Horus Live – European Freedom – A Tribute to Simon Harris – May 26, 2020 — Transcript

[Horus — who was the co-host with Simon Harris on the European Freedom YouTube channel — Shazia Hobbs, and Nick Cotton (Unwashed) host a tribute to Simon who suddenly passed away, aged just 60, on Thu, May 21 (I believe) from the coronavirus.* Nineteen guests appear on the stream to give their condolences and share their memories of Simon.



* UPDATE Oct 10, 2020 —: Mark Collett said* in the PWR stream [30:05 — https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZAt4ai25Gvhr/] with Ayatollah (Oct 7, 2020) that he’s been told by a source close to Simon that Simon in fact died from a heart attack, and not Covid-19.

“Just to correct that. I actually spoke to someone who is close to Simon. Simon actually died of a heart attack.”



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Horus Live

European Freedom


A Tribute to

Simon Harris


May 26, 2020


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Published on May 26, 2020

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Shazia Hobbs, Unwashed and I host a tribute to Simon Harris with many guests.

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Shazia, Nick Cotton (Unwashed) & Horus


Horus: We should now be live. I hope everyone can hear us. And right. So I’m Horus and I’m here with Unwashed [Nick Cotton] and Shazia Hobbs. And this is the tribute stream for our dear friend Simon Harris. And I’m sure everyone knows by now that he passed on last week. Which is terribly sad and a horrible shock as well. It came out of nowhere. And I miss him terribly already.


And the first question that he and I always used to discuss on our show, European Freedom — which Nick was a co-host on for some time — was:

“What did we have for dinner?”


I had fish and chips for dinner tonight. Shazia, what did you have for dinner?


Shazia: I had a salad. I haven’t got much of an appetite at the moment.


Horus: And Nick?


Nick: Likewise. Not very hungry, so I had cheese on toast. Yeah, not much of an appetite for some reason. Keep to tradition, yeah! [Chuckling] Did you enjoy your dinner?


Horus: It was lovely. I hope nobody finds this a trite beginning, but this was a tradition with me and Simon. And yeah, like a lot of things I’m going to try and keep a lot of things going. Like the thing that Simon mentioned as soon as we started doing our Harris and Horus show was that we were both bookish types. And I really appreciated that he noticed that, because I love reading books! And he was a man who not only read a lot, but he also produced books. And one very lovely thing that he did, was he sent me a copy of his version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, for Christmas, which I have not read yet. But I’m looking forward to.


And one thing that I’m gonna miss about him a great deal is discussing books and learning in general. And I was watching, one of our guests tonight is gonna be Jared George. And No White Guilt. And I watching the stream that Simon did with them. I think it’s called “Red Pill Machine — Simon Harris”. And every time I hear the man’s voice I think of him very fondly.


Shazia, I know you’ve been very upset in the last few days. Is there anything you just want to say about Simon before we start introducing guests?


Shazia: That is something I was going [words unclear] I just know I’ll end up bubbling [words unclear] I know I’m going to miss him. Now I just want to say a big thank you to the entire community, you know, everybody’s devastated [words unclear] Simon passing and I just wanted to [words unclear].


Horus: I think anyone who wants to learn a bit more about Shazia, and Simon’s relationship as well, you could watch a video from about middle of last year where, I can’t remember the name, but the thumbnail is a picture of Shazia with tape over her mouth. And it was about the sort of divergence, and then convergence, of their routes through Counter Jihad, and then on to fuller ethnic nationalism. And sort of the similarities of what they went through and where they arrived.


And I would also just agree that people have put out lovely things. I’ve not put out my own tribute, or anything, to Simon. I hope this stream partly functions as that.


But I think people have responded with great taste and affection, especially I think Ayatollah put out an absolutely brilliant tribute to Simon almost as soon as he heard the news. It’s just a testament to his ability with words and obviously the respect and the affection he had for Simon. Lovely to see.


I mean, Keith Woods put out a great video. So did Jared George. So did lots of people, Dionne. And we are all hit by tragedy, but it’s also heartwarming to see these things.


So Nick. Is there anything you want to say about the last few days, about Simon?




Nick: Yeah. I wonder if I’m in the same boat as you, where I found it hard to sum it up in a little status, or a short video. So I’ve just been sharing other people’s, because they’ve done a really good job of it.


I feel like I was really late to the Simon Harris train. But I got fully, fully, on-board! Still not even sure why he invited me to be a co-host on EF [European Freedom] for the first few weeks, because, like I’m not as bookish as you guys! I really felt like I had to keep up. I felt like I was sort of in the presence of giants! [chuckling]


But he was just the nicest man wasn’t he? The way he tackled every situation seemed to be measured, but he was also hilarious. We clicked on so many levels! And yeah, he was definitely my best 60 year old friend, at this point. Well, we’ll carry the torch forward won’t we? Like it was always obvious that this Tuesday show was gonna continue.


Horus: This is something I never anticipated making friends with people of the older generation, especially as so many of our generation like to disparage people as boomers. And obviously they are, the baby boomer generation. But to speak of them so disparaging, I don’t think there was anything about Simon that fitted with all that really! He was someone who absolutely did care about the state of the world, and where our society was going.


And he, well I think he welcomed you on to the show, just, because he saw, just quality in you, and energy! And it’s just a great person to talk to. So it made sense to me immediately. And we made a good trio.


But yeah, I mean, for my part, I think I’ve said this on another stream. But I said this to Simon as well. I was very happy to. Last summer I made that video called “Against Brian and Avi” in July. And that was related to Shazia and Dionne being expelled from the TR [Tommy Robinson] movement. I didn’t know if Simon having been in the similar position at that point. He seized on it immediately and just promoted it all over Twitter, and so on. And as did a few other big YouTubers. And Simon then promoted everything else that did, everything! And he was a kindred spirit. And I love that! [chuckling]


It’s just, I can’t, the reason I can’t really write a tribute at least at the moment is just, I’ve got very simple feelings towards it, that I can’t really make, I can’t really elaborate upon. I just think he was a sound fellow! And a curious, and interesting, and intelligent fellow! And that’s about all that comes to mind, you know, I just think of him as a good man. Which makes it all the more sorrowful that he just suddenly — suddenly died.


But, I think, the huge collection of people who were keen to show love and respect for him tonight, just speaks for itself really.


And everyone who’s watching the video, you can see in the description box the list of people that are coming up. And the first guest here who we have on, I believe the founder of White Art Collective, is Jeff Winston! Who is joining us now.

And Jeff you were, along with Nick, the guest on the last show of European Freedom. The last person who Simon invited on on. And welcome to this tribute stream. I hope you doing alright.



Jeff Winston (White Art Collective)



Jeff Winston: Yeah thank you guys very much for having me. Can you hear me alright?


Horus: Yeah you’re great.


Jeff Winston: Yeah, cool. Yeah I’m honored that you asked to have me on. That last stream that we did last Tuesday, I would never imagined that we would be doing this, this week. But yeah, I didn’t know Simon, as well as a lot of people did. But I immediately was struck by just his good nature.


And I think I started talking with him about a month ago. And we were talking about music and he was saying that, everything before [after?] 1995 was rubbish! [chuckling] And I think that’s, I was like, yeah no lie detected, I think that’s a pretty true statement. And we were kind of discussing, you know, why that was, particularly. But then he revealed to me that he was a musician and shared that really cool picture of him from his younger days. Kind of looking like a punk rocker with the stiff upper lip kind of thing, going on.


And yeah I’m just, I feel lucky that I was able to get on, because we were kind of, we’re like, hey let’s collaborate, we want to bring the cultural and the political wings together. And we were both very much about that. And so I feel lucky that I was able to come on last week, just before he passed. And we were able to, … I think that was a very productive conversation.


And I had a number of people tell me that was the best appearance I’ve ever had on anything. And I think it had a lot to do with the host, you guys, of course. But also Simon, the way the conversation was framed. He was a true gentleman as everyone has been saying. And just a curious soul. And he had a way of cutting through the BS, kind of a straight shooter which is something I very much appreciate, and I think the world needs more of that.




Horus: Absolutely was a straight-shooter! About the way that he would make conversations is interesting. Because every week he sent out show notes and you can tell that he thought about what was gonna make this interesting. So:


“I’m not just putting on a stream, just to have a stream. Let’s get something out of this!”


And that was one great thing about it. And there’s was always particular things he wanted to discuss. If anything we wouldn’t always finish everything, because it’s like:


“Well, I want to cover this as well.”


About that photo of him onstage, I assumed that was from before 1995 wasn’t it? [chuckling] It must have been right?


Jeff Winston: Yeah, I think that was from, I think that was probably back from the 80s. It had an 80s look to it. But yeah, it was really cool, he’s looking like a rock star there! And I think he’s gonna be remembered like a rock star!


Horus: Yeah. And I would say there was a detectable “punkish” edge to his attitude, wasn’t there? Would you guys agree with that, Nick, Shazia?


Nick: I mean, totally! Look what’s happening right now. I always like drawing these parallels about how we’re a subculture. And we’ve lost one of our own that’s really important to us. And just look at the tribute lineup that we’ve got! Okay, technically, it’s not a gig, but seriously look at that list of names. It functions in exactly the same way.


And yes! He was a punk, or even though, I mean, Jeff it might be fun to talk about his sort of ideas, that he drove forth on Tuesday. How we need to reject the teenager, and how Punk is dead! It was some really interesting stuff that we ended up talking about last week.


Jeff Winston: Yeah, and don’t say “counterculture”, all, right? He’s specifically said, …


Nick: Yes! Of course!


Jeff Winston: [chuckling] Yeah! But what also is cool, … So I hadn’t, I wonder if anybody has any of the footage, or audio of any of that band from earlier? I don’t know if anybody has any of that, but I’d love to hear some of it. I did, someone did send me the links, so I know he’d played in more recently. He had a couple songs. He did a cover tune by Ace, I can’t remember the name of that song off the top of my head, but that’s a really cool tune. Very nice cover by Simon.


And then he had an original tune called “Love is a River”. And I’ve listened to that a few times. And he said he wrote that one back in 89. But it was cool. It kind of had a little bit of a, … What he had told me in our conversation about a month ago was like, he kind of ended up getting into like jazz, you know, kind of blue-eyed soul kind of stuff.


But he also liked reggae, obviously, definitely, some punk in there as well. And funny how those things kind of do make an interesting mix. But that song that he did, it kind of had a little bit, almost also a little bit of like maybe flamenco-ish kind of thing going on. But yeah, really nice tune. And I love the message that he was sending there. I think it’s, you know, he was just all about positivity and romanticism. He’s basically in the intro to that song he was saying, you know, sometimes you got a stop and just appreciate things, and do the romantic love thing. And I think he’s left a great message for everybody to try to emulate.


Horus: For me, I’ve had a lot of people come to me the last few days, saying:


“I know how close you were to him.”


But, I must admit some ignorance. I don’t know that much about his musical side. I mean, he was a great friend, you know, I wish I’d met him in real life! But I pretty much always engaged with him just about historical matters, and matters of power, and stuff like that. The sort thing that I go to, it probably shows how self-centered I am! [chuckling]


Just yesterday I saw someone had shared a clip of him singing on the acoustic guitar, like what you mentioned Jeff. And I’ve never heard that before. And there’s loads of other videos, and loads of things that he did that I’ve not seen. So I’m, you know, I’m hoping his YouTube channel will stay up for a while. Because there’s loads of things that I’ll discover as I go back and watch and go through his stuff. And yeah, …


Jeff Winston: I saved that song just in case anybody, just in case something did happen to his channel, I just downloaded it just in case, just for preservation, because I don’t know how those things go.


Horus: Yeah. I mean, you know, I’ve downloaded all the episodes of European Freedom that we did. But he’s got years of videos going back. And yeah, I mean, I hardly know anything about his creative side, so I’ll enjoy going through that, with some sadness, I suppose.


Nick: I’ll plug the mix-tape that he left for us. I asked him to do us a mix-tape last week, and he got me the playlist in time. And so we have, I think it’s 15 of his favorite songs? So I’ve posted the link in there. And it’s really good stuff! It’s really good!


Horus: Name a few of the bands that were on that?


Nick: It’s all post-punk. It’s Gang of Four, Public Image Limited, Susie and the Banshees. What else is on there? Magazine, Wire. Do, you know, any of these? I really like this stuff, yeah.


Horus: Was he a fan of The Jam?


Nick: All that kind of stuff, yeah! Post-punk, and yeah, because I leapt out my skin when I did my first interview with him, and he said he was 18 in 1977! And I was like:

“Oh! That was an important year! Tell me more!”


Horus: Was he at that gig in Manchester? [chuckling]


Nick: Not that one. But he said that it was tiny. And everyone assumes that it was massive, but it wasn’t. It was just a few people. But he was there!


Horus: Way of the World asked in the chat:


“Have we got the picture that was mentioned before?”


My answer to Way of the World is I’m absolutely basic. I’ve got it on my screen on Twitter. I don’t know much about sharing things. Let me try and share my screen. Is that showing? I’m sorry about this everyone, it’s very unprofessional. Can you see that? Can anyone see that?


Nick: Afraid not, my man! If you send me the link I can try and share screen in the private chat.


Horus: Will do. I’m bloody hopeless with all of this! It’s just a picture on Twitter. Okay I’ll send you it.


Shazia: [words unclear] onto BitChute.


Horus: Oh terrific! Okay well done BBJ. Yeah that will help publicize that.


Nick: You should be able to add it into the conversation. Now look at that! That’s great, isn’t it! [chuckling]



Horus: It’s kind of a snarl, but he doesn’t look like a asshole, you know! It’s brilliant.


Nick: He’s only an asshole when he needed to be!


Horus: [chuckling] I’m sure he, … I bet if anyone took against his family he would be a tiger!


Sorry Shazia. Did I talk over you there?


Shazia: [words unclear] Just jsaying he was an arsehole to people that deserved it.


Horus: I bet!


What I’m gonna do, as we’ve got loads of guests coming on and they will sort of overlap. So Jeff, you can stay on as long as you want. But obviously once we get to six we’re full, and you will have to make way for the next person. So just drop out when it suits you really.


Jeff Winston: Okay, yeah actually I’m probably gonna drop, because I’m in the middle my workday over here.


Horus: Of course!


Jeff Winston: On this side of the pond. But guys, it’s an honour you having me on here. I think Simon was a great man. I’m a lot more affected by it than I would ever think I would be. It sucks when we lose one of the good ones. And I think a lot of people feel it. So, …





Horus: It really does. An extra big thanks for coming on while you’re at work. And I hope to speak to you again soon. And whatever we can work on together, I look forward to that, mate.


Jeff Winston: Absolutely! And condolences to his family and his friends, and just the broader community. Guys, everyone have a good one.


Horus: Cheers Jeff. Thanks a lot!


Nick: Jeff.


Horus: I’m now going to welcome on, … I was going to welcome on Laura. Oh, here we go! [chuckling] I couldn’t see you there Laura.


Hello, welcome to the stream!



Laura Towler



Laura Towler: Hello! How’s it going?


Horus: I’m doing all right. I’m a bit croaky. How are you doing?


Laura Towler: Yeah I’m okay. It’s been a crazy week, or so, hasn’t it? I think everyone’s really kind of being hit by it a lot harder than they thought that they would be.


So yeah, I’m okay. I mean, I’m glad that we have the community and that we can support each everyone and we can be there for each other, sorry. But yeah, it’s obviously not the nicest stream to do, is it?


Horus: It’s not. And I’m not the best host for it either. But with the help of great guests like you and with co-hosts, Nick and Shazia, we will make it through! [chuckling] I can’t promise anything great. I’m so much more nervous being the host, than a guest. I’m sure everyone can tell. But, yeah, [chuckling] thank you for coming on.


Laura Towler: You are doing fine! Don’t worry about it. It is difficult hosting, isn’t it? You think… When I’ve done a couple on my channel I’ve always been like:


“Oh you’ve got to watch everything. And you’ve got all the interface around the back and stuff.”


But yeah, you’re doing great, so don’t worry.


Horus: Well, good, good, good! So, I haven’t prepared questions for everyone. So I’m sure that shows as well. But I just, … If you’ve got any thoughts about Simon that you want to share? Please do.


Laura Towler: Yeah, so obviously Simon spoke at our conference, the Patriotic Alternative Conference in March. And he couldn’t actually make it to the event, because of the lockdown in Spain. Which was a shame. I mean, it’s gutting really, because that was maybe the last chance that we had to meet him and it was cancelled, because of the coronavirus lockdown.


So obviously he spoke and his speech was very well-received, people seem to really love that. But it’s just that… What if? You know… I wish we had the opportunity to meet him that day. And I know he was very excited about speaking. And I think he was, Mark might mention this later one actually, but I think he was planning on coming to the next conference as well, which would take place in autumn of this year.


Simon Harris – My Speech to the Patriotic Alternative Conference – Mar 16, 2020 — Transcript



And then another thing as well, is that he actually invited me on your show — the show that you guys do with him — and I had no internet at the time, because I’d just moved house. And he was like:


“Ah, no worries! We’ll rearrange it for another week.”


And then obviously we didn’t get to rearrange that. So I never got to stream with him either, which is a shame.


But yeah, I just, Simon reminds me of my dad. Just his mannerisms, he’s very thoughtful, I think. And very kind of well-spoken.


And he’s somebody, … If I could say one trait about him, it would be he is somebody who “chased the truth”, and it’s difficult for people I think to change their mind about things in private, but for him to do that so publicly, and to move over… Did he start off in the Left? And then it was the Counter Jihad movement, wasn’t it? And then he moved over to real nationalism. To do that publicly, I think that requires balls! And he was very brave person for doing that.


So those are my thoughts.


Horus: It’s absolutely true. Shazia, did you want to add something?


Shazia: Yeah just to agree with Laura, it takes balls to do that, to do that so publicly. To be a Lefty, he was a Lefty, and then to come to the Counter-Jihad movement. And then, you know, so publicly he spoke about it lots of times, that he became “deranged” when he went down that rabbit hole!


Horus: He did. He made a point of admitting that several times that he got “JQ Derangement Syndrome”! [chuckling]


Nick: Not the only one! And it was nice to have him there, to guide us through. [chuckling]


Shazia: His derangement with the JQ stopped me becoming so deranged, that time! He sort of paved the path. And on that journey I was obviously behind him. [words unclear] … not being so deranged, possibly? If that makes sense.




Horus: And obviously that “derangement”, as he refers to it, also produced some really good books, which people are still gonna be reading for a long time, as well. From his publishing activities.


One thing that’s, … Sorry this is not really relevant to you Laura, specifically I mean. There was a book that he wanted to publish but could never agree, make an agreement with the author. It was about the Stephen Lawrence affair. And I’ve read it. Presumably… I don’t know if it’s in the finished form that I read it, but it was an absolutely earth-shattering book! As far as I’m concerned. I really hope it gets published. So, there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve got no contact with the author.


