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[Part 21]


[Benton Bradberry’s 2012 book, “The Myth of German Villainy” is a superb, must-read, revisionist look at how the German people have been systematically, relentlessly and most importantly, unjustly vilified as the arch criminal of the 20th century. Bradberry sets out, coolly and calmly as befits a former US-Navy officer and pilot, to show why and how the German people have been falsely accused of massive crimes and that their chief accuser and tormentor, organized jewry, is in fact the real party guilty of monstrous crimes against Germans and the rest of the world.


In Part 21, (Chapter 22) the author summarizes much of the material presented in previous chapters, reinforcing how Germany was the victim of a war that was forced upon her by international forces that were committed to destroying German and its people. The National Socialists did not start WWII, it was initiated by Britain and France, and continued because of the Allies’ unconditional surrender policy, the genocidal plans, such as that promoted by Morgenthau, and the barbarism practiced by the advancing Soviet army.


About 8 million Germans were killed during the war while over a similar period after the war about 13 million were killed, the result of expulsions, mass murder, brutality, exposure and deliberate starvation. These figures represent over 40 times the losses incurred by Britain and the USA respectively.


In the section “Rape and Slaughter” the author describes the unspeakable atrocities committed by the Allies, with the mass indiscriminate bombings of civilians by the West, while in the East the Soviets engaged in an orgy of rape and killing of civilians, encouraged by jews such as Ilya Ehrenburg and his murderous propaganda leaflets. After the Germans surrendered on May 5, 1945:


… the bloodbath began in earnest. Fifteen million Germans were forced to leave their ancestral homes in Eastern Europe, including German East Prussia, parts of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary and Romania, headed for Germany, leaving all their property behind. Three million of them died during the trek to Germany as the result of brutal assaults, mass murder, wholesale rape, starvation and exposure.


General Eisenhower, who hated the Germans, instituted what came to be known as the “Rhine Meadows Camps“, where German POWs were forced to live in open field compounds with starvation rations, resulting in the death of over a million.


In, “Jewish Vengeance“, jews flooded into Germany by the thousands to seek their revenge and to obtain their share of the spoils, while doing their best to implement the Morgenthau Plan, in spirit, if not in deed. The Nuremberg Trials enabled the jews to have their kangaroo court justice carried out, to create a veneer of legality to executions, as well as “legally enshrining” German guilt.


In, “The Jewish Brigade” the author details the activities of jews who were technically part of the British Eighth Army, but operated independently. Entering defeated Germany, they formed up into what they called “vengeance squads” to track down and kill senior German officers.


There were no charges filed against these German officers, no trial, no judge, not even an arrest; they were simply murdered according to the caprice or whim of vengeance seeking Jews. German officers were assumed to be “guilty” by virtue of being German officers. They killed anyone they wanted to kill with total impunity. The Jews called it “vengeance,” but, in fact, it was simple murder of defenseless men who may or may not have been guilty of anything except having served in the German Army in defense of their country.











NOTE: The author has very generously given me permission to reproduce the material here — KATANA.


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The Myth of


German Villainy




Benton L. Bradberry








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Chapter 1 – The Myth of Germany as an Evil Nation

Germany’s Positive Image Changes Overnight

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Chapter 2 – Aftermath of the War in Germany

The Versailles Treaty

Effect of the Treaty on the German Economy

Was the War Guilt Clause Fair?

Did Germany Really Start the War?

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Chapter 3 – The Jewish Factor in the War

Jews at the Paris Peace Conference

Jews in Britain

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Chapter 4 – The Russian Revolution of 1917

Bolsheviks Take Control

Jews and the Russian Revolution

Origin of East European Jews

Reason for the Russian Pogroms Against the Jews

Jews Leave Russia for America

Financing the 1917 Revolution

Jews in the Government of Bolshevik Russia

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Chapter 5 – The Red Terror

Creation of the Gulag

Bolsheviks Kill the Czar

Jews as a Hostile Elite

The Ukrainian Famine (Holodomor)

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Chapter 6 – The Bolshevik Revolution Spreads Throughout Europe

Jews in the Hungarian Revolution

Miklos Horthy Saves Hungary

Jews in the German Revolution

The Spartacist Uprising in Berlin

Jewish Bolsheviks Attempt to Take Italy

Jewish Bolsheviks Attempt to Take Spain — The Spanish Civil War

Czechoslovakia in Danger of Communist Takeover

The Comintern’s Aim? World Domination!

