Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 6 (last): Other Means of Assault by the Jews; The Remedy; Bibliography

[NOTE: The author of this book was a Christian and as such there are religious references made in the text. What is of interest, and the reason for posting this material, are his observations concerning international jewry and their activities in fomenting war, control of banking, etc.



Deadlier than the H-Bomb


Part 6 (last)




Leonard Young



Having fought against tyranny for thousands of years and having been sustained by a strong faith throughout, first, the Druidic and then the Christian, are we now going to let our Christian and British faith and traditions go by default and tamely submit to the worst tyranny the world has ever known?

The author claims that we are in the process of destruction by something deadlier than the H-bomb; something which in our blindness, we are allowing to corrode the props of our culture and civilisation.

Is there a secret plan for the destruction of the Western way of life? Many famous sailors and soldiers have written on this theme. Here a retired Air Force officer comes to similar conclusions. He quotes from a confidential document of the Political and Economic Planning Organisation [PEP]:

You may use, without acknowledgement, anything which appears in this broadsheet on the understanding that the broadsheet and the group are not publicly mentioned, either in writing or otherwise. This strict anonymity is essential in order that the group may prove effective.

He describes this work of P.E.P. as “Sovietism by stealth.” He quotes many famous statesmen in support of his (continued on inside back cover) contention. Thus Lloyd George writing in his memoirs about the international bankers’ part in the Versailles Conference:

They swept statesmen, politicians, jurists and journalists all on one side and issued their orders with an imperiousness of absolute monarchs who knew that there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees.

Of the New York Stock Exchange collapse between the wars he quotes Senator L. T. McFadden, Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Currency Commission, who declared:

It was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence. … the international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as the rulers of us all.

Whether you agree with all the author’s conclusions you will certainly have to admit that there are forces behind the political scene which are DEADLIER THAN THE H-BOMB.





Wing Commander L. YOUNG







CHAPTER ………………………….……………………… PAGE

Author’s Preface ……………………………………….. 5

Publishers’ Note ………………………………………… 5

Introduction ……………………………………………… 6

1. Early British History ……………………………… 7

2. The Jews …………………………………..………….. 12

3. The Khazars …………………………….…………… 15

4. The Jews in Britain …………………..………….. 17

5. Money Lending ………………………..…………… 22

6. Some Effects of the Usury System ………. 30

7. Two Jewish Plans …………………….……………. 33

8. The Poison in Britain …………………………….. 36

9. The Poison in America ……………..…………… 44

10. The League of Nations ………………….……. 49

11. Hitler …………………………………….……………. 51

12. The War ……………………………………………… 56

13. Winston Churchill ……………….……………… 60

14. The Plot in America ……………………………. 62

15. The United Nations ……………….……………. 66

16. Post War Britain …………………..…………….. 68

17. A Hint from the Bible …………..…………….. 71

18. Famous Men on the Jews ……….………….. 75

19. Other Means of Assault by the Jews …… 78

20. The Remedy ……………………………………….. 80

Bibliography ………………………………………………. 85







After the Second World War and twenty-nine years in the Services I retired to civil life. Instead of being able to settle down peacefully, I have found myself in a world in turmoil and in constant dread of the H-bomb being used to terrorise people into all sorts of courses. Like many others, I do not think that an atomic war is inevitable. In trying to assess the situation I have come to realise that we are in the process of actual destruction by something deadlier than the H-bomb; something, which in our blindness, we are allowing to corrode the props of our culture and civilisation; insidiously and relentlessly.

In this book I have tried to show the development of the main lines of attack, to sound the alarm and to introduce the reader to a number of other works on the subject which expound various necessary truths and remedies.

L. Young Winscombe,


May, 1956





In presenting this outspoken book by a patriotic ex-serviceman we do so because we are in agreement with his conclusions on political, economic and agricultural problems. The author’s views on religious matters are, of course entirely his own and not necessarily the views of the publishers.


June, 1956









THE attack by the Jews is made in every conceivable way. Besides the power of finance and wars being used to destroy the aristocracy, the farmers and agriculture and to give the Jews control of the financial and industrial systems; financial control of all the means of publicity and advancement has enabled the Jews to distort or delete truth in education and insert lies. For example, the evolution theory is normally referred to as though it was a proved fact, where as, in fact, there is a remarkable dearth of any real evidence in support of it. On the other h and, there is unlimited evidence in favour of the idea of special creation, as told in Genesis. (See Is Evolution Proved?) Men with any scientific attainments who support the evolution theory do so not because they can produce the necessary evidence in support of it but because they are atheists, or something of the sort, and have a fanatical objection to the theory of special creation. They therefore jump at the evolution theory because it offers a plausible explanation with which to try to dodge the fact of special creation. A whole string of leading scientists have stated that the evolution theory is nonsense. (Also see Protocol No. 2 of the Elders of Zion.)

