Simon Harris – My Speech to the Patriotic Alternative Conference – Mar 16, 2020 — Transcript

[Simon Harris, who runs the website European Freedom, as well as a YouTube channel, gives a speech via Skype to the spring 2020 Patriotic Alternative Conference held in the UK.

An Englishman, and long-time resident of Barcelona, Spain, Simon was unable to attend the conference due to travel restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic, with Spain having over 18,000 cases, and 831 deaths (as of Mar 20, 2020).

Simon talks about how he became a nationalist late in life, via the Counter Jihad movement. He urges nationalists to welcome new recruits into the movement as they have greater potential to red-pill many Leftists, and Civic nationalists.

He raises the important issue of how nationalism has been negatively linked with WWII, Hitler, and the so-called epitome of evil, the diabolical hoax known as the “Holocaust” to demonize the movement.

He rounds off his speech with some observations and speculations about the coronavirus and the dangers and opportunities that, that and the economic crisis present to nationalists.







Sadly, on Sat, May 22, 2020, I heard the news that Simon suddenly passed away, aged 60. During the week he tweeted that he was suffering with severe flu-like symptoms and suspected that he had caught the coronavirus.

May Simon

Rest In Peace

My condolences to his family and friends — KATANA




Simon Harris — My Speech to the


Patriotic Alternative Conference


Mar 16, 2020


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Published on Mar 18, 2020

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Mark Collett: So we did have Simon Harris flying here, but unfortunately he’s based in Catalonia. In Catalonia he’s on absolute lock-down at the moment. Everyone is quarantined in the houses. There were no flight out of there. And as such, he couldn’t make it. He informed me at four a.m., yesterday. Just before he was about to go and sort out his flight he learnt that they weren’t letting fights out there. Everything is about to go on lock-down.


So we thought rather than canceling Simon, it would be quite good if we could get him on a video link, so that maybe he could give you a bit of his speech, he could say hello to everyone. And also tell us a bit what’s going on elsewhere in Europe, where there is a heavy quarantine.


Now a lot of people will know Simon Harris. Simon is sometimes compared a little bit to Dionne, because Simon was another man who was once part of the Civic nationalist movement. He once worked with a different group, until he started to see, started to notice, quite a lot of blatant hypocrisy! Hypocrisy practiced by a particular group of (((people))) who believe that they should have a safe, walled, ethnostate in the Middle East, but everyone else should enjoy the fruits and benefits of an enriched, multicultural, and diverse, nation! And when he started pointing out the hypocrisy, he found that he was no longer welcomed by his old friends.


So it’s great to welcome Simon today as a new friend. Sadly can’t be here in person. If you just bear with it for a couple of minutes while Sven does the technical wizardry! We’re going to arrange everything, so he’ll be here on the big screen for about twenty minutes.






Simon Harris: Okay, hello everyone! Presumably I’m live. Nice to see you, nice to be here. It would be a lot nicer to be there actually! As, you know, I’m not. I hope you had a very good lunch, that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to be there, because the menus look very good. I suppose, you know, one of the reasons why I decided not to come was that I was very worried about not being able to get home on Sunday, due to flight restrictions back to Spain. Those of you who don’t know me, I live in Barcelona.



I think I called this right. Yesterday, when I wrote to Mark, there were 3,000 cases. Today there are 5,000 cases. All schools are shut down. Most business that closed. All the shops in my area are closed. In fact, as of this afternoon, we’re being placed on [word unclear]. I was looking at Twitter earlier and a couple of flights have been canceled back to Spain, so I probably wouldn’t have been able to get back home tomorrow. As far as I’m concerned, not being able to be with my family in a time of crisis would have been terrible! So that’s the reason why I’m not there!


Apropos of that, I’m gonna kind of give a speech. I can show you, I’ve got lots of papers here. The speech has changed a lot, as the topic is “Community Building”. I was going to talk about the whole red pilling process. Basically, converting normies into nationalists. And particularly talking about my own case, which is that of a, what I call a “default leftist”. A “default leftist normie” basically. And I think there are lots of people like this.


