Laura Towler – Pathological Altruism and the Invasion of Britain – Aug 16, 2020 — Transcript

[Laura Towler, Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative, talks about the ongoing, and ramped up, invasion of Britain via Channel crossings by thousands of non-Whites, that has been exposed recently by Nigel Farage.

Laura describes the investigations of Nigel Farage and how he says there are 48,000 illegals being housed in hotels and other accommodation across Britain, that is estimated to cost 4 billion pounds over 10 years.

Although this illegal invasion is insignificant in numbers when compared to the “legal” invasion, normally arriving by plane (around 6,000 per week?) it demonstrates the treasonous intention of the “establishment” against the British people.

She then gets to the question of why this decades long invasion of aliens (non-Whites) with their incompatible, destructive ways, whether legal or illegal, has happened and has been “tolerated” by the British people, so far.

It has happened for what no one wants to know, a horrible truth, almost incomprehensible for most, and that is the political parties are a charade, directed from behind the scenes by (((globalists))) whose intent is to reduce the British people to nothing, a tiny minority in their own country, if that. The same process is occurring across all White countries across the West, in a coordinated plan.

And as part of this process of destroying the British people they have harnessed with diabolical cynicism, through decades of brainwashing, the people’s sense of altruism, turning a good trait into a deadly pathology that will destroy them if not shaken off.

Laura ends with:

“Patriotic Alternative stands up for the rights of British people in our own home, and will never give an inch to those who say we should debase ourselves in the service of other peoples, who care nothing for us! Our movement is unashamed to fight for the rights of native Britons in our own home. And to defend ourselves against those who are working to our detriment.”






Laura Towler

Pathological Altruism and

the Invasion of Britain



Aug 16, 2020



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Published on Aug 16, 2020

Laura Towler
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Hello everybody. Welcome to the video.


So before I begin I just have two things I’d like to say firstly I’d like to give a shout out to Mr White and B Hall, who are two people who helped me with this video and who did the research for this video. Their research into what I’m about to talk about is invaluable. So I’ve posted their information and links in the description below this video. Please check them out and show them some support.


Secondly I’d like to give a shout out to Vinnie Sullivan, who is somebody who I’ve just really started to get to know of the last couple of months. He is doing some really great work with uncovering hotels where illegal migrants are residing. He just goes into the hotels and he gets the footage. The man has got guts! But I’ll post his links in the description below if you’d like to check out his work.


So let’s begin. Our Conservative government is actively aiding and abetting the invasion of Britain. Despite all the supposedly promising talk over the past year from the likes of Boris Johnson and Priti Patel there has been no action whatsoever by this government to stem the flow of illegal migrants crossing the channel.


Hand in hand with a total lack of effort to reduce the ever rising tide of legal migration, the jigsaw pieces have come together to spell out what many of us knew all along. It does not matter which mainstream party is voted into office, the agenda remains the same! The British people have no voice and no representation in any faction of the ruling establishment, which remains totally committed to our displacement and destitution!


Only very recently has this government so much as hinted at acknowledging the problem, but their refusal to act speaks infinitely louder than any number of deceitful speeches and false pledges they could ever hope to devise.


For too long the British people have been indoctrinated to accept this with appeals to our kindness and compassionate sensibilities. We’ve been told that it is our moral duty to budge up and make space for the rest of the world to come and settle here, because of the less desirable conditions that these migrants left behind. As this invasion shows, the selflessness that so many of us pride ourselves upon has been turned into a weapon which has been used against us.


2020 has been a record-breaking year for channel migrant crossings despite the coronavirus pandemic, and the imposition of travel restrictions across the whole world, new migrants continue to find their ways onto British shores.


Nigel Farage launched a project to investigate this renewed migrant crisis before anyone in the mainstream media dared to touch this subject. His work this summer has been crucial in raising awareness of the crisis. And his videos have reached millions of viewers.


As he reveals the scale of this calamity is truly frightening. In a YouTube video he shares with us a number of startling facts. In 2018 only 300 illegal migrants came across the channel in inflatable dinghies. Just one year later, in 2019, that number had skyrocketed to almost 2,000. The picture this year is even darker with more than four months to go until the end of the year, already more than 3,000 migrants have arrived across the channel. Farage says that by the end of 2020 he expects 7,500 migrants to have arrived!


What’s worse is that Britain gives 61 million pounds a year to France, only for their Navy to escort migrant boats across the channel, completely unwilling to hold up their end of whatever agreements* have been made between them and us.


[* Perhaps the real agreement and payment is for them to escort boats across the channel! There are public agreements and secret agreements.]


It is however painfully obvious by now that the British government does not care to enforce any of its own legislation-restricted immigration legal, or illegal. When it comes to the channel, Farage has said that over 80 percent of those migrants are young men generally between the ages of 18 and 26 years old. Hardly any of them hold any identity papers.


