TeutonicWarriorChick – Multiculturalism has Failed in Europe


[Here’s a good introductory video on how and why White people in all White countries are being targeted for racial replacement through low birth rates, race mixing and the importing of the third world. Teutonic Warrior Chick has done a good job of giving a calm and thoughtful overview of the problem without pulling any punches (she names the jew). Please share with friends and family!




Multiculturalism has Failed in Europe



by Teutonic Warrior Chick


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Uploaded on Dec 20, 2011


Angela Merkel in Frankfurt two out of three years old new born have a migrant background

This is a Friday in Paris, filmed by hidden camera, the streets are crowded with a huge crowd of Muslim worshippers, and it’s enforced by private security.

But the police have been ordered not to intervene, it show that even though some in the government wants to get tough with the Muslims and ban the burka, other parts of the government give Islam privileged status.

All of this is illegal in France; the public worship, the blocked streets, and the private security

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Angela Merkel: In Frankfurt two out of three children under five years old have a migrant background. In early nineteen sixties we brought the guest workers to Germany. Now they are living with us. We lied to ourselves for a while. We said they won’t stay long, one day they will be gone.

But this is not the case. Of course the multicultural approach, living side by side and being happy with each other. This approach has failed, utterly.




Billboard text: RAPE RAPE RAPE; You can do it Finland; Refugees can do anything!; Contact the Finnish Embassy now; You will not be punished!

For more on this see:

Three African-American Football players raped two Finnish girls and left unpunished


[katana: Update – the above image is a photoshop job of this image below. Done by some Finns to highlight the rapes being done in Finland by blacks.]





TeutonicWarriorChick (TWC): Multiculturalism is a total failure to a country. I know what everybody is going to say, “Oh you’re so racist. Original racist chick, how can you say that! Diversity is strength!”


No it’s not.


Diversity is a huge weakness. That’s why the jews promote multiculturalism in advertisements, movies, TV shows. They want to dominate every predominate White country. It’s happening all over the world. We’ve got the Islamification of Europe well under way.


Let me show you some footage of France.



Scrolling Text: French President Nicolas Sarkozy is a Jew who promotes diversity and multiculturalism for this formerly White European nation.


Narrator: This is a Friday in France filmed by hidden camera. The streets are blocked by huge crowds of Muslim worshippers and it’s enforced by private security. This is all illegal in France. The public worship, the blocked streets and the private security.



But the police have been ordered not to intervene. It shows that even some in the French government want to get tough with the Muslims and ban the burqua, other parts of the French government continue to give Islam privileged status.



TWC: Now, check out what is happening in the UK. Where it is a “hate crime” for a White person to speak out against the fact that the White race is being completely discriminated against.



Scrolling Text: Tony Blair is a Zionist puppet who was put in power by Jews Gideon Meir and Michael Levy. They agreed to put Blair in power as long as agreed to never go against Israeli interests, which is to prevent any of these muslims from immigrating into Israel. It would be better for Israel to divide and conquer Britain instead.


Narrator: After the attacks of 9/11 there was a big push to integrate the nearly two million muslims into British society. Easy said than done. A recent survey of Muslims show that:

44% of 18 to 24 years olds feel that Britain is their country.

30% would like to live under Shira Law than democracy.

28% would like to see Britain to become an Islamic State.


An overwhelming majority, 81%, consider themselves Muslim first and British second.


TWC: And now check out the Islamification of Sweden.



Narrator: Swedish authorities have their hands full in the southern city of Malmo with an explosion of Muslim immigrants, 90% of them unemployed. Many of them angry, taking it out on the country that took them in.



Police: If we park our car that will be damaged. So we very often have to go two vehicles. One to just protect the other vehicle, outside.


Narrator: Fear of violence has changed the way the police, fireman and emergency workers do their jobs.



There are some neighborhoods that these Swedish ambulance workers do not go without a police escort. They come under threats from angry crowds. They tell them which patients to take and which patients to leave behind.