In the same way the false theories of the Jew, Louis Pasteur have been blazoned forth to the world as truth and used to mislead the medical profession in inflicting much harm on the human race and the Nordic peoples in particular, by injecting harmful filth into them. (See Protocol No. 10.) At the same time, the truly scientific findings of the very great French chemist, Béchamp, which prove the falsity of Pasteur’s theories, are kept quiet and Béchamp is not even mentioned in the 14th Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, such is the power of the Jew.

The same thing applies to the land. A little fragmentary knowledge of chemistry backed by finance is being used to destroy the natural fertility of the land; which is being soured and the natural life in the soil destroyed by mixing great quantities of chemical fertilisers with the soil instead of using the natural organic methods of husbandry which have always proved to be correct through the ages. Financial measures are used to encourage or compel farmers to use these fertilisers. In the same way, subsidies are paid to encourage the use of refined and adulterated flours but the natural, wholesome wholemeal flours do not get the subsidy and are therefore, absurdly, much more expensive. Consequently, only a few “cranks” go to the trouble and expense of obtaining the whole natural flour.

[Page 78]

By this process of drugging the land and our bodies with inorganic substances, we are becoming more and more the prey of all sorts of disease and, with the mental doping we are subjected to in all sorts of ways by press, radio, false teaching, false religions (such as spiritism, theosophy, Order of the Cross, etc.) we are getting an enormous overcrowding of hospitals with neurotics and mental cases. This, of course, means that the general level of the spiritual, mental and physical health of the population is rapidly degenerating. That is why it has now become customary for us to accept with complete apathy or docility, things which would have had our people in instant and furious uproar any time until recent decades. The vast majority of people seem to have lost the habit and, with the habit, also, to a great extent, the ability to do any individual thinking. The Jews, in their efforts to destroy all true faith and knowledge have been remarkably successful and seem to have succeeded in Great Britain, in producing, in most people, a sense of frustration and of the selfish tendency only to think of rights and what they are going to get out of life, and to forget all about duties and about what they can put into life.

[Page 79]










BUT, in spite of the rotten state to which the politicians, the national press and many of the people appear to have sunk, it is the writer’s opinion that there is still a spark of the old sturdiness of British character left in the country which is capable of being fanned into a blaze again, if the people can be given honest leadership. But if this is not done very soon, we will be sunk beyond hope of recovery. World Government is what Satan and his instruments, the Jews, are working for. It would be a Police World. It is the Beast of Revelation. It is absolutely essential that we regain and retain our national British sovereignty. We must build up our strength on decentralised lines in alliance with the Dominions and Empire and any other nations with common interests and outlook that may be available.

Remember that, for about 1, 800 years before the Christian era, Britain was the centre of the Druid religion and of the great learning and civilisation that went with it and was responsible for the development of the Common Law. The British were the first people to accept the Christian faith and, for the next 1, 800 years, were the people mainly responsible for keeping it a live faith and for spreading it about the world. But about 300 years ago, the Jewish poison began to be injected and, during the last 100 years, this injection has been greatly accelerated so that we are now on the point of collapse. But the point to be noticed is that, if only we as a people can be brought to diagnose the poison correctly, before it is too late, there is no reason why we should not remove it from our system and revive as a great people. This would involve a return to our old faith, the Christian faith, and a return to our old ideas of individual sovereignty and responsibility. We need a return to the vision and decision of men like Edward I. We need to bring the Crown and the Lords back into an effective part in our Constitution, in order to have a balanced one, and to make the House of Commons effective again. The latter has become a House of Pawns, who dance to the tune of the Jew financiers acting through various mediums, e.g., Bank of “England”, Masonry, T.U.C., Fabian Society and allied organisations, and the Party organisations. Meanwhile, the country is despotically misgoverned by the bureaucracy, as required and plotted for by the Jews.

