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Fri, Jul 7, 2023


[In this podcast John Friend, from The Realist Report, talks about the recent “coup” in Russia:

On this edition of The AFP Report, we’re joined once again by Phil Giraldi, a regular columnist for American Free Press and one of America’s leading foreign policy experts and geopolitical analysts. Phil is also a regular contributor to The Unz Review. Phil is back to discuss the alleged “coup” attempt in Russia led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader and public spokesman for the Wagner Group, a private military company funded by the Kremlin that has operated around the world and has played a key role in the “special military operation” in Ukraine. Phil wrote a lengthy column published in the current edition of the newspaper addressing the controversy and offering his analysis.



Published on Fri, Jul 7, 2023




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The AFP Report – Phil Giraldi On Prigozhin, Wagner “Coup”
July 7, 2023 Realist Report One comment
On this edition of The AFP Report, we’re joined once again by Phil Giraldi, a regular columnist for American Free Press and one of America’s leading foreign policy experts and geopolitical analysts. Phil is also a regular contributor to The Unz Review. Phil is back to discuss the alleged “coup” attempt in Russia led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader and public spokesman for the Wagner Group, a private military company funded by the Kremlin that has operated around the world and has played a key role in the “special military operation” in Ukraine. Phil wrote a lengthy column published in the current edition of the newspaper addressing the controversy and offering his analysis.
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(33:28 mins)



John Friend: Welcome to the AFP Report. This is your host, John Friend. Today is Friday, July 7, 2023. The AFP Report is a podcast series where I will be interviewing reporters and contributors to American Free Press, America’s last real newspaper, as well as other special guests. Please consider subscribing to the newspaper if you are not already. Subscription details can be found at


And today, I’m joined once again by Phil Giraldi, a regular columnist for American Free Press and one of America’s leading foreign policy experts.


All right, Phil Giraldi, welcome back to the program, sir. How are you this morning?


Phil Giraldi: Fine. How about yourself?


John Friend: Not too bad, not too bad. Doing just fine.


Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me. As always, you are a regular columnist for American Free Press, America’s last real newspaper. And you are also a featured writer at the Unz Review, which is one of the best alternative commentary and analysis websites on the Internet. And the website for the Unz Review is And you are one of America’s leading foreign policy experts and geopolitical analysts. And we’ve got some major developments in Russia to discuss today, to say the least.


Let me, first off, start off by saying if you’re not subscribing to American Free Press, you really should be. Our website is, and you can find subscription details and options right at the website. AFP really is America’s last real newspaper. It is a populist, independent print publication that is not afraid to address the most controversial and important issues facing the country and facing the world.


So please do consider subscribing to the newspaper if you are not already to help support our efforts.


Now, Phil, I want to discuss the alleged coup attempt in Russia, led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader and public spokesman for the Wagner Group, which is this private military company funded by the Kremlin, funded by the Russian Ministry of Defense that has operated around the world, that’s operated in Syria, in parts of Africa.


And, of course, it has played a key role in the quote, unquote:


“Special Military Operation in Ukraine.”


There has been a public feud, to put it very lightly, developing, between Prigozhin and commanders of the Wagner Group, which, as I said, has played a leading role in the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, and the Russian military leadership centered in the Ministry of Defense in Moscow. Prigozhin has been very critical of the MOD and the military bureaucracy, essentially arguing that they are sabotaging the war effort. They are failing to supply the Wagner Group with ammunition and other critical supplies. And they even allege that they have targeted Wagner forces in military strikes, including, most recently, apparently, that’s what led up to this alleged coup, is they were attacked by, I believe, either helicopters or missile strikes.


Now, a lot of Russian nationalists and military hardliners have been just as critical of the Kremlin’s prosecution of the so-called Special Military Operation.




So a lot of the critiques that Prigozhin has offered of the Ministry of Defense and the Kremlin more broadly do not appear to be entirely off base.


So I’m curious. Just to get started, what do you make of this dispute between Prigozhin and the Ministry of Defense, which is led by a man named Sergei Shoigu, who, from what I understand, what I’ve read about him, this guy does not even have a military background? And he appears to be a very corrupt, very unpopular figure running the Ministry of Defense in Russia. So is this just a conflict between two corrupt oligarchs, or what is going on here? What’s your assessment?


