Morgoth’s Review – My Image of 2020 – An Analysis – Dec 7, 2020 — Transcript


[Morgoth reflects on the meaning one memorable image of 2020 of a rioter in Minneapolis walking past a burning liquor store while holding up an upside down America flag.





Morgoth’s Review


My Image of 2020


An Analysis


Dec 7, 2020





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Published on Dec 7, 2020


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Morgoth’s Review

My Image Of 2020: An Analysis
Dec 7, 2020
Morgoth’s Review
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So hello again there folks. So in the age of social media, and endless 24-hour news cycles, and scrolling through social media, and the internet in general, where all of us are bombarded with like thousands upon thousands of images. Sometimes every day.


But yeah, over the course of this year, I’m sure pretty much everybody watching this video has actually been has actually had thousands and thousands of images imprint themselves on their brains in small little ways. And it becomes this sort of incoherent mess, where you don’t really have time to look carefully at one image in particular.


And this image on the screen here I saved some time in early summer when this one’s in Minneapolis. When the riots, the “Black Lives Matter” protests were just kicking off.

And I thought it was really interesting and I thought that I’d stash it away. And maybe by the end of the year this would be kind of like my “most interesting picture of the year”. Or maybe there will be another one. Because when you do this habit of scrolling, which is something very new, you lose all nuance. As I say, it’s just one image after another. And you don’t actually get the chance to just stop and meditate for a while, and look at what the picture actually says. Like what meaning does it have? What is it actually telling us about, in this case, the state of America.


And I think this picture is probably the image that I’d use to represent 2020, because there’s so many different layers of meaning in it. And none of them particularly good.


And let’s just start off with the obvious. As a sort of brief description, you have a liquor store, a standard business, which is on flames. And then you’ve got the “Black Lives Matter” protester in the foreground. The American flag is upside down. And then we can see above the shop, it looks like telephone lines are on fire. And it all adds up when we begin to think of what’s going on behind that.


What led to all this was the murder of, or the killing, of George Floyd by the police. The backlash to that through the media. But then even behind that, you have another layer of social justice and racial politics in America. And it all came to fruition in this media. Like it all burst apart.


But you see, the strange thing is, we just see normally, we just see the superficial. We’ll see the end result of it, and not what’s led to this, not what’s behind it, and not what it actually means.


And all of this is happening at the same time that you’ve got the Covid pandemic, supposedly, at any rate. But that was also a media-driven story as was the “Black Lives Matter” protests.


And I just think it’s interesting that when you look at the shop, and I’ve actually looked that up. The owner was a White man called Steve Krausen [sp] and he’d been building his business up since 1986, I believe. And then it’s completely covered in graffiti from antifa, “Black Lives Matter”, and all kinds of slurs and abuse on them. And then they’ve just torched his business to the ground.


Now where this gets interesting, I think, is when we go back again and we remember that this was primarily a media driven event. The American media almost explicitly cheered all of this on and encouraged it. And yet who is it that’s the big loser? Well the big loser is just the kind of the average White guy who worked hard, and, you know, kept his nose down. It’s the man who kind of genuinely tried and believed in the American dream. He’s the one whose business, he’s sunk endless hours of work, and effort, and time, into. He is now burned out, by these protests! Which have been, which are mainly the product of the mass media in America.


And then behind the mass media in America you’ve got the ideology which led to this. So then you’ve got this sort of, the so-called centrists would call it, this “identity politics” which has led to this. And this grievous mongering, the White privilege theory, critical race studies, all of the academic work which has gone in to give give “Black Lives Matter”, give the far left, an intellectual framework to attack what you would think would be the institutions of America, or let’s just say a traditional White America, at least! On the basis that the society is institutionally racist. It’s oppressive!


But here’s where we get the strange paradox, because it’s all of the powerful institutions, whether it’s first of all in the universities, and in academia. And then that goes up into the media. And then the media sort of facilitate this. They encourage this behavior, in my opinion. That was just obviously the case. And then when there was violence, they also played it down.


So the institutions which are supposedly oppressive and inherently racist, it’s obviously not the case. Because first of all, the institutions come up with the ideologies, the authority then comes up with the ideologies. And then the other institutions draw on the ideologies brought in by academia to then encourage the actual violence on the streets, or reframe it in that way.


And so the only person being oppressed here by these powerful institutions is the man in the shop. Is the average American White guy, who just works hard and tries to live what is basically the “American Dream”.


And so what this photo actually does, what it says to me, is that it’s a complete and utter inversion of what I would think of, … When I was a small kid and I watched movies like “Back to the Future“, or something, it would be in small town America. And it did look like paradise, especially from the perspective of like the northern England, at that time.


And here we see that, in actual fact, it’s whole value set, and everything that it stands for, is being torched! And it’s being torched by institutions who are supposedly oppressing minorities.


And then what’s going on up above the shop itself, is the telephone lines are on fire. Now this is a bit of a stretch admittedly. But, it is the case in America in 2020, in the “current year”, where the lines of communication between the old America, which is having it’s stores burned out, and the new, the, as they call it, the “woke politics”. It’s become this existential thing. And it’s just another sort of layer of symbolism to this photograph, is this idea that the lines of communication between these two camps, is being burned. It’s become this existential struggle, where one side, or the other, will have to be completely broken and utterly defeated.


