates is killing Africans come from? If you look at world population projections it is more like he is breeding Africans, than killing them. [Piers chuckles] And, in fact, the only people with that growing population is Africa. It is White people and other nations whose populations are declining.”


Piers Corbyn: Well that’s true! In terms of numbers, yes. But, let’s be clear Bill Gates. And the people around the new normal World Economic Forum, regard sub-Saharan Africa as the main danger for population growth. And they want to reverse that.


I was present at a meeting in the, … It was a meeting about climate held in the Royal Society. And they’d run out of things to say in the meeting, and started, you know, talking in general terms. And the guy there from the IPPC, or some professor. I’m not sure his exact status. But it was pretty important, anyway. He said:


“Yeah, yeah, we’ve got to deal with world population problem, …”


Because, of course, the idea is that CO2 is going up, because of man. Now it’s nothing to do with mankind going up, … It is to do with sea temperatures. But that’s their theory, therefore mankind is a problem, therefore there’s too many people! And somebody asked:


“Oh! Where’s the main problem you see then?”


And they said:


“Sub-Saharan Africa!”


Okay. So that’s why they see the problem. And they want to reduce fertility in sub-Saharan Africa. And indeed Bill Gates has specifically done that. There were some anti-tetanus jabs they administered which included things which caused infertility. That was done to thousands of women. And that’s a direct example. I haven’t got the figures, the thing in front of me. But that’s what it was.


And there was another case where he did some experiments in Guinea Basso, where they vaccinated, or jabbed, let’s say, thousands of young women against diphtheria. And they had a look at their following health. And some of them were dying. Obviously some die at random, or whatever.


But the death rates of the ones who had been jabbed was ten times that of those who had not. But they were not dying from diphtheria, they were dying from other things. Because their immune systems in their health, body health system systems, had been damaged. And they were catching other things.


Now was that part of a depopulation plan? Ah, well, I don’t know. In that case it was an experiment. But let’s be clear they do have a depopulation plan, and reducing fertility is part of it.



Are Human Rights for the British People Under Threat?



Mark Collett: Thank you. Stan Juan gave 25 US dollars. Thank you for the generous Superchat. And asked:


“Piers. Are human rights for the British people under threat?”


Can you hear me?


Piers Corbyn: What’s Up has stopped, …


Mark Collett: Can you hear me? We can hear you. Yes, we can hear you. Can you hear us?


Piers Corbyn: Completely! Everything, the new normal, or New World Order does is not there, … Yes, can you hear me?


Mark Collett: We certainly can Piers. Yes, we can.


Piers Corbyn: New rules, the impositions to supposedly to control the virus, or alter climate, they are to control you! And specifically about detailed [words unclear] rights to. All these things about being too close to each other, are direct attacks on the rights of communication, free speech, and assembly! And it’s covered up, of course, in terms of something to do with a virus that you can’t see.


Now if there really was a deadly virus out there. If you look at the tubes, and buses, and transport system in London, or in fact, all over the country now, and they’re full of people. So if there was actually a deadly virus out there, we’d all be dead by now! So it’s complete lies! So the point of it is directly to take away your freedoms.


Now why do they want to take away your freedoms? Well it’s, because that is strength. Communities which could communicate with themselves are strong. So they want to enroll all in the 1992 global, whatever, Climate Summit, whatever it was called. Of course, a part of destroying working class strength. And that is going on to this day. Withdrawing rights of assembly and speech are completely fundamental. So people like Julian Assange have to be defended completely. Which is why I was at his rally outside the Law Court of Justice today.





Where is Society Headed with Covid Passports?



Mark Collett: Thank you very much. We’ve got a question here from a chap called Voodoo Media, who sent five US dollars. And he said:


“Question for Piers. Seeing as Covid passport call centre jobs are already being recruited for, where does Piers see society heading after they are introduced?”



Piers Corbyn: Well, I see the important one, who’s got a Covid passport and destroy any of these QR codes knocking around, or whatever. What would happen if we get these things imposed. Well, I would say it will be completely horrific!


Which brings me to a new leaflet which we are circulating. And I’ll hold it up, as find where this reception is best. It’s called “Reject Segregation”. I’ll hold it up. But you can find these things, if it’s not there yet, it will be soon. Namely on Stop New Normal dot net, or Let the UK Live dot com.


This will be downloadable. I don’t know if you can see that clearly? [his video is frozen] But there’s one side of it. And the other side is, no health, “No UK Health Pass”. And here there’s written on some pretty dramatic things, which will result.


So you’ve got this kind of a mock-up of a passport on your mobile phone. Well read what it says:


“Warning! You are due to a gene altering shot in 10 days time! Your failure to comply will result in, …”


And these are possibilities you see, because of we have now such electronics around, …:


“Bank account suspension. Driving license suspension. Public transport ban. Domestic and international flight ban. Domestic restaurant and pub ban. House arrest!”


Well, because they’re gonna have everything tracking you, all these things are possible.



Possible Meetup with Piers Corbyn



Mark Collett: Oh no! We’ve lost him again, at this important juncture! I hope he’ll be back, because I know he could only stay for the first hour. And the first five minutes we wasted getting things setting up.


But, I have a solution to this and I’m gonna give Piers a call tomorrow. Now obviously this has been a very good show up until now. And me and Jason will answer the questions to the best of our ability. And we will be doing the second hour, where we will keep it on topic. We’ll talk about Covid, we’ll talk about depopulation. We’re not going to go into other things, because obviously people came here for this kind of show. So we will keep it within that vein.


But, if Piers can’t make it back on the stream, or if we keep having technical issues, potentially, I’m going to ask him if myself and Laura could travel down to London maybe, book a conference suite, or even pay for him to travel up here, and book a conference suite, if he was in the area. And do an actual interview with him and film it. Because I think it would be a fascinating interview, to interview him for a couple of hours.


So that might be something we could do. And I think so far it’s been a really good show. And I think it’s definitely been one in the eye for the establishment to have a man of his reputation on this show.




And if he doesn’t come back on, I would have said this. I’d like to have said this to him. But I’ve got to take my hat off to him, because he said he didn’t actually have any threats to not come on this show. But I can imagine in the past he has had pressure put on him. Specifically in relation to me.


Now I had a very big Twitter account. My Twitter account at his height had over 60,000 followers. He had a large Twitter account. We both followed each other. And I made a point about something. I can’t remember what it was. And he actually retweeted it.


And it was covered in the Sun, because at the time his brother Jeremy was obviously leader of the Labour Party. And the Sun put, and the press, put huge amounts of pressure on Piers Corbyn to unfollow me from Twitter. That this was a big thing!:


“Come on Piers! Unfollow this terrible guy!”


And Piers didn’t! Up until the last day I was on Twitter, Piers and I followed each other. So we followed each other to the end. And both of us have now lost our Twitter accounts.


But I remember little things like that. And to me that is a big sign of integrity! He wasn’t going to be bullied then, and he isn’t being bullied now.


And I’m sure I don’t agree with him on everything. And I’m sure he doesn’t agree with me on everything. But I totally respect the man! And I respect his integrity! Not just for coming here tonight. But for the fact that he stands up for what he believes in, and he is willing to work with other people who are dissidents. Maybe dissidents in slightly different ways. But he is willing to work with other dissident voices to come together when it comes to important things like this.