And the speech was originally called “Fertile Ground”, or “The Ground is More Fertile Than You Think”. Because I think lots of these people are perfectly convertible! In my case, one of the reasons why I didn’t move over, not for any ideological reasons. But it was, because I was kind of getting on with my life, working. My work environment, I would have caused trouble. But I was having some, you know, sneakily politically incorrect and dissident ideas along the way. As soon as I broke out of that I was able to come over.


Okay, this was gonna be quite a long speech and as a result, it was gonna end with things like, waking up to Islam, or giving examples, waking up to Islam, Brexit, Trump, and how these brought people over. But my decision is now, that I’m going to give you a review of some of them, and go on to some thoughts about coronavirus. Because I do think that coronavirus is both a threat to us and an opportunity! Hope it makes sense and here we go.




Okay! I came to most of your attention about two years ago as a result of conversations I was having with the infamous (((Brian of London))). And it was as a result of these conversations that I moved over from Civic nationalism, the Counter Jihad, fully into nationalism. And one of the strange things that struck me at the time, … I remember going through the process, and there were very few people around to help me. There was nobody really to talk to. Actually somebody I have very fond memories from this period of, is Earthling Carl. He was always there in my comments section sniping, saying:


“Simon you are going to a nationalist soon! You’re a nationalist soon! I know what kind of guy you are like!”


And he was totally right! And I will always appreciate that support he gave me, because I felt there was somewhere to go to.


And one of the things I realized in the process, that honest, certainly honest people, if you’re reasonably intelligent, and quite inquiring, you’re gonna get here in the end! Basically because, you know, we’ve got all the arguments! We’ve got the science, we’re right! Instincts, this is how people feel, this is where people will naturally go!


And so, apart from creating content since that time, since my conversion, I think I’m very much aware that it’s important to be there for people. So, hopefully there are a few people in the audience — I can’t see you. But I think there are a few people in the audience, present at the conference who will recognize that I paid a very small part in them coming over to becoming full-blown nationalists! I hope so, anyway!


And it’s not as if I did anything particularly mega! Basically, I decided to stay a member of lots of Counter Jihad groups, after I’d come over, but keep quiet. And all I did is like their posts, make a little comment. And finally when the person came over, I was kind of there saying:


“Oh, welcome! I was waiting for you. I’m glad you’ve come over.”


And just give a little welcome. And I think this is a really important thing for all of us to do.


Anyway, another thing that I tend to do, I make it very clear that people can write articles for my blog, “European Freedom”. And lots of people do. Lots of people on Twitter contribute, you know, one, or two, articles. It’s very difficult also. Other people like Shazia, for example, writes fairly frequently. Horus has written some. Dionne has written quite a few. But there’s a lot of people that were just written one, or two. And for these people it’s very difficult to have an outlet for their writing.


And I think writing things down is very important, because it’s through writing that you develop your ideas. There’s more to life than YouTube in my opinion. And even if you want to be a good YouTuber, you should probably script and write down your ideas! I think anyway.


Okay. So my favourite kind of ideas on this theme is the “red pill” process! Quite a few people have written red pill experiences for me. Because, particularly those are great ones to share in the Counter Jihad groups, because often this person hasn’t come over yet. You can share their article, and anybody who’s got doubts — they haven’t upset anybody yet — so anybody’s got doubts will comment, and say:


“Yeah! I’ve been thinking that mate!”


And you kind of can move the conversation along. And I don’t take a very active part. But there’s quite a few people, I’ve been doing this quite a lot, and for quite a long time. A little bit on the quiet really.


Anyway. Last week, a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine from one of these groups, a guy called Josh, sent me an article called “The Road to Nationalism”. Which is very much a red pill journey. How he moved from the Counter Jihad. He became an expert on Islam, so he got quite prominent — a little bit like I did — got quite prominent, well-respected among them. Then he noticed the grifting in particular! I mean, he noticed certain inconsistencies with the arguments, and came over to nationalism. It’s a kind of simple and straightforward article. And yeah, it’s pretty good.