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Chapter 7 – The Nation of Israel

History of the Expulsion of Jews

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Chapter 8 – Jews in Weimar Germany

Jews Undermine German Culture

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Chapter 9 – Hitler & National Socialists Rise to Power

The 25 Points of the National Socialist Party

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Chapter 10 – National Socialism vs. Communism

National Socialism

Jews Plan Marxist Utopia

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Chapter 11 – Jews Declare War on Nazi Germany

Text of Untermeyer’s Speech in New York

The Jewish Persecution Myth

Effect of Boycott on the German Economy

Jewish Exaggerations are Contradicted by Many

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Chapter 12 – The Nazis and the Zionists Actually Work Together for Jewish Emigration out of Germany

The Nuremberg Laws – 1935

The Zionist Movement

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Chapter 13 – Life in Germany Under Hitler

Night of the Long Knives

1934 Annual Nazi Rally at Nuremberg

Hitler Revives the German Economy

Hitler Becomes the Most Popular Leader in the World

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Chapter 14 – Hitler Begins Reclamation of German Territory

Chapter 15 – The 1936 Olympics

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Chapter 16 – Anschluss”. The Unification of Austria and Germany

Austrian Economy Revived

Austria’s Jews

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Chapter 17 – Germany Annexes the Sudetenland

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Chapter 18 – War with Poland

The Polish Problem

Hitler’s Proposal to Poland


German-Polish Talks Continue

Jews Influence both Roosevelt and Churchill

British and American Political Leaders Under Jewish Influence

Roosevelt’s Contribution to Hostilities

Lord Halifax Beats the War Drums

Germany Occupies Bohemia and Moravia

Roosevelt Pushes for War

Anti-war Movement Becomes Active

Poles Murder German Nationals Within the Corridor

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Chapter 19 – The Phony War

Russo-Finnish War

The Norway/Denmark Campaign

German Invasion of Denmark and Norway

Churchill Takes Chamberlain’s Place as Prime Minister

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Chapter 20 – Germany invades France Through the Low Countries

The Phony War Ends.

Churchill the War Lover

The Fall of France

Hitler Makes Peace Offer to Britain

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Chapter 21 – The Allied Goal? Destruction of Germany!

[Part 21]

Chapter 22 – Germany as Victim

Rape and Slaughter

Jewish Vengeance

The Jewish Brigade

[Part 22]

Chapter 23 – Winners and Losers





Chapter 22




As Victim





As the Kaiser did not start World War I, Hitler and the Nazis did not start World War II. Moreover, Hitler did everything within his power to avoid a war with Britain, France and the United States. He also made a number of peace initiatives as the war progressed, all of which were either rejected or ignored. Britain and France declared war on Germany, not the other way around. All of Germany’s military initiatives in the West, i.e., the invasion of Norway, the invasion of France, the occupation of the Low Countries, etc., were preemptive strikes that were at bottom defensive in nature. The invasion of the Soviet Union was preemptive, as well. Germany also did not start the bombing of civilians, Britain did.


If the question is asked, what did Hitler and the Nazis do to earn their dreadful reputation, the answer will invariably be “the Holocaust.” Yet, the Holocaust did not occur (if it occurred at all) until after the war began, and only then as a result of the war. Yet, the Nazis had been characterized as evil monsters long before the war began; but on what basis? Nothing had happened to the Jews up to the time the war began except for certain restrictions placed on them, despite all the false accusations of brutal repression and predictions of extermination constantly spewing out of the Jewish press. What finally happened to the Jews, if it happened at all, was in the nature of a self-fulfilling prophecy, brought on by the very ones doing the prophesying.



[Add. image] 1933 “Daily Express” headline, “Judea Declares War on Germany“. (Click image to enlarge.)

There were legitimate reasons for the attitude of the Nazis toward the Jews. Hitler and the Nazis saw Communism as an existential threat, not just to Germany, but to Western Civilization, and they saw the Jews and Communism as one and the same thing. Moreover, conflating Communism with Judaism was not unfounded, in as much as the Communist Party in Germany, before it was outlawed by Hitler, was 78% Jewish. It was also amply clear to the Germans that it was the Jews who had taken control of the Soviet Union in a Communist revolution and they who carried out the Red Terror. It was also clear that the leaders of each and every Communist revolution in Europe, including the 1918 revolution in Germany, was instigated and led by Jews, e.g., Bela Kuhn in Hungary, Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg, Kurt Eisner and Eugene Levine, et al, in Germany, and Amadeo Bordiga in Italy. The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939, was actually caused by at attempted take-over of Spain by Communists, led, as in all the other cases, by Jews with the backing of the Soviet Union.



[Add. image] Jewish communist leaders in Germany, Hungary and Italy.


As if that were not enough, in 1934 immediately after Hitler and the Nazis came to power, World Jewry declared a holy war against Germany and used all its influence and power throughout the world to try to cripple the German economy. This was well before Hitler and the Nazis had the chance to take any kind of action against Germany’s Jews. They then pursued a relentless propaganda campaign against Germany and her Nazi leaders, and used their influence over the leaders of Britain and the United States to instigate a war against Germany. The Jews wanted to destroy Germany. This was no idle threat, as the Jews had already succeeded in bringing down the Czarist regime in Russia, after which they took total control of the country. They were now targeting Germany.



[Add. image] Organized jewry, the power behind the Allies, and instigator of WWII.


