Way of the World – How Nationalism WINS – Mar 22, 2020 — Transcript

[Nationalist YouTuber, Way of the World, comes out in support of Patriotic Alternative, a new movement spearheaded by long-time British nationalist Mark Collett. WotW urges all patriots to get engaged with PA and help it advance its mission of making Britain an overwhelming majority White society that it has always been until very recently. As Mark says:

“We are building a community in order to secure an existence for our people and a future for our children!”



Way of the World


How Nationalism Wins


Mar 22, 2020




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Published on Mar 22, 2020

How Nationalism WINS
•Mar 22, 2020
Way of the World
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WotW takes stock of the latest Patriotic Alternative conference and makes a modest request of your time. REGISTER WITH PATRIOTIC ALTERNATIVE HERE:


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Mark Collett: Our goal is not only to halt and reverse the demographic changes taking place in Britain, but our goal is also to ensure that the indigenous people of these islands are not discriminated against, or treated like second-class citizens in their own country. Put simply, we are building a community in order to secure an existence for our people and a future for our children! Thank you.




Way of the World: A week ago Patriotic Alternative had its second conference. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there, but I have spoken to people who were there, and seen a lot of footage. And I have to say the positive energy generated, the buzz that has come from nationalists meeting in real life, is still palpable and has truly inspired me and many, many, others.


In the four years since starting my channel I have never felt such a strong sense of hope and optimism. And the most important thing is that this is something that we, as a community of nationalists, have done for ourselves. From nothing! This is the very definition of self-empowerment! Of taking control of our destiny and refusing to be the victims of the anti-White’s still controlling the West.


And it is this positive, proactive approach, that will see us to victory!


It’s a truly great time to be a nationalist at the birth of an organization that is unabashed in its advocacy for our people. Patriotic Alternative is a genuinely new type of nationalist organization, and it will be the vehicle for turning our thriving online movement into real change in the real world.



Patriotic Alternative is the brainchild of Mark Collett, a nationalist activist of some 20 years experience. And he has emphasized right from the start that this organization does not belong to, or depend on the actions of one person. It belongs to us all. To everyone who is committed to White well-being and a future for our people. And it is the responsibility of us all to make it thrive. But Mark brings a wealth of experience, insight, and dedication, that is so important for Patriotic Alternative’s continued success. And Deputy leader Laura Towler is also playing a pivotal role in the emergence of Patriotic Alternative as the embodiment of a new and vibrant nationalism.



We are constantly told that “diversity is a strength” in the West, which is manifestly a lie! And as society goes into lock-down over the virus crisis, we are seeing that emphasized more, and more, every day. There will be precious little evidence of the famous British resolve and pragmatism in our cities during this crisis, because there are simply too few Brits as a proportion for that to be possible. But that aside, diversity in the very best sense of the word really is the key to the strength of our movement. And the huge range of nationalist voices that we see online from every background, was also on display at the conference, in those who gave speeches, and in the audience. We can see that nationalism, that Patriotic Alternative, is popular across all sections of our people. And this will be key to our success. It is truly a grassroots movement for us, and also by us.



It is a nationalism that is suitable for all the family. Respectable, principled, good-humoured, and high-energy. It is everything nationalism must continue to be as we make our way into the public sphere. It is how we will empower our people to finally tell the truth about how we have been marginalized and forgotten in our own lands. It is how we will reclaim our right to a home of our own, which is a right all peoples have. And we are no exception!


As we all know in the increasingly anti-White West, being an advocate for our people is not easy. So the success of this conference represents a real triumph of organization in very trying circumstances. The speeches were predictably excellent and struck a chord with their intelligence, passion, and eloquence. The conduct of the approximately 200 attendees was exemplary, engaged, knowledgeable, curious, and friendly. I think we are seeing the emergence of a new form of nationalism born out of an unprecedented crisis throughout the West. An increasingly reality is making our case for us, and pushing nationalism into the mainstream.


This is our chance to repair the damage done to us over so many decades. To be part of a modern, energized, nationalism perfect for our time. If you are not British, I still urge you to follow and support Patriotic Alternative in any way you are able. In time I think it will serve as a blueprint and inspiration across the West. It’s time for us to think big! To see ourselves as part of a family of European descended peoples, because that’s what we are, and that is the scale of the challenge we are facing!



My channel “Way of the World” has always been about helping all of the peoples of European descent, with all of their glorious differences, to see that they are facing a common and unprecedented globalist threat. While we certainly don’t need globalist political structures like the EU to do it, we do need to stand together in common cause as a family of Nations.



With society facing increasing lockdown in this virus crisis, it is uncertain when the next Patriotic Alternative conference will be. And it is also uncertain how our governments may be preparing to take advantage of this situation. So keep an eye on that. But whenever the next conference may be, I can promise you that it will continue to develop and improve. This is just the start of something very special.


A couple of speeches given at the conference ended by talking about the future of White children. They will live their lives in the conditions we leave to them. And when they are growing up as part of a small hated minority in their ancestral homelands, they will ask us how this came about. Let’s avoid having to tell them that we did nothing as their future was wrecked, shall we? The buck stops with us, and rightly so!



As Europe, our precious home, yet again comes under siege from hostile forces at the Greek border, we are reminded yet again how precious our people and lands are, and how fragile. We are reminded that only by taking action in defense of these precious things will they be protected. We are reminded that our personal contribution to this struggle has never been more crucial! Turning the tide in defense of our people and our lands begins now!



So I’m asking you all, today, to visit Patriotic Alternative dot org dot uk, and sign up to the mailing list. The link is in the description.



It’s time to find our voices and to use our collective strength. So if you are feeling lost in an anti-White world, then it’s time for you to come home. Now, is our chance!


Until next time, be well.










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