But, he was, yes, Simon wanted to publish his book and it could have changed the whole country. I mean, when it does come out, I presume it will in some form, it’ll be a very important book!


And so yeah, I mean, that absolutely proves, it’s one of many things, that proves what a truth seeker he was.


And yeah, he wanted people to know why we’re in the state were in. And yeah, I mean, everyone seems to have acknowledged, everyone seems to recognised that about him.


He wanted to figure out the world. And yeah, I love that about him.


Laura Towler: The last conversation that I had with him was on Wednesday, and he passed away on Thursday [May 21, 2020] and then we all found out about it on Friday. And it was in the one of the public, well, like kinda private DM [Direct Message] group you can be invited to on Telegram.


And he told us that he felt unwell.


And I asked him what his symptoms were, because my dad has had coronavirus. He said it was the most sick that he’s ever been in his entire life.


And he told me what symptoms were and then I just said:


“Have you got somebody to look after you?”


And he was like:


“My missus will be back tomorrow, and she’ll look after me.”


That was the last time I spoke to him. And I know it’s daft saying something in hindsight. But I really wish I elaborated, and just, I don’t know, maybe said some more, something else to him. Because I just kind of said:


“You’ve got someone to look after you. That’s fine.”


But, what was I gonna say?


I think, I uploaded the video of him playing guitar to my YouTube channel. And the comments underneath, if anyone wants to go read them, they’re just so lovely. And so many people are saying:


“I never actually spoke to him, but I felt like I could relate to him, and I felt like I knew him.”


And lots of people are telling me that they’ve been crying about it, and things. And even people who didn’t know him personally. And I think that’s a testimony really to the impact that he had on the community. When you can relate to somebody like that, and it’s not just a voice, when it’s actually a person and you get to know them, it’s so sad to lose them.


Horus: And you mentioned then, I’m sort of, …


By the way, Unwashed, I’m sorry, I just kicked you [off] by accident. I was trying to do something else. Come back.


About the Conference speech. When he made that speech he couldn’t hear us all, I think. He said afterwards he wasn’t even sure that everyone could hear what he was saying. And yeah, he had no sound coming from our end. But he delivered his speech as though he could, and it was superb! And he’s just kind of a natural performer, maybe it’s just he was just a sort of calm person.


Laura Towler: Yeah! I didn’t know that he couldn’t hear us. Because obviously there were a few laughs, and a few claps, and stuff. And it’s a shame he didn’t get to hear them.


But I guess, I don’t know, he was sent the audio, I think, wasn’t he? So hopefully they will… I don’t know if they’ll be picked up on the audio, … I think a lot of us told him that he was very well-received. So I hope that he does know that. I think he did know that.


Horus: I made sure to tell him after the Conference that it was as though you were there, right. It was as though you could hear us and everything. Because he seemed to pause whenever we clapped and laughed and stuff, so he did brilliantly! He just didn’t know it at the time.


Laura Towler: Yeah.


Horus: Yeah. It was terrific.


So, I’m gonna introduce the next guest. As I said before, Laura you don’t need to leave yet. You’re free to leave whenever you want, but I’m bringing on our guest now, which is Jared. Unless there is any last thing you want to say?


Laura Towler: I will get off actually, because I have another stream at 8 o’clock. But I just wanted to say that one thing that we can take from this, is that we should take that flag, or that banner, from Simon now, and take over the burden that he was carrying and continue his journey. And he sought the truth, so it’s up to us to continue to do that. And to spread it to as many people as possible.


So, that’s what I’d like to say going forward.


But thanks very much you three for organising this. And I also thank you for inviting me to speak. It’s a big honour.


Horus: Well said. And thank you Laura as well.


Laura Towler: See you soon! Bye bye.




Horus: See you soon. All right. I will now bring on Jared George of The Great Order. Hello Jared!



Jared George (The Great Order)



Jared George: Hello mate!


Horus: Sorry, I’m talking over you, please.


Jared George: No, it’s quite all right! And it’s good to speak to you and Shazia. Nice to meet you, so to speak, I wish it could be under better circumstances. And Nick, of course, speaking again. Thank you all, as Laura said, for organizing this. I think Simon would be very pleased. I think he is very pleased! Somehow seeing this outpouring of love for him, well deserved, because of who he was and what he did for everyone.


Horus: I like to think that he’s enjoying this. I’ve no idea really what comes in the afterlife, but this, it’s a very nice thought, to think that he knows how loved and admired he was.


Jared George: I think so.


Horus: And your tribute video was excellent as well. I really enjoyed that. I recommend everyone to watch that.


Nick: Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. It was really touching.


Jared George: Thank you! Yeah it seems a lot of people, we all see the same things in him. I like how you guys were saying before, how he was a “straight shooter”. And he very much was. But then you also spoke about his songwriting and his romantic side. And it’s always fascinating when someone can combine a couple of different traits, that sometimes can be at odds, and really harmonizes them. Especially someone a bit older than some of us, it’s a good, you know, it could provide a good role model.


But he definitely hit these interesting balances in a few different ways. And you guys speaking, you know, listening before I came on, it reminded me of another one, the straight shooter. And on one hand, and yet, also being a romantic, on the other hand. I spoke in the video briefly about how he had a sharp mind, but at the same time didn’t have any pretense. And again sometimes it’s hard for people to get that balance right, sometimes they’re skewed more towards one way, or the other.


But he really, when you sit back and think about it, he really did have this amazing panoply of traits, or collection of traits, that were harmonized so well. And I think that’s what gave him that gravitas, that charisma, and why we’re all rallying around him, like this right now.


Horus: Maybe just to complement that, I see a comment from a Vigilante Jesus in the chat. And says, it’s a quote from Simon saying:


“Let’s knock away at the foundations! We need to make forays into enemy territory! We need bands of braves with incredible courage! We can beat them!”


[Chuckling] I don’t know, that might be from the stream that you did with him. You and Jason did with him?


Jared George: I can’t say I recognize it offhand. We did have some great conversations with him recently on our show, the second to last one, because we did two with him pretty, almost back to back, a couple weeks apart, in early April. Because we caught up with him first, and then soon after he had the Nick Griffin interview, and we wanted to get him right back on to talk about that, that you guys had done. It was interesting.


But when we did the first one, I think was on April 4th, it was a lot about his daughter. Jason’s clip included a little bit from that show. How he publicly spoke about reconnecting with his daughter. And he was able to, not only pick up where he left off with her, and have that great bond, he was just glow when he spoke about her!


But, he also began to “awaken” her, even though she’s still in the university system. I think she’s in her mid-20s. I don’t know if she’s doing graduate work now. But he was able to bring her over in a short amount of time to a lot of our perspectives. And when we asked him, how he did it, the first thing he began to talk about was love! He loved her, he loves his people, he obviously loved life itself — and that’s what we’re celebrating here and what reverberates throughout what everyone’s saying.


And we have to remember that! He was motivated by love! And I said this in the video — he was from Nottingham, and he talked about, the first time we spoke, way back, he talked about how he was from the land of Robin Hood! And that means something to me, too. And I said in the video, and I’ll say for anyone here who might not have seen it, that he did carry that spirit of the “Merry Men”. That you hold a song in your heart, even amidst trying circumstances — you’re gonna have ups and downs on your journey, you know. Even amidst those tough times you keep a song in your heart. That is an archetype.


And that is something Simon embodied that we really all do well to remember, in this thing. Because everything that we’re involved in, you know, it’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint! And there’s going to be ups and downs. And Simon is such an amazing example for all of us to keep in our minds and hearts going forward, forever now, in all of our lives in this!




Horus: You say you’ve got some connection with Nottingham, as well?


Jared George: Oh, with Robin, …


Horus: In the sense of the “Merry Men”?


Jared George: Yeah, that it means something to me. Yeah, not to Nottingham, the place specifically, though.


Horus: Do you have any British ancestry, yourself, or?


Jared George: Oh I have a little bit from here and there in Europe. I’ll just say I’m very connected to Britain. Yes.


Horus: Right. Go on Shazia.


Shazia: I have a connection to Nottingham.


Horus: Go on, … Oh, yeah, you do actually.


Shazia: I was born there!


Jared George: There you go!


Shazia: I think that’s why we can [words unclear] for Simon. Also, I’m in contact with Simon’s wife, and I’ve told her about all the tributes coming in for Simon, so [words unclear]


Jared George: Sorry. I don’t know if anything was addressed to me, I’m having a little trouble hearing Shazia’s line, …


Nick: Shaz was saying that she’s passed your tribute on to Simon’s wife. And I just wonder how it must be for his family to see this wave of tributes just continually coming through YouTube and Twitter! Hopefully it’s really heartwarming.


Jared George: Well, Shazia, I tremendously appreciate that! Thank you so much! I was going to say on the stream, if any of his family members see this stream, just to send my love and respect. But the fact that you sent that, that’s a big honor! Thank you!


Shazia: I’ll be sending this one as well. [words unclear].


Jared George: Mmm. Thank you so much.


Horus: Lynx in the Shadows has just put a link in the stream of Simon talking about his daughter and in one of the streams. I think that was one of the ones that he did with you Jared, is that right?


Jared George: Yeah, I think it was the first time he spoke about it publicly, about reconnecting with his daughter. Yeah. And amazing in hindsight now. It only happened I think October, or November, of last year.


So, another reminder that if life is nudging you to do something, do it! You know, we don’t know what we have. And I’m sure everyone in their family, and his daughter especially, is extremely grateful that they reconnected when they did. I’m sure it’s very bittersweet right now. But imagine if they hadn’t, and then this happened. So it’s a great blessing.


Horus: That’s for sure. And it means so many things over the last six months changed for all of us, like in terms of the movement. And I think one brilliant thing about the show that he and I did, was he would just identify almost always the exactly the right guest to bring on. He sort of had an idea of the zeitgeist of the moment, because there is a zeitgeist now. Whereas, I mean, I’d say two years ago I was no part of any movement, in any way. I was just a spectator! Someone who wanted a movement and didn’t have one.


And you mentioned the stream that we did with Nick Griffin. One of the most controversial ones that we did. A lot of people took strong sides on either side. And it was, I mean, it was controversial even to have him on, but it seemed important to discuss these things, to challenge ourselves in these ways.


Simon Harris – EF 19 – A Conversation with Nick Griffin – Apr 14, 2020 — Transcript


And streams we did with Dangerfield and Iconoclast, we were discussing, you know:


“What are we as a movement? What are we trying to do at this moment! Not just talking about over the long term, but what are we doing at this moment?”


And I think he just had a terrific sense of “the moment”, you know, what we need to be thinking about, what we need to be talking about. Which is why it’s extra painful to lose him, …


Jared George: Absolutely! Yeah, I’ll underscore that. He had that artist’s sense, he had his antenna out! And he was always pushing forward! That’s why he did the kind of thing you guys did with Nick [Griffin], that he wanted to air out the questions, and even go into some, you know, difficult territory. He was willing to do that.


And yet, he also had a very long sense of tradition. So again, combining these different traits, a real, a real role model! And that will live on.




Horus: Well said! Well said Jared!


I’m gonna introduce now, Dionne, Secret Sources.


Jared, you’re welcome to stay on until we get full, sort of thing, or drop out as it suits you.


Jared George: I’ll give Dionne her time. But again thank you for organizing this. And love and honor to Simon and his family, and everyone listening. Again, keep him in your mind as a role model. And we’ll all talk soon. But thank you so much!


Horus: Thanks very much for coming on Jared.


Jared George: Bye!


Horus: And Dionne, you’re on. And you are how are you doing?



Dionne Moller (Secret Sources)



Dionne Moller: I’m very well, thank you. Can you hear me okay?


Horus: I can.


Nick: Yep.


Dionne Moller: Great. Thanks for inviting me. Hello Nick, Shazia and Horus. I spoke to Shazia this morning before I made that in a stream, or tribute, or whatever it is. I don’t even know what to call it — for Simon. And I’m sorry I have to gate-crashing this way but something came up at home and I had to go out and I didn’t think I was going to get back in time, but hopefully I could. So thanks for letting me gate-crash!


Horus: Well, this was your slot and you’ve come on at the perfect moment. and I hope everything is well at your end. I won’t pry over the air. But I hope everything’s right.


And yeah, I think your your tribute this morning was just moving in the most simple and lovely way. And it was something for everyone to do at the same time, even though we were in our own homes. Like it was sort of something like, something equivalent to a funeral . And it was obviously happening at the same time as Simon’s real funeral. So, I think that was very well chosen and part of, I guess, of the healing process, the moving on process, or whatever the right term is. So I think you chose well, yeah.


Dionne Moller: Yeah, it was difficult to do. Well not difficult, because I didn’t actually say anything until the end. But I knew what I was going to say at the end. And when you kind of build yourself up to it, I don’t know whether you could hear, my voice was shaking so much, because I was crying, whilst I was reciting that funeral prayer. It’s a pagan, Viking, funeral prayer. And I didn’t think I’d be able to get through it without, you know, making a right fool of myself. But I did!


But I was glad it ended, I have to say that, because it was hard! Even though really nothing happened. But I think sometimes, … You know, I’ve seen a lot the tributes that are coming out from people. People are just amazing! Fantastic! But oh, I don’t know I like a bit of quiet, and I like, maybe the time to reflect and also the fact that Shazia and I yesterday were in a bit of a panic, because we wanted to do, ..  Well Shazia found out that Simon was being buried this morning, and we couldn’t get a wreath to the place of his funeral on time, because of Corona, and because of the lack of notice, they couldn’t do it.


So I was thinking to myself, after I’d spoken to Shazia:


“Well then, how can we get together?”


And I think it’s quite apt that it was over the internet, because everything we do really, 99 percent of the time, is over the internet. So I thought that was apt. So yeah. Well it turned out like it did, and it actually turned out okay, I think.


Horus: And also, … Oh sorry Shazia, you go, …


Shazia: [Words unclear]


Horus: To You’re really quite, by the way, Shazia. If you could speak closer closer to the mike, a bit.


Shazia: It was really beautiful what you did, … [Words unclear]


Horus: Also Dionne big credit for setting up the GoFundMe for people to send  tributes, .. Sorry for people to send some support to Simon’s family,  which is still going I think. I think Carrie will post that in the chat in a moment. Yeah, and we hope to send a wreath in the first place, didn’t we?  But it will go to another use instead, to Simon’s wife and daughter, I imagine.




Dionne Moller: Well, I’m trying to be as transparent about this GoFundMe for Simon, as absolutely as possible, because when money is involved, you know, I like to have everything clean and clean cut.


So yes, the original idea was to be able to send a wreath to Simon’s final resting place. But it turns out that, because Shazia was so fantastic in, and you Horus also for, getting hold of the number, we managed to get hold of Simon’s wife in time. And she actually said that she was going to buy flowers from us to put on to Simon’s grave this morning. And that if she could, she would send a photograph.


So that wreath, or those flowers were actually put on his grave, hopefully, this morning. And, of course, she will be reimbursed fully for that wreath, and plus everything, all of the money that is left over in that fund. Which at the moment is in British pounds. It’s well over three thousand pounds that’s been donated so far. So people have been extraordinarily generous! It is absolutely heartwarming to see. I didn’t expect it. But my god, I don’t know, I’m kind of blown away by people’s generosity!


Horus: And about the online element of, like you said, it was an online sort of equivalent to a funeral that you did this morning. [words unclear] As far as I know, none of us, …  Shazia you met him in real life, is that right?


Shazia: I didn’t.


Horus: You didn’t?


Shazia: I was supposed to meet him in 2017 and I cancelled going to that event . Then I was looking forward to meeting him next, …  [words unclear] So no, I didn’t meet him and that’s what I find really strange that I have this much sad now, for a man that I never met. You know, I just knew him online, like so many other of us.


Horus: You didn’t cancel the 2017 thing, because you were scared to meet him, did you? [chuckling]


Shazia: [words unclear] I was too scared to be seen out in public! [nervous laugh]


Horus: Right. So quite a serious reason then.


Shazia: [words unclear] I was not scared of him! [laughing]

Horus: [laughing] Not a scary bloke! But imagine if he gave someone a proper tongue lashing he could be quite scary, but usually in a well-meaning kind of way. But he was generally a friendly chap, wasn’t he?


Shazia: [word unclear] would think so.


Horus: I mean, I said earlier. But I mean, that all I ever knew from him was support. I mean, it was literally from the moment I made my first interesting video, till the day he died, it was just constant support and encouragement and friendliness.


And I think I haven’t really accepted — I’m sure others feel like this as well — I haven’t really accepted that he’s gone yet. Doesn’t really seem real. But, well, we’ll do our best to get used to it, bit by bit, I suppose.


Dionne Moller: That’s the thing with sudden death, Horus. You know, my mum she was ill with cancer for very long time before she died. So I think psychologically you kind of say to yourself:


“Well at some point my mother, or whoever it is, is going to die.”


And you kind of get used to that idea. But when somebody dies suddenly, and unexpectedly, it comes with such a blow, that you find that people react in different ways.


I’ve read people’s comments, … And Laura Towler, who was just on right now, said herself, she wishes that she could have probed deeper into how Simon was feeling that night.


And this is a very natural thing to do. To kind of blame yourself for something that youcouldn’t possibly have any control over. Because it’s one of the mechanisms that we have to cope with the fact that we’ve lost somebody that we loved, and liked, and respected, unexpectedly. So if all of this is a very, very natural reaction to Simon’s death.




Horus: Yes, comforting to hear. Like I feel like I took him for granted and I think I will still feel like that. But to hear you say that, it helps to sort of diminish the guilty feeling at least.


I must now bring on our next guest. So thank you Dionne for everything that you’ve done, and for coming on. Is there any last thing you want to say?

Dionne Moller: I’d like to say thanks to everybody that’s donated so far to Simon’s GoFundMe. If you can afford to, and if you wish to please, donate so that we can help Simon’s wife and daughter get through this really sad and bad time. And yeah, but that’s it. Thanks very much for inviting me, and I’ll even chat. Thanks very much.


Shazia: Thanks Dionne.


Horus: Thanks Dionne!


Nick: Thanks Dionne!


Horus: Okay. So our next guest is Gearóid Murphy. Hi Gearóid. How are you doing?



Gearóid Murphy



Gearóid Murphy: Hi Horus. And to the other guys as well. Thanks for having me on. I appreciate it. And I just want to say as well, one thing Horus, you mentioned a while ago being slightly nervous hosting a stream by yourself. But am I think you’ve had what ten guests on already, you’ve had lots of guests and you’re doing a pretty good job as far as I can tell. So, don’t worry about it! [chuckling]


Horus: Oh that’s good! I’m glad to hear that, because it’s more self-conscious. When the guest is on it just feels like I don’t have to think about very much! [chuckling] But I mean, I’ve got great co-hosts here as well, so.