Mark’s Self Introduction for Newcomers



And for those people who are new to this stream tonight, and don’t know who me and Jason are. Jason is the author of “Going Free”, “Born Guilty”, and “Crucible”. Three excellent books! He runs a network of people which he refers to as his “Going Free” network, which help people sort of deprogram themselves, and unplug themselves. It’s like a self-help group helps them deprogram themselves and de-plug from the system. And help themselves out of the negativity that’s foisted upon people constantly! People of European descent who are constantly bombarded with anti-White narratives.


I am the leader of a group called Patriotic Alternative. I run it with Laura Towler, who is my deputy. I’ve written a book too, called “The Fall of Western Man”. And Patriotic Alternative, in particular, as a political movement has a number of leaflets. And four of our leaflets are actually about lockdowns, forced vaccinations, vaccine passports, and the negative effect this so-called “pandemic” has had on normal people, on their health, on their mental well-being, on their businesses, on their family lives.


We’ve talked extensively both myself and Jason about the cruelty of separating families from their loved ones. Take, for example, my daughter was born two years ago. So much of her life – just over two years ago – has been lived under lockdown conditions.


Now she has all of her grandparents luckily. And my parents, specifically don’t believe in all this Covid nonsense! People remember my parents from back in the day. They don’t believe in all this nonsense. And they pretty much defied the lockdown. We’ve defied the lockdown, and they’ve come up to meet us at times. So they’ve seen their grandparents. But some kids wouldn’t have.


We are lucky enough to have Piers back!


Piers Corbyn: I am! Sorry about those guys! It’s this reception here, I think. Or it could be when I suddenly started talking about certain things, it got cut off! I mean, who knows! But I better take your last question, and then go. Because I meant to be somewhere else after this, you see.


Mark Collett: Do you want an easy question, or a spicy question, …?


Piers Corbyn: If that’s all right with? I don’t mind [chuckling]


Mark Collett: No, you’ve been a very good guest, and I would very much like to travel and meet you and maybe we could record an interview between ourselves in a better environment?


Piers Corbyn: Absolutely!


Mark Collett: That’d be wonderful.


Piers Corbyn: Perfect!


Mark Collett: So would you like an easy question, or a more difficult question? You can choose.


Piers Corbyn: Well a more difficult question, this time. Because I think that’s probably what you want to ask.



Is Piers Aware of the Jewish Question?



Mark Collett: Well, we have had David Peterson sent 10 pounds. And he asks:


“Is Piers aware of the jewish Question?”


Piers Corbyn: Ah, well, I’m not quite sure what that means. I mean, I’m not a “Holocaust” denier in case that’s leading up to that. Because some things you say, you’re just, we’re told are “Holocaust” deniers. Well, you know, the “Holocaust” happened. And that was horrific. But that’s all I can say on that. I mean, there’s lots of ways of defining the jewish question, but the difficulties of answering this, can lead you up into certain dangerous, because you’re say things [call broke up].


So, I’m not trying to get out of that. But I’m not convinced we’ve got the time to elabourate on that, at this point, in time. But if you come and see me in, you know, under different circumstances, we could discuss that if you want, more fully, if the meaning of the question can be clarified a bit more. If you think [words unclear] can answer reasonably quickly we could do that.





Piers Interview Comes to an End



Mark Collett: Well Piers, you’ve been an amazing sport tonight! I know the connections hasn’t been perfect. I know you’ve got a dinner event now, so we’ll let you go. But thank you so much for being with us! I’ll send you a text later tonight. And maybe we could speak in the next couple of days about arranging a proper interview. I’d be happy to travel to meet you, or come to some arrangement where we’ll be in the same room. And we can do a proper interview, …


Piers Corbyn: Okay.


Mark Collett: For maybe a couple of hours [connection lost]. Have we still got you?


Piers Corbyn: Excellent! Thank you.


Mark Collett: Thank you very much.


Piers Corbyn: Much better, yeah. And thank you for the interview. And the people asking questions, because they were, all of them, questions designed to make trouble! No, these were the sensible questions. Have a good ongoing program to everyone else, as well. Okay, all the best!


Mark Collett: Thank you.


No White Guilt: Thank you Piers, have a wonderful evening!


Piers Corbyn: Resist! Defy! Do not comply! That’s my message.



Mark’s Appreciation of Piers



Mark Collett: Goodbye, my friend.


Well that was a fantastic show up until now. We still have some Superchats to discuss. And I’ve got to say, what an incredibly good sport Piers is! It was wonderful having him on tonight! He answered all the questions. And the last question he didn’t actually dodge. He said that he would happily discuss that, if he had time to define it properly and go into more detail. So what a fantastic guest he is.


And I think we should maybe arrange something, where myself and Laura have a proper interview with him. And we could even poll our supporters for what questions we could ask him. I’d really like to do that. I’d like to work with him more.


And as I was saying before he returned to the stream that he is certainly a man of great integrity! Certainly a man that I respect a lot. And I think he says a lot that obviously myself, and Piers wouldn’t agree on every single thing. But the fact he was willing to come on the show, was absolutely phenomenal! And it’s a show that I have really enjoyed.


Now we did start five minutes late. He did have to go on the hour. He slightly overshot that, which was very kind of him.


But what I was going to say is, we are going to carry on with the Superchats. And if people would like to know more, who are new to the stream, about Patriotic Alternative, the work that I do, or the work that Jason does with Going Free, you are welcome to ask.


But we will dip into some of these Superchats. Redline gave 10 US dollars and said:


“Great stream! Great guest!”


Thank you so much.


Fourteen Ways gave 14 pounds. Thank you so much. And said:


“Thank you Mark and Jason for all your work.”


Well. Thank you very much my friend.


Jacketerio gave five US dollars and said:


“Great show!”


Thank you so much.



Superchat – Who’s Most Complicit in the Covid Conspiracy?



Henry Walker gave three US dollars. Thank you so much. And this is a good one. Me and Jason can discuss this a little bit. And he said:


“Which power block is most complicit in the Covid conspiracy? The US empire and it’s puppet states, or Russia and China?”


Now. What do you think here Jason? Because I’ve got to say, I would say America is the most complicit as a power block in the Covid conspiracy. Mainly, because it seems to be the mainstream media, including actually Hollywood, to a large degree, because a huge amount of Hollywood pushed this. I would say the narrative has – and I’ve often said this about America I said this the other week when we had Warren on. I said:


“America is essentially the fountain of degeneracy and madness that pollutes every other waterway across the world! It is the font of all evil. Time If you like!”


And I think the same is true with Covid. I think of all nations, America has pushed this probably as hard as anyone. And when you’re talking about actual power blocks, I would say the US empire is far and away ahead of Russia and China when it comes to pushing this. What do you think Jason?




No White Guilt: Well, I think that the anti-Whites have absolutely taken control, dominated all of the Western countries. And in that I would include a Western country as Russia, Eastern Europe, as well. Because they are Western peoples, as we understand them, and going free and the same bio-spirit. As a consequence of those nations the one that has the most power, and therefore that’s going to be the one who has the most money, if you will, the currency that everyone else moves relative to, that’s going to be the United States.


So whatever country that is, it’s going to be the one that is going to be seen as the source of the most degeneracy. Why? Well, because the United States is going to be able to produce far more anti-White degeneracy, than say Sweden, say Denmark. These countries they would, if they could, produce as much degeneracy.