Phil Giraldi: Well, I like your use of the word “alleged” about this plot. [chuckling] There are a lot of holes in the story that need to be explored more, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks we’ll find out more.


But, yeah, this is a conflict between two oligarchs to a certain extent. And bear in mind that Prigozhin also does not have any military background. He’s a businessman. He made a lot of his money in catering to the Russian government, in publications. He acquired the Wagner Group basically as one of his business interests. So he’s not a General. He’s not a military man.


The fact is, I think the complaints that he’s raising are legitimate. I have been unable to confirm that the Russians actually either use missiles or helicopters to attack his soldiers. That’s one of his claims. But certainly a lot of the other stuff does appear to be true. His central complaint is that the war is being fought way too timidly, that this should have been resolved a long time ago. And it would have required, obviously, a much greater effort and a political decision by Vladimir Putin that this was the way to go. But Putin has been playing it the other way, trying to keep casualties down and to lower the intensity.


So it’s all kind of legitimate up to that level. What bothers me when you go from there is the whole issue of whether Pregosian actually intended to use the Wagner Group to stage something like acoup d’étator to remove certain people. You named one general, and there are other generals that he has fingered before as being complicit. Was this really his intention, or was it to scare someone into changing policy? So that remains unclear.


John Friend: Yeah, that’s a good point. And there are a lot of mysteries surrounding this entire situation. And you sort of talked about the background of this Prigozhin character. From what I understand again, I’m certainly no expert in Russian history or Russian politics, but from what I understand, he is like this more or less corrupt oligarch, like pretty much everybody running Russia and running the West, running Europe. It seems to be a problem all around the world as we have these corrupt oligarchs in position of power and influence. And you’re right.




And also, I think it’s worth pointing out that he actually served a jail term in Russia. I’m not sure exactly how long. I think it was over five years.


So this man is a convicted criminal. He came out and set up this catering business. He was catering to the Kremlin. He was catering to the Russian military, even, from what I understand, like Russian schools and stuff. So he built up this business empire and eventually took over this Wagner group, or he’s become the public spokesperson of it. I think originally the Wagner Group goes back to 2014, and it was founded by Russian nationalists, basically, from what I understand.


So it’s a really interesting situation. Most of the budget, if not all of it, for the Wagner group, comes directly from the Russian government, from the Ministry of Defense.


So it’s a really sort of interesting situation. The alleged coup. Whenever I use the word “coup” when I’m writing, I always put it in quotes because I’m not certain this was an alleged coup or really how to even characterize it’s. A very bizarre situation.


This unfolded on Saturday, June 24, so almost two weeks ago. And allegedly Prigozhin and other Wagner forces marched on Rostov-on-Don, which is where the Russian Army’s Southern Command is located. And this Southern Command was primarily responsible for prosecuting the Special Military Operation in Ukraine. It’s not far from Ukrainian territory, and apparently they took over some key buildings in the city which housed Russian military personnel directing the war. They had some negotiations and they had some other forces march on Moscow!


And this is when the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, apparently stepped in and negotiated directly with Prigozhin and elements in the Kremlin. And they came up with a deal that basically sent Prigozhin and Wagner to Belarus. All the charges against Prigozhin and other Wagner fighters were dropped, and many of them were offered contracts to officially integrate into the Russian military structure. So help us understand this.


I mean, I saw video footage. There’s a guy named Patrick Lancaster who is an American guy that lives over in Ukraine, and he’s like this independent journalist. He goes out and films right on the front lines in many cases. And he’s been covering Russia and sort of like Central Asia, the conflicts that have erupted there over the years for a very long time. And he does some really interesting work.


And he was actually in Rostov-on-Don right when Wagner was getting there, and sort of this was all kind of unfolding. And you watch his video and everybody in the town is, like, praising Wagner and is totally in support of this group rolling through the town.




And then they eventually evacuated and left the city, and they didn’t make it to Moscow. So kind of walk us through this. What is your understanding of what actually took place? I mean, the latest reports that I’ve seen is that Prigozhin is actually back in Russia. He’s not even in Belarus. He’s actually in St. Petersburg.


