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[A rising star of British nationalism and the host of Nefarious Podcast; Wesley spoke about the Conservative Party and why we can’t count on them.




Patriotic Alternative


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Wesley Russell



Oct 30, 2021




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Published on Nov 1, 2021


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Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Wesley Russell – PA 11012103


Mark Collett introduces Wesley Russell, who talks about immigration and the history of the Conservative Party.

The Conservative Party once actually stood up for the indigenous British people with the Aliens Restriction Acts of 1904 and 1914.

They made it illegal for non-indigenous people to enter our state institutions and civil service, as there would clearly be a conflict of interests there.

But over the last century this attitude changed and they became the biggest cheerleaders for diversity, presiding over the highest immigration levels ever recorded and putting many non-ethnic Britons into important positions.

They went on to reform divorce law, sign the UN Global Migration Pact, promote homosexuality and change the definition of marriage entirely.

People like to blame Labour for our situation, but three quarters of the time the Conservatives have been in power and they have done nothing to conserve our traditions, our values or our way of life.

The only people who do want to preserve them, are Patriotic Alternative.

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Speech by Wesley Russell

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Wesley Russell – PA 11012103


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(44:06 mins)



[Intro music]




Mark Collett: Now, our next speaker is one of our younger supporters. He is one of the bright young lights of this movement. And he is also someone who is not a stranger to oppression! This man is currently also under police investigation, for the crime of sending a tweet! He is someone who’s appeared on many shows. And he was someone that you never quite understand how people are going to deal with pressure.


Now pressure is a very interesting thing. Because it causes some people to completely crumble. But it also causes some people to come out of their shell, and show what they’re really made of! And this guy under the harshest pressure, because they didn’t just go and arrest him. They took his doors off the hinges at what time was it? 10 o’clock in the morning his doors flew off the hinges! And he was dragged out for a tweet.


But he hasn’t crumbled. He hasn’t shied away. He’s got stronger and stronger. And he’s here today as our youngest guest speaker. Please give a warm round of applause to Wesley Russell!




Wesley Russell: Thank you Mark. That’s very much appreciated. It’s a very warm welcome. Thank you everyone for attending today. I’m very much looking forward to this.


Mark yesterday was saying:


“So how long is your speech Wesley?”


I was like:


“Well, I’ve written about 20% of it. And the rest of it, I’ll wing!”


Because for the rest of it, I really don’t need to think very hard for the words to come out, when it comes to talking about a certain institution that’s been around with us for 400 years. And I think you can guess what it might be.


So I’ll start with what I’ve written so far. So today I want to make an appeal, an appeal to rid a very pernicious habit which Brits have indulged in for far too long!


I want to illustrate how one particular political party, which should have been the force for order and virtue, ultimately did nothing to prevent the decline of Britain! Facilitating the sorry state in which she finds herself today.


Now some people in politics see fit that the existence of the state is only to secure the rights of individuals, self-regulating individuals, and that’s it. Some people see the state’s purpose is to materially provide for an infantilized population.


These are both decadent, modern, inceptions of what the state is for. The state has always existed to provide order for society. In order to have a cohesive society you must have people united by their shared history, ancestry, culture, language, appearance. And what is often overlooked shared morality. We don’t often talk about that enough.


So when the state fails to regulate these aspects of society as to homogenize and harmonize, society is doomed to unravel, and eventually fade away. Unfortunately for us, not only have our governments, over the decades, failed to upkeep maintain our society, we’ve had a deliberate conscious scheme imposed upon us which seeks to destroy our shared history, culture, morality, as well as our physical existence of our people.


Once upon a time this particular party, I’m going to be talking about today, actually wanted to provide safety and continuity for it’s people whilst in power.


To illustrate this point I’ll provide you with a concise history of crucial immigration and citizenship legislation. Now, believe it, or not. It wasn’t until 1906, that the first formal modern immigration controls that we have come to understand them, came into force, with the aliens act 1905. Due to the fact that migration to this green and pleasant land has never been particularly high, there is no need for such legislation. That’s one of the benefits of being an island nation, I guess, isn’t it?


Whilst there was an aliens act of 1793, the Act itself was only temporary, and was introduced to deal with one particular issue, being the many French who wanted to enter Britain to evade the upheaval of the French revolution.




