Mark Collett – The Nanny State & Forced Vaccinations – Dec 4, 2020 — Transcript


[Mark Collett, leader of Patriotic Alternative, discusses how the British public is living in a “Nanny State” where citizens are treated children and increasingly not allowed to exercise their rights as adults, and decide for themselves what is good for themselves.


This is of particular importance when it comes the issue of a Covid vaccine and whether vaccination will become de-facto compulsory, enforced by a State that is anti-White.







Mark Collett


The Nanny State


& Forced Vaccinations




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Published on Dec 4, 2020


The Nanny State & Forced Vaccinations
•Dec 4, 2020
Mark Collett
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The government treats the public as if they are a classroom of naughty children, but strangely some people embrace this.

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Since the beginning of the lockdown in March we have seen a marked increase in politicians speaking to the public in a patronizing manner, as if politicians are, in fact, teachers and the public are a class of naughty children!


And let’s make this clear, politicians are elected representatives. They are elected to represent us in parliament. They are not our masters, or teachers in a classroom. They are not elected to tell us what to do, patronize us, or speak to us as if we are children. But the conservative government is doing just that.


The conservative government in Britain is addressing the nation as if they were addressing a classroom full of naughty children that need putting in their place.


The most notable example of this is, of course, the debacle around Christmas and whether we can, or cannot meet with our friends and relatives to celebrate:


“If you are good, and you all behave during this second lockdown, we might be able to celebrate Christmas. There are no promises though! You’ll have to wait and see!”


These aren’t the words of elected representatives. This isn’t the way an adult addresses a group of other adults.

I remember this kind of language being used when I was at school. I remember sitting there as teachers would warn us that if we didn’t quieten down, no one would be going to morning break, and we would all have to sit in class until we could learn to do as we were told.


But this patronizing use of language has all been part of a larger movement to infantilize the public. We were told to tell tales and snitch on our neighbours if they broke lockdown. We were told not to wear masks, then to wear masks, but not to question this changing policy.


We were told we had to queue to go into shops and stand two meters apart. We were told we were only allowed one piece of exercise per day. That we were only allowed to meet in groups of six, or fewer, and those groups could not be for more than two households.


And if we broke any of these rules, well it could put Christmas in jeopardy! It could extend the lockdown. If we weren’t all good little boys and girls we would end up sitting in class through the whole of morning break and afternoon break if necessary.


And what’s worse than the way we have been spoken to? Well the fact the British public have accepted being spoken to in this way. The fact that the public have largely chosen to conform to these lockdowns and have allowed Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and the rest of the odious conservative government, to speak to them in this way is both enraging and baffling! Well it’s definitely enraging, but maybe it’s not that baffling. Maybe it can be explained.


You see since the end of World War Two we have seen the marked increase in what is known as the “Nanny State”. The Nanny State is a phrase used to describe a government that enacts over protective policies, or unduly interferes with personal choice. Essentially likening the government to the role a nanny would play when rearing a child.


And it doesn’t seem like a mere coincidence that as we have seen the expansion of the Nanny State we have seen a corresponding rise in politicians speaking to the public as if they are school children. Children that will have their privileges rescinded if they don’t do as they are told.


This creeping growth of the Nanny State has encroached on all aspects of our life. And over time some people have become habituated to it and grown to accept it. But others have embraced it more enthusiastically. Falling in love with the Nanny State and demanding ever more restrictions on personal liberty.


It’s almost as if some people wish to be treated like school children forever! School children that sit waiting to be told exactly what they can and cannot do. Children eager to tell tales on those who don’t follow the rules. Children who believe everything, they are told to and parrot it back at their teacher in obedient fashion. But most importantly children who are eager to see those who don’t follow the rules punished by the teacher!


But all this talk of school makes me think back to what it was actually like being a child in the classroom. And when I was at school I always used to look forward to one particular privilege; morning break! I would look out of the window anticipating the bell that glorious sound that granted 15 minutes of freedom outside of the classroom but sometimes I would look outside and see that it was raining. And if you were at school, and it was raining at break time, the teachers wouldn’t let you go outside unless you put on your raincoat.


And if you had forgotten your raincoat, that meant you had to sit inside for the duration of break time! That’s because if you went outside without your raincoat on and got wet you would end up coming back into the classroom and having to sit in wet clothes all day. And that could lead to a child catching a cold.


