The Realist Report Interviews Paul Nehlen – Mar 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

[ John Friend of The Realist Report interviews Paul Nehlen, a  candidate running against supercuck Paul Ryan in his home State of Wisconsin.


Paul describes his background as someone who has worked their way up from the shop floor, to engineer, and manager of many manufacturing businesses in the States and worldwide.


He goes on to describe his awakening to race realism, and more recently, and most importantly, his red-pilling on the role of organized jewry and their genocidal intentions against the White race — KATANA.]








The Realist Report


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Paul Nehlen, a Republican candidate for Congress in the state of Wisconsin who is running against GOP incumbent Paul Ryan. In this podcast, Nehlen and I discuss his background and career, his decision to get involved in politics, racial realism, the Alt Right, President Trump and much more!


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The Realist Report




Paul Nehlen


Published on Mar 13, 2018



(66 mins)




John: All right folks. Welcome back to another edition of the Realist Report. This is your host John Friend. The website is the Realist Report dot com, where you can find an extensive archive of these podcasts, as well as other radio programs I’ve participated in over the years. You will also find all of my blog posts and articles, a contact page, my Twitter feed, which is embedded in the right hand side bar of the website, and many other useful and important links. I am a regular reporter for American Free Press. America’s last real newspaper. And I also contribute to the Barnes Review, the bi-monthly history magazine affiliated with the American Free Press. I encourage our listeners to subscribe to these fine print publications, if you are not already. Check out American Free Press dot net, and Barnes Review dot org, for all of the details.


All right! With that said, let me introduce my special guest today. It is my honor to have Paul Nehlen on The Realist Report, today! Mr Nehlen is currently running for Congress in Wisconsin against Paul Ryan. The GOP incumbent Congressman. Mr Nehlen, welcome to the program sir! How are you today?




Paul: I’m doing great! Thanks for having me on, John.


John: Thank you so much for coming on. I contacted you actually a few weeks ago, maybe close to a month ago. And I’ve been following your campaign very closely going back to when you first ran in 2016. And I was following you on Twitter, I’ve been following your campaign website. And I know you’ve basically been kicked off of Twitter, from what I understand. I’ve been very impressed with your campaign, especially the campaign you’re currently running. So, I’m curious how, because I actually reached out to you and then you followed up with me just recently. So I’m curious, how did you hear about my website, or are you just responding to my original email?


Paul: Yeah. No, I somehow came across something that you had worked on and we actually have a mutual contact. And I said, you know, I ought to reach out to him, in that context. So yeah, you probably ought to. I bet he’d have you on. And I don’t know what happened to the email that you sent to me. It must be got by me. So I apologize for that. But was glad that we were able to connect, and so, yeah, I’m glad to be here.


John: Yeah, me too! Again I’ve been following you very closely and I’ve been very impressed. I think you’re doing at this point, I think you’re doing God’s work bringing up some of the issues that you are. And in a very bold and courageous way.


So I guess just to get started, could you maybe just give our listeners a little bit of background. Talk about your, maybe your professional career, your business experience, and then we kind of go from there?


Paul: Yes sure! So I’m a Midwestern guy. I grew up in Ohio, moved to the east coast. Didn’t have the money to go to college, so I worked my way through college. I started out in a factory with a wrench and a torch in my hand and eventually ran that factory, and ran factories all around the globe. I’ve been part of Fortune Two Hundred, Fortune, Five Hundred private equity companies. I’ve got a slew of US patents for my inventions.


And it just so happens that I am living in the district where Paul Ryan happens to reside. And I found out that he was pushing this Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP] article, based on a letter that Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama wrote, describing this terrible trade deal. And I just could not believe it.! And so that act of Jeff Sessions writing that letter, is what motivated me to step into the arena and put a stop to the trade deal. I’ve had nearly twenty thousand employees in my lifetime, and I was going to be damned if I was going to stand by and watch Paul Ryan burn it down!




John: Nice, okay, very good. And this was back in 2016 when, …


Paul: Yes sir, that was 2016.


John: Yeah, yeah, very interesting. So I’m curious about your professional experience. You talk about how you were working in a factory and you ended up managing a number of factories. What kind of factories were they like, industrial, production, or manufacturing?


Paul: Manufacturing. I started in a business. It was probably seventy million dollars annually annual sales, building compressed air purification equipment, industrial equipment. And then I went on to companies building valves, pumps, heat exchangers, homogenizes, are all sorts of food and beverage equipment. Power and energy equipment for transformers that transmit electricity into your house and into other factories. I was in charge of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, for a Fortune 500.


I had businesses in Asia. I’ve, in fact, closed two Mexican facilities with two different companies and brought those jobs back to United States. And I closed a Canadian factory and relocated their sales and engineering offices back in 2013. Those jobs came back to the United States. So it is possible to bring work back to the United States. Now, it’s easy to ship jobs off to China. I mean, any knucklehead can do that, but it takes some strategy, and perseverance, and determination to bring jobs back to United States. So that’s kind of been my claim to fame, I guess you would say.




John: Yeah, no, that’s very cool! That’s very interesting. I kind of admire you, and admire your career and everything that you’ve done. Sounds like you’re a very successful businessman, manager. Were you a, … I was reading your resume, you were a general manager as well of like an entire facility? Is that correct?


Paul: Yeah, in a Fortune setting. President of a division, or company. You might have, you know, ten, or fifteen general managers running a multitude of businesses. Like when I was a general manager of the process equipment business out of Wisconsin, I had Buffalo, New York, Chicago, Wisconsin, Mexico City, and Modesto, California. But then when I was in Europe, I had over twenty factories, over ten engineering centers, supply chain businesses, you know, just all spread out, all over the place. So whether you’re a vice President, or senior vice President, or a general manager, it really depends on the kind of stratification within the Fortune setting.