They organized and funded the Communist International (Comintern), the sole purpose of which was to bring down existing regimes in Europe, including Germany, and replace them with Jewish led Soviet Republics.
World Jewry’s attitude toward Germany, as represented in the following statement by the French Jewish professor Alexander Kulisher, was well-known by everyone. Kulisher wrote in 1937:


Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism today is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.


On December 3, 1942, Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, made the following statement in New York:


We are not denying and we are not afraid to confess, this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry …. stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry. We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based. We are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going. The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them within their own country, within the resistance.

And we are the Trojan horse in the enemy’s fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.” (Emphasis added)


[Add. image] Chaim A Weizmann.


It should have been no surprise that the Nazis saw the Jews as Germany’s enemy, and the Jews within Germany as a “fifth column,” ready and willing to cooperate with Germany’s enemies from without.


[Add. image] Winston Churchill, a tool of Organized jewry, helped set Europe alight, using National Socialism as the excuse.


The Jews in Britain were vigorously behind Churchill’s call for war against Germany, and the Jews in America also vigorously supported Roosevelt’s determination to go to war with Germany. What else would anyone expect, except that the Nazi regime would take steps to isolate the Jews in Germany in defense of the German state? They put large numbers of them in concentration camps. The United States also locked up the West Coast Japanese in concentration camps after the war with Japan began, with much less justification than Germany had to incarcerate Germany’s Jews.


[Add. image] German tank in Budapest March 1944.


In March 1944, Hitler invaded Hungary to prevent Hungary from switching sides and forming an alliance with the Soviet Union. The combined German and Hungarian armies then began the defense of Hungary against the invasion by the Russian army which was about to begin. The Jewish population in Hungary openly sided with the Soviet Union and constituted a dangerous “fifth column” inside Hungary. There is little doubt once the battle began that they would have done all they could to sabotage the German and Hungarian forces defending Hungary in order to help the Russians.


These were desperate times. Rounding up the Jews and shipping them out of Hungary in 1944 was nothing more than self-defense on the part of the Germans and the Hungarians. Exactly where they were sent to and what happened to them afterwards is the subject of debate between proponents of the “official” Holocaust story and proponents of Holocaust revisionism. The former claim they were all exterminated at Auschwitz, while the latter claim they were relocated in the East. In any case, permitting them to remain in Hungary, with the certain knowledge that they would become saboteurs in the coming life and death struggle with the Russian army would have been insane.


[Add. image] Hungarian Jewish women and children from Carpatho-Ruthenia at Auschwitz (May-June 1944).


When Hitler outlawed the Communist Party in Germany soon after becoming Chancellor, then rounded up the Communists and incarcerated them at Dachau, it turned out that most of these Communists were Jews. These Communists had been involved in revolutionary activities and in attempts to undermine the German state. From the Nazis’ point of view, rounding them up and throwing them in jail was only good sense. Yet, Jews around the world hysterically characterized this as an unjustified, unprovoked.


Beginning in 1933, Jewish propaganda claimed that the Germans intended to “exterminate” the Jews and they continued to make these unfounded but hysterical claims right up until the war began. After the war got underway, the propaganda then began to claim that the Jews were actually being exterminated, though there was no way for them to have known that, even if it were true. Both Henry Morgenthau, Jr., the Jewish Secretary of the Treasury, as well as his Jewish Communist assistant Harry Dexter White (Wiese), made this claim. So did Bernard Baruch, the Jewish advisor to Roosevelt. Rumors were rampant throughout the war, the result of Jewish propaganda, that the Nazis were exterminating all the Jews of Europe, though our own State Department scoffed at these reports.


[Add image] The many stories about “6 million” jews about to be persecuted or killed since the 1800s. (click image to enlarge)


As described in a previous chapter, predictions of “extermination” have been a part of Jewish culture for centuries. Yet, when the war ended, sure enough, these same Jewish propagandists claimed that all their super heated speculations had been occurring all along, just as speculated. In the absence of any forensic evidence whatever to support their claim, thousands of Jewish “eye witnesses” described numerous ways in which the Nazis were exterminating the Jews, including steaming them to death, mass electrocutions, throwing them into fire pits, and, of course, the gas chambers.


[Add image] The three “pillars” of the “Holocaust” are held up by lies and constant indoctrination. If a big lie is told enough times by “authority figures” and belief is rewarded, and non-belief punished, then it will be believed by most.


Holocaust revisionists have done a pretty good job since the war of placing the Holocaust in perspective. There is no doubt that Jews were rounded up in Germany and Europe and sent off to concentration camps, many to “relocation” camps, though many Jews remained in Germany unmolested throughout the war. There is no doubt that these rounded up Jews were used as forced labor in the labor camps, and that conditions there were harsh, not only for the Jews, but for all other detainees in these camps as well. There is no doubt that many Jews died during the war, though certainly nowhere near the 6 million claimed. But there is no evidence whatever that Germany had a plan or a policy to exterminate all of Europe’s Jews.


[Add image] The “Holocaust Handbook” series currently consist of 35 titles, with more in the works.