But! It received a rather untoward comment. And I’m going to read the comment directly to you. Okay, here it is, … My computer is messing around. I’m gonna read the comment out to you. Where is it? Okay, this is what the comment says and I’ll read it to you, in the slightly pompous tone I think the guy wrote it:


“I do have concerns about the acceptance of “nouveau nationalists”. It is easy and clear to see that those of us who have always seen the writing on the wall are quick to welcome the prodigal sons and daughters. My problem is how do we know that they are not opening our ranks to more traitors?


If may take you, Simon, as an example. It has taken you until middle age to shake off your communist and progressive identity! Whilst I do not doubt your integrity, the New World Order have infiltrated and destroyed from within many legitimate movements. It was a pleasure to see you awakened to reality, but in our rush to gain mainstream acceptance we will continue to allow the Trojan horse into the gates!

I mention this, because someone such as Sargon, liberal, Count Dankula, commie, or Tommy Robinson, clear psyop [psychological operation], would be quickly promoted to hero status if they ever changed perspectives. And yet who really knows their roots, or their endgame? Hope I didn’t offend, but it worries me. We see politicians doing this all the time. They’re just actors, playing an audience.”


Okay. Yes, and we do see politicians doing this all the time. But I think there’s kind of quite a lot to unpack from this comment. Particularly if you’ve read Josh’s article. If you know my story, and if you know the story and conversion process of some of the other people in the room.


Okay, so the commenter apologized at the end. But I think, and this is something all of us need to be careful about, and particularly those of you who aren’t “nouveau nationalists” and have been around for some time. There’s a kind of subculture element to this, and it’s exclusive! And not really wanting to welcome people in. And as a result people can be — I’m certainly not saying everybody — but people can be suspicious to newcomers and unwilling to welcome them aboard.


Millennial Woes who I know is in the audience has discussed this phenomenon. And it’s precisely the opposite of what we need if we’re to develop a winning strategy, and turn what at the moment seems like the end of the West, around. We need to encourage people to embrace nationalism, and not be suspicious of nouveau nationalists, because they are somehow less authentic than those of us, or those of you, who’ve been around for a very long time. This seems to me a very strange form of “inverse gate-keeping” actually, which keeps potential converts out, rather than encouraging them to come in.


You see, being suspicious, or thinking that nouveau nationalists aren’t as authentic, or aren’t as useful is a very flawed tactic. Because I would say — and I think this is from experience, and experience from many more of you in the audience — we’re actually very, very, useful! One of the reasons for this is we tend to have more empathy with those who are on the other side of the fence. Was much less likely to poo-poo them, because we were that that way very recently. This also means, because we can still see the world from their point of view, we’re probably a lot better at constructing arguments that will bring them over.


Okay, I’m criticizing the movement in general, but as I said, it’s not everyone. For example, what I’ve seen of Mark and Laura’s efforts recently, converting many people on YouTube. They seem to agree with me. They want to bring people over to our side. And as I said, before if you’re honest, intelligent, sincere, and searching for the truth, you will get there! You just need to again [?] [words unclear] and weirdos actually. And Mark has spoken about “that guy”! And we need to keep “that guy” who purports to uphold our ideals, but is a complete loony. We need to keep him at a very long arm’s length.




Okay. The commenter also talks about having to be on the lookout for infiltrators. Yes, of course! But this is something that happens in all political groups. Possibly a little more so on the dissident Right, where you’ve got groups like Hope Not Hate. I was actually victim when at a meeting with Anne-Marie Walters. We ended up having a Hope Not Hate BBC journalist filming us! And my first meeting I ended up being in a documentary, as being dangerous far-right! You need to watch out for these people, they’re all over the place.


Then he goes on to talk about, … Yes, this is the next point.


“However, these infiltrators are unlikely to have a profile as high as something like Tommy Robinson, or Sargon. And neither are likely to join us, because there are too few grifting opportunities! What’s more, I think Sargon is unlikely to turn his back on his ‘black grandfather’! And it would be very difficult to stop Tommy from coming to events dressed in his Mossad T-shirt!

