Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 3: The Poison in Britain; The Poison in America

[NOTE: The author of this book was a Christian and as such there are religious references made in the text. What is of interest, and the reason for posting this material, are his observations concerning international jewry and their activities in fomenting war, control of banking, etc.



Deadlier than the H-Bomb


Part 3




Leonard Young



Having fought against tyranny for thousands of years and having been sustained by a strong faith throughout, first, the Druidic and then the Christian, are we now going to let our Christian and British faith and traditions go by default and tamely submit to the worst tyranny the world has ever known?

The author claims that we are in the process of destruction by something deadlier than the H-bomb; something which in our blindness, we are allowing to corrode the props of our culture and civilisation.

Is there a secret plan for the destruction of the Western way of life? Many famous sailors and soldiers have written on this theme. Here a retired Air Force officer comes to similar conclusions. He quotes from a confidential document of the Political and Economic Planning Organisation [PEP]:

You may use, without acknowledgement, anything which appears in this broadsheet on the understanding that the broadsheet and the group are not publicly mentioned, either in writing or otherwise. This strict anonymity is essential in order that the group may prove effective.

He describes this work of P.E.P. as “Sovietism by stealth.” He quotes many famous statesmen in support of his (continued on inside back cover) contention. Thus Lloyd George writing in his memoirs about the international bankers’ part in the Versailles Conference:

They swept statesmen, politicians, jurists and journalists all on one side and issued their orders with an imperiousness of absolute monarchs who knew that there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees.

Of the New York Stock Exchange collapse between the wars he quotes Senator L. T. McFadden, Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Currency Commission, who declared:

It was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence. … the international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as the rulers of us all.

Whether you agree with all the author’s conclusions you will certainly have to admit that there are forces behind the political scene which are DEADLIER THAN THE H-BOMB.





Wing Commander L. YOUNG







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4. The Jews in Britain …………………..………….. 17

5. Money Lending ………………………..…………… 22

6. Some Effects of the Usury System ………. 30

7. Two Jewish Plans …………………….……………. 33

8. The Poison in Britain …………………………….. 36

9. The Poison in America ……………..…………… 44

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16. Post War Britain …………………..…………….. 68

17. A Hint from the Bible …………..…………….. 71

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After the Second World War and twenty-nine years in the Services I retired to civil life. Instead of being able to settle down peacefully, I have found myself in a world in turmoil and in constant dread of the H-bomb being used to terrorise people into all sorts of courses. Like many others, I do not think that an atomic war is inevitable. In trying to assess the situation I have come to realise that we are in the process of actual destruction by something deadlier than the H-bomb; something, which in our blindness, we are allowing to corrode the props of our culture and civilisation; insidiously and relentlessly.

In this book I have tried to show the development of the main lines of attack, to sound the alarm and to introduce the reader to a number of other works on the subject which expound various necessary truths and remedies.

L. Young Winscombe,


May, 1956





In presenting this outspoken book by a patriotic ex-serviceman we do so because we are in agreement with his conclusions on political, economic and agricultural problems. The author’s views on religious matters are, of course entirely his own and not necessarily the views of the publishers.


June, 1956








VERY briefly it should be noted that in Britain we received, during the latter half of the 19th and earlier part of the 20th centuries, an influx of German and Russian Jews, including Ludwig Mond, Sir Ernest Cassel and Chaim Weizmann. Mond and his son, Sir Alfred (1st Lord Melchett) were leading lights in the process of foisting upon this country the policy of monopoly of key industries together with the transference of information and control to so-called international bodies, the focus of which was then German, e.g. Imperial Chemical Industries and I.G. Farben. The Germans received information of our processes, but it was largely a “one-way street”. These large monopolistic firms like I.C.I. are a source of great weakness to us. They are under international financial control working for Zionist purposes of procuring a world government for “Israel”. In the past, the control of money, gold and credit has been the primary weapon of the Zionist, but as the money myth has been exploded as shown earlier in this paper (although not yet as far as the general public is concerned), legal control of raw materials is essential to the pursuit of the policy to a final and successful issue. Genuine and unfettered private property of any description whatever is absolutely fatal to it; and the liberal financing of any movement, “Commonwealth”, “Liberal”, “Socialist”, “Henry Georgite”, “Single Tax”, or “Communist” which attacks the idea of private ownership in anything whatever, can be traced, without difficulty, to Zionist bankers.

