Angelo John Gage – Debate Rant from the 3rd Position Pov – Sep 30, 2020 — Transcript

[Angelo Gage has a good ol’ rant about the debate between Trump and Biden and how the whole thing is a farce, a “dog and pony show” that designed to give the illusion of choice, when in fact both sides are puppets of orgjew and will carry out orgjew business as usual, regardless of who is “selected” — the “elected” part being part of the show.





Angelo John Gage



Debate Rant


from the


3rd Position POV*

Sep 30, 2020


[*POV — Point of View]



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Published on Sep 30, 2020


Debate Rant from the 3rd Position POV

Angelo John Gage

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Hey folks! Wanted to make a video about the debate last night. I was watching it with my Third Positionist buddies. We all got in our little private matrix chat, and we were just watching it.


And we knew it’s, we know it’s a dog and pony show. And it’s just there for entertainment, at this point. And we actually believe Biden would have just completely collapsed and been terrible. But for some, I think he got a lot of Infowars Brain Force Plus! For some reason Biden was there. But again we know Trump’s an eight-year-old boy. Biden is a senile old man!

And just looking at and we were laughing. But I told the guys, I said:


“You know, doesn’t this make you sick! Look! Look at what our country produces as a choice in this ‘democracy’! Look at our ‘democracy’! Is this the best we can do?”


And the answer is absolutely not! It’s a joke! It is a disgrace!


It is heartbreaking that these two men are the choices! A career politician 47 years, as Trump said, has done literally nothing. And Trump, this guy, there’s so much to say about Trump, you know, he did dupe a lot of us though. But he’s another one he’s just another puppet.



His 2006 run, you know, saying the right things. He probably used Cambridge Analytica and all these Google search engine type things to say what the people wanted to hear. Specifically the White majority which, by the way, wasn’t mentioned one time!


You see they talk about:


“White supremacy controlling the country! He’s not condemning White supremacy!”


And they brought up the Proud Boys. And they say:


“Stand by! Stand back!”


But I don’t know what he meant by “stand by”. Maybe he didn’t mean to say it, maybe he did mean to say it! But the Proud Boys are not White supremacists! Look at their race! They have black people! They have all sorts of people in there. Probably gay people too! And they’re Israeli Firsters! Gavin McInnes loves Israel! These are not White supremacists at all!


[Image] Gavin McInnes giving Milo Yiannopoulos a tongue job for the cameras.


But the media has to harp on White supremacy, harp on Charlottesville, ignores antifa! Trump is the only one who brought up antifa. Now this:


“Oh look! He’s bringing up antifa!”


Guys! It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what Trump says! But the point is, when they say “White supremacy” it should make you cringe, because it’s the ultimate gaslighting! Here we have two men and none of them talked about the White majority. They talk about the black people, they talk about Latinos, Hispanics, immigrants. They talk about everything! But the only time “White” comes up it’s when it’s White supremacy, Charlottesville, are you gonna condemn White supremacy? Are you gonna? It’s the same old crap!


So the ultimate gaslighting by the jay-ish media is this White supremacy garbage! There is no White supremacy! Zero! It’s gone! Period!


But they want to keep acting as if there is and all these jay-ish newspapers:


“Oh no! Trump didn’t condemn White supremacy! Therefore the jays are unsafe under Trump!”


This is nonsense! Again this is more “backlash hurting”. They love Trump! The zionists love Trump! And what they’re doing is like they did last time. The media says:


“He has no chance of winning! He has one percent of the win! He can’t do it!”


And now it’s all:


“He said these things about jayish people! He said they’re in it for themselves! He said these little dog whistles to his base!”


Who’s woke a little bit, right? These White people, these White supremacists, the ten percent of the country, that’s going to change everything!


No! Listen! These debates are nothing more than a circus, at this point! Bread and circuses that’s why I mean, my boys, we sat there we laughed about it, and at the same time he cringed at it. But that’s what it is guys! You know, this so-called democracy cannot possibly work. It doesn’t work it! Is dead it! It is dead and everyone knows it! And everyone you talk to, when you talk about elections, it’s always:


“Well it’s either him, or them!”


And it’s always the same garbage! I mean, think about it. What kind of system, how can a system work? And you call it “good”! And it’s an “American dream”! If it only produces garbage, and one is worse than the other, it has to be scrapped! We’re doing it wrong!


Ever since the bankers established the Federal Reserve in 1913, magically we had World War One! Then World War Two! Then all these other wars! Cold war! Vietnam! You name it, Korean war! And to this day we’re at war! Infinite war! We’ve been at war for 200 years. With 220 years, or something, and we’ve been around for 247. We’ve been at war 96 percent of our existence! This works? This is what democracy produces?




Look at these riots in the street. That’s what democracy produces? Can’t even control rioters! Can’t even stop literal terrorist organizations from burning down, shooting people, killing each other even! Can’t stop that! This is what democracy, so much freedom! I have the freedom to be a total degenerate and destroy everyone around me! Because it’s freedom!