[Page 80]

The signs that we are coming to the end of this dispensation in God’s dealing with us and approaching the times of the prophecy of “Revelation”, are such things as the great turning away from the Christian faith to false religions and to atheistic ideologies like Socialism, the enormous acceleration in technological advance combined with a great reduction in education and wisdom or common sense, the spate of world wars and the moves for centralisation and world government combined with the virtual enslaving of mankind under one sort of organisation or another. It is significant that the special teaching for this Gentile dispensation committed to St. Paul in the “Prison” Epistles seems to have been lost very soon after he gave it and only to have come to light during the last century as a result of the tremendous and devoted research work of men like Dr. E. W. Bullinger and C. H. Welch. Another pointer is that (as the writer has been told) there is now a small sect of Messianic Jews in Palestine, i.e., Jews who believe that Christ was the Messiah and are waiting for his return. They will have nothing to do with Gentile Christians. They are a re-birth of the believing Jews of Pentecost and the Acts period, when Israel was still “My people”, the Gentile dispensation not having then begun. It is interesting that the great success that the Jews have met with during the last hundred years in spreading the lie in connection with all vital subjects has been matched by the great advance in the knowledge of the same subjects which has been attained by a few men who have worked with great integrity and selflessness. For example, Bullinger and Welch in Bible Scholarship, C. H. Douglas and others in finance and economics, Sir Albert Howard and others in organic husbandry, J. C. Thomson and others in human health. The result is that the truth is available to guide us as soon as we are willing to turn to it.

For nearly four thousand years the British have been a learned and civilised people. They have been great fighters but, at the same time, a humane people. On a number of occasions they have kept the world from going under to some tyranny or other. But recently we have been so weakened and blinded by the Jewish plots and lies that we seem to have reached the stage where about the only thing we can think of doing (as exemplified by our politicians, press and ‘B’.B.C., and leaders in Church and other organisations) is to lie down and ask anyone who cares to trample on us to do so. For example, about the beginning of October, 1955, the “British” Foreign Secretary spoke to Americans at a New York dinner held in his honour. The following extracts of what he said are a faithful indication of the quality of the persons we get in high office under modern conditions:

[Page 81]

Though there are necessarily still restrictions on the dollar, our dollar trading, taking imports together, has risen by nearly 10 per cent. We would be very grateful if you would allow the exports of our goods to you to rise still more.

We hope you will reduce any barrier or dam so that we may, as it were, go on pedalling our way to prosperity. I do not think our slender share of your vast internal market can do you any harm. It means a great deal to us. Pray do not be too rigid in your self protection.

No doubt you have been reading about some of our economic difficulties and anxieties. I suppose your first reaction will be to say:

‘Oh, Lord, the poor old English are in a mess again. It seems to happen every two or three years.’ A new sense of buoyancy and hope has returned to the British people. Let us sing to you, in the words of the old song:

‘And you’d look sweet, upon the seat, of a bicycle built for two.’

That sort of thing, combined with Malcolm Macdonald’s striptease acts for the edification of Malays, Chinese and Indians make it obvious that we must find men to put into our high offices of State if we do not wish to continue to be looked upon with contempt all over the world.

Now read the following extract from St. Paul in Britain? about Boadicea, cousin of the Claudia mentioned earlier:

Dion Cassius gives us a sister picture of her cousin the Druidic Queen, under very difference circumstances, during the same year in Britain. It is a grand and imposing composition, quite unique in history. Greece and Rome show us nothing like it. The Maid of Orleans, in more modern times, is the only approach to it, but all the terrible features are supplanted by gentler ones. We see a queen stung to madness by the wrongs which most nearly affect womanhood, leading a whole nation to battle; the sense of injury has changed her whole nature into that of a Bellona, an incarnate goddess of war, and she lives only for revenge. In her eyes every Roman is a monster already doomed. She would have been less than a woman not to have felt her dishonour, more than human not have panted for the hour of retribution. ‘Boadicea’, writes Dion, ‘ascended the general’s tribunal; her stature exceeded the ordinary height of woman; her appearance itself carried terror; her aspect was calm and collected, but her voice had become deep and pitiless. Her hair falling in long golden tresses as low as her hips, was collected round her forehead by a golden coronet; she wore a tartan dress fitting closely to her bosom, but below the waist expanding in loose folds as a gown; over it was a chlamys, or military cloak. In her hand she bore a spear. She addressed the Britons as follows’We give only her peroration:

[Page 82]

‘I thank thee! I worship thee! I appeal to thee a woman to a woman, O Andraste! I rule not, like Nitocris, over beasts of burden, as are the effeminate nations of the East, nor, like Semiramis, over tradesmen and traffickers, nor, like the man-woman Nero, over slaves and eunuchs — such is the precious knowledge these foreigners introduce amongst us — but I rule over Britons, little versed indeed in craft and diplomacy but born and trained to the game of war; men, who, in the cause of liberty, stake down their lives, the lives of their wives and children, their lands and property. Queen of such a race, I implore thine aid for freedom, for victory over enemies infamous for the wantonness of the wrongs they inflict, for their perversion of justice, for their contempt of religion, for their insatiable greed; a people that revel in unmanly pleasures, whose affections are more to be dreaded and abhorred than their enmity. Never let a foreigner bear rule over me or these my countrymen; never let slavery reign in this island. Be thou for ever, O goddess of manhood and of victory, sovereign and queen in Britain.’