Gearóid, did you speak to Simon often? Obviously I know you were in touch, because you came on the show that we did about Ireland.


Gearóid Murphy: I had that show with him, and yourself, and Keith, I think it was. I hope I’m not forgetting anybody! And then a few weeks later it — again I haven’t actually gone back and done a timeline. But it was in, let’s just say the recent past, the last couple of months. Beginning with the stream we did including yourself. But since that time I started streaming a lot more myself, you know. And one night, the next stream I had with him, I saw him tweet about the pandemic, that Covid 19 and the lockdown, when it was just getting started in Spain, and in Ireland as well.


And he tweeted out that he wasn’t sure, he didn’t know what to make of it. That he was both skeptical, but also, you know, respected that it could be real, or was real, or well, you know, he had a perfect kind of a logical, rational take on it. And characterized by uncertainty. He said:


“I’m not really sure what to make of it. And I have an open mind, and I’m not dogmatic about either side. You know, this complicated narrative war.”


And I thought that’s exactly the take someone should have, an intellectually rigorous person should have. I love the uncertainty of it. That’s where I am, too. So I DMed him on Twitter and said:


“Would you come on and talk to me about it?”


And he did. And what was nice about that, obviously, is that he had, I don’t know, a big channel, or is a big kind of name in this scene in the UK, which is much bigger country than where I am. If anyone knows me, it’s mainly in Ireland. So yeah, much bigger name, I don’t know, more clout, whatever you want to call it.


And he just said:


“No problem.”


And that was about five hours before I had him on. You know, I didn’t give him notice, either. And he said, “sure thing“. And he came on and spoke to me for, I don’t know, an hour and a half? And that was a really nice conversation we had about that. It was about that, but it was about many more things as well.


And then the last time we spoke, the third and final time, was I asked him to come on and explain Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, to me. And which turned out to be, … it was very gracious of him, because he wanted to go deep dive into Primo de Rivera. And I had to just reel him in and say:


“I don’t even know what happened in the Spanish Civil War, you know!”


Which must have been hard for him, because he had to totally simplify it to my level! But he did! He did it without being resentful, or annoyed. He said:


“Okay. fair enough. I’ll baby step you through the whole thing.”


And we just had a great chat!


And so I don’t know, that’s all I ever knew of him. I never got to meet him. I’m sure I would have had met him. And I was looking forward to doing so, actually. But that’s life.




Horus: That’s right, there was a lot of us. I imagined he really enjoyed baby stepping through it, because that was kind of a labour of love for him. He was working on these videos and his book about it. But obviously, it isn’t finished.


By the way, I just wanted to say “waaayyy!” because you mentioned Jose Antonio! And that was a running joke through [chuckling]me and his show! He mentioned him every week for about six weeks! And then when he didn’t, I mentioned that he hadn’t mentioned it, to kind of rib him about it. And then it became something we had to mention every week. I think we didn’t the last week, or two, that we did the show. But it was a running joke until then. So I’m very glad that you cucked! I don’t know if you meant to. But I’m delighted that you mentioned him!


Gearóid Murphy: I didn’t know that he had spoken about him so much in some shows that I didn’t see, and all of that. But what a passion he had for Primo de Rivera! I can’t say that guy’s full name every time. But, and oh my god! He was like just so invested in that man’s life’s work. So I don’t know, in a way maybe if you want to, … and again I speak from a position of I spoke to him three times for three hours, which albeit small and non-physical, I feel like I did get to know him a little bit, you know, more than you might think in that period of time. And through watching his other stuff.


But I think maybe, you know, from our perspective from a distance if you wanted to pour over some works of a Primo de Rivera, or translations if you can’t speak Spanish, you’re almost getting to know and converse with Simon a little bit. because clearly it wasn’t just like reading for him. And I don’t know, maybe that’s a kind of a therapy, you know, to read that and just think:


“Oh yeah, he obviously knew this page and that page, because he was so obsessive about it.”


Horus: He was doing it in a scholarly way, I would say.


Gearóid Murphy: Yeah. Sorry, carry on.


Horus: No, go for it.


Gearóid Murphy: I don’t know what I was gonna say in! [chuckling]


Horus: Okay. Just, because you mentioned about how you could feel like you knew the guy almost immediately. Nick, would you feel the same, that almost and as soon as you made contact with Simon, he just feels like a familiar person?


Nick: I think I felt that way the first time I saw him streaming with Dionne, because I wasn’t really familiar with him until we started talking. I’d seen him on one stream and then went:

“Okay, I want you on as a guest. You’re a lovely man!”


Yeah . I just remember the stream that they did, thinking:


“I want to know him!”


And I’m very, very glad that I got to.


Horus: Have you got a cat there, by the way?


Nick: Oh yeah, she’s always scrambling for attention. Sorry.


Horus: Does she want to say something about Simon?


Nick: I don’t know. I mean, she was always watching every week, so she was a fan just as much as anyone else. I think she’s short on words now. she’s gone shy.


Horus: And about Jose Antonio, as well, I believe Keith is gonna be our guest in a little while. And his tribute, he said that his favorite Simon Harris video was one of the episodes of the series that Simon was doing about Jose Antonio, as well.


One other great thing, but that, was that Simon would say, “Jose Antonio a Primo de Rivera” in the proper accent!  And, you know, better than any of us. So that’s another thing I’ll miss. [chuckling] Yeah, that was a mainstay of European Freedom! Every week Jose Antonio  got a mention. it’s pretty fitting that that you had him on to talk about exactly that, I think.


Gearóid Murphy: Yes. It was so strange as well — and you can just cut me off whenever you want to here, or give me a warning. But I learned about it [Simon’s passing] through,  and I think a lot of people are mentioning this kind of how strange this is. But I learned about it, I was streaming with two lads the other night. One of whom was Keith. And it came up in the chat just towards the end when I was getting ready to wrap up the show. And I just start seeing Simon Harris, PM [Private Message] in the chat. And I just couldn’t address it. I don’t know, I felt like is this tactful to do it, or not? Whatever. But I just thought like, I’m just gonna say goodnight and I’m gonna have to verify that, or something. It’s too strange just at the end of a chat, I don’t know what’s true, or what isn’t. But it was so strange and rattling to learn it that way. Kind of in a way insensitive.  Not that I blame the chat, or any of that, but just such a strange way to learn something like that.




Horus: Could it be true?


Gearóid Murphy: Slightly, but like, you know, understandable too. And then, yet I only ever knew him through streaming, and here we are and I’m streaming in this way. So it’s just such a strange experience in that way. And yeah people mentioning how they felt like they knew him. I just thought he felt kind of like — and again I might be overstepping the mark to anybody. He may have nieces and nephews, I don’t mean to make any comparison. A sort of a kind of an uncle slash friend type of guy.


There was one thing he mentioned in our stream, the long stream we did just a general conversation, he mentioned this festival in Spain that he goes to. He said it’s a festival about spring onions, or something like that. And how as he described it, a lot of back-slapping and a lot of swigging wine from the same bottle . This kind of festival just great fun, or whatever. And I said at the end of our stream that I would like to join him at some point. And obviously he said:


“You must come over. We’ll go, I’ll take you out.”


I had it fully in my mind that I was going to do that next year, the year after, the one after that, whatever!  But it wasn’t a flippant commitment. And I don’t know, he’s just that kind of guy.



The other thing as well, I would rate him as — like I sometimes within the movement think about the person who you would bring to a barbecue. You know, some people are intellectuals, some people are this and that.


I have this thing called the “barbecue test“. Like would you bring someone to a barbecue with your normie family, or something like that, right? And would they be able to speak to someone in a way that isn’t necessarily a political rant? And he would be maybe my number one guy. I think he could listen to someone, and engage, and have a good time and sing a song, drink a few beers, you know. And that’s what I think of him.


Horus: And he would drop in a deliberate red pill bomb here and there as well.


Gearóid Murphy: For sure! One or two.


Nick: On that note, I always had Simon pegged as the one person that I wanted my folks to meet, so that they would feel okay about all of this! I genuinely thought, if only I could just introduce them to Simon, then they’d just be like:


“Okay. It must be fine! This guy’s normal and like us!”


Horus: Keith, welcome! Do you have a barbecue test for people, as well?



Keith Woods



Keith Woods: Yeah well, it’s funny hearing that, because yeah, that’s very relatable. I mean, I remember the first time I was talking to Simon, he did seem strangely familiar. But I think there was something about Simon, I have some family in the UK around his age, and I think he’s very representative of a certain generation of British, and Irish people as well, that are just good decent people. That kind of had their good nature taken advantage of. And he went in search of answers. And your show Horus, … I mean, Mark Collett’s show is probably, you know, the sort of the main show of this online space, whatever. But I’d really started enjoying yours and Simon’s show. And it turned into great show for the hot topic of the day, the big discussion. Whether it was the debate with Nick Griffin around electoral politics, or whatever else, you know.


And I think the reason for that is, because Simon himself was only interested in truth, and kind of honest inquiry. And so he always had his finger on the pulse because he was always genuinely looking for the same answers his audience were.


And it’s a strange thing like I put up the tribute to him and I mean, here we all are, you know, people that didn’t meet him personally. And there were so many people under my video said that they cried when they found out, or cried watching the video. And they were expressing sort of bemusement at it as well, that they were so emotional for someone that they’d never met.


And it is a weird thing, because it’s like I’ve been a few years kind of interacting with the space, listening to podcasts and following YouTubers, and so on. It’s never happened before that one of these people passed away, and it’s a weird thing, because it’s like when I heard Simon died, I went and watched the last show he did. And it was a weird feeling the last five minutes of the show, as it’s ending, you know, like Simon and many other people it’s like, you invite them into your home, and in a weird way it’s kind of an intimate experience, and you don’t realize how attached you are, or how much you feel like this person. And it was a strange feeling watching the stream knowing it’s the last time you’ll ever hear this man.


And yeah, it does make you really appreciate what a great guy he was.


Horus: Couldn’t agree more! Nick has said like that European Freedom should carry on. I got to tell in all truth, I don’t know if I’ve got what it takes to carry on, Nick. But I mean, I want to contribute, I want to do my bit. But I don’t know if I’ve got that same sort of continuous resolve that he had, or the ability to do , … I don’t know I’ve got my finger on the pulse quite so well.




Nick: I’m not sure it matters whether you do on your own. What’s important is that we have to, right? it’s not really an option on this one!


Horus: Well especially like Keith put his finger on like what was so valuable about it as well. I mean, is absolutely a good idea. it’s just, we’ll have to talk about it more in the next week.


Nick: No, I know what you mean, because he was so right about the zeitgeist thing. Especially in the last few months. Because we started off having quite broad discussions that were supposed to be sort of timeless. We were like:


“Okay, let’s unpack this word! Let’s see what this means.”


But then, the last couple of weeks it’s been like:


“We need to talk about this! This has been bubbling under the surface and I’m gonna rip that plaster off and make sure that we talk about it.”


That seemed to be Simon’s aim. Which made it sort of the unmissable point of the week! It was the most interesting point of the week, I think.


Horus: I’m delighted to hear that. I fully agree. And yeah, this is under the surface, let’s bring it to the surface . That is incredibly valuable! It’s dynamic!


Keith Woods: And he was the perfect person for that because, you know, everyone associated, loved him. No one had a bad word to say about Simon. And it was always clear that there was absolutely no ego involved. And that if he was taking a position it was, because he thought it was the best and the right position.


Even when me and Gearóid were on after the election, we were having like a mild disagreement, over like sort of an approach to electoral politics. And Simon was like the perfect mediator and all these discussions! You know, he was totally reasonable, and he could you could see both sides. And he’d gone through all of these sort of intellectual journeys himself. So he was the perfect person to face up to these conflicts and get a good resolution that everyone could agree on.


Gearóid Murphy: Mmm.  For sure! There’s one thing as well that before we streamed that time he messaged me. I think he might have said it on, or off, camera, I don’t know. But he told me he had been binging on my videos. And it was such an alien concept to me, because I don’t know if you ever get this feeling, or some of you do, or maybe it’s just me. But you kind of go, there’s a part of you that kind of wonders why anybody might watch you, you know? That kind of imposter syndrome! And to think that this guy who, you know, I think he’s a little bit of a big deal and all of that, would say something like that. It’s quite nice!


And a lot of people, even if they did do that, they might not say it to you, you know, they might not want to put themselves, humble themselves so much before you, or whatever. But he had no problem saying that. It felt good! [chuckling] It was nice of him to say. I appreciated that.


I don’t know if I should get, … I’ll probably be in someone’s way, so will I just knock out one, or two, more bits of spiel, and, … while I have a chance to?


Horus: You can, … I’m going to introduce Alison in a minute. You can still be, you know, …


Gearóid Murphy: Oh, okay, I didn’t know, …


Keith Woods: I had a very similar experience. Because Simon used to leave comments on my channel when I only had a few hundred subscribers. So at the time, you see this guy with 17 or 18 thousand subs, whatever. And it’s all his words of encouragement.


You know that really means a lot, because I do think he went out of his way, because he saw it was so new on the scene and maybe didn’t have that many subs. I do think he went out of his way to always be very encouraging, and leave positive comments. So I mean, that’s a small thing, but you look back on that and you’re like, what a decent guy!


Horus: And he wasn’t just being kind, was he? He was doing it because he recognized quality and he wants to encourage more people to come forward. To be surrounded by interesting, strong, voices and stuff. So I have the same thing even with a following of just a couple of thousand people. If I see someone who’s got only 50 followers, but they’re doing good stuff, I just want to push them forward, you know. I want to be crowded out, if anything.


Nick: That was clearly his focus! Because that applies to, like all of us! He gave me a leg up. He gave you Horus a leg up. Keith just said the same thing. Yeah! And I think that was pretty unsung, as well. I don’t think anyone really noticed that until today.


Horus: Well, I always keenly aware of it, because I noticed that every video that I put out, he was going:


“This is, …”


Well, I don’t blow my own trumpet, but:


“This is extraordinary stuff!”


Like, yes! Cheers mate! Terrific! [chuckling]


And so, as I say, Gearoid, I’ve got to introduce Alison now. I don’t know if there is any quick thing you want to say?




Gearóid Murphy: No, no, go ahead.


Horus: Okay. Well you guys just stay as long as you want. Obviously if I have to introduce the next person in ten minutes, I’ll have to boot one of you.


Here is Alison Chabloz. Welcome Alison! How you doing?



Alison Chabloz



Alison Chabloz: Hello! Can you hear me?


Nick: You’re quite, quiet. I don’t know if there’s a way to fix that.


Alison Chabloz: Yes, I’ve had a some device problems over the last few days. Is that better?


Horus: Yeah, it’s a little better.


Alison Chabloz: Okay. I can also pump my volume. That’s it. That’s maximum. I’ll try to speak up.


Horus: That sounds good, sounds good. Hello Alison. When we had you on European Freedom that was one of my absolute favorite ones! We talked about fascinating things that night. So I have a very happy memory of that. I think there was first time, … no it wasn’t the first time you and I spoke. And I assume that wasn’t the first time you spoke to Simon, either.


Alison Chabloz: I was trying to remember. I’m not sure whether that was perhaps the only stream I’ve done on your show. I’m not sure whether we were perhaps guests on another show, at one point. I’ve spoken to Simon quite a bit in the background. As people have already been saying, you know, he was always very supportive and very level-headed, and very sensible. And an absolute blessing to our little scene!


So yeah, it was a big shock, a big shock! Black Friday, can we say that day? It will remain in the annals. Well it was a Thursday he passed away, but we found out on the Friday, well I found out on the Friday. Just so sudden! As Dionne was saying it was such a shock, and that we are such small things when it comes down to it. We really do have to live each day as if it could be our last.


And yes, it was always an honor to talk to people who are intellectuals of the movement. I don’t consider myself to be an intellectual! I consider myself to be a minstrel! [chuckling] And, of course, Simon and I had that in common. He was also a musician.


And another thing we had in common is that both our dads used to work in the same town. So there was already a kind of brotherly sisterly feeling. And as others have said, yes he’s easy to talk to and authentic! Authentic in a way that the messages of support and condolences I saw on Saturday just say it all about how loved he was, and always will be. He will always be remembered. And he did great work. He himself was on a journey, I think. And he talked about those different parts, those different parts of his journey with openness, and as I say, with authenticity! A treasure. He was a treasure.


Horus: Well said. A lot of people in their sort of 60s, and 70s, they think, not that they know everything, but it just becomes less interesting to learn about the world. You get that sense, not at all with Simon. You sense that he was accelerating in some ways, he was grasping life more enthusiastically than ever, it seemed to me.


Alison Chabloz: Yes. And I think it was a Gearoid, I’m sorry if I don’t pronounce your name correctly, but, …


Gearóid Murphy: That’s okay.


Alison Chabloz: [chuckling] My gosh I lose track because I am suffering from exhaustion, apologies. It was just the authenticity and the level-headedness, and you could see from his tweets that he was also quite a figure within the Spanish political scene. How he explained how he worked with the Catalan Independence movement before realizing that this wasn’t the right path for him to go down.


And we can see it with all of us, I think, as the tyranny increases and as the oppression, and the New World Order, there’s a big, slow, heavy, gear shift at the moment that the language was becoming more weighted! The language of Simon’s tweets. And the fact that he was also not only implicated in politics back here, back in his homeland, but also his adopted homeland.


That’s another thing we had in common. I could have easily been in Simon’s position. After my first university degree I went to Spain. That was in 1987, where I spent a year. And I lived in Barcelona briefly for about three months. Like, I could speak good Spanish back in the day! that would take a while to come back.


But yeah, he was a lovely man and a great friend. And it’s so grateful that he, and, of course, everybody here on this platform, the host of this show, Nick and Shazia, that you approached me. All of you approached me, and Simon as well, and talked about my case. And I apologize for talking about me, but it means so much to me, and it always will. People who have been courageous enough to point out the discrepancies and the authorities’ treatment of me, musician, singer, in this supposedly bastion of the free world! And Simon was there for me, and therefore I’ll always be grateful and always remember him with utmost fondness.


Horus: When you and I did a conversation, some six weeks ago, something like that, I said to you, I think that I really didn’t pay attention. I used to see this hashtag, whatever, people saying, “Free Alison Chabloz”, or:


“Why are you talking about free speech, but, you’re not talking about Alison Chabloz?”


I simply, I think I ignored your case for a while, and I just I didn’t realize the significance of it. And when I did, I sort of thought:


“Well, I’ve got something to make up for, I guess. Or just to get on the right path, you know.”


But obviously, … I don’t want to go into anything confidential, but you’ve got a special reason for mentioning this at the present time. So I totally don’t blame you for talking about it.