John: Gotcha. Very, very interesting. Well, you know, I’m curious, you’ve had a very successful business career and professional career. I have a kind of broad question. What does it take to be successful in America today? Because it seems like a lot of people struggle to find a good job, you know, a decent paying job. Something that they actually, you know, they wake up and they want to go do. A lot of people work in America, but are they really doings something that they feel productive, feel proactive, and they feel, you know, it is rewarding, is it fulfilling? And I think that’s something that we’ve kind of lost. I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s totally out the window, but a lot of people it seems like, struggle to find meaningful work. You know, what I mean?




Paul: Yeah. I think part of it is, you know, a lot of our manufacturing, … we build a lot of things in the United States! We still built a lot of things! And we’re certainly the biggest market. Which is why everybody wants to sell here.


And so., I think a lot of people who might not otherwise go into manufacturing, first, because there isn’t as much manufacturing as there once was in this country. But as it comes back, as Trump leverages tariffs, and factories will relocate to the United States to get around tariffs.


That is a reality. And we will have more manufacturing jobs here. I cannot tell you how much joy I have going into a manufacturing facility and seeing things transformed into useful objects, and going out to customers! God blessed me with the ability to work in manufacturing environments, and diagnose, and troubleshoot, and improve them. And I just love the camaraderie, of being around engineers, and production planning people, and shipping people. It’s really a good group camaraderie that, I’m sure it’s not for everybody. I’m sure it’s not for everybody.


But the key is that we all have these opportunities. That we don’t outsource from foreign countries, or even more insidiously, decide that we’re going to bring HB1 and H2B workers into this country, or have open borders, unsecured borders, where illegals can come in and take these jobs away. Because when they report the unemployment numbers, they are excluding the people who’ve just given up. The people who, you know, that we’ve made it so easy for people to get onto permanent disability, that they just say you know:


Ff it! I can’t do this anymore! I can’t keep looking for a job and coming home empty-handed. I’m going to find some way to claim that I’m disabled.


And, you know, that just breaks my heart when I see that happen. And there’s a lot of people that are on the fringes, who are, you know, getting themselves into trouble. These opioid epidemic we have in this country, and I mean, there’s so many things that need to be fixed. And it starts with having productive work! A lot of it starts with having productive work. People get self-worth out of that job. People get the ability to change their destiny, based on that work that they can do.


And so, I think you should take every opportunity, for every training you can get, because you never know when later on, … Nobody can ever take your knowledge away from you. I mean, you could fall off your motorcycle and bust your head open, but generally speaking, read a lot of books, watch a lot of instructional things. Fill your head with good useful things, and don’t waste it away on crappy television.




John: Yes. Very well said. I completely agree with you. That’s sort of my outlook when it comes to work. I’m always trying to be productive. I always want to work hard. Get as much done each day as possible and really just learn every day!


Paul: Yeah!


John: And take every day as a new challenge, a new opportunity to grow and to get better at what you do, whatever it is that you’re doing.


I’ve had some employment issues given, my publicly expressed political views.


Paul: Yeah.


John: So I don’t really want to talk about what I do for a living. But I can say that it is in an industry similar to what you describe, you know, your sort of background. And it is very, very, you know, I go to work and I feel fulfilled. I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something, I’m doing real work. I’m not sitting behind a desk and scamming people, for example.


You know, there’s a lot of jobs nowadays where you’re doing telemarketing, or you’re recruiting people, or you’re selling them junk that they don’t need. So there’s a lot of, sort of like, parasitic type employment opportunities that people, frankly a lot of times, they don’t have any other option. And I think not having real meaningful work, has a very profound psychological and emotional impact on people, especially men. I think that men, young men in particular, we need something productive to do, otherwise all hell is going to break loose. People are going to start doing drugs, or doing any number of other very unproductive things.


So I think it’s something that’s very important. It sounds like you kind of had a career doing this. And, you know, what it takes to be successful. And it sounds like, even more particularly, you’ve seen firsthand how our trade policies, how our other more broader economic policies have impacted our economy.


And again, you kind of explained this was your decision to jump into politics and run against Paul Ryan in 2016, was, because he was out there promoting open borders, and globalism, and these free trade deals, that have been absolutely disastrous to the United States economy and to the American worker. So, just kind of recap, that was again your primary reason for getting involved, was seeing what Paul Ryan was up to. Seeing him, you know, promote, what was it, the TPP? I remember that when it was going on.


Paul: Yeah.


John: Yeah, so that was kind of what led you to get into politics. That was the primary thing. But I know, you’ve also kind of branched out, and now you’re talking about other issues, immigration, as you sort of explained. But what would you say that was really the main thing? Was trying to restore America’s economy, essentially?




Paul: Yeah, that was absolutely the main thing! I would have run on that issue alone, to stop the trade deal! It was that bad. It would have turned the United States of America into the “United States of Asia”!


And, you know, I work hard with the “Remembrance Project” the group that supports families that have lost someone to illegal alien violence. And I’ve met a lot of those moms, and dads, and brothers, and sisters. Kate Steinley’s mom and Dad, and Spencer Gobacher’s mom and dad, and just, I mean, the list just goes on and on. Danny Oliver, and Brandon Mendoza, Josh Wilkerson’s mom, all those people who lost somebody.


They are real people! They are American citizens, who through no fault of their own encountered an illegal alien who had no business being in this country in the first place, and they lost a loved one. And, I am hell-bent on seeing a fence, or a wall, put up on that border, that’s going to be defended! That any man, or woman, or child, that approaches that fence, is treated like an enemy combatant! And we defend that border! I’ve had it with any unaccompanied children BS! And an open border. [call broke up]


It sure is okay, for Israel to defend their border isn’t it? They eject the ethnically impure and defend their border! And I’ve had it! I’ve, absolutely had it! So, …


John: Yes! Yes! As have millions of other Americans.


