Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 4: The League of Nations; Hitler; The War: Winston Churchill; The Plot in America

[NOTE: The author of this book was a Christian and as such there are religious references made in the text. What is of interest, and the reason for posting this material, are his observations concerning international jewry and their activities in fomenting war, control of banking, etc.



Deadlier than the H-Bomb


Part 4




Leonard Young



Having fought against tyranny for thousands of years and having been sustained by a strong faith throughout, first, the Druidic and then the Christian, are we now going to let our Christian and British faith and traditions go by default and tamely submit to the worst tyranny the world has ever known?

The author claims that we are in the process of destruction by something deadlier than the H-bomb; something which in our blindness, we are allowing to corrode the props of our culture and civilisation.

Is there a secret plan for the destruction of the Western way of life? Many famous sailors and soldiers have written on this theme. Here a retired Air Force officer comes to similar conclusions. He quotes from a confidential document of the Political and Economic Planning Organisation [PEP]:

You may use, without acknowledgement, anything which appears in this broadsheet on the understanding that the broadsheet and the group are not publicly mentioned, either in writing or otherwise. This strict anonymity is essential in order that the group may prove effective.

He describes this work of P.E.P. as “Sovietism by stealth.” He quotes many famous statesmen in support of his (continued on inside back cover) contention. Thus Lloyd George writing in his memoirs about the international bankers’ part in the Versailles Conference:

They swept statesmen, politicians, jurists and journalists all on one side and issued their orders with an imperiousness of absolute monarchs who knew that there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees.

Of the New York Stock Exchange collapse between the wars he quotes Senator L. T. McFadden, Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Currency Commission, who declared:

It was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence. … the international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as the rulers of us all.

Whether you agree with all the author’s conclusions you will certainly have to admit that there are forces behind the political scene which are DEADLIER THAN THE H-BOMB.





Wing Commander L. YOUNG







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4. The Jews in Britain …………………..………….. 17

5. Money Lending ………………………..…………… 22

6. Some Effects of the Usury System ………. 30

7. Two Jewish Plans …………………….……………. 33

8. The Poison in Britain …………………………….. 36

9. The Poison in America ……………..…………… 44

10. The League of Nations ………………….……. 49

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14. The Plot in America ……………………………. 62

15. The United Nations ……………….……………. 66

16. Post War Britain …………………..…………….. 68

17. A Hint from the Bible …………..…………….. 71

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After the Second World War and twenty-nine years in the Services I retired to civil life. Instead of being able to settle down peacefully, I have found myself in a world in turmoil and in constant dread of the H-bomb being used to terrorise people into all sorts of courses. Like many others, I do not think that an atomic war is inevitable. In trying to assess the situation I have come to realise that we are in the process of actual destruction by something deadlier than the H-bomb; something, which in our blindness, we are allowing to corrode the props of our culture and civilisation; insidiously and relentlessly.

In this book I have tried to show the development of the main lines of attack, to sound the alarm and to introduce the reader to a number of other works on the subject which expound various necessary truths and remedies.

L. Young Winscombe,


May, 1956





In presenting this outspoken book by a patriotic ex-serviceman we do so because we are in agreement with his conclusions on political, economic and agricultural problems. The author’s views on religious matters are, of course entirely his own and not necessarily the views of the publishers.


June, 1956








OSTENSIBLY, the League of Nations had been sponsored by President Wilson, of America, a high mason and nominee of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. It was, in fact, an entirely Jew conception for leading up to World Government.

A few days before the Paris Treaty was signed, Jacob Schiff, who had continuously urged a speedy ratification of the Covenant of the League, wrote to a friend:

Unless we all get together. … and co-ordinate requirements, both in materials, etc., and credits, in a large way with a view to properly controlling European requirements as well as the resources of our own country, we shall have become impotent and be no longer in a position to adapt our great resources to the need of Europe.

This contained the policy carried out ever since by International Finance. The League served the double purpose of training the International bureaucrats needed for the final implementation of the policy (the Cecils, Toynbees, Noel-Bakers, Zilliacuses, etc.) and served as a smoke-screen behind which suitable arrangements could be made for the continuation of the world war.