Now this new law, the aliens act 1905, gave the Home Secretary responsibility for immigration. And making a police matter to arrest illegal immigrants, and the courts to then sanction their deportation.


Now, if I were to get you all to hazard a guess as to which political party introduced this new law, you would guess correctly. It was the Conservative Party. Because, as I said, before once upon a time, this party seemed to want to provide order and security for it’s people. But I don’t say people feel like that today, do they?


This law was brought in to deny what was seen as undesirable immigrants from entry into the country. Those being Eastern European jews, as it happens. Some may say [chuckling] it’s quite telling that the initial motivation for closed borders Britain, was the objection of this particular ethnic group.


This is something I’m sure the present-day Conservative Party is very much ashamed of! After all, this is the same party with Boris Johnson, as it’s leader. A man who once said:


“I feel jewish when I feel the jewish people are threatened, or under attack! That’s when it sort of comes out, when I suddenly get a whiff of anti-semitism, it’s then you feel angry, and protective!”


Well, Mr Johnson, do you know what makes me feel angry and protective? It’s when people in authority and leadership, such as yourself, grovel to the black diaspora, and celebrate Britain’s diversity! Which as we all know, means a celebration of the deracination of native Brits from their native islands!


Once again we find ourselves with black history month, a celebration [chuckling] which is forced upon us annually from the top down! Designed to instil White guilt amongst our own, rewrite our history, as well as browbeat those who know the great secret that we are not all made equal!


So in short don’t expect the Conservatives to be implementing sensible policies, such as the 1905 Aliens Act, anytime soon.


The next restrictions were brought in a decade later, under the Aliens Restriction Act, 1914, by the wartime coalition government. It aimed simply to target enemy aliens residing in Britain during the First World War. Five years later this act was updated, which continued these restrictions into peacetime. However it barred aliens resident in Britain’s certain jobs. The civil service, for example. And made it illegal for aliens to promote industrial action.


To us in this room, such a law would be seen as perfectly reasonable, and common sense. Why should immigrants be allowed to enter our state institutions, as well as demand how our economy and culture should be? They’re not us! And therefore they have their own group interests.


And unfortunately in our culture today, such measures would be inconceivable, as they would be relentlessly attacked for their illiberal, racist, discriminatory, and inequitable nature! Motivation and justification for the extension of these restrictions was to safeguard jobs for indigenous White Brits. Again this is when the government seemed to give a damn about the well-being of its people!


Despite these two acts of legislation at the beginning of the 20th century, if you could prove you were born within the British Empire you could claim full citizen right citizenship rights to Britain.


Unsurprisingly, the anti-White Labour Party introduced the British Nationality Act of 1948 to cement the rights of those residing in the Commonwealth to work and settle in the UK. This was the same year that the Windrush conspiracy took place. The now famous ship was originally called the Monte Rosa, which as was taken by the British government as a prize of war from Nazi Germany, and renamed to Empire Windrush. It is a great irony, perhaps intentional, that this particular ship would go on to become the icon of mass multiracial immigration into Great Britain.


The responsibility for interpreting existing law relating to citizenship lied with the Solicitor General, who was at the time Frank Soskice, who [chuckling] I already know what some people are thinking! They’re thinking:


“Was he?”


And all I can say is:


“Yes, he was.”


[Laughter and applause]




Frank Soskice just so happened to be the son of a Russian jewish revolutionary exile! That’s something that crops up in history time, and time, again – jewish communists! I’m sure his ethnic origins have had no effect on the decisions he would have made during his time in his position! Do you?


Soskice would also later introduce Britain’s first legislation containing provision prohibiting “group libel”, as well as drawing up legislation for the Race Relations Act, 1965. Is Frank Soskice not a perfect case study as to why you do not let non-natives obtain power within your institutions?




Abusing our meritocratic, liberal, democratic system to drive our politics to our eventual ruin!


It wasn’t until the 1950s that the Conservative government started to consider the long-term ramifications of coloured immigration with the next substantial piece of legislation to curtail immigration coming from the Commonwealth, with the 1962 Commonwealth Immigrants Act, which finally ended automatic right of people of the Commonwealth to settle in the United Kingdom. Only those with work permits, which were typically only for high skill workers, such as doctors, were permitted entry. You notice you always have to have a little caveat there, because we always have to maintain this idea that immigration is inevitable, or natural, or needed! Which it isn’t! Okay?