Paul: Yeah.


John: And see, this is what’s so insane, is that you just start making these very basic common sense points. Look! We can’t have illegal aliens in our country! Certainly, we can’t have them you’re committing crimes and killing people! We can’t have all of these migrants come over here and take all our jobs. You mentioned the H1B visas I think they’re called. And there’s a number of other, you know, visa programs that these large corporations, primarily, utilize to get to labor in and pay them, oftentimes, a lesser amount than what they would pay an American worker. So it’s just been absolutely disastrous.


Making these common sense points, you know, putting America first, putting our economy first, putting our workers first, is now, we live in such a politically correct age, where this is considered racist! And it’s funny, I mean, I was just having a conversation with some friends and neighbor friends and, you know, we don’t really talk politics all that much, but it came out that I supported Trump. And I was like well, I don’t want to get into all the details, but my main thing was Trump’s stand on immigration. I think we should build a wall. I think these illegals have got to go. I don’t care how nice they are. I mean, they could be the nicest people in the world. They could be even productive workers. That’s irrelevant! That’s beside the point.


We have laws in this country that need to be enforced, and they’re not being enforced! Why are we giving social services and welfare and other benefits to people that are not even supposed to be here? To criminals! Bottom line, these people are criminals, and they’ve got to go! And to me, that’s so just matter of fact, and so straightforward. And so, just look, this is the law! It’s a law and order issue!


It’s not a racial issue. I mean, I could make a racial argument for a lot of these things, but really, at the end of the day, that is the basic argument. Look we have laws in this country and they need to be enforced. And they’re not being enforced! And we have a government, you know, basically that’s controlled by a very hostile elite, that is hell-bent on dispossessing the very people who founded this country! And that is wrong!




Paul: Yeah, I completely agree. What race makes it okay, for you to go into somebody else’s country and break their laws? There is no race card you can play that makes that all right. And furthermore, we keep hearing this argument that well, you know, illegals don’t commit more crimes at a higher rate than the citizens. That is a false argument, from the jump! There should be zero crimes committed by illegals in this country! , because there should be zero illegals in this country! To suggest that the rate of crime has anything to do with it is false!


There shouldn’t be any illegals in this country. Whether you came here illegally, or you overstayed your visa, it doesn’t matter! If you’re on our soil illegally, you’re illegal! You get sent out! A problem exists and we have no means to keep people out of this country.


Gobache, he had been deported four times! He’d previously spent time in American prisons. He shot Spencer in the head at a red light. Spencer just pulled up, and the guy used his head as target practice! Kate Steinley was murdered by a five-time previously deported illegal alien! We can’t keep these people out of this country. We’re giving them a free trip back to Mexico, but that’s not doing us any good! It doesn’t do us any good at all! We’ve got to have a way to keep them out of this country.


John: Now that’s sort of where the wall comes in, correct? And I think the wall would be effective at, you know, preventing people from just crossing our border at will. But also I think it’s sort of like a symbolic thing as well. Like, look, the United States is not just up for exploitation any longer! We’re enforcing our laws. We’re building a wall, and we’re getting serious about this. I mean, think about it, what other country, aside from the United States, maybe Canada, certainly Europe.


You know, what other countries out there — and, by the way, all of those countries just so happen to be founded and built by White people. What other country out there, you mentioned Israel, you used Israel as an example. It’s a very ethnocentric, racial state. You have to be jewish to be a citizen. You can’t just show up in Israel and expect to get welfare, and housing, and free schooling and everything else. Don’t you ever go over to China expecting that! I mean, give me a break! Every other country enforces their laws for a reason.


Why is it only the United States, and European countries, and maybe to a lesser extent Canada, I don’t know, I don’t know all the details of what’s going on in Canada. But it seems like, it’s only Western countries that are pitched as these “Proposition Nations”, where everyone, from anywhere in the world, has a right to come over here and become an American citizen. And not even necessarily become an American citizen, but just to come over here and exploit our resources, and take advantage of everything that we’ve built up! I mean, it’s absolutely outrageous!




Paul: Well, I think more people are becoming aware of the situation. And I think a big part of the fact that I’m not on Twitter anymore, was a big part of the fact that I was spending a whole lot of time, pointing out the amazing hypocrisy of censorship on the Internet.


And, you know, my “Shall Not Censor” proposal which would make it a federal crime for the large social media companies, essentially, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, [call broke up] Free speech would carry on to, our lawful speech would carry on to those social media platforms. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a few days after I introduced that proposal, that the onslaught of attacks from the globalists, and I named them, was just off the hook!


John: Just relentless! I remember watching it play out on Twitter!


Paul: Yeah, so in December I released that proposal December fourteenth. And I immediately started getting attacked for being an anti-semitic, and a racist! By then I had been really noticing who it was that was attacking me. And so, I decided to count all of the, just the verified Twitter users, not even unverified, just the verified Twitter users in my feed, who were attacking me. And I wrote down their name and their Twitter handle.


And I set about researching those eighty-one people who attacked me in December of 2017. And it turned out that seventy-four of those folks were of one tribe, and seven were of another tribe. And the seventy-four were from the jewish tribe, which represents two percent of the United States. So I have [call broke up] who makes up two percent of the US population. Now I’m an engineer, but it doesn’t take an engineer, or a statistician to tell that there is something absolutely sticking out at you when that happens. And so,


John: Don’t you dare notice that though, right!


Paul: Yes.


John: You can’t notice these things!