The most liberal asylum laws in Europe means a city of one quarter million is now one quarter Muslim [approx. 62,000], changing the face and the idea of what it means to be Swedish. Asylum seekers may bring spouses, brothers, grandparents. Civil servants say the city is swamped.



Interviewer: You have a 1,000 pupils in a Swedish school.


Civil Servant: Yes.


Interviewer: How many are Swedes?


Civil Servant: Two!



TWC: So whether you White people want to admit it or not, our race, indeed, is being targeted for extinction through the multiculturalism and the diversity that is being promoted in all White European nations.


And ONLY White European nations. We don’t see non-Whites flooding into Japan. Do we? No! Only predominately White nations are seeing this massive non-White immigration. And you see, these immigrants, they don’t want to integrate. They don’t want to learn the native language. Here in America, Mexicans don’t want to learn English because our government makes it too easy. After all, they translate all publications from English into Spanish, so they don’t have to learn the language.


[Now] I’m talking about organized jewry. They are responsible for feminism which targeted White women into having careers instead of families so that don’t have the number of children that these minorities have. Their new careers, … the taxes that are taken out actually fund the welfare programs for these non-White minorities to have more and more children on the tax payer dime.


Our race is being targeted and it’s up to you guys to see that.

Now I want to show you a typical anti-White commercial.


Scrolling Text: Watch the three ‘stupid’ (evil/racist) White people who are portrayed as being unable to think as intelligently as the black woman.


TWC: And here’s a advertisement for a video game called “DJ Hero 2”. Now if you can’t detect the multiculturalism and diversity agenda within this advertisement, then you have to be the most blind person alive.


[katana: The blonde White woman takes the cap off the black man and puts it on her head, signaling that she is sexually available to him.]


[katana: The White woman is being embraced from behind by a mulatto, possibly indicating willingness for anal sex on her part.]


[katana: The White woman “transfers” the mulatto’s tattoo from him to her by sliding her hand over it. This is the sort of “clever” stuff that makes an ad appealing and edgy because the audience learns and is surprised by something “new”. ]


[katana: The White woman has now “transfered” the mulatto’s tattoo from his forearm to her stomach.]


[katana: The White woman “transfers” of the mulatto’s tattoo down towards her crotch area, signaling that she is sexually available to him.]


[katana: The White woman “transfer” of the mulatto’s tattoo is complete. Not sure what the crown signifies, possible message being that he’s the king and now she is his queen?]


[katana: A White girl with a full black readies herself for giving him a tongue job. They’ve chosen a girl wearing braces, to show how young she is?]

[katana: A White girl with a full black giving him a tongue job, signaling that she is sexually available to him.]


[katana: A wide view of the “diverse” packed crowd.]


[katana: A wide view of the “diverse” crowd with text promoting race mixing, aka, miscegenation (miss-cegg-ji-nation).]


[katana: The product placement.]


[katana: Here’s a bit more “clever” stuff with the skin color and body parts being mixed up. The right guy is now a black guy with White arms while the reverse applies to the left guy.]



TWC: That is what the jews want. They want one BROWN race of gentiles so that they can more easily dominate us. They don’t want White nationalism. Because to them White nationalism is the only thing that stands in the way of their global domination. That is why they are doing everything they can to get rid of the White European race.


Why do you think the Tea Party consists of mostly White middle class people? Because we are the resistance, mostly.


And I know we are going to get a lot of Mexicans and blacks telling me that I’m a racist for saying that, but I don’t see any blacks or Mexicans at Tea Party groups. I just don’t see it.


And that is because the jews have molded you black people into the communist platform. Martin Luther King Jnr. was a communist. It’s not taught in our history books.


Our history books are controlled by jewish propaganda.


Just like the media. We are not being taught history correctly, and all we are being told is that the Nazis are responsible, they are evil.


But no one are talking about what jews are doing to the White race. They are not talking about the 33 million White Christians who were murdered in Russia during the Bolshevik revolution, which was a jewish operation. No one talks about that.


They only talk about the Holocaust. For sixty years straight, that’s what we see on TV, in the movies. It’s pounded into our brains, so that we will feel guilty for the Holocaust.