As I said, earlier, we’re an island nation. That’s how we’ve always been. We’ve existed for hundreds of years without immigration, okay? You know, it doesn’t even make sense, how can you have an economy unless, what? It’s constantly expanding? It doesn’t even make sense despite!




Despite the Conservative Party being responsible for the two most important pieces of legislation to halt immigration into this country, I think it’s safe to say, in present year, they’ve completely failed to stop, at this point, the outright invasion of our country. And that’s where any kind of compliments, or praise for the Conservative Party ends in this speech!


So, there we are. They introduced those laws. They didn’t exist, but did it make any difference in the end? No, it didn’t. Since the 1960s, the 1960s being a year that many in Western societies think of a notable decade, as really being the obvious decline of Western societies. Indeed in the 1960s was when the Labour Party introduced divorce reform, the Abortion Act, as well as the Race Relations Act. These, of course, are extremely important pieces of legislation which have gone on to define our multicultural, multiracial, societies ever since!


Now it’s all well and good saying:


“Oh! But those were introduced by the Labour Party! So we should be blaming those Marxist, Labour Party socialists! If it wasn’t for them getting in power, then we’d be fine!”


Well yes, they got in power. But that was only for one third of the time. Since the end of the First World War, the Conservatives have been in power two thirds of the time. Two thirds of time! Not half! Not less than half! The majority of the time! They could have repealed any of these, or reformed them, you know, at any point. But they didn’t!


After the Divorce Reform Act 1969, marriage, divorce rather, exploded! They tried to amend this four years later. The Conservatives they added a few more grounds that must be demonstrated before a divorce can be granted. But ultimately it did little, if anything, to stop the explosion of divorce. And since then they’ve done nothing at all to maintain the sanctity of marriage. And that’s why marriage is literally seen as a piece of paper by most in society, unfortunately now.


And as I’m speaking, as of next year, they will have introduced yet another piece of legislation, the Divorce Disillusion and Separation Act 2020. Which, for all intents and purposes, has legislated “No Fault Divorce” in Great Britain. So it’s not just people’s opinion that marriage is a piece of paper, it quite literally is! It literally means nothing!




The whole point of marriage was to secure a man and a woman together in lifelong union, to raise happy, healthy, moral, children. And that is, you know, rapidly fading! And we have a Conservative Party, “Conservative Party”, who introduced legislation like this! What’s that about? So there we go.


Now, that’s the end of my scripted section.


And I remember Mark said:


“How long’s your speech?”


And it’s like:


“Well, I’m quite known for being able to go off the cuff for a long amount of time. I’ve been able to do four hour streams without a script.”


So there we go.


Well, let’s start with one of the most notable Prime Ministers of recent years, David Cameron. David Cameron! Boo! So what am I going to start with, with David Cameron? Well, in 2006, before he was even Prime Minister, he would quote, said:


“Vote for anyone but the BNP!”


Now why would he say that? Because that’s quite significant don’t you think? Of all the parties you could vote for, don’t vote for the one that has your ethnic interests at heart. He would rather you vote for the Labour Party, or the Lib Dems, or any of those other party, probably even the Communist party. He’d probably prefer you vote the communist party, let’s be honest, than vote for the BNP. Utterly disgraceless! So there we are.


In 2011 he had what’s known as his “Munich speech”. So I’ve got the transcript here. And I thought we’d explore a little bit, because it’s quite significant, because he’s remembered as being someone who said:


“Multiculturalism has failed!”


A bit like Angela Merkel. They say multiculturalism has failed. Yes it has. So what are you going to do about it? They don’t do anything about it! They just facilitate it! And it goes on, and on, and on!


So what was his approach to try and manage the decline of Britain? He says:


“We need muscular liberalism!”


Now, liberalism means many things, of course, it’s a collection of different political concepts, including free speech, capitalism, democracy, tolerance. All of these things. One of the most important things is the secularism and individualism aspect to what he’s getting at.


So his idea, for example, when it comes to Islamic communities in this country, is we need to “secularize” them. We need to “liberalize” them. So what, we just turn them into degenerate individuals? Like, unfortunately, many White people come and just, what, live in a consumeristic atomized society? Is that his vision for Britain? That’s not the vision I have for Britain.


