London Forum – Michael Walsh McLaughlin – The Rise of the Sunwheel – TRANSCRIPT

[In this 18 minute video Michael Walsh describes his life-time involvement in White nationalism in Britain and Europe, starting with his leadership of the British Movement and its fight against the mass immigration of non-Whites into Britain. In the past few years he has used his well developed talent as a professional writer to author dozens of books, mostly concerning the Third Reich, and its political system, National Socialism. A system that can used as an inspiration for nationalism today.





The London Forum



Michael Walsh McLaughlin



The Rise of the Sunwheel:


The British Movement



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Published on July 5, 2016





The Rise of the Sunwheel: The British Movement and a life as a Rights Activist for Whites’ The legendary leader of The British Movement, which in it’s heyday put the fear of God into the mishmash of Marxists, misfits, liberal, perverts and others that comprise the rotting head of our fast degenerating society, will discuss his new autobiographical book.


Its all here: Chaotic childhood; turbulent times in the Merchant Navy; adrenalin fuelled times as BM deputy and then leader; rumoured attempts by Mossad to assassinate him; meetings with Gerard Lauck, (NSDAP-AO), Vivien Bird, Colin Jordan and Robert Relf (‘House only for sale to a White family’); poet, blogger, and prolific author Michael Mclauglin invites you to take a journey into ‘The Rise of the Sunwheel’.


The British Movement:











Jez Turner: Michael McLaughlin can’t make it today, but he sent a video instead. I’ve got a video recording of his speech. He’s the legendary leader of the British Movement. Which in it’s heyday put the fear of God into the mishmash of Marxists, misfits, liberals, perverts and all those others that comprise the rotting head of our fast degenerating society!



In this video he will discuss his new autobiographical book, “The Rise of the Sunwheel”. It’s all here. His chaotic childhood, turbulent times in the Merchant Navy, adrenaline fueled times at BM deputy and then leader; rumoured attempts by Mossad to assassinate him; meetings with Gerard Lauck, (NSDAP-AO), Vivien Bird, Colin Jordan and Robert Relf — he was the man who put his house up for sale to a White family only. Remember that? He spent time in prison for that.


He’s a poet, he’s a blogger, he’s a prolific author, Michael Walsh McLaughlin, invites you to take a journey into, “The Rise of the Sunwheel”. Could we have the lights off, please?







Michael: Greetings! Greetings to comrades, old and new. And greetings to all those who in the future will be inspired by those that whom struggle as no end in time, but only in victory.



Time indeed! It was a far different world when in 1968, I was drawn to the barricades. George Lincoln Rockwell, the great American National Socialist, had recently been assassinated, gunned down.




There was still, here in England, the smell of embers of the Notting Hill riots in the air. In 1968 I volunteered my ethnic nationalism to the newly formed British Movement, which was then led by Colin Jordan.



As one of the movement’s leading lights, we marched and we fought throughout England. Motorcades went through Manchester. We marched in various English cities.




There were meetings, there were rallies, there were protests and in my case and in others, I had six, four month, thankfully concurrent, prison terms for distributing literature critical of the Westminster regime’s immigration policies. That was in 1979.



Dubbed Britain’s most dangerous man by the Star newspaper, I was goaled in Madrid for protesting against the kidnapping of Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess. It made the headlines.



We smuggled politically incorrect literature into American occupied Germany. We played games with the not so secret police in Denmark. I addressed a rally in a conference hall, a stone throw away from Congress in Washington D.C, in 2000.


But earlier, from 1973 to 1983, I built the British Movement and its leader guard, to become the biggest and best organized pro-national socialist party, since before the outbreak of war.


I spoke in Brick Lane in London’s East End and I was the last nationalist to address crowds at Trafalgar Square.



Why do I tell you this? As an introduction for those who don’t know me, but also to remind you that political activism is likely the most exciting, certainly the most inspiring and challenging, life you could possibly lead! If I serve as an example, then I will live on in you, my comrades in ethnic struggle.




I am, of course, an individual, but when you hear my voice, you hear the voices also of those who awoke me, who educated, who inspired me!