And he apparently even recently walked right into an FSB building, which is, like Russia’s, essentially the FBI, from what I understand, like the Russian Federal Security Service, he walked right into an FSB building in the city and took back his pistol and allegedly some money and other arms that were confiscated in a raid by Russian law enforcement when this alleged coup was going down. So help us make some sense of this, Phil. I’m confused! [chuckling]


Phil Giraldi: Well, that’s the part that has me if not confused, maybe “bemused” would be a better word. There’s something fishy about all this. Here you have an armed insurrection against the central government, and this guy gets off the hook with some kind of deal where he was supposed to go into exile, and he stays there for about, what, eight or nine days?


And then suddenly he’s back where his principal mansion is in St. Petersburg. Which is where he’s from, incidentally. And he goes by the local intelligence law enforcement office and picks up, one account. I saw, something like $100 million worth of gold and cash boxes and boxes of $100 bills. He picks up a bunch of duplicate false passports. He picks up disguises. He picks up all the stuff that was found in his house when they searched it after the deal was made for him to go to Belarus.


So this is very smelly, [chuckling] shall we say?


And then, of course, there’s the other side of what has been going on around this story, which is the intelligence services side. The United States intelligence agencies, I don’t know whether it was CIA or Office of National Intelligence, briefed Congress days before this event took place to tell them about it, and we still don’t know what they told them.


Apparently, the Russians, and including at least one of the generals that was under suspicion, knew about this in advance. And we also know that Prigozhin, because of the activity of Wagner in Africa, has made trips to that area where he very well could have been targeted by Western intelligence. So somebody knew about all of this. And I rather suspect that it may be even more complicated than that.


One thing I’m hearing from my remaining CIA contacts is that they’ve come to the conclusion that this was a “deception operation”, which means maybe that Fragosian agreed to do something with Western intelligence, but then turned around and told Putin and his advisors about it. And they concocted this scheme to make this kind of painless action happen in some way, to make Western intelligence and the Western governments look stupid after they weighed in on it.




John Friend: Interesting! Yeah. Boy, it’s really tough to know exactly what was going on with this entire situation. I’m looking at the TASS news agency, which is like, I think it’s actually funded by the Russian government on the official news agency of Russia. And this is just from this morning headline here:


“Kremlin has nothing to add on question of Wagner chief’s whereabouts.”


And they’re quoting Dmitry Peskov, who’s, like the spokesman for the Kremlin, saying that they have no information on Prigozhin’s location or his whereabouts. They have nothing to say.


So it’s a very weird situation. I mean, when Putin came on TV, and I don’t know if he directly accused Prigozhin himself or even Wagner directly. I don’t know if he actually specifically named them as being traitors, but he was basically alluding to that.


So, I mean, it’s a very weird situation how you could, on the one hand, basically insinuate or allude to or even outright imply that these men are traitors, and yet ten minutes later, you’re offering them amnesty and allowing them to essentially escape into Belarus. And then if these reports are accurate, which they appear to be, the Kremlin is basically confirming this, that Prigozhin is back in Russia.


Phil Giraldi: Yeah, that’s absolutely correct. And Lukashenko has confirmed that. He said:


“That he’s no longer in Belarus.”


He was in, as I suggested before, St. Petersburg.


And then Lukashenko made an interesting comment. [chuckling] He said:


“For all I know, he could be back in Moscow.”


John Friend: Right.


Phil Giraldi: So that was kind of entertaining, shall we say.


But obviously something is going on behind the scenes here. If this guy really staged an armed intervention or whatever you want to call it, coup directed against the Russian government, why did they cut a deal with him? And why is he running loose?


There has to be another story that we don’t really know about yet. And going back to what you were saying about what Putin said, Putin did call them “traitors” at the point when they were occupying Rostov. This was his first public comment on the evening when all of this was happening.


But then he walked that back.


John Friend: Okay.


Phil Giraldi: Said that these were loyal Russian soldiers, and indeed, the soldiers in the Wagner group probably didn’t know anything about this, why they were marching or what they were doing. They were following orders.


So this is a mysterious thing. And then Putin, interestingly, made a speech the next day in which he really, to my mind, directly implicated Western governments and Western intelligence services in having cranked this thing up.


John Friend: Wow! Really? Okay. Yeah. You’ve kind of already alluded to that. But I am curious what you think of the potential role that the CIA, for example, or NATO or other Western intelligence agencies played in all of this.




Phil Giraldi: Well, it depends on what incentives they might have. Let’s presume that if they wanted to get in touch with this guy, they would have figured out a way to do it. And whether it was in Africa or whether it was in Ukraine itself, wherever he was, they probably knew where he was and figured out a way to access him.