So he says:


“These young Muslim men find it hard to identify with Britain, because we have allowed the weakening of our collective identity.”


Yes, we have Dave! Because we’ve uprooted them from where they were, and put them somewhere else! That’s why we don’t have a collective identity!:


“Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism we have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other, apart from the mainstream.”


Now, this is true. But, of course, the immigration and race question has always been very difficult, because, if we’re being honest, do we want the immigrants to assimilate? I believe most people don’t. Most people don’t. But they don’t want ghettos either. The problem is, is that asking and demanding assimilation has only happened, because people have accepted and internalized that immigration is inevitable, which it isn’t! And it shouldn’t be!


So of course. If you have the prospect of always having new people coming in, and you’re constantly bombarded, you cannot have a homogenous society, you have to have this multi-racial project imposed upon you. And, of course, people gonna be like:


“Right. Okay, fine. Well, can they at least be like us somewhat? You know, speak our language, you know, kind of respect our institutions, our political parties?”


But really, that’s not going to work in the long term. Because as ethno-nationalists understand, it does come down to race, ethnicity, and nation.


Many, for example, think of Black History Month, … Why do we have to have Black History Month? It’s, because black people, for example, are not entwined with the history, by and large, of this country. And deep down. They know that. They know that! You can put as many black people retroactively in the history textbooks for children, but, you know, they’re not fools! They’re gonna know, they’re gonna know.




And that’s why you can have all of these, you know, political campaigns, you can try and rewrite history, but people know deep down that we are the native inhabitants, and that we have a right to this island!


It’s only White Europeans that think:


“Oh, no! We can’t have that!”


If you go to any other part of the world, and say:


“Do you think British people have a right to exist, and be sovereign, and supreme, in their own lands?”


They’ll say:


“Absolutely! Just like we are in our own.”


Cameron goes on to say:


“We fail to provide a vision for society that which they feel they want to belong!”


Well. Yeah. I mean, it depends. They’re going to be more ethnocentric than us. Europeans obviously are a more individualistic people. Which is one of our weaknesses. And that’s why it’s so important that we have so many of you, like-minded people, here today to fight on behalf of our collective family.


We’ve even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that completely run culture to our values. And what are our values Dave? What are our values? Of course, it’s our tradition of liberal values.


So it’s just a bit ironic isn’t it that the same liberal values that brought these people over, are also the same people that are going to, what? Undo and unravel those liberal values! And that’s where the “muscular liberalism” comes in. What we need to do is indoctrinate these people to become consumeristic, atomized, individual, secular, people, like us! That’s how we get around it. Well that sounds a bit authoritarian to me! Not very liberal, Mr David Cameron! So there’s a bit of an oxymoron going on there.


But that’s because the idea that liberalism does indeed facilitate liberty, is a hoax! It’s not true. There is no such thing as absolute liberty. There never was:


“The failure for, instance, of some to confront the horrors of forced marriage, the practice where some young girls are bullied, and sometimes taken abroad to marry someone when they don’t want to, is a case in point! This hands-off tolerance has only served to reinforce the sense that not enough is shared.”


Well, which one is it? Again, here are the contradictions within liberal philosophy. Either you be tolerant and you allow them their liberty to practice what they believe, go about their business, freedom of religion, etc., or you tell them:


“No! Actually you have to abandon those, or weaken those, compromise those, to what assimilate into this decadent, secular, meaningless, consumeristic, society [chuckling]. This will leave some young Muslims feeling rootless!”


No Dave, what makes the Muslims feel rootless, is be they is, because they have been uprooted out of their ancestral homelands, where their religion was supreme!




I think that’s, … Oh! I got one more thing to say about Mr Cameron. I just went on a rant a minute ago about how the Conservatives have facilitated No Fault Divorce. Remember the Same-sex Couples Act 2013, remember that? Remember how that was imposed upon our country, when literally nobody was asking for it? The vast majority of the people at the time didn’t want same-sex marriage.


But, of course, a conservative Prime Minister introduced it! Again, further eroding the sanctity and the importance of heterosexual marriage, which is the bedrock of a civilization. That was a conservative Prime Minister. And you still hear so many Tory politicians and activists, saying:


“How proud they are! That they were the ones! They were the real egalitarians! It’s the Labour Party, or whoever, they’re the real homophobes! Okay? We’re gonna outdo them!”