An army of fighting age men is coming across the channel and is being welcomed into our country. We do not know who they are, or where they came from, or what their intentions are when they come here. Ignorance like this does not come without consequences as we will explore later.


At the end of last month, July, Farage visited Bromsgrove in Worcestershire to find out what was happening at the Bromsgrove Hilton. A four-star hotel where it was rumored that up to 147 migrants were being housed. After hearing from local residents about what was happening in Bromsgrove, Farage called up the hotel to see if he could book a room. No one picked up the phone. The hotel’s booking form said that it would be full for the rest of the year, despite the hotel ostensibly been closed to the public.


The same situation awaited Farage as he toured the north west investigating the situation in numerous hotels in and around Cheshire and Liverpool. Just like in Bromsgrove, the Chimney House Hotel in Sandbach was supposed to be closed to the public, but was clearly full and wouldn’t take any calls.


As Farage and his team tried to enter the hotel in Bromsgrove, and a week later the Daresbury Park Hotel in Warrington, they were refused entry. And some of the migrants staying there were captured on film.




Local residents who spoke to Farage reported gangs of eight to ten of these migrants roaming the street, wolf whistling at young women and making them feel extremely uncomfortable, in an otherwise charming English town. Young women are now scared to walk the street for fear of harassment from these threatening migrant gangs.


Of course, this is far from the first time that this has happened in Britain. A similar situation has now become the norm in virtually every major city in Britain.


What is becoming clear now to more and more ordinary people is that this will not be restricted to the big cities forever. As our replacement continues and advances there will be fewer, fewer, places left in the country that can be considered safe to any reasonable degree until there are none left.


Those who the British public elected to represent the interests of their constituents did not care to comment on the issue. The MP for Bromsgrove, former Chancellor Sajid Javid has reportedly failed to respond to emails and dismissed concerns about these migrants in a half-hearted reassurance that this arrangement is temporary.


All the evidence gathered so far suggests otherwise. Local newspapers in Bromsgrove, Liverpool and Cheshire, claimed that local residents were supportive of these plans to house migrants in their areas, and that they were more than happy to welcome them in. Allegedly there were consultations before the migrants arrived. But the local residents who spoke to Farage said otherwise. No such consultations ever took place and residents knew nothing about plans to accommodate illegal migrants until they were already there.


There are now around 48,000 of these migrants being housed in hotels across the UK. Which Farage estimated would cost us around four billion pounds! That cost includes the accommodation being given to these migrants, their health care, dental care, and around 40 pounds per week as spending money.


One group of migrants staying at the Holiday Inn Express, Liverpool Hoylake were even taken on a guided tour of Anfield [Stadium], when such a tour was unavailable to the general public, because of coronavirus restrictions.


All this has been given to illegal migrants, at a time when tens of thousands of our own people are sleeping rough every night, with an even greater number of these migrants being housed in four-star hotels. Austerity cuts have gutted social services desperately needed by our own people, but the taxpayer is forced to pay for costs related to illegal migrants!


Illegal migrants are, without a doubt, just the tip of the iceberg! With record legal migration from outside the EU, as well as the trickery of the points based immigration system — which Patriotic Alternative wrote about last month — add that to the plans to allow three million Hong Kongers to gain British citizenship, the true scale of the crisis is far bigger!


As Farage and his team tried to enter the hotels they visited they were met with a frosty reception every time by security guards, who work for a company by the name of “Serco”. Serco is a Labour hire company based in this country which works with the government to provide public services. According to their website they are currently managing over 500 contracts across the world. One such contract they manage in this country is worth to billion pounds, over the next 10 years.


And their task appears to involve accommodating these illegal migrants who cross the channel. The Serco security guards who ordered Farage and his team to leave the hotels they tried to film, repeatedly said they were not at liberty to reveal who the hotels were housing. But unfortunately for their bosses the cat is already out of the bag.


Serco a public limited company, is working with the Tory government to facilitate the invasion of Britain by illegal migrants! By facilitating illegal immigration, Serco is clearly in violation of the law, just as is the government itself! The fact that such a company is being rewarded so richly speaks volumes about the scale of corruption rotting away in our country.


Regardless of whether, or not, these migrants claims to refugee status are officially accepted, the chances are that they will stay in our country. Once I leave the hotels they are currently staying in, Farage suggested they will likely end up picking fruit, or perhaps working in the textiles trade in leicester. They will move into the illegal “slave economy” and as per the Conservative’s plans, they will undercut wages for British workers.


The reason they are being imported into our country in such large numbers, is not, and has never been, for our benefit, but precisely the opposite! They are being brought here at our expense to grind us down into one unit of a global underclass of slave-like consumers.


Importing so many incompatible people into our country serves to undermine us in a plethora of ways. They are entirely different people to us! Who come from entirely different parts of the world, and have been brought up in a foreign culture with history, heritage, and values that are entirely different from our own.


