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[In this 53 minute interview Glaring Hypocrisy’s founding editors Sean Madden and Mufidah Kassalias talk with Monika Schaefer on the reaction she’s received since her YouTube video, “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” was released on June 15.

In that short five minute video Monika Schaefer, a middle aged German-Canadian woman gives a belated, yet heartfelt apology to her deceased parents for the times when she reproached them and the German people for failing to stop the “Holocaust” from happening.

It has only been in the last couple of years that Monika has done the research and concluded that the “Holocaust” is, in fact, the: “Biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history!” Her parents knew nothing of the so-called “Death camps” for the simple reason that they did NOT exist, they were only labour camps.

In this interview Monika discusses how she came, with guidance from her brother, Alfred, to her revisionist views on the “Holocaust”, on 9/11 and other world events that have been engineered by organized jewry. Sean, Mufidah and Monika all agree there is an urgent need for people to “wake up” to the large scale deceptions that are being carried out against us all.

The reactions of her family, relatives, friends and the community in her small town of Jasper, Alberta, Canada are also discussed —  KATANA.]







Glaring Hypocrisy Interview





Truth-Teller Monika Schaefer




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Published on Jul 15, 2016


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On June 17, 2016, Monika Schaefer, a native-born Canadian citizen of German parents, posted a brief video to YouTube entitled “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”.

This led to a fellow citizen of Jasper, Alberta (Canada) filing a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Although we watched Monika’s video shortly after it was published to YouTube, we only learned of the formal complaint and general local backlash on Thursday July 14, the same day we recorded this nearly hour-long Skype interview with her.

We recommend you take the six minutes to watch Monika’s above video — so you can hear her in her own words, and get a taste of her love for music and life. You’ll then be well-equipped to listen to our below interview with this gentle yet courageous truth-teller who has managed to free herself from the stifling birdcage of countless Jew World Order lies so that truth itself can soar unhindered to the minds of many others.




 [52:46 min]





Monika Schaefer Interview - 1001 Glaring Hypocrisy Founders


Sean: Welcome to the program. And so, we just found out about this today. Give us a little bit of background in terms of how this started playing out for you. We know that the video itself came out almost a month ago. And what what was the response during the past months in total, and then, when did this start sort of blowing up locally for you?


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1002 VIDEO Sorry Mom I was Wrong about the Holocaust


Monika: OK. Thanks so much and thanks for the opportunity to talk about it and also thank you for all the work that you are doing. Yeah, so it took only a few days after it was posted before I started to get some. Indication that the people in my small town were were reacting and it was just fine reached a fury of reaction.

So, because it was on Facebook and, you know, I have some local Facebook friends and I think it was quite surprised and shocked them and I did have some people terminate our friendship and others, you know, just saying they respect my right of free speech, but they don’t necessarily agree.

And then there were others who who made all kinds of comments under the Facebook postings that were really quite harsh towards me. And, you know, they think I’ve taken leave of my senses and basically think I have been put under the spell of some very, very bad people and that kind of thing! That type of argument I respond back and say, I am one hundred percent responsible for what I have done and for my views on this subject. So I’m not knowing that, you know, them to sort of peg this “blame” of what I’ve done on anybody else. And I mean I put “blame” in quotation marks.


Sean: Of course.


Monika: Yes I was out of the country at the time when I posted the video, so coming home was somewhat nerve wracking.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1003 Jasper train station

[Image] Jasper’s train station.


Sean: Yeah that was something that was new to Mufidah and myself. Is we had assumed. Well I have to back up a little bit. First of all, you know, we saw your video on Alfred’s You Tube channel and we had to naturally assume that you were husband and wife, [Monica laughs] rather than brother and sister. So that was that when, …


Monika: You’re not the only one who assumed that. But Alfred corrected that right away.


Sean: Then we had no idea that you had actually made the video in Germany nor did we haven’t any idea that Alfred himself is in Germany. We had assumed that both of you were in Canada.


Monika: That’s right. So I think, of course, that’s understandable So yes, he’s been in Germany for quite a few years, lives there. Is very settled there. He actually was in a position to have dual citizenship even though, You know, Our family grew up here. Like we grew up here, but our parents were still German citizens when Alfred was born.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1004 VIDEO Alfred Schaefer - 911 Brainwashing Pt 1


Sean: And so. I’m amazed that Alfred is saying the things that he is saying living in Germany.


Monika: Yes. Many people are surprised by that. They kind of wonder how he says he’s not going to jail. He himself is is quite optimistic about the whole situation and just feels that you know, they are so panicking about their position. As in their house of cards is falling down. Like the lies are coming apart. It’s probably best ignore him through for fear of amplifying his message even more. And he does carry on just day by day, being very cheerful and all. And saying, you know, that, well I will just carry on. And he just feels like he’s in a position to do so, because he’s he feels that he’s had a lot of, well, good fortune in his life and:

If not him, then who will do this sort of thing?


Sean: Yes, exactly.


Monika: He’s very fearless about it. He has a good philosophy about, you know, if they do come take him, … He’s very philosophical about it and that, you know, in terms of the movement towards peace and exposing the lies, it moves forward, either way.