Joking aside though, we need to continue with people like Sargon and Tommy, doing what we’re doing now. When they make points that are consistent with our worldview, we need to point that out and support them. When they seem as if they’re gate-keeping or being deliberately disingenuous — which seems quite frequently to me — we also need to point that out. So we need to have a balanced approach.”


As I said, as someone who described himself as having this default leftist position, certainly in my case, both Sargon for his kind of Social Justice Warrior videos at the time, and Tommy in “the moment” — and we’re talking early 2017 Tommy at that time — were definitely “gateways” to nationalism! What tends to happen is, once you get past them, they tend to become “gatekeepers”. But you only see that once you move past them. And you think, how is it, or why is it, that you’ve been involved in this for so long and you can’t see what I see? You must be dishonest!


Okay, so let’s move on to this point about communism. He described me as a “communist” and a “progressive”. Okay, there’s no point in trying to convince the real leftist. The real leftist zealots, or the BAME [?]. But I’m convinced — and I say this from personal experience — that many of us, or many people are indoctrinated into adopting a default leftist position. I was stuck in this position for most of my life! Not, because I was particularly “ideological” I suppose is the world for it, but I’d just been indoctrinated. And it was my whole world. My family, my friends at school, at University. I mean, when I look at my school and university friends from Facebook, it’s kind of embarrassing!


But they’re really stuck in this mold! Because everybody’s taught, however moderate the good guys, [words unclear] and it’s cool to be a revolutionary. But I was never a communist! The maximum I did, I was a Labour Party member for a couple of years after University in the early eighties. But, in actual fact, this was a really useful experience, because I only lasted for two years. Partly, because the lefty lovvies, the middle-class, lefty lovvies, really got on my nerves! And I developed a very, very, healthy dislike of the real lefty zealots, people who were members of militants, and Socialist Workers Party at the time.


And this is really useful information, because it allows you, you know, them! And it allows you to spot them a mile off, in later life.


If you go out with a group of friends most people will be default leftists. But every now and again you’ll come across a real zealot! And it’s really useful to be able to notice him and point him out. And I was doing this long before I came over! Because these people are idiots basically! In my opinion.




Okay. I also read quite a lot of Marx and Trotsky, and a few theoretical books at the time, because I kind of wanted to understand what I was getting into. And even back then I was able to understand that an ideology that saw human beings only as labor, only as a cog in the machine, was bound to be dehumanizing. And was also bound to lead to Gulags and punishment for “wrong think”. And even I was fully aware of the crimes of the Soviet Union. But I also knew that they had been repeated in China. And the film “The Killing Fields” had come out, about the Khmer Rouge regime.


So I, and everybody else, knew about the brutality of communism! But still, it’s the Left are the “good guys”! Revolutionaries are, you know, it’s cool to be a revolutionary! And if you notice this, it’s really interesting, isn’t it? The way the Left idolizes, … And has stopped idolizing the likes of Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. But still view Lenin, Trotsky, and Che Guevara, as heroes! But the only difference ideologically between the two, is the latter group didn’t have time to commit as many mass murders as a former! So they’ve got no blood on their hands. But they would have if they’ve been around.


The Left’s narrative is also, … John Lennon even, Bono, and a whole host more! They fight the “good fight” against injustice, inequality, and racism, and the Ku Klux Klan, apartheid, slavery, and colonialism! And White nationalist demons like you and me! The supreme antagonists though, are always Hitler and the Nazis! And the epitome of evil is the “Holocaust”! Now this narrative — as we all know — is the reason why we’re not allowed to be nationalists! And why we mustn’t be racist, and why we must have open borders, and why we have to give the countries our ancestor built over to invaders!


So another important thing about Lefty normalcy, … And this is taking a little bit longer than I expected, so I’m gonna skip to the coronavirus quite quickly. People inculcated. The idea of Labour Party members supporting the Labour Party for a person like me, isn’t really ideological. Strangely it’s Identitarian! The reason — we all know this — the reason why you support the Labour Party is because your grandfather did, your father did, everybody around your way supports Labor. And it’s impossible to do anything else!


