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[In this  quite interesting 126 minute audio interview Millennial Woes gets straight to the point with Morgoth, a British blogger with his popular WN/Alt Right site Morgoths Review. They discuss the Brexit result in terms of British politics and the (((forces))) that have been shaping it  —  KATANA.]






Millennial Woes












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Published on Jul 2, 2016


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[This video is not intended to condone violence or hate.]




 [126:19 min]





Woes: Hello!


Morgoth: Hello.


Woes: Yeah. Welcome to the this hangout. I’m here with Morgoth. Now this one has been in the pipeline for a long time. I’ve been wanting to get Morgoth on to channel for a while, because he has a blog. I’ve linked to in the description blog box, but I’ve known of Morgoth long before. When did you start the blog Morgoth?


Morgoth: A year and a half ago.


Woes: Right. So well I’ve known about you since I think 2007, because you were on The Daily Telegraph blogs and that was when I was there. So, you always wrote good posts there and then I think I started seeing you on other websites as well, commenting. And then you started the blog and as I’ve known of your existence for a long time it’s nice to have you on the channel at last.


Morgoth: Yeah. Well eventually, I got, … Our idea was to hijack the best rated comments on the news articles and on immigration and stuff. And it kind of worked out that had a lot of eyes. The Daily Telegraph you could get away with blue murder on the comment section and I don’t know how many read them, but it was a lot. But for, …


Woes: Now back in the early days, for a while as we were saying before we went air.


Morgoth: Yes, you could get away with blue murder and then the “Ban Hammer” came down and I got ban hammered from there and I was constantly ban hammered from Breitbart, the next one. And I got kind of sick of it, because every day you’d log in and it was just deletes. Everything you had said was gone and I thought, I’ll just sort up my own blog. They have banned me from their media so I’ll just create your own and I can’t be banned.


Woes: Yeah, absolutely! Sometimes you just need to own your own place. At least then, you know, you’ve got some amount of control over it. I mean when you’re getting your comments deleted and you’ve put some effort into writing them and then they just vanish it’s demoralizing. It’s annoying.


Morgoth: And you kind of, … When you get into the Alt Right Nationalism you learn all this amazing stuff and you want to share it. You want to share on the biggest platform that you can find. It’s not enough sitting in the pub with your mates. You want to, like, tell everybody!

And you can’t do it. So you think, well fuck you! I’ll set up my own blog and run from there.


Woes: Yeah. Well I recommend everyone have a look at your blog and subscribes to it. I don’t know how people, I mean, I don’t know how you can do that nowadays, but there are methods. And several times, I mean, I won’t, we won’t go into them here, but there have been several particular articles that you’ve written that I thought were very good and I’ve actually linked to them before under relevant videos. But the ones we’re going to, well the subject we’re going to talk about here, is Brexit, because you’ve written three, well two articles that are definitely about Brexit, and a third one which is very much related, which was about Joe Cox. And, yeah, I think it’s a fascinating subject. We’re going to be talking about it for a long time yet and it’s only really just started, because this is exploded, hasn’t it?

I mean, what did you expect, what were your expectations? Did you think we were going to leave?


Morgoth: No! No I didn’t. The second article the one out there now, it’s kind of, this curse of the “black pill”, that a lot of people have got. That whatever happens in any scenario, at anytime the globalists will win! And it’s defeatist attitude. And I can understand how it happens and why it comes, where it comes from. You think, well, they’ve got all the power, they have got all the media and if it comes to it they’ll just rig the vote.


Woes: As they did in Austria.


Morgoth: Yeah. And Brexit happens and all of a sudden you think, they’re not all powerful. They are not omnipotent. We can win, or at least we can win a battle! And you can see by the chaos in the political class now, that they don’t really know what to do, because the people have spoken.


Woes: Yeah. This is the first time that we’ve been able to, I’ve forgot which mention article it was, … I read an article that made this point, that this was the first time we’ve been able to, … It was Peter Hitchens, and he said hitherto, with the general elections people are forced to choose between the package of policies and attitudes and loyalties of the Labor Party and the package of loyalties and attitudes of the Conservative Party, whereas with this, for the first time you could vote on the European Union, and you know, it was an interesting election.





Morgoth: I think Hitchens made a good point in the Daily Mail, I think it was. That, what you have seen that the kind of ignored middle classes, or middle class from the Tory party, who have been sidelined, teamed up for the first time ever with Labour’s White working class heartlands. And the two finally together. They should have been together a long time ago, but they were split apart. It was a class warfare thing going on. And you’ve got a hint of ethnic interests come to the top.


Woes: Yeah, because this is the first time that we’ve been able to vote on a nationalist issue. Like this is, …


Morgoth:Yeah. I mean a couple of years ago the idea that people from Sunderland would be voting in the same camp as people from Somerset and Dorset, these upper class Tory voters would have been unthinkable. Wouldn’t have happened and here we are. I’m hoping, I think that it’s a kind of native interest versus internationalist perspective. And I think it is.


Woes: I think it is. I mean there is a danger of us, we who are decidedly nationalist, there’s a danger of mass overestimating how much this means for nationalism. I don’t think that the people, most people who voted here, they probably wouldn’t describe themselves as nationalist but they probably describe themselves as patriots, or realists, or people are just not up for big government, essentially But the fact is that it opens the door for nationalism.


Morgoth:Hmm, I mean I’d say the White working class, they go on the Facebook page and it’s absolutely awash in anti-Islam type stuff. And they do see all those memes of rivers of rapists coming over from Syria. They get that. They don’t know exactly why, or how, I mean that isn’t really an European Union issue. Depending in how you look at the Islam problem and all of that. It’s interconnected. But they blame the elites and the European Union for that. They recognize that. And then you’ve got the kind of upper class, middle class ex-Tory voters and they are sick of being betrayed by all these ponces, who want to the left who have no real traditional Tory values left, whatsoever. So, they have got common cause and giving the establishment a kick in the balls and they have done that.


Woes: Well, yeah and that’s the new thing. And, of course, the establishment, because the establishment doesn’t know how to react, because this has never happened before. As you said, up until now the globalists have won every time. This is why, I mean there is a theory that Margaret Thatcher got ousted, because of her opposition to the European Union. I don’t know the details exactly, but a lot of people say that. And it doesn’t match up with various events. And even though the Labour party was bought, you know, in the mid 80s.


Morgoth: You’re totally. I mean, I just saw before, someone posted a comment one on before comment on the blog, before, saying that Tony Blair has been kind of wheeled back out to get things back in order. And he’s the the archetype of the globalists owned by certain parties, scumbag.


Woes: Yeah.


Morgoth:And he’s been drafted out like this high lord of globalism coming out of retirement to get things back in order, because the peasants are wandering off the plantation. That’s what’s Tony Blair is all about. It’s pathetic!


Woes: Well exactly!


Morgoth:It’s xxxxxxx We really are!


Woes: Yeah it, yeah it does, because it’s so obvious! It’s such a glaringly obvious tactic that it can never, … It can’t work. I mean everyone knows that Tony Blair is a piece of shit. He’s an absolute psychopath [distorted laughter] and everyone knows, … Sorry.


Morgoth:Well, what it’s been for the last six years, or something he’s been this Middle Eastern peace envoy.


Woes: Yeah!


Morgoth:What’s he been doing in the Middle East, brokering peace deals with different warring terrorists and Arabs? And it’s always, he’s such a great guy, and now we’ve got Brexit, so he’s coming over here. That shows you just how bad it is for the globalists.




Needs Proofing


Woes: He’s going to broker a peace talks in Britain in the well, needs need stay it’s friendship that’s how he’s described himself that’s a this is a monumental of an inch, or two and you just a twat. It’s just a corrupt greedy past that, but you who farm it was at all not. And also I remember him coming up with the phrase open values and closed about he is and what he meant by it was exactly this new part of it, because he was projecting the need out of time and he was saying that you have to transfer from closed values open values and what he meant really was we have to transfer from nationalism to globalism, or from parochial identity to universalism that’s what he really means by open values and close families and he wants the whole world to have open values which means he wants the whole fucking world to be a super market with no identity that’s really what these what he is up for and I don’t think I’m kind of concealing here. I think this is exactly I mean it’s it sounds like a caricature, because it saw ridiculous. But then if you look at these young ladies eighteen year olds. That’s exactly what they are far. So it’s not I mean it’s not an exaggeration. If you remember the kind of the rules the Tories of one two and Blair start comment and they had this poster of Tony Blair and it was like that you are off with this release and the green. Yeah is that a minute red eyes. Yeah it was really evil and I are just think the in you the end here these told you that I mean there will be a war and of, you know, they were bad and that a long way and they were a bunch of dinosaurs. Yeah they could tell I just think he knew what he represented and that was that we have seen you don’t know what you’re in for twenty. And then it was just to get it he threw us why you. WHITE Oh yeah and the reel to reel you iron fist of political correctness came in and we thought it funny thing some of those it’s always the new Yeah, because I mean the creator if he comes and see him, because the left are supposed to always punch up what’s supposed to protect the little guy. And punch. What’s the powerful and they don’t all the effort that was punched down and you can see it now with somebody like Peter Sagal and of Goldman Sachs in the US as a truly evil nun well. But his history. If you look at history it’s the almost the same as the treats of Jones that there’s there’s not really any difference at all I all that they did I mean there are a lot of that the children of the Khmer you. It was kind of they are a product of globalism and I think we should look I think we should stop thinking of the left as being and banned ideological movement of itself and shackle them to group list elites and see if this is what you all this is what you represent be honest about it and do away with the fluffy bullshit. Well, then well. To the complications to that the there wasn’t a pitch otic socialist movement, you know, a long time ago, but it’s not valid just got completely destroyed and certainly from the middle eighty’s on words the Labor Party was explicitly pro EU for and has been feverish way so since then and the other problem with it is that. Yeah you’re talking about the left that I mean the whole political spectrum is the left. Yeah put on me. Jeremy color isn’t deep shit now, because he’s a bit of a through box to the left and so he’s been caught between two stools, because he probably knows that the EU is clueless and, but he also knows the vast majority of little are doing things like that and I think George Curry It was actually supporting leave it was and I don’t know yeah yeah it was well yeah, because because you’ve got this all doc class that they’re more like the kind of Fidel Castro kind of lefty The third and then the blue heads. Yes. P.S. Prick, but you see Stan and all around the clock arts saying that old people should die.