Sean: Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s pretty much how Mufidah and I also feel. Up until this past spring we were living in France over the recent months, since like last autumn, I suppose. And France is not a particularly safe place to be either. And prior to that we were living in Austria, another not particularly safe place. And we spent a few months living in Berlin, the previous year.

And, but for us, it’s really only been about the past year that we have really been vocal about, you know, publicly questioning the holocaust coming out with, you know, the articles that we have written recently. Videos that I had made on my personal YouTube account and so on and so forth, but obviously that is an underlying concern of Mufidah and mine. Given that we, … I don’t know if, you know, this, but we’ve been slow travelling around Europe and Britain over the past four years.


Monika: Fantastic! Great.


Sean: And now obviously, things are a little bit safer, you know, here in the UK, of course. But, as you and I have corresponded about, over the past few days, you know, there’s now a new Prime Minister. There is real concern in the UK, as well in terms of freedom of speech. So, which of you first started digging into the Holocaust? Was it yourself. Was it Alfred, and how did that play out, just between the two of you, as brother and sister?


Monika: Yeah, that’s a, … He actually is the one who has been leading the way on that and I’ve been very grateful for all the things I’ve learned through him and from him. He’s helped me along. Now, it started with awakening about 9/11.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1005 WTC Tower exploding

[Image] 9/11 WTC Tower building undergoing controlled demolition.


Sean: Yeah.


Monika: And I have to say that many years ago I did run into somebody who told me that there is this truther movement, this truther movement, you know. And that many people don’t believe the official story. And I was very interested, but then life kind of gotten away and it was at a time when I didn’t even own a computer yet, at home. But nevertheless, I was very interested, just time passed. 

And then when Alfred started sending me, he sent things to the whole family really, all of, you know, the brothers and sisters and nephews nieces and I’m kind of the one who just immediately latched onto that. He sent some information, because he’d been doing some reading and discovering. And now it’s only about five years ago really, so ten years, or maybe six years, by now. It was ten years post 9/11 that he started this journey. And I immediately latched on to it and I would say:

How do, you know, all this? Where did you get this? Where? What’s this? What’s your source?

Like, so I was querying him, not, like it was with a view of wanting to learn!

He was saying things and I thought:

Wow! How do know that?” Like, “You say that, but I want to know. I want to know!

So I just kept digging and he was very obliging [laughing] in sending me everything, you know. And from there I just kept going, and going, and going, like probably very similar to your journey, …


Sean: Yeah.


Monika:… to learn about stuff. You just, once you start you just, if you actually are open to think clearly and not let all those, those control words and, you know, those weaponized concepts get in the way of thinking clearly, then you can’t help, but want to know more!

I mean it’s our natural curiosity that makes us want to know more. And for the longest time it was quite difficult! It actually gave me a, you know, nausea for a while. For months on end I would feel this sort of a low level of nausea when I was digging into 9/11. But then once I got through the other end of that, I felt great, because it just felt so liberating to understand and know the truth!


Sean: Yeah.


Monika: But then, it was, you know, a couple of years later that the “Holocaust” started coming up. And at first I was very resistant to that! I just said:

Don’t! Don’t mix this up with 9/11! You’re just going to undermine the credibility of the people who are looking at 9/11! You can’t do this! Don’t do this!


Sean: Yeah!


Monika: So, I resisted, … But, finally I had the, I guess you could say, had the courage to look! And I looked! I mean, I watched the video, “Off Your Knees Germany” that’s about Ernst Zundel’s story.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1006 VIDEO Off Your Knees Germany!

[Image] “Off Your Knees, Germany!” by Ernst Zundel.

View here:


Sean: Yes, that is a fantastic, …


Monika: … But that was it! No turning back. I just had to look, more and more and more deeply. And, you know, if it wasn’t for the confidence that I have now in, you know, the truth of the matter, I would never have done that video! So, you know, that. I wouldn’t have done that right away when I was starting to learn, of course not! You just have to learn and be sure and learn more and more. I’m sure you’ve gone through similar type of thing?





Sean: Yeah!


Mufidah: Yeah, absolutely! And 9/11 actually seems to be a sort of major key for many people, finding that, … It’s that little crack, isn’t it? Because it was so, audacious, what happened. You know, you don’t need to look that far to see that things don’t add up. And then, of course, you look further and you look deeper and you realise the sort of full extent of it. And I think, I don’t know if this is a how you find things, but for me, certainly that once I had went through one cycle of sort of uncovering things. And for me that was 9/11.

It’s that bit easier to go through the next cycle of uncovering things. I suppose with you, maybe it was different, because the Holocaust story was so close to home, for you. So perhaps that was a little different, but it seems often the case, that, you know, it just gets easier and easier, because you see things, you see patterns in the stories. The way things are told, the way things happen.


Monika: Yes.


Mufidah: So you recognize, it’s like, “Oh yeah! It’s the same old trick!”, you know, it, or whatever.