I mean, I even thought in an Identitarian fashion about the Robin Hood legend! Rather than steal from the rich to give to the poor, as far as I was concerned, it was steal from the Normans, to give to the Anglo-Saxons! So even back then I was viewing this in Identitarian terms.


I think it’s been really important the way we talk [about] terms. I think it’s been really important the way the “red wall” has moved over. I, had I stayed in Britain, probably would have been a “red wall” kind of voter. It would have taken me a long time to realize that the Labour Party are, in fact, traitors! I would have thought they represented us, out of the labor voting tradition. But I definitely would have moved over. And I mean, this is why so many people have moved over now.


And I’m sure we’re all certain, or very suspicious about, the Conservative Party. However I think the fact that the working-class are abandoning the Labour Party in droves is very positive. Because certainly speaking for my own point of view, when I was upholding those values as a Labour voter it was very difficult to move over. Moving over actually moves the people closer to us, however suspicious we should be of the Conservatives. Because the fact of the matter is, working-class voters aren’t real Tories!


So what’s happened very recently is their allegiance has been unbuckled. And so either the Tories deliver the goods on Brexit, immigration, or former Labour strongholds will be fertile ground for any party with a generally nationalist message.




There’s also been quite a lot of talk about “Bulldog Patriots”, I think some great work has been done by lots of people, Horus, Morgoth, people like that, bringing down the Churchill myth. And it’s very interesting, once again the Churchill myth leads to exactly the same place! Hitler and the Nazis are the epitome of evil, and the “Holocaust” is the biggest crime ever! Very, very interesting!


Another thing that I noticed being abroad, is this narrative it pretty much doesn’t matter which country you live in. This is almost a global narrative. In Spain, for example, there’s a very similar story surrounding Franco. Franco supported Hitler in the Second World War, therefore Franco is evil! Therefore we have to obliterate the memory of Franco! Therefore you can’t be a Spanish nationalist! You’ll have seen this very recently with the exhumation of his body. We have a law here called the “Law of Historical Memory” where really you’re only allowed to praise Republican [communist] victims in the Civil War. And very, very soon they’re going to be making Franco apologism illegal!


[See: Leon Degrelle — My Revolutionary Life: Muzzling the Vanquished]


Much like the Tories do in Britain, the Conservative Party [Partido Conservador, PC] have turned their backs on Franco. So they’ve turned their backs on Spanish nationalism. And this is why Vox* is rising.


[*Vox is a political party in Spain founded in 2013, by former members of the People’s Party. The party is described variously as right-wing, right-wing populist, or far-right]


Okay! Gonna finish this section quite soon. But this is really an opportunity for as I think to bring them lots more people over. Because it’s not just immigration, it’s not just Brexit, it’s not just borders, it’s not just industry. We know that the Tories have embraced the Social Justice Warrior agenda. And certainly looking at Facebook one of the things that upsets people particularly is, you know, police driving around in rainbow cars, the whole idea of feminism, blue haired feminists, gay pride parades, excesses at gay pride parades, drag queen story hour. These really upset normal conservatives and civic nationalists. And the Tories all embrace this.


And the truth is the commentator before, said that I was a “Progressive”. I was never a “Progressive”. I went to university in from 1978 to 1981, and I’ve had a bad reputation on feminism, and LGBT, for the whole of my life! And the big advantage of being a tail end boomer, like I am, is that we remember a time prior to political correctness.


Okay, I’m trying to rush through all these ideas very quickly. The point I’m trying to make is there’s lots of fertile ground out there. There are lots of default Leftists, they are crammed into the idea.


And what I was going to do with this next, is I was going to give you examples from; me waking up to Islam, Brexit, Donald Trump, these kind of things, becoming part of the Counter Jihad. So I suppose this last five minutes is going to be a little less coherent.


But I think the situation we’re in now really, is given that there is fertile ground out there — and there is a lot of fertile ground — coronavirus has been a complete game changer! I don’t think you’re fully aware of this in the UK yet, but I’m telling you, me on Tuesday, it was my sixtieth birthday on Tuesday.


