Novara Media – Keir Starmer Fails to Challenge Far-Right Conspiracies on LBC Radio – Dec 15, 2020 — Transcript


[Anti-Whites Michael Walker and Ash Sakar discuss a recent interview by LBC’s host Nick Farrari with Keir Stamer, and Starmer’s response to a pro-White caller, “Gemma“, aka, Jody Kay, and her statement that Whites in Britain are projected to become a minority by 2066. And that Whites have the right to their own homelands, just as jews in Israel have theirs.

The big “problem” was that Starmer, after falsely saying we all have that right, — it’s for jews exclusively, according to jews — then also failed to address the issue of Whites becoming a minority.

Despite Ash Sakar’s  dismissal of what she called the “Great Replacement Conspiracy Theory“, of Whites becoming a minority, she doesn’t actually refute it in any way. She just simply labels it a “conspiracy“! And that “migrants” have always come and gone, just that now they — the masses of uninvited non-Whites — stay permanently!

With some fanfare they reveal that “Gemma”  has been exposed as Jody Kay, a “far-Right” [pro-White] YouTuber, and supporter of the “far-Right” [pro-White] Patriotic Alternative organization!

They conclude that Starmer needs to get with the [anti-White] program, or else he’ll never see Downing Street!

For people new to all this, there is indeed a long-term (multi-generational) plan by “globalists”, aka, orgjew, to reduce, and worse, to minority status Whites in all Western countries. It’s core motivation is a deep-seated hatred and revenge mentality.

The mainstream media is an arm of this agenda and is conducting non-stop psychological warfare against us.

Do your homework, or else passively allow the dire consequences of inaction to continue.






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Keir Starmer Fails to Challenge


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Keir Starmer Fails To Challenge Far-Right Conspiracies On LBC Radio
•Dec 15, 2020
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Keir Starmer’s weekly appearance on Nick Ferrari’s breakfast show saw the Labour leader fail to challenge far-right conspiracy theories around white supremacy. Michael Walker and Ash Sarkar discuss.

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Michael Walker: We are told Keir Starmer has completed “Unconscious Bias” training. But does he need lessons in identifying “racism”, which is a little bit more explicit? That’s the question I asked myself after watching him respond to a caller on LBC this morning.


So the lady had phoned in to ask Keir Starmer what he thought about her husband, who she said had been one of the fans booing at Millwall’s match when the players “took a knee”.


Starmer said he disagreed with the booing. But then failed to challenge her on something she said which was far more worrying.


Let’s take a look.


[Michael Walker is the Contributing Editor at Novara Media, a left-wing news site. Source:]


Keir Starmer:Taking the knee”, and the players and the referees very often take the knee. And I think that’s what’s symbolic, ..


[Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is a British politician and former lawyer who has served as Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition since 2020. He has been Member of Parliament for Holborn and St Pancras since 2015. Ideologically, Starmer identifies as a socialist and has been described as being on the soft left within the Labour Party.Wikipedia
Born:Keir Rodney Starmer, September 2, 1962, Southwark, London, England]


Nick Ferrari: Even Les Ferdinand, who you’ll probably know, just to remind my listeners, was a very successful football player. Happens to be a black fellow himself. He’s now the first black man to be a “Director of Football”. He’s with the championship Queen’s Park Rangers. And he says it is hollow. It’s like a fancy hashtag, or a lapel! It’s achieving nothing!

[Nicolo Ferrari is a British radio host, television presenter and broadcast journalist. He is best known as the host of the weekday breakfast show on the London-based radio station LBC (slogan: Leading Britain’s Conversation) and, with 1.5 million daily listeners, is currently the most-listened-to host on LBC. Source: Wikipedia]


Keir Starmer: Well, I don’t think that’s right. What I think the counter, …


Nick Ferrari: The man who played football for England, I mean, he’s in a position of knowledge, isn’t he?