Monika: Yes! So, you’re absolutely right! And you are also correct that the Holocaust one is just sort of like the big, big, big, big taboo! But, now that I’ve gone through that door. [laughing] The rest, the rest, you know, I keep learning more and then I realize:

Oh my goodness! There’s probably so much more that I do not yet understand and recognizing patterns”.


Sean: Yes.


Monika:You’re absolutely correct. Now when these false flag events take place around the world, … I mean, you just look for the signs, right away the same messages are being brought out and it just seems to be quite clear!


Sean: Yeah, exactly! That’s a really good example. You know, these false flag shootings are happening now, on like a weekly basis. And you start seeing the same patterns. And once you start seeing them, you know, once once that the lies have started to sort of fissure and crack and fall off of you, it’s ever so easy to see the same red flags pop-up, time and time again.


Monika: Yes! It’s funny you said, a red flag, because I was just talking about the Matrix film and the red pill, you know, …


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1007 Red Pill Matrix

[Image] Neo takes the “Red Pill”.

The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are popular culture symbols representing the choice between embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill).

The terms, popularized in science fiction culture, are derived from the 1999 film The Matrix. In the film, the main character Neo is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill. The blue pill would allow him to remain in the fabricated reality of the Matrix, therefore living the “ignorance of illusion“, while the red pill would lead to his escape from the Matrix and into the real world, therefore living the “truth of reality” even though it is a harsher, more difficult life.


Sean: That is right!


Monika: Are you familiar with that film and the reference to the red pill?


Sean: That is right!


Monika: So people will say that was a red-pill moment! [laughing]


Sean: Yeah! So, when you were in Germany, did you have any idea that you were going to be making that video, or is it something just sort of arose, you know, while you were there with Alfred?


Monika: No. You know, I went with a pretty clear understanding that when I go there, we’re going to be working together. Like, we’ve been kind of working, you could say a little bit like a team, on trying to awaken people and, you know, mainly Alfred’s been making these videos. But I’ve been pretty active here with trying to wake people up. And mainly, I was trying to wake people up about 9/11 for the last, you know, five years, or so. And the holocaust story, … Basically I didn’t talk to a lot of people about that, yet. And so, I can understand that people in my little, small town here, are so surprised by it and, you know.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1008 Main Street Jasper

[Image] Main street in Jasper.


Now my job, I see my job now, is to educate people, one by one, by one! And those who will dare to listen, … There are some who have completely shunned me and even when I, you know, they have written something and so I write back and I say that:

I’ll be really happy to have a cup of coffee with you and talk about these things.

And then I get messages back, like:

There will be no coffee! There will be no chat!” and, “You’ve strayed so far from the path, …” of, you know, “Love and reason, …” and basically I have become a hater.

This is what I’m now portrayed as, this “big hater”. And I can tell you that I was, I been here for thirty five years in this town. It’s a town of five thousand and I have been quite a prominent member of the community. I have been involved in, you know, peace activism and environmental activism.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1009 Green Party candidate with Elizabeth May

[Image] Monika, a former Green Party candidate, with Elizabeth May, who has now rejected Monika.


I’ve run in several elections as a Green Party candidate and I’ve been involved in the cultural community, I have donated my time and energy in all those capacities, but also in music. Like, I play at the Seniors and I play here and there for fundraisers, and I do a lot of just, just well, because I’m trying to, you know, be a good person!




Be a good human being and live well in my community. And I feel that I am still that same person. And yet, what is happening right now in my own community is this, “fall from grace” and I’m being shunned and ostracized, not by everybody. But, you know, some people will still look me in the eye, but they are sort of, you know, you can tell that they’re kind of shocked and horrified by what is happening, but maybe not sure what to do. But many are just simply shunning and ostracizing and many are putting out, you know, very, very hateful comments and then, of course, that article is a really big hit piece on me and everybody reads that paper in town here.

So, this will be interesting, … I have to keep my strength, I have to keep my energy up, I have to take care of myself, health wise, so that I have the strength to go through this next while, because I do intend to keep my head up high above water and do my utmost to just try to carry this message forward of peace and love! And that what I’m doing, is coming from that place of peace and wanting to make this world a better place and a more peaceful place. And the only way to do that is to uncover these deceptions and tell about them and you know, speak the truth! So that’s what my mission is now.


Sean: Yeah, the sort of statement:

Truth is hate to those who hate the truth!

Is such a powerful description of what is taking place right now in your life Monica. And Mufidah and I have received our share as well. But nothing like what you’re going through. At such a personal level, you know, living in a, living in a small Canadian town where you’re so well known, …

To me, first of all, I just want to thank you for having had the courage to open your mind to the truth about the events that we call the “Holocaust”. Secondly, to have the courage to make that video. Thirdly, to do so in Germany. And now to perseverance with what you’re going through. Because it’s so clear to anybody with an open mind who watches your video that you’re not coming from a place of hate, but quite the contrary. You’re coming from a place of new understanding. Relatively new understanding.

I think in the video you say that you learned of this in 2014, around about that time and that prior to that, you were like the rest of us you were as bamboozled as anybody else. And actually, you know, sort of chastised, or rebuked your mother. You know, how could she let this happen. How could those of her generation let this happen to the Jews and to Germany generally speaking.