This is what they always do! They always try and outdo the opposition. And I don’t know why. But maybe it’s, because they don’t actually care. Because the Tory Party has existed for centuries purely to exist the centre ground and just obtain power for as long as possible. As well as also being the party that just accepts big donor money. They don’t have any values that they really stand for at their core. And whenever they do seem ideological and say:


“Oh no! We do have principles! We do have these!”


They just default to the classical liberal values, which does not give you the moral authority to actually conserve the things that you love in society. Whether it be your religion. Whether it be your ethnic group. Whether it be all kinds of various traditions:


“Oh! You can’t protect those, because well, people are free to undermine them, they’re free to mock them, we need to secularize everything! That’s just the way it’s got to be!”


And if you are to, what? You pass legislation to protect those things? That’s authoritarian again!




But then he’s fine using authoritarianism to tell Muslims that they need to secularize, and how they need to live their life. So there’s just so many contradictions. And I think most people understand this, don’t they? Let’s talk about one of the most overt treacherous Prime Ministers ever. I think, you know, who I’m going to talk about. The one that was supposed to take us out of the European Union. But well, she was reluctant to. Ironically the Conservative Party has a long legacy of treacherous Prime Ministers!


But I think we’ll just go with Theresa May as the most treacherous for today. She was Home Secretary for a while. Hostile environment policy, do you remember that? Yeah, that worked! Yeah, she really went hard on that! This was, of course, kind of similar to what PA wants. And that is to create an environment where people want to go back home. You know, they understand:


“Oh, you know, we don’t belong here. This isn’t our place. This isn’t our ancestral homeland. We should go back.”


Her approach was:


“Well, we’ll make it so vile and horrible, …!”


But this didn’t really happen. Because, if you were to do that you’d have to make society so unbearable for these people, that they feel like they’re being persecuted, or genocided. But then that would kind of contradict with their liberal, tolerant, secular, values, wouldn’t it? So that was a failure. And it was always going to be.


But also, do we really think Theresa May wanted to get immigration down? Clearly not! If she’s signing up to things like the UN Global Compact for Migration! So again, it’s just another example of this “all talk” with these people. It’s always “talk”!


In 2017 I remember she was at the Conservative Party conference and she gave this spiel about:


“Oh! We understand your concerns about if the pace of change is too rapid.”


It’s just all talk! The immigration has been the highest ever – particularly under Boris Johnson – with the Conservatives. They’ve carried on Blair’s legacy! Boris Johnson and Priti Patel have outdone them with last year’s immigration rates! And illegal immigration is through the roof!


I remember some nationalist said:


“The illegal immigration problem is just a bit of a distraction., you know what matters is the legal migration, because obviously that’s so incredibly high that’s what’s driving us towards demographic minority fastest.”


But unfortunately, illegal immigration has actually become a very pressing issue, because it’s gotten so high now. The other week it got as high as over a thousand illegal immigrants in one day! We don’t know who those people are. Okay? Not that the Conservative Party really vets the quality anyway, with legal migration. But these are illegal immigrants. These are going to be people who are going to be more proclived to commit horrendous crime! Rape, theft, murder. And the Conservative Party are allowing them in en mass, as well as the legal migrants.


And, I tell you what, if that rate of illegal immigration keeps going up and up, it’s gonna reach the point where it’s the same as the legal migration. It’s just getting absolutely crazy! Of course, Boris Johnson wants to give amnesty to loads of these people who we have no clue who they are.


But bringing it back to Theresa May, a second. We’ll change the topic a bit from immigration, because I did want to also talk about morality, a bit today, as well. Under her tenure the relation and sex education was reformed in this country in 2017.


So in March 2017, it was announced by the Department for education, that from September 2019 Relationship Education in primary schools and Relationship and Sex Education in secondary schools will be made mandatory in England by the UK government.


Again, oh is that your “muscular liberalism”? Do we need to use the force of the state to make people “inclusive and tolerant” and believe in the “doctrine of equality”? And that there is no supremacy of heterosexual marriage, for example, or heterosexual relationships?




This new education policy was LGBTIQ inclusive!