On Wednesday I still wasn’t worried. The catalyst for me waking up was when on Thursday night I saw on the news that the towns surrounding Igualada, which is a provincial capital just north of Barcelona, had been completely shut down! And we have some friends that live there and they Whatsup my wife and said:


We can’t get out of our house! Fortunately we bought enough food, but we won’t be able to come and visit you in Barcelona.


So they were really not bothered about this. And it was then the following morning that I started to think about it. If Igualada has been shut down, it’s very possible that over the weekend Barcelona could be shut down.

And if I get to the UK and come to the conference, I’m sure I would have a great time, I’d meet lots of friends, but I could well get stuck in the UK on Sunday night. And the whole idea — and this is what nationalism is about — nationally is about family and our future. And the whole idea of being stuck in the UK whilst a crisis developed here in Barcelona, separated from my wife and family, it was something I quite simply couldn’t live with. And I just didn’t want to take the risk.




And kind of yesterday, throughout the day, I kind of felt rather stupid, because I really don’t like letting people down! I didn’t want to let you lot down! I wanted to meet you, but at the same time if I’d let my family down, I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself.


We knew something was going to happen, but we didn’t quite know what it was. And we’d seen all these dystopian images coming from China and it was very worrying. So we know something like this is happening, but there was nothing you could put your finger on.



And also the other strange thing is, I haven’t seen any illnesses! We’ve heard talk of illnesses, but I haven’t seen any. So there’s this nagging doubt that perhaps it wasn’t true!


Now, somebody like me — all of us — have a very healthy distrust of what we hear on mainstream media, which is the primary source of information. But given the risks involved, I decided it was time to err on the side of caution. And even if people that have suggested that it’s pure invention, the lockdowns, the shop and school closures, the cancellation of events, and the growing sense of panic, are completely genuine!


What is happening now, it’s like a ghost town here in Barcelona! We can’t leave our houses. Fortunately we’ve got enough food. We reckon we’ve got enough food for about five weeks, so we should live like kings! But we can’t go out. So it’s extremely weird!


Everybody’s also got doubts about how the virus started, was it created in a lab in order to provoke a global crisis? Was it created by experimenters? By accident? Or is it simply a natural occurrence that passed from animals to humans? We don’t know! And, at this point, it doesn’t really matter. Because whether it’s the controller’s created it, to manipulate world events, or it happened naturally, they’re going to take advantage of it, in exactly the same way! And it’s quite difficult. And I think this is what we need to be talking about.


And when I talk about the ground being fertile — I know this jump between the two sections has been rather big — lots of the rather left-wing people I talk to know that there’s something wrong here. And they don’t know what it is. And from now on we nationalists need to be analyzing what’s happening, because we need to be looking for threats! We also need to be looking for opportunities in order to bring people over.


So, before I finish, I just want to go through a few threats. These are just, … I don’t really know what’s happening, but these are just a few ideas that have occurred as I observe what’s happening around me.


Okay, the first is the introduction of police state measures, such as lock downs, curfews, and self-isolation, under the auspices of it being for our own good. This is why I’m very skeptical about the real dangers of the virus itself. The reaction of our friends in Igualada to their movements being completely restricted was very worrying. And I’m sure there are even more restrictive measures to come. The fact that we are continually being told that the health crisis could last for months, possibly into next year, means that such measures can be put into place on an almost permanent basis! Certainly long enough for people to get used to them. Once they’ve been established, they’re unlikely to be removed.


It seems to me it’s absolutely no coincidence that all this was first tested in China! Already here in Spain. The second thing, is self isolation, social distancing. This seems an ideal way to break down communities and increase the level of “bugman”* atomization, for want of a better word.


[* Urban Dictionary: A bugman is your typical big left leaning city dweller. He is usually obsessed with consumerism, lining up to purchase the newest iPhone or MacBook when it comes out, and using a smartwatch/smart home speaker for longer than the week after he bought it. Chances are he owns other throwaway smart gadgets as well. All his tastes in movies, music, expensive food, art, and more are determined by what review sites and blogs say. https:// term=Bugman]




Already here in Spain people are no longer greeting each other with a kiss, or a handshake. People that show affection and respect by touching tend to bond better. If this crisis goes on for a long time, these basic customs could be lost. I’m convinced this is part of the globalist agenda.


