Las Vegas 2017 — Does It Matter?


In this post I discuss the recent Las Vegas mass shooting and ask, in the light of the provable large-scale false flags perpetrated against us by our (((governments))), whether it even matters whether Las Vegas was a genuine lone nut action or a state sponsored false flag event  — KATANA.










Las Vegas 2017


Does It Matter?






Oct, 2017




The recent Las Vegas shooting could have occurred as presented by the MSM (Main Sewer Media), that is, a 64-year-old White guy, Paddock, for reasons unclear, decided to mass murder dozens of fellow Whites and injure hundreds more attending a concert, by mowing them down with automatic gunfire from his high hotel perch. This narrative lends itself to the argument for much stricter gun control.



Alternatively, from a position of distrust of the MSM viewpoint, there is plenty to speculate on, in particular that this was a false flag with Paddock as some kind of patsy. This narrative lends itself to the argument for no changes to gun control.


I would like to argue here that these kinds of mass shootings, whether they are likely hoaxes or false flags, such Sandy Hook, the Pulse nightclub, and others likely quite genuine, like the Columbine mass shooting, need to be placed into a much larger context. That context are the long-standing and ongoing “terrorist” events that have occurred, or are occurring throughout the West that are beyond doubt, orchestrated by organized jewry, or if you prefer, the “Deep State”.



The whole “War on Terror” is in fact a “War OF Terror” being inflicted on the Middle East in particular, and more generally on us, the West, and justified by the 100% kosher certified false flag of 9/11 that was done in order to launch this “War OF Terror” against the world. Besides being used to fulfill the “Greater Israel” plan of destroying and fragmenting all the Middle East countries (not already proxies under jewish control), aka, the destruction of 7 countries in 5 years, 9/11 is being used for the slow and steady creation of a jewish controlled police state throughout the West.


[Image] See post on: Organized jewry Did 9/11 — The 16th Anniversary, 2017


Another event that is also a 100% kosher certified false flag, carried out years ago, but is an exemplar of jewish Machiavellian scheming, was the “failed” Israeli attack on the USS Liberty ship in 1967. The Israelis, in collusion with their stooge, US President L. J. Lyndon, planned to sink the USS Liberty for the purpose of bringing the US into their offensive war against Arab countries, known as the Six Day War. For diehard doubters, even a former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, said that contrary to Israeli excuses, the USS Liberty attack by Israel was deliberate.


[Image] See post on: Erasing the Liberty – The 50th Anniversary Of Israel’s Attack On America


Both the USS Liberty attack and 9/11 are just the tip, of the tip, of the iceberg of organized jewish criminal acts and malfeasance against the West and the world, and fit in very well with their psychopathic long-term plans.


Now, how does the above relate to this event at Las Vegas?


When organized jewry launched their war against the Russian people in the so-called “Russian Revolution” of October 1917, one of the things they did was to confiscate guns from the people, in order to disarm them in preparation for what some call the greatest slaughter in all history.


The famous Russian novelist, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, talks of this slaughter:


You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.


The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people.


More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time.


The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.”


“We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But: Without Jews there would have been no Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.”


Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and victim of Jewish Bolshevism.


What would have happened in Russia if they had had a strongly armed population able to resist the jewish killers that came to slaughter them? Well, nothing of course, because they wouldn’t have came in the first place.


[Image] See post on: EUROPA – The Last Battle – Part 01 — TRANSCRIPT


America is the last major country in the West to maintain the right of the ordinary man to bear arms. A country able to physically, if not psychologically, defend itself against a looming jewish police state.


So, if the Las Vegas event is “real” and occurred as advertised by the lying and scheming MSM, then it is an anomaly, a freak event among the many hoaxes and false flag events that abound, and that they promote. A case of the lying boy, crying wolf, finally being right.


In other words, it doesn’t matter, in the scheme of things, if some White guy really went nuts and killed dozens.


It doesn’t matter, because the proven mass murderers of tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people, organized jewry, who have carried out proven false flag events, such as the above mentioned USS Liberty and 9/11, are in charge of our media and government, and can spin any story they like to the masses, who sit in front of their “Electric Jew” getting brainwashed.