When it comes to when it comes to the Covid-19 and the benefits to anti-Whites around the world, obviously without question, it is the United States and their Big Pharma, who, by the way, own by complex networks many of the other pharma around the world, if not dominating shares, very nearly dominating shares. So they’re going to exercise their influence everywhere, just as the United States exercises it’s influence in other affairs.


And if it weren’t enough for the anti-Whites, if the United States wasn’t enough, it would be some sort of Confederacy of Western countries. Very often we see the UK and the US, they lock arms in anti-Whitism, and bring whatever it might be whether it’s war in the Middle East, or this disease, or the cure, or the inoculation, for it to the world. And then and enforce these policies on people.


I want to point out though that in some places it’s very interesting. Because there are there’s huge pushback! And in the regime’s media you wouldn’t really know it. I think what’s happening in these places where there’s huge pushback, and certainly many states in the United States, they are just recognizing that the state of affairs as something that they wanted all along. So they suddenly will say:


“Oh well, we just wanted people not to wear masks. And as long as they get their shots!”


And really what it means in many states in the United States, like Florida, for example, Virginia, other states, is just that you’re not allowed to ask you if you had your shot. So just by not wearing a mask, you’re kind of signaling that you haven’t.


Lord willing, this will continue. And I’m sending packages of second edition iteration of “Go Free” around the world. And the cost of shipping to Australia, because of their lockdowns has nearly quadrupled! So they’re suffering grievously! I think probably worse than anyone. And we have to hope that people continue to push back where they can.


And certainly, you know, we have our guest here tonight talking about these things. And hopefully he will have an influence on others. And they will be out there pushing back in the UK. Because if nothing happens there, you all will be right on the heels of Australia in no time, at all. I think coming up this winter, is that not right?



Building a Two-Tier Society



Mark Collett: I’m not sure exactly what’s going to play out in the UK. But I have seen that in Lithuania, Austria, and several other countries, New Zealand being one. Just that horrible Jacinda Arden in New Zealand has literally said:


“They are trying to build a two-tier society.”


And they certainly have done the same in Lithuania. And they’re doing the same in Austria.


I’ve seen today in the news that in Germany, Christmas markets are going to carry a Covid passport system. So you won’t be able to go to the Christmas market. And all of this is very, very, very, very worrying. And I do think this flows downhill from America.




Now this is a really interesting point. I think me and Jason will have maybe slightly different takes on this, from Piers. But similar in some ways, but different in others.



Superchat – Are Africans Being Used as Biological Weapons?



Ian Holloway gave 14 pounds. Thank you so much Ian. And said:


“If sub-Saharan Africans are the population problem, why the push to bring them to the West? Are they in a sense a biological weapon, do you think?”


Well, that is a very, very good question, indeed! Now obviously, I have heard this line that Bill Gates is all about depopulation. And I do believe there is a depopulation agenda. I do believe there’s a depopulation agenda. But they are saying that Bill Gates has tried to depopulate Africa.


Now if Bill Gates has tried to depopulate Africa, one of two things has happened. Either he hasn’t really tried to depopulate Africa, or he is very, very bad at depopulating Africa! Because the African population is the only population, or sub-Saharan African, is the only population on the planet that is growing at any rate! Most of the populations, or populations, I know of, are decreasing.



Depopulation Drive Aimed at People of European Descent



Now what I do think is happening? I do think there is a massive depopulation drive aimed at people of European descent. Aimed at White people. And I think that depopulation drive isn’t necessarily just tied to vaccinations. It’s not necessarily just tied to the Covid agenda, or the Covid tyranny. I think the depopulation campaign in the West is a multi-pronged campaign!


And I talk about it in my book. We have been infected with materialism, globalism, feminism. We have been told that we will be forever young! That we can party until the sun sets on our lives! That we should give up having children for just another year! Just go to Ibiza for one more season! You know, think of how much that child will cost! Can you think you’d look far better in a brand new Audi, than you would pushing around a stroller with a baby in it! Oh think of the sleepless nights!


They have so many ways in the West of convincing young men and young women not to have children! And that has had a profound effect on the European population. And there is also a massive guilt trip going on at the moment! What you see is papers, … And I’ve seen this, I’ve seen this in the newspapers. You can look these up. These are real headlines. Papers that are saying:


“White people, don’t have children! You are the problem! You are the ones that are bringing about climate change! Your carbon footprint is causing so much damage! The extra cars! The extra rubbish! The extra heating bills! Think of the damage that your children will cause to the planet!”


And then, when these young White people abstain from having children, when they decide that they are going to do the “right thing”, and not have a family. They are then told:


“Oh! Well, we’ve got a declining and ageing population, we better let in a boatload of immigrants!”


Who are increasingly African immigrants! Who are increasingly these sub-Saharan immigrants that we were talking about earlier.


And what I actually see as one of the biggest problems facing the West, is not just depopulation! It is replacement! It is the fact that people of European descent are actually being replaced and displaced by sub-Saharan Africans! So whilst we have a falling population we are being actively encouraged, or maybe not encouraged, maybe put off, maybe bullied, into not having children!


We then, when we have been put in that state, are told that:


“Because we’ve not had children, we need to bring in immigrants!”


And the effects of that are quite profound!



Mass Immigration and Terrorism – Statistics



I mean, you saw one of these effects just a few weeks ago, with Sir David Amess who was brutally murdered in his constituency surgery, by a man of Somalian descent, whose parents came to this country as refugees. And that is just one of the very, very worrying effects of mass immigration. It’s not just an issue of us being replaced, we are being replaced. But we are also being turned into a hated minority that live under this Spectre that has been created by successive governments’ open border policies!


See: Mark Collett – David Amess – Killed by the Policies He Supported – Oct 22, 2021 — Transcript


And I’ve been researching this, because I usually start the show with a big talk about what my video is going to be about. My video is about the government’s failed Prevent terror strategy And I want to give you a few figures about immigration and about terrorism.




So here are some facts. At the time of the last census in 2011, White people made up 87% of the British population. On March the 31st of this year according to again government statistics, despite only 13% of the British population being non-White, 68% of terrorists in British prisons were not of European descent. Similarly, at the time of the 2011 census Muslims made up just 4.41% of the British population. Yet on that same date, March the 31st of this year, 73% of terrorists in British prisons were Muslims!


So when it comes to people who commit terror offences, Muslims and those who are not of European descent, are vastly, vastly overrepresented! But the government at the moment is busy telling us that the real threat are White people, are Christians, are people who are far-Right.


And the reason I’m bringing this up in what is a Covid discussion, is we are seeing m arse movements of people into European nations. And I always say this, or don’t always say it, I say it a lot on my posts, open borders destroy lives! And as we are being reduced in number, and as people are flooding in to our nations from sub-Saharan Africa, or from the Indian subcontinent, those people not only replace us, but they pose a major threat to our physical and mental well-being, because of their actions.


And in the case of Ali Harbi Ali, and other cases as well, like Salman Ramadan Abedi – the Manchester Arena bomber – these people were actually second generation immigrants. Their parents were refugees. But these were the people who were meant to be born here, and love this nation, because we allowed their families to come in.


But this proves they’re not getting more British! So this is an ever-present problem, even when these people are meant to be integrated! Because they’re not integrating. And I don’t believe the integration on the level that our ministers talk of, is even possible.


So what’s your take on that Jason about sub-Saharan Africa. And the fact that we are seeing depopulation in lots of parts of the world, but not in that particular region. And those are the people who are coming here in overwhelming numbers.