Woes: Oh, that’s true, I mean, the Left has been, it’s been mutated into a very middle class thing hasn’t it since?


Morgoth: Oh yeah. That’s what I mean. So people like Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway are kind of kicking around from the “Old Left”, the unions and the more nationalist that are lloking after the working guy, kind of thing. But it’s dominated now by the “New Left” which is a product of well, intellectually they have put into practice in the 70s and the 60s. And in the universities it was around in the 50s, you know, by Marxists of a certain background. And at that time the big money backed them, they funded their research and put in them into the colleges. They backed them all the way. And there was a famous, … I did an article on it called, “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Why”. And I kind of asked why, during the cold war we had all these spies scattered all over Europe and this useless game against the Soviet Union. Why weren’t they taking a look at what was happening on the universities and in the media the West? And Joseph McCarthy actually did! And what he described, was that the people he was uncovering, all these, this Marxist subversion. He thought the trail of bread crumbs is going to lead back to Moscow, and it didn’t! It led back to New York and the financial institutions in New York.


Woes: Yeah.


Morgoth: And they shut him down for it, really quickly! And, you know, the names when you go that far down the rabbit hole then the names “echo” all over the place [Woes ld Morgoth laughing] . Let’s put it that way! And if, … I mean, you have to ask questions. If you are, you know, a Rothschild, J.P. Morgan banking magnate and you want to enslave the world, you want to have a consumer-producer slave family units. Then, you have to have some sort of ideological foundation for it. You have to have some kind of shock troops which can go on the ground and soften up the general population to how you want to have them. And the politically correct, New Left, is it!


Woes: Yes! And it’s extremely effective, …


Morgoth:What I’m saying, …


Woes: And yeah. And it’s a very effective standing army or whatever you want to call them, shock troops, because they eliminate all opposition, or they have done so far. And that’s how they have operated. This is what the done. They have dissolved everything. I mean, this is how you now have have a Facebook threads full of twenty year olds who believe in absolutely nothing!


Morgoth: I mean the first of it in the 60s, … What we’ve seen after Brexit, where they’re calling for old people to be, like kind of just chained to a bed and left to die. [laughing] Whatever it is they want! It’s weird, because that goes all the way back, because the first, the first of it was fighting against the parents! And you were a rebel:

Leave me alone and stop oppressing me! Parents, I want to go off and smoke weed in the …

 or whatever it was. And so now we’ve kind of gone full circle and they are oppressed by the older generation again. And it’s just the same thing!


Woes: Oh yeah. And they have moved very quickly to establish this narrative. That it’s the old who are stuck in their ways, they’re racist, they’re prejudiced, they’re stupid, they’re scared, they’re fearful, they’re paranoid, they’re insecure and they’re treacherous and they don’t care about the young, you know.


Morgoth: Yeah. And it’s all, … But I don’t think any of these young people came up with that. I think that was trickled out in the media, the social media. And they have picked up the ball and run with it:

Oh! OK! Now we see it, now this is what I have to go with. I’m being oppressed by old people. This is how we have to deal with this one!

And they’re given the signals from the media, and it sounds paranoid, but it is. They’re given these signals from the media. This is how we have to go with it. But they don’t see it that way! They think, …


Woes: Well the young have no self-awareness. They aren’t, they don’t know how to be honest with themselves, because they don’t know how to look at themselves. I mean, it’s something that comes with time and age and personal failure. You learn humbleness and so on. When, your an eighteen year old, you’re pumped full of arrogance. You’ve been told that you’re clever. And you’ve been told that you just say I have a lot. And then it’s all linked into this globalist paradigm, internationalists, you know, universalists. Well, when the old take that away from you, it actually does feel like a personal attack, I guess. I mean, this is how they can say “they’re taking away my future”, you know, something that dramatic.




Morgoth: Because their whole identity has been taken away, because they’re no longer a free spirit wandering around on Europe. The big government and all that. They’re book in England and they have to deal with just, well, Britain anyway.


Woes: And that’s an interesting thing as well, I mean, if you look at the phrase, “taken away”. That’s a dramatic phrase, but again this is a very dramatic moment in time that we’re talking about, this Brexit thing. And something has been taken away from, … They were free up until last Thursday. For decades they have been free to dream, and dream, and dream. And now something has happened and their dream has been taken away. And you can see it in their articles. I mean, Laurie Penny has always been sentimental and completely over the top. But, she’s now taken a sort of, she’s gone into a gear higher than even that and she’s really laying it on, laying it on very thick. That something, that the young been betrayed and it’s because of that, but I mean you can put aside any personal motivations that she has. This is a general thing that you’re seeing all over the media about how the young are reacting to this.

The future that, … Just as it, … It’s actually an interesting parallel. In the nineteen, if you grew up in the 1950s and 60s, I am told that you were led to believe in the atomic age. This future that would be gleaming, people would be flying to work on a personal space ship. And, you know, you would have a replicator do, whatever. Lovely Sci-fi, everything’s fucking great! Well in a similar way, and, of course, that never came to pass. The truth was more mundane as it turned out and far less confident, far less glorious, far less majestic.

Well in a similar way, the young of today have been encouraged to believe in this utopia, this utopian future which was always, it was inevitable in the same way that the technological revolution was inevitable and it would just keep getting better, and better, and better! On the same way, you know, the nations of the world would just get closer, and closer, and closer to each other ever closer union. Barriers dissolving, everyone caring about each other, values going from closed to open, people just loving each other! You know, everything was just going to be fucking great!

Well now, that’s just been taken away! That whole thing, that whole narrative has suddenly been cut short! It’s been severed, and this was never expected. Not by me, or anyone else that, well except for one, or two lone voices in the out right who expected this to happen. Certainly not by the conservatives, not by the Labor, Lib-Dem, maybe not even UKIP. I remember Nigel Farage at the end saying that he didn’t think they were going to win. And the media, certainly not the academia, certainly not, no one expected this to happen! But it has happened by a margin of two [four] percent, which is not huge. But still it’s happened! This whole thing. And I don’t think we can overestimate how significant this is, … That is my rant over, sorry about that, … Dominating, …


Morgoth: No, I was just going to. I was just going to say about, for the kids, it’s kind of like the old German fable of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, where you had this man with a kind of marching flute which led all the children out of town. What middle England have done, what a beer-bellied, skinheaded, middle aged racist [laughing] has done is basically whacked the Pied Piper of Hamelin right in front of their eyes!


Woes: Yes! [loud laughter]


Morgoth: And that’s, [laughing] and that is what going to happen with you xxxx really!


Woes: Yeah! And, of course, this thing about being rescued, then you hate the rescuer. You resent them, because they’ve woken you up out of your dream. And I think this is exactly the position that they are now in. So they’ve got to believe that it was better when I was asleep, it was better when I had the dream, it was better when everything seemed simple, it was better when everything seemed inevitable and safe and certain! Because, this is an interesting thing about the young. They think that they love change, but actually they don’t, because, you know, it takes security, it takes personal security and confidence to be able to deal with change.

When you’re young, actually you really do want everything to stay exactly as it is, you know, because, you know, how to deal with it and you feel young, you feel with it! This is your paradigm, so you don’t want it to change and this is exactly what’s happened here. The old are actually more confident about this change, they’re more comfortable about it. It is the young who voted overwhelmingly, I think it was seventy seven percent for this paradigm to not change. So it’s an interesting sort of reflection on their self-image. They see themselves as agents of change, but they’re not!





Morgoth:No! No, that’s the point, they’re the “Watchers of the wall”! The Left, the New Left, the politically correct Left are the, “Watchers of the wall”. And they didn’t see this coming. And by the time they’ve really realized that the battle, that the wall is going to be a battle, but it was all over. It was all over and they lost! And they were like, we were supposed to protect this, we were supposed to stop this and we didn’t. And we let ourselves down. And all they can blame are old White people and poor White people.


Woes: Well, yeah.


Morgoth: But, it doesn’t make any sense, because, … Well, if they’re really saying, “Please don’t take my Goldman Sachs and bureaucratic superstate away”. Well hold on, the thought you were against the establishment? There was actually, there was actually a left, far left wing anarchist group protesting on the streets of London against the Leave vote! I mean, we’ve literally got fucking, what? Anarchists for Goldman Sachs, the IMF and the global superstate?!


Woes: Yeah! You couldn’t make it up! This is what I’ve been saying on the channel, all along. Something that is very important to have is self awareness and honesty with yourself! And what you see here is the Left are supposed to care about the old, yet here they are disparaging and demonizing the old! They’re supposed to care about the working class. Yet here they are disparaging and demonizing the working class! They’re supposed to be anti-establishment, yet here they are, heartbroken that the establishment has been discredited and rejected by the majority. And yeah, they’re not supposed to be for corporate interests, yet here they are, [laughing] supporting Goldman Sachs!

I mean, I’ve got this distinction, that this old, I say old, she’s in her sixty’s. She used to, I think she used to be a communist. She’s not an ardent socialist and prior to, like a day, or two, before the referendum, she put up something on Facebook, which was like, … Something she was sharing from elsewhere, and it said, “All of the people”. It was two columns, the people who were pro-Brexit and the people who are anti-Brexit. And in the anti-Brexit column were all these huge corporations, and I thought, “Holy shit!” And, you know, in another context you’d loath these corporations and you would demonize them! And you’d say that they’re the cause of, you know, all the problems in the world. Yet, here you are allying with them! You know, the Left has gone completely crazy! I mean they can’t, can’t they see themselves?