That is why the richest body of individuals in the world subsidises attacks on wealth. Not a single one of the movements mentioned has ever attacked the Money Power or the Jews. But as it was impossible entirely to ignore the subject of finance, after the publicity given it by such events as the election of a Social Credit Government in Alberta, all the Left Wing parties have included the “nationalisation”, i.e. central control of banking in their programmes. The objective is similar to that involved in the “Nationalisation” of coal. The object of the nationalisation of industries is to provide the international loan-mongers with control of the assets, rather than the mere taxing power of the country. Nationalisation robs the people of their assets, besides being very inefficient and destructive of individual freedom.

[Page 36]

The real conflict in the economic world is not between cartels, monopolies and nationalised industries and property, but between all three and small businesses and privately owned property. The three are merely different forms of monopoly. Socialism is monopoly. Monopoly is the policy of the Sanhedrin and it is expressed in the various forms of cartel, “public corporation” like the “British” Broadcasting Corporation, the London Transport Board, the Tennessee Valley Authority, or outright State ownership of the Russian type. They all lead up through the stages to “nationalisation” in the individual states and on through various national groupings, where national sovereignty is surrendered, e.g. European Union, N.A.T.O., the Soviet bloc, Anzus Pact, United Nations, to the ultimate object of World Government. All the stages, as they are achieved, have the effect of bringing the organisations concerned more firmly under the control of the Sanhedrin.

In the process all individual sovereignty is wiped out, because all the people are brought into the position of being “wage” or “salary slaves” of the monopoly control. We are well on the way to that state of affairs in this country. The whole of the taxation system has been deliberately designed to produce the result by means of death duties, graduated income tax, etc. The object is to destroy the real aristocracy and its inherited memory of tradition and policy and all individual independence and by an issue of bribery in the form of “social services” corresponding to the “bread and circuses” of Roman days, to persuade the numerous mob to vote for measures which they do not understand and which amount to signing the death warrant of the whole nation.

Since the cynically insincere opportunist Disraeli injected his Liberal and Radical Jewish poison into the Tory Party, it has become less and less Tory and more and more Socialist and Internationalist in effect until it is now for all practical purposes, as completely under the control of the Sanhedrin as is the Socialist Party.

The parties are merely used by the Sanhedrin to keep the people divided over unreal issues while all the time they are, in their blindness, being led into complete subjection. No party attacks the Sanhedrin or Dollar Barons. No party mentions, let alone advocates, monetary reform. No party will give heed to any suggestion that an investigation be made into secret societies and subversive movements. It makes no real difference which party is in office, the Sanhedrin is always in power. They all pursue what is fundamentally the same policy of destroying Great Britain and the British Empire. Look at the way we have been running away from our responsibilities of Empire all over the world during the last ten years under the pressure of the hidden forces working on the lamentable figureheads in office. It appears to be impossible to rise in any party without making suitable obeisance to Judaeo-Masonry.

[Page 37]

It is significant that such organisations as the Fabian Society, the London School of Economics, P.E.P., and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) were richly endowed by Jewish finance and have been largely guided by Jewish influence in instilling the Fifth Column doctrines of Socialism and Internationalism into our body politic.

The Fabian Society, with its associated organisations, is the fountainhead of Socialist ideas in English-speaking countries. Socialist Movements all over the world were dominated by the influence of the Jew Fabian, Harold Laski. After discussions with Stalin, late in 1946, Laski made the very important statement that the English Socialists and the Russian Socialists were approaching the same objective by different roads. Karl Marx, the Jew, had said that the British would never make their own revolution and that foreigners would have to make it for them. But the horde of German and Russian-speaking Jews who poured into this country for the purpose have managed to find a large number of Gentile dupes to work for them. The Society had been formed under the leadership of Professor Thomas Davidson, “an ethical Anarchist Communist”, in the winter of 1883-84. But he was superseded by the Webbs and George Bernard Shaw.

As indicated by Laski, the policy adopted was not the violent revolution one used in Russia, but a silent revolution based on the undermining of the nation’s institutions from within. The idea was to influence all other political groups by permeation and infiltration: Sovietisation by stealth.