And yet, what’s amazing to me is the somebody watching that video, could see that you held the same position that they did throughout the vast majority of your life and you even challenge your mother about that, you know, very deeply felt issue.


Monika: Exactly!


Sean: And that you’ve moved through that to a new understanding. And it’s so clear, you know, that you’re such a lovely person! You start out the video playing your violin, you’re smiling. It’s clear that you are still that loving person that they ever knew of you and yet all of a sudden you have said something that is unspeakable in so many circles. And just like that, everything changes. All of a sudden you become the somebody all together, other than the loving green candidate [for the Green Party] , Monika Schaefer that they knew you by.


Monika: Yes you have articulated that so well! Thank you so much for saying those things and I also just want to thank you and Mufidah for doing what you’re doing. It’s just so, like you said in your opening blog on your clearing hypocrisy site, that this is urgent. This is so incredibly urgent. So, you know, I guess this is what it takes and you both and myself we feel so strongly about this that we are willing to sacrifice some personal comforts for this. That is a really powerful thing. And, “The truth will set you free” that is so apt!




Sean: Yeah.


Mufidah: Yeah.


Sean: I think that’s exactly right. And like you said, once you work through the official story of 9/11, haven’t cracked that, and become comfortable about speaking out about that. And now, as you say, the Holocaust is the big taboo. And it’s the big taboo not just our generation, but generations past.

And I don’t think very many people who ended up working through the lies of the Holocaust ever thought that they would see themselves challenging that story. I don’t think it’s something that anybody would want to challenge that story without having good reason. Having had visions of light of the truth shining through the lies, such that we thought:

Oh gosh! This could be a real roller coaster ride, but here we go!

And once you’re confronted with a few of the facts, as you said earlier, if you are of that bent to want to follow the truth, wherever truth leads, then you really have no choice, but to continue to dig into it.

But the decision to carry on with that and then to go public is a, massive, momentous decision! That very few people, I suspect, of those of us who are out publicly on that issue ever thought that we would be confronting ourselves on a personal level, let alone confronting it publicly. But, you know, as you said, the truth does set us free and you articulated that beautifully.

That it’s actually a relief now that you’ve taken on this big, you know, taboo subject, breaking through that. It’s like there’s nothing really left beyond! [laughing] There’s nothing quite so big, so momentous, that we have been so brainwashed not to even think, let alone speak out about.


Monika: Yes.


Sean: So, over the past two years has that feeling of having broken through, has that been inspiring throughout? Have you gone through sort of, ups and downs, as you’ve continued to inquire into the Holocaust? As you made the decision to speak out, are there are some days that you feel stronger and more inspired? Perhaps days where you feel less so, you know, could you speak to that?


Monika: Yeah. I guess there was a little little bit of a rollercoaster when I was facing the prospect of coming back home to this town, which I knew by now that there are the people who have turned against me. And on an emotional level that is very difficult! Of course it is difficult, and yet I guess, I just keep having to remind myself that, I am not the one who has done wrong! And yeah, I’m a messenger here and people may not believe me, what I’m saying, but that just proves how serious this problem is! And I think I really do have to keep reminding myself:

OK, I am not the one who did wrong and I am just trying to talk about the wrongs that have been committed and the deceptions that have been foisted on us

And so, I have gone through periods of up and down, a little bit, but I have to say, I have not regretted doing this. I have not regretted it! Even though I fully understand that this is changing my life completely! And who knows where that takes me over the next, you know, weeks and months and years? I don’t know. I don’t even want to venture a guess as to where this is going for me personally.

It’s now going very public, the CBC, which is the Canadian Broadcasting. Commission, or corporation I should say, has been here and did an interview with me. So, I hope that, you know, I spoke clearly enough in that. That it makes some kind of an impact. I hope they don’t chop it up so that it makes makes it another hit piece on me. But anyway, that means, it’s probably going national in a hurry here. And I don’t know where that’s going to take this journey, but I do not regret it!


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1010 Human Rights complaint - Ken Kuzminski

[Image]  Hate speech complaint filed against Jasper woman for Holocaust denial video. Green Party condemns former candidate’s ‘terribly misguided’ statements

By Min Dhariwal, CBC News Posted: Jul 15, 2016 6:00 AM MT



This, perhaps, if it is this public, then I really need to keep my wits about me so that I can speak clearly about it and make a difference. If I can make a difference, that is a good thing. If I can make a difference to bring light and peace to this world and not the continuation of war and turmoil which we have now then, that is all worth it! That is what it’s about really. It’s not about me in my personal life. It is about the future of our children and our grandchildren and to just this, you know, life on this earth.

Which, you know, I’ve passionate about, just passionate about life and nature and love and music and all those things. That’s what drives me is the passion for that. And so. If I can make a difference in that and that is my mission in life. That’s my job now. So you could look at it, I could look at it that way. That my job is changing now! [laughing]


Sean: Yeah!