Paul: I got a seven-day twitter suspension for noticing it. And, you know, I was forced to delete my truthful tweets, which pointed out the hypocrisy of that. You know, I’m not ashamed of that. Every single day John, every single day blacks, and Whites, and Hispanics, and Han Chinese, they’re all subjected to criticism and critique in all sorts of circumstances and situation. All races are subject to that criticism and critique. All except for one, jews!




That’s a double standard and that’s unacceptable! And I am going to continue to point out the hypocrisy of this, because it is undermining, and unweaving the fabric of our society.


And, you know, I grew up Lutheran. I went to Catholic church with my ex-wife and her kids. I got married immediately had kids in junior high. I was twenty-nine, I had kids in junior high. You know, I raised as boys like they were my own. And I got them through junior high and high school, and college, and graduate school. We ended up splitting up.


But I went on to, I ended up in an evangelical church at first. But there was a whole lot of reference to, kind of like reverence for Israel! And I really don’t understand it. I mean, at the time I had no idea. But, you know, I mean, this was 2014, I didn’t really, I mean, until really 2017, I kind of noticed it 2016. And I really started noticing it in 2017.


Towards the end of 2017 it was unquestionable that the people that were attacking me were predominantly jewish. And then things started making a whole lot more sense to me. Things that had gone on in 2016, made a lot more sense to me. And so, being that I had lived for forty-seven years and really didn’t catch on to all this, I thought, you know, this my responsibility. Was To tell other people.


Hey this is going on around us!


And it’s not about anything other than being pro-White. And I’ve been called a White supremacist, a racist, an anti-Semite. And, you know, if pro-White is “White supremacist” what is what is pro-jewish?


To me it’s jewish supremacism! If pro-White is White supremacist, then pro-choice is jewish supremacism. And certainly, if you look at it from the ADL’s perspective, there is no such thing as jewish supremacism, the jewish supremacists will tell you. And whenever the news media decides that it is going to validate one of their stories, there will be a jewish newspaper, or news media story, they will check with the ADL, to see if what they’re writing about me is true. That, is Nehlen really an anti-Semite?


So a group of jews goes to another group of jews to validate what the first group of jews says! Are you kidding me! I mean, it’s constant! I had a guy write a story today in The Boston Herald that was filled with lies! Filled with lies! He said, the first time Nehlen ran in 2012, he was a Tea Party candidate! I never ran in 2012! But he went on to equate me with these folks who tipped over jewish headstones, and made graffiti, Nazi graffiti! Well it turns out, those were all perpetrated by jews! All of those were hoaxes! They were all perpetrated by jews!




I mean, the article just went on, and on, a classic case of gas lighting! And we deal with that every day. But people aren’t aware of it, and certainly evangelical Christians who think there are still some “land grant”, there’s still some promise from God to these folks, who spit on Christ! That “land grant” is not with those people! And I’m going to continue to tell the story! I’m going to continue to say to everybody:


Hey look! What you’re being taught in Evangelical church stems from the Scofield Bible. And it’s not the teachings of Martin Luther! It’s not the teachings of the early Christian church!


Early Christian church saw it for what it was. They, the jews, were expelled from Israel in 87 [AD], because God told them they were going to be expelled! And it’s not God who brought Israel back. I’m convinced the US hasn’t been better, I don’t think the US has been blessed more since Israel’s been in existence. In fact, if you went back to when Israel, 1948s the United States better now, than it was in 1948? I’d argue it isn’t! I would argue we are more divisive, we’ve got this diversity which is divisive. In every culture when you try to jam a bunch of cultures together you end up with catastrophe! Is what you end up with!


And that’s what we have here. Is headed towards catastrophe. They are making it okay, in the news media, to suggest that it’s okay, to punch a Nazi. But guess what! The only people who can be called Nazis, are White people! That’s what they’re doing there! They’re giving us a name, and saying it’s okay, to punch White people! It’s okay, to dispossess White people.


I just read an article, in a 400 level seminary class in Indiana [a student] was thrown out of the class for challenging the professor but there’s only two races [genders]. And the woman that was teaching the class, just had some TED talk from some transvestite, or trans something, or other. I mean, “up is down, down is up!” And we’ve got to come together, as a people, and say this is wrong, right! We’re going to advocate for White people. That’s doesn’t mean we’re advocating against somebody else! We are advocating for White people!


And I think it is absolutely, … I’m reading an article right now, a book by Greg Johnson called, “New Right Vs Old Right” all about meta-politics, and all of us coming together.




John: Yeah, I know, I familiar with the book. I’ve read it myself, I have a copy of it. Yeah, it’s a very good book. Sorry, go ahead and finish your thought. I didn’t mean to interrupt you.


Paul: No, no, yeah, I think we have to get smarter about what we’re doing. We have to read up, and we can’t vote as split blocks. We really can’t, because reality is, there is a concerted effort, right now, essentially do away with the White race! It’s going on across the globe right now, and we’ve got to reverse!


John: Yep.


Paul: We’ve built some of the greatest civilizations known to man and we have to make a concerted effort to save it.


John: Yeah, yeah. No, I completely agree! I’m curious because, of course, any time you get into these topics, whether it’s criticizing jews, or just simply noticing things about jews, and noticing the way jews behave, the way jews operate, the sort of agendas they push, the sort of narratives they push, just noticing these things and becoming concerned about it, doing research into it, etcetera, it will lead you down these paths to racial realism, to really researching the jewish Question.


So, I’m curious, how would you describe your racial views? Because, if I’m not mistaken, in 2016 you were more sort of like just in a “America first” Trump style populist, right? You weren’t really getting into the racial issues, you weren’t really getting into, you know, the jewish Question, for example. So we’ve kind of seen a transformation and it seems relatively recent. So I’m just, how would you describe to somebody your overall racial views?


Paul: Well you’re right, you watched it in real-time. Everybody said:


Oh yeah! Hey look at this meme of Paul Nehlen and Israel in 2016 at the wall!