What really matters is for Whites everywhere to see that they are being slowly but surely genocided through unconventional means. That ultimately their last resort, physical defense, is to be very heavily armed against the psychopaths that run their governments in the shadows.


Las Vegas” will be used to bolster the ongoing long-term efforts to disarm Whites. It should be resisted as if your life and family depended upon it.

[Image] Jewish gun-grabbers. (Click image to enlarge.)





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11 Responses to Las Vegas 2017 — Does It Matter?

  1. Negentropic says:

    There were no planes on 9/11. That is 100% proven. There is no such thing as a “plane” that can go into a 500,000 ton steel and concrete building in the same number of frames as it goes through air and with zero parts out of 3 million on each 767 falling off. There is no doubt whatsoever that ALL, every last one of the plane videos were faked, not even a shadow of doubt about that.

    And yet by promoting Christopher Bollyn, you’re trying to tell us that what this Jew media spun story for us, in its original narrative, is true, only the perpetrators are different, not Arabs tied to some guy in a cave but Israel. You still promote this plane-hugging shill Bollyn JUST BECAUSE he dangles the bait of pointing to Jews in front of you, as if a fully media orchestrated PsyOp does not point even more to Jews? Of course it does! It points even more to Jews since it can also be proven with names and positions of key people who run it, that over 90% of the world’s media is owned and controlled by Jews as a direct consequence of the unlimited fiat money available through their higher ups in the banking usurocracy. .

    If the 9-11 event was so “real” as you claim and “remote control” planes were used by Israelis to perfectly fly and smash into buildings (again with no parts falling off and again in the same number of frames going through air as through 500,000 tons of concrete and steel), what are these images then?

    Why would they use such obvious fake imagery in this “real” event of yours? Do you know that there are literally HUNDREDS of such images everywhere? Do you know how many of these obvious faked images it would take for a proper court of law (if such a thing still exists) to throw the entire case of the official story and official controlled opposition Loose-Change-Christopher-Bollyn plane-hugging version out on its ass as a false witness?

    Only ONE:


    falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

    False in one particular, false in everything.


    We can produce hundreds of deliberate lies and “falsenesses” and the so-called “court-of-public-opinion” in your neck of the woods is still trying to pass off false evidence as real JUST BECAUSE the Jew-Media through Chris Bollyn told you the same thing except switched the bait to Israel?

    lol Give me a break! Is there any wonder why the troof movement is going nowhere?

    Very little Pavolvian manipulation was needed to bait 99.9% of suckers into gates far away from their real modus operandi in the USA and Europe, media fakery, which needs to remain a mystery so that they can repeat it as many times as necessary while the troofers remain confused until the clear-as-day PsyOp of Sandy Hook finally clues them in and removes all doubt. But do they follow their own logic to then REVISE their opinion of earlier PsyOps.

    Never. The last thing a troofer would do is admit a mistake and suffer ego-butt-hurt. Boo hoo hoo.

    Why would PsyOps not use baits to trap the “Jew-Wise”? It’s absurd to think that the “Jew-Wise’ are somehow immune to baited-hooks. PsyOps are there to scare the public into getting behind accomplishing THEIR OWN elite agendas. By having Bollyn and Sabrosky convince the “Jew Wise” of the realness of these events, it not only protects the M.O. for future use but scares the crap out of them, just like Alex Jones and the rest of the fear-mongers. The same psychological triggers remain installed, whether or not the demographic targeted is “Jew-Wise” or not.

    Most of these “Jew-Wise” people are not very wise at all except in that one track and can be persuaded into any absurdity, even denying the sun itself and its shadows, as long as Israel is the carrot that drags them by the nose into the retard hole.

    The fact remains that, although they are fully capable of it at any time, they are NOT killing hardly anyone in any of these “false-flag” PsyOps, including and especially 9/11, the PsyOp that the most number of “truthers” consider “fully real” and “impossible to fake” (as if making a simple pre-manufactured movie shown as “live” with 93% of the world’s media in your hands is hard to do, while you simply demolish 7 empty buildings behind a military grade smokescreen with all pre-selected actors doing all the rest even down to the last bawling and touring fake “family members” like Bob McIlvaine, even down to FIRE-CHIEFS photoshopped in the 9/11 memorials), and THAT IS EVEN MORE THE REASON why so many lower level high-paid scoundrel / pscyhopaths, who might otherwise think twice about becoming direct accessories to mass-murder in the USA, not necessarily because of conscience but simply self-interest, agree to become video traitors and perpetuate the fraud. It is very pragmatic to do it with no victims, at least a hundred times more pragmatic and it GUARANTEES a far larger pool of psychopath/scoundrels/actors to choose from in order to keep these fear-&-trauma-triggers-installing faked events churned out one after the other.