Alison Chabloz: You’ve tweeted out the article. I don’t need to go into it anymore  tonight. It’s not the right time, or place. But yes, the fact that the authorities would like me to be unpersoned, but thanks to Simon, and yourself, and Shazia, and many others, well I think the authorities were rather concerned, …


Horus: I mean, I was just looking at Jared’s channel The Great Order before I came on. He had a video that he’d cut out from his longer chat with him with Jason, No White Guilt, as well. And it was just, I think the title of the video was something like “Simon Harris Red Pill Machine“. [chuckling] That’s a brilliant appellation! I mean, whatever goes on his gravestone, which is nothing to do with us, but on his “virtual gravestone” you could have “Red Pill Machine!” and that’s a nice, not to sum up the whole of his character, but is one great thing to attribute to his name.


Alison Chabloz: Yeah, and another massive quality that he had was the tone of voice that he would use to put across his ideas, and his thoughts, and his questions. It was always just absolutely perfect! He had that way of putting putting himself across. The tone of voice which I can kind of hear as I’m talking about him and his voice. Yes, he really did have a wonderful voice in every sense of the word. And thank goodness, you know,  all these recordings will live on. His voice will live on by this legacy that was his gift.


Horus: It certainly will. Yeah, he was such a genial fellow, as well. And I must say Gearóid, I’m sorry I’m mispronouncing your name as well, I will have to remove you now to make way for Mark. But thank you very much for coming on.


Gearóid Murphy: That’s all good. Thanks for having me. Rest in peace Simon.


Keith Woods: You can drop me out as well if you want.


But before, I would just say one thing. I mean, we touched on it there, and I’m sure Mark will as well, but the fact that he set up his show in such a way that he wanted to kind of rip off the plaster and sort of resolve any contradictions, or any problems, he saw.


And he was obviously motivated by getting people on the same page, and having unity, and having people go on the same journey he did. I think if there’s one thing he definitely be proud of its the fact that here we all are tonight and he’s got, you know, people from the UK, and Ireland, and the US. And the show was called European Freedom, and here everyone has come together to honor him. So I’m sure he’d be more proud of that than anything. So well done to everyone.


Nick: Here! Here!




Horus: And just before I do introduce Mark, I saw Alphago in the chat say “Minstrellectual”. [chuckling] I think that goes quite well for him. So yeah, thanks for coming on Keith. You obviously you can stay on, or drop out, you know, when the next guest comes on. And yeah, cheers mate!


And so I will now introduce Mark Collett. Welcome Mark! how you doing?



Mark Collett



Mark Collett: Hi. Yeah obviously I think we’re all a little shell-shocked by what happened. I think you were the one who told me something was wrong. You were texting me, I think it was late Thursday night, wasn’t it, saying, … or was it late Friday night?


Horus: Yeah, late Friday night.


Mark Collett: Friday night, saying you thought something had happened. And I immediately went onto his Facebook, because I was Facebook friends with him. And obviously my heart sank, because I saw the kind of messages that were being left on his Facebook wall. And I knew then, that what we all had feared after what he said in the karaoke chat:


“Had taken a real turn for the worst.”


And obviously, we lost him!


And the first thing I’ve got to do is say, not only was Simon very, very valued in our community, and very much loved, but he will also be very, very much missed! And he is someone that has been taken from us far, far, too young. He had so much to give. He’d already given so much.


But Simon was one of those guys that you felt would be in this for the long haul. I mean, I’ve got to say that I offer obviously my condolences to all of his friends and his family. And tomorrow night I’m going to dedicate the whole of PWR to Simon, to his memory. And if all of you guys want to join me, just drop in whenever you can for five minutes, or ten minutes, and give your thoughts on Simon. That would be fantastic!


PWR’s, in one form and another, being going now for over 150 episodes, that’s for three years. And we usually get very, very healthy viewing numbers. And I think Simon’s been a guest twice. He was very, very welcomed and very much loved by the community and the people who watch PWR. And I think that it would only be a fitting tribute for me to give him an entire final episode, so that we can all remember him. And so that can go in the PWR archives. And so we really all have something where we can come together.


I know you’re doing this tonight. But I just I couldn’t have gone ahead with the show. We had a show planned with Emily Youcis. Now, I just couldn’t have gone ahead with that and not given Simon a full episode to honor his work.


And the reason Simon’s work is so important, or the reason I feel that Simon’s work is so important, is  Simon was a very much a man’s man! He was a tough guy, but he could also acknowledge when he was wrong, he could acknowledge when he had taken the wrong path, and he was very thoughtful. And often those two things don’t go hand in hand. Often people who are strong men struggle to admit when they’ve taken the wrong path. But Simon was not only a strong man, but one of the great things about listening to his work was there was that clear evolution of who he was and what he believed in, a journey of truth that he was going on. And that journey of truth had taken him to the ethno-nationalist community.


And I’ll give you one of my reflections of Simon. And this is something that will live with me for the rest of my life. The last time I spoke to Simon privately, just mean him talking, he talked to me about the sadness he felt that he couldn’t make the conference in March. And me and him had a bit of a heart-to-heart. And he said he was very, very disappointed, because he didn’t feel that he got to truly experience meeting everyone. He felt that this community was a home, but he said the conference to him was meant to be like a homecoming.




He wanted to be in a room with people he felt were his political family. And I said to him at the time, I said:


“Look mate, don’t worry about it. There’s gonna be more conferences.”


I said:


“I hope you’ll join us in September.”


And he said:


“Of course I will. I’m gonna be there. I can’t wait to meet everyone!”


And reflecting on that final private conversation with him, it brings me an awful lot of sadness, because he was a man that had so much to live for. I know he was a slightly older gentleman, but he still had so much fire! So much passion! And after going on this long political journey, he felt like he’d found his home. And he just wanted to come home to us and meet us all, and be in the company of people who he could be himself around.


And it will always be a lasting sadness for me personally, that I never got to shake his hand, and I never got to meet him in person.




Horus: There is a tragic note that brings a tear to the eye. Yeah. I think it’s a lovely idea to have open house tomorrow. It’s sort of something that a lot of people do after someone’s dying, and before the funeral, or the wake afterwards. So I think in a way that’s what you’re doing. That’ll be a lovely thing to have tomorrow.


And when Laura was on earlier I said, and I think Shazia and Nick agreed that Simon’s speech, he couldn’t hear us. He couldn’t hear us applauding and laughing and stuff.


But we thought he could, because his speech came across so naturally. So it’s tragic that he was prevented from coming to the conference. But it is lovely and something cheerful to remember that he still did that much and he gave us something. I hope he got something out of it as well. But it is still lovely that he managed to do that much.


Mark Collett: The one thing that I do feel happy about though, is that at the conference when he said he couldn’t speak [hear], I know his speech wasn’t perfect in the sense that he didn’t get to hear us. And he was quite upset that during his speech he couldn’t hear the crowd. And it’s very difficult to speak to a crowd of people if you aren’t getting any form of reaction. When you speak on a show like this, you see the live chat, and it gives you real feedback to how things are going.


But his speech was superb!


But I am happy that even though he couldn’t attend on the morning of the conference we still moved everything around, we changed the order of the speakers, and we still made sure he could appear, even if it’s via videolink. And even though he wasn’t there in person, he was there. And that day he inspired so many people, as he’s been inspiring so many people for so long.


And when I say he went on a journey, some people go on a journey of discovery on their own. But the beautiful thing about Simon’s life, is he went on that journey of discovery. And it wasn’t alone! He took hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people with him on that journey! And he led them to the truth, to this community. And I believe that Simon should always be remembered as a strong, heroic man, who always sought the truth.


And he didn’t just seek it for his own personal gratification, or knowledge. He sought the truth so he could help others. And so he could help others to that truth with him. And that’s what makes him stand out as such an incredible man! And a man that we’re all gonna miss so dearly.


I used to remember – this a little personal reflection of mine. But in the chat on a Wednesday night of PWR, you would always see Simon in the chat. And when he’d come in and say hello to everyone the chat would light up with:


“Hi Simon!”


To think that this Wednesday will be honoring him, but we won’t see his name pop up in the chat, we won’t see that string of really fast messages all saying:


“Hi Simon! How are you doing? Enjoyed your stream last week. Looking forward to your next one!”


That’s something, that very, very sad. And it’s very moving.


Because I know this community sometimes feels disjointed. And I know that it isn’t as close and as organic as it should be, because of the geographical separation between us. And the fact much of our work takes place online. But no one could ever accuse this community of not having heart.


And it’s moments like this. I know this is a very sad time, but seeing everyone being pulled together, and seeing such a genuine outpouring of love for such a wonderful man. I really hope he’s smiling down on us. And I really hope that he seems today, tomorrow, with all the tributes shows that are going on, just how much he was genuinely loved! And just how much he will be missed!




Horus: Yeah, I think he was a man who wanted to take us on the “truth journey”. And he wanted us to be there with him. He wanted us to be there alongside him. That’s the way I  see it.


Mark, if there’s any last thing you want to say? I’m gonna introduce St. Harrison, who’s the next guest.


Mark Collett: No I don’t want to take any one else’s time. I just want to thank everyone who’s here tonight. Please be with us tomorrow. Everyone who’s here now is welcome, even if it’s just two minutes, five minutes, just to come on and say hello. We will be spamming that link to the GoFundMe throughout the entire show.


So that if anyone wants to donate to his family they can. And just to reiterate what I’ve said, he was such an incredible man! He went on such an incredible journey. And it will always be a lasting sadness for me that I never got to shake his hand!


Simon Harris we will miss you so much my friend!


Horus: Well said mate. I’ll be there tomorrow.


St Harrison, welcome mate.



Saint Harrison [91:50]




St. Harrison: Thank you for having me.


Horus: Cool! Yeah, so how’s things?


St. Harrison: Well, it’s very somber evening. But, it was weird wasn’t it? Because normally he’s quite active in our group chats. And then it’s kind of, … We’ve had not heard from Simon for a couple of days, … Maybe Simon’s had a day off, because occasionally people have a little rest from Telegram.


And then we found out what’s happened. And it’s kind of a case of, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.


I mean, I never spoke to Simon personally. I never got around to having a Harrison & Harris stream. Which would have been fun I think, because he did have the same sarcastic sense of humor as I do. Although I’m not sure what I would have called it, because he said he didn’t like how I titled my videos! And when he said that I thought:


“What a tart!”


[Horus chuckles] But then that might have been, because I took the piss out of him a bit in a video about the PA Conference! When I said:


“He appeared via video link, like someone who couldn’t be arsed to accept an award!”


But he knew I was joking.


I mean, the first video I watched of Simon’s was one about the “Three Girls” drama he did a few years back. And he pointed out things that are completely missed in that program. And how they just focused on the uselessness, rather than the racial element.


And then I started watching him more when he was covering the Catalan issues, because he was over there. He was obviously knew what was going on. And he was raising points again that I, and probably others, hadn’t thought of.


I know he came in for some stick I think a few times, for being an Englishman abroad, but like Dionne, Chris, Jake, he still cared about us, cared about England. And wanted, right until the end, he was pumping out stuff for the cause.


I think the good thing is that the wealth of content he’s made, it’s still there for everyone to watch over. And we can all bring over the higher intellect newbies to his videos. And he still got his European Freedom site as well. So his hard work, won’t go to waste. I think that’s what he’d want.


Horus: I think it’d be a struggle for anyone to cast doubt on his commitments to the cause, wherever he lived. And he spoke himself about how it was some discomfort for him that he lived abroad, where I think he said as he got older he would have liked to have returned to Britain. I don’t think he had any plans to.


About that Three Girls video, I watched that one a couple of months ago, because I was doing research for these videos I’m releasing at the moment, …


St. Harrison: Yeah.


Horus: And that is one minor source of regret for me, that he won’t see the Sixth Part of this series I’m doing. Because that discusses Three Girls as well. It’s not all about that.


But, yeah, I mean, if there is an afterlife, … Well he might have better things to do! [chuckling] But I hope he gets to see these last three parts of these videos I’m doing. Because I took some inspiration, … Sorry, say again.




St. Harrison: You never know, there might well be an after life! And if a comment in the chat appears from him, we’ll all shit ourselves! [Horus chuckling] But it will be for a good reason!


Horus: I mean, he might appear tomorrow to do with customary reply in the chat for PWR? I don’t know. It’s nice thought! It’ll be a comforting thought. It would be like ghosts, when Patrick Swayze manages to, … I’m cheapening it. Sorry!


St. Harrison: Are you cheapening ghosts, or are you cheapening the evening?


Horus: Oh, I’ll go with the first one, that gets me off the hook! There we go. [laughter].


I mean, I loved his sense of humor. He liked to rip people! He likes to throw some things out there. It was good. It was challenging.


St. Harrison: Yeah it wasn’t all serious was it? He wasn’t, … Although he sometimes came across as quite serious. I know when you two do your streams and you’re talking about the “Cathedral”, and half of us haven’t got clue what you’re talking about. And the other half understand. But then he’d also come out with these witty comments on Twitter, and in his videos as well. So he did appeal to everyone across the spectrum, which I think there’s another reason why he’ll be missed.


Horus: Such an easy guy to get along with. Vigilante Jesus, in the chat, has been putting in some of Simon’s tweets, and quotes, and stuff. And it makes you realise, apart from many other things, he was also quite a wordsmith, as well! I mean, we all know he was, he was a writer as well. But he could also be pithy as well. He’s a man of many talents.


Speaking of “The Cathedral”, Ralph is gonna be our next guest. I’m afraid Ralph, if you’re listening, there won’t be time to discuss “The Cathedral” tonight, unless you’re speaking about spiritual matters! Yeah, in that sense, yeah.


Which, of course, Simon did mention several times. He had a growing attraction to the Christian faith. I don’t know how orthodox. But I mean, he spoke of how much he got out of spending time in churches and cathedrals. And obviously he’s in the right place for that in Barcelona, as well.


St. Harrison: All that Catalan stuff was good as well, because he went out there a couple of times in the street and spoke to people. And he was saying how they didn’t have a plan for what they were going to do after. I think that’s something that he certainly brought to us in our plans, in knowing that it’s all very well us having an end point, so to speak, but no more with everything afterwards, ..


Horus: Yeah, whether it is the end, or not. Kerry Boomer just put in the chat an apt quote:


“Everyone in the Spanish government are cunts! — Simon Harris.”


And I think Nick shared that one earlier as well.


Nick: I did, I did! I saw that someone else had. And I just thought maybe, we should keep this up as a thing, because I’m sure there’s years of quality tweets. [Horus laughing] What I was gonna say about “The Cathedral” and struggling to follow it. This is a good thing about Simon’s channel is that some of them do require a re-watch. Some of them you probably can’t digest it at once. So it’s gonna be worth going back to it.


St. Harrison: Definitely! Because I didn’t understand it!


Horus: About “The Cathedral”, it is somewhat counterintuitive, and, …


St. Harrison: It’s far too big brain for me.


Horus: Yeah. I mean, it entails thinking not in terms of people. But in terms of roles as Ralph would remind us.


I’m gonna introduce Ralph in a moment now. I’m gonna have to drop out for about five minutes, because one can’t wholly sustain three and a half hours without some physical movements. God! I made that sound worse! It’s basically, what I mean, is I’m gonna need a wee. [laughter] But once I’m introduced Ralph, I will know that he’ll be able to talk for a long enough for me to go and come back. I’m not being emotional!


St. Harrison: I’ll drop out if you like.


Horus: Okay mate. Thank you very much coming on.


St. Harrison: Thank you for having me.


Horus: Yeah, excellent, and speak to you soon.


St. Harrison: Speak to you soon. Bye all!


Horus: Cheers mate! And Ralph welcome to the stream! How are you doing?



Ralph Masilamani (Right Reaction) [99:28]



Ralph: Oh it’s quite moving listening to all. Evening everyone! How are you Nick, Allison, Shaz, Horus? But yeah, quite moving listening to it all. Yeah, I’m still quite in shock to be honest. I still could can’t believe he’s not there is. I only spoke to him a few days prior to the event. Yeah, I don’t know if you want to hear my, I guess, my journey with Simon. It’s quite a different one from you chaps.


I first spoke to him on the phone I think two and a half years ago. Because out of the blue I had a couple of friends when I was working my way around the movement, figuring out what was going on. And I had a couple of people kept saying:


“Do, you know, Simon Harris? Do you know, Simon Harris?”


I was like:


“No. I have no idea who he is.”


So, and they kept saying:

“Oh, I want to be introduced to Simon.”


And eventually I thought will just screw this! So I just reached out to Simon directly, out of the blue, and I said:


“Look I don’t really know you. I’ve been reading some of your blog stuff that looks really interesting. And can I just introduce you, … And you don’t know me, can I introduce you to random people?”


And he was so warm and said:


“Of course no problem.”


So I hooked up these, perhaps up to three people, that way. And then we spoke. I mean, we communicated by email maybe five, or six times from 2018-19, just randomly.


And then eventually I think I finally spoke to him, and properly, with you Horus on that first stream, where the three of us were, right? I think you remember that one. We talked about [word unclear] nationalism. And you say don’t mention, the “Cathedral”. But I think I have to, because what’s remarkable about Simon was we did those great streams that people liked about the Cathedral. And then he wanted more of them. And then he thought:


“This is just too much for me, and I’m gonna have to think about it.”


And before I came on tonight I counted, in total, he’d watched 37 different Neo-reactionary videos! And sent me about 40 different emails, and documents, and comments, as he was trying to reconcile his entire worldview against its all Neoreactionary madness, right? And I think it speaks like volumes, the fact that he was so like diligent, and dedicated, and just determined to understand something, that he put his mind to. And I had to check, even though he said:


“Okay, I’m gonna have to go back to my Spanish series videos.”


It was only like eight, or nine days ago, the last message going:


“Is this what that means? And this is what that means in Cathedral and Neoreactionary thinking?”


So I think it’s a speaks volumes to a man who has such, I think integrity intellectually, on that level. So that was all the Cathedral stuff.


And then on the personal stuff it’s quite interesting. Because, I think of my final phase at Simon, is I’m stumbling my way to all this kind of social media personality nonsense. And obviously we all make mistakes. And Simon was always there for me going:


“No pull that video down. Don’t say this, say that.”


And he was a great mentor. It was always very humble, very egoless, always replied very promptly to all my communications. And I can’t think of anything to spite the character of the man. And I genuinely feel like even though I’ve only known him for a short period of time, I feel a very personal lots I feel like the movement has lost a great man, and a stalwart, if you like.


And I think there’s one thing we should take from this is we should, do Simon’s memory justice, by giving our best for what time he would have wanted to. And that’s kind of my views on that.


Nick: I think the word “mentor”. I think that’s the word that we’re gonna agree is the word of the night, isn’t it? Because he’s given that to so many people. It seems like most of the people that have come on he helped them move on in some way.




Ralph: Yeah, I think even the personality, he was quite, yeah, I think the word “integrity” springs to mind. Because I remember even with my last stuff – I know the cathedral stuff can “mind-fuck” people – he just was determined like, you know, like Dastardly and Muttley in the Wacky Racist cartoons!   He was just like:


“Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”


He just wanted to know.