But there’s so many more letters now, it’s crazy! I was at work the other day. They put up a new poster for LGBT inclusion, and there’s just so many more letters now. I’m not even joking! It’s gone far beyond LGBT. It’s kind of crazy.


Ultimately the new RSE strategy still allows parents to withdraw their children from sex education. But they’ll have to seek their head teacher’s permission, which can be denied. So that’s not much liberty at all is it? Due to this change in attitude to sex education there are now sex education lessons in UK schools advising kids age six about masturbation. Why on earth is this happening in primary schools?


This is what’s taking place in our country, right now! Under Conservative rule! They’ve been in power for the past 11 years, people! When are people gonna wake up! We’ve not got the Labour Party in charge, it’s the Conservative Party. At any point they could legislate against this. They could go on a cultural crusade against any of this. But they don’t! They do it with any of it!


But it’s okay because, you know, MP David Davies response was:


“These classes go way beyond the guidance of the government as producing, effectively sexualizing very young children.”


Yes it is Mr David Davis! What’s your party going to do about it? They’re gonna do anything about it! So there we go.


I’m gonna finish off with Boris Johnson now. That should be a bit of fun! [chuckling] Still on the topic of LGBT. They’re going to ban LGBT plus conversion therapy. Now whether you believe that conversion therapy works, or not, is one thing. But the fact that they would go out of their way to ban such a thing is quite telling, don’t you think?


And I think another thing that I’m going to be very honest about with you guys today, is we’ve allowed the Left to tell us that homosexuality and transgenderism is innate, and you’re born with it.


But frankly, being a young person growing up in this kind of society, I can tell you now, I’m very much suspect of that. It seemed quite a convincing argument that homosexuality, for example, was innate. Indeed, up until recently, it was believed it was about half environmental, half genetic, you know. Perhaps you might have a disposition but you otherwise wouldn’t act on it, if your environment, for example, you live in a socially moral traditional society that encourages the supremacy of heterosexual marriage, and the sanctity, and the importance of that, they’ll live healthy happy moral lives.


But we don’t live in that kind of society! We live in a kind of society where we have to see the rainbow flag everywhere! I am so sick of that flag!




And I’m also disgusted, I’m disgusted that there’s, … I swear this is deliberate. To deliberately entwine the rainbow flag with the NHS. Have you noticed this? Yeah? You’ve noticed this? They deliberately try to entwine sexual deviance with the health care system! I mean! But that’s the kind of topsy-turvy world that we live in, is it not?


A few more remarks.


Diversity Built Britain is what we’re told. This is what we’re told in the year 2021. You see this? This is a 50p coin. Do you want to know what it says on it? It says:


“Diversity Built Britain.”


Well apart from that being not true. I’m going to stress the point again! This coin was authorized by the Conservative government! Indeed, Boris Johnson has the most multi-ethnic cabinet there’s ever been in this country. Again this isn’t the Labour Party. Remember a few decades ago when the Labour Party were making new ground with their all women shortlists with you oh! We’ve got to get more women into Parliament!”


And again the Conservative Party like:


“Ha! We’re going to outdo you! We’re going to have the most racially diverse cabinet! Ha! Take that lefties!”


So we’ve got Indian and Pakistani ethnic minorities in our cabinet. And this is how they repay us. By dogmatically reminding us a false history of these islands. That’s disgusting! And I’m livid about it! [audience saying something] Yeah, they don’t do that much of that, do they? They don’t do much defending of anything.




I’ll finish off by saying they’ve done nothing to try and reverse rampant divorce. They’ve had no cultural pushback to the laissez-faire attitude towards abortion. Now regardless of whether you think, you know, women should be entitled to abortion for the first few weeks, the Conservatives have done nothing to stop the progression of seeing abortion as just casual contraception.


When I was out the other month, I was with a friend. And the reminder went off on their phone. So they pulled out their phone. And what the reminder said was:


“Remember to take your baby killing pill!”


This is the kind of attitude which has been allowed to facilitate and fester in our country. Now, of course nothing much in terms of abortion law has changed. Not really. It stayed about the same for the past few decades. But this is the kind of culture that they facilitated. Again, they’re supposed to be Conservatives. If the moral fabric of society is in jeopardy, it should be them who are trying to uphold and maintain it. But they don’t! They don’t care!