Mr. Henry Morgenthau, Sen. (ancestral city Mannheim, Germany), was attached to the U. S. Peace Delegationin a capacity suited to his versatile accomplishments” and the German-American-Jewish diplomat, Mr. Oscar Straus,

was among the unofficial delegates. … he was chiefly active in connection with the Covenant of the League of Nations which bears the impress in all its main provisions of his rich, political experience and his wise spirit of conciliation.

(Wolf: Essays in Jewish History.)

All important decisions were taken by the “Big Four.President Wilson’salter ego” was Colonel Edward Mandell House and his secretary was the Jew Brandeis. Clemenceau’s omniscient secretary was the Jew M. George Mandel-Rothschild, now known as Mandel; Lloyd George’s private secretary was the Jew, Sir Philip Sassoon, whose mother was Aline de Rothschild of Paris. The military adviser was a Jew called Kish and a Jew, Professor Mantoux, was head of the political department of the League and was also the interpreter and only outside person present at the meetings of the “Big Four”.

[Page 49]

Lloyd George and others were hazy about geography but the Jew secretaries most certainly were not. These Jews met at 6 p.m. in the evenings and mapped out the decisions for the following day’s conference of the “Big Four”. The results were disastrous for humanity, and designedly so.

A Jew, Lord Levy-Lawson-Burnham, owner of the Daily Telegraph, etc., was in charge of the Press Bureau of the League, and another Jew was President of the Council.

The Rothschilds controlled the price of gold in the City of London, and the first act of the League was to hold the Brussels Financial Conference which drew up the principles of financial recovery and stabilisation according to the tenets of capitalist statesmanship of those days by budgets balanced by retrenchment, return to the gold standard, etc. There was a Rothschild connected with the League of Nations Commission responsible for the financial stabilisation of Austria, an operation from which that unhappy country never recovered.

[Page 50]








THE world-wide crashes produced by the policy of the Federal Reserve Board group had strengthened the power of the big combines everywhere and greatly increased bank holdings of industrial stock while ruining small businesses and farmers in enormous numbers, but the financiers over-reached themselves. The slump went much further than it was meant to go and led to reactions. For one thing, Great Britain, in a desperate attempt to extricate herself, was forced off gold, in common with 34 other nations, and obliged to insulate her economy with a sterling area and a system of Imperial Preference. Ever since, the financiers of Wall Street have been trying to smash the sterling area and destroy the policy of Imperial Preference. Then Hitler arose out of a Germany which had been devastated by the international financiers and practically stolen from the Germans by the Jews, and adopted a policy which challenged the entire concept of international lending by establishing as the basis of trade, the mutual exchange of goods, without recourse to the usurers.

There had been pioneers before him Kemal Ataturk had carried through the reconstruction of Turkey without borrowing a penny from abroad and Mussolini had safeguarded Italian currency against foreign speculators and tried, as far as possible, to build up for his people a self-contained economy. Spain and Portugal have been trying to do the same.

The revolt of Hitler was on a par with that of Napoleon and the Jews’ world-wide empire, built and maintained by debt, was in mortal danger of crashing to the ground.

The Jews had succeeded with their Communist Revolution in Russia and afterwards had attempted to seize power in other European countries, but without success. In most of the countries concerned, a few voices were raised, unavailingly, to try to expose the true nature of the evils, but in Germany was the only case where a leader, Hitler, and his group, the National Socialist Party, arose who grasped the full significance of events and saw behind the mobs of native hooligans the organisation and driving power of world Jewry. So Germany was the first country in history to face up to the fact of the Jew plot against the rest of mankind.

[Page 51]

Hitler put his thoughts in “Mein Kampf”, which book the Jews took great care to present to the British public in a false light by all the means of publicity, which they controlled, by quoting passages out of their context, publishing abridged editions, distorting meanings and by downright misrepresentation. Its two main themes were the realisation and exposure of the Jewish scheme for world Marxism and admiration of and longing for friendship with Great Britain.