Having fought against tyranny for thousands of years and having been sustained by a strong faith throughout, first, the Druidic and then the Christian, are we now going to let our Christian and British faith and traditions go by default and tamely submit to the worst tyranny the world has ever known, just because we have allowed ourselves to become too drugged and bribed by the enemy to be able to recognise or to be willing to resist the enemy?

It is clear from all signs that the second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ, cannot be long delayed (in the opinion of the writer probably not beyond the end of this century); so it is only a question of fighting on for a short time if we decide to keep our colours flying. And it is still really largely a question of deciding because, so far, we have been giving everything away through blind stupidity and giving in to all the insidious assaults on the weakest links in our characters. But it is essential that we decide quickly before we have surrendered our power to resist to the supranational organisations designed to subject us to the Jew-Khazar tyranny of World Government and Antichrist.

What we have to decide is, whether we stand for Christ or for antichrist, whether we stand for our Queen and Country or for World Jewry, whether we stand for individual freedom and human decency or for the worst form of slavery the world has ever known. And let there be no doubt about the fact that our surrender or defeat would eventually mean torture and death for all the Christians and possibly for all the Britons and other Nordics the enemy could lay their hands on, and slavery for the rest of the human race. Obviously there is only one possible solution. We must fight.

[Page 83]

Once we have recognised the danger and decided to fight, the action to be taken is fairly obvious. Generally speaking, it is one of reversing most of the trends of recent years. One of introducing truth into our education and way of life. We need to introduce a sane economic and monetary system based on the Divine instructions to Moses and some such proposals as the Douglas Social Credit ones. We must pursue a policy of decentralisation and return to the common law of Britain.

A sane system of finance and national dividends would remove the need for Social Services. An enormous reduction in bureaucracy and the removal of all excuses for restrictive practices in industry would mean an immense increase in productivity combined with the possibility of releasing very large numbers of men for agriculture and emigration to the other Dominions.

Agriculture is a vocation, not an industry. It requires men, not mechanisation, relatively speaking. And, as far as possible, men working their own land. Agriculture breeds men.

It is largely a question of giving up wounding ourselves and, instead, we must stand up for ourselves, on conservative and Christian principles.

[Page 84]






The following list of books is in no sense exhaustive of the subjects dealt with, but it is enough to cover them with reasonable adequacy and the various books give references to other works and authorities which can be consulted by anyone wishing to pursue any subject further.



E. O. Gordon. Pre-historic London.

Rev. R. W. Morgan. St. Paul in Britain?

Rev. L. S. Lewis, M.A. St. Joseph of Arimathea.

Rev. C. C. Dobson, M.A. Did Our Lord Visit Britain?

Rev. H. A. Lewis. Christ in Cornwall?

Isabel Hill Elder. Celt, Druid and Culdee.

Isabel Hill Elder. George of Lydda.

F. Wallace Conlon. British History, A Challenge to Reason.

Rev. Alban Heath. The “Painted Savages” of England.

C. F. Parker. A Short Study of Esau-Edom in Jewry.

C. F. Parker. Israel’s Migrations.

Brig.-Gen. W. H. Fasken, C.B. Israel’s Racial Origin and Migrations.

Brig.-Gen. W. H. Fasken, C.B. Cimmerians and Scythians.

Dr. D. S. Milne. Economics a Phase of Divine Law.

C. F. Parker. Moses the Economist.

W. E. Filmer, B.A. God Counts.




Alan V. Insole. Immortal Britain.

George Pile. The Five Races of Europe.

V. Marsden. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Lt. Col. J. Creagh Scott. Hidden Government.

L. Fry. Waters Flowing Eastward.

G. F. Green. The International Jew.

Colin Jordan. Fraudulent Conversion.

Capt. A. H. M. Ramsay, M.P. The Nameless War.

Admiral Sir Barry Domvile. From Admiral to Cabin Boy.

Arthur Rogers. The Palestine Mystery.

Frances E. Newton. Fifty Years in Palestine.

Hillary Cotter and Ride Roiste. World Government by 1955?

B. Jenzen. The World Food Shortage: a Communist-Zionist Plot.

B. Jenzen. The Palestine Plot.

A. K. Chesterton. The Menace of the Money Power.

A. K. Chesterton. Sound the Alarm.

A. K. Chesterton. Stand by the Empire.

A. K. Chesterton. Beware the Money Power.

John T. Flynn. The Roosevelt Myth.