Keir Starmer: So he is, of course, I respect his view, of course. It doesn’t mean I agree with it. I think that what’s happened over the many years — this is the counter argument, it’s quite a powerful one — is that there is racial inequality, there is injustice. And from time, to time, it becomes an issue. It’s looked at for a few weeks, and then it goes away. And this is an attempt to keep the focus on it, until things really change.


Nick Ferrari: Now the focus, just on taking the knee. And the important issue of getting black managers, black directors of football, black chairmen, or chairwomen of clubs! I mean, that’s been lost, because we just take the knee.


Keir Starmer: I don’t think it’s one, or the other. I think you can do both. And it’s a way of drawing attention to it. But I, you know, in the end it’s for each individual to decide how they want to tackle injustice.


Nick Ferrari: Why did, Gemma, why did your husband, … So you didn’t quite explain it, if I may go there again. Why did he choose to boo, sorry?


Gemma: Because if anything the racial inequality is now against the indigenous people of Britain. Because we are set to become a minority by 2066. And “taking the knee”, bringing the political sphere into the football arena, …


And we just have to look across to the Middle East! You know, Israel has a state law that they are the only people in that country to have self-determination. Well why can’t I, as a White British female, have that same right?


Nick Ferrari: Final point to you on this, Sir Keir.


Keir Starmer: Well Gemma, we all have those rights. This is about recognizing some injustice that has gone on for a very, very long time. And I think people were genuinely moved this year, and want to make sure that that injustice is dealt with. And, you know, people will look at it different ways. But I think the vast majority of people do want a more equal society.


Nick Ferrari: Gemma, thank you.


Michael Walker: Now, I mean, I think actually Keir Starmer’s answer in the first half of that clip was quite good. I think his defense of people taking a knee was very thoughtful, and very persuasive.


The second half though? I mean, let’s go over what that caller said.


So the caller said:


“That actually it’s White people who are oppressed in this country, because they’re about to become a minority by 2066.”


Projections from some demographer. Now that’s sort of become core the “Great Replacement Theory”. I’m sure Ash will talk about that in more detail in a moment.


What I want to focus on now is that the caller suggested we learn from the nation-state law in Israel, and pass a law, which is basically saying, let’s pass a law guaranteeing self-determination for White Brits. So she’s saying:


“Why don’t White Brits have the same right to self-determine that jews in Israel do?”


And in response Keir Starmer says:


“We all have those rights.”


No. We don’t all have those rights! We don’t all have the right to live in an ethnostate, where our ethnicity is treated with, you know, as privileged over others. I mean, it’s essentially apartheid, right? [chuckling].


Now obviously I’m not saying that clip shows you that Keir Starmer supports apartheid. But, I do think it is quite troubling, that that is essentially, … I mean, that’s how you can interpret his words. He didn’t challenge that woman who said:


“Let’s have self-determination for White people in Britain, like they have self-determination for jews only in Israel.”


He sort of just brushed it off!


Ash, I want to bring you in on this. Keir Starmer he has done “Unconscious Bias” training, but he, I mean, either he didn’t recognize what I thought was quite blatant “White supremacy” there, or he felt that it wasn’t appropriate to challenge it?


Ash Sakar: Well he should really be getting a refund on that Unconscious Bias training, shouldn’t he? If you can’t pick up on really obvious White nationalist “conspiracism”, when it’s right in front of you!


And look! Me and you have both done radio phone-in shows, and sometimes you don’t get to say all the things that you want to say. And you kick yourself a while after.


But I don’t think that’s quite what happened here! I think what has happened here, is that Keir Starmer was listening for what he knew to prepare for.


Which was the question on Millwall, and booing, and BLM, and taking the knee. And it meant that he had just tuned out these, … I mean, it’s not even a racist dog whistle, right? It’s an absolute honking White nationalist vuvuzela! [a long horn blown by fans at soccer matches in South Africa]


And what that indicates to me is a certain lack of “racial literacy”, is what I would call it. A lack of racial literacy from Keir Starmer!