Morgoth: I mean, you know, that’s where I disagree. I think the left is a creation of globalism. I think they have funded it and I think they have backed it in 1950s. I mean, I’m talking about the New Left. The Old Left, …


Woes: Oh yeah! I take, I agree with you.


Morgoth:And I think they understood and they packed it all the way. And the left have always been in everything! You can go through every single issue that the present day social justice warrior, or the politically correct robot holds dear. And the globalist elite, the big money the money power, the political class, back it, all of the way! A perfect example of this is gay marriage. If you go to the Wikipedia and you look up gay marriage, it was put under all, basically all of the White communities in the world, over a kind of eight year period.

I mean that’s, I mean that’s, … So, New Zealand and, say Ireland, had the same debate within an eight year time-frame. When that happens, that’s not a grassroots movement! That’s top down!


Woes: Yeah.




Morgoth:What they do, and it’s the same with the EU, blaming the old people thing. What happens is, it trickles into the media. This is how you do it. This is an issue now. This is an issue now. And then the Left, the politically correct Left, picks it up and they campaign on it and they go on the streets, and they go all stupid and all silly. And then then it’s the government says, “Oh! There’s so much grassroots pressure. We were going to listen, we’re going to listen, [laughing] we’re going to bring this in!” in actual fact, it was like a 2005 Think Tank, probably in New York somewhere, with the usual suspects, said:

You know, what it is we need to have gay marriage, because we need to splinter all. And we need to destroy their identity a little bit more! We need to give them an extra kick in the face. We need to atomize them all. Yeah, OK we’ll go to that.” and that is how it works!


Woes: Yeah and confuse them.


Morgoth:Confuse everybody and then all of a sudden the social justice warriors pick it up and they act as if it’s kind of grassroots matter. As if we’re going to take this to the Palaxxx. We’re going to, …


Woes: That’s the thing, they tell themselves that it’s a grassroots movement. They tell them, … Just like, … As I say, the archetypical eighteen year old, tells himself that he’s come up with these ideas himself! You know, but no, it’s just parroting exactly what he’s been told, time and again.


Morgoth: And I just think, … Do you think we do enough on this an the Alt Right and nationalism? I mean, ive had this idea that the New Left, social justice warriors are just the “Watchers of the wall”, the attack drones of the globalists. I just think there is so much we can do with it, because, for normal people, … I don’t know if the left lacks effort but for normal people they’ll have some kind of weaponry. When they’re called a racist on Facebook, or whatever, they can just say well, you know, what it is, all you represent is the globalists! And on this quite a lot, because I think it’s got something too, …


Woes: I think your right, sorry you go first.


Morgoth:Chain the left! Just chain the New Left, all it’s ideology, ball it and chain it to the globalist elite, the globalist class. So then, like Marine Le Pen’s said, it’s nationalists versus globalists. And there’s not this kind of buffer, this buffer of weirdoes in the middle. No! You as lefties, you belong there, you belong with Glodman Sachs and you belong with the political class of the world and the New World Order, of the slave farm and all the rest of it. And all of their little hobby horses can be just kind of shoved over into that corner. You belong over there with that. With Islam, and trannies, and queers against Islamophobia and Christ knows what else. [Woes laughing]


Woes: Well, I agree with you! I think that one of the ways that the Left has won is to constantly make their opposition feel guilty, or on the defensive. Like, which is not the same thing. I mean, you know, they can say, they can make someone look bad, but it doesn’t make the person feel guilty, it just makes them feel in danger of being ostracized. So these are the two things that, two of the things that have done to gain ground. And absolutely, I think that we can do the same thing to them, you know.

I think we should be pushing Rotherham, for example, we should be saying, every time you advocate mass immigration of Pakistanis, what you’re saying is you don’t give a fuck if more working class White girls get raped! Because if you did, you wouldn’t be advocating mass immigration of Pakistanis. I mean there’s probably a much more concise way of saying it then that. But, it’s true! I mean, the negative effects of globalism are not hard to pin down. They’re not hard to identify, and I think that we should be bringing them to the attention of people who unwittingly advocate globalism, or deliberately advocate globalism. And we should not let them away with this!


Morgoth:From the point of view of the globalists themselves, breaking down national identity makes sense. Because, if you’ve got a homogenous ethnic group in a country, it’s really easy for them to say, well, you know, what? We don’t want to be in debt anymore. We don’t want to buy consumer junk anymore. We’re going to own our own money supply. We’re going to be in charge of everything that happens in our country financially, economically, ideologically. And we don’t want you anymore and that’s that! But the problem is they’ve been through that before [laughing] in the 1930’s with Germany and they’re never ever going to let it happen again.

And so, I’ve lost my train of thought there, … But that is what they want to prevent.





And I put this kind of question to a lefty recently and he said, … I said, well you’re doing everything that they wan. You’re doing everything that the power elite want you to do! It doesn’t make any sense! And he said:

Well, that’s why we want equality, because when we bind all of the races and all the religions together then that power will be unstoppable! Then we will really take on the elite!

[both laughing] and I thought, for fuck sake, man! Why don’t you just do it with a homogenous group that’s already in the country?


Woes: That is like, …


Morgoth: It’s total bullshit!


Woes: It’s total bullshit! And apart from anything else it delays them having to do anything, for like a hundred years. But also, it’s never going to work! I mean, how can a group, a rag tag bunch of people with no identity, how are they going to take anything on?


Morgoth: It’s like diversity is going to be a strength! So then they’ll be able to gather themselves together once all the races have been done away with and the old White people and the working class White people, and people who like to drink ale and nothing else. And they’ll do all of that over here they’ll get rid of all of that, and then finally they’ll have this kind of alliance, this unstoppable alliance to take on the globalist elite. It’s a complete fantasy! The reason why the globalist elite want that in the first place is, because their hegemony will never be challenged!


Woes: Exactly! Yeah. They know there’s a reason that this is all being done and the global elite are doing it, because they know it will work in their favor. You can’t, … I mean it’s absurd to think that, [laughing] … Well, you know, like, for example, Britain, if it’s heavily Muslim and heavily black and heavily Chinese and well a bit White still, what the fuck is that? That’s nothing, that’s a patchwork that is replicated across every European country. So then, you know, France will be equally diverse, Germany will be equally diverse. So then, all of these, each of these countries is completely interchangeable and has no identity of it’s own. And, of course, ethnically it certainly won’t have a main group anymore. So there is nothing to be defended, culturally, or genetically.


Morgoth: No.


Woes: It’s nonsense!


Morgoth: It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I mean, one of the things they’ll say as well, which I think is xxx, is that the European Union has stopped Europeans going to war with each other for the last seventy years.


Woes: Do think there’s any truth in that?


Morgoth: No. I don’t, because I think the wars that we had, … Well, they’re not really talking about the wars of Napoleon and the Thirty Years war, and the Battle of Hastings or anything like that. Their are talking about World War One and especially World War Two. That’s what they really mean, because they have especially, … Really just World War Two. Because then they fought the racists!


Woes: Yeah! [laughing]


Morgoth: But if you are in the position of, … I mean I’m not really talking about the kind of echoey named globalists here. I really mean the bureaucrats of the European Union. How do they internalize what they’re doing? Angela Merkel, or that Federica Mogherini. People at the blog always mention in the comments. And these people are just fucking vile, but how do they sleep at night when you’ve let a million immigrants in Germany and they’re raping the German women all over the place? How do they kind of, wire that all up in their own minds?

And I think it gets this idea of, when you stop war, if you are going to stop wars from happening forever than the end justifies means! And if Europe from their point of view, if Europe is all these different ethnic groups, the Dutch, the French, the English, the Germans, the Danes, where we are all ethnic groups in our own countries with borders between those countries, then from their point of view, we’re going to go to war and we’re going to make alliances with each other and the wars are going to escalate, it’s going to get worse and worse! And so how do you stop that from happening?





Well, you can centralize Europe as one way of doing it. But, the ethnic groups themselves are still going to remain there. You know, it’s still going to be kind of the same, just without borders. So, what you have to do is change, or destroy the ethnic makeup of the country, because then there’s no longer going to be anything to fight over between countries.

Woes: Yeah. Exactly! Makes the entire thing null and void. There’s no point fighting anymore because, your not even yourselves anymore.


Morgoth: No. And it’s, … That’s a fucking ghastly way to think! I mean, I’d rather we had a war a really bloody war every fifty years than to have that happen. I mean, that is fucking grotesque. That you think your own people, the European people, are so barbaric that they will just massacre each other in the millions, every, say, thirty years? That you then genetically modify them, somehow with the Third World, so that they don’t do it anymore!


Woes: I mean exactly! I mean we’re not just talking about mixing all the European peoples together, so that there are, you know, there aren’t the Dutch and the French and so on. It’s not just that, they’re mixing them with the fucking Third World! !


Morgoth: I mean, but it wouldn’t happen, because of the nature of the ethnic differences. You would always, you would have some overlap between say Denmark and Germany. People would marry across the border and all of that. That is fine! That would happen, but the basic bulk of the Danish genome or the German genome, the ethnic group itself would remain intact, even with full open borders. Because you can’t really do anything which would have them mix it up that much. I mean school trips to France, things like that is the best they have come up with. So, no, you really do have to drastically, really change the population makeup.

But what Jonathan, I mean Jonathan Bowden mentioned this in one of his one of the speeches, which is on YouTube, and he said, when you do that, when you take away the borders, you don’t actually take with the ethnic tension. All you do, is then, instead of it being nation to nation and, like I said, with all the wall between, it’s street to street and town to town and you’re actually living cheek by jowl with the enemy, with the other! And it’s much worse! Because you have a low level warfare operating within the country!