Yes, I was. I had my Trump hat on. I went to Israel, and I did filming for a documentary that I did on Islam. And, I had no idea of anything going on behind Islam, or other people pulling strings and other stuff going on. And everybody watched me in real-time taking red pills, and getting wise to the situation. And I would say, at this point, I would describe myself as a “race realist”. That I acknowledge that there are differences between races, and there are values, different values in different races, and different, …


You know I watched a video us night of a black preacher, who’s an American guy. And he was talking about, the guys traveled all over, and he was really well-educated, had his story together, he said:


You know, I, …”


He’d been to St Petersburg and he talking about when St Petersburg was built and how St Peter went out and built this glorious, glorious city where there was nothing before it. And how there were no White men in Africa in the 1400s, or the 1500s, or the 1600s. And that he had been over Oxford, this black preacher, and been over to Oxford. And he was in these buildings that were built-in, I think he said 1680, or 1714, or something. Very old! And he just marveled at that! He said:


You know, there isn’t a single structure in all of Africa! From Libya all the way to Cape Town! Not one! From the 1400s, 1500s, or the 1600s, or from the 1700s! There might be one from the 1800s!


And, you know, he said:


You can’t blame White people for that.




And the guy was dead on right! And so you look at that you say, wait a minute! We built civilizations and people aren’t racing to other countries to establish themselves in these other countries. They’re racing to White countries! They’re racing to countries where White heritage built that country. And you’ll hear people say:


Well, yeah, America was built on the back of blacks!


No blacks built Boston! No blacks built many, many, northern towns. And only 1.6 percent of the people in the South owned slaves. So yeah, there were slavery. And how did the slaves get here? The Muslims rounded them up and sold them off. And the blacks fought against the blacks in Africa, and sold them to the Muslims.


And who was doing all of the money keeping and the trading of that? It was the jews! I mean, it, you know, when you step back and you look at all this, you go, wow!


There’s a whole lot of race realism to learn, if you’re willing to be called a “racist”.


John: Yeah!


Paul: If you’re willing to stand in the breach and be called names, you can learn a whole lot! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love my wife, who happens to be not White. I love her dearly! I prayed to God that he would send me somebody who loved me. That’s all I wanted was somebody who loved me.


And, you know, my first wife was White. I married my high school sweetheart, and that didn’t work out. I married another woman, who was White, and we were married for quite a while and things didn’t quite work out. You know, God, I keep moving forward and I keep praying about things. And God sent me a woman who loves me very much. She doesn’t happen to be White. If you heard her on the phone, you think she’s the Whitest woman you ever met. But she loves me, she takes care of me, she looks out for me, she cares for me.


But, you know, I say these things to her, you know, it’s dangerous in Mexico! I mean, there, largely, there’s a population down there that is prone to violence and does not value life the same way we do here in the United States. And every day I’m proven right. There’s amputations [decapitations] by drug dealers, and murders, and kidnappings, and just the most horrific things right on the southern border of United States! Right over the border. And getting into the United States. So I am absolutely a race realist!




You know, if you ask a thousand Chinese people that spoke English, in China. You and I took time travel and went the China right now and we are there for coffee in the morning. And we asked the thousand Chinese people:


What would happen if you stopped working?


The predominant answer we would get from them is, “You die!” Here in United States you can be a single mom with eight children of five, or eight different fathers, and you could decide that you need some more money from the government, so you’re going to have a ninth child. Now if you, or I say:


Well that’s wrong! You shouldn’t be able to do that.


We’re either called racists, or uncaring bigots, or whatever! Whatever that mom [call broke up] and there’s some sense of entitlement here in this country, that’s built up over time, that’s wrong! That is wrong whether you’re a White person, or a black person, or a brown person, any person! They have no right to my money! They have no right to John Friend’s money, in order to stay home and make babies, and live off the largess of the government.


So I think within races there are stratification, there’s the strong and the weak, the smart and the fool, you know, the hard-working and the lazy slacker!


So, we have to be willing to call that out!


John: Yeah! Yeah, you know, I think you’re making a lot of good points, and one thing I think that a lot of people struggle with, especially White people, when it comes to some of these racial issues, is that our overall historical narrative is presented from such an anti-White perspective. I mean, White people, if you think about it, growing up in America, for example, as a White child you’re learning about how evil White people came and took over America, and had slaves, killed their slaves, whipped their slaves, treated them terribly, separated families apart. You know, we exploited the Native Americans and enslaved them. Then there’s colonialism and then, of course, the “Holocaust” that pretty much every single White person is apparently responsible for!


Paul: Right.


John: So my point is that our historical narrative, the mainstream historical narrative, is presented from a very anti-White perspective. And I think that prevents a lot of White people from having a healthy racial consciousness! I mean, racial issues aren’t really taught in school anyways, like race realism anyways. So it’s fundamentally presented from a very anti-White perspective. Where White people and there’s even quotes from some of these radical jewish intellectuals, for example, where they’re literally saying:


White people are the cancer of history!”, “White people are responsible for all of the problems we see in the world today. All of the injustice we see in the world today.


So most people get this and they don’t really think critically about it. They’re not offered any other alternative explanation of history, or whatever. And the more research that I did when I kind of started getting into some of these racial issues, … I was reading Dr Kevin MacDonald website, the Occidental Observer dot net, who he recently joined your campaign — which I do want to talk about here in just a second.





Paul: Right.


John: But I started reading material from Dr MacDonald, Jared Taylor. You mentioned Greg Johnson — I’ve read a couple of his books — and other thinkers, and writers, and whatnot. And I came to the realization that a more accurate and objective perspective of history, portrays Whites truly as the founders of civilization! And really the people that really created all of the political development we see today, created all — at least most of it — the economic development, all of the advances in technology and architecture. I mean, you name it, I mean, really I think that’s a much more accurate objective, and ultimately a much more healthy person, certainly for White people. But also for everybody else, for that matter. Much more, a much better narrative of history. One that’s actually true, and not totally weaponized by jews against Whites!