We’ve seen this, you know, a couple of times before when he, you know, called “Black Lives Matter” a “moment”, and not a “movement”! When he, you know, dismissed “defunding the police” out of hand — which is fine if that’s a policy decision that you disagree with and want to distance yourself from — but with this kind of degree of disrespect for the activists who had generated it.


He doesn’t have that kind of discerning “ear”, and ability to react and to respond from a place of, I think, very deep confidence and knowledge. And that’s going to be a problem!


And it’s not going to be a problem, because the Left — who are phenomenally disempowered within Labour — are going to kick off. That’s not going to be a thing that troubles him.


What is going to trouble him is that this phenomenon of “Great Replacement Conspiracism” and this kind of subterranean, media infrastructure ecology, which is sort of being generated and nurtured by the Alt-Right.


This kind of phoning into radio shows in order to wedge in your White nationalist talking points, that is only going to grow!


And unless you have a Labour leader who’s able to identify when this is going on, and have some kind of prepared response to it, which is making, you know, a real impassioned defense of the kind of society that he wants to see — a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and multicultural democracy — then a Labour leader is not going to get anywhere near a Downing Street, than his predecessors, I think.


There’s also one more thing that I briefly want to touch on, if that’s okay. And it’s about the matter of the Great Replacement itself. Because, whenever I call the Great Replacement a conspiracy theory, I have a million and one, far Right thunderheads in my mentions, sharing this one clip from a video that I did a few years ago, called “Against Integration”.


And it’s a nine second clip in which I highlight some statistics which have been reported, I think in The Daily Mail, indicating demographic change in London, ago:


“All right lads, we’re winning!”


And the reason why they clip this, and they distribute it, is they think that it represents not only me saying:


“Oh the Great Replacement is real!”


But saying:


“And I’m a part of it! I endorse it! And I think it’s really good!”


The actual much longer video is about the research produced by sociologist. called Ted Cantel. And I cite those statistics, because I think that what it shows is that he handled this data in a very biased way. He looks at rising diversity. And, because he judges it by the fact that you have a smaller proportion of White Brits in diverse areas, he goes:


“Oh that’s a segregated neighborhood.”


I disagree with that fundamentally. The Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory which essentially says that there is a kind of shadowy, you know, cabal of elites, often coded as jewish, it’s, you know, very, very close to lots of other anti-semitic myths, this Great Replacement, that’s pulling the strings to try and, you know, eradicate the indigenous White race from Europe, and America, and sometimes Australia.


This is, of course, complete hokum!


What they do is they take these statistics which show demographic change. And there’s all kinds of demographic change, right? There’s religious demographic change. There’s racial demographic change, obviously. There’s also age demographic change, which no one seems to have that big of a problem with. And they go:


“See. Your race is under attack!”


No. What’s going on and what drives these numbers is that those waves of immigration which were once kind of temporary — people would come over, they’d make some money, they’d move back — that’s changed. People have settled down! They put down roots. They have children. They fall in love. You know, they make lives with one another. They actually perform the kind of integration which everyone’s telling me is the right thing to do! And that’s what drives this Great Replacement conspiracy theory.


It says that essentially demographic change is the result of these nefarious forces which are which are trying to rob White people of what’s rightfully theirs. And it’s very closely linked to anti-semitism. Also very, very closely linked with lots of really horrible stuff to do with, you know, anti-abortion, you know, very, very conservative on reproductive rights.


And I think it’s important that when this is going to be, I think, such a core part of the far-Right story going forward, and you can see that there is this porousness between the barrier between mainstream opinion and alt-Right opinion, because of the kind of like, you know, huge electoral upsets of Donald Trump having won in the 2016 American election.


You’ve also got hard Right Brexit. You’ve got this current composition of Boris Johnson’s cabinet. And then you’ve also got a media ecology which is constantly drawing on these figures and elevating them to pundit status. This is going to be something, which is going to, I think, you’ll hear about it more, and more, in our politics.


