Herve Ryssen – I am a Racist and an Anti-semite! – April 9, 2014 — TRANSCRIPT

I am a Racist and an Anti-semite!


By Herve Ryssen



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Published on Apr 9, 2014


[NOTE: The following text and transcript — taken from the subtitles — has been edited lightly for clarity.



YouTube Description


Hervé Ryssen, a french nationalist and prolific writer, has been harassed for years by jewish organizations. On March 28th he was sentenced for 3 months jail. Inspired by a video made by Paul Weston “I am a racist”, Hervé Ryssen made this more impassioned video, “I am a racist and an anti-semite”.


By the title, you can easily understand that Hervé Ryssen is a free thinker and has no taboos! He just says things as they are, no more, no less, and consequently he’s paying the price for it! You have to understand that French jails are filled with about 80 per cent aggressive non-White people and many at the top of the “French” government wish him to never get out alive. By sharing and promoting this vidéo and making his situation known is his only way to make it. Please share this video. Re-load it. Talk about him. It’s his right to speak up, and it’s our duty to defend him!





[Opening Text]

On March, the 28th of 2014, French nationalist writer, Herve Ryssen, was sentenced to three months jail because of notorious jewish associations’ complaints.

Inspired by Paul Weston’s video [1]I Am a Racist”, Herve Ryssen has made his own video.


“I am a Racist and an anti-semite!”


[Hervé Ryssen, speaking to camera]


Why I am a racist and an anti-semite? I’m a racist just as all people on earth are, since time immemorial. Today of course , in our current society it’s easy to present oneself as an “anti-racist”, because all our cultural surroundings are pushing us to be anti-racist.


From school we are taught to love African, Chinese kids, that French society is multi-cultural. Then of course, throughout TV, news reports, radio, etc., everything is pushing us towards anti-racism. But that is only a European and Western specific thing!


Because in other places, such as African countries or the whole Asian continent, people love their culture! And they absolutely do not intend to open the gates of their countries to all the human races! To transform their multi-millennial societies into multi-cultural societies! Those ideas are only affecting Western societies!


Only White people are forbidden to live in their own countries among themselves! The way they lived among themselves for the last five thousand years!

Only White people are constantly having a finger pointed at them in movies produced by the Hollywood matrix!

Only White people are denied the right to have countries for their own kind.

Only White people, and White people alone, are living in such a state!


I am a racist because I’m a White man fighting for my human rights. This seems legitimate and natural to me! This does not imply any kind of hate towards others! Rather, we the White people, and as it happens, we the French people have the right to have a country for our own – France – as we did have for thousands of years.


This is our country! This country belongs to us, the French. The White European French people!


Just as Senegalese people have their own country. And as far as I know, Senegal is not a multi-cultural or a multi-racial society, even though some White people are living there. There are many jews living there as well, to make money. Because when it comes to exploiting the tropical forests, or exploiting petroleum, aluminum, tungsten, coal or diamonds, as in South Africa, there are always many jews.


Jews always favor a multi-cultural society, because for them, it’s the best way to go unnoticed.


“We are all brothers, we are all equals! We the jews, the blacks, the Arabs, we mix together, that way no one can perceive us.”


When I talked about American movies earlier I had essentially jewish movies in mind. As a matter of fact every time in a movie when you see a beautiful White blonde woman with an African man you can be sure that movie was made by a jew! Then there are the movie producers. Most movies are produced by jews. Like 100 per cent of them!



The film maker has something to say and as it happens, every time there is a blonde with a black man, every time there is a movie promoting race-mixing, you can be absolutely sure you are watching a jewish made movie! Just the same with anti-religious movies, especially the anti-Catholic ones more than the anti-Protestant movies. Anti-Catholic movies are always made by jews!


Just as with movies blaming White people, always showing them as despicable human beings. Movies about World War II are 100 per cent made by jewish film makers, such as Costa Gavras, [Roman] Polanski, Giles Paquet-Brenner, etc.


Well, all these [above] reasons make me a racist! And I say proudly that I’m a racist! Yes, a racist! I’m defending my own kind, the people who look like me. And I also believe that an ethnically homogenous society is the best system to ensure a peaceful society. People live in much greater harmony when they live among their own.