These infiltrators met with astonishing success, particularly in the Liberal Party and later in the Labour Party which they took over and converted into a Socialist Party; the unfortunate Labour representatives having completely failed to see that Socialism was diametrically opposed to true Labour interests.

H. G. Wells described the Fabian leaders as pedants who believe that fair ends may be reached by foul means, and said that Sidney Webb was an “incessant little intriguer”. Writing of Webb the Jew historian, Elie Halevey, wrote:

I can still hear Sidney Webb explaining to me that the future belonged to the great administrative nations, where the officials govern and the police keep order.

He also mentions Shaw arguing that:

The world is to the big and powerful states of necessity and the little ones must come within their borders or be crushed out of existence.

As an example of what happened, George Lansbury relates how the International Financier, Sir Samuel Montagu (Lord Swaythling), gave him financial support to keep strikes going until their partnership was broken by Lansbury becoming a definite Socialist. Montagu wanted Lansbury to stay in the Liberal Party and preach his Socialism inside it.

[Page 38]

The Fabians understood the weakness of most politicians, of all parties, to tend to centralise political power and set to work to get them to support legislation which would so centralise power that a process of delegation of power to a growing bureaucracy became inevitable. Once the bureaucracy was empowered to make regulations and decrees having the force of law, responsible Government was undermined. That is, they deliberately set out to pervert the Parliamentary system and to use it to reach the same objective which the Communists wanted to reach by force.

It is worth noting that the introduction of universal suffrage, combined with the secret ballot, inevitably leads to irresponsible voting and to irresponsible politicians who will plead mandates for their actions.

The London School of Economics was, according to Mrs. Webb, financed with the help of the Rothschilds, Sir Julius Wernher and similar financial magnates. Lord Rothschild is the “British” head of the most powerful family money trust in the world. He joined the “British” Labour Party in 1945. During the war he was closely connected with the policy of interning British patriots (Gentiles) under Regulation 18b. In 1920, Sir Ernest Cassel gave the School £472,000, when it was in serious financial difficulties, in order to make it a place;

to raise and train the bureaucracy of the future Socialist State”.

Cassel’s favourite grand-daughter was Lady Mountbatten, whose Leftist views are supposed to have had a big influence on her husband. We have seen the part they played in the scuttle from India, to say no more.

The influence of the School has been world-wide. The “key” members of the bureaucracies in all English-speaking countries have been trained there and its teachings have permeated the universities. The School was much under the influence of Laski, whose philosophy was summed up as follows:

Christianity has failed, and the Russian ideal is taking its place as the inspiration of mankind, and as the standard of public morality.

Sir William Beveridge, advocate of a “half-way to Moscow policy” was Director of the School from 1919-1937. The influence of the School has been evil wherever it has permeated.

P.E.P. (Political and Economic Planning) is a semi-secret Socialist organisation developed by the Fabians as part of their conspiratorial technique. Lord Melchett of I. C. I. was associated with it. He was a leading advocate of “rationalisation”, which Trade Union leaders accepted as a step towards nationalisation. In 1920, H. G. Wells said:

Big business is by no means antipathetic to Communism. The larger big business grows, the more it approximates to Collectivism. It is the upper road of the few instead of the lower road of the masses to Collectivism.

[Page 39]

Fabians and other Socialists are keen supporters of economic centralisation and the crushing of large numbers of small and medium-sized businesses. The most prominent in P.E.P. has been Mr. Israel Moses Sieff of Marks & Spencer. He is also one of the leading Zionists and a Russian-speaking Jew. P.E.P.’s typically Fabian conspiratorial methods are shown by the instructions issued on April 25th, 1933, with a broadsheet outlining what can best be called Sovietisation by stealth

You may use, without acknowledgement, anything which appears in this broadsheet on the understanding that the broadsheet and the group are not publicly mentioned, either in writing or otherwise. This strict condition of anonymity. … is essential in order that the group may prove effective. …

The broadsheet then went on to outline how farmers and manufacturers should be controlled by “duly constituted authority” and that small traders should be eliminated. The broadsheet showed beyond all doubt the totalitarian nature of the policy being pursued by P.E.P.