And as the teachers were responsible for the children in their class, because the children are, well, “children”, and hence not adults who are trusted to make such decisions for themselves, it was down to the teacher to enforce certain rules upon them.


But obviously having the Right to make decisions, such as whether you wear a coat, or not all changes when children grow up and become adults. Or it should do, and it used to.


As an adult, if it rains when you are going outside you don’t have to look to an authority figure in order to tell you what to wear. You can choose whether you wear your raincoat, or you can choose not to. If it’s raining, you can go outside in a T-shirt and walk through the streets getting soaked to the bone and no one can stop you. No one gets angry at you, because of your choice of attire. No one is bothered if you get wet and cold.


As an adult whether you wear a coat, or not, is a decision you make for yourself. If you walk down the street in a T-shirt in the pouring rain, it is your choice!


And it would be absurd to imagine people coming up to you telling you to put your coat on. If you go out in the rain without a coat, you don’t have to put up with a torrent of rage and anger from people who are out and about wearing raincoats! No one gets upset and flustered, because you are stood there in a T-shirt in the rain. It’s your choice to go out in the rain without a coat. Just as it is up to everyone else whether they wear a coat, or not, you see the issue of wearing a coat, or not wearing a coat, is all down to personal choice!


And it’s very important to note that this particular choice is one that only affects the person making it. Those who choose to wear raincoats are warm and dry. And that’s great for them, if that’s what they want to do. Those who don’t wear raincoats, well, they get wet and cold. But crucially those who don’t wear their raincoats, and as a result get wet, don’t in any way alter the well-being, warmth, and relative dryness, of those who are wearing raincoats.


In this case when two people are asked to make a choice and both choose differently, the choice each person makes has no effect on the other person. So really it’s nothing whatsoever to do with anyone else, if you decide to not wear your coat, as the only person affected by that decision is you! So why might some make a case for others being forced to put on their coat?


Well that’s, because those who justify the Nanny State always build their arguments for that Nanny State around the idea that what the government is pushing upon individuals is positive, or a force for good! In essence the Nanny State strips away personal liberties in order to protect the individual, wrapping them in cotton wool! The government of the Nanny State attempts to paint itself like a group of benevolent teachers trying to ensure that a school of children do as they are told for their own safety and well-being.


And right about now the conservative Nanny State is getting ready to tell you that you have to wear your raincoat, or there will be trouble. Big trouble! And if you don’t wear your coat you won’t be allowed to go to the cinema, to bars, to football grounds, or to other public places.


And the media are really pushing this idea too. In fact, they’re telling everyone that raincoat should be mandatory, and people should have their privileges curtailed if they try to go out without one on.


And lots of people out there on Twitter with little blue check marks are already getting very worked up about the idea that some people don’t want to put their coats on. Those blue check marks want raincoat inspectors on every high street.


Oh! Are we still talking about raincoats? I must have made a mistake. You see, when I said “raincoat” I meant to say “vaccination”! You see, the interesting thing about the way a vaccine is meant to work is that in some ways it can be likened to a raincoat.


Just as a raincoat keeps the person wearing it from getting wet regardless of whether other people are wearing their coats, or not. A vaccination is meant to grant the person who takes it immunity to a disease. And that immunity is in no way affected by whether other people are immune, or not.


So surely in this case the logical conclusion would be to say to people:


“Wear your raincoat if you want to. But don’t interfere with others who don’t want to wear their coats. That’s their choice! And it doesn’t affect anyone, other than the person who is making that choice!”


But the fuss that the government, the media, and the blue check marks are creating over the people who don’t want to wear their coats has got me thinking.


Maybe there’s something more to this? Maybe these coats aren’t just regular coats? Maybe they’re, in fact, something else. And there’s a reason why so many people are getting so angry that some people don’t want to wear them. And there’s one other thing that bothers me.


The government, the media, and these blue check marks, have never wanted the best for us in the past. So why would they now? Maybe the coats have something in them that isn’t good for us? Maybe they haven’t passed all the checks they should have? Maybe these new coats aren’t a hundred percent safe?


In fact, I’ll just take my chances without the coat. After all, statistically, very few people under the age of 60 without underlying health conditions die from getting a little wet. In fact, most people who get a little wet barely even notice.


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