Woes: Yeah. And this is again the perfect example would be Rotherham. Where you got a population living within exactly your territory, within your town, literally, that will happily feed and prey on your daughters. I mean, it couldn’t be much fucking worse! That is the the stuff of nightmares!


Morgoth: It is. It’s horrible. And it’s like I said before, the Rotherham things is a perfect example where the Left are supposed to punch up, but they didn’t! And what Rotherham proves is that they will punch down! They always punch down against the people already weak and vulnerable. And that’s why I fucking hate them!! Because they’re hypocrites! Because they don’t actually stand up for the real weak people! And if you’re a working class White family in Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, well in Rotherham, you are a vulnerable group. You should be on the fucking xxxx Act as a vulnerable group, precisely because the left are controlling the government.


Woes: Yeah. Well, I’ll tell you a very good example of how they don’t give a shit about the needy the vulnerable, etc. There’s a cliché going around just now, a meme, a left wing meme. If you’re worried about an immigrant coming and taking your job, that means you must be pretty thick! It’s a variant on that. I can’t remember the exact wording. What they are saying is that immigrants tend to get the lower paid jobs. So therefore if you’re worried about that job being taken from you, well that just means that you’re not that bright! Because otherwise you would have a better job. So. Fuck you! And, you know, it’s absolutely repulsive. I mean this is repulsive snobbery of the worst kind! Because, they’re saying, “Fuck you!” If you’re, … Not only is it sneering at you for, you know, potentially losing your job and going on the dole and being a, you know, hopeless case for the rest of your life. It’s also laughing at you for not being very intelligent! Not being as intelligent as them. This is disgusting! It’s the kind of snobbery that only the middle class are capable of, because the aristocracy at least have the gumption not to be that fucking tasteless! I think it’s truly awful!




Morgoth: I mean the Jeremy Corbyn, the whole Labour Party is foaming at the mouth now and I thought it was interesting, because, as I was saying before he seems to be more of a Fidel Castro kind of Lefty than the kind of purple head lunatic. And his situation in the EU debate, the Brexit debate was interesting, because what side does he take? Because I think he actually did understand that most of the White working class, but I think he understood that the EU is a corporate globalist entity and he felt uncomfortable defending that. But at the same time, all of the rest of the party would have been totally true Remain.

And then another problem was that he would have, I mean he’s a Lefty at the end of the day, so he can’t be a racist. He doesn’t want to have Nigel Farage as river of xxxx. He doesn’t want to have to explain that. So he, … But at the same time he knew that the working people, maybe not not the British too much but, you know, the Greeks, he’s not nationalist, he’s a Leftist. He understood that the Greeks have been hammered by the banks, because of the EU and things like that. And his position was impossible! Because, well, what do you do? He couldn’t win! And so, he just decided to say nothing and he’s going to be destroyed for saying nothing! Because if Remain one, which he probably expected that Remain would win, then he’d kind of be off the hook for it. But it didn’t and Leave won, and he was seen to have just done nothing.


Woes: Yes. It’s like he let it happen. He let them win. I mean, there are people openly accusing him of doing that, but he wasn’t vociferous enough, he wasn’t involved enough in the Remain campaign. So he, you know, let it fail, basically.


Morgoth: It’s interesting, why wasn’t he then involved with the Remain campaign? I think it was just a no win situation for somebody like that. For some kind of old Lefty, to come out and sell our the working class. And I don’t really mean the White would class, because he wouldn’t see it that way. Just generally he understands that the working class are being hammered by the EU. He understand that it’s run by banks and multinational high finance. And he thought, I’ll just sit on the fence, because I think remains going to win anyway. And it didn’t and he’s kind of screwed!


Woes: Yeah. I think that’s exactly what I would diagnose happened here. I think he just assumed that the EU would win and that the Remain campaign would win. But he doesn’t like it. I mean I don’t think he’s, … I think he is anti-EU as you see. And so he didn’t want it to win, but he just assumed it would. It’s actually lost, so now he looks like he’s helped that to happen. Meantime the rest of his party wanted it to win, so he looks like a traitor! [laughing]

Morgoth: And it’s a funny thing, because, I was watching the BBC the other day and I think well, you know, and I know he’d think I was Nazi scum. I get that. [laughing] But at the same time, well, he’s a man of principle. OK. And then he went on the BBC and he made this speech and it was with Diane Abbot who is just a horrible pig!


Woes: Another, awful, awful person!


Morgoth: Yeah! I mean at least Diane Abbot is a nationalist. She’s a black nationalist basically. [Woes bursts out laughing] That’s fine, I’m a White nationalists! It’s just that I’m a White nationalist in England and she’s a black nationalist in England and there’s a problem there isn’t it?


Woes: Yes. She’s got the wrong nation, [laughing]


Morgoth: If you want to be a black nationalist go to Africa. And anyway Jeremy Corbyn was, he was on his way, and I was thinking OK at least he’s standing by his principles. But he gave this rousing speech as the BBC said. But he gives it outside of the, … Hold on a second, the Oriental and African Academics Studies of Arts. I mean, that’s where he was going, but that’s where he gave the speech. The Oriental and African Academics Studies of Arts. And I thought, “Fuck you Jeremy! Fuck you!





Woes: Yeah.


Morgoth: And Diana Abbot was there and you could tell what they were doing. So, there’s this kind of, as the Lefties say, intersectional area between the traditional old school, looking after the little guy, and cultural Marxism. And they’ve all got dirty hands.

Woes: Well I mean, yeah, the Old Left find themselves in a very awkward and weird position here. Because they’ve been taken over, they’ve been superseded by the New Left and the world is no shaped by the New Left, but the Old Left have to operate in that. And, I mean, I see this, … Did you ever watch Red Dwarf? No? Well, right, …


Morgoth: I know what you mean but no, I was never a fan.

Woes: Well, right. It was created by two old leftists and now they find them, it’s only written by one of them now, but the point is, he’s now operating in a world where you can’t make jokes about being gay. You can’t make jokes about some guy being a poof anymore, because, you know, New Labor has happened and that whole thing has happened. So it’s now the world of the New Left. So he has to change the characters. And this has been very interesting. It’s been fascinating to see this. If you compare the characters in Red Dwarf now with the characters from series one, they have become politically correct. And this is what’s happened. The Old Left have had to reach this, well basically they have had to give in to the New Left!

And I think that when you see Corbyn doing that, that is a perfect example of it. It’s the same thing, it’s the same syndrome, it’s the Old Left having to go along with. And doing it, you know, with some energy. It’s not completely forced. It’s just that it’s not what they expected to have to do.


Morgoth: I mean the thing about Jeremy Corbyn is that when he ran, you have these hundreds hundreds of thousands of people signed up to be Labour Party members just to vote him in. That’s how he got in. So, what’s their mindset then? I mean are they like old school, kind of coal works and steel works Marxists? Why did that happen? If he’s so out of time, you know, the left, the shifting sands of left wing ideology, then that’s what I don’t really understand.


Woes: Well, that’s an interesting question. I mean that goes into the mechanics of Labor’s leadership, electing process. Which I don’t know anything about. I think it seems to have basically happen by accident. That they ended up with him. Because he was a firebrand, he was the sort of wild card candidate. I mean there were others as well that were far more, you know, on message. And yeah, I don’t know how they ended up with him, but they did. And he seems to have been popular, up until now with the, you know, with the lefties, the SJWs. They seem to liked Corbyn, up until now. Which is quite interesting.

Morgoth: I think it’s fair to say that, again the echoey names, the money interests, didn’t want Corbyn, because he’s got certain views on Israel, …


Woes: Yes!


Morgoth: He’s of that particular leftie branch, where they view Israel as being a kind of Western capitalist outpost in the Middle East.


Woes: And also nationalist, ethno-nationalist.


Morgoth: Yeah. Well, I don’t want to really get into that, but I don’t think they see it as being, Israel as being an ethno-nationalist, … Yeah they do. Yeah. But still under the umbrella of White Europeans, is the way they kind of internalize it.


Woes: Yeah, yeah.


Morgoth: Because if they didn’t than that leads to some very, very tricky territory for them. [laughing] they’ll kind of just kick it over the long grass of the White patriarchy, to make it easy for themselves. But, I don’t think the big business, the higher powers, the echoey names, they didn’t want Corbyn at all. I think it’s not much more than a trending topic on Twitter, probably, that draws Jeremy Corbyn in. Look there’s this old school left wing guy, he’s really good on the basic principles, he’s been around for ages and his name trended on Twitter and on Facebook and on social media for a while. And all these Social Justice Warriors kind of jumped on board, and said, “Yeah, he’s the man!