Mufidah: Given that we’re sort of standing on the shoulders of giants, you know, such as Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolph, Robert Faurisson, has their work sort of given you more strength, more encouragement, to do what you’re doing now, knowing that what they have been through, what they have actually done in their lives up to now.


Monika: Yes! Yes! Yes! And again, yes! They are a huge inspiration! And the other person that is a huge inspiration to me is Ursula Haverbeck.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1011 VIDEO Ursula Haverbeck

[Image] Ursula Haverbeck, asking for real proof of the so-called “Holocaust.


Mufidah: Oh yes, of course.


Sean: Yes.


Monika: My goodness! What a what an inspiration she is! I, you know, she said in one of her videos:

OK, people you do need to say your name, show your face!

Like people who do send her lots of encouragement and messages and some of them have said:

Please tear this up as soon as you get it”.

Because they’re so fearful! But she says, you know, that doesn’t help, you do need to show your face and speak your name out loud to confront this lie. It is so large! Like, what if somebody in every little town in Canada spoke up, like I have spoken up? Maybe that would actually make a bigger difference? You know, what if more and more people just spoke out fearlessly? That would make a difference!

But of course the fear is huge and, you know, when you asked earlier about, has it been, you know, up and down with my resolve or, you know, going on with this work. And of course, I had fear, of course, and that’s why because I had fear earlier, so I didn’t speak earlier, publicly like that. But then I just decided:

Yes! I’m going to do this. This is what I have to do!


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1012 grocery stoe Jasper Robinsons

[Image] The main grocery store in Jasper, Robinsons.


And then coming home to my hometown and it is a little bit frightening for me to step out into the street, into the grocery store, into the post office! But I’m doing it, I’m just pushing myself to do it and that’s, it will be fine.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1013 Jasper Post Office

[Image] Jasper’s Post Office.


Like, when I did actually enter town, the sky did not fall and some people do look me straight in the eye and that is great and wonderful and, like I said earlier, I am going to just do my darndest, one by one, by one, to talk to people and try to help them to open their eyes.


Sean: Yeah. And when did you return back home?


Monika: July first! Canada Day!


Sean: July first. Yeah, OK. Two weeks ago.


Monika: Yeah. I rolled in on the train and I was supposed to play my violin that day. I was supposed to play in the children’s activity area, the Kids Zone, as they call it. Like I did last year and that was all volunteer.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1014 Monika playing for Kids on Canada Day

[Image] Monika playing her violin at the “Kids Zone”.


And they asked me again this year, months ago, to play and I was going to do that. It was such a well received show last year with the kids, very participatory and very fun. And I was supposed to then again, but they called it off! And I guess they had it, you know, there are reliable sources that told them there was going to be a protest. So then they decided to call it off. They un-invited me to do that show. And, you know, they said for everybody safety and security. So this was also what I was facing, coming home. That they’d already silenced my violin and, you know, in a public place for a children’s show, … Now who is threatening violence there? Certainly not me!




Sean: Yes. Do you ever sense that this is an organized campaign against you, or individuals acting as individuals?


Monika: Well, that’s hard to say. There’s this Ken Kuzminski who put in the formal complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1015 NDP Ken Kuzminski


Now, I don’t know if he’s just acting on his own volition, or if he’s got people pressuring him. I don’t know, but he certainly the one who is spearheading this and I do not know who is threatening to organize a protest there, but it sort of makes me guess. He’s been very vocal. He even posted a public message on Facebook that Monika Schaefer is no longer welcome in Jasper. Jasper has always been an inclusive community and Monica Schaefer is no longer welcome.

So, I think it’s quite ironical. And he’s also the Chamber, the president of the Chamber, the Legion. Sorry not the Chamber, the Legion, and in the article it said that, yes, the Legion has banned me from entering! Now, who made that decision? Did he talk to veterans? And didn’t they always say they went to war, to fight for freedom of speech?


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1016 Legion building Jasper

[Image] The Jasper Royal Canadian Legion, a popular venue for local musicians.


Now, isn’t that an irony! I’m now forbidden to go into the Legion. And the Legion in this town is a center of, where lots of music happens, like I’ve played there myself with a band that I used to play in, called the Fiddle River Band. We played there many, many times, plus we go there lots to see other musicians play there.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1017 Fiddle River Band 2012

[Image] Monika with the Fiddle River Band playing at the Legion, 2012.


Sean: Right.


Monika: So that’s pretty big, you know, on and the irony of it! I mean, does that escape people?


Sean: Yeah, I know, it’s incredible! How you’re the one who’s being called the hater, for having come out with a brief video on a very personal video, where you’re addressing, you know, something that came even between you and your own mother.


Monika: Yes!


Sean: For you to be painted as the hater and yet you’re the one who’s been locked out of various parts of the community. Or that you’re not even welcome in your in your hometown. I mean it’s incredibly brave.


Monika: That’s a pretty strong statement. That is a pretty incredible statement for somebody to declare that this citizen is no longer welcome in Jasper!


Sean: And obviously, that also can have real ramifications for your own personal safety, to have somebody say, that you’re no longer welcome in your hometown.