Taboo-Breaking Books and Documentaries


Enlightenment is man’s leaving his self-caused immaturity. Immaturity is the incapacity to use one’s intelligence without the guidance of another. Such immaturity is self-caused, if it is not caused by lack of intelligence, but by lack of determination and courage to use one’s intelligence without being guided by another. Sapere Aude! [dare to know] Have the courage to use your own intelligence! is therefore the motto of the enlightenment.

— Immanuel Kant (1784)




Germany made several attempts to negotiate a peace agreement both before the war began and several times during the war, only to be rebuffed at every turn. Even as late as 1944, Heinrich Himmler established a link with Alan Dulles of the OSS (predecessor to the CIA) through Switzerland to try to negotiate a peaceful end to the war. Dulles, himself, was in favor of trying to end the war in a negotiated settlement, but both Roosevelt and Churchill were obstinate in their demand for unconditional surrender.


Germany, who did not want the war, was trapped and doomed to destruction nevertheless, and there was nothing she could do about it but fight on. The vast majority of the death and destruction in the war was directly attributable to the inhuman Allied demand for unconditional surrender, combined with the plan to implement the genocidal Morgenthau Plan immediately following any such unconditional surrender.


The demand for unconditional surrender, therefore seems on its face a stupid, counter-productive policy, until one realizes that all the death and destruction which occurred inside Germany was precisely what both Roosevelt and Churchill wanted. They did not want peace with Germany. They wanted to destroy Germany. That is also what International Jewry wanted.


It is estimated that more than 8 million Germans died during the war, but an astonishing 13 million additional Germans died after the war was over; the result of expulsions, mass murder, brutality, exposure and starvation. That would be a total of more than 20 million German deaths as a result of the war. The estimated deaths during the war for the United States and Great Britain were 413,000 and 450,000 respectively. The claim that 6 million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis is patently absurd. Germany was clearly the real victim of the war.



Rape and Slaughter


As the German armies began retreating back into the Reich, unspeakable atrocities were committed against them by all the Allies, who seem to have been seized by a sort of blood lust. All civilized sanctions against killing Germans, both military and civilian, were removed.


Douglas Bazata, in his [actually Robert K Wilcox’s] book, “Target Patton,” tells of himself and other “snipers” working for the OSS (forerunner of the CIA). He and the other snipers were assigned to follow along behind the German army as it retreated out of France back into Germany and kill stragglers who had already discarded their arms ― that is, German soldiers, who because of wounds or simple exhaustion, could not keep up. They shot them with sniper rifles from a distance as they struggled along the roads trying to make it back to Germany.



[Add. image] Text of “1000 BOMBERS: A PANORAMA“, 1942. (click image to enlarge.)


As thousand plane armadas of bombers continued to obliterate German towns right up until the day of surrender, during the last months of the war 1,800 British and American fighter planes were unleashed over Germany with orders to destroy the transportation system of the entire country. All day long, every day, the skies were filled with these fighter planes crisscrossing over the German countryside, strafing anything that moved. They especially targeted trains. They first shot into the steam locomotives, causing them to explode, then circled back around and made strafing runs shooting up the cars, including passenger cars loaded with refugees. They strafed vehicles on the roads, people riding bicycles, or people just walking along the roads. They strafed farmers plowing in their fields, and killed their livestock. They strafed into the windows of houses.


They strafed people in the streets. They especially worked over refugee columns on the roads as they fled invading armies. Killing Germans became sport. Germany became a slaughterhouse where anything that moved was fair game. As a result of all of this, the Germans could not feed their people for lack of transport. They could not feed the inmates in the concentration camps. This accounts for the masses of emaciated corpses which so shocked American and British troops who encountered them as they moved into Germany. Typhus epidemics had broken out amongst the starvation weakened inmates.


But the Russians were the worst. When they first entered East Prussia, they raped and slaughtered Germans in their masses. All of East Prussia took to the roads, running away from the advancing Russians, trying to make their way as refugees into the heart of Germany:


The disaster that befell this area with the entry of the Soviet forces has no parallel in modern European experience. There were considerable sections of it where, to judge by all existing evidence, scarcely a man, woman or child of the indigenous population was left alive after the initial passage of the Soviet forces.” George F. Kennan, Memoirs, 1967.


As Russian armies poured into Germany near the end of the war, the Jewish Soviet Propaganda Minister, Ilya Ehrenburg, had millions of leaflets printed up and dropped onto the Russian troops, exhorting them when they entered Germany to:


Kill the Germans, wherever you find them! Every German is our mortal enemy. Have no mercy on women, children, or the aged! Kill every German ― wipe them out!


Ilya Ehrenburg, Stalin’s Jewish Propaganda Minister, exhorted Russian soldiers to rape German women and to kill women and children.


[Add. image] Ehrenburg’s propaganda leaflet urging on the mass killing of Germans.