    After all, even if by some slim chance they all get busted by an emerging Fascist party and thrown in prison awaiting trial, what are they really responsible for? Only lying for the higher-ups to INDIRECTLY start wars in the Middle East whacking hundreds of thousands of brainwashed goys for the benefit of Israel. The laws would have to be changed to make lying-in-the-media to start wars a 100% traitorous act with punishments of life-in-prison or execution, depending on the severity and tragic consequences of the big lie. As it stands, the media is actually allowed to lie, and no one can go and file a suit against the media simply because they lied or distorted the truth since they do this EVERY SINGLE DAY and never get taken to task for it except in very controlled opposition fashion to GIVE THE IMPRESSION of a free and accountable media when the public gets too suspicious. They do this charade of investigating themselves once-every-few years and that puts the vast majority of goyim straight back to sleep where they belong.

    In Memoriam: Frederick C. Scheffold “Freddie”
    Age: 57
    Place of Residence: Piermont, NY
    Location on 9/11: One WTC, Lobby of Marriott Hotel
    Occupation: FDNY, Battalion Chief
    Hometown: Bronx, NY

    Here’s a supposed FDNY BATTALION CHIEF photoshopped in the most crude and obvious fashion imaginable. There aer MANY MORE faked firefighters beside this shown over here:

    So, where exactly are all the REAL non-photoshopped firefighters of 9-11-2001 pissed off and yelling and complaining and giving the mass-media power-structure hell for besmirching the memory of a “heroic man”? After all, they must have at least been aware of this BATTALION CHIEF and his “comrades,” he being a big-shot in the firefighting business and all around NYC, right? lol

    How in the world would it be possible to fake an FDNY Battalion Chief and then have no other firefighter or anyone else who “risked their lives,” NOT ONE, complain, if not for the fact that that this person never existed as himself in this 9-11 event and may have even been invented completely from scratch by the PsyOps departments of the CIA and Mossad? Has this person not been spat on and disrespected in the most vile and craven fashion through photoshop? It is NOT possible UNLESS not just this guy was faked but you had the ENTIRE PsyOp and EVERYONE IN IT controlled completely, just like in a Hollywood disaster film where “real news anchors” play a part. In other words, an entirely fake “firefighting team” was set up in advance either in an acting or faking-from-scratch capacity, precisely to act or “stand in for” every role necessary in this pre-manufactured PsyOp film.

    And no, it’s no excuse to say “we know it’s the Jew criminal cabal” and who cares if we deliberately distort the truth ourselves to include 3000 non-existent “victims” just to make our opposition look bad, because that is THE EXACT SAME THING, in principle, that the Jews themselves do,

    So either get with the truth and ALL of it or keep being the Let’s-Out-Jew-the-Jews game you will never win which Bollyn has baited you in.

    • katana17 says:

      Negentropic, your comment was blocked automatically by WordPress ? because of the size. I’ve just noticed it.

    • katana17 says:

      Negentropic, Bollyn convincingly places the blame for 9/11 on jews and you also place the blame on jews.

      The difference is you believe it was all faked and that few, if any, died. Your version of the 9/11 conspiracy requires extreme levels of deception than Bollyn’s does, and at the end of the day, all your version would lead us to, is to conclude is that jews are far more deceptive and cunning than we think. Perhaps there were no planes, but then, so what? The conclusion is still the jews doing 9/11.

      Also, the event of 9/11 led to the Middle East wars in which a few million have been killed and many million injured. Organized jewry has no concern for human life obviously, and so something like 9/11 is much more easily accomplished by actually killing people, and then silencing the living one way or the other.

  2. GTRman / Nilus/ Tony Hayers says:

    great stuff. posted it at incogman

  3. yogiguy says:

    Great post, now following!

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