So in this kind of case, they would probably be thinking in terms of:


“What kind of incentives can we offer this individual to do just that, to destabilize the Russian government of Putin, by staging what would appear to be a military uprising.”


And as you mentioned in the beginning, there is indeed a lot of popular support for, or rather popular criticizm of the way the war is being waged.


So this was not exactly a gesture that was toothless.


John Friend: Right!


Phil Giraldi: Yeah.


So there are so many things that go together in this pot and we’re still, I think, seeing what’s coming out of it. And to me, the most astonishing part is that Prigozhin is now running loose in Russia, and nobody knows where, or no one is claiming to know where he is.


John Friend: Right. Well, this kind of gets to a broader question. How do you think that this alleged, quote, unquote, “coup” impacts the Putin regime and it’s credibility? I mean, that’s kind of like a big talking point that I’ve heard from mainstream analysts. And I just have a hard time listening to these talking heads proclaim that Putin is losing credibility and facing this huge internal crisis, when really it was more or less a big nothing burger.


I mean, there were reports that some helicopters got shot down and there may have been a few deaths. I don’t even know if that’s been really confirmed. But this whole coup situation really appears to be more of like a PR type thing more than anything else.


So I have a hard time listening to these people get up there and say that Putin is facing this huge crisis when France is literally on fire, facing a genuine insurrection from all these immigrants that they brought into their country. America is more divided and dysfunctional than ever. I mean, it seems like the credibility of our regimes are much more suspect than what’s going on in Russia. But that could just be my opinion. I don’t know. What do you think?


Phil Giraldi: No, I think you’ve nailed the main point. Maybe this was what the Russians, what the Russian government, if they were colluding with Prigozhin on this whole theatrical event, if we want to look at it that way, maybe this is the point that they were trying to make! So we’ll see. This will probably surface in the next couple of weeks while the story is still hot, and we have to take it where it goes.




But the fact is that the United States and NATO effort to support this counterattack being staged by Ukraine has been nothing but a failure. And anyone that is thinking Russia is going to militarily lose this war, I think is just blowing smoke. Russia has a very large and very modern arms industry, which most Western countries no longer have. And Russia and Putin is very popular.


In spite of concerns about the war, he is very popular.


So I think that they’re kind of hoping for something to happen. There was comments by Tony Blinken, our alleged Secretary of State shortly after this started, and he was saying:


“Russia is falling apart. Russia is losing the war. Russia is doing this. Vladimir Putin is hated all over the world!”


All of this stuff is nonsense!


John Friend: Yeah, well, see, that to me, is really the goal of the Deep State controlling Washington, DC. These neocons controlling the federal government, not only in DC, but also in Brussels and NATO. Their main priority is dragging out this conflict, killing as many Russians, and Ukrainians, for that matter, and other foreign fighters that are going to fight. It seems like most of these people coming from overseas are going to fight for the Ukrainians for some bizarre reason, but just basically killing as many Europeans, I should add, as possible in this conflict. Weakening Russia, creating turmoil and chaos, and ultimately they want a regime change and a total dismemberment of the Russian Federation.


And this seems to be something that Putin himself and the Russian political leadership understand full well.


So I guess one question I had I actually have a couple of questions. One is relating to your assessment of how this Special Military Operation has been prosecuted.


But secondly, and maybe we can start with this, it seems like Putin does recognize this, right, based on his speeches and his critiques of the West and NATO and just their overall policy.


So if he seemingly understands all of this and recognizes that these people in DC absolutely hate him! Absolutely hate Russia and everything that Russia stands for, and want to see this country dismembered, just like they did in the Middle East, just like they did in the Balkans, why does he continue to seemingly be Hoodwinked by the West?


Putin has basically admitted that the Russians got fooled by the West with the Minsk Accords, that the West and Ukraine never honestly attempted to implement the measures laid out in these accords, and that it was basically this big ploy to build up Ukraine’s military and to take back all of the Donbas in Crimea.




So, I mean, for what, like, eight years, Russia was played by the West, deceived by the West. And this is something that these military hardliners and Russian nationalists have been saying for almost ten years now. They’ve been very critical of this.