I mean, that’s my opinion, but I think we can make a pretty good case that is exactly what’s going on! I think really that’s kind of a main impediment to people actually having a healthy racial perspective, at least White people, anyway. Our history is presented in such a negative and anti-White way that it’s difficult to think about these things. And, of course, our perspectives, pro-White perspectives, race realist perspectives, are not even allowed to be entertained in schools! It’s that tyrannical.




Paul: Yeah. I’m frequently annoyed when I hear this raging against Russia. Russia, we ought to be friends with Russia by this time. And I would suggest that if we were aligned with Russia and not with Israel, we would be in a lot better position as a globe, than we are today! And that a lot of this fighting, you know, it’s almost as if it’s the man behind the curtain doing a lot of this.


For example, the hash tag “Oscars so White”, right? That put in a lot of people’s minds that, you know, it’s terrible that there are so many White people. When in fact, Hollywood is all jews! And, you know, if you look at somebody the color of their skin doesn’t tell you that there are White, or if they’re jewish.


And maybe the keen observer can tell one from the other. I can’t, I have to research it. And I have to check out the names, check out the history, check out all the things, the “markers” as you well know. So that whole “shapeshifter” situation, where we’re led to believe that Whites are doing all these bad things, when, in fact, they’re jews are doing these things!


John: Right!


Paul: And they’re portraying themselves as Whites when they do them, for the benefit of undermining the Whites!


But, an interesting thing is happening, and it comes from all places, the Nation of Islam. You may have seen some of the leader of the Nation of Islam recently. He has been naming the jew, and so I thought for a moment, well maybe I reach out to him and have a discussion. Then I thought, maybe not, you know, he’s pretty polarizing figure and there’s probably folks who maybe have a larger drawing in the African-American community.


But the reality is, the African-American community and the Hispanic community, are being manipulated by the jews, the same way Whites are being manipulated by jews. And I think, I don’t know this to be true, but I think blacks think those folks are Whites. And same thing with the Hispanics. And they think it’s Whites doing this stuff to them when, in fact, it’s the jews.




And the better we are at pointing that out to them, the more folks we’re going to have on our side. Because, I don’t think we should only wage this bottle against the globalists, the international cosmopolitans, ourselves. I think we shouldn’t enlist the help of the African-Americans and the Hispanics. I want them to have their own space. I do. And I want my own space. I don’t want to have to constantly be waging battle with the blacks and the Hispanics, because they think the Whites are the ones behind all the shenanigans, when, in fact, it’s the jews are behind all the shenanigans.


John: Right.


Paul: So I’m going to make a concerted certain effort to point that out to them.


John: Yeah. No, I hear you. I think you’re making a lot of sense, and that’s kind of always been my approach. I’m willing to, you know, collaborate with, work with, or just have an honest conversation with anybody, you know, no matter their race, even if they’re jewish. And if you want to have a conversation about these issues, let’s do it. But I expect you to hear me out, just like I’m going to hear you out. And, you know, I can’t have you be offended at every little thing I say.


But I think, again, I think a lot of non-Whites in general, I think they have been used by the organized jewish community, as sort of like the pawns in this greater game, right? I think you can make a very strong case with that. And especially when it comes to like the history between the organized jewish community and the black community. Like the NAACP, for example, was founded by a bunch of jews as a way to basically instigate them and to use them to ultimately undermine White society.


And we see this across the board with the organized Jewish community. I mean, they are always partnering up and collaborating with every single minority! Whether it’s illegal aliens now, or blacks back in the forty’s, fifty’s, and sixty’s.


Or, right now the big thing is that LBGT community. They use all of these minorities in this broader war against traditional Western, Christian civilization, which, you know, I shouldn’t have to point this out, but I will, was founded by White people! And developed by White people, primarily.


So I think you’re right about that, and I think you do see a lot more people on YouTube, and in the alternative media on Twitter, etc., that are non-White, and they’re talking about jews. They recognize these things. I’ve been following — you were talking about the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan — I’ve been following him for a number of years and he’s always been a critic of jews!


Paul: Yep.


John: And he’s always stood up to them. He’s always called out, you know, just exposed jewish power, Jewish supremacy in the United States. And I do want to get into the jewish question, and how you got Dr MacDonald working on your campaign.


Paul: Yeah.


John: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I mean, you really started connecting the dots. It was primarily, and you kind of already explained this, primarily, because of all the censorship, and all the all the jewish pressure put on you on Twitter, and on other social media platforms, to basically shut you down and to get you to shut up! Talking about the issues that you were at the time. Is that is that basically correct?




Paul: Sorry you broke up on me there.


John: Oh no, I was just, to kind of recap how you kind of got into looking more closely at sort of the jewish question. It was primarily, because these people were attempting to shut you down, correct? And then that kind of led into other aspects. Go ahead.


Paul: Yeah, it started back in 2016. I had people attacking me on the trade deal and on closing the border down. And I noticed it a little bit back then, but I wasn’t so cut and dried at that point. And then supporting Trump, I had some of the same people, but some more folks attacking me. And then when I made my documentary “Hijrah – Radical Islam’s Global Invasion” I had persons attacking me there.


And I went over Israel, and there’s a woman on Twitter named Amie Mac. Just before I left, I was talking to a guy by the name of Jared Wyam on Twitter, and she reached out to me at the time. The conversation was like:


Jared Wyam is a rotten human being! He’s a White supremacist!