In another leaflet drop, Ehrenburg urged the Russian troops to:


Kill, kill, you brave Red Army soldiers, kill. There is nothing in the Germans that is innocent. Obey the instructions of comrade Stalin and stamp the fascistic beast in its cave. Break with force the racial arrogance of the Germanic women. Take them as your legal loot. Kill, you brave soldiers of the Red Army, kill!


And in another leaflet:


The Germans are not human beings. Henceforth the word German means to us the most terrible curse. From now on the word German will trigger your rifle. We shall not speak any more. We shall not get excited. We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day… If you cannot kill your German with a bullet, kill him with your bayonet. If there is calm on your part of the front, if you are waiting for the fighting, kill a German before combat. If you leave a German alive, the German will hang a Russian and rape a Russian woman. If you kill one German, kill another — there is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of German corpses. Do not count days; do not count miles. Count only the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the German — this is your old mother’s prayer. Kill the German — this is what your children beseech you to do. Kill the German — this is the cry of your Russian earth. Do not waver. Do not let up. Kill.


Such leaflets were dropped almost daily onto the Russian army. Spurred on by this kind of racial hatred, it is no wonder that the Red Army committed such horrible atrocities.


…by eyewitness accounts, loot, pillage, pestilence and rape, wholesale murder and human suffering from one of the most terrible chapters in human history.” — Senator Eastland, December, 4th, Congressional Record.


For three weeks the war had been going on inside Germany, and all of us knew very well that if the girls were German they could be raped and then shot. This was almost a combat distinction.Alexander Solzhenitsyn, as a Russian soldier with the rank of captain.


The following tale of horror was related in a book by Hans Koppe, titled, “In Their Terror All Were Alike,” 1995. This tale of horror came from a German-Brazilian citizen Leonora Greier, nee Cavoa, born October 22, 1925 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She immigrated to Germany before the war. Leonora was employed by the German Women’s Labor Service as a typist in a camp in the town of Vilmsee in Neustettin, Germany when the Russian army over ran the area. She wrote:


On the morning of February 16 [1945] a Russian division occupied the Reich Labour Service camp of Vilmsee in Neustettin. The Commissar, who spoke German well, informed me that the camp was dissolved and that, as we were a uniformed unit, we were to be transported immediately to a collecting camp.


Since I, being a Brazilian, belonged to a nation on friendly terms with the Allies, he entrusted me with the leadership of the transport which went to Neustettin, into the yard of what used to be an iron foundry. We were some 500 girls from the Women’s Reich Labour Service.


The Commissar was very polite to us and assigned us to the foreign workers’ barracks of the factory. But the allocated space was too small for all of us, and so I went to speak to the Commissar about it.


He said that it was, after all, only a temporary arrangement, and offered that I could come to the typists’ office if it was too crowded for me, which I gladly accepted. He immediately warned me to avoid any further contact with the others, as those were members of an illegal army. My protests that this was not true were cut off with the remark that if I ever said anything like that ever again, I would be shot.


Suddenly I heard loud screams, and immediately two Red Army soldiers brought in five girls. The commissar ordered them to undress. When they refused out of modesty, he ordered me to do it to them, and for all of us to follow him.


We crossed the yard to the former works kitchen, which had been completely cleared out except for a few tables on the window side. It was terribly cold, and the poor girls shivered. In the large, tiled room some Russians were waiting for us, making remarks that must have been very obscene, judging from how everything they said drew gales of laughter.


The Commissar told me to watch and learn how to turn the Master Race into whimpering bits of misery. Now two Poles came in, dressed only in trousers, and the girls cried out at their sight. They quickly grabbed the first of the girls, and bent her backwards over the edge of the table until her joints cracked. I was close to passing out as one of them took his knife and, before the very eyes of the other girls, cut off her right breast. He paused for a moment, then cut off the other side.


I have never-heard anyone scream as desperately as that girl. After this operation he drove his knife into her abdomen several times, which again was accompanied by the cheers of the Russians.


The next girl cried for mercy, but in vain, it even seemed that the gruesome deed was done particularly slowly because she was especially pretty. The other three had collapsed, they cried for their mothers and begged for a quick death, but the same fate awaited them as well.
The last of them was still almost a child, with barely developed breasts. They literally tore the flesh off her ribs until the white bones showed.


Another five girls were brought in. They had been carefully chosen this time. All of them were well-developed and pretty. When they saw the bodies of their predecessors they began to cry and scream. Weakly, they tried desperately to defend themselves, but it did them no good as the Poles grew ever more cruel.


They sliced the body of one of them open lengthwise and poured in a can of machine oil, which they tried to light. A Russian shot one of the other girls in the genitals before they cut off her breasts.


Loud howls of approval began when someone brought a saw from a tool chest. This was used to tear off the breasts of the other girls, which soon caused the floor to be awash in blood. The Russians were in a blood frenzy.


More girls were being brought in continually. I saw these grisly proceedings as through a red haze. Over and over again I heard the terrible screams when the breasts were tortured, and the loud groans at the mutilation of the genitals.


When my knees buckled I was forced onto a chair. The Commissar always made sure that I was watching, and when I had to throw up they even paused in their tortures.