Walton Hannah. Rev. C. Penney

Darkness Visible.

Christian by Degrees.

Secret Societies and Subversive Movements.

The French Revolution.

World Revolution.

The Surrender of an Empire.


Nesta H. Webster. Mgr.

George E. Dillon. Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked.

Hunt, B. A. The Menace of Freemasonry to the Christian Faith.


[Page 85]


Hess. Prisoner of Peace.

Duke of Bedford. Poverty and Over-Taxation.

Duke of Bedford. Debt-Free Prosperity.

Duke of Bedford. The Absurdity of the National Debt.

Duke of Bedford. I Can’t Understand Finance.




Guglielmo Ferrero. The Greatness and Decline of Rome (5 vols.).

Guglielmo Ferrero. The Ruin of Ancient Civilisation and the Triumph of Christianity.




Douglas Reed. From Smoke to Smother.

Douglas Reed. Somewhere South of Suez.

Douglas Reed. Far and Wide.




Dr. Thomas Robertson. Human Ecology.




Major C. H. Douglas. Social Credit.

Major C. H. Douglas. Economic Democracy.

Major C. H. Douglas. Credit Power and Democracy.

Major C. H. Douglas. The Control and Distribution of Production.

Major C. H. Douglas. The Monopoly of Credit.

Major C. H. Douglas. The Policy of a Philosophy.

Major C. H. Douglas. This “American” Business.

Major C. H. Douglas. The “Land for the (Chosen) People” Racket.

Major C. H. Douglas. Programme for the Third World War.

Major C. H. Douglas. The Big Idea.

Major C. H. Douglas. The Brief for the Prosecution.

Major C. H. Douglas. Whose Service is Perfect Freedom.

Major C. H. Douglas. Realistic Position of the Church of England.

Major C. H. Douglas. Money and the Price System.

Major C. H. Douglas. The Use of Money.

Major C. H. Douglas. The Tragedy of Human Effort.

Major C. H. Douglas. Reconstruction.

Major C. H. Douglas. Security, Institutional and Personal.




Maurice Colbourne. The Meaning of Social Credit.




C. Marshall Hattersley. This Age of Plenty.

C. Marshall Hattersley. Wealth, Want and War.

C. Marshall Hattersley. The Community’s Credit.

H. Norman Smith, M.P. The Politics of Plenty.




G. T. Wrench, M.D. (Lond.). The Wheel of Health

G. T. Wrench, M.D. (Lond.). The Restoration of the Peasantries.

E. Douglas Hume. Béchamp or Pasteur?


[Page 86]




G. T. Wrench, M.D. (Lond.) Reconstruction by Way of the Soil.

Sir Albert Howard. Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease.

Lady Eve Balfour. The Living Soil.

Friend Sykes. Humus and the Farmer.

Friend Sykes. Food, Farming and the Future.

F. Newman Turner. Fertility Farming.

F. Newman Turner. Herdmanship.




Richard St. Barbe Baker. Green Glory.




The Companion Bible.

Sir Albert Howard. An Agricultural Testament.




J. C. Thomson. Constipation and Our Civilisation.

J. C. Thomson. Nature Cure from the Inside.




Shelton and Dewar. Is Evolution Proved?




Dr. E. W. Bullinger. Number in Scripture.

Dr. E. W. Bullinger. The Witness of the Stars.




C. H. Welch. Dispensational Truth.

C. H. Welch. The Apostle of the Reconciliation.

C. H. Welch. Life Through His Name.

C. H. Welch. Just and the Justifier.

C. H. Welch. Testimony of the Lord’s Prisoner.

C. H. Welch. The Prize of the High Calling.

C. H. Welch. This Prophecy.

C. H. Welch. Parable, Miracle and Sign.

C. H. Welch. The Form of Sound Words.

C. H. Welch. Ecclesiastes.







The Social Crediter K. R. P. PUBLICATIONS.


The Farmer FERNE FARM, Shaftesbury, Dorset.

[Page 87]




Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 1 – Author’s Preface — Publishers’ Note — Introduction — Early British History — The Jews — The Khazars — The Jews in Britain

Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 2 – Money Lending — Some Effects of the Usury System — Two Jewish Plans

Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 3  – The Poison in Britain — The Poison in America

Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 4 –  – The League of Nations — Hitler — The War — Winston Churchill — The Plot in America

Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 5  – The United Nations — Post War Britain — A Hint from the Bible — Famous Men on the Jews

Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 6  – Other Means of Assault by the Jews — The Remedy — Bibliography


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