No White Guilt on the Anti-White Agenda



No White Guilt: Well, you made a lot of great points and when it comes to the desire to depopulate, you know, some anti-White oligarchs desire, like a Bill Gates, or something – desire to depopulate this place, or that place, where there are non-White people – yeah I hear the voice of Alex Jones behind these people. For example, when he used to say, his big argument was:


“Well, they had to increase the population of Africa in order to genocide them.”


Because that’s just this is the whole anti-White narrative. It’s the non-White people are being harmed by White people. And people end up falling into that trap very easily.


I think what we should be thinking about is what matters for us. And that is that anti-White oligarchs, in charge of our countries, are bringing these individuals with different bio-spirits, different races, into our environments, because that creates this cultural arms race between the bio-spirits of people.


That’s what they are, by the way, folks. Where does culture come from? It comes from the instinct of the animal. The complex animal, the human animal, that creates it. Different races create different cultures. That’s why you see the West where there are White people. That’s why Asians reproduce Asian culture. That’s why blacks reproduce black culture. None better than any other. That’s just the way it is.


But when you get numerical courage of more than one group in a confined area, you have a cultural arms race. They use the anti-Whites! Anything they can to victimize us! That’s why they victimize us coming and going. That’s why you see double standards and hypocrisy in the things they do.


And inconsistency in the things they do. Inconsistency in the things they claim are moral. Inconsistency in the things they claim are ethical! The only thing that’s consistent is that Western kind is victimized every single time!


So they bring these people in! And tying this into Covid, you have to have shots:


“They have the shots, we just need the arms!”


I saw them saying over there in the UK. We just need the arms! Show up and so we can give you top-up shots!


I mean, this the most disgusting thing that I’ve heard from government in a long time!:


“Come get your top up shot!”


But they want to bring these other folks in with very different bio-spirits, different races, have them pour into the UK to become British.


Well you say:


“Jason. What’s all this about this the psychological warfare that you talk about in the psychological defense that is Going Free?”




You see there a great weakness in what we have allowed the government i.e., the anti-White oligarchs, to do. And that is to say that here is your percentage of the White population in the UK, or British. Here’s your percentage of the British population that is black. Here’s your percentage of the British population that is Asian. Here’s your percentage of the British population that is what have you.


No! There is 100% of the British population is White! Because you cannot be anything but White and be British! It is a bio-spirit! It is an instinct that creates the UK, wherever it goes! Even if it’s on the moon.


So if they want to talk about citizenship, British citizenship, and therefore paper Brits, that’s fine.


But by allowing them to say that X percentage of the British population is black, for example, they have just denied that our race exists! And then we accept that as the premise of the argument, and therefore cannot win! Therefore it’s easy for them to bring forward a black Miss UK, Miss Ireland, or whatever it might be, because there is no White population that creates these things!


So they bring in people whilst they’re locking you down, and they need arms to put their jabs in. People who have diseases like Covid and many other things right into your country without the least bit of concern! And they’re vetting these people from countries where there is hardly written language? From countries where they don’t take, there is no note taking, there is no records kept, vis-a-vi, the West. Nothing that you could imagine it would be as record-keeping for us.


And they say they’re going to vet them and then bring them in? They just bring them right in and they let them do as they please! And they use our tax dollars to prop them up, because all of it victimizes us. It lowers our wages. It changes our environments.


There ends up being biological White erasure by White guilting us, showing in the incessant images, the psychological warfare images, especially coming up.


And I know that Mark always does great videos on this where they show these advertisements, and it is nothing but biological White erasure! A White man with a non-White woman. A White a woman with a non-White male. This is just another form of the victimization of our people, and the destruction of Western civilization! The White erasure of everything that we have created!


And whether, or not, the black population dwindles, in one of the countries in Africa, I’m not really moved. I don’t really care. [chuckling] I guess that’s my opinion.


Mark Collett: Well, thank you very much for that.


Henry Walker, … And, by the way, guys there is still time to Superchat. We still have 41 more minutes of the show. So if you would like to ask a question, now is the time! Because it is all questions from here on in.



Superchat – Which European Country Will Be the First to Overthrow the Globalist System?



Henry Walker gave three US dollars. Thank you so much. And said:


“Which European country will be the first to overthrow the globalist system?”


If I was to choose a European country. It would have to be an Eastern European country. And I would say:


“My money would be on Poland!”


I think Poland is very religious. I think they are people who have suffered great tyranny in the past. And I think they’re already pushing back against the EU. I think that would be something very, it would be very natural for them to throw off the shackles of EU tyranny and globalism, and just get on with their lives.


I think they are very, very forthright when it comes to mass immigration, as well. And they are good at securing their own borders. And that says an awful lot. Because the amount of pressure any nation is put under today, or White nations, to open their borders to everyone.


So for a nation to actually have the strength to say no! And to resist that pressure, it really is incredible. So I would say Poland. But if the question was narrowed and some people might say:


“Oh, that’s a get out of jail free card there, an Eastern European country.”


If you mean Westerners in a traditional Western nation, I would probably say of the two European nations that were described as Western European nations, I would say Italy and France are both quite fiery! Now Italy at the moment I believe it’s one of Mussolini’s relatives who is doing great guns in Italy at the moment.


But I also think the French have shown that they have a revolutionary spirit. And the Yellow Vest movement really did cause the French establishment an awful, awful lot of trouble. So if we were to see a nation completely go full-on revolution, throw off the shackles of their leaders, I would say it would be one of those two nations.


It certainly wouldn’t be Britain! It certainly wouldn’t be Britain! So, if people are waiting for that for an answer, that isn’t the answer I’m giving!


Jason. What are your thoughts, my friend?




No White Guilt: I think you brilliantly answered! The only thing I’ll add is its certainly not going to be the US either.


Mark Collett: No. Well, I think we all know that. I will say this, though, Jason. Let’s throw this one out there. Things are very different, State to State in America, aren’t they? There’s a lot of differences from state to state. If you would say one State was likely to say:


“We’ve had enough! We’re going our own way and secede.”


Which one would it be?


No White Guilt: I don’t think it would be a whole State. I think. It would have to be a number of counties within a State, or maybe a couple of States. But if they did say, if a couple of counties from one, or two States, or three States, did say:


“We’ve had enough! We’re doing our own thing!”


The federal government would just kill everybody. It would just be over in a minute. It is no longer legal to secede from the United States. The war for Southern independence settled that. It was legal at that time when the South seceded. But when the United States invaded the Confederate States of America, and defeated the Confederate States of America, they changed the Constitution.


So you cannot any longer legally say that you’re going to leave. So it’d probably be though, if I had to narrow down, it would probably be a couple of counties up in the Idaho region. They might have the population. They might have enough push.


But you can look to these like rancher scenarios. Where ranchers have stood up against like way out in the middle of absolutely depopulated parts of Texas. And the Federal government will still show up there to kill everybody if you decide to not obey their laws. So I hope nobody tries that! [chuckling] Somewhere in Idaho though, probably.



Superchat – There Should Be an Immigration Moratorium



Mark Collett: Somewhere in Idaho! Okay. Thank you very much.


Glenn the Chinaman gave three US dollars. Thank you so much. And said:


“Europeans are in much more danger of depopulation than Africans. Also mass immigration just makes it harder for Europeans to fight against it. There should be an immigration moratorium.”