Hitler described how he came over the years to grasp the existence of deliberate Jewish hostility and of the close relationship between Judaism and Marxism. Of how the Jewish people was always a State within a State. Of how their doctrine rejects the aristocratic principle in nature, denies the value of the individual among men, combats the importance of nationality and race, thereby depriving humanity of the whole meaning of existence.

He gives, in great detail, the outlines of the Jewish disruptive machine.

Here are a few extracts:

By means of the Trades Unions which might have been the saving of the nation, the Jew actually destroys the nation’s economics.

By creating a press which is on the intellectual level of the least educated, the political and labour organisation obtains force of compulsion enabling it to make the lowest strata of the nation ready for the most hazardous enterprises.

The Jewish press … tears down all which may be regarded as the prop of a nation’s independence, civilisation and its economic autonomy. It roars especially against characters who refuse to bow the knee to Jewish domination, or whose intellectual capacity appears to the Jew in the light of a menace to himself.

The ignorance displayed by the mass … and the lack of instinctive perception of our upper class make the people easy dupes of this campaign of Jewish lies.

But the present day is working its own ruin; it introduces universal suffrage, chatters about equal rights, and can give no reason for so thinking. In its eyes, material rewards are the expression of a man’s worth, thus shattering the basis for the noblest equality that could possibly exist.

It is one of the tasks of our Movement to hold out prospects of a time when the individual will be given what he needs in order to live; but also to maintain the principle that man does not live for material enjoyment alone.

The political life of to-day alone has persistently turned its back on this principle of nature, (i.e. quality)…

[Page 52]

Human civilisation is but the outcome of the creative force of personality in the community as a whole, and especially among its leaders … the principle of the dignity of the majority is beginning to poison all life below it; and, in fact, to break it up.

We now see that Marxism is the enunciated form of the Jewish attempt to abolish the importance of personality in all departments of human life; and to set up the mass of numbers in its place…

The principle of decision by majorities has not always governed the human race; on the contrary, it only appears during quite short periods of history, and those are always periods of decadence in nations and States.

We must not forget that the international Jew, who continues to dominate over Russia, does not regard Germany as an ally, but as a State destined to undergo a similar fate.

At the end of Mein Kampf was the following:

The Party, as such, stands for positive Christianity, but does not bind itself in the matter of creed to any particular confession. It combats the Jewish materialistic spirit within us and without us.

Looking around the world for help in the battle against the Jew menace, Hitler’s mind constantly reverted to Britain and the British Empire. He always longed for their friendship and declared that no sacrifice would have been too great in order to obtain England’s alliance. He always declared England to be one of the greatest bulwarks against chaos and that her interests and those of Germany were complementary and not contrary to one another. He stated that the Jew was organising his measures for the conquest of England as well as for the destruction of Germany. Hitler’s eagerness for friendship with Britain continued through the years and even at Dunkirk he saved the British Army from destruction by halting the Panzer Corps, informing his surprised Generals the while that he regarded the British Empire and the Catholic Church as necessary bulwarks of peace and order, which must be safeguarded. More details about all this can be found in that most illuminating book, The Nameless War, by the late Capt. A. M. Ramsay, a former Conservative Member of Parliament and friend of Neville Chamberlain.

Mein Kampf [i.e., the English translation] was first published in October, 1933*. Before it had left the printers, the floodgates of Jewish hatred and lies had been opened full against Hitler and the Third Reich all over the world. English-speaking people every where were deluged with fabrications, distortions and atrocity stories, drowning the voices of the few who understood the real situation. Forgotten amid it all was Marx’s slogan that, before Communism could triumph, the British Empire must be destroyed; and entirely suppressed, as far as the British people were concerned, was Hitler’s repeated declaration of his willingness to defend the British Empire, if called upon to assist, by force of arms, if necessary.


* Mein Kampf (“My Struggle“) is an autobiographical manifesto by National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler, in which he outlines his political ideology and future plans for Germany. Volume 1 of Mein Kampf was published in 1925 and Volume 2 in 1926. The book was edited by Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess.