Monika: Yes, it would think that’s sounds a little bit like a threat, doesn’t it?


Sean: Yeah. I was looking at the Jasper Local article, which was written by Bob Covey, and came out, it looks like on the first of July, so the day that you returned home. And he’s saying in the paragraph, about a few paragraphs from the top of the article:

As you can imagine, the backlash on local social media channels has been severe. As you might not be able to imagine the comments below the video are largely in support of her, quote, unquote, ‘speaking up’. It is a frightening glimpse into a community imbued with anti-semitism and hate.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1018 Local Vocal 1:2

Monika Schaefer Interview - 1019 Local Vocal 2:2


Monika: Hmm.


Sean: What is your response to that?


Monika: Yeah, well. You see, if one does not allow oneself to entertain even the remotest possibility that what we are saying has any merit, then the automatic response is that anybody who speaks like we do, is a hater and like is anti-semitic. It’s a circular way of reasoning. It doesn’t, it does not have, … Yeah, what can I say?

I do have a response that should be published tomorrow. That paper comes out twice a month the first and the fifteenth. And I wrote a letter to the editor and he told me to keep it under 250 words, so it’s a very short!


Sean: [laughing]


Monika: Look for that.


Sean: OK, we will do. 250 words is very short.


Monika: Yeah, it was two sixty, or something, but he assured me he would not cut it. It is very short and yes, I worked hard on that letter, because it’s very difficult to write a short letter that still, you know, wants to says what you want to say. [laughing]


Sean: And what about the phrase, “anti-semitism”? Do you have any thoughts youd like to share?


Monika: Yeah, it’s a weaponized concept! It’s a trick! That Israeli ex-Member of the Parliament, Alloni Shalloni [Shulamit Aloni] , or something like that. She is, you know, in a one and a half minutes YouTube video, where Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, who is a big gate-keeper, but nevertheless, she asked her, what about this thing anytime anybody criticizes Israel, they’re called, “anti-semitic” and she says immediately:

Oh yes, it’s a trick! It’s an old trick! We use it all the time! We, you know, somebody criticises us, or our foreign policy, or whatever we do, we just call them anti-semitic and in Europe if they criticize us, we will bring out the Holocaust.”*


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1020 Amy Goodman (top) interviewing Shulamit Aloni.

[Image] Amy Goodman (top) interviewing Shulamit Aloni.



* [Saturday, May 12, 2012 — Former Israeli MP: The Anti-Semitismed Holocaust “Trick

Ten years ago, Shulamit Aloni, a former Palmach fighter and Israeli Knesset and cabinet member, gave an interview to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. Below is part of what the interview:

Goodman: Yours is a voice of criticism we don’t often hear in the United States. Often when there is dissent expressed in the United States against policies of the Israeli government, people here are called anti-Semitic. What is your response to that as an Israeli Jew?

Aloni: Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic. And the organization is strong, and has a lot of money, and the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and they are strong in this country, as you know. And they have power, which is OK.

They are talented people and they have power and money, and the media and other things, and their attitude is “Israel, my country right or wrong”, the identification. And they are not ready to hear criticism.

And it’s very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli government as anti-Semitic, and to bring up the Holocaust, and the suffering of the Jewish people, and that is justify everything we do to the Palestinians.

See here for video:]





Sean: Yeah!


Mufidah: Yeah.


Sean: Yeah, we’ve both seen the video. I used to be a real fan of Amy Goodman many, many years back. And it was actually, … I need to thank Amy Goodman for really waking me up to a whole number of things! But as you said, she is a gate keeper of the left and it goes back to 9/11 truth and seeing her and the other darlings of the left, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Matthew Rothschilds of the Progressive Magazine and various others. How they would not cross a particular line in their questioning of the official story of 9/11. And that’s, more than anything, is what woke me up to so much more. So I used to be on be a huge fan, I have sent countless friends to Democracy Now and to Amy Goodman. But I have seen that clip that you’re speaking of even though I stopped paying any attention to Amy back in 2007, I believe. So she’s not been with me for a while now, but I’d like to thank Amy Goodman officially for really helping to wake me up to a whole lot of things that followed on from there. They are very interesting.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1878 Chomsky Zinn Rothschild


Monika: Yes. It is interesting because, you know, there are people who are carried along on this journey of discovery, but then they stop short. And I guess, if we kind of learn and understand this concept of gatekeeping then we can protect ourselves against being bamboozled with the big events.

But, I think people like Noam Chomsky, he’s like the biggest traitor of all! Because he’s like the Pied Piper. I mean, I had many, many of his books on my shelf and read him and he was my hero for a long time. But he’s the Pied Piper! So, because if him not coming clean on 9/11, so many people are are just taken in by that. “Oh! Well look at what Noam Chomsky said!” it’s worst than neutral. It’s worse! He has carried us along and then just so many people just stop thinking about it because:

Oh! Well look at what Noam Chomsky said!



