Laura Towler – When the Mask Slips – Feb 17, 2021 — Transcript


[Laura Towler, Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative, discusses the recent tweet by Priyamvada Gopal, an anti-White import, female, establishment lackey, Cambridge University diversity hire, who declares that, “White lives don’t matter”.





Laura Towler


When the Mask Slips


Feb 17, 2021





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Published on Feb 17, 2021

When The Mask Slips


•Feb 17, 2021





Laura Towler

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Hello everyone. So I just wanted to make a quick video to discuss a tweet that I saw a few days ago. And you probably saw it if you’re still on Twitter, because it was making the rounds and everybody was commenting on it. But the tweet was by Priyamvada Gopal, who you probably know from last summer.




So in the same week that, I think it was last June, that Jake Heppel flew a White Lives Matter banner over the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, Gopal tweeted:



“White lives don’t matter. As White lives. Abolish Whiteness.”


So Jake was fired from his job. And he was totally hounded by the media. And actually his girlfriend had the same treatment. And Gopal, on the other hand, was promoted by Cambridge University, which is where she works.



So this really highlighted the fact that the establishment is just anti-White. There’s no other way to say it.


And there were some great examples of this in 2020. But this example is definitely up there.

So what did Priyamvada Gopal tweet recently? Well, she said:



“Particularly enjoyable email question today: ‘Were the British people asked if they wanted to be a multicultural society’?

Here’s one for you sweets.

Were the subject peoples of the British Empire asked before Britain annexed them?”


I know! It’s one of those things that you hear them say all the time. And for some reason whenever they say it they think that they’re being really clever and really original. And they’re just not!



Now I think this is a great tweet, because it really shows that these people are anti-White. They hate White people. It’s as simple as that. There’s no smug academic argument that we’re all too dumb to understand here. It’s nothing to do with social justice, or repression, or equality. She’s just anti-White.


And she’s just one example of a long line of people who hate us, but also who choose to live with us in our country. So once upon a time I would have saw this tweet and I would have responded in a rational way. I think that’s the way that my brain works when somebody says something that isn’t true. I always want to kind of say:


“Well actually no, that isn’t true. But this is true.”


So I’d have probably said something like:


“Well we didn’t demographically replace people during the Empire. Go to India today, for example, they’re still the majority group in their country. They still have their culture as the dominant culture in their country. But then, they also have access to our technology, science, healthcare, etc., should they wish.”




Or I’d say something like:


“No standard British person who’s alive today ever colonized anybody, or annexed anybody. And even when we had the Empire it was just a small percentage the elite who benefited from it.

My ancestors who worked in textile mills in Yorkshire, didn’t benefit from being undercut, and having their industry shipped abroad.”




Or I might have even just said:

“You haven’t answered the question! That is what about this Ms Gopal.”


But today I’m just over it all! I’m done explaining and defending things. I just don’t care anymore! Because you’re never going to get through to these people. There’s no acceptable level of “equality” that’s going to make them stop in their tracks and say:

“Okay, I’m happy now. I’m going to stop whinging. I wish you White people all the best!”


It’s never going to happen. They just hate us! They have so much resentment for us. And, because you’ll never get through to them and, because they’ll never learn to compromise with us, there’s just no point in wasting your time trying.


Some people might say:


“Well, it’s good to put forward reasonable argument, not for their benefit. But for the benefit of other people who are watching.”


And I agree to a certain extent. But, you know what’s better to highlight to the people who are watching? Just exactly how these people feel about us. Because what I read when I saw this tweet is two things that are useful to us.



So firstly she’s compared immigration and multiculturalism today to colonialism. So thank you for that. We agree!


And secondly, as an extension of that, she’s linking British colonialism – something which remember she is passionately against – to multiculturalism today, something that she knows that we don’t want. And we are passionately against. And she’s essentially saying that one thing is a result of the other thing, and tough!


So no longer is it “diversity is our strength”, or “multiculturalism is good for you”. It’s now total mask off:


“This is your punishment for what you did! Deal with it!”


She’s no longer saying:


“But you will benefit from this.”


She’s now saying:


“Well, this happened to us, so now it’s your time!”


There’s no other reason for her to link the two things. And I have to say, I love it when they do this! I love it when they tell the truth! Because they recruit more people to patriotism and nationalism than I ever could!


I’m gonna leave it there for now. That was quite a short video. But I just wanted to say those few things.


Take care. I’ll see you all again soon. Bye.




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