And even when he thought like:


“Okay we’re done with this.”


I thought:


“Right, I won’t hear from Simon about the Cathedral.”


He just kept coming! Because he just wouldn’t let go of how to reconcile like his Third Position worldview against this stuff. And I think of, good gosh a man 60! And he was healthy, which was really bizarre. I’ve had the Covid, it’s been as bad, quite horrid really. And I spoke to him, and I could tell he wasn’t well. But he was very reticent to kind of share things. But didn’t take long for me to think:


“Right. You’ve got the same respiratory stuff.”


But he seemed very like, almost like, calm about it. And I know exactly how he felt, because I’m living it right now, or have been for six weeks. And I noticed even in that sickness he was very calm.


So I knew something in my spider-sense, I knew something was wrong. Because he always replied the next day, at the latest. And I hadn’t heard from over two, or three days. And then Horus was on the horn saying:


“I haven’t heard from Simon. Have you heard from Simon?”


And that point something was this kind of like visceral feeling you get. A kind of spidey sense. And yeah now we know, obviously. So yeah, it’s thoughts and prayers with Simon and his family, obviously. And, you know, great stuff with Shazia, Horus to do what they’re doing here, so.


Horus: You’re a Christian aren’t you, Ralph?


Ralph: I’m afraid I have, yes. [chuckling]


Horus: Don’t worry. I’m not criticizing. I mean, I’ve only known him for less than a year, or something, actually. Something I noticed he mentioned increasing, I first noticed when we had Jacktion on. Jacktion will be on here later, as well.


But when we first had him on the show, Simon’s first start talking about faith. I mean, maybe he’d been talking about it for years before. But it was the first I was aware of it. And did you talk to him about matters of faith, at all?




Ralph: It came up really in a very strange way, because we were talking about the cathedral stuff. And then I laughed, because I like Gaudi. I said:


“Well, you know,   you live in Barcelona. So obviously you have this [word unclear] of Sagrada Família, and stuff like that.”


And then we had two little conversations, and he asked me about how my faith changes my worldview and politics? And how does it feel like, have I ever been without faith? And I never asked him, I think it’s quite rude. I mean, personally I don’t like to inquire about people’s faith, unless they tell me first. But I could always sense there was something there. I wasn’t sure if he was a Christian, or used to be when I was young. Or was rediscovering his faith. But there was definitely something in that conversation, because I can tell by the tone.


And when we went through the Sagrada F amília, we did all the kind of mechanical stuff. And then I was like:


“Oh yeah.”


And I’ve been to a few churches, and we spoke about architecture in Barcelona, and Gaudi, specifically. And I would say:


“Yeah. But I was obviously going to the church, also to go to church.”


And I could tell there was something there. And that’s quite common I think, lots of people typically in their latter third of their life, do look for something beyond. So that would not surprise me if he was, let’s just say, rekindling his search for the spiritual.


Nick: I’m gonna have to listen to the very first one that the three of us did together, again. Because it ended up in that kind of zone, didn’t it? Where, do you remember this Horus? Where Simon was sort of looking straight at the:


“Do you believe in God question.”


And us and the whole audience were basically silent. [Horus chuckles] The only time when I’ve been on a stream when no one was saying anything, and no one minded. It’s amazing!


Horus: [chuckling] You’re a Christian too, Nick?


Nick: Ah, yes! Yes! It’s very, … Part of that is:


“Who done it?”


If you look at the map of what’s going on, and go:


“I mean it does say that in the book.”


Horus: Part of that is a matter of identity.


Nick: There’s all sorts in there. But I like teasing him with this concept of “good and evil”. Like:


“Do you believe in good and evil?”


Because, if you do, I don’t believe you can be a proper atheist. I don’t know. It was a fun conversation.


Ralph: Yeah. And it’s funny even with the cathedral stuff where we spoke a lot about, because I’m hoping to get Dr. E Michael Jones, now that things have lifted again, to have a debate with a big Christian chap at Speaker’s Corner. And I was talking to Simon about “blood and soil” and the ethnos without the logos, and I could feel even there he was like:


“Well, we need a spirit. If you’re an atheist you need some spiritual sense, right? There’s got to be some, … It can’t just be blood and soil right. It must be blood and soil and spirit.”


And he kept asking questions, that were questions a lot of people ask. I’d like to say spiritual, but not sure what that spirit means. They think there’s more than just mechanics. So he was definitely a very, very curious, very cognizant of spirit, for sure.


Alison Chabloz: So Ralph there is a famous pilgrimage, not far from Simon’s part of the world, the Santiago de Compostela. I was wondering if he knew about that. I am sure Simon did. I think I remember him saying something about that. Quite a lot of people that I know as well.


Ralph: Do you mean the actual famous, you mean the actual trail. Yeah that’s during the Reconquista when the Christians finally reconquered in the period going up to 1492, and the Reconquista, and taking out the Muslims. There’s a famous pilgrimage trail that marks all the – I’ve been to parts of it – that marks all the Spanish churches that literally were burned and fought over as a battle fault line to evict Islam from Europe. So when you think of the Reconquista, we think of the Santiago de Compostela  as that kind of fault line, if you like, between Christianity in Europe and the rejection of Islam.


And it has some of the most beautiful like baroque and Gothic churches. Very, very interesting fusion, Romanesque churches. If you’re ever in that part of the world it’s worth it just for the architecture. And it’s obviously quite a famous pilgrimage. So I think that’s what you’re referring to, I think, right?


Alison Chabloz: Yes, that is right. Yes.


Ralph: So yeah, that’s his part the world. I think Simon mentioned it. I think he mentioned he’d been mapping it for I think Spanish political reasons, as much as religious reasons, right. Because it’s quite significant in Spanish politics, as well. It’s a kind of fault line for cs.


Horus: Ralph, thanks for coming on. I’m going to introduce Dan the Iconoclast now, is there anything, any last thing you want to say?


Ralph: No. Well, god bless Simon and his family! And my thoughts and prayers are still with his family. Great stuff chaps for all the work you’ve done for this.




Horus: Yes, there’s no accident that Simon invited you to our show, I think, three times.


Ralph: [chuckling] Indeed. He made three mistakes! Have a good one guys.


Horus: Cheers for coming on. I’ll speak to you soon.


Alison Chabloz: I shall also say goodbye. Thank you very much, and well done for hosting this important stream. Thanks a lot. Good night everyone.


Horus: Thank you very much Alison.


Shazia: Thank you Alison.


Horus: Dan. Welcome! How are you doing?




Dan (The Iconoclast)



Dan (Iconoclast): Hello! Well yeah, all things considered I’m doing okay mate. How you guys doing? It’s been a good show so far, lots of good guests coming in, lots of people paying their respects. It just goes to show how much Simon meant to basically everyone. And none of us met him in real life! Isn’t that a testament to the man?


Horus: It is literally none of us.


Nick: No, none of us! I said that in my PA wrap-up. Like, out of everyone, I wanted a pint with him, the most. And I did intend to go to Barcelona at some point. Mainly to get out of the UK. But now, I don’t think any, … Wait Shaz, did you? No you didn’t, did you. You pulled out of something that was supposed to happen. So yeah, none of us.


Dan (Iconoclast): Yeah, it’s funny, because at times like this you get all reflective. And you think back to all the times you interacted with Simon.


And the first time I came across him was three years ago, when I started my channel for the first time. I think it was only about a month, or two old. And he started messaging me on Twitter, … Again like many people have said tonight, just with words of encouragement and saying:


“Oh I really enjoyed this video of yours!”


And just compliments galore! And I didn’t know who he was at the time, and I checked him out. We chatted for a while, learnt who he was, a British guy living in Barcelona. He had a really interesting life story.


And it was a shame. Because the week before he messaged me I was actually in Barcelona, I was on a holiday with my girlfriend. And I thought, if he’d messaged me just before I went, I probably would have tried to see him, or something. Because he was such a warm guy! You could tell he wasn’t a bullshit artist. He wasn’t ill intended in any way. He’s just a good guy! And it came across immediately.


You know, it in these circles were always concerned about people trying to, in my case, you know, it’s happened many times, people trying to dox me by trying to get me out into a pub, or something, [chuckling] and sneakily taking a picture! You know, you’ve got to take these things into account sometimes.


But I knew Simon wouldn’t be that sort of man. He was a completely honest man. And we chatted for a good while. And then I interviewed him for my channel later on in 2017, about the Catalonia Independence marches. And after that we kind of went our separate ways for a few years.


And it all culminated Horus, with me coming on European Freedom a few weeks ago. And it was the first time Simon and I had spoken since then. Which is crazy to think! Now I’m feeling regretful! Because that’s three years that I could have been really valuing Simon as a friend! Whereas we were, you know, it’s funny how this happens, isn’t it?


But I guess there’s nothing you can do about it now. You don’t think that this person that you respect and admire, is suddenly just gonna disappear! Nobody thinks that way. So I think we’re all a bit guilty of thinking we’ve got more time with everyone than we do.


And that’s what I’ve been thinking about this weekend. It’s such a tragedy, but yeah. I mean, I don’t a ramble on, … It’s just amazing that none of us actually met him in person!


Horus: And I suppose maybe it’s extra galling, because you did me and Anne Marie Waters, both of you! [Dan and Horus laughing]


Nick: Good way to address that elephant in the room!


Dan (Iconoclast): [chuckling] Well, here’s the thing, I knew Simon and Anne Marie didn’t get on. But I don’t actually know the story as to why. And I was hoping that he’d tell the story to me one day. Maybe he told it somewhere else, and I can watch it back. But yeah, thanks for that Horus, that’s a nice reminder! [chuckling]


Horus: I’ve said to a few people, I just assumed, 100 percent assumed, that I would have years more of sort of friendship and comradeship with him. I just had no thought that he wouldn’t be around. And that’s probably just my self-centred nature. I just take people for granted sometimes. He was certainly one. His age didn’t occur to me. And I just thought, as I said earlier I thought he was accelerating, you know.




Dan (Iconoclast): The thing is mate, like yeah he’s 60 years old. But that’s not old these days! I mean, my dad is 60 years old, my mom is 60 years old. I don’t think if them as “elderly”, you know, that’s just not what that comes into my mind! And Simon, you know, his enthusiasm, and his energy every time you made a video, or whether he’s on a stream. And his humour as well, which is very under-appreciated, by the way, his humour. His sharp sense of humour, which I really appreciated.


You would never look at a guy like Simon and think:


“Oh, he’s an older guy!”


You just didn’t think about it at all. And in our circles age doesn’t really come into it. Which is interesting, because in almost every other aspect of life, that’s something that you would take note of, and it would matter in some way. But here, especially with Simon, none of us thought about that at all! And like you said Horus, you just assumed that you had a couple of decades left with him, because 60, it’s no age.


Horus: And he didn’t make much of his age. I don’t think he felt out of place, or anything whatsoever, I think. I mean, there are a few like people, I suppose, in their 50s but he was one of the older ones. I know you Shazia, your friend James Wills is one of the oldest people who was at the PA conference.


Shazia: [words unclear]


Horus: Sorry, you’re a bit muffled again, Shazia.


Shazia: I said he’s 85.


Horus: Right. And yeah, I was pleased to meet him at the conference. But yeah, age doesn’t seem to matter that much. I just assumed it wouldn’t, … I don’t know if it did matter in Simon in him dying.


But he seemed like he had loads of things on the go. He had loads of thoughts for the future. He had loads of things he wanted to do. He was publishing books. He was writing a book. He had more video ideas than he could make. And unlike me, he never seemed to get too stressed about that! He just did it. But I punish myself for not getting more things done! But he was calm and steady, which was really reassuring to be around and to talk to.


Nick: I think that is an age thing. I think he had hit the point where he’s like:


“Right. I’m going to decide what to give a fuck about!”


And he sort of piled things into and went:


“There’s everything I don’t give a fuck about! That can just go! Not gonna bother with that!”


But he definitely seemed like he was in his stride. Didn’t he? It’s crazy. We clipped a little bit of last week’s stream for the end of Vile. And just the way he was saying, like:


“I’ll see you next week.”


Really hit me in the guts! It’s really nasty.


Dan (Iconoclast): Yeah, I think with a guy like Simon, people are saying in the chat, he was just coming into his stride. And that’s true. And here’s the thing about him, he had the confidence of a man who had lived a life! Right?


I remember when I was speaking to him in 2017. Of course, we’re talking about the Catalonia thing. Because that’s what his passion was at the time. The Independence movement. It’s quite funny actually, if you look back at that video that we did together. I think it’s still on my channel, it must be. [chuckling] Because at the time the Spanish police were cracking down on the Catalonia protests. And, you know, proper civilization at attitudes from the pair of us, we were like:


“Yeah, those Spanish police are a bit fascistic aren’t they!”


I was like:


“Oh god!”


It’s a bit cringe to watch now! But Simon and I had a laugh about it on European Freedom a couple of weeks ago. Just how far we both came.


But yeah, getting back to my original point there, he had the confidence of a man who had lived a life. And he did live a life.


I remember speaking to him about his youth and how he first found himself in Barcelona. He was part of a band, he was a musician. I think he was a part of some sort of weird African band, or something! [laughter] Something very odd, and niche! [chuckling] And I’m just like:


“Wow! This guy he really tries a lot of stuff, doesn’t he? He really puts himself out there! He doesn’t give a shit! In the best possible way.”


And it’s that honesty that I think really shined through with Simon. That shined through in his content especially. And when you’re just speaking to him as a person. And yeah, I think a lot can be learned from Simon in the way he lived his life. How he did lots of different things.


And yeah! I mean, to get to 60 and still be really coming into your element and doing the best work that you’ve ever done! I mean, it’s a testament to him, it really is.


Horus: I couldn’t agree more.


If there’s any last thing you want to say, I want to introduce The Ayatollah soon.


Dan (Iconoclast): Oh no, that’s fine for me, mate. Yeah, rest in peace Simon! You will be missed. But you won’t be forgotten. And I hope people are consuming his content now. I’m really appreciating it in a different way. And I think while I’m here, I’ll just say that it’s probably a good idea if people start archiving his stuff, just in case YouTube get some dodgy ideas. I’m sure people are already doing that, I can’t imagine that they’re not.


So, yes. Thanks for having me on. And good show! And remember everyone, you can still donate to the GoFundMe to help his family out. I suggest you do. So, thanks guys. Good night!




Horus: Thank you Dan speaking of testaments to Simon I think Ayatollah’s avatar says something. Maybe a gesture towards the spirit of Simon in the last couple years.


Welcome Ayatollah.


Ayatollah (representing TASOB)



Ayatollah: Evening all. Yeah I must confess I’ve not been able to listen to the stream. So I’ve literally just come on. So I’ve missed it all. But yeah, to be honest I think I spoke for us all, The Absolute State of Britain really, the other night, after we got the news. Which was the most horrendous shock. Put together a bit of a tribute that went out on our Telegram Channel and posted it through Twitter. And we probably said it all there.


The point Dan made there about archiving his works a really important one, because it wasn’t just that it was really enjoyable. I mean, Simon, I’ve made this point elsewhere, Simon really could have read the small print on a car insurance policy and made it sound interesting! Or a car loan and you would have been interested in, like consumer finance, having heard about it. He was just that sort of bloke in all sort of facets in his delivery.


But it was the fact that the work, a bit like what you’ve been doing Horus, it was unique, in that it was researched. It was so informative.


And I always refer back to the stuff about the Protocols, among other stuff. But obviously the work publishing books there’s a lot responsibility in that. And there’s a lot of discipline required.


You could do that sort of thing without necessarily be interesting and enjoyable. But in Simon’s case it was, because he just had this way of doing things.


But I could sit here and wax lyrical without pausing for breath. But yeah, there’s plenty I could say.


Horus: I think the thing that you wrote on Friday night, wasn’t it?


Ayatollah: Yeah, it was within a couple of hours of us getting the news. I sought first heard from Shazzia in one of the Telegram groups shortly after midnight. And it was, I think I posted it about quarter to two in the morning.


Horus: Certainly came from within. I could tell that immediately. I think you spoke very aptly. And I sense that you didn’t have much difficulty writing that either. I imagine that kind of, …


Ayatollah: As I said, at the time to a couple of people I was talking to at the time. For a moment, you know, not a moment, but for a very short time, I felt a little bit better for having done it. You know, there was a small element of catharsis. But even now, you sort of have that thing where it all hits you! Sure he’s not here anymore. And it sort of comes back at you. You’ll be thinking about other things and it comes back at you. And you sort of think, you know, I still can’t quite believe it! It’s just so, it’s so sudden!


And just the idea that he’s gone is, it’s horrific.


But the other thing, the point, I made in there is, … And I’m sure this has been asked out over and over, because it will be true the vast majority of us particularly. Because I don’t think Simon has been back here to the UK, post the process to really understand what we all understand, which I think the Simon’s case was shortly after myself. It was sort of the latter part of 2017.


And in Simon’s case it was very public. He was out there producing commentary and what-have-you at that time.


And there’s a particular value in people who make that step over in public view. Not just because they bring people with them. But it’s sort of instructive as well.


But again like pretty much everybody else, and we talked about this, I think, yesterday Horus, or possibly I think it was last night, having never got to meet him was just really sad, and really frustrating. Because he must be the most brilliant company. You think of the life he’d led. And I sort of tried to allude to it briefly in the thing we put out.


He just led such an interest in life with his involvement in music and all different sort of styles of music. I think is the band he was in Spain, in Catalonia, had sort of songs in the charts. He’d obviously done it’s professionally. He’s got his academic background with psychology.


Obviously he was adopted Catalan. But then there was a certain sensibility that never left him. It was sort of certain a certain grassroots, old Left, working-class sensibility which still manifested itself in his nationalists efforts.


I mean, we experienced this to agree really, [chuckling] because I was desperate to get him on The Absolute State of Britain. And we tried a couple of times. And in each case, once was just before Christmas, and once was just after.


It ultimately didn’t come through, because we’re having technical problems. And he didn’t suffer fools gladly. And I say that as a compliment. We announced for the [word unclear] for whatever reason. The technical problems. I’m not really sure. It just never really worked with the platform we were using.


But you knew where you stood with him. That goes a long way. I mean, I love going on the stream. You were on with us briefly as well, on New Year’s Eve. And then Nick was on with me.


And to be honest, that that night really was it was predominately just like myself and Nick talking. And Simon just really sort of sat back. And I said afterwards:


“I feel like I sort of hijacked that.”


He said:


“Well no, that’s what I wanted. I’ve got you both on, because I know you can talk.”


And that was obviously really flattering. Because in the year and a half before think, post sort of understanding the obvious question, he’d done more for me in terms of deepening and understanding have and the background to it, than anybody, with the stuff on the Protocols and various other things.


Which is a big undertakings, as I say. And it involved doing a lot of research. Somebody like me, too bloody lazy to do.