Yes they should! And I agree Europeans are, … This is one of the things, and to take it back to Covid, because there are a lot of people tonight, … At peak we’ve had over a thousand people watching. I actually lost track of how many people were watching. But it went well over a thousand between Odysee and Dlive, at one point. But, as I say, I lost track of it, because of the technical issues we were having.


But for those watching tonight who are new to this, who are here, because of their interest in Covid, and we’re here to listen to Piers earlier, but have stuck around. That is why we are very, very concerned about the Covid narrative. About these vaccinations. Because Europeans populations are already declining at an alarming rate. And they are not declining, as I said, earlier in a controlled way, where we have closed borders, where they remain homogeneous. So we are not declining into a smaller homogeneous group. We’re not saying:


“Well, we’ve hit 50 million, but maybe it would be better in a European nation if we were slightly less populated. So maybe 40 million Brits would be better.”


What’s actually happening is 50 million Brits is becoming 40 million Brits. But then 30 million immigrants is being thrown in to the mix. So we’ve got 70 million people! We’re up we’re actually up from 50 million to 70 million. But the split is now far less Brits, and 30 million people of immigrant descent. That is where we’re heading.


And they’re not the exact figures. They’re figures on the back of a napkin in a restaurant kind of figures but it illustrates what we’re talking about. The population of indigenous British people is declining rapidly, but the overall population in Britain is rising rapidly!


And that difference, or the difference you would see there, is made up primarily by people who are coming here first generation migrants. And obviously there are some immigrant communities in Britain which still have a growing population. Such as certain parts of the Muslim community, for example.


Now I think that Europeans are in great danger of depopulation, as Glenn the Chinaman said. And that is why we’re so concerned about these jabs, because there are a lot of scientists, there are a lot of people who are alternative scientists, that are very concerned that these jabs will have a dramatic effect on the fertility of Western women! And, because we are suffering these depopulation, because we are being replaced at such a rapid and alarming rate.


And for those people who aren’t aware of this White Britons will be a minority in Britain by the 2060s, if current trends continue! That is very alarming!


And again to put things into a little bit of perspective. And I have actually got some facts here. In the last year alone, Boris Johnson has fast-tracked 25,000 Afghan refugees into Britain. He’s offered five million Hong Kong residents British passports. We have had record numbers of illegal Channel crossings, tens of thousands. And he has offered around a hundred thousand people visas to come and work here! So we’re seeing record, record immigration.


And if that was then coupled with some massive depopulation experiment caused by these jabs, we would be in an even worse situation than we currently are. So that’s one of the reasons that we as nationalists, are very concerned about the Covid agenda.


Would you like to add anything to that Jason, or maybe give an American perspective?





The Covid Jab and Infertility



No White Guilt: Yeah. I’ll just add that there’s plenty of talk now about the jab potentially making our women infertile. But early on there was a lot of talk. And then it suddenly disappeared from prestigious universities, as well, about the jab making our males infertile.


And they actually were recommending, … I think it was Miami university – and you all can look it up just to make sure. But they were actually recommending that if you’re a man, you wanted to have children, that you should freeze some of your semen before getting the jab! Because they just don’t know what it’s going to end up doing to your ability to reproduce. And then suddenly those things are all gone, they disappear.


So it’s a significant concern. Now, we have been under psychological warfare attack for the totality of our lives, our parents, our grandparents, that have been encouraging us to reproduce and biologically White erase ourselves with non-White people! It clearly has not had as much success as they would like it to have.


In the United States they’re bragging, they’re crowing, about how many more people are identifying as mixed race. And the percentage of the population that is White is drastically falling. For the first time falling literally, not just relative to.


So even though this is the case, they know that this is the time — a need all of their White papers have talked about this, the anti-Whites – this is the time that they are most concerned about. Because they know that they have this Confederacy of groups who hate Western kind, and who want to victimize us.


But they also in many ways don’t like each other. And that at some point as this cull of the White race, or what’s left of us, is the pressure is put on it. That there may come a moment when a diamond comes out of it. And the White race will stand up and say:


“Enough is enough!”


As a coherent, singular whole! That, they know is the moment that they cannot resist with this multiracial, multi-victim, group, a confederation.


And so it makes sense, of course, that – not to say that this is absolutely the case – but it makes sense, of course, that they would attempt to endorse and promote things that could very well end up making us very infertile in the coming years.



Big Pharma Ceos Not Taking the Covid Jab?



Mark Collett: Yeah. And I also think it needs to be added that some of these CEOs of these big pharmaceutical companies that are producing these jabs, haven’t actually had the jabs themselves. Now I’ve made this joke before. But I am a big Nintendo fan. And if I worked at Nintendo I would be getting the games before anyone else! I wouldn’t be letting everyone else have their games:


“Oh! I’ll wait until it’s out on the store shelves!”


Because you believe in your product, don’t you? And if I was producing a life-saving jab that was gonna save myself, and my family time and I was a CEO I’d be at the front of the queue! I wouldn’t be there [chuckling] saying:


“Everyone else have a bit! Everyone else have a bit! It’s all right! You guys have it! Oh, I’ll wait! And yeah, I’ll have it a couple of years down the line. After all you are triple vaxxed!”


That makes me very suspicious! A man that doesn’t want to sample his own product is a man that isn’t doing a very good job of [chuckling] making me enthusiastic about sampling his product! It’s very, very suspicious! Very suspicious!




Robin Moritz gave five pounds. Thank you so much. He said:


“Great video! Can’t wait for Mark and Laura to talk to him.”


Well, I’ll be speaking to the next few days. And again, he was very, very entertaining and engaging man.



Superchat – Dealing with Anti-White Hate



Tall Kevin 87 gave seven US dollars. Thank you so much. And he said:


“How do you both deal with the fact people would do anything to victimize us White people no matter what? Does it ever get to you that people hate us for simply existing?”


People do hate us for simply existing! The amount of anti-White hate that we deal with on a daily basis, whether it be open hatred, or just things that undermine us, … I’ll give you an example. Today I posted something up on my Telegram:


“The harder they fall! Raising hell in Netflix is all black Western!”


And that’s not a big bit of anti-White hate. It’s not calling for us to die. It’s not calling us to be whipped. It’s not calling for us to pay reparations. But it is writing us out of our own history. And small things like that are little attacks! Little jabs! They erase our past with a view to ensuring that we won’t have a future. That is the importance of things like that. They’re all small ways that our enemies choose to undermine us as a racial, ethnic group.


But it doesn’t get me down! Sometimes it annoys me! Sometimes it makes me roll my eyes that anyone could buy into these attacks. But I think the best solution to not being annoyed is being active in an organizational group that pushes back.


Now I hear a lot of people who are angry. And I understand why people are angry. I see and speak to a lot of people who are frustrated. But frustration comes generally from knowing that there is a problem, and not being able to do something about it.


So, for example, if you have an itch you can’t scratch, it is very, very frustrating. If you have an itch and you can scratch it, well there can even be some satisfaction in scratching an itch.


But, the same is pretty much true with a political problem. And this is a political problem. If you are reading the Daily Mail’s news feed every day, and seething every time you read an article like “The all black Western produced by Netflix!”, or “White people told they can’t apply for this role”, or “Walmart says White employees need to be less White!”. Or a perfect example in this country is:


“The Fire Brigade says blacks need to score 70 percent on the test, whereas White women need 80% on the test, but White men need 90% on the test!”