It is hardly surprising that, in connection with the policy of gradual Sovietisation put forward by P.E.P., Mr. Sieff made the claim that:

The only rival world political and economic system which puts forward a comparable claim is that of the Union of Soviet Republics.

On October 14th, 1938, Planning, the journal of P.E.P. stated that:

We have started from the position that it is only in war, or under the threat of war, that a British Government will embark on large-scale planning”, and went on to say that “… emergency measures should, as far as possible, be framed in accord with the long-term needs of social and economic reconstruction.

It will be seen that the Fabians welcome war conditions to further their ideas, as do their masters the Sanhedrin. It is significant that the Socialists kept working to embroil us in war and, at the same time, voted for disarmament.

P.E.P. also infiltrated the:

Conservative organisations and it is of interest that Churchill has made great use of Lord Woolton, of Lewis Ltd., and one time fervent Fabian. Churchill himself, of course, has been a lifelong intimate friend of leading Jew financiers like Bernard Baruch, Sir Ernest Cassel and Sir Abe Bailey. He is also a hereditary Whig-Liberal, a life-long Zionist and a worker for World Government, notwithstanding his oath of allegiance to the British Crown.

[Page 40]

The ideas of P.E.P. have had considerable influence in America, particularly during the Roosevelt régime. In 1934, Mr. Louis T. McFadden, an American Congressman and recognised authority on banking matters, exposed the connection between the New Dealers in America and the English Fabians when he said:

Many serious people in England feel that this Fabian organisation (P.E.P.) practically controls the British Government and that this Government will soon be known as ‘His Majesty’s Soviet Government’” …

About three months after the National Recovery Act (the first of the New Deal Socialist measures) of the United States, when Israel Moses Sieff was urged by members of his Committee to show more activity, he said:

Let us go slowly for a while, and wait and see how our plan carries out in America.

On March 15th, 1934, in an address criticising the New Deal Socialist legislation for controlling cotton acreage in the U. S. A ., Mr. McFadden said:

Their action (the New Deal Planners) in this matter is also assisted and aided through the agency of the Foreign Policy Association of the United States, which is directly connected with the Fabian Society, or a branch of it, in England, which at the present time is attempting to take over the control of agriculture and its operation in England. … I call your especial attention to the recent article America Must Choose by Secretary of Agriculture Wallace, a syndicated article put out under the auspices of the Foreign Policy Association of New York and copyrighted by them. This article is quite in keeping with the plan of the British offspring of the Fabian Group.

Note that the Foreign Policy Association was sponsored by Paul M. Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb Co., and by Bernard Baruch the continuing “unofficial President” of the U.S.A. Also Mr. James Warburg has openly expressed himself in favour of some nationalisation. It is inescapable that Socialism is the policy of the International Financiers.

George Bernard Shaw said:

Lenin owed a great deal of his eminence to the fact that, in his younger days, he studied the works of Sidney Webb. … The success of the Russian experiment means that old words, like Fabianism and Socialism, are all out of date. There is nothing now but Communism.

One of the basic features of the Soviet economy is economic conscription. Irrespective of how it is introduced, Socialism in practice inevitably leads to manpower control. Shaw was quite clear about this when he said, in the October issue, 1921, of The Labour Monthly:

Compulsory labour, with death as the final penalty … is the keystone of Socialism.

[Page 41]

It is clear that the ends of the Socialists and the Communists are the same the Monopoly State. The only quarrel between them is as to the means of attaining it. The Socialists prefer the “democratic” method of the ballot box, and the Parliamentary system, by which slavery can be introduced just as effectively as by direct violence. What is the difference to an individual between having his property taken away from him by Act of Parliament (as in nationalisation) or at the point of a bayonet?

Socialists may argue that their “democratic” methods ensure financial compensation to all persons who have property taken from them by legislation, but Fabians have made it clear that such compensation will also be taken back from them by crippling taxation. The Scotsman of January 7th, 1946, reported Professor Laski as follows:

Professor Laski said he had never been worried about compensation so long as there was a Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer who could fix the levels of taxation, especially Death Duties, Estate Duties and Legacy Duties. Compensation was a book-keeping transaction.