But it was also just done in an interesting way. Because he just got that sort of bearing, with the life he led. He was just one of those people who’s got like a good radio broadcaster’s voice. And just delivery, and doing things. He would have been such fantastic company, because I’m sure the stories he could tell, the anecdotes, and things he could talk to you about, and the experiences his own life.


It was just, it’s sort of cruel for us all, really. None of us ever really got to enjoy that.


Horus: I imagined going to [word unclear] I think the several people have said this.


Ayatollah: Yeah.


Horus: Shazia, you and Simon’s sort of progression like, intellectually, ideologically, and so on, was linked, wasn’t it, at several different stages. Did you say?


Shazia: You know what I really like to [words unclear]. And he moved on, … [words unclear] Simon was. And he just appeared on Gab one day. I hadn’t seen him on Gab. And he appeared on my gab timeline. And I forwarded him. And I commented under what he posted:


“How had he been doing.”


And he just picked up from there. And that’s really a sign of true kinship. He it didn’t have any ill feeling towards me for not getting to [word unclear] at the same time, if that makes sense? He just welcomed me.


Horus: Yeah. He seems to have done that for so many people. And it’s funny what you said Ayatollah, about he didn’t suffer fools gladly. And I was gonna say, as a sort of self-flattery to us all. That’s why he was surrounded by such high quality people! [chuckling] He got rid of all the fools! [chuckling]


Nick: Occasionally laid into one, or two, people that really deserved it! Occasionally!


Ayatollah: Even then, he did so with real equanimity, right up until, right until the last weeks of his life. You know, did it in a very measured way, that you just couldn’t argue with him on anything!


Nick: Gentlemanly.


Ayatollah: Oh. Yeah, absolutely! Yeah. But in the Right way. Not in a sort of affete, pretentious, way. Just honest and decent! You would have known where you stood with him.


And that was a lovely, on Vile on Sunday, Nick, that was a lovely little thing you included at the end, that just summed him up nicely.


I love that photograph, as well. I’ve seen that photograph around. In fact, it was something Simon posted a few weeks ago on Twitter, and somebody retweeted it. Where he’s there, and he’s probably in his post punk days, with his red Stratocaster! You know, I love that!


Horus: We did put this up earlier. My technical skills were absolutely novice! But I did put a picture up earlier at the start of the stream. If you watch it back later. I can see Calamity in the chat, has only just joined us. But Calamity if you want to see the picture we’re talking about, you’ll see it in the stream.


Ayatollah: I know Dionne did a bit of a stream this morning while his funeral was taking place. I missed that, as well, unfortunately. But I hope his family understand how much we valued him all. And how keenly we feel his lost. I mean, yourself Shazia, and yourself Horus, particularly, you obviously would have been even closer than most of us.


I never talked to Simon that much. But I listened back a lot to a bit of the stream I was on with him with Native, also of TASOB. We were a couple of the number of people that were on this Christmas Eve stream. It’s just delighted to be asked. It’s one of those things, … I’ve not been doing this sort of thing that long, it’s like less than a year. And I’m just one bloke on a single podcast.


But when you get to that stage where people you’ve been listening to and learning an awful lot from them and really enjoyed listening to for quite a while, it’s just sort of, they treat you as just one of the people within the general effort, and the general cause. It’s quite a flattering thing. And that was a good example of it.


But with the New Year’s Eve stream I was listening to that. And again, I was really sad listening to that. I think it was on probably on Saturday, or Sunday, listening to Simon talking about the Christmas’s he had, and how he’d been doing all the cooking. And it gave him licence to sort of edge to Overton Window along for people.


And I just thought that Christmas at Simon’s, something like that, just must have been brilliant! I mean, we would have met him at the Patriotic Alternative conference obviously. Well, we were all there weren’t we, in March. And it’s such a shame he couldn’t have made that.


Horus: He took dinnertime as an opportunity to drop, … Him being the cook, he took the opportunity to drop red pill bombs!


Ayatollah: Yes.


Horus: Speaking of TASOB, the first ever episode of TASOB I ever listened to was with our next guest. Which is Morgoth! Who I will introduce now. Hello Morgoth! How are you doing?










Morgoth: Hello everybody.


Horus: Hello mate.


Nick: Howdy!


Horus: Welcome onto the tribute stream. And yeah, what was your first encounter with Simon?


Morgoth: Well it wasn’t until quite recently, because somebody’s, a fellow has been turning all of my old blog posts into an e-book, which is in different parts. And then Simon got in touch about a month or two back, saying that:


“Would I like to have all of my old blog posts in an actual book which I could put on a shelf?”


And I just seemed like the most amazing thing ever! But I get swamped with stuff. And I was like, yeah. So we were going to do that. And he even sent me a kind of graphic thing that showed me what it would look like. Having a solid hardback book of all me old edgy blog posts. And I might still get that done, just as a little thing.


But a thoroughly decent bloke. So sad that it has happened And I think just looking at the movement over the last year and a half or so, I remember when it was much angrier and more prone to spergery. And over the last year and a half it became normalized. Which is, of course, what we always wanted. It’s always about waking the normies up.


And for me I was happy about this normalization process, because you are getting more normal people coming in. And for me, Simon Harris was the face of that. Because here you actually see his face and he’s chatting away. Here you had a bloke you’d like to have a pint with, as part of the movement. And, instead of just always the most hardcore takes.


And I really like that. Because then you can get the information you can get the idea out there. And I think once you begin that normalization process it becomes much more difficult to stop.


And so Simon was, for me, the face of that happening. And I really like that. I liked him, as well. I only spoke to him actually on a live stream, a couple of weeks back with [word unclear] and Keith.


Horus: Yeah. He’s just a sound guy, through and through. And he had the effect of normalizing things, because he was just very normal, I think! [chuckling] I mean, disarmingly so, for our enemies, I’m sure!


Nick: I want to add on. I’m sorry, what you said Morgoth there. When I listen to the Protocols thing, it felt okay to be doing that, because it was Simon.


Morgoth: Yes, that’s what you want. You want the bloke that you can sit in the pub with, and he says:


“Have you ever read this? What do you make of that?”


Because that really gets through to people. And instead of framing it as:


“Shock, horror! You’re gonna be blown away by this! And I’m so edgy, and I’m so hard core!”


And it gets much easier when you’ve got people like Simon in the scene, I think. And we’ve heard it all night here.




Horus: Now that you say that, as well, I realize how much he liked to put questions other people, as well. Because that is generally the way to have a good conversation isn’t it? To encourage them to say what they are thinking. And he did that a lot, and I didn’t even [word unclear] until now.


Shazia: I like what you said Morgoth your blog and an actual book [words unclear].


Morgoth: Yeah. I wasn’t even aware that he did that. I didn’t know anybody could do that, because I’m still amazed that my old blog is still up there. And here I am these days later and you’ve got this fellow saying:


“Would you like to put them all into a hardback?”


Yeah! That would be amazing! I’m kind of determined to do it now. And just as a little thing for Simon


Horus: Is it Morgoth at the Movies? Is an e-book as well, isn’t it?


Morgoth: Yeah. I think that’s four all around. We just did My Greatest Hits, which the editor, George on Twitter, put together. There’s a book where it’s all my reviews of the movies and stuff. And then it’s all new stuff. But yeah, it’s Simon’s, … I don’t want to babble about my books.


Horus: No, no. But he was a lover of books. I’m sure he would appreciate that. He obviously appreciated, he obviously was an admirer of your work, as well, I think. I don’t want to relate everything to the movement. But it is like having the floor taking out from under us in some ways. Oh, that’s a pretty disparaging way of putting it, “the floor”. But he was a mainstay! He was a continuing sort of influence, he was a steady kind of person.


Ayatollah: That’s the thing. I mean, in that respect, yeah, he was, for the reasons everyone talked about. I mean, Nick made a great point there as well, just about normalizing things which in their substance are controversial. Because the person, and Morgoth said the same sort of thing, because the person delivering the information actually seems like a decent, likable, well-adjusted bloke to put it mildly in Simon’s case. He was pretty exception in one of the things he [word unclear] in his life. It makes it more accessible. And in that respect he was exactly the sort of person you want in this thing.


And another point I would make. And I’m sure this has been made already. Because I think, I’m not sure if it was Dan, as in The Iconoclast video, or whether it was Keith. But one of the video tributes that came out on Saturday that I listened to, somebody made the point that, … I mean, Simon wasn’t in this thing that long. It’s two and a half years. I mean, he’s obviously doing things before based on, you know, demographic changes he’d seen in Catalonia. And I think on visits back to the UK as well. But he’d only been in this thing two and a half years.


Now when he sort of had the change in views he did, he would have been 57. Now, you get these studies don’t you showing how very few people will radically change their views, in foundational terms past a certain age. It just sort of doesn’t happen. And I’m sure the points been made already. But it’s testament to him that he did that. Because a lot of people like they just sort of shut it out, I suppose at that time in their lives. That might sound condescending. But I don’t mean it in that way at all.


There aren’t necessarily many people that would just radically reassess everything. I mean, to actually do that at all is credit enough. But then to actually turn that sort of change in understanding to producing the sort of material and importantly the sort of research he did. Yeah, it just made him valuable in a way that was sort of unique.


Because as we’ve all said that the work he was doing, it wasn’t like say something like we do, which is just basically an audio version of what people have to say on Twitter about things, or whatever.


It’s not that high effort. You read a couple of articles. You maybe make some notes, you go on, you talk about it for a couple of hours. You stick it out. It’s like actually researching things and doing research other people haven’t necessarily done.




Horus: Just before I introduce our next guest, I’m just gonna read one more of these quotes from Simon, that Vigilante Jesus is putting up. And one was:


“If history teaches us anything, great civilizations fall when the people become decadent and self-indulgent, and I no longer prepared to fight for their own survival.”


That’s not directly relevant to what we were just saying. But I think there’s another good quote from him. Ayatollah, if you don’t mind, I’ll have to kick you off just to make space.


Ayatollah: Yes certainly. Was just about to say in the little stream chat. Yeah, just boot me whenever you are ready. But I’ll stay on as long as you want.


Morgoth: Keep Ayatollah on, and you can get rid of me.


Horus: All right. Well, I’ll say provisional good bye to you both. And thank you both very, very much for coming on.


Morgoth: I’ll just like to say, rest in peace Simon. Great bloke! Tragic to see you go.


Ayatollah: Yeah. Rest easy mate! See you in Valhalla.


Horus: All right. Thank you guys.


And welcome Jack Hwite. And how you doing mate?



Jack Hwite



Jack Hwite: I’ve been doing all right, thanks for having me on. I really appreciate being invited. There are probably a lot of people that deserve to be invited much more than me. I’m not very good at this thing, so if I choke up or something it’s not because I’m sentimental or anything, it’s just kind of nervous. It’s not actually a tear, it’s just something in my eye! But yeah, thanks for having me on, I really appreciate it. I don’t know why this has hit so many of us so hard, ..


Horus: But yeah, well the reason I mean, we had to select people. I mean, there’s dozens and dozens of people that could come on, but I remember you were on the, … Was it the Christmas Eve stream?


Jack Hwite: Yeah, actually on the Christmas one. I think I spoke to all three you guys on the Christmas stream.


Nick: I remember it.


Jack Hwite: Unwashed, Shazia, and I think Jacktion… That guy as well.


Horus: Jacktion will be on again. I believe YouKipper was on that stream as well, and he’ll be on shortly as well. And yeah, it was a merry night I remember, I was drinking rum. [chuckling] I went on another stream straight after and I was fairly, eh…


Jack Hwite: Yeah, I always have to have a couple of beers before I do this stuff, because I’m not really a streamer. Like… This stuff sort of makes me nervous, to be honest..


Horus: You are a singer right?


Jack Hwite: Yeah, so is Unwashed! [chuckling]


Nick: I’m more nervous about that one though! I really want to point people towards the collab you did with ForNull that you have done. Because it’s such an anthem! I want to make sure as many people hear that as the Hiraeth and Xurious one, from the mixed tape.


Jack Hwite: Yeah, he [ForNull] sort of turned me into a god with that remix he did. He’s done a lot of really great stuff, like a lot of our artists. Hopefully he does more, he’s a real workhorse, as well.


Horus: I don’t know if you saw our show last week, Nick was on with Jeff Winston, I assume, you know, him, you must know?


Jack Hwite: Of course. Yeah, he’s like my boss! [chuckling] He’s a good friend of mine, a good colleague. I thought that show was amazing and um, it’s kind of eh… I think Simon did as well. You know, you guys have done really great shows this year. And you know, the Ryan Faulk one comes to mind. I thought that was amazing, because I thought that guy was gone, but, you know, lo and behold he turns up with you and Simon.


Horus: Simon said that apparently that was just because they’d been friends on Facebook from some years before and he just got back in touch, he just messaged Ryan out of the blue. And Ryan was like:


“Yep! Yep, sure.”


So I don’t know if that was because Ryan knew of our show, or he just fancied going on something, or anything, I’m not sure. But when he did come one, he was an absolute blast! I mean..


Jack Hwite: Yeah, he used to create really good content, but he sort of like disappeared. I think I’m, pretty sure, I’m friends with him on Facebook as well. He’s sort of like..


Horus: He’s got a different channel. He does Knights Move, as in the chess move.






Jack Hwite: Right no, I don’t know about that. But I loved that stream. I thought that was amazing. I thought like, holy hell, like this guy’s back!


And you guys did the one with like Nick [Griffin], big respect for that. I don’t think anybody really wanted to touch that. But, you know, it’s a testament to Simon’s sort of, and yours, sort of journalistic impulse.


Horus: [chuckling] I’ll give all the credits that for Simon. I had no input! I mean, I made the occasional suggestions. And if I made them he was up for what I suggested. But he pretty much, always, as soon as one show was done he had an idea what we wanted to do for the next one [Jack chuckling]. Yeah, I mean, he really had his finger on the pulse, as Nick [Unwashed] said a minute ago. Especially the last few months, he was, whatever was causing any sort of disturbance, or intrigue, or curiosity in the general movement, he would go there and say:


“Well let’s talk to that person, or go over that thing.”


Jack Hwite: Yeah! The one you did with like [Jeff]… I’m obviously biased, because I’m associated with the White Art Collective, the WacPack, you know, that interview was just so amazing, you know… And he felt the same way as well. Because, I sort of… He was in our White Art Collective group on Facebook and he was posting there. He actually, you know, before the show, he was asking people in the group what should we talk about, he was looking for input, he was like totally open to that kind of thing.


And then when he posted the link I sort of pinned it. And it’s very, this is gut wrenching, it was probably like his last post, or one of his last posts on Facebook. I think after the interview – I guess like he’s an early bird, he goes to bed early, right? So, you know, he commented on that post that I pinned in the group. And he said:


“I hope you guys liked that.”


And he said he just felt really optimistic about the future, you know, he said:


“I feel really optimistic about the future.”


And, two days later, ..


Horus: This was last Tuesday was it?


Jack Hwite: This was Tuesday night, I believe, he made that comment. Just after the show, I guess before he went to bed. He said how optimistic he felt about the community. And we wanted to work with him. He was a musician, it made total sense that he would work more with that side of things. And it would have been awesome.


I saw a Darkest Sky in the chat, I know they worked together on some stuff, like music kind of stuff. I didn’t know that until this week, he put out musical collaborations he did with Simon and whatnot. I recommend people check those out.


But it would have been awesome to… You know, we were sort of making plans and like I said, I didn’t know him that well, and what’s really become clear here is you guys obviously were like close to him, and I’m really sorry for that. I sort of feel like I was becoming friends with him and people were making plans. And everybody had this sort of fantasy that they would just like meet him, and go to the pub and he’d talk about his cooking, like we did on that chat [at Christmas]. Tell you about his days in punk and stuff. We really hoped to work with him a lot more, and maybe get him back into music and stuff, … Yes it’s really sad.


Horus: Well, being a man of absolutely no musical skill myself, [Jack chuckling] the one thing I can do to contribute to what I think he intended with his link-up with you and White Art Collective, and so on, is just to say to everyone watching, check out their work! Because I’m someone who’s only fairly dimly aware… I’ve heard a couple of your songs Jack. I know Xurious, I know about a couple of Hiraeth’s, [150:01] dunno if I’m saying that right, her songs and little else.


I’d just say, there shouldn’t even be such a thing as the political side and the cultural side. But there is to some extend. The more we can do to mutually just engage with and support each other the better, and the more we’ll get out of each other, and more will spread it to new people as well.


Jack Hwite: So another thing about Simon, like yeah I mean, I knew about Simon like maybe a couple of years ago and stuff. I think I first came across him like… I was looking for answers and I was going through the Red Ice interviews, archives. I think that’s where I first saw him being interviewed. I think it was Red Ice.


And he was on his own journey and I was on mine. But sort of in the last year, or so, I started paying a lot more attention to him. With obviously the Tommy Wars. I thought that was wonderful! He was one of the main renegades, along with yourself, Shazia.


Actually, the reason I think I came to his attention was really through Dionne. I met her at the first PA conference, along with… I know Nick did as well, though I didn’t actually meet Nick there personally. But I know he was there, and, ..


Horus: I was there as well. I didn’t meet you Jack.


Jack Hwite: Were you at the first one?


Horus: Sorry! No. I was at the second one. No, … My awakening of a certain kind was a little too late. I should just, at this point, just begin to introduce our next guest as well. Who is YouKipper. But Jack if, ..


Jack Hwite: Can I say a few words. And then like bail?


Horus: Yeah, of course! And you’re welcome to stay on until we get too full, and I’ve got to bring on another guest. But yeah, whatever you’d like to say to finish off.


Jack Hwite: Yeah, I just like to end it on a, … You know, this is a really big loss! A lot of people had sort of plans… It’s a big loss for the community. A community that’s really sort of come to life, and that Simon really helped to build and contributed so much to. And he had so much more to give. And I think we feel sort of robbed a little bit by that.


But on a positive note I would just say that in a relatively short period of time he accomplished so much, more than many people will probably accomplish in a lifetime.


And he went all the way! The truth was his compass and he red-pilled himself, and then he red-pilled many others. And the blossoming sort of community that we have now is sort of largely thanks to Simon, and others like him.


So I just say like say:


“Cheers Simon! And hail!”


Horus: He’ll he really did play a big role in just carrying things forward, there’s no doubt about it. So, well said mate! And thanks a lot for coming on. And you’re welcome to stay on until we need to make space.


Jack Hwite: I’m gonna leave, but thank you guys so much for having me on. Really appreciate it.


Horus: Thanks a lot Jack! Cheers mate!


And welcome YouKipper. How are you doing mate?







YouKipper: I’m not doing too bad and I just thought the same but the streams being fantastic and you really have done Simon proud so well done that everyone who was being on so far it’s been really good with them.


Horus: I’ll say a big world on such as your and Nick for that you.