These things may well make you seethe!


But if you’re part of a solution, if you’re doing something to push back against this, if you’re involved with a group that does push back against this, and you are regularly meeting like-minded people, and you are active in a political sense, I think the frustration is largely mitigated by knowing you’re doing the right thing to push back against it!


What’s your take on that Jason? Do you ever get frustrated? Do you ever get annoyed?


No White Guilt: No. You’re absolutely right! Being active, this is, … Kevin this is what I would say. It’s a great question. Because a lot of people they get depressed. But what Mark is saying is the absolute truth.


The way I see it is when you look, just look at your house, just look at all of life. All of life is a struggle! Your house and your yard is constantly deteriorating. And sure you can ignore it. You can also ignore what the anti-Whites are doing. But if you are on top of it, if you’re trying to keep things pristine in your home and yard, then you’re going to notice every other day, or so, there’s something else is going bad. And what’s the proper mindset? The proper mindset is just to set to the task of correcting the problem.


And if you do that when it comes to the anti-Whites, and all of these endless attacks, and your mindset is:


“Correct the problem! Address the issue!”


Then you’ll be able to become stronger from it, rather than weaker from it. That’s how we build strength.


I mean, if you look at folks working out in a gym and you look at how hard it is, if you had to face that every day, … Say you lived across the street from a gym. And you had to face that every day, you might get depressed. Because maybe you’re not working out? You’re just getting fat and lazy and ugly.


But if you go into the gym and you embrace the struggle of lifting the weights on a daily basis, you will get stronger, and stronger! So, obviously Kevin knows this too. And he’s I’m sure he’s asking for other people’s benefit. Just as you make the body stronger, you can make the mind stronger. You can make the Constitution stronger. And it will serve you in our service to White well-being.





Using the Third World as Guinea Pigs



Mark Collett: Thank you very much. David gave 20 pounds. Well. Thank you very much David. And said:


“Gates used the Africans as guinea pigs to then roll it out to the West if the desired outcome was achieved.”


Now that is a very interesting theory and that holds water with me. Obviously we know that certain underhanded tactics can be used, or certain things can be tested in certain parts of the world, that couldn’t be tested in the West. And he may well have done. That’s a very interesting theory. I’ve never heard that before.


And I’ll give you an example of how that kind of thing does actually happen. If you look at the ingredients in a can of Coca-Cola that is purchased in different parts of the world.


So if you have four cans of Coca-Cola, and you look at the ingredients. Depending on where you purchase that can, it will contain different chemicals. I believe the safest can of Coca-Cola is actually in the UK. I believe the least safe cans are in the Middle East, and parts of South America. And the American cans are somewhere in-between. But there are different chemicals used in Coca-Cola depending on where you purchase it.


And certain countries where there are very, very lax food and safety standards, the stuff they put in those cans would make those cans illegal for sale in countries like the UK, or the US.


So it wouldn’t surprise me that these unscrupulous, large pharmaceutical companies didn’t use certain impoverished villages, in maybe the Middle East, Africa, or even on the Indian subcontinent, to test these different jabs. And if they got the desired effect, then roll them out into Europe.


What’s your thoughts on that Jason?


No White Guilt: I completely agree with that. That could happen. I’m not saying it’s happening. But it certainly makes sense, for every reason that Mark just shared. So I just underscore all of that.


Mark Collett: Well, thank you.


We have some donations here. Cyborg gave 10 pounds, and said:


“A small donation.”


Thank you so much.


Sparky 1690 gave five pounds, and said:


“A small donation.”


Well. Thank you very much my friend.


Mark Donovan gave five pounds, and said:


“Great show Mark!”


And we have a very, very generous Superchat here! Barclays Weed Dealer – very amusing name there, a bit of an in-joke – gave 100 pounds. Thank you so much. And said:


“Hello there. Barkley told me to meet him here has anybody seen him?”


Unfortunately my friend, nobody has seen him. But thank you so much for the very, very generous Superchat. And the fact you have made both myself and Jason smile with your humour. Thank you very much my friend. That is very generous of you.



Multi-Millionaire, Joanna Lumley and Wartime Style Rationing?



Voodoo Media gave another five dollars. Thank you so much Voodoo. And said:


“Thoughts on multi-millionaire, Joanna Lumley saying we should all be put on wartime style rationing.”


Well, I did a big stream actually, a long time ago about Covid. And part of that stream was based around this push for plant-based diets. And I said:


“What the powers that be are doing, is trying to reduce us to the modern day equivalent of a medieval peasant.”


But actually we will be worse off than medieval peasants were, because they actually had quite large houses. And they were living out in the countryside. And they had lots of fresh food! And we won’t have lots of fresh food. We will have a meager diet, which will mainly consist of vegetables. Which through most of the 20th century, a vegetable-only diet, would have been called a “starvation diet”..


If you were living in very poor, or harsh times, those times would be marked by people not having any meat in their diet. However now we’re being conned into thinking that actually cutting meat out of your diet and going on to what would have been known as a starvation diet, will actually turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime, crossed obviously with the Usain Bolt, so you’ll be fast, powerful, you’ll be virile! When actually you’ll probably be very low testosterone, weak, and have serious bone and muscle deficiencies.


But it doesn’t surprise me that one of these multi-millionaires would want to put us on these rations, because people like her will be eating a steak every night! People like her won’t be going without!





New Landed Gentry and the Peasants



When you see bad times coming. When you see people stood at food banks. When you see people filling their trolley with the cheapest things they can buy off supermarket shelves, because they’re having to squeeze every penny to keep their head above water, people like her will still be eating their fillet steak! They’ll still be eating their Wagyu beef! They’ll still be having their prime, naturally reared salmon, that jumps from a stream that’s never even seen a pollutant! These people will still live like royalty!


And that’s the plan! The plan is that they live like royalty, and we live like peasants. And I think that’s all tied in with Covid. Covid is a way of accelerating the great divide between the new landed gentry, the new nobility, and the new peasantry.


It’s gonna be the haves, and the have-nots. But the have-nots will literally have almost nothing! And the haves will have literally everything! And the fact these people have the gall to tell us, the people on the ground level, the regular folks, the people who are having to squeeze every penny, that, in fact, we need to eat less meat, we need to have our food rationed to us, it makes me sick!


And I believe that if there is ever a great reckoning in this country, if there ever is a situation where there is great, or where there are great disturbances, and there are food riots, and big problems, people like that will be hiding behind armed security guards, in very, very controlled South African style compounds. Where they will be living a totally different life to us. And they will be protected to a level we couldn’t imagine. Because these people as I said, they will be the new nobility. And those closed gated estate will be their new castles!


Jason. What are your thoughts on that?



The Anti-White Governments of the West



No White Guilt: Absolutely! It’s obviously all of these suggestions, as we’ve mentioned, and this is a theme obviously, because of what’s actually happening in the world. And that is all of this is intended to victimize Western kind, Western civilization! Folks if you haven’t realized it yet the West was defeated a long time ago! White people who care about White wellbeing, do not control Western civilization!


All the White people you see in government anti-White! Every single last one of them! Some of them are cranks, who end up making it into office. And they might say something that jabs back at anti-Whites. But they’re anti-White through and through!