So, on the one hand, Putin seems to be continually deceived by the West. And even more recently, it was revealed that right when Russia had its troops surrounding Kiev and basically in full control, not full control of the country, but they more or less had Kiev surrounded, had much of the Eastern part of the country under their control, shortly after this Special Military Operation was launched last year, they entered into negotiations with Kiev in Turkey, and they had an agreement finalized, which was apparently initialed by representatives from both Ukraine and Russia. And then Putin, in a gesture of goodwill – I don’t know why he would do this, it makes no sense to me – he withdrew Russian troops, and then Ukraine proceeded to tear up the deal at the behest of NATO and their puppet masters in Washington, DC.


So I just don’t understand this. Can you address this for me? Why does Russia continue to let the West and Ukraine fool them, seemingly, in such brazen ways?


Phil Giraldi: Well, I think the simple answer to that is that Putin is kind of an international character. He lived a large part of his life in the West, in Germany in particular, and he has long sought to build economic bridges, like Nord Stream, for example, with Western Europe, because he saw the future of Russia as being in that direction.


Now, in terms of why the war took place, well, even those who will not see eventually do see.


And I think he realized that there was no going forward in that direction anymore, particularly since the United States and Britain were pushing strongly against him and encouraging Ukraine. And he decided on the special or the limited military intervention to, first of all, take back Donbas, which he has basically done, and then to build a land bridge between Donbas and the Crimea, which he has essentially done.


I don’t think he ever had an intention of trying to conquer Ukraine or take it over, because then he would have been confronted with a 40 million person country waging guerrilla war against him for the next 20 years! I think he understood that.


So I think, I made a joke when I was talking to Judge Napolitano last week. I said:


“Sometimes when you judge Putin by what he says and what he does, he could very much come across as the only adult in the room.”


John Friend: Right? Well, that’s certainly true. I mean, listening to Putin and other Russian political figures address the press and just answer questions, these people are much more serious, much more honorable, much more honest, much more straightforward than anything you’d see in DC or Brussels or London. It’s like a whole other level.


I guess I understand the point you’re making, but it’s almost like, how many times is he going to like, I mean and I don’t know. I guess I don’t mean to be too critical of him because he is in a very tough situation. Right?




But at the same time, it’s like these people totally hate you and everything you stand for and want to see you overthrown! And yet it’s like he still continues to try to play nice with them. I just don’t understand it. And that seems to be how this Special Military Operation has basically been prosecuted from the beginning. Gestures of goodwill and attempts to limit casualties, which is very noble and understandable to a certain extent.


But at the end of the day, how is this going to play out, I guess? How does this work when the other side is absolutely determined to see regime change, to see the Russian Federation totally dismembered and broken into a million pieces and totally rendered impotent on the world stage? When you have the one side operating from that mindset, and Russia continues to at least seemingly be conciliatory and try to strike a deal and try to come to a reasonable conclusion. It’s like one side is totally irrational and not reasonable, and Russia continues to be rational and reasonable. You know what I mean?


Phil Giraldi: Yeah, no, I know exactly what you mean.


And of course, this is probably a strategic kind of issue where how he sees, he and his government see the long term interests of Russia and how they are really engaged in protecting that. That’s why this war took place. When Putin and Russia perceived that vital national security interests were at stake, because it looked at that point like NATO would welcome Ukraine, and there was continuing artillery fire into Donbas, which killed, what, 8,500 civilians?


So there were issues that were vital national security issues for him. And when he perceived that, he acted! I applaud him for being courageous and doing what was right for his country.


Now, we find that the loonies continue to be in charge. In Washington. We have Joe Biden, I guess, today, signing off on these cluster munitions going into this war. Cluster munitions are, for most of the world, the use of the cluster munitions is considered to be a war crime.


So we’re committing a war crime!


And then there was a report today where US drones in Syria were interfered with by Russian aircraft. Now Russian aircraft are in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government. We are in there as a hostile force illegally! And somehow we feel we have the will of God, or the right to engage in this kind of practice, to engage in military actions in a foreign country which we are legally engaged in. This is ridiculous!




John Friend: Right. Absolutely! Well, that’s sort of like, I guess, a question we can kind of wrap up with is, how politically, like, domestically in America? We got an election coming up next year. The Biden administration is just I mean, they, they’ve just pledged unlimited amounts of money to Ukraine. We continue to do. So unlimited amounts of money, unlimited amounts of weaponry and equipment. Same thing, basically, with all of Western Europe and all the NATO countries.