 Needs Proofing


Morgoth: And all the social justice for us kind of things he said well yeah I mean I think it was very much the same as with Bernie Sanders in America. I think he’s young. Yesterday obviously I know and I said this a few weeks ago in a hangar they see this old guy and they think cuddly granddad tight, or cuddly granddad figure from my mentality to wrap itself around. He’ll he’s old and wise he knows best he’s caring he wants to look after me and the people I am concerned about the needy and so on so what’s not to like and it’s kind of cute that he’s not with the times it’s kind of he doesn’t know what says gender means, you know, it’s not a problem. I know he’s not homophobic. He’s just he’s just adorable really, you know, I think that’s how they see it. I mean, how does that means the problem is that. They’ve got to get on board with the localist much more multicultural left of today Jeremy called Master you with White one just this way when Jeremy called him was a young man in the seventies England the far left politics that he was involved with was working men and working class White man’s sourcebook Lopes. Down Britain. Earthing and I not know much in Germany cotton. Standing in smoky cloaks social clubs and places like some below and given speeches all of this and then da twenty sixteen he finds himself while we’re dealing with things like all ROOM, you know, how dizzy how dizzy Why are those two things together, because it’s been a long run for a long time and he’s going to see him he must fucking last you must know it well that’s a really interesting question isn’t it you’d have to ask him and you’d have to get him to be honest including with himself which, you know. Good luck and that’s a perfect example of the steer in this way working class to the left you left. Ted’s as opposed to the you will definitely despise them I mean it’s just like the meme that I mentioned a few minutes ago. Oh you’re wanted. Well you must be thick then, you know, that is not just shows exactly the I can see and you see it in the, you know, these awful milk toast Guardian reader types the heat that they and they love that they’re clever. They love that they’ve got a degree they love that they have two cars in the in the driveway. Are three and they love feeling superior. It’s amazing how this is allied with a can a feeling. Being really good kind hearted people who care about the less intelligent, you know, as a subset of the more needy they somehow don’t see. Well hold in your sneering at these people you despise them. Somehow don’t completely eludes them they don’t give a shit and that they’re openly sating with the group with agenda and against their own back plus against the oppressed. Yeah I mean this was what came through Egypt one of the articles that we mentioned at the start of the joke conks one was about this very IT issue is the fact that they have created an underclass. And they can’t admit that they can’t sort of see what the Jews Yeah yeah I mean there, because it was a poly Tom Bean Town probably twenty twenty, you know, that was really good and what they and here article actually seem quite a few people write about assault. And that’s in the one are just under a caucus and Shady is that’s where she’s And I’ve been quite a lot about all this she’s up mitten not there’s a really bad culture, or it was awful and she’s also at the top the left liberal is the elite other that being attacked fart and she doesn’t know she doesn’t know what to do about it, because like us is only ever supposed to punch. What’s then they don’t understand what it is to have a underclass push towards then they continue with that, because they’re supposed to be the reactionaries and there’s a there’s a reaction against them they all think it’s a total seeing



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Morgoth: You are the fuckin system, hippy!

Woes: Yeah. And the contour with it I think. Right right wing kind of people are more more comfortable being in power and dishing out the George Benson symbol that’s your class your fire and the put the new of the they funk themselves as a reactionary movement. It’s a kind of power doxy if, you know, what to do about it, because of always means the people are going to want to attack. Well yes indeed and they have a very fragile self-image. I think you’re right I mean they have to see themselves as the underdog this is how they cannot admit Let’s how Laurie Penny cannot admit that she is in agreement with Goldman Sachs and same with what’s his name that they gave hours forget. Owen Jones he can’t admit OWEN JONES Yeah. They can admit the stuff they have to see themselves as the underdog and so the idea that. Well actually the been in charge for decades not only are they in charge know the been in charge for decades, because they think Well hold on I am against the powerful I can surely not let the theater all the call of the if the if GOT THE FUCKING I mean look I’m a something, or a fake me I’m one of the lockout ya send of the internet I don’t have a spot on the New StatesmanThe Guardian, or the BBC these notes these one has all the fucking a stop and they have got the mainstream media, or almost say yeah yeah absolutely and all of the all of the virtually all of the university sector academia. Virtually all of the media virtually all of the got even the fucking charges on their site. There’s a there’s a I mean I actually watch, or enjoins on. Channel, because I’ve got a kind of, you know, if I wanted a word order on something, or joins me actually don’t want to an employee Anyway he’s got a channel any poster and he’s got listen. A few with Michael Moore, you know, that gigantic five Boston life from a marathon of a smug leftist. And he’s he’s got this new film out called something where I should be in Vietnam and it’s it’s horrible after him for I haven’t seen it yet laughing on my one on one when I see it, but anyway. Michael Jones and make it make it more under who enjoys a certain problem on and maybe more says well, you know, we White guys we’ve had our time for the last two hundred yeahs you literally say is this. We’ve had our time. Well it’s time for women and minorities to help lead time and for us to take a backseat and I just think I’m all right, you know, the Twitter and things like other circles we move and you see people being called cooks all the thing and I just saw fucking hell at that is that is just shocking just to literally see that this gigantic fuck look past that and say well we’ve had our time. Now it’s time for women and minorities, you know, what what what of the other myco who are no. I think one of the same thing. Nobody has anybody ever for all of history has ever anybody just handed over any man of any real, or any culture just handed over everything without a fight. Very happily. Wolf it’s it’s a subsequence and you have to separate what he advocates from what he actually does, because I believe he lives in a mansion and has, you know, various the kitchen moments of wealth stand the fact that there is no Billy Bragg Zach Lee I mean he lives in a mansion in Dorset. For heaven’s sake. And yet it’s the same thing so they they advocate one thing, but they’re in their own lives. This is that this is the syndrome. This is the way of the champagne socialist that they are constantly hypocritical. And they advocate one thing whilst doing something completely different and opposed to it in their own lives. I mean the, you know, the advocate comprehensive school in ha sending their kids to a nice White private school which is just really sort of disgusting.



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Woes: Because again, you know, they’re throwing everyone else’s kids and into the shit I mean it makes me sick and also it’s not just a middle class thing either, because you get people again like the women I mentioned earlier there’s sixty something year old socialist she came from the working class and she’s proudly working class, but she knows that to be sophisticated and she wants to be sophisticated and she knows that to do that she has to advocate. Piling Third World immigrants into working class talent and she’ll do it. She’ll happily sell out her class fellows to do that, because she wants to be in the enclosure wants to be. Well with Michael Moore. God knows why. And that’s true of COX That’s right as was not true of Cox in there no longer. Well yeah that’s true she did the same thing she came from, or what I was talking about an acquaintance of mine in real life. But yeah. Joe Cox did the very same thing she came from a working class background joined the what would you call it the nomenclature class the globalists the Universalists humanitarians and as he said in your article the day she died. It took one day for a Pakistani paedo gang to end up in court the very next day and it was then the numbers and the numbers again were absolutely staggering I think it was not like a hundred men had been involved in the had been charged originally and in the end they only got evidence against five fifteen fifteen went to jail, or something like that was a lot of different rings being the yeah there was a little. One of the council’s been driven all around the country. And enjoy your cocks and this is it’s a really bad thing to talk, because of that was on the streets and I’ll have seen some comments on our websites which really help very much. Yeah I know there’s a lot of talking at the end here. You can’t use all of us was nice to do it we’ll just come on let’s get it now I mean two kids are without a mother and I and I know that we can talk about the politics often that she endangered other people’s kids. Yes sure that’s true, but don’t glory in this. I mean that’s just sick. It’s a really funny situation I mean and other time on the block on our house in the Commons, or I was going to stand why people who are not. Because of what these people do I know it’s a sky in the sand on which she got shoot is hers and I was in a coma on recall and who I’m definitely not going to as somebody who wants a struck I’m not going to be a common scene yet it’s created. She was blown away that it’s all wonderful. And I’ve actually after I pondered. Because it was taken that has, you know, it’s going to get needle than it was a certain place you don’t want to go and I think you have to step back and say OK. It’s horrible seeing the journalists initialised discuss that first of all she was. In a position where she was doing what she was doing with bringing obviously bringing in more people. That’s why he could have been a nutcase, but let’s just zoom out he was saying that zero was driven to insanity, because nobody would forking listen nobody would forking lesson and he was watching these girls go by and axes, or whatever you can see it happening any it’s just the whole situation is a mess. And this is what really came through in your article about it that these people like Joe call. And so on the champagne socialist the time days of this world have been steadily creating the situation and ignoring the complainer as the dispossessed and so on for a year after, you know, not only ignoring them. I mean demonizing them. I think probably if one is created a new one class. They’ve And this is not an economically dispossessed underclass which is the normal we left the streets. See things then



 Needs Proofing

It’s not, because these towns what they’ll say is especially in your company, because of the no this is something else. This is something else you can be poor and you can be White working class and you do in Pakistan even guns outside the door you can get on you’ll survive you’ll be OK what the liberal left of Korea the left of Korea and only half of the globalists is something else. It’s where you’re not just poor. You’re not just the clock for two pints a week and it’s all a bit boring and one day in North create something. More and it’s amongst the ethnic off at the end of the day I mean you can try and pass this off on a thought and on the economic issues and the oppression of the poor, but that’s bullshit. This is an ethnic and racial issue and the create that. Yeah and that was something I really liked about your article is a very interesting point that it’s not just an economic underclass it’s not people who are just economically dispossessed as people who are well and Nicholas does present as well, but also just culturally, or politically dispossessed, because there is no one who talks for them who speaks what he represents them the entire political class is poised against an instant and the well from the left from perspective. I mean in America as well it’s we’re seeing blocks and crying the the last the really a little that they were understand that it’s that it’s not true either. They are oppressed the are at least aware that there is a group from a left wing perspective you can see it will have a hard time of it and that’s why they do the same with the Muslims. But what they can understand is that, because their fetish eyes the Muslims they have created. Those are class which is the meat of the underclass. And they can’t admit to that, because if the at the back then the whole thing falls apart, because the Whites are supposed to be the system.

Yeah I mean this is why you get the phrase White male. I mean not phrase no regardless of which class the White male belongs to just by being a White male he’s a he’s a villain basically, because he’s got White privilege and male privilege and he’s. Supposedly he represents all the power structures in the society benefits from all this power which is a continent and ridiculous image anyway, but it certainly doesn’t matter, but the reality of being well our working class guy in West Yorkshire in twenty sixteen minutes is no I mean even even the even me that all mics are pretty discos, because I’m with Klassen sassiest of and out work with it with the Kurdish which is now it’s not only at rest is the employment agencies where firms Basically you. You say the job it and see and you get a day’s work and then he just mover on this kind of sick. And you’d be fired all the time it’s just like a plantation. And it’s never really seriously addressed. I mean and I’m on this is just the economics of it. Yeah just this is just straightforward basic economics of globalism and of course. This is interesting, because you can imagine someone like Jenna me carbon, or any of these well any of the new life politicians once said you can’t imagine any of them seriously addressing what you just st, because they’re talking about it’s, you know, it’s a much more glamorous like ethnic conflict multiculturalism diversity arts us much more interesting to them.