So comments like this from this “scumly” woman, comments like this, is villainy signaling to the other anti-Whites!:


“Hey! I’m with we you! We all know that we victimize the rest of the White population. We get rid of them! We harm them!”


Exactly as Mark is saying. If you’re depriving them of proper nutrition, what’s going to happen? If you’re giving them injections that make them infertile, what’s going to happen? If you’re psychologically abusing them, and White-guilting them to the point, and making them believe that it’s only cool, and with it, and hip, and vogue, and, etc., and modern, to be with a non-White partner, produce non-White children, what’s going to happen?


If they bring all of these different sexual, I guess proclivities, or what have you, into your children’s lives, as though any sex should be brought into the lives of children. If they’re doing that sort of thing, what’s going to happen to our people? It is all folks! It’s all intended to victimize us!


And victimize us as all there needs to be. There doesn’t need to be some sort of grand, intricate, plan that says A, then B, then C. And then the White race is gone! It is just about victimizing us, because of the hatred, because of the jealousy, because of the envy, because of the dignity, that is conveyed to us by all of the West’s history!


Every single person that steps foot onto our shores, or that looks from afar, from some foreign land, and looks upon us and our countries that we have created in the West, hates us! Some small part of them hates us! Because of that great dignity that is conferred upon us, as being in the line of the people who created all of that glory in the world! All of the glory that they point with their feet and want to come to our countries and participate in.


Which, by the way, there are good non-White people who make it to our lands, and they work hard, they’re loyal, etc., and that’s fine.


But this is not the vast majority. And even if it were they eventually have a bio-spiritual courage. And they end up manifesting their culture onto our environments, and then changing our environments to look like the environments which they ran from.


But here’s the positive thing to take away from this even though you have people like “Scumly” out there. And even though you have the incessant attack by all of these different Endeavor is to victimize Western kind, destroy Western civilization, you notice that they still have to propagandize us!




They don’t just send out troops, and execute X, Y and Z of their plans, whenever they want. They only would propagandize us, because we are still a power block, that they fear! They fear that we will come together! They fear that we will develop the psychological defense for their psychological warfare that they use against us! And so they need to continue to keep us brainwashed, into feeling White guilt. And all of these other pretexts, so that we do what? So that we lower our defenses and allow them to victimize us!



The Fight Begins in the Mind!



Folks, the fight! The fight begins in the mind! It begins in the story that you’re in! It doesn’t begin with your fists. It doesn’t begin with weapons. You lose there in a heartbeat today. But eventually if we live in our own story, then we spread a morality, where we are the heroes. We are the White hats. We come on the White horse. Then all of Western kind will stand up and participate in the defense of its well-being.


Until that day, as long as our brothers and sisters are felt that they are immoral to stand up and defend White children, as long as they feel that way, they will feel that way and do nothing all the way to the very end!


You need to look no further than the modern example the current example of what’s happening to us in South Africa! They don’t live in their own story, of our people, and our morality, and our heroism. And therefore they continue, a great percentage of our people there, to stand by and observe as the immoral actors in that story, as they are biologically White-erased from the country that we built!


Mark Collett: Thank you Jason that’s a really great point you made there. So we’re gonna have the meat taken out of our diet. We’re gonna be on rations. We’re not going to be getting enough protein. We’re not going to be getting enough energy. Everyone will be addicted to pastimes such as pornography, which obviously saps your energy, and reduces your testosterone. We’ll all be taking these jabs, which will have their effect on us.


Everything seems to point towards reducing our ability to actually rebel! To make us into people that are lesser people, that are more compliant, because we’re so low testosterone! We’re so low energy! They are engineering a situation where we are physically, and mentally defeated, so that we can’t resist the coming storm! So thank you for that very, very pressing question.



Superchat – British & American Counter-Culture?



Goth Jacob gave five US dollars. Thank you so much. And said:


“There’s a lot of German counterculture, Cult Games, Hydra comics, and Young Europa. Mark, Jason, are you aware of any nationalist British-American counter culture? I need something now that James Bond is bad!”


I’m actually not. I’m not aware of anything in the UK on the same level, as those things. Obviously Cult Games have produced a game where it’s sort of a 2D shoot em up, where you basically have to defeat globo-homo single-handedly. it’s like a little, … I’m gonna have to have a go on it. I’m gonna have to play it live on a stream.


But yeah. I’m not actually aware of anyone doing anything like that in the UK, or the US at the moment. Are you Jason?


No White Guilt: Specifically just gaming, …?


Mark Collett: Gaming, comics, things like that. These people are producing their own comic books. They’re producing their own computer games. They’re producing their own animation. All with like a sort of a nationalistic twist.


No White Guilt: Well we absolutely have, the community for White well-being, we have been, and are, producing an entire cultural rebellion against anti-Whitism. I mean, just a couple days ago we just got the new Folk Book newly printed. And it is replete with magnificent imagery and stories.


We have music coming out all the time.


Games, we have just on my website. Now this is a game that is intended to help you learn the responses, the concepts that we use in service to White well-being. But it’s accessible on my website,


And we are in the process of making other video games for the future. Comics, as well. We have people all around the world that are doing things. And clubs, Going Free clubs that are starting, just announced two weeks ago.


And we have already one getting started in Virginia, Minnesota, two in Canada, one in Norway, one in Australia. Was just in the Icelandic News. So yeah, we are absolutely pushing as hard as we can to spread this.


And I’d like to know who these, … I haven’t heard of these folks before. I’d like to see what they’re doing. It sounds interesting. Is the game all in German, Mark?




Mark Collett: I have been sent it. But I’ve not actually had a look at it yet. It’s, as I say, I don’t know. You wouldn’t really need to read it. It’s basically a very fast paced, almost like a Super Nintendo, left to right, run and gun, a bit. Like if you ever played Contra, when you’re a kid, it looks a bit like Contra. So a lot of fun.


But it looks like it would be very difficult. It looked like, if I played it on the stream without practicing beforehand, I could end up snapping a controller in a fit of pure rage! It looks very difficult! But it does look fun. And it looks very well made. And I’m going to have to give it a blast sometime this year.


We’ve got another couple of Superchats. The Flying Dutchman gave 20 US dollars, and said:


“Greetings from Oslo!”


Well. Thank you very much my friend.



Superchat – Deplatformed American Nationalist Blackbird 9 Back



And Scaredy Cat gave three US dollars. Thank you so much. And said:


“Hi Mark. Deplatformed American nationalist Blackbird 9 resumes broadcasting on in four hours. 8 p.m Eastern, 1 a.m British time. Also launching his “Hills and Holes” game for home schools and scouting.”


Well, thank you very much. Are you’re aware of Blackbird 9 Jason?


No White Guilt: Never heard, no. I’ve never heard of Blackbird 9.


Mark Collett: Neither have I. But obviously if people would like to send me any links to his work, I would happily give it a watch.


And talking about work. Anyone watching us on Odysee, feel free to give us a like. We’ve had well over 300 watching tonight, but only 115 likes. That can still be done.


We’ve also got some last minute questions for Piers, which I’m going to have to just obviously, get rid of, because I can’t actually ask them unfortunately.


No White Guilt: Save them for the interview.



Superchat – Boris Johnson’s Climate Alarmist Wife?



Mark Collett: Yes, yes.


Ian Kitchen’s Racy Home Videos asked a very important question. And he said:


“What are your thoughts on Boris Johnson’s climate alarmist wife?”