As a European with working class roots my teachers were mostly British ex-Servicemen. Not once did I hear a word in favor of Churchill’s war, from which all of us from that generation had suffered so badly, and you do too, today. Not once, but I often heard the expression:


“Hitler made only one mistake! He wasn’t born an Englishman!”







In those days, comrades, real history could only be purchased by clandestine means. The books! Yes! Those books, voices from the past that inspired me, could only be bought, purchased, in neutral Ireland or the United States. There was no Amazon then. There was no internet then.



I learned the lessons of these great men, I benefited from them, I passed them on, like batons in a race preservation race. And I pass them on to you.



My England then, in the 1960s, was far different from what it is now, but the omens were not good, even then. The government encouraged White emigration from Britain to the Dominions with ten pound one-way tickets for Whites.


Simultaneously, using German ocean liners taken as prize of war, Britain’s renegade political elite were flooding Britain with nonwhite immigrants! One hardly needs to be clairvoyant to see that this was going to and badly for England! On behalf of my generation, born in the 1940s and the 1950s, I can only apologize comrades, for not doing enough. By failing, we pass the ever growing burden on to you. And this I very much regret!




But, the past is past! What of the future? More to the point, does Britain have a future?


These are anxious and pivotal days. But, George Orwell said:


“The English don’t see the writing on the wall, until their backs are up against it!”




His words further echoes in history, in Shakespeare:


“Ah! But the English have yet to speak!”



And then, another reminder from history. There was Rudyard Kipling’s, “Saxon”:


“It was not part of their blood.

It came to them, very late.

With long arrears to make good,

When the Saxon began to hate.”



Now, whilst it is perfectly understandable that you will react against the turbaned consequences of treachery, it is far more important to deal effectively with it’s cause! Those responsible, directly responsible for the ruin of your country. The neglect of your people. The destruction of your blood.


They wear pinstripes suits!


Before your women were insulted and raped by immigrants, Britain was insulted and raped by a race of renegades and the banking elite that is colour blind, sees only that compliance serves to serve the interests of the self-chosen elite.




It is these with who we reserve the harshest punishment! These are the renegades who shake your hands on the doorsteps while emptying your pockets and stabbing you in the back as soon as they take their seats in parliament!



They are the presstitutes who would libel their own mothers, their own sisters for a salary and the lure of a higher position in their brothel’s pecking order!



They are the race renegades, perhaps in this room today, who pull police uniforms over their scruples, their integrity, their common sense and pull them over the people’s best interests. They see only the bank statement from their salary. But they are too unscrupulous, or too brain-dead to read the bottom-line, that clearly reads the extinction of your people!



Those to whom justice await, include the Liberal Leftists. The real race haters are those who set out, not to preserve race as we race lovers do, but destroy ethnicity by unnatural, perverse amalgamation.



These are runts of the litter. These weaklings, for this is what they are. Claim to be socialist and of working class values. Yet, not once in history has a banker, a boss, or a political prostitute fallen to their boots or their fists, their knives or their spiteful hatreds! The victims are exclusively White! Exclusively working class and exclusively socialist!





This vermin is no enemy of the ruling class! This vermin are it’s defenders and they work hand-in-glove constantly with their collaborators, the corrupted media and the police!


Comrades! Yes! I am the voice of the past, but I’m also the voice of the future.



I asked earlier, is there hope for the future? Let me remind you my ethnic comrades. Many people have overcome far greater calamities than you face today.




Real working class socialists in Germany, during the 1920s, lit a beacon of inspiration that lights the way of us all! We cannot begin to imagine their suffering!




Their plight was so desperate that a passenger in Adolf Hitler’s car, once disdainfully looked at the human degenerates around him he said:


“Look at these people! Are they worth saving?”


The great social reformer of the White race, quietly replied:


“I fight not for what they are, I fight for what they could be!”


His words echo through the decades. When people indistinguishable to yourselves, took to the barricades in the Baltic states, Romania, Czechoslovakia, occupied East Germany, and today in America, occupied Germany and Goldman Sachs occupied Europe. They too echo the Fuhrer’s words:


“I fight not for what they are, but I fight for what our people could be!”