One girl had not undressed completely, she may also have been a little older than the others, who were around seventeen years of age. They soaked her bra with oil and set it on fire, and while she screamed, a thin iron rod was shoved into her vagina until it came out her navel.


In the yard entire groups of girls were clubbed to death after the prettiest of them had been selected for this torture. The air was filled with the death cries of many hundreds of girls. But compared to what happened in here, the beating to death outside was almost humane.


It was a horrible fact that not one of the girls mutilated here ever fainted. Each of them suffered mutilation fully conscious. In their terror all of them were alike in their pleading; it was always the same, the begging for mercy, the high-pitched scream when the breasts were cut and the groans when the genitals were mutilated.


The slaughter was interrupted several times to sweep the blood out of the room and to clear away the bodies. That evening I succumbed to a severe case of nervous fever. I do not remember anything from that point on until I came to in a field hospital.


German troops had temporarily recaptured Neustettin, thus liberating us. As I learned later, some 2,000 girls who had been in RAD, BDM and other camps nearby were murdered in the first three days of Russian occupation.”
(signed) Mrs. Leonora Geier, nee Cavoa.


This account was one among many of a similar nature. The exhortations of Ilya Ehrenburg for the Russian troops to rape and murder resulted in such horror as Europe had never seen. The German civilians, particularly the women and girls, were treated as pigs at a slaughter. The following account of what happened in East Prussia when the Russians came in was given by a German soldier after German forces were rushed in to push the Russians back out and to try to protect the civilian population:


[Add. image] A painting “Occupation of the City Roessel” by Herbert Smagon (1927 – ?), depicting the rape of German females. (Click image to enlarge)


I was an armoured infantryman and had been trained on the most modern German tank of those days, the Panther. Survivors from tank crews were reassembled in the Reserves at Cottbus and kept ready for action.


In mid January, 1945, we were transferred to Frankfurt on the Oder River, into a school building. One morning we were issued infantry weapons, guns, bazookas and submachine guns.


The next day we were ordered to march to Neustettin. We traveled the first 60 miles or so by lorry, and after that some 90 miles per day in forced marches.


We were to take over some tanks that were kept ready for us in a forest west of Neustettin. After a march lasting two days and nights, some ten crews reached the forest just before dawn.


Two tanks were immediately readied for action and guarded the approach roads while the other comrades, bone-weary, got a little sleep. By noon all tanks, approximately 20, had been readied.


Our orders were to set up a front-line and to recapture villages and towns from the Russians. My platoon of three tanks attacked a suburb that had a train station with a forecourt. After we destroyed several anti-tank guns the Russians surrendered.


More and more of them emerged from the houses. They were gathered into the forecourt about 200 sat crowded closely together. Then something unexpected happened.


Several German women ran towards the Russians and stabbed at them with cutlery forks and knives. It was our responsibility to protect prisoners, and we could not permit this. But it was not until I fired a submachine gun into the air that the women drew back, and cursed us for presuming to protect these animals. They urged us to go into the houses and take a look at what (the Russians) had done there.


We did so, a few of us at a time, and we were totally devastated. We had never seen anything like it utterly, unbelievably monstrous! Naked, dead women lay in many of the rooms. Swastikas had been cut into their abdomens, in some the intestines bulged out, breasts were cut up, faces beaten to a pulp and swollen puffy.


Others had been tied to the furniture by their hands and feet, and massacred. A broomstick protruded from the vagina of one, a besom [broomstick] from that of another, etc. To me, a young man of 24 years at that time, it was a devastating sight, simply incomprehensible!


Then the women told their story: The mothers had had to witness how their teen and twelve-year-old daughters were raped by some 20 men; the daughters in turn saw their mothers being raped, even their grandmothers.


Women who tried to resist were brutally tortured to death. There was no mercy. Many women were not local; they had come there from other towns, fleeing from the Russians.


They also told us of the fate of the girls from the RAD whose barracks had been captured by the Russians. When the butchery of the girls began, a few of them had been able to crawl underneath the barracks and hide. At night they escaped, and told us what they knew. There were three of them…


The women we liberated were in a state almost impossible to describe. They were over-fatigued and their faces had a confused, vacant look. Some were beyond speaking, ran up and down and moaned the same sentences over and over again.


Having seen the consequences of these bestial atrocities, we were terribly agitated and determined to fight. We knew the war was past winning; but it was our obligation and sacred duty to fight to the last bullet …”


This bestiality was the direct result of Stalin’s Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg, who whipped the Russian army into a frenzy of torture, murder, rape and destruction as they advanced into Germany. Wherever Germans lived, similar atrocities became routine.


[Add. image] A painting “Living Torches” by Herbert Smagon (1927 – ?), depicting the sadistic murder of German civilians in Prague.