I think Boris Johnson’s wife is insane! What’s more, if I was Prime Minister. [chuckling] If I was in the position of being a world leader, or have that much power at my fingertips, I can guarantee you I would be plucking a far more attractive, and sane woman, from the populace!


I mean, I don’t under, … Some things always just doesn’t gel with me, when I see these men, who have that much power, and that much prestige. And they end up with some mad woman, that isn’t that attractive! And then publicly hen pecks them! What’s going on there?


Like you see guys like that Dan Bilzerian. He’s got a lot of money, and there’s like eight playboy princesses following him around. And you’re thinking:


“That guy understands! He knows!”


They’re all doing the things he enjoys. And they’re all gorgeous! And they’re basically just there! Being nice to him! Why if you had that power would you get a woman to hen peck you?


And Boris’s wife just hen pecks him! Hen pecking, like is the worst thing ever! Like, if you’re a guy who has got nothing going for him, and literally, you know, you’ve hit 40, you’ve not lost your virginity yet, and you finally get a woman. And, you know, she’s like:


“I will go with you and be with you. But I am going to hen peck you.”


I’d be a bit like:


“Well, you’re in a bad situation mate! So maybe just take one for the team, and take the hem packing, so you get something.”


But Boris Johnson, he’s in that kind of position where he could have leveraged his power for something better. So, totally don’t understand that!


And also her taste in decorations for the house, and decor for the house, was terrible! She redid their Parliamentary suite above Downing Street. And I’ve got to say this. If my missus had spent, … If Mrs Mark had spent all that money and our place looked that bad, I would have been fuming! That would not have flown with me, I can tell you that now! I’d have been very, very upset.


So, any thoughts on it Jason? Would you have, … The chat seems to be with me. In fact, the females seem to be more against Carrie, or as against Carrie Johnson, as the men. And so, yeah, people don’t seem to like her.


No White Guilt: So I mean, Down Syndrome Trump is not a great catch, either. So I think they’re probably right for each other. [chuckling].





Trump’s Wife Melania



Mark Collett: And you see, talking of Trump. Now, he’s a man that knows how to leverage power. Because his wife is lovely. And she’s not really aged as well. She still looks spectacular! And she looks spectacular in whatever she wears! She always dresses really well, as well. I always thought he’d knocked it out of the park with that one. But that’s just obviously my opinion.


And one thing that always made me laugh as well. Is obviously she was really gorgeous! Like everyone’s gonna admit she’s really gorgeous! But it always made me laugh, when the press tried to play down that she was gorgeous, or claim that she didn’t have any style, in dresses. When clearly she was probably the most beautiful First Lady that has ever been, or will ever be!


And that tells you a lot about how the how the press talk about things. Because the press are always very good aren’t they of building up some kind of giant, obese hog, and calling it sort of “body positivity”.


But if you have a beautiful, sort of White woman, like Melania, who is dressed really well, is very well spoken, they have to sort of shred her and rip her to pieces!


And it says a lot about how society today is very inverted. That we place the wrong, if you want to call them role models, on pedestals. And rip the actual real role models off pedestals, and throw them aside in favour of these people who have no business being role models.


Do you have any last thoughts on this Jason before we start to wrap up?


No White Guilt: No. I’ll just add that the Republicans didn’t do themselves any good by always placing her in, I guess, almost like dressed down environments. And this is what the Republicans have been doing my entire life. And then putting them among the “children of America”. And the “children of America”, always a school of non-Whites! This is the future. This is what they always do with the Republican Party.


So yeah, it did not highlight, did not accentuate, you know, her beauty, and her grace! She could have very easily been with a really modest – she didn’t really have to go fan royal like – but with modest dress, she could have run away with the show, even though the press in the United States wanted to make her look bad.



Wrapping up – Jason’s After Party



Mark Collett: Well, thank you for that Jason. Well, this about brings us to the end of the show. We slightly run over, because we were slightly late starting. So we are going to wrap things up. We will probably wrap things up with the intro that we didn’t do, because we had Piers on the show.


So Jason always does a show after, later in the week called “The After Party”. Jason do you have an After Party this week? And if so, who is on?


No White Guilt: Well we do! And it’s going to be on Saturday night, probably about six, or seven. It’s going to be the TAP Halloween special. And we have about ten, or so, folks, are going to be joining us. So it’d be six, or seven Eastern time. If you would like to participate, it’s quite late in the UK folks. But still you’ll be going into Halloween. And it’s going to be a heck of a lot of fun. We’ll be in costumes and talking about silly things.


And then on Friday night actually Jared George and Fornall [sp] have created a song together, “Eye to Eye”. And I think it’s like some sort of a southern rock song. And I’ve heard a snippet of it and it sounds really good. So it’s going to be premiered. And we’ll let everybody know where that’s going to be, and when it’s going to be on Friday, as well.


Mark Collett: Thank you very much. And also Jason, you are submitting one of your books for the PA Book Club to review, are you not?


No White Guilt: Yeah, absolutely! Crucible. And I’ll send it as soon as I have the addresses, I’ll send Crucible. The standalone version is made to read quickly, so it will it encourages the reader with short punchy chapters. So you always feel like you’re accomplishing something. It’s fast-paced. And folks that have already read it, who are in the live chat, they can mention to those who are interested about Crucible, these different facts that I just stated about how easy it is to get through it.


But I would also like to say a big thank you to Piers coming on. He was having a lot of technical difficulties with the signal, and dealing with a handheld. And that’s not an easy thing to do at any age. So we should appreciate that. And I appreciate him for doing that. I hope he’ll get together with Mark and Laura real soon, and do a live interview so that he can just relax and answer the questions.



New Video – “Prevent: the Government’s Anti-White Terror Strategy”



Mark Collett: Well, thank you so much Jason.


Well, I’m going to wrap things up now. I am back on Friday with my weekly video. And that is called “Prevent: The Government’s Anti-White Terror Strategy”. And it lays bare how the government have actually colluded with Prevent to try and, basically, divert resources away from people who are more likely to commit terrorist attacks, towards people who are less likely to commit terrorist attacks, for politically correct reasons. So do look out for that.


I will also be back in the next month, we will be doing the book review. I will be doing a stream on Sunday evening with Laura Towler. So look forward to that also.


Now the numbers for tonight were very strong. We had over 1,700 people watching on Radio Albion. And we had over a thousand people watching on Odysee, Dlive, and Entropy. So all in all we had, I think it was, just over 2,800 people watching tonight. And that excludes the figures from Wake Up UK. So very, very strong viewing figures tonight.



Thanks to All



And I would just like to wrap things up by thanking again Piers Corbyn. It was a real honour to be given the chance to interview him. I hope to work with him again in the future.


I also hope that PA supporters and activists will continue going to the freedom rallies, and the anti-lockdown events, and the anti-vax events. It’s very, very important that we make our voices heard on that. So thank you to all the people who have been doing that.


I would also like to thank everybody who has donated so very generously to tonight’s stream. Those donations mean a great deal to me. They allow me to work full-time for this cause, to arrange events, to help people with their issues. And also to produce shows like this, and to work on my weekly videos, and do other activities which further our cause.


But most of all I would like to thank everybody who tuned in for this very, very memorable and interesting show. Thank you so much! This community means the absolute world to me! I love you all! Stay strong! Keep fighting! And I will see you all again next week, same time, same place. Thank you so much everybody.


Good night. God bless.





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