The American dream has become a nightmare! It’s a disgrace! It’s disaster!


And what yesterday was, was the example right in your face, what our country, how much of a joke it is!


Could you imagine what our enemies think? You think Russia, and China, and Iran, if you want to consider them an enemy, even though they didn’t do anything to us, you want to consider these people enemies. What do you think they’re thinking about our leadership? What a joke! What a joke!


We have kids in our country that can change genders, what a joke Russia’s China, Iran, Syria we are a joke we are a disgrace! And they want to talk about “White supremacy” is the biggest problem, terror threat! Okay. There is no White supremacy! There’s not a single person in government who’s a White supremacist! There’s not! There’s no power structure! Zero! They want to point to these people who larp as White supremacists.


It’s a boogeyman that jay-ish media needs. The zionist media needs a boogeyman all the time. So:


“White supremacy! White supremacy!”


Then it’s the Muslims!:


“Oh Islam! Brotherhood of Islam and Farrakhan!”


It’s the same garbage! They work all angles these people.


They’ve been doing it for millennia! Not a hundred years. Millennia! It’s been going on for a long time. Everywhere these bankers go, everywhere these supremacists go, the real ones, it’s the same thing! It’s the same strategy! Every. Single. Time! The same strategy! And the people keep falling for it! You kick them out and they come back! You kick them out, they come back! They kick them out, they come 109 times! They do it over and over again! Because the people are utterly stupid! They don’t understand!


And now when the media is controlled they don’t even know anymore. You cannot have a democracy in a country where the media is controlled by private interests, and they sway you whatever way they want! You cannot have a democracy, or even a country, if your entire country owes private banks debt! Owes them money, that you have to go work for, you have to slave away!


First it’s one parent could work and take care of the home, now it’s two! Two parents with multiple jobs and kids are over here! Now they don’t even know what gender they are anymore!


It’s gonna get worse! And worse! And worse! And, you know what? That’s fine! Because we Third Positionists know it’s gonna get worse, and worse! And eventually our time to shine will come! And this fake garbage system, this joke! Which you see, will eventually be challenged by those of us who understand.


And don’t think we all didn’t believe in this system, don’t think we didn’t try to believe it! Even me! The hardest thing I had to say was:


“Wow! I really tried to believe in Trump, and this whole 2016 energy, and trust the plan!”


I tried to believe it, but it’s another dream! It’s another fantasy.


And people are so invested, they are like, it’s like a football game between two different teams. It’s like a Super Bowl! People are invested in their team and they get upset if you don’t like their team. And they root for their team, no matter what they do. It’s this toxic tribalism that blinds Americans! And we have so much hubris, and our egos are so big, because it’s attached to “freedom”! This idea of “freedom”! Which apparently means:


“Destroy everything you don’t like and do whatever you want at the expense of all of the human beings around you! Money! Money! Money! Money! Freedom! Hedonism! Materialism! This is freedom! Freedom to obliterate yourself and your country!”


That’s what it is.


That’s why Third Position is the opposite of that stuff. In a Third Position State, you have freedom, but not the freedom to hurt other people, and destroy the people at your [their] expense! Not the freedom to become Google and all these other monopoly type companies and basically usurp the entire country! That’s not the freedom you’re going to get in a Third Position State! That’s a whole other story.


Third Position is the way out of this mess. It always has been! That is why the media, and the banks, and their agents, and the zionists, and the jays, all these people out there, they hate it! They hate it so much, because they know it’s the way out! It always has been. And they’re always going to attack it that way.


So either you be a left-wing, Marxist, SJW, maniac, or a right-wing, conservative, Israeli Firster! That’s the only choices you have here! MAGA Trumptard, QAnon*, trust to plan, or SJW 9,000 genders! These are the choices you have! Independent? You have no impact on anything! Third Party vote? Forget it! Garbage!


[* QAnon is a “far-right” [fake, orgjew psy-op] conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles running a global child sex-trafficking ring is plotting against President Donald Trump, who is battling them, leading to a “day of reckoning” involving the mass arrest of journalists and politicians.Wikipedia]




Third Position, we say what’s good from the Left what’s good for the Right, we combine it all, and we unite the people in the State. For the greater good! Not for some:


“Me! Me! Me!”


At the expense of other people:


“Me! Me!”


Basically a individual monopoly to do whatever the hell you want in this country, that harms other people, because of “muh freedom”! And then corporations can do it too, and literally usurp the government, because of “muh corporation”, “muh private entities”, “muh private companies”, “mu free market”! Muh! Muh! Muh garbage! Absolute garbage! And it has to end.


And that’s why when I watched yesterday, at the same time as I was disgusted I said:


“Good! Good! I hope the worst one wins again!”


Let it happen. Because the more our enemies succeed, the more the people will be woken up in the hardest way possible. Nice slap in their face!