There is ample evidence that the Fabian-trained Socialists are working for the eventual overthrowing of the Parliamentary system in favour of rule by officials on the lines of the Russian plan of Commissars. Also, in the words of Mr. Attlee, they are deliberately putting world order before loyalty to the country.

The Fabian-Socialists, in common with the Communists and Zionists, are agents of the Sanhedrin for destroying the power of the British peoples to resist the Satanic plot of world dominion, whether they are conscious of it or not. They have been so successful in poisoning the minds of all classes in the country that even the “Conservatives” have become a dead loss so far as defending and preserving our institutions and liberties are concerned. Their actions, if not always their words, serve the purposes of the Sanhedrin just about as effectively as do those of the Socialists.

Chatham House was also richly endowed by the leading Jewish Industrial Trusts and Banking Houses, such as N. M. Rothschild and Sons, Reuters Ltd., J. M. Schroeder & Co., and their Gentile fellow-travelling associates: the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Trust and the Prudential Assurance Co. It has proved to be one of the chief centres of the insidious, stealthy propaganda aimed at undermining our National Sovereignty, and its director, Professor Toynbee, is the classical exponent of the sinister Fifth Column doctrines of “Internationalism”. In 1931 he delivered a speech at Copenhagen which offered further glimpses of the workings of the International Conspiracy to deprive countries of their political frontiers, and individuals of their rights. In the course of it he said:

In plain terms we have to re-transfer the prestige and the prerogatives of sovereignty from the fifty or sixty fragments of contemporary society. I will merely repeat that we are at present working, discreetly, but with all our might, to wrest this mysterious political force called Sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of our world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.

[Page 42]

Chaim Weizmann, a Jew from Russia, came to this country and, within a few years he had successive British Governments carrying out his plans for setting up a Jewish State in Palestine, such was the powerful influence of Jewry in the country. In fact, the Socialists supported Zionism so strongly that he has stated that he often had to go down on his knees to implore British “Labour” politicians to moderate their demands on behalf of Zionism. The real objective of the Sanhedrin in supporting the Zionists can be imagined from a paragraph in a letter from Mr. Louis Marshall, the legal officer of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and a leading attacker of Gentiles who have attempted to disclose the Jewish World Plot. The letter was written to a fellow Jew, Max Senior (September 26th, 1918) and this was the paragraph:

The Balfour declaration, with its acceptance by the Powers, is an act of the highest diplomacy. It means both more and less than appears on the surface. Zionism is but an incident of a far-reaching plan; it is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a power weapon.

The Sanhedrin is working for complete world dominion and a Jew State in Palestine would be useful because Palestine is the most important strategic centre in the world. Also the mineral wealth of the Dead Sea has been estimated at 5,000,000,000,000 dollars. So one can understand why the British and the Arabs have been ejected with United Nations assistance. B. Jensen’s books are a mine of information on these subjects.

Most British politicians, from Lloyd George onwards, have been protégés of the Jew financiers or in some way under their influence. For many years the control of our financial policy was in the hands of the Jew-descended and Jew-inspired Montagu Norman.

[Page 43]








IN America we have seen that men like Jefferson and Lincoln saw the menace of the financial system but were unable to prevent its being clamped on their country. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries an outstanding American was William Jennings Bryan, a champion of monetary reform. He was the friend and collaborator of Arthur Kitson, the great Anglo-American engineer who was the pioneer of the modern assault on the bankers. In one of his speeches, Bryan said that humanity was crucified on a cross of gold and also made the following statement:

The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes.

By now it should be agreed that the first big move in obtaining financial control over a country’s destinies is to gain control of the issue of currency, which involves two main principles a single, controllable currency basis, such as gold, and a monopoly of the right to circulate notes and otherwise issue credit on that foundation. In the United States, the bankers attained these objectives by causing Stock Exchange panics that brought ruin to thousands of honest producers. In 1890, there was a monetary stringency and in 1893 the Government introduced the Sherman Silver Purchase Act to provide the means, by Government purchase of silver, of preventing currency contraction. This was a threat to gold, the chosen medium of the bankers and so as to sabotage the Government’s plan, the American Banking Association circulated the following instructions to members:

Silver, certificates and treasury notes must be retired and national bank notes upon a gold basis made the only money. This will require the authorisation of 500 millions to 1,000 millions of new bonds as the basis of circulation. You will at once retire one-third of your circulation and call in one half of your loans. Be careful to make a money stringency among your patrons, especially among influential business men. Advocate an extra session of Congress to repeal the purchasing clause of the Sherman Law.