And when you look at the institutions, whether it’s the media, and again, the academia, the cultural Marxists, as they say, they are at war with here we see middle America. And so it’s no surprise that middle America rallied behind Donald Trump.


Now whether, or not and what he can do for them, that’s for a different video. We’ll just stick with what’s on the screen here, and what it has to say.


And then what we have at the end in the foreground is the “Black Lives Matter” protester, himself. So this idea that what we think of, or what I used to think of, as being traditional America, or the American ideal in the rest of the photo, is what’s being burned out! Again it’s the normal, hard-working, American who keeps his head down. And he just wants to, in this small way, be a small business owner. He wants to be free of the government. He doesn’t want to have the government in his face. And it’s this “small capitalism”. And this is what’s being destroyed.


And so just as a yet another layer of symbolism to this photograph, is the protester himself, who, that could be a Molotov cocktail — or just a bottle of wine, or something, that’s hard to tell. But at any rate, he’s got the American flag itself upside down. So it’s like yet again it just kind of compounds this idea that what we witnessed and what this is all about from all of the authorities, from the institutions in America. From the media, from the Left, the liberals, the globalists then, is this idea that what we thought of as America, as traditional America, has been turned upside down! All of its values have been inverted.


I mean, I remember when I went through my pop science phase and I read something about the Hadron Collider in Switzerland, where they did something. They sped atoms up to such a degree that they disappeared and they came back after a split second, and nobody knows where they went, in another dimension, or something. And when they came back all of its properties were inside out. All the negatives were positives, and things like that. And so, that’s kind of like what we have. And we have where the American flag is itself upside down. And so what this photo says, which I mean, you know, it was probably some lib shit journalist who took this. I don’t know where it came from. But I’ve had a while it’s stored for a long time.


But again it’s just so highly symbolic. That here we have the American flag itself, the star spangled banner, is turned upside down. You’re not in Kansas anymore! Everything what you thought was America, the American ideal has been turned inside out! The supposedly oppressed is now the oppressor. And the oppressor, as they would frame it, is in his shop, which is being burned down. And it’s also that the traditional law and order, defund the police, get rid of the police, all of these institutions which represent traditional America, are under siege in this whole scenario, from top to bottom.


And it makes you wonder when you go back and you think of the traditional ideal of America, that makes you ask a question:


“Was this always inevitable? Was it always the case that the American ideals, its constitution, its philosophy, the Protestant work ethic, was it always going to end with this? Was it always was this always going to be its destiny?”


Because there’s many on the Right who would say like, if you found this sort of Protestantism, plus enlightenment values in the constitution, then eventually you are just to have a society which is built on money. And what you’ll notice as well is that the store which is being burned out, it isn’t a global brand. And even though some of them got hit, basically they, all the globalist brands, came out and supported “Black Lives Matter”.


So, who gets hit here again is the middle class. And then also remember the very air, in theory, the air itself is toxic with Covid. Which in many of these photos they’ve got face masks on, probably to hide their identity, as well. But at any rate, it’s at least happening during a pandemic. The very air you breathe is a toxic poison.


And once again we see that it’s the middle class, on Main Street, traditional American businesses are getting cleared out, are getting wiped out, by the lockdowns as well, which were going on at the same time as this. And so we see the middle America being burned out, being destroyed.


And it’s the global brands, the multinationals, who just like the mass media and academia, came out and supported “Black Lives Matter”, all along. Like they went berserk to show, to virtue signal, less bought for what was going on. They definitely came down on the side of what they would deem to be the “oppressed”, or people looking for “justice”.


But when you add all of these things up, it’s quite clear that they are in the position of power, and the guy who’s having his store burned down is on the out here.


But then, those brands themselves, like how did they become so all powerful? These globalist monopolies, these giant corporations. Did they themselves not start off as just a small brand which got successful? And then sought to just increase their revenue, increase their reach, increase their influence, until eventually they become these behemoths. Was it not there right from the start and the seeds of this? Well, you know, that’s a debate for another time.


But I just thought it’s a very interesting photo to meditate on. And you can actually do so much more. And you can actually get so much more, with some of these images, if you just don’t scroll past them all, where they leave this like superficial impression on your mind. You can look at them and study them and what it is, what just all of the nuts and bolts of what’s going on in the picture.


So what we see is America as it actually is today, which is the center of global oligarchy on earth, purging the older America, not just the middle class, but the American ideal itself. It’s like seeing some sort of alien creature, or insect, shedding it’s skin, and emerging into a new form which needs to destroy the older form, in order to be fully unbound by time, and place, and tradition.


Corporate slogans replace individuality. Financial enslavement to replace thrift and self-reliance. Social justice in place of Christianity. It’s just inside out!


When we look back at American brands from the past like Coca-Cola, or MacDonald’s, or Ford, there was always an “American-ness” baked into the brand. Everyone around the world could buy a piece of it. But this relied on people around the world buying into the American ideal to one degree, or another. The value system of woke capital and social justice, seek to transcend these limits and adopt the universal and global branding for the whole planet.


And funny enough, that’s exactly what’s taking place in that image. Everything’s inside out!


So, I’ll leave that there. That’s me thoughts on that image.


Catch you later folks.




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