Because people, they are sheep like! Many of them are stupid! And I’m not saying that I’m not stupid! I’m very stupid! But most people are stupider than me! And most people that are stupider than me and you, learn harder! They need more pain and suffering to learn.


And they’ll get there, trust me! It will become  Republic environment! It will become one of these things. Maybe even worse.



It’ll get there, because it always does, because these parasites at the top, these bankers, always do the same exact thing! They never learn, ever! They don’t learn! They’re arrogant!


In fact, you could see their agents, their zionist supremacist, on Twitter talking about the “goy”! This one woman:


“The goys! This is for the goys!”


I said:


“Look at your arrogance! Your tribal arrogance is popping! It’s showing!”


“Shut up goy!”


This is what every single time they do the same thing for millennia! They don’t understand! So I welcome them!


Get more powerful! I hope Trump wins and they, he, sends 100 trillion to Israel every year! To the point Americans have to work 50 jobs just to live! In the name of it, … Or, I hope, Biden wins! I don’t care who wins!


I hope it gets so terrible that the people go:


“You know what? Damn! This doesn’t work!”


That’s the only inevitability. That’s it.


So I hope our enemies win more, continue this dog and pony show to the point where it really hurts people, because that’s the only way they’re gonna wake up! No amount of truth out of my mouth, no amount of facts, nothing works! People are too emotional! They’re too invested!


But, you know what? When things get really bad, they’re kind of forced out of it. And history shows things always get very bad. When these banking parasites are doing what they do, it’s inevitable that it turns in the same way. And people like me, and others, who understand, always rise up and say:


“Hey! There’s a third option!”


So that’s what I think about the debates, absolute joke! What a disgrace our country is! We are the laughing stock of the planet! It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it doesn’t matter how many cars you have, or your stocks are going up, or you can be 9,000 genders!


You have all these freedoms, and you’re a fat whale, who has to take medication, because you’re about to get a heart attack, because you eat all this junk food! It doesn’t matter! All this freedom you got! Freedom to destroy yourself and your fellow citizens! We are a laughingstock! We are always a laughingstock now.


And the media needs to be obliterated! The media is the second threat to the people of America. First come the bankers, and then comes the media.



The media has to go! All these lying journalists, all these people spewing garbage, gaslighting, … I’ve never seen gaslighting like this in my life! You want to talk about the “big lie”! They always quote, you know, Adolf Hitler about the “big lie”. Go look in Mein Kampf, what he means by the “big lie”. Read it! Don’t say:


“Oh look! Repeat a lie, it happens all the time.”


You think he said that? Look who he’s talking about! The “big lie”! Look up and read the Mein Kampf paragraph with “big lie”!


[Image] “The Jewish Big Lie Technique” (click image to enlarge)


You will literally cry when you read it! Because you’re like:


“What the hell is this guy? This guy’s saying something true! But I thought he was the bad guy? I thought he was the one who did it!”


You thought wrong! Men throughout history, whether it be him, Henry Ford, Corneliu Codreanu [Romanian Iron Guard leader], pick one! Pick unrelated people! They told you the same thing in the 20s and 30s about Communism, and Bolshevism! They told you about Capitalism! They told you about the same forces! They told you this, you never read it!


But the moment you read it, you have no choice but to go:


“Holy god! I’ve been lied to my whole life!”


You have no choice if you have integrity! There’s a reason why people like them have been condemned. And they did bad things, yes. But does that mean what they said was false, in certain instances? The answer is no! Go read it yourself. Go read about the “big lie”! Who he’s talking about. And then see who controls the media and the banks, and you’ll see what happens.


You’ll have a reality check, the likes you’ve never seen before! And you’ll see everything will make sense. Why these elections are puppet shows! Why the banks do this to you! Why there’s bubbles! Why you will see it all!


Enough of this nonsense! Enough of the fear, I can’t talk about this person. Because I don’t care! Get out of the zionist correct matrix! Get out of this left-wing garbage, George Soros, or Adelson!



There’s more than that! You are a human being, you can question anything you want! You want to question events that are taboo? Question them! You want to talk about, you want to debate them? You want to deny them? Who cares? Who are you to sit there and tell other people to shut up? We’re all human beings! We have the freedom of speech! We have freedom of thought! But even that’s going away, isn’t it?


That’s why democracy fails, because we don’t live in a democracy. We live under an oligarchy. Who have total control of everything. And people like me are a threat to them.


But I’ll tell you what, oligarchy! People like me are waking up more, and more, and more, because you guys keep winning! Tired of all the winning? Yeah, you keep winning. But eventually you’ll lose! Like you do every single time! You don’t learn from your mistakes. You don’t learn from your mistakes.


And, you know what? That’s fine with me. That’s fine by me. Because eventually when you go too far, as you always do, you give the opportunity for me and my men, to wake the people up, and actually make a difference, and create a state that will actually benefit the people! Rather than exploit and rob the people!


So that’s that for this debate rant.


Have a good day everyone. Take care.








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