Opening one’s heart, one’s spirit to outsiders is a complete cosmopolitan [i.e., Jewish] utopia, a utopia coming straight from Zionists’ brains, or more factually, from jewish brains. Jews are always calling for race-mixing, equality and a multicultural society. But when jews are among themselves in a land they think is theirs, a state called Israel, they don’t call for tolerance or for a multi-cultural society. They affirm their identity and say:


“We are jews, Israel is a jewish country, this is our homeland, and we are going to erase Palestinian homes with our bulldozers!”


That’s what I have a problem with, this jewish double standard! When they are in a place they call home, they are extremely racist! But when they are in France, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Quebec or anywhere else they live, they adopt an anti-racist narrative, promoting a multi-cultural society, equality of rights etc.


It is these very people, the jews, who are destroying our countries! And it not for nothing that there’s been anti-semitism since time immemorial. Because the very essence of judaism is to destroy everything in order to enable the unification of the world. Only when “peace” is established on earth, that is, when every nation has been wiped out, when every race, ancestral tradition and religion has been destroyed, and only then according to the jews, will their Messiah come.


So, jews first have to establish “peace”, that is, destroy everything, before the jewish Messiah will come and establish the new Kingdom of David! That is what their eschatology is all about. That is their project!


That is why, I’m entirely and utterly anti-semitic, that is, I’m totally and absolutely against unification of the world and a world government! Judaism is essentially a political project.


Those are the reasons why I’m a racist and an anti-semite!


I know what I’m saying is an offence under Republican laws, laws that have been imposed on us by cosmopolitans. But I couldn’t care less because I’m not a Republican and I’m not a cosmopolitan!


Here in France, I’m home and I’m opposed to the [cosmopolitan] dictatorship! So if you want to put me in jail ( I’m talking to the system’s henchmen), you can do so. I won’t put up a fight. When I say I won’t put up a fight, it does though depend on the circumstances. In any case, one thing is for sure, I will not keep my mouth shut! And it appears to me that there are some others like me who also don’t want to shut up!


So then, this is it. The conflict is open, it is war, it is war my friends!

Again, I repeat it: I’m a racist and an anti-semite!



[Concluding Text]


French jails are filled with about 80 per cent aggressive non-White people. Helping to make Herve’s situation know world-wide is his only hope of exiting jail alive. Please share this video and contact the nearest French embassy to complain about free speech violation. Warn them that they will be held accountable if anything untoward happens to Herve Ryssen!





[1] Paul Weston’s video, “I am a racist“.

Available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67UjJHZ1W5o










The following text is a summary of six books written by Hervé Ryssen, that came out between 2005 and 2010, constituting the most important study on the Jewish mind ever published.




PDF of this post. Click to view or download (.2 MB). >> I’m a Racist and an Anti-semite



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4 Responses to Herve Ryssen – I am a Racist and an Anti-semite! – April 9, 2014 — TRANSCRIPT

  1. Fuck says:

    You whole argument that only white people are experiencing the forces of forced colonization is flat on its face and hypocritical because native Americans and Aboriginal Australia and all of the egregiousness populations of central and south america are currently colonized by primarily white populations. It seems very hypocritical with al that was said that this grievance is not addressed.

    • katana17 says:

      Thanks for your comment.

      The European conquest and colonization of traditional non-White lands were an expression of White military technology and power. Virtually all races or peoples expand their territory as much as possible and Whites were the best at doing this.

      It’s the will to live and thrive, that is inherent in every living thing that exists on this planet. A weed will strangle a beautiful rosebush in order to expand its territory, despite the loveliness of the rose.

      Now, your argument is; given that Whites colonized non-Whites, Whites should accept being colonized by non-Whites in turn. If they don’t they are hypocrites!

      Can you see the fault in your argument? Whites never preached non-colonization, they practiced colonization in the past!

      So they are not being hypocrites when they complain about its ill effects on them. A better argument would be to say Whites are getting paid back for their past colonization. But with that argument Whites have every moral right to resist and fight back against the jew facilitated invasion, just like those colonized peoples in the past fought back against their dispossession.

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