Over nearly fifty years at the barricades, comrades, I have never altered my opinion. We are not the last of yesterday, we are the first of tomorrow.



As I speak, there are nine European Union nation parliaments that have achieved the unthinkable! The people’s representatives, the real ones, the ethnic nationalists have now, for the first time since the 1930s, taken their seats in their Parliaments. These include, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Greece. Austria followed by France and others may soon have as presidents, what the Liberal Left call back over their retreating shoulders, the “fascists”, or the “far right”!



Today, expressions such as “far right” and “facism” have become acceptable! And for many, in a trailblazing ways, pioneers, they’re pioneers leading ethnic Europeans out of the Liberal Left nightmare of race mixing, degeneracy and ethnic suicide!


My voice from the past reminds you that the passage of time is a bridge to be crossed. At the end of the bridge you will find its spans, like the crown on the victim’s head, a one billion strong consolidated, worldwide, Aryan community. There must be no more tribal, national tribalism! Britain sets a sterling example. Britain constitutes four different nations with their distinctive cultures. Ironically, of the four nations, only England lost its identity. It did so, not through the colored invasion, but by the Jewish consolidation of its hold on England during the Victorian period.



No one underestimate the challenges ahead. Your darkness will be lighted by the torches of those who faced far greater challenges than you do. They did so yesterday and they still do today throughout the United States and, of course, throughout Europe. And they win and they will continue to win! Use whatever tools you have comrades!



The movement, the British Movement to my regret collapsed in 1984. It did so, due to the success of saboteurs and subversives.


Did I disappear, as some suggested? Not quite!



Apart from bringing up a new family, I started writing for mainstream media. And I wrote with the same convictions, without the swastika being as obvious as had been in the past.




I was engaged by Britain’s most prestigious quality assurance body for the subsequent twenty years. Some say, I eventually retired to sit on my laurels in 2008, to become an armchair critic. Again, not quite!



For many years I was the top columnist for the Euro Weekly News. Naturally, every week, my articles were spun, “my way”, the British Movement way. I was voted Writer of the Year in 2011. 550,000 weekly readers benefited from a National Socialist take on world affairs and events!


Two years ago, I decided to put my writing abilities to good use. Since 2014, I have written, authored, edited of over forty book titles. My books on the Reich make up 95 percent of the book sales. As top columnist for Renegade Tribunal, and as a regular radio broadcaster I now reach more people than I ever did before.



As I say, comrades, you adapt to circumstance. I did so. You don’t fail when you fall down. You fail when you fall down and you won’t get up again. I am still on my feet! And only this morning, as I write this, a message I received, an unsolicited message from Gerard Lauck, of the NSADP, who is also active, although in his seventies. In his message to me, he thanks me for inspiring his continued success today. He ends, “Not bad for a seventy year old!” He is being kind to my age!



Finally. Comrades, not a plug, but a postscript piece of advice. My biography, hopefully not my obituary, is to be found in the Amazon published, “The Rise of the Sunwheel” by Michael Walsh McLaughlin.



The book’s title should bring it up, if you go on to Amazon. “The Rise of the Sunwheel”. Think of “The Rise of the Sunwheel” and it’s sister book, “Europe Arise” by Michael Walsh, as your inspiration, your education, your entertainment, and most of all, your training manuals! In this way, you will continue the fight by that was that of the comrades who came before my time.


Good wishes! May your gods and may good fortune be with you!


Jez Turner: Fine words! Michael McLaughlin!


[Long applause]












By Rudyard Kipling


It was not part of their blood,

It came to them very late,

With long arrears to make good,

When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,

They were icy — willing to wait

Till every count should be proved,

Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.

Their eyes were level and straight.

There was neither sign nor show

When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.

It was not taught by the state.

No man spoke it aloud

When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.

It will not swiftly abate.

Through the chilled years ahead,

When Time shall count from the date

That the Saxon began to hate.






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London Forum – Michael Walsh McLaughlin – The Rise of the Sunwheel – TRANSCRIPT







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