[Page 53]

In 1936, the Jews organised a revolution in Spain which, fortunately for Europe, was frustrated by General Franco and his supporters who instantly took the field in opposition to the revolutionary forces and eventually succeeded in crushing them. This was a remarkable achievement in view of the fact that the International Brigades were assembled in Spain in considerable numbers by October, 1936. They were recruited from 52 different countries, mysteriously transported and assembled in Spain within a few weeks of the outbreak of disorder, uniformed in a garb closely resembling our battle dress, and armed with weapons bearing the Jewish five-pointed star. This star and the Seal of Solomon were on the signet rings of N.C.O.s and Officers of this Communist horde of ill-disciplined ruffians.

The British public was kept in total ignorance of the true significance of what was happening, but Germany and Italy had each in turn been through the throes of Communist revolution and knew who had financed and organised the International Brigades; and with what evil purpose Barcelona had been declared, in October, 1936, the capital of the Soviet States of Western Europe. At the critical moment they intervened in just enough strength to counter the International Brigade and enable the Spanish people to organise their own army which, in due course, easily settled the matter, as far as Spain was concerned.

But International Jewry had been seriously thwarted and from henceforth would not rest until they could, by hook or by crook, turn the guns of the rest of the world against Germany and Italy, which States, in addition to thwarting their designs in Spain, were in the process of placing Europe upon a system independent of gold and usury, which, if permitted to develop, would break the Jewish power for ever.

What has been said about Hitler should in no wise be construed as showing any liking on the part of the writer for the Nazi Police State system or of the concentration camps, etc. We have been so filled with lying propaganda that it is difficult for one who has never been in Germany or able to talk with Germans, to know the truth. Hitler must have done a great deal of good in Germany, but that country had been rife with Jewry, Masonry and Illuminism for many generations and he would have been faced with a tremendous problem.

All the forces of evil would have been brought to bear on tripping him up and he would inevitably have had traitors around him, like Napoleon had men such as Tallyrand and Fouche working for his destruction.

[Page 54]

He was engaged in such a desperate fight that desperate measures would probably have appeared to be necessary or have been forced on him by enemies in his system. It would be interesting to know why it was that when the Germans invaded Russia and were welcomed by the Russians as liberators and the latter surrendered wholesale, the Germans then embarked on the suicidal policy of cruelty which turned the Russian people from friends into enemies and made them rise, as Russians, to defend themselves from the invaders. Hitler was, in effect, if not in intention the tool of the Sanhedrin. (Douglas Reed seems to have thought his primary object was to kill Germans.) There appears to be no doubt that the persecution of the Jews, such as it was, was enormously exaggerated by the Jews for propaganda purposes. And there is no doubt that the troubles led to the deaths of countless millions of Gentiles and widespread chaos in Europe which is what the Sanhedrin was working for. The Sanhedrin is completely callous and would not hesitate to allow a number of Jews to be slaughtered for propaganda purposes if considered worth it.

[Page 55]








NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN was the last British Prime Minister this country has had and he was also an honest man. He tried to prevent war but he failed, partly because he was not clear enough about all that was going on and partly because he was not strong enough to withstand the forces of evil up against him. When he met Hitler at Munich and they succeeded in coming to a peaceful arrangement, there was a howl of rage from the two chief Khazar cities, Moscow and New York, and all the available forces were brought to bear to force a war, with the result that many Gentile persons and groups were brought into the war-making moves under the influence or pressure exerted.

In this country, a vigorous and uncompromising clique was growing in all Parties under the leadership of Churchill and his friends. The Versailles “Peace” Conference had been so efficiently manipulated by the Jews that there were plenty of causes available over which to provoke a war. Czechoslovakia and Poland contained parts in which the population was overwhelmingly German and which had been taken from Germany in the dictated peace. As Lord Lothian said in his last speech at Chatham House:

If the principle of self-determination had been applied in Germany’s favour as it had been applied against her, it would have meant the return of Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, parts of Poland, the Polish Corridor and Danzig to the Reich.

Hitler’s demands all rested on a foundation of reasonable fairness, contrary to Press reports to the British public and he did not keep breaking his word over further demands as the British public was deluded by its press into supposing.