Monika Schaefer Interview - 1884 Pied Piper Chomsky


Sean: Yeah. That is right. We actually had a friend of ours contact us over the past week and say well, you know, he’s read a lot of the things in particular that Mufidah has written on Facebook. And he approached her and said, you know, what do you think about Noam Chomsky? And we actually sent him, in response, Alfred’s video on “Noam Chomsky and Gatekeepers in General” It’s a fantastic response!


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1892 Gatekeepers VIDEO

[Image] 9/11 Gatekeepers and Controlled Opposition


Mufidah: And the other thing was a PDF document to him and it was about Noam Chomsky. Only being a gate keeper, but being a CIA spook. And it was long, it was very, very long and he wrote back to me after reading this and said, “Oh my God, you know, and I’m just shattered!” all of the sort of people that he had held up aloft as being, you know, truth tellers and such like. You know, he just realized that it was all coming tumbling down. That this article, for him, was much more than just about Noam Chomsky. It was about the whole phenomenon of gatekeeping. And it was, you know, it was quite a thing for him!

This is a guy who’s actually, you know, late seventy’s, eighty years old, or thereabouts, you know. So it’s, I think the older people get, it’s often harder to accept things, to really look into things, because we’ve had so many years building up and sort of, … For these lies, that we’ve imbibed to solidify. So I think it’s very brave when somebody much older is willing to look through these things and actually just let go of all of their preconceptions, all of their beliefs up to then.


Monika: Yes.


Sean: But what a fall from grace! You know, Noam Chomsky was basically ready to be canonized and what a fall from grace, in light of the breakdown, the total and utter breakdown of the 9/11 official story! You know, this is a guy who was held aloft by so many countless people, not only on the left, but I would say the mainstream audience, generally speaking, as this amazing intellect. And, you know, that reputation for anybody who looks into 9/11 and then compares that, juxtaposes that with what Noam Chomsky has done.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1885 Breakfast in America


He’s knocked himself out to parade the official story. And to not only, cut off debate, or, you know, but to really attack people intellectually who have had the courage to question the official story. And he has just come off looking like a clown!




Monica: Yes! He has fallen from grace. I’m among people who understand these things. But, you know, the Protocols they kind of outline the concept of being in xxx stripe, like creating opinion on all sides, so that they can control the message. And that’s where Noam Chomsky falls into the picture. And, you know, he was a Tavistock Institute guy, sort of a a place where they figure out public relations and how to incite whole nations to go to war with their story, their propaganda myths and whatnot.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1893 CHOMSKY on 911 - Who Cares?


Sean: Yeah.


Mufidah: And like you say, they’re controlling the narrative through these people on all sides. Primarily two sides, but, you know, there is shades in between. Which ultimately means, you know, that we’re being divided. People are, you know, falling into one camp, or the other camp pretty much and it’s such a huge crime against people, against humanity, really! That these different lies and narratives are dividing people! We’re not being divided over truth, I guess is my point, we’re being divided over lies. And, you know, that’s just terrible!


Monika: It’s a tragedy, isn’t it! Absolutely a tragedy!


Sean: You know, as you’ve read my, “Toppling the Jew World Order — It’s Now, or Never” essay, Monica. And I have to keep reminding myself. When I wrote that it was a real “Declaration of Independence” on behalf of all of humanity! And I meant it when I said, “it’s now, or never”. And it’s ever so easy, I’m sure as somebody who just read the essay, to read it as one does read an essay, or to read an article, or a blog post. But this is no longer something that we can stand idly by and sort of ruminate about. Things are so dire right now!


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1887 Glaring Hypocrisy - Now or Never


We are facing an extremely dangerous world! A world where we are not able to speak out on very fundamental issues. A growing police state threat, constant threat of martial law. Frankly, you know, the sort of American and, or European version of the Soviet Gulag is a very real possibility! And, you know, I just I have to remind myself as a writer, that this is not something that I can write and let’s go of. This is a call to full fledged resistance! And we must wake up each and every day recognizing that a war was declared on the European peoples, well over a century ago.

We all know about World War One, while the Bolshevik revolution, World War One, World War Two and so on and so forth, right up to the “War OF Terror”, in response to 9/11.


Monika: And now the confusion that is being foisted upon European people here.


Sean: Yeah.


Monika: These people from all over Africa and all over in, you know, far and wide, and this is not about some refugees from war torn areas, it’s an invasion, it’s a planned invasion!


Sean: Yeah, that is right.


Monika: And I was very inspired by your piece, “Now or Never”. It just added extra little piece of inspiration. Yes! It’s now, or never! So, it just helps me when I see things like that and say “Yes!” I’m on that same page with you, now or never! We just have to do it! We have to do whatever we can, whatever is in our power, whatever is in our ability is what we need to be doing! So I found that very inspirational, so thank you for writing that piece.


Sean: Well, thank you Monica. Several people, a great a great number of people, actually, have written to me in various forums and said:

Well what do you recommend? What is it that we should be doing?

Because, so many people, I think, see this battle as almost unwinnable! You know, it just seems so overwhelming, the truth that we’re talking about are such difficult truths to wake people up to.

But, let me ask the question of you Monica. What do you think is, … Where do we need to go? What do we need to do? Do you have ideas in terms of making the greatest impact? Given the urgency of the situation at hand, how do we win people over, how do we face this war?