[Page 44]

Owing to the power of the Sanhedrin, India was brought in to help the campaign by stopping the minting of silver and this, with the panic deliberately caused by the New York Bankers, led to the closing down of silver mines, the shutting of factories, the crashing of banks, widespread ruin and, of course, the repeal of the offending Act. Gold was to be the sole basis of currency in future, as the bankers planned.

But crashes of this diabolical kind, which often had a political motive, also enabled those in the centre of the conspiracy to turn the chaos to their own advantage. One result of the 1893 panic was that the Union Pacific Railroad came into the hands of Jacob Schiff, head of the banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. A few years later, Schiff brought the Great Northern Pacific Railway crashing to the ground, and from the ensuing panic his firm emerged as the complete masters of American railway finance and became an acknowledged member of the Money Trust which dominated the entire field of American Capitalism.

At this period, the main leaders of international finance were the German-Jew bankers and notably the Warburgs. As they thought William Jennings Bryan and his bi-metallist campaign in America more menacing to the money-power than anything in Europe, Felix and Paul Warburg crossed to Chicago and New York to become “Americans” and Paul joined Jacob Schiff in Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Steps were now taken to gain control of all currency through a central banking system. In 1907 there was another great crisis when the Knickerbocker Trust failed because manipulators of the millionaire class wilfully created a run on the banks, from which they emerged incomparably more powerful, having bought up the stock of the ruined victims which they held to resell at par. At the same time, the Steel Trust was able to complete its absolute monopoly. Solomon Loeb, of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., was a member of the Knickerbocker Trust.

Appalled at the ducks and drakes being played with the money system, genuine idealists like Woodrow Wilson and Bryan determined upon large-scale reforms to create order. Unfortunately they were lacking in technical understanding of the problem and when Paul Warburg assured them that he knew just how to attain their aim of securing stability in the price level by means of a Federal Reserve System, they fell in with his plan. The idea was to hold reserves centrally and despatch supplies of credit to any necessitous bank in the system that might call for them. At the end of 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was passed. When introduced, the vital clause was a provision for fixing the discount rate to promote stability in the price level. When the bill emerged the words “to promote stability in the price level” were surreptitiously dropped. At subsequent investigations, officials of the Federal Reserve Board even denied that such had ever been its function.

[Page 45]

The attainment of this Act had taken five years of skillful propaganda, backed by unlimited funds and the full influence of Masonic Lodges. And Paul Warburg was head of the Federal Reserve Board so that he and his friends now had exclusive power of note issue to the reserve banks and power to fix the discount rate, meaning power to determine the amount of money in existence. They had conquered America and were now ready to conquer the world.

In order to account for the emigration of the immensely wealthy and successful Warburgs to America, it is necessary to understand first that the “City of London” was a very large creditor both of the United States and Russia, and so Great Britain was in a position to make representations on foreign policy to both of them and was interested in constantly improving relations with her debtors, and second, that war with Great Britain had, for some time, been the settled policy of those who controlled Germany. It was therefore most important to minimise the importance of Great Britain’s creditor position and to paralyse Russia, the ever-present threat to Germany’s eastern flank.

Warburg was in control of American credit when the war started in 1914. War has great advantages for the financiers. It places nations at war in urgent need of credits which the financiers can bestow on their own terms. It also unsettles things, making it easier to change the masters of a people. These Jew financiers wished to get rid of monarchs, particularly the Czar, and set up a Bankers’ State.

Under Warburg’s influence, the United States was a serious handicap to the Allies until Jewish influence and bribery brought about the downfall of the Russian Empire and the withdrawal of the Russian Army from the conflict. The Bolsheviks were directly subsidised by Messrs. Schiff, Paul Warburg, Max Warburg and the rest of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and they were led by Lenin and a bunch of Jews, mostly from New York. The Communist leaders were, always have been, and still are, nearly all Jews or married to Jewesses. (See Fraudulent Conversion, etc.)