“The Czech Ludek Pachmann great chess champion and publicist, eyewitness arrival in Prague in May 1945 di Benesch, publicly told the terrible truth of the matter after four decades:„…I saw that in honor of Benesch, carried in triumph by tens of thousands of Czechs through the streets of Prague to Wenzelsplatz, all Karlsplatz e al Rittergasse, they took indiscriminately Germans, sprinkled petrol, were hung by the feet to the poles and lanterns were made and then burn like torches that lasted long because the heads of those who were burned down and the smoke could not stifle. Benesch was also conducted by the wings of the crowd to human torches. The screams of the victims were covered by the shouts of jubilation Czechs. If there is hell on earth, then this was in Prague! I state this because I have been a witness and because a true understanding between peoples can only be possible when both sides of what happened you will see!…“


In Czechoslovakia, atrocities were ghastly as the Germans withdrew.


Many Germans were hung up by their feet from the big advertising posters in St. Wenceslas Square [in Prague], then when the great humanitarian [Edvard Benes, former Czech President] approached, their petrol-soaked bodies were set on fire to form living torches.Louis Marschalko


Women and children were thrown from the bridge into the river. Germans were shot down in the streets. It is estimated that 2,000 or 3,000 people were killed.F.A Voigt, Berlin correspondent, Manchester Guardian.


Those Germans whom they did not kill were forced to abandon all property and leave these lands where their ancestors had lived for a thousand years.


The official Czech register of names of villages reveals that nearly 500 (German) villages no longer appear on the register because they have literally disappeared from the landscape.Munich Report, 1965.


When the French colonial (Negro) troops under his (General Eisenhower’s) command entered the German city of Stuttgart, ‘they herded German women into the subways and raped some 2,000 of them.’


Even a PM reporter, ‘reluctantly confirmed the story in its major details.’Peace Action, July, 1945.


[Add. image] French negro soldiers in Germany.


After the Germans surrendered on May 5, 1945 the bloodbath began in earnest. Fifteen million Germans were forced to leave their ancestral homes in Eastern Europe, including German East Prussia, parts of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary and Romania, headed for Germany, leaving all their property behind. Three million of them died during the trek to Germany as the result of brutal assaults, mass murder, wholesale rape, starvation and exposure.


God, I hate the Germans…


General Eisenhower wrote in a letter to his wife in September, 1944, and he repeatedly expressed such sentiments to others, and not just about Germany military personnel, but about all Germans. Five and one half million German soldiers were taken prisoner by the Americans under Eisenhower. One month before the end of the war, Eisenhower issued special orders concerning the treatment of German prisoners. The following specific statement was contained within his orders:


Prison enclosures are to provide no shelter or other comforts.


These German POWs were herded into vast barbed wire enclosures in open fields along the Rhine river without shelter of any kind. He also ordered that they not be given water or food for six days after being herded into these compounds, and thereafter, only starvation rations, even though the Americans had vast stores of food on hand. The prisoners slept on the ground in rain and snow, and were provided no medical care. It is estimated that 1.7 million of these German prisoners died of starvation, gangrene, frostbite, and exposure during the year they were held in American captivity.



[Add. images] James Bacque‘s book “Other Losses”.


Other Losses is a 1989 book by Canadian writer James Bacque, in which he alleges that U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower intentionally caused the deaths by starvation or exposure of around a million German prisoners of war held in Western internment camps briefly after the Second World War.” Wikipedia



Jewish Vengeance


When the Germans were beaten and the fighting stopped in Europe, the Jews flooded into Germany by the thousands to seek their revenge and to obtain their share of the spoils. They immediately began the implementation of the Morgenthau Plan, a Jewish vengeance plan to destroy the German economy, subdivide Germany into several smaller states, enslave millions of her citizens, and exterminate as many as 20 million people.


[Add image] Henry Morgenthau Jr. and his 1944 book Germany is Our Problem — A Plan for Germany.


Though the Plan was toned down by saner heads, most of it was implemented as Joint Chiefs of Staff Directive (JCS 1067), with brutal consequences for the German people.


[Add image] Morgenthau Plan Map— Proposal for Post-War German Boundaries (Click image to enlarge).


Jews flooded into the Nuremburg Trials and used it as a means of exacting vengeance on the German leadership. It was reported that of the 3,000 people who participated in the Trials, 2,400 of them were Jews.


Working just behind their gentile front men, the Jews could do whatever they wanted, while the defeated, starving, prostrate Germans were without any means of defending themselves.


[Add image] See: Nuremberg and Other War Crimes — Part 1



The Jewish Brigade


Then there was the Jewish Brigade that not many people know about today, or have ever known about. Formed in Palestine, outfitted in British Army uniforms and riding in American Jeeps, they followed the Allies as they pushed the Germans out of Italy, back into Germany. The officers and senior NCOs of the Jewish Brigade were British Jews, but the ordinary soldiers were Palestinian Jews, a great number of whom were of German origin. The story of the Jewish Brigade is a sordid one which ought to have gotten more publicity.