At some point, you’ve got to think that this is going to turn into be a major political liability to continue to support this absurd, counterproductive, ridiculous policy of just endlessly supplying Ukraine with weapons. How do you see this impacting the upcoming election? I mean, do you think that the Democrats are going to finally recognize that this is just simply unsustainable?


Phil Giraldi: I think a lot of them have already recognized that, as well as a fair number of Conservatives. But bear in mind that there are crazy people on both sides, in both parties. And our former vice president Mike Pence yesterday, I believe, said that:


“If Ukraine is beaten by the Russians in this war (whatever that means in his mind) we would have to intervene and go to war with Russia!”


John Friend: Yeah, right. Yeah, these people will continue to double down. It seems like this is their pet issue. And like you said, both sides are going along with this madness.


And I think that has something to do with the fact that both sides are more or less controlled by the same neocon Zionist factions that have long dominated American politics. And yeah, so I guess we’ll see what’s going to happen.


I mean, this alleged coup situation, I think more information is going to come out, and I simply don’t know what to make of it at the moment. I’m starting to think actually now that it was sort of this deception operation by the Russians to sort of throw off the Western intelligence agencies and make it appear as if Russia is divided or something like that, when in fact it’s nothing of the sort.


So I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. But I don’t know. Phil, did you have any other concluding remarks before we wrap up here?


Phil Giraldi: No, I think we always come back, I think, sensibly enough to the same kind of question. Why are we there at all? There was never a vital American interest in interfering in this war, if you want to call it that. The United States was never threatened by it. And now we’ve escalated this to a situation where if this goes nuclear, the United States will definitely be threatened by it, and it could destroy pretty much of the world as we know it!


So, I mean, this is an absurd kind of escalation, development, however you want to phrase it, and it’s all done for internal US politics, where, as you point out, that hideous group known as the “neocons” have control over what takes place and how it takes place. And we have to maybe be thinking in terms of let’s not see any more neocons at the top levels of the State Department and national security apparatus. Maybe that’s something we should aspire to.


John Friend: Yes, absolutely!


Well, Phil, thanks a lot for taking the time. I appreciate it. Keep up the great work. And guys, be sure to check out Phil’s article in the latest issue of American Free Press. The website is And Phil, take care, man. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. We’ll do this again in the future.


Phil Giraldi: Okay. Thank you for having me on.












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Freya July 8, 2023 5:08 AM
The American expert in geopolitics never says:
IT’S THE JEWS. Why not? Not mentioning the JEWISH ROLE (elephant in the room) means walking in the dark…
Q.: WHO is “Prigozhin”?
A.: He is a JEW, a mercenary hired by a JEWISH oligarch faction working out of Russia – more OR LESS IN CONTROL of the “Russian government”? i.e. Putin’s position remains stable (as said Hungarian President Viktor Orban)
Q.: WHAT is the “Wagner group”?
A.: Another version of “Al Qaida” – “ISIS” (I-srahellish S-ecret I-ntelligence S-ervices) – another Mossad “Special Operation”!!!
WHERE does the German name “Wagner” come from?
A.: A psychological mind game? Subconsciously always hinting at some “hidden German” involvement? Never forget: BLAME THE GERMANS! It is always about “Nazis” in the Ukraine… who “must be totally beaten”!!!
In reality: It is always JEWS under disguise – here and there.
JEWISH anti-Ukrainian mercenary Prigozhin’s criticism of the PUTIN government: “The war is fought much too timidly”… …
Prigozhin, i.e. the ISRAHELLISH MOSSAD FACTION would prefer to fight the Ukrainian nationalists THE JEWISH TALMUDIC SATANIC WAY… Storched earth!!! As many deaths as possible. As many billions for profit as possible. By bombing everything into rubble… leaving a totally destroyed wasteland behind… just like Germany in WWII
It is the US-British JEWISH-TALMUDIC WAY… on how to wage war for over a hundred years, since 1917 – Always attacking countries / nations which DID NOT ATTACK (North) America & Britain first!!! Always leaving waste land behind WWI, WWII etc … endless WAR OF TERROR!!!
Creating a never ending INVASION of Muslim rapefugees into all white countries as a result!!! Replacement Migration!!! White Genocide!!!
Consolidating JEWISH POWER.


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