Last thing I’ll say. And this is to then get into my outro. The appeal that I started off by saying I wanted to make to the people listening today. I don’t need to appeal to you guys in the audience. But for anybody who stumbles across this speech, I want to make an appeal to them.


So it was in the news, only two days ago, that urging the change of gender is to be criminalized. Wow! That’s remarkable, isn’t it? That seems like the Conservatives actually wanting to use their power in office to try and maintain some kind of order and sanctity in society. Why do we want to allow vulnerable kids to be indoctrinated to have gender fluid identities, and to engage in sexually deviant lifestyles, just because they have militant, ideological parents. That’s not fair. Those children should be protected.


So in this article it said:


“Adults who try to persuade children to change their gender will face criminal sanctions under government plans. From next spring, it will be illegal to convince someone to change their sexual sexuality, or gender identity. With extra safeguards to protect adolescents. Government sources suggested that the organization such as Mermaids, a charity that offers advice and counselling to children with gender dysphoria, could be outlawed. Trans rights groups said that the proposals risked having a chilling effect on free speech.”


Now does anybody believe that this is actually going to happen? No! It’s all, you know, it’s nice to see something like this, every once in a whilst. But is it actually going to get through the House of Commons? Even though this is one of the most powerful Tory governments we’ve ever had, because Boris Johnson managed to swindle the Red Wall voters, that he was going to maintain a conservative society for them, and be their guy. No. Instead he’d rather invite his wife to the Conservative Conference to host a special little event, all about how she’s an LGBT ally!


So when you’ve got that in mind, do you really think they’re going to implement any legislation like this? I don’t think!


So to wrap up, the appeal I want to make to you today is, we need to stop this really pernicious habit of saying:


“Oh! The Labour Party they’re so, anti-White! Tony Blair’s legacy! Tony Blair! We can never stress enough how much Tony Blair’s legacy, and how awful it is!”


It’s them! It’s Left-wing who are always setting the precedent of where how much more decadent society can go, which is not much further I swear. I mean, if it gets any more decadent I mean, well, I don’t know how it’s possible, but they’ll find a way. They always do! But we need to stop blaming them, because we know what they are. We know what they exist to do they exist in society to corrupt and induce chaos.


And who we should really point the finger at is the Conservatives! As I said, earlier, they’ve been in power two thirds of the time, for the past century. Okay? It’s they who should have the blame, not the Labour Party. Treat the Labour Party just like their silly little children, okay.


The Conservatives are supposed to be the adults in the room. And they have not taken responsibility. The Conservative Party need to be framed as the quintessential obstacle for ordinary people to live healthy, happy, lives! We need to focus the blame solely on them, okay!




Always be calling out their lies, and inaction! Take their votes away! Okay. I know it’s hard. You’ll never destroy the Conservative Party. It’s existed for 400 years. But you can make the Labour Party irrelevant, you know, only the most sick and deranged people honestly, like are going to vote for them. Or the most, you know, prone to ideological indoctrination.


Make it so that the Tory Party, in the minds of the public, are the ones on the Left. Outflank them to the Right! Don’t try to be centred, and moderate what you say, and your ideas to try and appeal to the masses. Be as hard line as you can! Because we have strayed so far away from the kind of society that we want. Straddling the middle ground is not going to cut it! Never praise them! Always criticize them! Keep them on their toes!


Do, you know how whenever we have some kind of egalitarian cause, whether it’s feminism, or racism, we always hear this phrase:


“We’ve made so much progress! We’ve made so much progress. But there’s so much more we can do! So much further to go!”


That’s what we need to be like with the Conservative Party. Every time, if they ever concede and make a concession to us, for example, as Mark was saying earlier about how certain other groups adopt PA policy. Should the Conservatives ever adopt more hardline stances, that we would praise, don’t praise them! Say:


“Do better! Can’t you go further? Do more!”


Never let them off the hook! Keep them on their toes all the time! Because that’s where we’ve been going wrong.


We live in a hostile country to its native inhabitants, both physically and spiritually. Anti-Whitism and degeneracy is rampant. We are not a healthy, happy, homogenous, nation at ease with itself, like we once were. It didn’t used to be like this. It doesn’t need to be like this anymore! No more excuses for those who facilitate our demise!


Thank you.


[Long applause]




[Outro music]

















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