In March, 1939, Mr. Chamberlain was tricked into giving Poland a British guarantee on the strength of a false report to the effect that a 48-hour ultimatum had been delivered by Germany to the Poles. This report subsequently turned out to be false but the guarantee had been given and the decision of war or peace was no longer in British hands and the Khazars now had the ball at their feet. Poland was encouraged to be intransigent. Incidentally, both Poland and Czechoslovakia were practically owned by the Jews.

[Page 56]

A state of war began in September between Britain and Germany but it soon became clear that no war was being conducted by Germany against this country, which was in accordance with Hitler’s repeated declarations, and with the Siegfried Line strongly held and no German intention of appearing west of it, it was clear that the war between the two countries must peter out altogether in the absence of bombing of civilian populations. But the bombing of civilians would have been inconsistent with the pledges given at the beginning of the war.

The pro-Jewish warmongers and their friends inside and outside the House of Commons began pressing for bombing of Germany to be started. Chamberlain flatly refused. The Churchill-cum-Socialist caucus in the House eventually caused his downfall by saddling him with the blame for the Norway blunder, for which Churchill was really responsible. But instead of being broken, he became Prime Minister and on the evening of his first day as Prime Minister, he tore up our pledge about not bombing civilians by starting to bomb them in Germany and from then on did all he could to ensure that a full out and quite unnecessary war should follow between Britain and Germany.

Churchill became Prime Minister on May 11th, 1940. On May 23rd, 1940, many hundreds of British subjects were suddenly arrested and thrown into prison, under Regulation 18B, and kept in prison for years without charge or trial. A high proportion of them were ex-servicemen and there is no shadow of doubt that they were very patriotic Britons. They included Captain Ramsay, M.P., one of Churchill’s more outspoken political critics, who was a strong supporter of Neville Chamberlain and who was working on providing the latter with information about the Jew plots in connection with provoking the war. There is no doubt that the persons detained under the Regulation were ones who were alive to the Jewish plot or, for some reason, unpopular with the Jews, as there is also no doubt that the Regulation was introduced earlier under Jewish influence, in connection with the activities of Communist members of the I.R.A., for use when the war came, against people the Jews would want to put out of the way. Also the Regulation was really administered by the Jews, notably Lord Rothschild.

Captain Ramsay was also in touch with Tyler Kent, a young code-clerk in the American Embassy, who had been to see him about some extraordinary code messages going to Roosevelt. The reader is referred to The Nameless War by Ramsay and to From Admiral to Cabin Boy by Admiral Sir Barry Domvile for further information on 18B, but the following extracts from Jensen’s The Palestine Plot are worth recording here:

[Page 57]

In October, 1939, Kent [Tyler Kent, young American code clerk — EDITOR] was transferred to our Embassy in Grosvenor Square, London, and placed in a position of the highest trust and confidence — the code room. Almost immediately he encountered the amazing secret messages which are the key to the whole affair. Kent had scarcely taken over his London duties when he was given a message to be sent at once. This message was in code … (it) was from a subject of His Majesty’s British Government to the Chief Executive of the United States. This message was from Mr. Winston Churchill, the First Lord of the Admiralty in the Cabinet of Neville Chamberlain. The message by-passed, it went over the head of the legal chief of the British State … the message that Kent had been obliged to send that day read, in effect:

‘I am half American and the natural person to work with you. It is evident we see eye to eye. Were I to become Prime Minister of Britain we could control the world.’” (From John Howland Snow: The Case of Tyler Kent, Chicago, 1946, p. 6.)

From the outbreak of war the President has been under fire for permitting, if not encouraging, William C. Bullitt, American Ambassador to France, and other diplomats, to encourage France and Poland to get into war with promises of American support.” (Arthur Sears Henning: Washington Times Herald, November 12th, 1941.)

It has taken a war and a military disaster to produce governmental changes long overdue. From the Jewish point of view the changes may prove far-reaching. … all the new Labour Cabinet Ministers have time and again supported the Zionist point of view. … Mr. Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister, voted against the Palestine White Paper of May, 1939, and even abstained from voting on the Land Regulations in March, although he was a member of the Government.” (The Jewish Standard, May 17th, 1940.)