And blah, blah, blah! And you know, I’ve chatted with Jared a few times, and I didn’t find him offensive at all. And I basically told Amie that well, you know, sorry you feel that way, but I’m going to choose who I speak to. You’re not going to reach out to me and tell me who I’m allowed to talk to and who I’m not allowed to talk to. Who hell does that, right? Well, it turns out that is what Jews do.


John: That’s what they do!



Paul: I’ve learned about, a year ago, January, the story about twenty million Christians being killed by these Bolshevik jews. And I had never heard this story before! And I said, where did this come from? Why am I just now hearing this? I’m forty six years old, at the time, and the guy that I was speaking said:


You need to get this book, ‘The Culture of Critique’”.


He said:


I can explain this to you right now, in one conversation. You’ll never, … it’ll be like the most massive red pill ever! You aren’t ready for this!




So, I got the book, and I, like that day I got the book! And I read ten pages of it, and I shook my head, and I laid the book down and said:


What the hell is this guy talking about?


And that book laid there for like six months.


[call broke up]


John: Last I heard was, you know, you were describing “Culture of Critique” and how you obtained a copy of the book and you read like ten pages, and then you put it down and the book laid there for six months. You want to pick up right there.


Paul: Sure. Yes sure.


So then the attacks just kept coming, and I did the best I could with all of them. You know, kept on my message. And I picked that book up again, I don’t know, three four more months later, and read the same ten pages, and put it back down. And I just couldn’t get it!




And then when the attacks came after I released the time.


Paul: Legislation and I realized all these attacks, ninety-two percent of these attacks in December were from Jews. I picked that book back up and started reading it. And I couldn’t put it down! And then I reached out to — I’ve got to mutual friend with Dr MacDonald — and asked him if be okay, if I called? And I called him and he said to me:


I’ve been a big fan of yours!


And I thought that was so funny, because, you know, I just read his book and I really, really, enjoyed it. And I wanted to talk to him about it. And we had a great conversation! And he’s very kind with his time. He wants to help me learn and understand, and so I asked him if he would be interested in being on my campaign. And he very graciously, … first he asked me [call broke up] And we discussed how that would play out, and he said that he was interested in doing it. And I’m very grateful for that.


I’ve got Josh Smith moved over to Legislative Director, and unlike most other campaigns in the country, we’re writing legislation ahead of being elected., because we want somebody to pick it up. This “Shall Not Censor” legislation is so vital to free speech on the defacto public square! As the Supreme Court has ruled, the social media platforms are now the de facto public square. And I’ve got a couple other things that are brewing, that are going to be coming to fruition here very quickly, behind it.




Because I don’t look at this as a full-time, for the rest of my working days. I’m going to do that for, you know, a few years and then I’m going to step out of it and let somebody younger coming up behind me work on it.


I’m an engineer, I like building things, I like running businesses. I think that I’ll be good for a while, helping with the nation. And I intend to do that. So, I’m just very grateful that Dr MacDonald has agreed to help me.


John: Yes, me too! I read your press release which I think you put out, if I’m not mistaken, last Friday. And I subscribed to your campaign. By the way, do you want to give out the website.


Paul: Sure. Yeah. It’s “elect nehlen dot com”. Elect and NEHLEN dot com.


John: Perfect. And Il, of course, have the link, …


Paul: You can follow me on Gab.


John: Yeah, I’ll have a link over to your official campaign website, as well as your Gab profile which is probably the best way to follow what you’re doing. Unless your on Facebook, I guess. I’m not on Facebook.


Paul: Yeah, I’m on Facebook. I’m fairly active on Facebook. You know, the constituencies are different. I’ve got an older population on Facebook here and so I communicate with them, you know, fairly regularly, a few times a day, in fact. And I’m a voracious reader and I try to share with people what I’m into at the moment, and following, and trying to keep them aware, abreast, of what’s going on in Congress., in fact, there’s going to be a vote this week on taking guns away from veterans.


They’re going to call it, … you know, they always call these things some ridiculous name, like “Safe Schools Act”, or something like that. And it really is this Nix fix going through, and it’s going to pay half a billion dollars to a bunch of different US agencies to add names to the Nix List. Well do you think they’re going to add more names, or fewer names, if they’re given more money? They’re going to add more names! They’re going to add a bunch of veterans names! If any veterans have anybody helping them take care of their money, or any number of things, it’s going to be a trigger for their rights, their Second Amendment to be abrogated! It’s ridiculous!




John: Absolutely! Yes. And this is something that they’ve been working on for a very, very long time, this whole gun grab issue. Yeah, no doubt. Well I’m really glad that Dr MacDonald has agreed to join your campaign. I’ve always been very, very, impressed with his work. His book Culture of Critique was very, very, influential on my thinking, as it sounds like it has been on yours.


Paul: It has.


John: I think the issues that he addresses in that book, and the other issues that he addresses on his website, are just so important, so critical to the future of our country, to the future of our nation, to the future of our race and of our world! I mean, there’s that important! They go to the heart of what’s going on! Of what’s wrong in the world. And I think it’s absolutely essential that we start talking about these things publicly, and do so, you know, in a political way, in a political campaign. Somebody has got to stand up and say these things. And I’m so glad that you are! And there’s others that are starting do the same.




I think Trump has really kind of emboldened the Alt-Right and allowed more room for our ideas to gain more traction and certainly to get more coverage. We see how the media has been hysterically covering the Alt-Right, and some of these other issues that are important to the Alt-Right.


I have a question. We have to wrap up here in just a second. I’d love to do this again though.


Paul: Sure!


John: And maybe get into the details of your campaign and what exactly you’re proposing and things like that. But I think this is a pretty good sort of introductory type conversation. I want to ask you before we wrap up. Would you consider yourself like part of the Alt-Right, or like an Alt-Right political candidate? How would you address that question if like a mainstream reporter were to ask you, for example?