Monika: Yeah! Wow! OK. I guess it starts with awareness and people allow themselves to open their eyes. So it does start with that. Stop resisting the information, stop resisting when things aren’t making sense and:

Oh, it just seems like that is too outlandish and I don’t want to go there, I don’t even want to look at the research.

But it’s like, people have to actually just start to open their minds. That’s where it starts. So that they become aware and then if they say ro me, “Well, what can I do about it?” I say:

Well, you know, maybe you don’t need to do anything about it, but if you are aware then at some point in the future you might be making decisions, really important life decisions, and wouldn’t it be better for you to know the truth about what’s going on in the world, than not to know the truth and to be living by a deception? Because you might make the wrong decision for your life and I don’t know what that involves. It might be, you know, their children going into the army to go fight for one of these wars based on lies, or it might be themselves doing that if they’re young people.

I can’t really tell people what they should do, because then I would be, like, … They need to use their imagination with what themselves can do. However, it does start with knowledge! It does start with awareness!


Sean: Yeah.


Monika: It really is the starting point for people. And they can decide what they want to do with that.


Sean: I think that’s a great response. And likewise, I always say that the most important thing we can do is to share the message. Once you’ve taken on the message, share it with as many people as you can! And it’s at that point where we just need to reach out, and I know even in our personal lives, even before we go public, you know, if we’re not writers, if we’re not making YouTube videos, or podcast interviews, or what have you, it can be really challenging just to reach out, even to your fellow family members. And then, you know, to our friends and neighbors and work colleagues.

But it’s things are so urgent right now, that I just think it’s imperative that we begin to, number one; dig into the underlying issues, and then; to share whatever hard sought understanding that we were able to attain with those who are in our circles of acquaintance, our circles of influence, whoever that might be.


Mufidah: But, I just want to say, following on from what Sean was saying about, you know, talking with one’s friends and family and so on, … You said earlier that when Alfred started sharing the information that he was uncovering about 9/11 with yourself, and I think you said your siblings, etc., and you said you were the most sort of responsive. How did the other family members respond to that, even if they didn’t, sort of like, you know, decide they didn’t have a sort of voracious appetite for knowing, what was their response? Did it create any friction within your family?


Monika: Yes! Yes, unfortunately that is the case. You know, I don’t want to go into real specific details, because if they ever were to listen I don’t want to be, you know, condemning anybody. But there is, you know, … Well, basically a disinterest and in one case, very, very big push-back, very big push-back! And it has caused some, you know, family problems, …

And then, actually when I was in Germany, some relatives and cousins, they were very, very upset and they forbade me to have any further contact with them, or any members of their family. Which means like, you know, a very dear uncle, an aunt of mine and my cousins, sort of second degree cousins and their children. And, I mean, one of those children spent half a year living here with me as an exchange student, a number of years ago and we loved him! My daughter and I absolutely loved him, you know! And we still do and I have not stopped loving those relatives that they have cut off all contact with me, because this is just too difficult for them to comprehend. And they do firmly believe that I am evil for having, for doing this, because, now I’m going to put the German nation into disrepute again!




I’m one of those people who is breeding hatred, again. You know, that I’m hating and that we’re all going to be haters and, you know, something bad will happen, like the fictional Holocaust will happen again! [laughing at the absurdity of it all] I mean, I’m sorry, it’s not a laughing matter, but it is so serious, but, … So, yes, some relations have been broken up. But in my immediate family we have not broken off relations. I shouldn’t mislead anybody to that. No, we still have relations with all the family members but, you know, in the younger generation, they’re very uncomfortable with it. They don’t want to go there. And then in my own generation, you know, there’s pushback. There is definitely!


Mufidah: Yeah, that’s difficult.


Sean: It takes us back to the divide and conquer imperative of the Jew World Order, doesn’t it? You know, when we’re able to, or rather when they’re able to cause us to have division and strife within our own family.


Monika Schaefer Interview - 1892 The March of Tyranny


Monika: Yes, it is very much so. It’s a divide and conquer, … And I mean we all hear those stories about, in, you know, the Civil War in the United States, how brothers were fighting brothers and that whole thing. And I see it now, that it can happen. People could be incited to kill each other, even if they are in the same family. And that is a total tragedy that we are being divided. And by the divisions, you know, this is how they wish to conquer us.


Sean: Thank you so much for giving us an hour of your time. We both wish you all the best. Please keep in touch with us in terms of, you know, anything that’s progressing. If there’s anything that you want to make us aware of that we can pass on to Glaring Hypocrisy dot com followers and readers. We’d be more than happy to do so, or there’s anything that Mufidah and I can do personally to help you out in any way. And just thank you for everything that you have done. Thank you for putting out the video, nearly a month ago. And thank you for sharing this time with us.


Mufidah: Yeah. Thank you.


Monika: Oh you’re so welcome and I want to return all those gracious, the gracious gratitude. I want to return that to you. Thank you very much!




 Monika Schaefer Interview - 1050 Monica playing the Violin








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