Thirdly, I’ve already seen mention in the news of elections being postponed for at least a year. It seems that the democratic systems are being broken down. The fact that they’re even talking about delaying Brexit talks, should be a massive red flag to everyone. Similarly, travel bans, and being encouraged to eat rice and pulses, both of which would reduce our carbon footprints. You’ve got to stay at home! You can’t eat red meat! What does this sound like? This sounds like the climate change agenda! Seems very suspicious to me that even though coronavirus might be bona fide, both agendas seem to have the same outcome.


And finally, the economic crisis will ultimately end up benefiting the oligarchs and the plutocrats. We don’t yet know how this will pan out, but I guess it will make ordinary people poorer. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it led to the increasing phasing out of physical money, such as notes and coins, because these can be discouraged as they spread virus, or it can be claimed that they spread virus, that they’re dirty.


Okay! Opportunities for nationalists! These are just a few ideas that have occurred to me as a result of facing the reality of the problem over the last few days. I’m sure there will be more.


As nationalists we need to be aware of the threats, we need to be discussing them and analyzing them. I haven’t thought about them very deeply, but here are some ideas.


Coronavirus is clearly the result of people’s ability to pass freely from country to country. It’s the result of globalization. It seems likely that we will be able to push for greater border controls, and limit who enters our countries. This is a double-edged sword however, because this is happening when the controllers decide.


It’s also interesting though, at least in Spain and the news in Spain, that nobody’s mentioning the migrant crisis on the news cycle anymore. It’s all coronavirus, coronavirus! Meanwhile we’re being invaded! But having said that, the pandemic is bound to increase xenophobia in a good sense. Because we will have an increasingly legitimate fear of outsiders as potential bringers of disease. This will encourage people to stick to their own. And we should, our real brethren, our real family, we really must be encouraging people to stick to their own.


Furthermore, as companies that depend on slave labor in the Third World will be hit hard, I think this is also going to relocalize the economy. And anybody that can find their components close at hand, or close at home, or in Europe, will benefit in the forthcoming months. And the truth is, any country that doesn’t have a strong manufacturing base, is a weak country! Manufacturing is strength! I know this from the north of England. This is why the north has fallen apart, because it’s manufacturing base fell.


Hopefully we’re going to develop the production chains, and this over time will encourage a greater degree of self-sufficiency. That’s very important, I think.


I can’t help but think that we’re being played, though! What I think is happening is a paradigm shift, in much the same way as 9/11, the 2007 and 8 financial crisis, Brexit, and Trump. Coronavirus, and the subsequent economic crisis, are a defining moment! And this is why I really didn’t want to go through the old arguments of Islam, Brexit, and Trump, for my own red pilling process.




Over the next few weeks I want to develop new strategies for talking to normies, in particular, about coronavirus, the economic crisis, and things like the localization of industry. As I said, before as nationalists we need to be thinking very hard how to guard against the threat that these two events are to our people! And we also need to be thinking very hard about the opportunities that will benefit us.


We need to be thinking in short, medium, and long term, because rest assured the controller’s, the plutocrats, the oligarchs, have already been thinking about this for some time!


And now I come to the end. We still want to red pill people! We want to red pill the default leftists, we want to red pill the Civic nationalists, we want to red pill the Tories! So we’d better start thinking about this now.


Coronavirus is coming to a town near you! You ought to be talking about it. I imagine you have been over the lunch. Hope everybody starts thinking about this seriously now. And thinking about it in tactical terms.


That’s all I’ve got to say! I hope you found that kind of interesting, and I hope you understand that in these rather strange circumstances this was a needs must speech


Thank you for listening.

















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14 Responses to Simon Harris – My Speech to the Patriotic Alternative Conference – Mar 16, 2020 — Transcript

  1. Simon Harris says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. I feel both humbled and honoured.

    • admin says:

      You’re welcome Simon. I do enjoy listening to your discussions with Horus and company each week.

      Please feel free to use any or all of this transcript over at your sites.


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