Morgoth: It’s bullshit I mean I know this is a great acts that the cracks, you know, Greg’s The big as it’s a situation where you’ve got White working class lots certainly outside of the great office every day of the week with a mobile phone so hard, because maybe Thiel get a shift.



 Needs Proofing


So that the forming of the G.O.P. And since it will mark Rex If anybody’s a hole there for anybody phones and can you get me in for forty years with such insight. There’s like say thirty poles and twenty Africans working, because the Packers, or yeah. The New Left of Korea that. Oh yeah it’s one of these the disasters that created. And so. What I’m trying to say is that even within their thinking this of power dynamics and the oppressed and the fact even within their own thinking this what they have created themselves is an oppressed on the class of people what they call because. Stuff would fall for we’re collapse and yeah and they would lay traitors which they are it would. Yeah it would show them hold on. OK You sold out the people you should have been looking after and he said you were looking after for a bunch of Third World immigrants for whom you were not responsible you’re responsible for the White working class should have been taken care off, but I mean I mean it took to get a little bit back on truck this, you know, we went off on one that it put the point of all out is that now you can understand why the when you’ve got millions millions of people like it and that’s surprised by O. O. Them and they still want the Stardust also all they’re all reassess. It’s all these all idiots streaming of us our wallets and all this shite. It is, because they’re not passed this isn’t a common trait for the Left years they’ll say all this past the a talker never really existed. Well let’s I mean that there are numerous deceptions just a not sentence alone. But yeah. It’s kind of comes towards the last article which is nothing is and it’s the idea. I mean. To see that you’re on the wrong side of history. What a great Sorkin What does that mean to the nineteen year old White lad who standing outside of Greg’s the fucking dairy cows thanking the agency for a shift. What does what does that actually mean you’re on the wrong side of history. What does that say to him. I mean what I want what you want be.

Him is that he should be telling the left, you know, what your side of history go fuck yourself. Yeah that’s that’s really what I want to do. Yeah. Because at the end of the day it depends on who has the superior will and I want our health and well that’s an interesting point that this is again this is something that has changed with brags that, because it’s possible up until know the wind has been in their sails constantly unfailingly for decades and I for the first time their vision has been rejected and they don’t know how to deal with it the reeling from this. I don’t think they can sweep it under the carpet I don’t think they can get over this quickly. They’re going to be reeling from it for a long time and they’re certainly never going to forget that they were betrayed by the by the White working class and by the old and so on and so yeah. So this raises all sorts of questions, but the main one is I guess if they don’t have the wind in their sails anymore then do we. I mean can we easy that nothing is written and that’s absolutely true but, you know, are we ready do you think for the US to take the reins. I think we’re ready for a sort of civic nationalism. I think I’d if you styles of the Nationals I’m going to call me. Put where a left, or right kind of strange situation, because I was a certain your last one out and the problem there is the it’s civic nationalism is going to kill us just as much as the liberal left will.



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And we’re. And I have to follow what the Alt Right is doing in America. We’re going to have to write the end any when the numbers right no matter if Trump gets elected hopefully they’ll kind of joining with those give us a what’s in Britain we do and anyone, you know, that doesn’t. Well done something for us to work on isn’t it. I mean not something that we sometimes, you know, I mean, you know. Yeah you can say that the constant fucking up by the champagne socialist kind of does our work for us to an extent that’s true, but at the same time we shouldn’t be resting on our laurels and just hoping that this happens. We have to be, you know, you know, pretty fuckin prolactin and as much as we can and I mean. Us in the gates and it’s goes back to you you’ve got Richard Spencer kind of idea of the lights and let’s hear your comp which I was in with the Greg Johnson of Atheros to be at this quite a lot of our feet leave not to on site it’s kind of a live look the nature of the Internet and that we’re all right works means that we all kind of prove White and movement. Community Yeah yeah community and it doesn’t really matter if somebody’s a certain Texas, or somebody and Switzerland, or somebody is where all part of it at the end of the day if in math. Terms. How who was the politics of the real world. I think is going to be still. An old fashioned kind of nationalism. I don’t think you’re going to see demands for a sort of White EU Whites White nationalist EU. I think it’s going to be where we do have ethnic identity and that’s what we fight for what, because of the nature and that we’re all in the together kind of things. I mean it’s somebody makes a You Tube video. It starts just as that’s just as well as for somebody Hollanders as I learned, or yeah. Yeah I agree that this is something where I gain. I keep coming back to this that there is a need in the ultra right for structure for organization not necessarily hierarchy, but we definitely need more efficient communication lines until a resource media distribution lines. And I think that will enable us to be more effective. I mean, for example, just one example I don’t to go too much into this, but we need a way to immediately get something translated into ten different languages which we should be able to do is have a system for doing, you know, it’s ridiculous that when someone does, or someone creates I mean they have to then try to get it translated themselves that’s absurd. I don’t have a system for just doing automatically wishes, but this is just an example, but the Yeah basically I think I agree with you right know we are is essentially a sort of international White movement and, you know, on our side of the pond as I’ve said before a lot of people sort of shy away from that I found it kind of disgusting an American to think of White. And I think that’s precious, you know, I think there is something called fight doesn’t matter if we only became a way to fit in the age of colonialism when we ventured out into the Third World it doesn’t matter where we live it no and it is a reality as a biological and a cultural reality and I think that to deny it is kind of silly, but that doesn’t mean well that doesn’t mean that we should undermine the nations the individual cultures it just means that we should admit that everyone else sees us as White they’re fighting us as White. So let’s fuckin faint breath White. Well that’s it I mean just to go back to the part I mean it is for gay marriage and like I said if you go to the article you can see that it was it became an issue from nothing on every in every way currently on Earth within a time scale of oh yes



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Morgoth: And it’s top down on they got a little They got the best it with you lefty henchmen. To push it full of all thought, but it was top down and it was going from think high finance for their own reasons the now I don’t know why they want to be the point is we’re being attacked. Because what White, or not you’re not being attacked, because you are no or, because you’re a chairman or, because you’re of Uncle stocks and stock in Australia, or New Zealand the common denominator is that well why we have to fight back as wife, you know, we have to recognize that is the factor. On which were being attacked. Well I’m a Norwegian this is my it and this is my essence. Yes OK I want to have a No way which is just ethnically Norwegian, but that’s not enough. That’s for North, because you’re not strong enough alone. You were going to have to fight back together. I completely agree I agree with everything you just said I mean I’m not against individual ethno states in the in this are ancient genetic and cultural historical strands that have grown up in Europe, of course, I want those things to be preserved. But I also think we shouldn’t shy away, or be too pretentious about. The fact that we are White and that we are viewed as White and I don’t know what that will mean in reality threatening fighting back. I don’t know what it will mean, but it definitely means something. So and that and also means. So, you know. But well I mean like I said, because of the Middle East and the means also doctors as is the Internet. So what kind of like fascists we cook. If T.C. Somebody off a threat argue in a pro way cause you’ve got a new idea if they’re French, or Italian, or Irish you just jump in and like their comments and force, or whatever it is that happens. But you don’t think oh wait a minute though. Yeah it’s pathetic. I mean that’s like that’s exactly the equivalent of someone saying Well, I don’t care about the English, because I’m Scottish You know I mean not going to parochialism Yeah you can sustain that and even justify an accent one hundred years ago. Nowadays it’s fuckin stupid it’s just crazy, because I mean these things aside for Gonski, you know, we’re dealing I mean, you know, my dad sometimes comes out with remarks about the English. And I know that he does not, because he hasn’t lived in London like I haven’t lived in a multi-racial area. So he thinks that not is the limit of conflict in Britain, you know, it’s the US to fuckin English this is just nonsense. And if they had lived amongst Pakistanis and Somalians and all the rest of it they would know that there is something far more far more dangerous and begged going on than the historical conflicts of the past. Well I mean I’ll work our continue for a long time away. There was a couple of IRA slots and these kind of took this out of me, because of all the Pakistanis the Muslims this was, you know. From like two thousand two thousand and the while we all thought it was funny that we had all these problems with the most whims of England, because the of Irish. Voters they will be laughing for long, but the laughing now. Yeah and, you know, attain our was kind of weak in Iraq to everything and I was starting to look things up and I was reading things like Mark Steyn and I know it’s a complete conch shell, but still it was just the his book was a called End America America alone America alone. Yeah. And our artist couldn’t believe it’s one of those, because it was the demographics I never thought about the demographics before and I was trying experiences actually, but this is what happens, you know, you’ve got to look at the it’s and then there are a few scant. Yeah, but that’s not, you know, they’ll never do that that’s what they said they said we’ll never do with Ireland, because we’ve only got like three million people and I. We couldn’t take that amount of foreigners.