And Keir Starmer if he wants to actually be a trusted figure on anti-racism, and I’ve got no doubt that that is something that he wants to do, if not always has the tools to be able to do, is going to have to work out a strategy for it. Because tuning it out, responding to the question that you wanted to hear, rather than the comments that you did actually here, simply isn’t good enough!


Michael Walker: So he wasn’t listening, actually gives him more credit than he deserves. I mean, he’s an intelligent man. He was clearly listening to what was said. And he didn’t, he even didn’t recognize that something drawn from “White supremacy[chuckling] was said, or explicitly “White supremacist” was said, or he didn’t feel comfortable challenging it.


And one thing that I think actually stood out for me, is that he clearly wasn’t paying attention in the whole summer-long debate that we had about the IHRA [International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance] definition of anti-semitism. Because if he had, he would know that one of the big problems with that.


One of the big complaints people had, was that by saying that Israel has a right to self-determine, essentially, that that can be used to justify the Nation State Law. Which is to say, that if a people have a right to self-determination then they have a right to be an ethnic majority in a nation, which is precisely what’s motivating the Nation State Law.


Which is to say that, yes, look there’s concerns in Israel that Arabs are, you know, reproducing — I’m using their horrible language — that the Arab population is growing faster than the jewish population, so to secure the Rights of the jewish population you have to put basically a bit of an apartheid clause in the constitution. To say, even if jews no longer are the majority they still are the only people with rights to have ownership of that nation, essentially.


And this is being taken up by “White supremacists” in this country, who are saying:


“Ah! Look there is a danger that Whites will no longer be a White people.”


Sorry, I don’t want to use [chuckling] their language. White people will no longer be the majority.


Ash Sakar: You sound like De Klerk or something, ..


[Frederik Willem de Klerk is a South African retired politician, who served as State President of South Africa from 1989 to 1994 and as Deputy President from 1994 to 1996. As South Africa’s last head of state from the era of white-minority rule, he and his government dismantled the apartheid system and introduced universal suffrage. Source: Wikipedia]


Michael Walker: That’s what the caller was suggesting! [chuckling]


And, because Keir Starmer wasn’t paying attention to IHRA, he wasn’t paying attention to the Nation State Law, he didn’t notice that. I noticed that in like half a second, right! And that completely went over his head, because he’s not paying attention to “Liberation Struggles” around the world, … And the nature of ethno nationalism is something that he’s not alive to. And that means he completely missed a point there!


I want to talk a bit more context for you. Which is that thanks to researchers on Twitter, we know that the caller was not actually “Gemma from Cambridge”, as she claimed, but someone who goes by the name of “Jody Kay”. So she has a YouTube channel promoting far-Right conspiracy theories. And is a supporter of the far-Right Patriotic Alternative group.


Apparently she was, she’s actually, she was introduced to Gemma from Cambridge, as I said, but she is, in fact, a yoga teacher in Ibiza.


[Ibiza, officially Eivissa, is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain.]


The far-Right were also pleased with how it went. So this is a screenshot from a far-right Telegram broadcast. It was found by the crowd-sourcing collective, Red Flare on Twitter. Definitely worth a follow.


And you can see there this is a far-Right account, “Charlie Big Potatoes Official”. I don’t know where the name comes from.


They say:


“An absolute master class of groyping.”


Which is to say you go on sort of mainstream platforms and put in conspiracy theories, unbeknownst to the host:


“From Jody Kay here as all Keir Starmer can do is try and worm his way out of answering any of her points. Well done Jody!”


Now obviously they’re being completely opportunistic. They’re claiming this is a victory, because it makes them look good.


But it’s undeniable that Keir Starmer didn’t successfully challenge. And, in fact, by saying:


“We all have those rights.”


In a way by accident! I’m sure by accident, reinforced and legitimized the quite horrific views which were being put to him!








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