The Brigade was established, not to fight in the war, but to enter into Germany behind the British army to take revenge on the now disarmed and defenseless Germans. After entering defeated Germany, they formed up into what they called “vengeance squads” to track down and kill senior German officers. The Jewish Brigade was technically part of the British Eighth Army, but operated independently, and took their orders from Zionist leaders in Tel Aviv.


[Add image] Jewish Brigade shot Nazi prisoners in revengeIndependent 1998. (Click on image to enlarge.)


Using their British uniforms and British Army credentials they traveled around Germany and Austria hunting down and killing high ranking German officers. The Jewish Brigade had unlimited logistical support from the British Army, could requisition anything they needed, and traveled anywhere in Germany or Austria in an “official” capacity, though they were totally unaccountable to the British Army.


All of Germany’s official records were now in the hands of the Allies, which the Jewish Brigade had ready access to. Moreover, they knew the German language and could read the German files. After obtaining the home addresses of German officers from these official files, they then drove to their homes in their American jeeps, representing themselves as British officials, and when they found the officers they were looking for, they killed them. By this time, the German Army had capitulated and the officers and enlisted men who were not still detained in POW camps had put down their arms and gone home. They were unarmed and completely defenseless.



According to Morris Beckman, in his book, “The Jewish Brigade”:


These were the first post-war executions of selected top Nazis. There were several dozen revenge squads operating; the highest estimate of executions was 1,500. The exact figure will never be known.


There were no charges filed against these German officers, no trial, no judge, not even an arrest; they were simply murdered according to the caprice or whim of vengeance seeking Jews. German officers were assumed to be “guilty” by virtue of being German officers. They killed anyone they wanted to kill with total impunity. The Jews called it “vengeance,” but, in fact, it was simple murder of defenseless men who may or may not have been guilty of anything except having served in the German Army in defense of their country.


[Add image] “The Jewish Brigade — An Army with Two Masters 1944-45 by Morris Beckman (1999) (Click image to enlarge).



One of these Jewish executioners, Israel Carmi, explains in Beckman’s book how they dealt with their selected targets.


When we arrived at the home of our suspect we would put on [British] Military Police helmets with the white band and police armlets. Then we would enter the home and take the suspect with us, saying that we wanted him for interrogation. Usually they came without a struggle. Once in the car we told the prisoner who we were and why we took him. Some admitted guilt. Others kept silent. We did the job.


That is, they killed them.


We were burning with hatred,” they said. “We knew that our people would never forgive us if we did not exploit the opportunity to kill Nazis.


Michael Bar-Zohar, an Israeli Jew, wrote a book in 1967 titled “The Avengers,” in which he described the many unbelievable atrocities committed by Jews against defenseless Germans, both civilian and former military, immediately after the war. These mass murders were covered up by the American military to prevent the German public from knowing about them. Just one of numerous such events he writes about occurred on April 15, 1946, when a group of East European Jews in Germany (they flooded into Germany at war’s end), with the complicity of Jewish American soldiers, poisoned 3,000 loaves of bread which were then delivered to a POW camp holding 36,000 German SS prisoners. The poison turned out to have been too diluted and none of the prisoners died, though thousands became violently ill.



In another passage in his book, Bar-Zohar describes the enthusiastic joy felt by these Jewish soldiers as they were about to enter Germany immediately following the end of hostilities. They fantasized, he says, about what they would do when they got into Germany, about how they intended to kill German civilians and rape German women:


But now they were going to Germany! The men discussed the news with great excitement. It was too good to be true! Give us just a month there, only a month” they told each other.


We’ll give them something to remember us by forever. They’ll have real reasons for hating us now. We’ll have just one pogrom in round numbers, we’ll burn down a thousand houses and kill five hundred people and rape one hundred women.


And more than one young Jew was heard to say:


I must kill a German in cold blood, I must. And I must rape a German girl. That’s our war aim, revenge! Not Roosevelt’s four freedoms or the greater glory of the British Empire or Stalin’s ideology, but vengeance, Jewish vengeance.


A number of officers in the British army were aware of what was going on, and several tried to stop it, but the British military command refused to act and turned a blind eye to the Jewish Brigade’s killing of German officers.


The Commanders of the Eighth Army knew what was going on but they were sympathetic…to the Brigade…,” Beckman said.






The Germans were brutally treated by all occupying armies after the war, causing the deaths of as many as 13 million Germans after the war was over. Only when the Soviets showed themselves to be a threat to the West did the Allies begin to let up on the Germans. They let up on them only because they now needed their cooperation in the Cold War then shaping up. We then changed our tune about the Germans and began to regard them as an integral part of Western Civilization. Now, suddenly, they were the good guys. Had we been wrong about them all along? General Patton thought so. After becoming military governor of Bavaria immediately after the war, Patton completely changed his mind about the Germans and began to realize that we had been fighting the wrong enemy.


He was fired from his job as military governor of Bavaria and “kicked upstairs” for refusing to cooperate in Eisenhower’s brutal treatment of the defeated Germans. He died soon thereafter under mysterious and suspicious circumstances; many believe, as the result of his recalcitrance.





[END of Part 21]




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