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Because it would change who we were really quickly and I thought I thought oh you’ve got the wrong way around they’ll do it, because they can’t change who you are weedy quickly. Nice example of trying to do it what they’re trying to do and, you know, is that we need him. Allen shot clear played a major role in it always seemed to in the he was one of the M.P.’s and they were all the politicians in Ireland too was in charge of their immigration policy it wasn’t, you know, he’s gone now could he kind of picture on them think tanks and lobby groups and he he’s not ethnically Irish That’s And he basically just picked up on items for us and then they had a problem of the Irish, because they’re they’ve traditionally from a kind of left wing part until they have been oppressed group. And the American Irish experience is huge cons by, you know, I think this which is about how the Irish Became White through the woods. How the globalists and Marxists transformed the Irish from being persecuted minority group and kind of ruled the main to do the category White European press. But anyway this. The problem of the Irish was the pub and pay are they hadn’t done very much they were even you will, or to that was the problem was not, because then it was like well you had all these Jew. Jim. Yeah I used the thing. Yeah I wish to declare war on the Germans and they started to talk in terms of the talk history of the IRA You know the sins of the Irish past, because they they just didn’t care they were going to talk past the Irish the pathetic And so, but what they’re doing is laying on this guilt trip. So a lot the Irish got something it went on for and that was, because they were unusual in World War Two Germans and so now you’ve got a pair for by having hundreds of thousands of kids. Well yeah I mean this is the thing. It’s not that this is unlike any change before it’s not that they’re changing, or is not that the culture is being changed now that the economic system is being changed like communism is it’s literally that the people are being changed the people themselves not the situation that they happened to be and it’s them themselves that are being altered for ever. I mean this is incredible and yet the Irish cases this is really crazy, because you’ve got the I already here me when I was growing up in the northeast of England we were actually quite worried that the I the IRA were, because you sort of the news all the time and you can see it as a media manipulation. That’s what the fuck you mean the are already welcoming me and Britain and they were doing it, because of nationalism they do you want them as a nationalist OK That’s fair enough, but then Gerry fucking Adams it’s on the gay pop gay pride parades and celebrate. In diversity. So what will what was the what was the poll. What were you fighting for well I mean this is exactly the same as the in Scotland I mean what’s devolution for you I mean this is what I’ve been saying for ages and lots of people have been saying why do they want independence from England if they’re then going to subsume themselves in a union of twenty eight where they’ll have much less of the see I mean they obviously don’t care about independence that much, because they know that this and I think it’s an arson, because the yes and the health, or well it’s from by EU I don’t know I mean I’m waiting for this to pan out before I make up that, you know, about it it does seem it’s quite strange and actually that’s something I want to pity, because it seems that the EU has an opportunity here to really humiliate England by essentially putting Scotland off them.



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And so I would have thought that they would jump at the idea that the opportunity and yet they haven’t I mean they’re not making it easy and their descendants are going to get another cold shoulder and discouraging her. We’re talking about Nicholas start in for anyone who doesn’t know they’re discouraging her from are just not making it easy. Right. And that baffles me, because I think you could interpret it in a certain we could see that this is a sign that the EU has recognised something that I’m not talking about obviously the higher ups in the perhaps they’ve recognized that their dream is over and the time for expansion is over. I think us. I think they just want root for child’s youngness I think they just want to cuts ties and get rid of everything to do. Well not Ireland, but the Middle East and the mainland. I think rid of it and the thing they look at Scotland and they think OK we get it you’re a small country and you will be part of us. And there’s even the rule kind of between so yeah. France is a continuing member in the middle and we get out as well we understand it all, but please please just fuck off when not in rested we wants us to and we’re sick of your fucking And I really think that’s one thing the same goes for these kind of stressed friend who want to second referendum and there’s all these Tory saying all will. Well if we’re really nice heels and everything like, but they don’t understand the EU have got all the plans they want they don’t want to have this kind of rotten corpse drop in the heart of Europe they want to be as far away from us as possible. It’s like when my dog drugs a rotten rabbit the house that she’s from the fields and she’s really proud of it and then I know you’re probably getting me go. I think you’re right. Actually I think less stage they just want and this is why they’re saying, you know, they should hurry up and trickle and truck trickle. Trigger Article fifty invoke Article thirty. They just want this over with, because they know it’s something that the morning that they know that they’ve caused this the brought this about and they don’t want to sort of they don’t want it to drag on and they don’t want to have to self reflect on why it happened and, you know, whether they’re continuing actions might make it happen elsewhere as well. They don’t care about the I want to get on with the dream. And accelerate as well I mean it looks like they’re really talking about an EU army and taxation system and all the rest of it, because Britain was always that Britain was always the spirit hoss Yeah I was inside a spanner in the works, but pain in the arse works as this is always Britain morning about the star even though Britain in the end always took on, you know, whatever they did they did it. I mean Britain as, you know, that apparently the British civil service is very very. Sort of Cox and complacent and just does it just funnels Eve directives straight into the British legal system. It doesn’t. There isn’t actually about much resistance once the stuff is passed, but before it is passed Britain moans about stuff. And that’s not how it’s been with the we have especially the public and, you know, various politicians have basically as a country even ever political system is Cox and especially the civil service as a country we have never really fetid into the and we’ve never belonged there. So as you say I think now that we’re on the way out. They just want to get rid of us as quickly as possible so that this whole fucking disturbance and be a little caret a bit of brags that it is want it to be over and done with and forgotten about and lust urgence this kind of little kind of cranky two off that’s going down there and saying only look look how progressive I am I’m really on top of a whole project and they just think of the whole British Isles and I think OK sweetheart. But just piss off, because we don’t want any more from Britain. The whole could be that they say whatever you’re doing it could be that they see in the opposite way the term. Well OK neckline you’re here, because you want to score points against England you want to humiliate England by. Sense. Joint Well joining the EU.



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, but we’re not interested. So your little power play is interesting to you, but it’s not interesting to us so fuck off. But we’ve they’re looking at North Africa and Turkey and streamlining the who will process of the Union and did the they don’t want to get involved any more with British politics and squabbling and when Britain they fuckin said that the I mean from their point of view we’ve just been a constant in the OS that only cost. Really though as it’s kind of come out with an extra hole and say Yeah I’ll stick this on the air also as well maybe I mean I think that the Skulks I don’t know how the Scots would be as a member states in the, but I don’t know I think they would be more. What’s the word complicit than the English have been than the Britain then Britain has been, but from the perspective as the station the AS perspective I think they just don’t care that they want to concentrate No on. Well I mean fuck the north Africa. And as a by Sharon and Turkey. I mean they want these countries these hellholes they want. They want to conquer them which is really skinny very, very scary. And I think Eastern Europe probably I mean, you know, we can get carried away and think OK here comes out here yeah. Yeah comes Turkey, but I think they’re really looking after last year, or so it was Eastern Europe and they’re going to be looking out OK why door East Europeans want I think they’re going to have a lot of think tanks on the and they’re going to think how can we do it there’ll probably be. Attempt to push a commie, because people do and tend my being ethnically dispossessed I think in coffee and I Phones more than any. I think I’ll be in a time just small materialist shite and say Well here we call man you’ve got it all now higher if you’re all living and well here comes the enrichment and I think that’s, you know, that’s the way it’s going to I think they’ll be looking not especially. Poland’s at the end I think that’s why they’ve got it. And they’re probably going to be happy that we’re gone I think we’ll be really happy not just, because of the direction thing but, because of history, because it’s why the second, or second referendum will never ever happen, because if that’s just all the lefties got that when we went back in the everybody in your now. It was against the will of the people. And they also know that people like me and you and billions, or us are going to be in the system out from inside and they say well look what we can get out and they’re really going to be bring spring and something toxic in the heart of the EU. Yes, because it will it tasted freedom. Yeah we voted for freedom and we weren’t allowed it and we’re going to be forced to come back and when you do that you don’t silence the people who voted out all you do with more problems inside. Well, because I didn’t expect that we would leave. I now I had a forced pump out and I was going to call it. OK so we fight in the shit that was going to be a kind of three hundred. OK we’re we’ve lost the battle now we’re in the belly of the peace. And the fight continues from the belly of the beast and it’s funny you should say that I had a similar thing planned as well I think everybody myself and my what my slogan was going to be let this be our last failure, you know, we’re into that apron No one we’re going to be far better we’re going to try harder we’re going to be more effective. Well I mean even even I watched a Sargon for your video the even saw going to see it was going to be right, or well lots of folks let’s just make it an excellent rest, because none of those thoughts. Well let’s be part of the referendum and let’s let’s say that lefty should be banned from show, you know, you know, what I mean the difference and the mentality is quite stark. Yeah yeah.



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Well I guess the another question no one task is what do you think about the possibility for of more countries leaving the EU, you know, you think that’s going to happen. Yes Yes And, you know, I think. A little bit of the last time a lot of everybody’s looking at Alta reason is for not going to his twenty, or Christ almighty twenty players for the draft, but north of the EU. I think we don’t have a choice I think the EU one of us. I mean you get your career area of tree and three which is coming. If they if it ends up with free movement. There’s going to be trouble. Yeah I mean no one the British are not going to accept you know.

Hard to know I don’t know how the facts rest that the more complex. It’s thing on a sub before the more complaining all EU are sick to death of it. Oh yeah oh yeah me too one. I agree with you I agree with you I think at this stage they sort of want to cussing cauterize the wind and just get red and, you know, be away from might be separate from us, but the issue really is where you go.

It’s not just Nigel for Arsht given eloquent speeches in the European parliament taking the piss out of young. It’s the general discontent for ads across social media from Britain into Europe. I don’t, because of the refugee crisis last year the understand this and I think that’s why they just want rid of us, because they can think well where doing things with Europe and the British on board if we if the pressure forced to be in it and no get rid of them. I agree I think and I agree with you, but what I’m asking is What are the other EU countries like France the Netherlands and so on the island and then they’re going to be more referendums there. You have to I think you’ll think, but it won’t be that they Kwan’s off. Well look Tannen France the accounts hand if she wins then there are going to be there is going to be a referendum there about the membership and I frankly don’t think clearly I mean it means, you know, she she was asked about this stuff it was a fantastic court, because she was asked about giving a friend of the French people. And they said no and she says she replied to the report about what are they going to do if I do I think when to send in the tanks. I thought was kind of easy for you and the she came up with the term, you know, this. It’s not really left, or right. It’s National as global So yeah and I really believe. Oh yeah I completely agree with you and I think that that’s my second the same thing trumps common. He’s on the way as well and I really I think that’s why I went on quite a lot of start when I was saying well it’s tiring for the left to find it’s place in this war and if you’re going to look I think from the nationalist, or locust perspective the left’s. Position is with the globalists it’s with the money. It’s with equi names. It’s with White has this possession. It’s with political correctness. It’s with being kind of the left of the dolphin. So Ampara and they should be seen they should be tackled. But I mean. I think it’s far as the referendums are concerned I think they call Austria places like. Italy the small kind of obstacle which caused problems of well honestly I behind here, but any any country’s a tall leaving, but especially Well I mean Holland as an a net contributor. So they left be more money out of the home. But apparently there isn’t much. I’ve been talking to the Netherlands grip on Skype and they are saying that there is not much public desire for a referendum, but we’ll be talking about. Next week I think it’s on Tuesday night.