The financiers gained their first objective with the fall of Imperial Russia. At the same time they succeeded in getting Great Britain hopelessly and inextricably into their debt, largely by guarantees on behalf of other belligerents. The 1st Lord Reading (Rufus Isaacs), a Jew, went to America in 1917 and, on behalf of Great Britain, negotiated a loan of £1,000,000,000, on the quite impossible terms that we should repay on demand, and in gold. This deal was concluded with his fellow Jews of New York and the terms have never been disclosed other than that mentioned above. Isaacs later became Viceroy of India and he and his fellow Jews and their Socialist stooges were responsible for the chain of events ending in our scuttle from that sub-Continent. After the Isaacs deal, Britain was safely “in the bag.

[Page 46]

The Jew control of finance was now centred in New York. The defeat of Germany and Austria would mean two more crowned heads out of the way of a bankers’ world state. So America entered the war and took part in the “Peace” Conference in Paris in 1919, which made the resumption of war inevitable, owing to the financial clauses which were passed.

At this conference the chief financial adviser to the German delegation was Dr. Carl Melchior, partner of Max Warburg, whose brothers Paul and Felix were partners of Jacob Schiff, in Kuhn, Loeb & Co. The chief economic adviser to the American delegation was another Jew, Bernard M. Baruch, the dictator of the all powerful War Industries Board in America during the war and an associate in business of Jacob Schiff. The British economic delegation was headed by Lord Cunliffe, former Governor of the Bank of “England” and a partner in the international Jewish banking house of Goschen (ancestral city Leipzig, Germany). In connection with this conference, Lloyd George wrote in his memoirs:

They (the international bankers) swept statesmen, politicians, jurists and journalists all on one side and issued their orders with an imperiousness of absolute monarchs who knew that there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees.

The 1st world war had ended in a great victory for the Wall Street financiers and they began to gather the fruits by extending their power to Britain and the Dominions, forcing us to surrender our command of the seas, to break our alliance with Japan and to return to the gold standard. Then their associated concerns, such as General Electric, began to acquire our capital assets. They penetrated into every part of Europe and Africa. In China they were supreme in the financial consortium formed to exploit that country. They were active in India and conquered all South America, except the Argentine. In the United States, they went from strength to strength by using the mechanism of the Federal Reserve Board for purposes diametrically opposed to that for which it had supposedly been formed; that is, instead of forwarding supplies of credit when necessary to avoid a panic, they used the opportunity again and again to cut off credit supplies altogether.

By such means, in the early twenties, they encouraged the farmers under boom conditions to borrow and expand their enterprises, and then promptly called in the loans, delivering thousands into bankruptcy.

[Page 47]

The same technique caused the panic of 1929, which led to the great crash of 1931. Orthodox economists attribute this later disaster to the failure of the Creditanstalt in Vienna, arguing that it set in motion the whole succession of breakdowns which followed throughout the world. That, however, is a very incomplete picture of the actual situation.

Mr. Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Banking and Currency Committee, referring to the New York Stock Exchange collapse which began the American end of the slump, declared:

It was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence. … the international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as the rulers of us all.

Nothing could be less [un] equivocal than that. What cannot be denied is, that in 1928 the Federal Reserve Board was feverishly expanding credit to create a boom and next year as feverishly restricting credit to create a slump. (See A. K. Chesterton’s writings and those of C. H. Douglas, B. Jensen, etc., in whose works are an immense amount of information and penetrating observations on what has been happening.)

After World War I, during the Weimar regime in Germany, the “American” financiers, with their associates in Germany, had been conducting a colossal fraud at the expense of the American people. Enormous advances in return for more or less worthless German scrip poured into Germany, and through Germany into Russia. Steps were taken to re-arm Germany and Russia, while the British were weakened in every possible way, by calling in loans, credit squeeze, returning to the gold standard and disarmament. Central Banks were set up all over South America and in the British Dominions, following visits by Sir Otto Niemeyer, a friend of Professor Guggenheim, who was a Sir Ernest Cassel Reader of Economics in the University of London.

In 1930 the keystone of the financial system was set in place. The Bank of International Settlements was founded. This was a world central bank to control the “national” central banks.

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