Nick: Had the range man.


Horus: I’m delighted there was enjoy in it. But yeah, you kept but you were on the stream on Christmas Eve was it yeah Christmas Eve.


YouKipper: Yeah yeah, it was Christmas even I have to say was I was surprised, because just out of the blue I’ve got a message from Simon saying he was just a bunch of people out on for Christmas tour getting it was solving in contrast with Millennial he was having this, or big sort of almost like the parties kind of stream I guess but these to be like that back in the day when things were a lot less organized so I sort of enjoyed the chaos that you saw brought back with it. But yeah in terms of my first interaction with Simon I’m a pear was quite a while back on Gab I thought we use anymore I should be honest were our [155:02] own Gavin was funny, because I at that time I was still quite a big proponent of UKIP and Gerald bans regime, so to speak, in they dropped a pretty decent London Vestal if I say so myself and I remember Simon for our video where as I usually would he methodically sort of dissect of a piece by piece, you know, as he would with all these other verticals if it could go on for god knows how long yeah I remember he died second bit and I was like there please actually come at it from a nationalist perspective and given the sort of the jew deserves the they it deserved it was a pretty piece of manifesto. So I’m um I think and thinking myself he was pretty switched on, because he was sort of going against the green at that times I know I was when I was. So I’m sort of surprised to have an ally in Simon, so to speak, hey.


Horus: Yeah I mean, I still have some sort of fondness for cherub but nothing that I think that he is someone who is, or ideas are somewhat muddled but.


YouKipper: Very muddled.


Horus: Sighs in yeah and he still does the thing of using fascist as an insult to describe other name, you know, leftists oh well it’s kind of daft but.


YouKipper: See this is the essentially the term fascist it does have a modern-day connotation doesn’t it would be an honest fascism is sort of taken on that turn but in the sense the jew-rod button is right we’re wrong by being these sort of autistic dictionary actually take it seriously I mean, if it being sort of honest about it maybe those people who use fascism in that sense all right in so in this content for every sense it’s your will.


Horus: Yeah and even if we disagree with him we’ve got to meet them somewhere so even if we’re just trying to guide them somewhere else, you know, speaking of Gab Shazia as well I don’t know whether she has a secret Twitter account but she she’s a gap a gap aficionado.


Shazia: Who’s no writer coming back on as my field, you know, it’s really there’s something Jungian about able to close forever I want anything and being able to compliment form and take out enough not things of been good no.


Horus: I couldn’t agree more, because I don’t use it a hardly at all at the moment, because I’m getting a lot of that on Twitter. But I still know that at some point someone perhaps someone of middle-eastern ancestry is going to get me banned from Twitter and, you know, that is gonna happen at some point, because I’ll just piss off the wrong person I know I want to start naming names. But I can think of the kind of people who go after me so and the Gab is there for us, you know, it’s a back channel if nothing else to you it’s your front channel which as your isn’t it but, you know what Simon active on cap buy-in in the past then.


YouKipper: He definitely was buckler and as far as I can tell I know that’s where I first interacted with him anyway.


Shazia: [words unclear]


Horus: It’s kind of like our home base and we go out on raids into Twitter I’m just not a particularly long and bloody one I think just.


YouKipper: Yes actually Missy the way  Is the gap sort of there’s something to fall back on oh isn’t it like if for some reason Michael on Twitter cause I could just sort of retreat back big gap in a sense yeah.


Horus: Well we’re doing an extended commando right behind enemy lines but at some point I’m gonna get strung up and then, you know. But yeah, that Christmas stream was happy chaos wasn’t it was I love that kind of here when he’s thought about what mark says you’re gonna do tomorrow night like an open house ping anyone can just, you know, say hi I’m backstage, you know, and jump on and like I love that especially when you better you got a drink in hand and there’s a what, you know, holiday atmosphere and stuff and I mean, it’s a sad time that it’s happening now but on the other end I know you saw a man would whoa I can’t speak for him boy oh I imagine he would be very pleased to see us having a laugh, you know, we’re thinking of him and wherever the laugh a same song I think it’s in the spirit of what he did


YouKipper: and I couldn’t remember a time when any time I logged on the YouTube Simon’s videos would without fail be in the recommended if you have that like all the time, or expiry would always be there.


Horus: Yeah very often not as often as Jordan Peterson and CNN. But yeah, I mean, that’s someone that’s not fiddling, but yes, Simon’s was there, because of quality it was this absolutely true. I’m gonna start to introduce our next guest Chris but you keep her if there’s anything else you want to say and you’re welcome to style until we, you know, it’s we’ll need the space but, you know,


YouKipper: That’s it. But I would just like to say rest in peace — Simon I think I speak for everyone when I say that it’s just kind of just left me to be to us and just sort of scratching my head and wondering, you know, if things sort of great other politics and the things that are generally go on in our sphere and all the pettiness and all that all that arguing all the infighting and all, you know, and I’m Simon would be the kind of person who would want to put that all the bed so I suppose I could see anything it would be but put all the daft in fine neuroscientists see if anything in there yeah good night and God bless.


Horus: Cheers my and yeah if thinking of him helps us turn our attention towards not just victory but whatever lies above, or beyond us, or it’ll still be doing as a service even in even in death so yeah well said my earth I couldn’t agree more and we miss him but we thank him, you know, Chris welcome mate how you doing?



Chris (Patriotic Talk)



Chris (Patriotic Talk): Hello mate yeah heavy okay.


Horus: Yeah he’s fine yeah.


Chris (Patriotic Talk): Well I just before we move on to Simon Harris god bless his top soul I would like to thank her the previous guest is been a magnificent show the audience been brilliant as always and especially free, because I’m gonna show last night my tribute show the pursuit Patriotic Talk shown he was very tough to do that since iguana schlong guys I applaud you all so I would like the audience to put a 14 in the chat for Horus Unwashed and Shelia.


Horus: It’s actually not been a least there’s so many people who wanna speak it’s not been any struggle it’s always just so many good people I so we have to select people as well I mean, we could have had Gardens more.


Chris (Patriotic Talk): I know it’s tough it’s good to see the forties in the chat to you guys. But if song I was on his deathbed right now I’m sure he would want us all to remain positive as much as it hurts our heart it was its been such a tough few days we have to remain positive we have to keep going for this guy just what a brilliant man I’m not like I wasn’t as close to him as I was we as you guys was with him, of course. But I got that sense if he was if he remained a lot longer than we would think I’m very close we had such a gun bonding that the two months we got to know each other he was our guest last week on the Patriotic Talk show he won the quays as well so I mean, it’s not hard against my advice and Charlie, of course, but he still he still won the quiz he smashed the Cui’s I mean, the bouncer here Ybor to that show last week was fantastic, because obviously, you know, our show we bring a pub stall atmosphere we do have our serious topics, of course, but we got two other laughs and he just feed him so well and I really miss him and again guys credit to you guys, because you missed a lot closer to him and then I was and I really struggled yesterday so much quickly to you guys for putting on tonight’s show.


Horus: Hey you Simon was one that was I think the last kiss that you’ve had on Patriotic Talk show and I was I think the first is that right.


Chris (Patriotic Talk): She was a first.


Horus: Yeah and I was then I beat Charlie in the quiz.


Chris (Patriotic Talk): Yeah but everybody beats Charlie for yeah, it was brilliant I’m just absolutely devastated like during the quiz he was going on my rants about the Protocols I’m not gonna say too much I don’t like that you should go he logs a little bit more freedom but he’s good on the ROI Transbay I have actually I mean, that meat doesn’t download in last week stream. So I’m gonna be putting that. But then, if you want to use it Horus, or any advice if you want to watch three but I’m in the middle of downtown and it right now as we speak he’s only sure.


Horus: I meant to suggest I’d never go rancid I meant to say to you we could.


Chris (Patriotic Talk): Broadcast this one live on the — live as well as I stuff this one to the laptop so it’s been, or caste there was 50 people watching paying a visit bet server yeah it’s been good it’s big I know it’s such a shame like I don’t all three of you actually took part we’ve done the community of nationalism videos I’m sure you guys remember song Harris two-part it will be played on PWR tomorrow. But one of the last lines he said was I’ve got a few years left in me anyway and I wore a noble die with my boots on which it kind of caught me to hear those words he only said those words like Oh two weeks ago three weeks ago so that was kind of deep, or as I said, we’ve got to keep pushing [165:02] on the message, because I’m sure that’s what he wanted one of us to do it.


Horus: Nice amazing me said that means he assumed the same that I did then, because I just thought there’s no way he’s going anywhere well I never thought that even that never occurred to me, you know,


Chris (Patriotic Talk): Yes it’s a Christ experience, because obviously on Monday using such holy spirit such a laughing matter I think he, you know, I’ve had my quiz he’s very serious and he was ranting and raving about his Protocols and come on Simon get your head in the game we have to focus on the quiz and he went on the moan and then he’s like hey you could interrupt the quiz all you want an icon and obviously all in good fun sir but he bought us it was such a fantastic show last week alone and then just about two days I say was in our chat we was gonna do the karaoke which he was go to starring unfortunately that didn’t take place that’s a story for another day. But yeah, and he just came to Chancellor Phil I go by truck today and that was the last we heard of him oh absolutely devastated but we have to remain positive guys we but the best thing of you ease the nationís community the togetherness was bought I mean, from the last time a chassis was 3118 apparent we raise for Simon’s family which was fantastic keep donating guys it would mean a lot and, of course, on Thursday night over on Gaylord pagelet seesaw with hosting a quiz the Patriotic Alternative versus the top guys so I’ve been marking more reverses Ayatollahh euro and nice of his inner Cui’s we all try and make some fun of its not gonna be all sad and try and raise more money for that family.


Horus: That’s great let me know this I listen to your tribute show last night and that was a very nice no it looks like it’s a week of my remembrance and appreciation and it.


Chris (Patriotic Talk): Sure that’s a given us loose movement any obscene everyone Paul together finished man really makes me feel proud and unfortunately we have lost him and I’m sure that he’s looking over us right now is sMarting that we are going to take this a step further now and we’re going to do everything in his name and his family’s name and everyone involved even if you’ve not been on the show it’s all you should be proud of yourselves.


Horus: Thinks I’d see anything you want to say shows your Nick.


Shazia: It just I like what you’re generally thank you for Kristen for us tonight, because it has been heard of them on in Boston a good idea. So yeah, I’m looking forward to.


Chris (Patriotic Talk): Yeah I mean, I do remember no comment on the show last week obviously he’s wiping ways to see the Sun and one of the fuzziness it the pressure was on cookie I was just the moment she left are just open teens of food probably probably put in the microwave and what learn yeah proper man problem man and I just well what a legend but I’m just so I am devastated gots known focus I do believe he’s that con is such a fantastic family man and I think everyone would just look up to him as the father they never had a sort of thing just war bloke I can’t just it’s only after a few months I can’t be specimen orphans going they did make it to the conference but what a fantastic speech he also gave.


Horus: Well said main yeah I mean, the speech we mentioned earlier but he couldn’t hear us but it was as though he could, you know, be interested he had a natural way of speaking very, very natural and there’s some sort of it was it Nick there was someone said oh the other, you know, you would have been good on the radio why did do radio shows embossed owner I believe, you know,


Chris (Patriotic Talk): The Yanks me she’s been fantastic I don’t know obviously Dionne bless her sold and a great little tribute this morning the candle lit a little prairie and I actually do live that stream myself I started off with us on Harry song played her YouTube video then ended with another song and Harry song and also his music he’s brilliant wasn’t it so he wrote some of these songs so you had a good taste in music so much credit to him just go eat that we’ve lost him so vile a but we have to keep positive guys everything that we do now from now on has to be done in the name of him and we just got to get ourselves off and go again that’s the best we can do.


Horus: I think so too mate I’m going to introduce our next guest who’s Jackson. But if there’s any last thing you want to say then.


Chris (Patriotic Talk): No I just my condolences to the Harris family and whatever the other [170:00] names are I really hope you can get over these some pick ourselves up he will be looking down on you and protecting your family and, of course, the nationalist movement again thank you to Horus on Washington’s idea for putting on an excellent stream so proud of you guys, because I know how hard this would have been for you guys so again guys thank you rest in peace Simon Harris and much love to you all.


Horus: Having so many people want to come on and say touching and lovely things makes it a lot easier cheers Chris.


Chris (Patriotic Talk): Thank you guys. Enjoy the rest of your night and on all will listen to the rest may resonate peace out.


Horus: Speak to you soon speeches thing and church and welcome mate how you doing tonight?






Jacktion: Evening mate and yeah first of all just want to say my condolences to you I know you too were quite close were together a lot, you know, I must be fuckin horrible.


Horus: I love the guy he was brilliant to a private I haven’t really accepted it yet but, you know, I’ll swallow it bit by bit name for that I mean, got the same. So I’m others others, you know, I think everyone’s yeah a lot of people hurtin is well I mean, uh in a funny way I mean, mark marks it’s mean are common for but not I mean, I didn’t even have that either I never added him on Facebook this is a much that’s I can put Romney didn’t have his phone number it’s a find that from other people so he we really had a meeting of minds I think that’s what it was for meaning but suddenly realizing that he’s gone but it does hit me emotionally unless, you know, it’s horrible but we did a great show when you came on and that, of course, was when the fire was just beginning to become an amazing talked about out and weeks about as spiritual as well.


Jacktion: Yeah it was we spoke quite a bit about the virus funnily enough and he was actually the first guest when I started streaming I said why would anyone be up for coming on and we’d sort of thought of each other on Twitter for a bit bad and really interacted so he said to me yeah but I’d be happy to come on. What do you want to talk about my sort would I got fucking close I don’t really have a structure for it and what I remember that really fondly was I was talking to him and then I happened to ask him what the fuck was the Catalonian independence thing about and he was just so knowledgeable and then the whole sort was strained ended up with us just talking about Franco and primo de Rivera which, you know, it was always a bit of trouble getting him to say the whole name I remember booing that there was a laugh the yeah and I remember sitting there, the whole time and it was I really don’t want to sound condescending to him and it’s also have nothing but respect to the man but he was so sort of approachable to me he reminded me everyone’s got that’s a well, you know, that’s all older patriarchal figure in the family that you can soar Garland sit live and you’ll just learn things, you know, from their life experience, or what have you and I’m yeah the whole time just talking about and I come away and it’s all like I just read a fucking book, you know, it was there.


Horus: I listen to my stream as well it was superb yeah and I yeah I seem to remember it’s awfully delved in C so you swerved into Spanish history and really hard and it illuminates oh it was clearly something he was keen to talk about, you know, I mean, well this is what he was working on when it when he thought it as well as his, you know,


Jacktion: Yeah I was going to ask about that as well I know he was translate and I think it was some of the works of the Rivera and he was translating them to English and I sort of had so many talents I just thought this isn’t something that’s lost with him I hope someone is able to sort carry on his good works there and especially with all the things he’s done with the movement in particular as well even though I don’t really consider myself to be a part of it oh you think so we’ll see how unifying he was, because even things you disagreed with him about even things where, you know, I know that we didn’t see eye to eye. And when he asked me about them it was never like you were on the spot it was a man that was genuinely, you know, I just wanted to learn more.


Horus: That’s right yeah they really I mean, it was like I mean, it was conversation with a cloud plus one it was less less less figure this well this brings some illumination to this yeah let’s this find out what these ideas were about yes so Valley bought this and it’s so enjoyable with this all I spending my [175:01] time I mean, I’ve spent so my life were of it, you know, friends who are really like your loads of ways I really enjoy their company but they’re not in some way intellectual stuff but Simon absolutely was I mean, 30 and that’s our we went from not knowing anything about each other’s doing a show together in the space of a few weeks and he just seemed completely natural development as well so it’s just this brilliant scenario that’s worth I suppose why I felt more shocked than sad the last few days and what it is that I, you know, I’ve lost him in the sense that he was with us and now he’s not in but in the same way sorry in another way at least we knew him, you know, at least we did know him and at least we had what we did have and that’s the bright side of it. I mean,


Jacktion: No one can argue that he’s left a legacy there this I mean, I’m not gonna lie I caught myself when I sort of comeback started looking at the political stuff of YouTube again I saw a lot of his interviews I was Nick Griffin and some of the other ones he channel okay that’s going to be something I’ll catch up with him and I think the very next day I looked on Twitter and I can remember the buyers name sorry but he broke in the nose and I was just shot and I was watching the Christmas string the other day and I’m not gonna lie Bobby fucking jokes I’ve seen him there with his father Christmas hat on it was another case of where, you know, some of the conversation some of the things he talked about it was I think we ended up somehow I think Charlie was on this one as well and I know one washe was and yeah, I think it ended up I learned something about a Norwegian, or Scandinavian whatever folks how about a man who comes and shits in your chimney if you’ve been all especially when you’ve had a few drinks as well it was a really enjoyable Christmas stream and, you know, yeah, it was a complete sort of contrast to Millennial and he really come well with what he set out to go there.


Horus: It was really good I was on that one as well, because I remember you and me went on Bruce history office we said some relations and many others were always we weren’t going through.


Jacktion: Yeah that’s another thing I know even when I watched them his criticisms of Brutus and that he seemed like took him apart but in such a way this are so fucking respectful and it was coming from a point of its um it’s a talent I would completely lack I will just as you probably heard was on their Springs start come in the mouth but, you know, goodness it was a so sort of level-headed about it and it’s something that was something we’ll definitely been aided in the future wherever the movement happens to go that’s a talent that um it’s gonna be sorely sorely missed. But, …


Nick: I say no one knew how to tackle the Brutus situation no one everyone was like one earth do you do about this and Simon pulled out this hat.


Jacktion: Fire fire and Rehab is what you various but they’re fuckin it’s not about them no it’s genuinely alright I think than know him like as well as you guys did but I’ve never, you know, had a bad word to say about it even long things we’ve disagreed about it’s always been by completely respectful and, you know, not I’ve been really know him well enough to consider him a friend. But I remember I think it was post dream one so I said like, you know, next time you’re back in Blighty death and let you let me know and I’ll definitely like to have a beer with you.


Horus: Yeah I thought through about matters of faith at all we did on a screen Emory yeah I’ve got a couple of DMs. Jerry asked me some questions and I really wish I died not try I wish I’d learn it a bit more but it was kind of the time where I was just crying winding down from YouTube and man uh I couldn’t really answer him but I’m hoping like sort of closer and towards the end I don’t know he was definitely interested we spoke to fair a bit like when we was on the streaming when there and I’d know he was definitely sympathetic to the five. So yeah, I’m hoping I’m definitely like them at the time that it definitely on some sort of path in that direction no doubt about that.


Jacktion: He was my Vande happens from there that’s up to God yeah I don’t know the man shot by another man’s man but I’m oh, you know, he [180:01] seems to have a full life I know he leaves behind a ball up and a wife as well I believe.