 Needs Proofing


Morgoth: Yes you’ve got a series of Congo. It’s coming up on here with the yeah. Yeah. They’ll just be short ones like half an hour each. But I wanted to sort of gauge what people thought about the likelihood of their country leaving and so on, or what the public desires for a referendum. I don’t know how long the planet should be interesting, but yeah I’d be happy with any countries leaving as a sea especially the Netherlands, but that doesn’t look likely and especially France and that doesn’t look likely I think they’ll have I think we’ll have a referendum there. I think well OK I think that Marine Le Pen is going to win next year I think she’s going to have a referendum and I think they’re going to vote to leave, because the French don’t like the EU The Germans do like the EU for various reasons as not just war guilt. They also like their the exports and so on and so I do and I don’t think they would want to leave, but I think the French would. And so if she does get in and not sit there it was well, you know, let’s go through the chain of events. If, If Le Pen gets and then the EU is over. Because what will happen if she’ll have a referendum vote to leave France will leave the evening and then the EU can’t survive without France. So that’s it for now.

But over here and me if rust even if they want to kind of live on. It. If France last there’s something about France. If that kind of air of respect if this is especially Europe and I think if France left then all of a sudden what you’ve got is this empire. Which the Germans, or the oh yeah that now must be I don’t know who will be. Nobody’s going to get another, you know, before everybody jumps on for France and there’s a fart the fact that German Volkmann in the EU as they do now is self flagellation it is be aseme not before globalism to atone for the sins of the past not to him, but that’s just

Morgoth: The problem with the Germans is that they do everything brilliantly! When they were nationalists they did it brilliantly. And when they are anti-White globalists, they are doing that brilliantly.

Well, I mean, Churchill said, “They are either at your feet or at your throat!” And my position on that is, … [Woes bursts out in laughter] Yeah, the Germans are either at your feet or at your throat! And I think the Germans have been at our feet for long enough! [laughting]

I don’t want them, … I don’t want them to be, … There’s somebody’s throat they can go for, but it’s not White Europeans’! [laughing]

Woes: I know what you mean, I know what you mean!

Morgoth: I nearly crossed the edge there! [laughing] That could have gone in a funny direction!

Woes: [laughing] Yeah, well, I agree.

Well what do you think did you think the EU is No one it’s sort of I mean do you think they’re going to survive Let’s are dealing with a debt. I don’t know I don’t think it’s Despero I think it’s more of a kind of deep in the rips and they’re going to limp on with it and they’re going to kind of hemorrhage do the best. I thought. It’s it’s hard and it’s never going to be the same again as it. I mean this was a first. Yeah. If you just came in one and then this was the first time the country left the and it was a major country this is not one of this is not a secure country, or a minor contributor of this is Britain and it’s as you say I think it’s humiliating for the EU and it’s going to be damaging to the neck anomaly and psychologically which is really the main thing. And they can’t they can’t do much of what happens from I mean from, but the political sense they can’t, or do what’s happened so even if we get totally shafted. And we’re end up still in the EU just as we are on now all that’s in two weeks. OK, but they still can’t change the fact that. People vote to be out of it.



 Needs Proofing


Not just the list been treaty for over with France and all and they wonder all of what happened on that look a people voted to actually leave the EU and they were allowed. So this week. If we get fucked all of our then it’s already a disaster in there for you. Yeth, because yes you’re coming back from yeah this is a rejection of them it’s not rejection of one of their projects like having a constitution. That’s what happened with that referendum with the less been cheated that it’s not rejection of some project of theirs it’s a rejection of them and their entire their entire project that entire in front and this is the thing it’s an object rejection of the Globalist outlook. I mean this is very interesting and it’s yeah these are this is what we’re really going to be digesting over the next year. Well not just the next few weeks, or months, but the next few years. Yeah. I mean I was thinking of Nigel’s for our show because. To be you’ve really got to give him his respect we out, you know, out of here on the right wing fringes and we kind of scoff as. Whenever anybody cross the line and you are fiat and all of that’s pianist we’ve had a good thing, because I think, you know, what I mean oh look at the small of our not understand why, you know, credit where credit’s due the Mon spent that was never his issue is issues left. Reus all Islam all these other issues. It was it and he was almost out and he said all along my issue is the EU. That’s my pal field and that’s what I’m going to go for and for they demand that and you can you quantify it with all, you know, this is going to be something that will deny membered for decades that Nigel and Nigel for us was the guy who did it and even if the political establishment in this country continued to reject Him and ostracize them. That would just make them look bad and you can never take away from what he’s done what he’s achieved here. Known for much more, but it’s just a point oh, you know, his. I think it’s, because a lot of people expect you to come across somebody and I just for our show autumn a lot of people in our circles expect them to talk and speak like White nationalists and they don’t. But these don’t understand that they’re also on our site and they’re attacking the system in their own way which you can. Whether we’re with, you know. I mean this is American White nationalist who actually think Donald Trump is a crook, because he doesn’t get up and deny the Holocaust and talk about White genocide. But if you did it it would be all for.

Well exactly. Yeah yeah this is a problem I’ve had as well, you know, people think if I’m not constantly talking about this, or that then I’m some kind of cock. But really the issue is one of tact and alternatives, you know, and the same and I’m not comparing myself with Nigel Farage I’m just saying it’s the same dilemma. You have to be, you know, smart about that stuff. Well for our slot for all this let’s lot of things like, because his chosen talk was the EU and what we can see is that now, but I mean I think last May that the EU. Actually as a force for evil and rampant Rex A came along on the one of two and a sort of understand the real indication. Actually, you know, it isn’t really just a civic nationalist an issue. It’s near job. The EU is a mere joke boardwalk of kook lies English and if our nationalist this will be something you it will be something huge in the minds of the British people in my people we will have a sense that he would Apollo. I think it did didn’t really sink in until last Friday to be honest, because I didn’t expect that we’d win anyway. No I think a little point thinking about it really. Yeah it was kind of like the EU EU Well it was a kind of hobby horse for nationalists he kind of realized. As for that there are looked at they’re a bit stuffy and,



 Needs Proofing


But no tourists are correct that, whether they were conscious of not doing. What were the kind of totally aware of the sick kind of target. Slice not the tendons of globalism I don’t know that that’s that’s the Fido’s, or I don’t think that’s too fun to fall. I think they are I think that Nigel Farage is aware that, you know, there are moneyed interests that don’t give a shit about national sovereignty national culture and certainly not national genetics and he’s not that bothered about the genetics apparently, but he has bothered about the national culture and the national sovereignty and I think he is aware that this was a fight against global globalism just as Nigel as Donald Trump is and mirroring what pain and other like you have elders as well I think that everyone as a seven The whichever one it was a forgotten which hang it was, but there’s the sense of the nation really amounting as the core of identity, because if anything it even just not practical level the nation can be influenced and controlled and handled far more easily than you than can be some fucking huge abstract thing like the EU which I mean no one even knows who the N.E.P. Is so it’s crazy. It doesn’t people don’t identify with it no one understands how it works the system inside and no one identifies with they have a flag with it. I mean even these conchs these and these eighteen year old Esther WS. And these indie types in the on a consistent who are now I love mentoring the end of Britain’s membership be even they don’t actually identify with outflank it means nothing to them. I mean a summary for all our lives on the continent a long time I was there when they introduced to you. And it was over Christmas and I always used to say in the Belgian front where I live in front. How to be part of the church Gilda. And the don’t especially the church Hilda had a strong it was well the sign really really set hold of us had. We’ve had windmills and I’ve had the downs on it and it had these Rembrandt on it and it was just really nationalistic you could really sense that this was the currency of the people the Belgian front was a bit shit put book, but then when I went to the cash machine and came back of the Christmas holidays and they were spitting Now these you and I looked at it and I thought OK so this is the euro hurdle. And I saw fucking blonde. And I thought you who and that as I think this is two thousand and two and so I was thinking well you have all of European culture and history to draw on where there’s no more so obvious to everyone here there’s no Michelangelo. There’s no Alexander the green. There’s no in the poorly and there’s absolutely fucking nothing. What we’ve got is all too is mate bland archways. And I didn’t I didn’t really understand why why it’s Europe why it’s so fucking black and why you don’t want it and.

Of course the whole point was to arrears. I tend not to create it and that also is a really interesting reflection of the fact that the EU is not pro European it’s not pro Europe as well it’s a sack of values created after World War Two. It’s based on those values. And it’s group list nationalist it’s a free for all. Liberal kind of mush. Yeah it’s really discussed. There’s nothing good about it and I think we are starting to I mean this would seem to be Braggs it would seem to be the start of the violent. Unraveling of that ending a part of Time us that the way we look at the world and live our lives. I really hope it is.



 Needs Proofing


To me to note and it was a call and they this is I don’t I think we’ve been going for about two and a quarter hours, or something I’d love to have you on again I’ve really enjoyed this after after you finally tracked me out of the sanctuary of people who are well honestly I mean that probably get invitations from other people and you can interact with them and in this way know us I hope I hope I haven’t been too heavy handed with it I mean I just always wanted to talk to, you know, I’ve enjoyed it it’s been nice, but I’m a bit. Blago Let’s see what’s in the box. OK Well thanks very much and thanks a lot yeah I’m sure you’ll. Hope that you’ll be on the channel again sometime in the future, or I think oh well OK well in the meantime. Yeah. Thank you and thanks to everyone for less going to see you later.









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