One of my colleagues at Brixton Prison was maitre d’hotel at the Savoy, and he had an interesting tale of constant dinner parties in a private room at which Lord Southwood (né Elias, of Odhams Press, etc. — Ed.), Lord Bearstead (né Samuel of the Oil Trust, etc. — Ed.), Sir John Ellerman (Jewish associate of the Rothschilds, etc. — Ed.), Mr. Israel Moses Sieff (of Marks & Spencer Ltd., etc. — Ed.) and Mr. Churchill generally formed the company. Possibly a great deal of the inner history of these stirring times would have been gleaned by any eavesdropper at these convivial little parties of ‘British leaders.’” (Admiral Sir Barry Domvile: From Admiral to Cabin Boy, London 1948, p. 39).

As soon as Winston Churchill had gained the Prime Ministry in May of 1940, he ordered the seizure and imprisonment, without trial, of hundreds of his more outspoken political critics including Captain Ramsay, Member of Parliament. From all that can be learned, Captain Ramsay has never been officially charged with any offence or tried in any way. …

[Page 58]

Myson, Tyler Kent, was ordered tried. Here the more outrageous features of the case begin to appear. My son was entitled to trial by an American Court alone, by virtue of his Embassy position. By the laws of our country, he was entitled to an open trial. He got neither an American trial, which would have required sending him back to this country, nor an open trial, where in his offence, if any, could be publicly weighed by the American people.

Why this strange procedure?

Who was it who did not want the American people to know what Tyler Kent knew?

(Ann H. P. Kent: Appeal presented to the Democratic National Convention.)

For more information also see pages 18-20 World Dictatorship by 1955? It appears that Churchill had been enlisting Roosevelt’s support in removing Mr. Chamberlain by means of secret code messages through the American Embassy in London and that Kent took these messages to Capt. Ramsay. Roosevelt immediately waived Kent’s diplomatic immunity and he was tried in camera by a British Court under the Official Secrets Act, sentenced and imprisoned in Britain for seven years.

As an example of C. H. Douglas’ clear-headedness, it is worth quoting the following extract from his Whose Service is Perfect Freedom, published in The Social Creditor, Sept. 23rd, 1939:

It is therefore, I think, quite possible to state the real as distinct from the proximate objectives of the present war.

They are:

(1) The establishment of the International Police State on the Russian Model, beginning with Great Britain. ‘Can we finally rid Europe of barriers of caste and creed and prejudice?. … our new civilisation must be built through a world at war. But our new civilisation will be built just the same.’ (Mr. Anthony Eden broadcasting to America, September 11th, 1939). This contemplates the complete abolition of civil rights.

(2) The Restoration of the Gold Standard and the Debt System.

(3) The elimination of Great Britain in the cultural sense, and the substitution of Jewish-American ideals.

(4) The establishment of the Zionist State in Palestine as a geographical centre of World Control, with New York as the centre of World Financial Control.

[Page 59]








IN the Autumn of 1954, one of Churchill’s greatest friends, Bernard Baruch, was making a birthday eulogy to Churchill and in the course of it he revealed that he and Churchill were in Paris at the Peace Conference after the first World War, and then addressing himself to “the greatest English man who ever lived”, he said:

One day we were walking through the Bois de Boulogne, talking of the problems which burdened a world exhausted by war and groping for peace. Suddenly you broke your brisk stride, paused, and lifting your walking stick, pointed to the East. Your voice rumbled ominously:

‘Russia! Russia! That’s where the weather is coming from!’

Now, to enlarge on that we will quote the following extract from a long article written by Churchill in the Illustrated Sunday Herald of February 8th, 1920, in which he described Communism as Jewish:

It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of anti-Christ were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical. … From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany) and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstruction of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. 

It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century; and now, at last, this band of extraordinary personalities from the under world of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire. There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and, for the most part, atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others.

[Page 60]

It is quite clear that Churchill knew where the menace to the human race lay as long ago as thirty-five years. How is it, then, that twenty years later, when all the indications were that Hitler wanted to fight that menace, Churchill bent all his energies into getting him involved in a war with Britain and the West instead, and then when Hitler did strike East, Churchill immediately, and without in any way consulting the British peoples, flung the whole of our resources into battle against Hitler in order to preserve the deadly menace of Communism. Except, perhaps, for F. D. Roosevelt, he would appear to be the most irresponsible politician in history (such men cannot be described as statesmen). Churchill has been a life-long Zionist and bosom friend of the International Jew financiers so, if he possesses any sincerity at all, it is only to be supposed that he had not realised that both the Zionists and the Communists are under the control of the Sanhedrin, which should have been obvious to him.