Horus: And having each of this that’s good all right well Jack I’m good Jack. So I’m just going to introduce the next guest.


Shazia: [words unclear]


Horus: Jason if there’s anything you want to say yeah and I just want to say.


Jacktion: I’m really glad to hear that oh um he’s doing really well I’ll tweet their first moments of that as well. Yeah no we have lost a really good bloke I’m genuinely gutted as I’m sure all of us are and yeah he’s gonna be my prayers so I encourage you to do the same.


Horus: Thanks for the injection cheers make no drop off as you wish but.


Jacktion: No I’m gonna drop off thank you very much for having me on you’ve done a really good trip you to the amount of I’m sure we definitely be happy with its all yeah that’s big respects what were you so that.


Horus: Cheers mate. Thanks a lot James.


Jacktion: Cheers mate have a good one.


Horus: Jason welcome. How you doing?



Jason Köhne (No White Guilt)



Jason (NWG): I’m good and I just want to say to you all first right out of the gate a big thank you to everyone who has participated everyone who put this together this tribute to Simon it means a lot to me I know it’s gonna mean a lot to all of those of you who put it together and everyone who is watching and we’ll watch and replay so I a deep thank you to every single one of you and I condole with Simon’s family members I can deal with everyone who cared about him it’s been quite a shock it’s been tragic to learn about this sudden passing and I guess potentially as a consequence of something that could not have happened had we been in control of our destiny I know you all are going the distance tonight having a lot of people on and I’ve been loquacious already quite a bit on Simon on my own stream so I don’t want to take up too much time.


But I will just I won’t I do want to jump in and say that Mr George and I came across Simon some time back and we watched him we enjoyed his content we enjoyed his intelligence and his integrity his pursuit of the truth despite what might have been uncomfortable too many people do not demonstrate such integrity their characters are not as good and he pursued the truth he cared about his people and that we think is the highest acclaim the highest and most honorable thing that we can say about a man, or woman especially given our circumstances today he cared about his people and he moved toward the truth with that as a guiding principle and he was willing to admit where he was wrong and willing to look places that others were not necessarily willing to look he had a heart of gold the things he said that were the kind of things that we all just sort of uncured advice we all look for and that’s how it was delivered and that’s how it was received.


And that’s why not only him as a person but him too White well-being is such a big loss, because he was able to speak to so many in that avuncular way that is so rare a man that we all easily developed a liking for was amiable and uniformly anyone who spoke with him wanted to end up at a pub with him, or at his home we talked about that Mr George and I and Simon plenty of times [185:00] we had him over on tap numerous times and he was a fan of taffy watched tap and he would make comments to us the final shows about that we had with him we touched upon some very of personal issues that he hadn’t touched upon before and that we’ve been able to do with quite a few guests over a tap is a dig in some places where they haven’t revealed things revealed revealing some secrets revealing some raw areas in their lives and he dug right down into the story of his daughter and the separation this inability to build memories with her and that was one of the things that was so crushing for me when I learned about his sudden passing along with feeling like I was had abruptly had a friend snatched from me and along with thinking about him as a man as a person and having his life snatched from him so young still so young were the thoughts about the memories that he was trying to make with his daughter this starting this past November being reunited discovering that she had anti-White some anti-White sentiments, because she’s growing up in an anti-White world and he got right to work and in pure love and you could tell it was coming straight from the heart he said as much and he worked every minute I believe in that time from their reunion all the way up into his passing to build those memories that they never had the opportunity to build so many of our young go without fathers so they go without mothers today most I think without fathers and this young woman my heart goes out to her obviously and Simon’s wife as I said, I can duel with them I know that all of those moments each and every one that she made with her father that are going to be gems that she will keep with her for the rest of her life I was absolutely shattered when I heard the news we were actually doing the garage party show that we do on Friday nights and p.m. Eastern Standard Time where we play music we play skits it’s meant to be a fun time Chuck Martell garage party and somebody wrote in the chat Simon Harris has died and, of course, having been in the White positive sphere for my whole life I immediately thought okay this is somebody who has shown up just to make this god-awful claim and to ruin the fun that we’re trying to have here at the garage party and the if, of course, Simon isn’t dead, of course, he’s not dead and so I wrote back in the live chat on that show please DM me and then that person did and said again yes I’m afraid he’s passed and other a couple others during the show said that they had heard as well and Mr George and I were furiously in the background trying to contact people reaching out to see is this true did we really just lose this guy that we thought this is a great friend and as I say, in the final time that we had contact with him we after the show when we talked about during the show getting together at some point future perhaps at his home for one of his meals where he drops these truth bombs that have been available that he talked about and really looking forward to that and then the part that was really tough was.


If you excuse me when he after the show he was so proud of that daughter in America and I’m sure it’s the same way elsewhere I’m sure it’s same in the UK and the rest of Western world when a parent is really proud of their child but it’s but it happens more so when they’re babies when they’re children when they’re very young they pull out their wallet, you know, they open up their purse and they’re like let me show and, of course, this is the way it used to be with all of us Graham now that everybody has their phones with the pictures on them and so they’ll open up the phone and they’ll show everybody look at the pictures of my of my baby look at here look at the pictures of my baby and he sent us pictures after the show of his daughter that he had finally been able to be reunited with.



Anyhow he was watching one of the taps episode tap episode if you folks watching don’t know what it is its the after-party that Mr George and I do and it’s usually toward the end of the week like a Thursday, or Friday, or Saturday it takes place, in fact, this coming Saturday we’re going to have the official launch for Prometheus rising and I’m gonna reference this in one second the standalone version of Prometheus rising and Simon like the story he watched the tap episodes where we talked with Laura Leigh we talked about Lord of the Rings and in conjunction with Lord of the Rings Prometheus rising which some of the fans of Prometheus rising have said is the White man’s and the White woman’s Lord of the Rings it’s the White the person the White positive persons Lord of the Rings and he watched one of one of those episodes and he ended up after watching the launching the episode making a video and at the beginning of the video he referenced watching tap and Mr Georgia myself and Laura-leigh and then he talked about when he was young and reading The Hobbit and then reading Lord of the Rings as a child and he noted that there was a song, or poem I guess that was supposed to be a song in the book I think it was in The Hobbit and he it was I think he said he was eight, or nine and he, or no he said he was eight, or nine and he felt like he couldn’t read any further into the book until he knew exactly what that song sounded like even though, you know, it’s just the words on the page so he said he sat at the end of the bed and made up the tune and sang the song and then he could proceed with the rest of the story and so he in this video he said all of these years later as a grown man let’s just say at his prime he decided that he was going to sing that song on the video and I thought it was when the first time I heard it when he made that video available he brought, you know, made my eyes wet I was its a beautiful tune and it’s lovely lovely piece and before I mean, if you all have something to ask of me it’s its don’t need like two minutes long I will, rather than doing like a screen share if I could it if you all have anything to ask, or say to me I’ll listen to it but I’d like to yield whatever time I have left with you all to Simon himself and the singing of this tune that he made up, or that he the tune he made up but this words from I think the Hobbit.


Horus: Were you gonna play on from your computer.


Jason (NWG): I’ll just play it right now I’ll move the mic over to the speaker and it’s only it’s less than two minutes long it’s just time singing.


Horus: Sure.


Nick: Obviously be wonderful.


Jason (NWG): [recording of Simon]


“This is exactly the tune I made up when I was eight, or nine I’ve done I remember sitting on the bed and making up actually anyway here it goes it’s the King beneath the mountains as by JRR Tolkien it’s about three-quarters of the way through the hobbit it’s a lovely lovely lovely lyric and I hope you learned another the awkward to it. So here goes:

‘The king beneath the mountains the king of carven stone shall come into his own his crown shall be his harp shall be restrung his hall shall echo golden it’s the songs of your song the words shall wave on mountains on the grass beneath the Sun his wells shall flow and the rivers cold the stream shall run in gladness the lakes shall shine and burn all sorrow fail and sadness at the mountain Kings return.’”.


Horus: Oh Jason you often speak about fire spirit and that word comes to mind right now.


Nick: It does it does I’m sure the White Pat can do something with that now one needs to live on.


Horus: I must introduce her next gift arrives, or Aref in a moment. But if there’s any last thing you want to say Jackson go ahead.


Jason (NWG): Last thing I’ll say is again thank you all for doing this Simon is, if you look at the world the way we do and going free Simon is no more gone than the Sun when it sets at night I love you all love you Simon rest in peace and talk to you also bye-bye.


Horus: Love you so you wait thank you very much. And hi riff, or awright if you wouldn’t mind beginning by telling me how to correctly pronounce your name and then tell us how you’re doing.






Hiraeth: Well technically, I mispronounce my own name. But I just say “hi-rith“, because it’s easier. [laughing]



Horus: All right, that sorted that out.



Hiraeth: Sorry to Welsh kin out there, that I say the word wrong. [laughing]



Horus: But what should it be? Should it be “he-rath”?



Hiraeth: I think it’s like “here-eye-eth”, or something yeah.



Nick: The great irony of this is no one knows! Everyone asks you how to pronounce your name. And then you spit it right back at us, going:


“It’s Welsh, you should know!” [Hiraeth chuckling]



Horus: I don’t imagine the Welsh saying “hi-rith”, …



Nick: It could be a rolled “r” in it, and all sorts of noises. [Hiraeth chuckling]



Horus: I’ve got a Welsh speaking friend I’m going to ask him, yeah, okay. “He-ray-eth”. So are you of Welsh ancestry?



Hiraeth: Um, I am not! Actually, I’m majority English. I have like maybe 2% Welsh, but majority English. [chuckling]


Horus: Okay.


Nick: It’s the meaning of the words, it’s got a particular resonance to us.



Hiraeth: Yes, it’s searching, you know, it’s a longing for a home that either it could be a home from the past, or something that hasn’t been created yet. It could be a home in the future,… but it’s just a “longing for home” basically. And nostalgia is a big part of it.



Horus: And did you meet Simon online? Or, I know you were always in often in the chat, listening to European Freedom.



Hiraeth: Yeah well I mean, I feel like I’m almost here as like a representation of a lot of folks in the live chat tonight, like a lot of the anonymous folks. Because I didn’t actually personally know Simon, like on a personal level. But we had interacted on Twitter some, publicly about music and stuff, and in live chats on YouTube. We were like Facebook friends and things like that.


But I never actually got to interact with him privately. But I feel like I am sure a lot of people feel this way, where you almost it’s kind of one-sided, because you almost feel like you do know them to an extent, because he was such an influential figure in the community. And there’s things that I just really loved about his work, and his streams, and his character, just all around. So.



Horus: Yeah, well said. I agree. And you are part of the White Art Collective as well, aren’t you?



Hiraeth: Yes. I am a singer/songwriter, member of the White Art Collective.



Horus: I mean, I first heard of you with your collaborations with Xurious, who’s sort the English side of the music makers. But yes, so I know you by your singing voice, first of all.



Hiraeth: Yeah. Xurious is awesome! [chuckling]



Horus: So did you enjoy hearing Simon’s voice, singing voice?



Hiraeth: Yes, actually, like I just learned about, or I just heard his videos. Well I enjoyed what Jason just played, just now. And I had heard that I think yesterday, and it’s very, very touching.


But I also there’s people like posting his some of his live things that he’s done. He did a I think two other videos that I’ve seen circulating of him just playing live. And he did one original song, and then he did a cover. And the cover he did has been stuck in my head since, gosh, like since Saturday, I think. And it’s that one that’s like it’s like:


“How long has this been going on!” [chuckling]



Horus: Isn’t that Mike and the Mechanics? Paul Carrack singing? Okay, alright maybe I heard a cover version.




Hiraeth: Could be. I’m not sure. I just definitely know that song. But I don’t really know the band. I think it’s by Ace, but I’m not sure. I’m sure it’s been covered by a bunch of people.


He did such a great cover of that, and I saw that video and there was like, I don’t know, 22 likes and there’s like two dislikes. And I remember getting pissed! I was like why?.. who would dislike this? This is a great cover of this!


Well that was something that I really liked about him, from just from what I picked up on, is that when he decided to do something, he just went for it! And he went for it full force, no matter like what it was. And I have a lot of respect for that, because when you play, just from a musical standpoint I’ve never even played in front of a live audience before, and I just feel like the thought of that is so terrifying, because I have a lot of stage fright.


And he just seems such a natural, very comfortable, and just at ease. And I think he seems like the type of person that would put others at ease as well. People seemed to connect with him on many different levels, which is really cool, so.



Horus: The picture of the night, I think by consensus, has been that one of him on stage with, … Iconoclast said it was a Stratocaster with a red strap. Yes, assuming the 80s I think. I don’t know whether he’s in England, or Barcelona.


But yeah, I mean, he did seem like a guy who was particularly like, as you say, he was at ease, he wasn’t, you know, I didn’t seem like the kind who’s embarrassed to perform.



Hiraeth: Right! Yeah he never like second-guessed himself at the time, or anything, where I feel like I would be like oh my gosh! like I don’t knowc I feel like I’d be freaking out! [laughing]



Horus: Absolutely. And he was beginning to really try and put forward like the White Art Collective, and their work, I don’t know if, … Well, of course, you heard our show last week.



Hiraeth: I did, yeah. I was in the live chat and it seemed like he was really getting on board with the fact that, like I think he had an understanding of how important culture is, or just art and music, as part of culture. And that side to this whole, to this fight that we’re in! That really plays a really important role. And I think he had a good understanding of that as a musician, and as a music lover, because he was very passionate about music.


And that tape, that mixtape he made for Unwashed, that Unwashed asked him to make for Vile, that was awesome! I listened to that it was great! I hadn’t heard of all those bands. But, I love Joy Division. And I know on Twitter he had said that he actually went to, he saw Joy Division in concert like two weeks before Ian Curtis actually killed himself, which is crazy! I was like, I’m so jealous that you got to see that. That’s awesome!


So he just seemed like a really good, all-around, good dude. A very cool dude, also, so yeah!



Horus: I don’t know about you Shazia and Nick, I’ve found out quite a lot about Simon tonight that I didn’t know a few hours ago. Hearing all these different perspectives on him has like been illuminating, apart from anything else.


I mean, some people have come to me in the last few days and said:


“I know how close you guys were.”


And this is true in the sense that I worked with him all the time. But as I said, to one of the guests earlier, that to some extent for me it was kind of a meeting of minds, like intellectual, political, stuff. I didn’t even know his phone number, or I don’t connect with him on Facebook, and all this stuff. But, I didn’t feel the need, because I took it for granted, I just assumed there was no need. And, how wrong I was.


I mean, not that it made any difference whether he lived or died. But I, .. I think he would say the same, I just felt an instant appreciation for the guy, an immediate sort of easy friendship! There was nothing to figure out. There was nothing to get past, it was, … the first time I spoke to him I just thought, so we’re mates now, you know! [chuckling] That’s a thing now, that’s great!


And yeah, I mean, he made it easy, and he was really, …


Shazia: [words unclear] he written sorry and have his number I don’t have Facebook I don’t need to have his plate — I just thought he was going to be here, you know, you take for granted. It’s exactly what you say I mean, I would in a room and you team over back always the same day so, because I had that connection left. And if I needed to meet him for something even if he was out he would email and say he’ll reply in detail when he gets back home. So I don’t ever feel the need to contact him on the telephone.





Horus: Yeah. A friend of mine, after I said on Friday that Simon had died, I said, to him, life is fragile, and the takes moments like to actually, … In my case to realize that, because there’s not been a lot of bereavement, or death, that I’ve experienced so far. But this a real loss.


I hope that at least the way we are responding to it, sort of plants seeds for the future that we might hopefully make something good come of it. And, yeah, so, …



Hiraeth: It seems like you’re doing a pretty good job of that already though, because like, well I loved it when Simon did these kinds of streams with a bunch of people like around New Year’s for instance. I loved that stream and I just thought it was so cool, because I remember thinking like:


“Gosh that’s got to be a lot like to switch all of these guests and stuff, in and out!”


There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes. I don’t think a lot of people really think about that and you have to be really focused to be able to be engaged in what people are saying, and still like, switching people in and out like crazy! And trying to keep the everything on time, you know?



Horus: That’s very true. I was nervous. I said to Nick and Shazia that I was nervous before, you know.



Hiraeth: Well, you’ve done awesome! I mean, I’ve listened to this stream you know, I couldn’t really talk in the chat before because I was at work earlier. But I’ve listened to the stream since it started, and it’s been amazing!


I mean, everything that everyone has said has just been so nice. You know, I didn’t personally know Simon, like I said, but I think anybody, I think he would have really appreciated this. And I think anybody would, you know. So, …



Horus: I really hope so. Yeah, I really, really, hope so!


I guess we’ll begin to draw this to a close, but Shazia, you know, if there’s anything you want to say before we come towards the end?



Shazia: I was really nervous before we came o. And I was really emotional. I feel myself crying. And every guest that you’ve had on have just shared so many beautiful memories. I’m really happy and I’m really glad it’s been really good. just, yeah, rest in peace Simon. Just one last thing if we are in this much, you know, shock and sadness, I can’t even begin to imagine what his family is going through.



Horus: With what Jason said, yeah I can only imagine how painful it must be for his daughter to have reconnected, and now to lose him completely. I hope, I mean, I don’t know at all, but I hope that she can draw some strength from the time that they did spend together.


Nick is there any last things you want to say?



Nick: Oh I’ve said an awful lot about Simon over the past few days! I’ve written words and all sorts. But this has been a lovely way to send off? I don’t know what the right word is! Yeah, still lost for words! Still haven’t really been able to sum it up.


I’m just very, very, honored to have known Simon since the end of last year. And yeah it can all be summed up in one word which is “gratitude”! It’s like I just have huge gratitude for everything that he gave me and everything that he gave all of us. What a wonderful dude!



Horus: Well said, mate.


Heraeth, … Hiraeth, is there any last things you want to say?



Hiraeth: I just would like to say thank you all for having me on. Thank you for doing this for three and a half hours. That’s a long time to be streaming for. And I know Simon did that really, really, well.


And like I said, I enjoyed those very much. I like that he was willing to give smaller voices the time of day. It wasn’t really like a popularity contest with him, he just, when he saw something that he thought was, or somebody that he thought was talented, he would boost them up. And I think that’s just really cool!


So rest in peace, Simon.



Horus: He really did like to boost people up. Yeah, and he did that for me.


I feel like there’s a various, I don’t know, loads of things I could say, but the words won’t really come to me.


But I will say that a bit, … I feel that I’ve got someone’s fingers around my throat! But I will just say:


“Mate, you were a brother!”


And well, you still are!


Thanks a lot. I’m gonna bring it to an end. Thanks everyone for listening. And do him proud! And I think I’ll see some of you tomorrow on Patriotic Weekly Review. And let’s just try and continue in his spirit.


So thanks everyone! I’m going to end it now.


So take care! Good bye.











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