To expect them to come in such large numbers and integrate into our society is foolish! And we should not be surprised that they do, in fact, preserve their own identities long after they arrive on our shores, and impart them onto their children, and grandchildren. This is natural to any group of people.


But what is not natural is the artificial importation of people from opposite corners of the earth, and forcing them to live together in completely unnatural conditions! It is a recipe for conflict and misery! And as history shows nothing other than that!




By allowing such an unprecedented flood of immigrants into our homeland who do not share our history, culture, heritage, or values, what has been created is a country where the native people are on track to becoming an ethnic minority themselves, just 40 years from now! It is a country where tens of thousands of British girls are abused by gangs every year, where the police cover up for these gangs, and where foreign newcomers and their descendants are privileged over the indigenous people!


We are now told that it is “racist” to celebrate our own heritage, and that our businesses must have “diversity” quotas so that workers from ethnic minority backgrounds can be prioritized for employment over the ethnically British. Despite the privileges that they enjoy, many of them continue to despise the native population and some even go on to commit terrorist atrocities, and other acts of barbaric violence against us. But the government continues to let such high-risk people into the country time, and time, again!


To them, terrorism is a price worth paying so that eventually our country’s identity can be erased in totality! They use evil means to achieve evil ends! We, the native British people, do not stand to benefit from our government’s policies of mass immigration in any way!


So this begs the question why have we allowed it to continue for so long? Why have we not come together as one to stand up to this before now? And how did we end up here? One phrase I have heard repeated around nationalist circles on the internet, is “pathological altruism”. When analyzing the psychology of a large group of people as big as a nation, for example, this concept means an:


“Ingrained kindness in a people that has been taken to such an extreme as to be harmful to the group of people in question.”


For decades propagandists working for every establishment institution have tried to push an attitude of “pathological altruism” on the British public. Appeals are constantly made to the British people’s sense of “decency” and “compassion” to try and win support for accepting vast numbers of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Some journalists have written articles about refugee children being bullied in school, and others have appealed to historical acts of kindness by the British people, in an attempt to guilt-trip us into giving away our homeland!


This article written by a Wikipedia, “Early Life Refugee from Prague” who came to Britain in 1939, writes of how awful it is that Britain hasn’t taken in as many refugees as he desires, and how “sinister” it is that the far Right across Europe are capitalizing on the migrant crisis to campaign for their rights to their own homelands. These are just a few examples of the psychological manipulation the mainstream media, among other institutions, uses to try to engineer our attitudes towards an acceptance of replacement migration.


At best they would like us to celebrate it! But at worst their aim is at least to have the British people resign to apathy, unwilling to stand up and secure a future for their descendants. Empathy for the plight of other peoples, as awful and heart-wrenching as some of their stories may be, is being cynically used as a tool to engineer our own plight which will worsen into a horror of unimaginable proportions, as the decades fly by, and current trends intensify!


As last year’s documentary “We Were Never Asked” shows, the majority of native Britons are against replacement migration, and the native people becoming a minority in our own homeland. Most of us have retained normal health instincts despite the propaganda, but so many others have settled into the managed worst-case scenario for the establishment of resigning themselves to apathy, even if they never actively celebrate the country’s destruction!


Much of the British public has been beaten with the stick of selflessness, to the point that they no longer feel that they can voice opposition to mass immigration. For many of us, to do so would be socially unacceptable. It might even turn one into a pariah! It would invite virtue signaling attacks against one’s moral character.


We who oppose mass immigration are called “selfish” and “racist” and are demonized and misrepresented in the worst ways possible!


Much of the mainstream media is dedicated to casting us as “satan incarnate”, and the truth could not be more different. To value one’s own country and one’s own people is not selfish in the least. But sadly not everyone in modern Britain is able to realise that.


The work that Nigel Farage and also people like Vinnie Sullivan have been undertaking over the last few months to expose the latest migrant scandal, has been invaluable to British nationalism.


In addition to exposing the scandal it is imperative for us, as nationalists, to confront the cowardice of “pathological altruism”, which we are constantly expected to conform to as an unquestionable dogma of moral righteousness! But we do not have to cower to the false moralities of the ruling elite! We do not need anybody else’s permission to stand up for ourselves, and say no to this invasion and the privileging of foreign people of ourselves in our own homeland!


There is nothing virtuous about a masochistic attitude! There is absolutely nothing fair, or decent, about allowing your people and your descendants to be marginalized and oppressed in their own home!


This is why our community strives tirelessly, every single day, to restore a sense of pride and dignity to our people! A state of spiritual freedom which has been missing among our people for so long.


Patriotic Alternative stands up for the rights of British people in our own home, and will never give an inch to those who say we should debase ourselves in the service of other peoples, who care nothing for us! Our movement is unashamed to fight for the rights of native Britons in our own home. And to defend ourselves against those who are working to our detriment.


The future of this country belongs to those who stand up and take action! And your country needs you.


Thank you for listening I’ll see you next week. Bye bye!




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