Possibly it is significant that he appears to have kept quiet about the Jewishness of Communism and subversive activities since February 8th, 1920.

And it should be noted that his wholehearted support for, and appeasement of Russia was given, although Rudolf Hess had recently made his remarkably self-sacrificing and heroic bid to stop the war between Britain and Germany, knowing that Hitler did not want to fight or harm Britain. Churchill kept the self-appointed envoy a prisoner and gave the public no information. (See Prisoner of Peace.)

If Churchill had had any sense of responsibility he would have allowed Hitler to get on with destroying Communism and the Jew menace, while he (Churchill) concentrated on building up the strength of Britain and the Empire.

[Page 61]








WE might now turn to America again for a moment. In 1931 the financiers had persuaded President Hoover to stand by with a moratorium to tide their friends in Germany over the worst of their difficulties resulting from the gigantic feast of international usury in which they had been indulging.

Mr. McFadden, speaking of the moratorium, said:

If the German international financiers of Wall Street had not had this job waiting to be done, Herbert Hoover would never have been elected President of the United States”,

and, in describing how the business had been done, he told Congress:

We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve Banks. This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States. … They have been peddling the credit of this Government and the signature of this Government to the swindlers and speculators of all nations. This is what happens when a country forsakes its constitution and gives its sovereignty over public currency to private interests. Give them the flag and they will sell it.

In 1933, Bernard Baruch & Co., achieved a master stroke by getting their stooge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, installed as President and such was the immense power derived from their control of money and propaganda that they were able to keep him in that position until his death in 1945, in spite of the fact that he spent practically the whole time taking actions diametrically opposed to his words, and actions whose sole effect was to further subject the American people to the Sanhedrin, in the form of Bernard Baruch & Co., and Socialism or Communism.

In 1932, the “economic blizzard” in the U.S. had approached its height and President Hoover was completely discredited, most of the smaller industrial firms were wrecked and attacks on the banking system, both as a system and as a credit monopoly, were increasing to a great volume. There were over 12 million unemployed. Before assuming office, Roosevelt deliberately ignored Hoover’s appeals to him for support in measures to stop the rot, measures which he could not very well take if he did not know that Roosevelt would continue them. The result is that when Roosevelt took over there was a condition of nation-wide panic and, in many towns, not a single bank was open for business and all over the country money substitutes of the token class were in daily use. Probably 60 per cent of the banks were insolvent. During the depression, hundreds of thousands of American farmers had been ruined.

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Roosevelt’s first action was to close every bank, a financial step, not an industrial one, it is significant to note. Under the American Banking Laws, the English system of Branch Banking was forbidden and most American Banks, outside New York, were in real and active competition with each other, both for customers’ accounts and for re-discount facilities. The prohibition of Branch Banking had been a great safeguard against the mammoth Wall Street Banks, but its fatal weakness was the need to borrow in order to lend. The freezing of re-discount loans by the Reserve Banks, ultimately controlled by the Federal Reserve Board, had put the country banks in the position of being helpless against a “run”, which took place in nearly every case. Hundreds of small banks, and some large, but none of the largest, banks had closed, never to re-open. So the largest banks were relieved of a good deal of competition. Obviously in accordance with a carefully prepared programme, selected banks were reopened, and the Federal Reserve Banks, which had kept quiet until then, poured out credits for them on dictated terms which remove d any danger of revolt.

The financiers had obtained, by financial methods, virtual control of the economic life of the country and they now set about consolidating their position by acting more and more directly through Government officials in charge of the various Public Bodies or Governmental Monopolies set up by the administration. Large contracts for public works were placed with contractors; and State Employed agencies, whose barely concealed object was the lavish spending of money, rose and expanded. At the same time “controls”, the groundwork of the Planned Monopolistic State, were imposed on each main industry.