Paul: Sure. The problem with saying “Am I Alt right” is they want to say:


Oh! Alt-Right equals White nationalism! White supremacist!


And so, I don’t have a problem with somebody calling me an Alt-Right candidate. I really don’t! I don’t go around labeling myself. You know, I label myself as a Christian, and I label myself as White, pro-White. But as soon as you get off of that, into some type of lingo that people aren’t really aware of, I probably need to have an elevator speech that says:


Yeah, I’m fine with being called Alt-Right, if this is your definition of Alt-Right.


And give a fifteen second rendition of what that means. I guess, to distill it to it’s essence, it’s a pro-White candidate. And so yes, all day, every day, I will admit to being a pro-White candidate.




John: Well, very good! It’s about time we had at least one pro-White candidate out there representing our interests, and bringing up some of these topics! And I think that’s a very good! And I’m very encouraged. I mean, really like the way things are going politically I think things are definitely moving in our direction. Maybe not as quickly as some of us would like, but these things do take time.


And I think your campaign and the issues that you’re raising, the topics that you’re bringing up are so vital, so important! And I think you’re doing a great job representing them, and championing them, and explaining them to people! And I certainly wish you the best of luck in the campaign, and again, I’d really like to do this again and kind of get into more details, of what it is exactly you’re proposing.


Paul: Sure.


John: I think we could do a whole podcast, just kind of focusing on that., because we really didn’t get a chance to get into all the issues that are important to your campaign. We talked about them kind of broadly, but I think it would be good to talk about them in some more detail. So Paul, …


Paul: That sounds great.


John: Yeah! Man, thank you so much! I’m really glad that you reached out I’m glad that we finally connected. We’ll have to stay in touch and definitely do this again man.


Paul: Okay, great. Keep up the great work with your website, your writing, and your podcasts. I really appreciate it.


John: Thank you! I appreciate that as well. I will definitely be in touch, and I will send you a link to this podcast, once it’s up on the website.


Paul: And I’ll put it up. Thanks sir.


John: Okay, thank you very much. I will talk to you real soon.


Paul: Okay, God bless.









  • Great program, John. Thanks to you both. Paul is a force. Hope we can support his effort.

  • Hello John!

    I was disappointed to find out that your TalkShoe page was gone when I checked in to see if a new Realist Report episode was uploaded. My first thought was your account was shoah’d due to pressure from the “usual suspects” like many dissident pages and sites as of late. Luckily I still have all your old shows archived on a flash drive.

    Btw, I’ve been a listener to TRR right from the beginning (2011-2012) when you first started doing the program. I’m especially looking forward to listening to this one with Paul Nehlen!

    Keep up the great work!

    Phil from N.J.

    • Thanks man! Yeah, TalkShoe booting me has caused some problems, as that was my primary archive of all of my podcasts. Even the way I upload them to this website was impacted… Some of my really old podcasts I may not be able to recover unfortunately. I would recommend subscribing to the podcast RSS feed directly from They should automatically download if you subscribe.

      • John, I have a folder set aside for the downloads of your radio shows and it has 167 mp3 files in it. Doing a quick scan of this folder, the oldest shows I see date back to 2013.

        If you have a mailing address, I can burn all 167 of these mp3s to a DVD or two and drop the DVD in the mail.

        In the future, I would strongly recommend that you purchase a high capacity external USB drive or two, and get a copy of a product called Acronis True Image 2018. I have been using Acronis for years and highly recommend it. It allows you to create a backup image of a hard drive, or, of selected files and/or folders – and then store the image to an external drive. For simple disaster recovery – in situations where your C: drive goes bad, Acronis can be used to restore your entire O/S and all associated applications to the new replacement drive. This is a huge time saver – and is far faster and less tedious than to have to reinstall Windows and then each individual third party application.

        Acronis Images can also be ‘mounted’ as though they were a disk drive, and then browsed if you wish to locate a particular file or folder – and then you can simply copy the needed file or folder over to a spot where it can be accessed.

        Also, with the cost of large capacity USB drives coming down – it makes perfect sense for people who are active in the pro-White community to perform their own backups and not rely upon the ‘Cloud’ scam, which I suspect is being controlled by the NSA.

  • The Realist Report Interviews Paul Nehlen – Mar 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

    John Friend of The Realist Report interviews Paul Nehlen, a candidate running against supercuck Paul Ryan in his home State of Wisconsin. Paul describes his background as someone who has worked their way up from the shop floor, to engineer, and manager of many manufacturing businesses in the States and worldwide. He goes on to describe his awakening to race realism, and more recently, and most importantly, his red-pilling on the role of organized jewry and their genocidal intentions against the White race — KATANA.

  • Hi John. Thanks for doing the Paul Nehlen show. His work is very important for humanity, especially for us white Christians. I hope to God he wins the election. I have been experiencing what must be a virus, if it is not due to spying and censorship. On sites like yours, often what I write will be spontaneously deleted while writing. I have no control over it. It just happened five minutes ago here on this site. What I was writing then was a much more hard core exposure of why it is us that the tribe is trying to make extinct. And about this much was written, and BOOM! Gone just like that! I just read that microsoft is expected to start doing what facebook and twitter etc. have been doing. Anyway, lets hope and pray that Nehlen makes it.

  • Michael Creighton

    Paul. Luther is part of the problem and helped destroy Christendom.

    Regards, MAC

    • MAC, our problem is not religious in nature. Race-replacement is a biological process. A new Christendom still exists wherever actually believing Catholic Christians predominate, and that’s principally Africa and Asia – go there if you want to enjoy just what you say Luther destroyed. I think you’ll find Catholic Christianity isn’t the solution to our key problem, but White people enjoying self-rule is.


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