And they are going to continue to eradicate the White race and we are just going to allow it happen because White people have been conditioned to feel so guilty that they are docile, subservient slaves. And that is what they [jews] want.


So unless you, White people, wake up and stop being afraid of being called a called a racist or an anti-semite, all the time, and just start speaking the truth, our race will come to an end.


In fact, by 2040, the White race will be a minority [in the USA]. And if you want to see how we are going to be treated as a minority, let me show you a real quick clip of South Africa.




David Duke: Songs advocating the genocide of the South African people. They are not only being sung they are being acted out in the blood and genocide of thousands of White South Africans.



Here’s a quote directly from the BBC:

“There’s been more than 3,000 murders of Afrikaner farmers.”



It goes on:

“… Afrikaner farmers have objected to ANC Youth League Chief, Julius Malema singing, ‘Kill the Boer.’They say the constant refrain of the song … incites people to kill White farmers. ANC and Julius Malema have defended the song. …”



A detailed study of these crimes by Nedbank [Nedbank ISS Crime Index] revealed that:


“Robbery was not the primary motivation, …”


In fact in 85% of last year’s farm attacks, nothing had been stolen. The murder rate for White farmers is the highest for any group in the entire world. And it is not just farmers who are victims. An estimated 35,000 non-farm Whites have been murdered; on the roads, in their homes and businesses across South Africa.



But perhaps the most shocking thing is that many of you watching this know nothing about it. But that changes right now.


[katana: for the full version of David Duke’s video please click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT4SLj5l3f0

White Genocide in South Africa]



Screen Text: The president of the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] is Richard COHEN (a Jew). This Jewish Organization is now part of the Department of Homeland Security, and they target WHITE PEOPLE. If you disagree with them, you will be labeled a Neo-Nazi.


The Jewish media has demonized the term ‘Aryan’ which means ‘noble’. Hate crime laws apply to all races except Whites.

NAACP for blacks

LA RAZA for latinos

ADL for jews

NOTHING for Whites, … we’re ‘racist’.


It is time for White people across the world to awaken to the very real possibility that our race will one day become extinct.


A deliberate racial genocide is being executed that no one dares to talk about openly about for fear of being called a racist.


In 1960, Whites [in the USA] were approximately 90 percent of a population of 178.5 million. By 2000, they were only 69.1 percent of a population of 281.4 million, and if current immigration trends continue, Whites will be a minority by 2040 [in the USA].





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8 Responses to TeutonicWarriorChick – Multiculturalism has Failed in Europe

  1. Flanders says:

    Good article, Katana, despite the subject matter being as sick as it is. Thanks for the transcript, too. Very helpful and I look forward to seeing more.u

    Here is a link which you may not have seen about the plans of the jewish “father of the EU”.


  2. katana17 says:

    Thanks Flanders.

    The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe article is well worth reading.

    I’ve added that site to my blogroll as it’s got more interesting articles.

  3. Nationalist says:

    If the founding fathers could see what is going on in America today they would be shocked. The Constitution is ignored on a regular basis by our elected officials and hardly anyone is doing anything about it other than David Duke and members of the Stormfront online forum. Whites need to wake up, no one in their right mind is going to think things are getting better in this country.

  4. katana17 says:

    Agree that David Duke is doing a great job of fighting the jew led destruction of White countries. Whites aren’t waking up as fast and as much as they need to, but it’s happening none the less.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Katana are you Teutonic warrior chick

  6. “Katana are you Teutonic warrior chick”

    I’ve been wondering what the JewsKingPhu did to her as it’s not like her to give up and they have a habit of taking people out with replacement ‘stand ins’.
    (Detected by the lack of verifiability new videos showing their face.)

    Also, via Stepford spouses, Jewish MKUltra and of course ‘health-care’ in the great Jew supremacist (communist) tradition!

    We have more Jew ‘antiJew activists’ than we have REAL ONES!

  7. Jackson Ross says:

    The barriers to communication ihi short article is absolutely the best i’ve seen today.

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