One effect was to create vested interests and a large number of State employees to vote for a continuance of the administration. The Roosevelt administration became riddled with Jews and Communists or fellow-travellers.

Speaking in Congress on June 8th, 1934, Mr. McFadden said:

The people of the United States have been propagandised into a belief that the N.R.A. is a product of the political genius of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. There is no greater popular fallacy. … It required 15 years of hard work on the part of Mr. Baruch and his associates to foist this ac to n the American people, and it was only through their sufferings over a period of great stress that he was able to do it. … It might be added that practically every year since the war, Baruch has been going to the Army War College and giving our future generals lectures along these lines.

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It is of interest that, when General Hugh Johnson was appointed head of the N. R. A ., he was still on Baruch’s Wall-Street pay-roll. IT is also noteworthy that Eisenhower has been Baruch’s protégé ever since he went to Baruch for advice when a Major. That is why he was made Supreme Commander for the invasion of Europe and also why he has been made President. Every one of Roosevelt’s’ state-controlling’ policies helped to strengthen existing Combines and Trusts. By 1939 the immense inefficiency of the New Socialist Deal had almost resulted in the ruin of America’s economic life, but the war in Europe gave the administration a new lease of life.

(For much further information about Roosevelt and his administrations see The Roosevelt Myth, by John T. Flynn, B. Jenzen’s books, The Brief for the Prosecution, by Douglas, and The Nameless War, by Ramsay).

In brief, Roosevelt now concentrated on spending money on armaments and worked to get America involved in the war, which be had had a hand in provoking anyway. He tricked the Japanese into attacking America and so tricked the American people into supporting the war. Throughout, he conducted the war from the angle of doing all he could to support Communist requirements and to destroy the British Empire, making full use of the strength of the American people for these purpose s. Also, of course, he did everything from the point of view of his own advantage, regardless of what it might cost the American or any other peoples. To attain his ends, he would double-cross Churchill. He was acting under the influence of his Jewish counsellors all the time, which accounts for allowing Russia to obtain control of Eastern Europe and so much of Germany, and the acceptance of the Morgenthau Plan to destroy German industry. The idea of “Unconditional Surrender” was to ensure that the Germans would resist to the end so that such chaos and destruction would result in Europe that it would become a wonderful breeding ground for Communism and that Germany would be destroyed in the process. The advance of the British and American Armies was delayed deliberately in order to ensure that the Russians would get control of so much of Europe and wreck it.

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Since Roosevelt’s death, all succeeding American Governments have remained firmly in the grip of Bernard Baruch & Co. The Japanese War was prolonged so as to bring Russia in at the last moment and hand a lot of the Far East over to her and in order to be able to test the atomic bombs on Japan. The American Government deliberately handed China over to the Communists and stopped McArthur and Van Fleet from turning the Communists out of Korea and has been a main agent in ousting the British, French and Dutch from all possessions and concessions in Asia. It will be noticed that New York finance or the Communists always move in. The same policy is being pursued in Africa.

Aggression, supported by the United States Government and the U.N.O., created a State of Israel after liquidating the Arab inhabitants of the land.

Everything that is happening recently in Cyprus, Suez, Sudan, Kenya, etc., is having the effect of getting the British out of the way of a Communist advance through Africa. Possibly the hostility between Egypt and Israel may be taken with a pinch of salt. The Jews seem to remain prominent in law, finance and business in Egypt through it all. Arms are being placed in the hands of the Egyptians and Communists are moving in. The arms could be used for a drive with instead of against Israel. Israel and Russia seem to be at loggerheads just now, but how real is it? It is true that there is, or has been rivalry between the Zionist and the Communist Jews for the allegiance of world Jewry but it is the opinion of the writer that both are effectively under the control of the Sanhedrin. Some Jews are purged in Russia, but they are purged by Jews and for personal reasons, not because they are Jews. There are bound to be quarrels between individual Jews in struggles for power and disagreements between groups as to the best means of attaining the aim at different times. But they are all working to the same end of world domination by Jewry. The Jews are remarkably cunning at throwing dust into Gentile eyes.

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